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The courier. (Asheboro, N.C.) 1906-1937, January 17, 1907, Image 4

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The Asheboro CoiLier PRICE ONE DOLLAR A YEAR Wm. C. HAMMER, Editor. WKntered at the Port Office at Asheboro as 'econd dun Hatter. Teaching Thrift to the Children. : An asset which has made France One of the roost powerful nations in civilization and which explains her marvelous powers of national recup eration, is that of universal thrift. The great middle class the small farmers and merchants and mechan ics is comprised entirely of indus trious, hard-working men and worn ten, who have reduced the business of living weU and cheaply to a science, and who, above all, have the hubit of saving abnormally de veloped. A recent report from Consul Mil ler, at Rheims, after showing that borne government bends to the ex tent of five billions are held by the industrial classes, illustrates how France inculcates thrift at the very basis of her population by setting a hi:h premium upon its observance in her school system. It is a part of the curriculum of each school to teach boys and girls the advantages of accumulating money, by depositing; in government savings banks, regardless of the size of the deposit. Under certain con ditions, the government will even furnish money to pupils with which to open a deposit to provide an in come in old age. Bank books with ten francs credited in each are of fered as prizes for certain degrees of proficiency, and it is demonstrated to the bofdtr the amount this sum will reach at 3 per cent compound interest by the time he or she bus arrived at the twenty first birthday. Leading citizens of communities cheerfully contribute these first . deposit books as school prizes. The teacher, in most instances, acts as banker for the pupil until the sum deposited reaches a specified limit, when it is transferred to the bank. Other plans and incentives are loptid, all toward the end of ac quainting the student, at an early age, with the value of money, the virtue of saving and the ease with which it is accomplished once the babit js formed. The idea back ot the system is one which could be profitably put into ur public school system. Thrift, as other qualities, can be taught by object lessons, and its advantages are more likely to be thoroughly ap preciated by the pupil at a time when his or her mind is in a forma tive state. It may be argued that the home is the proper place for the inculca tion of such a trait. It mav be, But the fact remains that many American homes neglect their op portunities in this respect. The etrongest proof is found in the pov erty and misery of which there are ample specimens in every com munity. ro one will denv, we pre eume, that much of it could have been averted had the cardinal lesson of thrift been properly impressed in seasonable time. Atlanta Jour nal. Hackett-Long. Friends of Congressman R. N. Hackett in Asheboro have received the following: Judge and Mrs. Benjamin F. Long , requests the pleasure of your company at the wedding reception of their daughter, Lois and Mr. Richard Nathaniel Hackett on Thurdiiy evening the 31st of January One thousand nine hundred and seven from seven until nine o'clock "Oakhurst" Statpvj!le, North Carolina. The Reformatory. "People are very much mistaken if they think I am opposed to a re formatory. My idea is to go slowly and sur 'ly, and it is for this reason I have suggested a wise and humane committee or commission to make a full investigation and ascertan ex actly what is needed and then provide it.', Governor Glenn. Asheboro Improvements. There are many new dwellings under construction in Asheboio. Con tracts are being made and work will eo on all the winter in buildin? new homes for our people. Many have taken stock in the Buildingjx Loan Association and through it are build ing new homes. Aconite Items. Some of our people attended preaching at Flag Springs Sunday. Airs. Dennis Johnson, of Seagrove, R. F. D. No. 1, spent Tuesday night at J. N. Al- Ten's. Miss Jew9l Allen spent a pirt of last treek with relatives in Asheboro. Wisa Jane lleuley spent Saturday snd Sunday at her home near Asheboro. Several of the people of this section at tended preaching services at Rocky Ridge Sunday. Air. ai'd. Mrs. Ed Tucker, of Michfield, jnt Sunday a. M. C. Tuekers. To Cure a Cold in One Dav. Take LAXATITIVE BROMO Quinine Tablets. Druggists refund money if it fails to cure E W GROVE'S litfnaloro is on itch bos. 25c, CONDENSED NEWS BUSY READERS. Thieves entered the rear door oj the Odell Hardware Store at Greens boro Friday night, securing a large quantity of knives and silver ware. Revenue officers made a raid in the Blue Ridge last week and cut up three blockade distilleries near Holbrook postoffice, Wilkes county, one with 1,000 gallons of beer and two with 400 each. L. Banks Holt, of Graham, has recovered from injuries received by a shot from the negro Walker, who was hung at Graham, Jan. 8th. Mr. Holt was iu Raleigh this week. The Horn-Jackson Co., is a new concern just incorporated by the. State of Mock8ville. The capital stock is $10,000 paid in. The com pany will do a general milling busi ness. Henry Walker, the negro, con-, victed of felonious burglary in Alamance county by secreting him self in the home of L. Baaks Holt and seriously Jshootiug him, was hanged last week. The receipts at the Greensboro post office for the year 1906 amount ed to $69,143.21, as against $57, 053.67 for the year 1905. This is a gain of more than 21 per cent. The Sanford Distributing Com pany was organized on the 7th inst., with E. L. Howard, secretary and gensral manager and Miss Hattie J. I'arks, assistant secretary. The ob ject of the company is to act as car lot recovers and wholesale dis tributors of grain, hay, maal, flour, mill feed, laid, fruits, and vegeta bles. The com pan v succeeds Howard Brothers and begins with bright prospects. A gentleman gave to the cashier of the Raleigh Citizen's National Bank a cotton null stock certificate valued at $1,000, as a donation to the Methodist Orphanage. The passenger office of the South ern Railway at High Point was robbed of $58 by an unknown thief last Wednesday. Smoak & McCreary are making Winston-Salem quite a wholesale market for good horse flesh. This firm is now shipping from two to three car loads each week and re ceiving from three to five cars. A prominent norseman was heard to remark a few days ago that Winston Salem sells more and better horses than anv other town in the State. News Item. Alderman Sterling Smith, of Winston, announces himself can didate for mayor of that municipals The Carolina Central Hospital at Sanford is a new institution with the following officