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The courier. (Asheboro, N.C.) 1906-1937, January 03, 1907, Image 1

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r I 75he COURIER I Ai4vArtielnir rnlnmnt V I I a . - . - . ? A Bring Results.. COURIER. BBued Weekly. ' PRINCIPLES, NOT MEN. $1.00 Per Yeapr. VOL. XXX11. ASHEBORO, N. C, THURSDAY, JANUARY 3, I907v No 1 i.l 11 IJjlUEP" WILL SUE BLACKBURN Gov. Glenn Takes Action Against Defeated Congressman. CRIMNAL LIBEL IS CHARGED. Sensational Charges Against Hlgn nn- Clals of the State of North Car Y' Una, lucludlng Jov. Glenn. t He Investigated al the lnstigatl of the t' Governor, cy the Courts. ; Last Saturday a letter alleged to have been sent to Congressman R. "N, Hackett, of the Eighth District by E. Spencer Bluckburu. his de feated opponent, notifyig the for:n er that his election would !be contest ed, was given to the prss. . i In the letter charges that Gov Glenn and Mr. llaek-ett, who ws attorney for a certain publishing house, conspired to force certain of its books into the schools of the State, unci to defeat Mr. Blackbnm in the Eighth District; and for this service upon the part of the Governor, Mr. Hackett 1 to assist in his alleged caii'dihacy for the U. S. Senate. The letter further charg es that they, witfc Lieut.-Gov. Win ston conspired ngainst him and through fraud rubbed him of 10,000 votes at the recent election. The charge, which ie equcl to one of malfeasance dn office against the Governor, created much interest. Tuesday 0.. Glenn telegraphed nis attorney at Winston and at 'Greensboro to lhave Mr. Blackburn arrested for crimnal libel, which will be done iroraediaftlj upon hie return to the State. Governor Glenn in an interview stated that ait will be instituted not for mottey, but for proper re dress. Gov. Glens added tht he 'intend ed to have ttoe charge nveatigated. j "I have nothing to hide. The pub-J lie is entitled to know -everything in the matter. I will briag a criminal action, not for money, teat foi prop-' er redress. Congressman Hackett -says thad Blackburn's statpmenteare absolute ly false, and denounces him as contemptable liar. ConvJrted lor Gmtipiracy. It will be remembered that Henry Walker, of Burlington, N. C, who was to be hanged on Wee, bth, was given a respite until Jan. 8th, after! his confession implicating runnie McCain and Annie Turner, in the 'burglarious s . lit upoc L. Banks Holt on tbe eight or JNov. oth, last. On the trial Annie Tureer was sen tenced to life imprisonment for con- SDiracv. TbeTe was a mistrial as to Fannie McCain, nine of the jury being for conviction and three for aoqnittaL Tnere was an appeal to the Court by counsel for Annie Turner. Trade At Home. Chiistmas in Asheboro wan a busy one. A few weeks before Christmas the stores were filled with holiday goods, but the brisk trade ex per ienced by our merchants cleared the shelves. Of oouis) some shoppers visited neighboring towns, and mltiy to their regret, for they found they could have easily satisfied their wants at our own stores. We should resolve that during the com ing year the home merchants shall receive all our patronage, thereby building up our town and county. New Factories Wauted. Most of the factories in Asheboro have done well during the past year and have declared good dividends. In order to make Asheboro a man utacturing center which it is rapid ly becoming, we need to establish at least three new factories tb s yeir; another new chair ractory, another large furniture factory to manufac ture fine and up-to date furniture, anl auother factory to manufacture kitchen cabinets, mantles, tables, etc. A Beautiful Marriage. - At the home of Rev. M. J. Leach, of Lassiter, on tbe evening of Dec, 16th, 1906, there occurred a beauti ful event in the family circle, when Mr. W. L. Thayer, of Troy, led Miss Dora Lieacb, to the nymemal altar. It. was a unique, but joyful occasion. as only the immediate family were present. Mi . and Mrs. Thayer will be at home at Troy, after Jau. let. A face tbat cannot smile is like a rosebud tbt cannot blossom. MORRIS-SMITH. Beautiful Church Marriage Celebrated at Hamseur. A beautiful marriage occurred in the M E. Church at Kameeur, Dec. 19th, 1906, at 8 o'clock when Mr. Nu'iia franklin-Morns led to the hymenial altar, Miss Mary Leoua Smith. Promptly at the appointed hour, E. C. Watkins, as best man accom panied by Miss Lena Smith, maid of honor, approached the chancel, folrowed by Mr. Morns and Miss Smith, where they plighted their most sacred troth. The ceremony was perforated by Rev. O. A. Wood. The wedding march was most artistically render ed by Mrs. D. M. Woatheriv, and Hugh Karks, Jr., of fcratwdinville. Miss Ldrena Burgess Dixie Carter, were the lovely ribbon bear ers. I be church was most beauti fully dcrated for-the happy occa sion. I he popularity d tun young people was forcefully attested by the handsome array -erf gifts from their host of fnerids. Allri'd-tti-. Mr.. Burgess Allred, of Cedar Falls, N. C, was married to Miss Victoria Cox, the eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D, -C. Cox, ou live. 23, at 10 o clock, a. 111., a tew neighbors b i"g present to witness the occasiou. O.- is. .Lawrence, ka. performed the cewmouy lu an im uressive manner. Very soon we wore summoned t the dining room to witness a well -loaded table with Mil the daiuties necessary foi such an occasion. Before seated. Deacon H. F i Way red the first division of (he r tltns ana - offered prayer; tben wetooi advantage or the occasMn. Those p. sent were Mr. and Mrs. O. D. Lavieoce, Mr. and Mrs. James Cox, of Eliae, N. C, Mr. nd mis. j. Latoam, airs, tanuie wni- on, and ti. K Way and family vOur best wishes (to with the oew coup e. la Memoriam. Mrs.. Nora To-muus, wife of W. K. Tboin as, who died at km- home at GiweiiBboro 're cently was 37 years of age , and was jpciar to her nmrriiige lijs Nora Miller, of Raixlolph eoutity, N. C. tlie was married in to Mr. Thomas in Danville, and since tkt time -she lius made berihoiue in Greensboro where she has ejulrared herself to many, be her many ti aiis of Christian characttr and her lovely dinpotiitico. Mrs. Thomas a .memler of the Gnce Church and wlien her health permitted nvas constant and conscien tious in the )erfirmance of lier religious duties. Besides 4ier husband, who has the -sympathy of the community in his sad lie 4-e.iveuieiit, the deceased is survived by the following four sisters: Mrs. John J. Hall, of Danville; Mra. Feank l'revost, of Raudleruau, ST. C; Mrs. John Pugh, of Randfeoian, K. C, and Mrs. Albert Xixon, of Itaudoluh county, K. C. Koy 4ews. There was a large crowd at the entertainment at Mr. W. V. Moffitt,8 last Saturday night. ivery one tnere seemea to enjoy tne singing at air. J T. . Beck's last Sunday. There were crowds of hunters on the river nearly every day through Jbristmu8. The Christmas tree at Trogdon's the night before Xmua. was quite a success. The house was crowded and tbe tree was loaded down with nice presents. It was the first Xmas. tree there has ever been at Tiodon's school house. Rev. Eads will preach at Trogdon's the fifth Suuday night. A good many from this neighbor hood went to Mt. Olivet last Thurs day. Died. Mr. Jessie Ilinshaw died Suuday Dec. 23, and was buried at the St. Pauls cemetery, the 24. Mr. Ilin shaw is about 68 years old and leaves four sons and a host of friends and relatives. He was a member of the St. Paul Church at Randleman. He was a true christian and always attended church at every service nntil be was too old and feeble. Some one wanting to come to Asheboro to live, will ; do welj to investigate the advertisement of the Morris Livery Stable in this issue. They have a gjod stand and do an immense business and the only reason it can be bought is oa account of theJ health of Mr. Morns the manager, who suffers with Asthma. It is certainly very seldom that you have a chance to buy a good business like their's on the teams they are offering to sell. FAIR VIEW NEWS. Surprise Party Cake Walk at f'alr- viewPersonals. Z. F. Blair, of Little Rock, Ark., is spending the holidays with hi.'' mother, Mrs. Mary Blair, and other j of this place. II. M. Cranford and G. B. Sloan, have just returned from Danville where they have been spending a few days with their best girls. Zeb Blair and cstelle (Jranford are at Guilford this week visitii.e friends and relatives. W. G, Brokaw and party arrive this" morning on a Bpecial train from New York. The annual "oak walk" was celebrated on New Year's night. Mr. Brokaw brought with him t baud from N. Y. Mrs. Carrie Gray, and children, of High I'oint, are spending s-mie rune at the home of her parent.?, Mr. and Mrs. Ben Gray, of this place. Miss Jessie Floyd, of Jamestown, is visituig Miss A.rtie Cranford. Misa Becky Barrish, who has been on the sick list tfor some time is reported much bettei. Mrs. Ed Blair is sppndiug the holidays with relatives at Washing ton, I). C. Wiley Blair, of Guilford Battle Ground, is visiting relatives in this community. Mr. and Mrs. James Meredith, of Thomasville, spent Thanksgiving at Che home of Mr. and Mrs. h. C. Cranford. A crowd of young people gave Miss Pearl Marsh a delighted sur prise party on last Saturday night. Among those present were; Mr, Dave Wkite and Miss Sara Paul, Mr, W, C. Massey and Miss Addie Hill, Mr. H. M. Cranford and Miss Nell Hill, Mr. F. C. Py las and Miss Mamie Steed, Mr. K. V, Millikao, and others. All de clared they had spent a most de lightful evening. Splendid Christmas Pounding. Tuesday, Christmas day, w'tiile the pastor of Asheboro Circuit, M K. Church South, located at Worth ville, was sitting by the fireside, we were aroused by the noise of many tootsteps on the trout piazza, and in a moment a large crowd of the best people of Worthville, burst into the room and made headway for the cookroom. ihe pastor rollowing 1 surprise, found deposited on the kitchen table a quautity of articles such as aie aeeded in a preacher's home. Among these articles we found: coffee, jelly, apples, sugar, salt, rice, sausage, pickles, canned, oat flakes, soda, cheese, bak ingpowder, eggs, flour, various can ned -goods, sack of corn, sack of feed, raisins, oranges,' dates, one chicken, one dish, one dipper, one rug, also vegetables and other arti cles amounting In value for the 'n- tire lot, more than $14.00. We pray God's richest blessings upon these generous hearted people, aud may he give them in return a hun dred fold for the kindness they have shown to one of the least of God's servants. Sincerely, R. L. Melton. Pastor, I. O. O. P. Elect Officers. At a recent meeting Randolph LKKlge Jo. 'in 1. u. U. r . elected the following officers for the ensue ing term: A. R. Winningham, N. G.; C. A. Hayworth, V. G.; J. H. McCain. Sec'v; B. B. Phillips, Treas.; E. O. Russell, R. S. to N. G.: N. S. An drews. Warden; A. M. Presnell, Chaplain; A. O. Keddiug, Conduct or; J. A. Holder, R. S. to V. G.; U. W. lierry, L. S. to V. G.; M. C. Spoon, R. S. S.; J. C. Hanner, L. S. S.; W. C. Hall, O. G.; C. F. Smith, I. G. The Asheboro Lodge Knights of rythms recently elected the follow ing officers: W. C. Hammond, CO. D. K. Lockhart, V. C; C. C. Cran ford, P.; J. O. Redding, K. of R. & S.; J A. Martin, M. at A.: C. B. Russell, M. of F.; W. J. Armfield' Jr., M. of E. . Dr. Fuller's Will. Dr. Alston Fuller, whose death recently occurred, bequeathed every thing to his wife during lier lifetime, but at her death t.vo-1 Mrds of his eetite, which is $100,000, jroe. to his relatives,, and one third to Mrs. Fuller's relatives. CONDENSED FOR BUSY READERS. Egbert, the two and a half vear old child of Mrs. Luna Dicks, of Greensboro, was fatally burned last Tuesday. The child was in a room alone when his clothing ignit ed from au open Franklin stove. The stoieof James T. Lambert, at Greensboro, was broken into Satur day night, Dec. 23d, and a quantity of provisions stolen. The robbers removed a pane from the win dow. Henry T. Jordan, a well white teamster, was shot at Salis bury December 23d, by his brother in-law lobe Pool. A family leud was the cause. I j.Fred ilarbest, a negro, of Shelby, was run over by a train Dec. 23, receiving injuries that caused his death a few hours later. The Mt. Airy News S'ys IMton & Goldsmith shipped 2,000 turkeys to No: thern market for the holi days for which they received $4,000. This firm drove a gang of tin keys from Patrick county Va., to their yards at Mt. Airy recently like a lot of cattle. They numbered 600. A mysterious wreck occurred at Davidson Dec. 24th, when the ten der of an engine which was draw ing a heavy string of cars, suddenly came to a stop, the cars piling upon it, splintering as they did so. The engineer seeing that tbe cars would overtake him opened the throttle and pulling loose, saved himself and his engine. The cause is a mystery. Rev. J. A. B. Fry, a former well known youug minister of the West ern North Carolina conference who has been stationed at Arkadelphia, in the Little Rock, Ark., conference, the past yeur, was recently trans ferred to the Pacific conference and will be stationed at Berkeley, Cal., the coming year. Greensboro Pa triot. The High Point Machine works his begun the manufacture of "commercial trucks," a motor car for transporting freight in the city. Tbe citizens of Mechanicville, a suburb of High Point, are circu lating a petition asking Legislature to incorporate it, as separate muni cipality from High Point. The American Folding Furni ture Co., is a new enterprise for Oreensboro. They begin with a capital of $15,000 paid in. Bishop A. Coke Smith, of the M. E. Church, South, died December 26th at Asheville. Though his death was unexpected, he had been in ill health lor some time. He was possibly the ablest member of the conference. The death of Dr. John R. Con gleton in Raleigh, which occurred last November and which we had overlooked nntil recently, brings to mind memories of other days. Mr. Congleton was 71 years of age and died of paralysis at the home of his daughter, Mrs. W. ,H. Jones. This is the Dr. Congleton who more than a quarter of a century ago came to Asheboro for many years at the March and September terms of court in each year and sold medi cine of his own manufacture on the public square. He was a familiar figure in those days iu this couuty aud is well known to many of our people. An engine drawing eight empty freight cars, plunged into the Fred erick ex press at a block station near Washington, on the B. & O. road, last Sunday night. Forty people were killed outright, and fifty others injured. Many of these wiM die. The accident is reported to have been due to dense fog which envd op id the danger signal at the block siding so that the engineer was unrfble to see them. In an effort to protect the peace of the State Gov. Vardarman, of Mississippi is ferreting out those responsible for the recent raca trouble. He has offered $500 reward for three white men, dead, or nlive, who are alleged to lave kill an innocent negro farmer of that State. FRANKLINVILLE GLEANINGS. Unexpected explosion of Loom Serious- ly Wounded Boy. A union meeting of Baptist preachers and laymen was held at Baptist church here Saturday and quite a number of interesting and profitable talks were made. Mr. i'om Shaw, of Worthvill?, was or dained us a Baptist minister Sunday evening. The following officers have be-u selected for the Suuday School at M. E. Church for the coming year: W. C. Jones, Superintendent; C. II. Julian, assistaut Superintendent; E. A. Uouth, Secretary and Treasurer; Mrs. W. C. Russell, assistant secre tary and treasurer; Mrs. D. M. Weatherly, superintendent; Home Department, Mies Grace Moon, superintendent Cradle Roll; Mrs. R. L. Elkins, organist, Miss Aua 11 ayes, assistant organist and Connie Allied sexton. Quite a sail accident occurred here during the holidays, when several small boys secuied' a lot of powder ard with it loaded a cast iron shell. While attempting to shoot it the shell burst with a terrific explosion striking little Mike Allred, sou of Peter Allied, break in? and shivering his right leg aud badly burning aud bruising his face. Physicians Avere summoned as soouj as possible. They sec nis leg ami dressed his wounds which at first were feared would prove fatal, but it is now believed that he will re cover. Mr. W. S. Buie and sons, Lacy and Worth, spent Christmas with the family of John B. Cameron. Mr. D. L. Culbertson has resign ed his position with the Randolph Manufacturing Company and ac cepted the superintendency of the Capelsie Manufacturing Company, at Capelsie, N. C. Mr. Isaac Burrow, of this place, and Miss Agnes Heileg of near Asheboro, were married Christmas day. We wish for them a long and happy life. Quite a large number of old aor quaintances spent the holidays in this city, among them were Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Buie, Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Burke, J. W. Craven, Charlie Dove aud Mont Fentress, of High Point; George Martindale, of Spencer Mt; Russell Stuart, of New York and William Johnson, of Columbia, S. C. Mr. H. T. Paiks, one of our sportsmen, hired a cheap team of horses and spent the holidays hunt ing deer and bear in the neighbor hood os Buffala Bridge. At tbe regular meeting of Odd Fellows Wednesday night, December 26th, the following officers were elected for the ensueing year: Hugh Parka, Jr., F. G-, Duncan Dove, V. G. James Buie, Treasurer; G. C. Russell, Financial Sec; F. M. Wright, Recording Secretary; H. B. Buie aud S. L. Welch were appoint ed Right and Lef tJSupporters to N. G.; J. W. Brady aud E. A. Routh, Right and Left Supporters to V. G.; J. M. Ellison, Warden; J. M. Tip pet, inside Conductor, J. H. rent-! ress, outside Conductor; Arthur Ellison and W. 1 C. Tippett, Right and left Scene Supporters; W. P. Marable, Inside Guardian; W. G. Patterson, Outside Guardian; W. D. Maner, Chaplain and J. C. Maner, Keeper. Marriage at Worthville. On December 19th 1906, at 7 o'clock, p. m. Mr. James L. Wrenn and Miss Sallie Prevost were mar ried at the home of the bride's mother, Mrs. Mary Jane Prevost. Rev. N. R. Richardson officiated, assisted by Rev. R. L. Melton. After the ceremony the newly married couple, "'ith the invited guests, repaired to the home of the groom, where an elegant supper was served. Mr. Wrenn has been for some time superintendent of the Worth ville Cotton Mills, aud Miss Prevost is the daughter of the lite Alexan der Prevost. Mr. and Mrs. Wrenn have the hearty good wishes of their many friends for a long and happy life. Mupt. Goodwin Vindicated. Nearly t r o weeks were consumed in a long, tedious trial by the Board of Internal Improvements against Supt. E. M. Goodwin, of the Mor ganton School for the Deaf. The r -suit of tbe trial is a complete vin dication foi Prof. Goodwin. NEW SCHEDULE. General Change Effective January Sixth. PROBABLE SCH EDULE FOR ASHEBORO. Citizens Desire a Night ITraln from lligd Point and Suggest that Pouch Mail be Brought by Sunday's Vestibule It is generlly understood that the schedule of all trains on the South ern sy stein will be changed Suadaj, though as yet no definite announce ment has been officially made. Tbp local agent has been given the fol lowing as the probable change fox Asheboro, and this may be slightly al tered: No. 142 will leave for High Point at 4:25 a. m., making connection for both north and south. Returning us No. 141, will arrive at !S:30 a. m. No. 144 will leave for High Point at 10:30 a. m. Returning as No. 143, will arrivs at 4:30 p. m. The A. & A. No. 133, vestibula, will arrive from High Point at 9 a,. 111., and returning as No. 134, will leave at 8:05 p. m. All these trains will carry mail, but will not permit persons to spend the day beyond High Point, return ing at night, It has also been suggested thai, the vestibule arriving Sunday morn ing should bring a pouch fromHigtu Point. KILLED BY A TRAIN. Aged Citizen of Grant Township To gether with his Wile 'Hurled at Plag Springs. Calvin Presnell, aa aged and highly respected citizen, of GranJ township, was run ovei and killed by a train at Rockingham Saturday, before Christmas. He left hom$ that morning for Rockingham to see his wife, who lived there witn her daughter. When he reached the station and leaving the car h$ stepped in front of a moving trah and was instantly killed. His remains were taken to Ham let and sent back to Randolph for burial Monday. He was 79 years old. His wife received a stroke of paralysis Saturday and died Sun day night, never knowing her hus band's fate. She was 84 years of age. Both bodies were interred at Flag Spring Christmas day. Stanley. The Albemarle Telephone Co, has increased the rate on offie phones to $2.00 a month and resi dence to $1.25. The increase is not meeting with popular approval, but tbe company promises to put on a night operator and make other im provements. Rev. Ed Avett, pastor of the Bi Lick circuit, and Miss Ha SmitS were married at the home of th bride's mother, Mrs. Addie Smith, near Stony Hill on Tuesday after noon. , FOR GOOD ROADS. Important Meeting at the Court House Monday. A Good Roads Meeting will b held in the court house tit Ashe boro Monday. Iu view of the fact that it is also the regular monthly meeting of the county commission ers a large crowd is expected. Som interesting facts referring to the proposed work to be done in th couuty and means of doing it will bo presented. Let everybody attend. math of Influential. Mr. W. R. Lewis, aged 62 years died Sunday near Eagle Springs in Moore County, where he has beeh engaged in" the lumber business for the laBt two year with Jno. Rush. Mr. Lewis was a son of the late Samuel Lewis, aud br ther of Mrs. H. C. Ingram, who died about a year ago. and Mrs. P. L. Sham--berger. He married Miss Sadie Lowe, daughter of the late Thos. Lowe and a sister of Messrs. J.. T., N. M. and S. H. Lowe. The deceased was well known in the county, and a man of broad influence. He is survived y his wife and two , sons, Messrs. Unas and Mont Lewis. I V 1.1

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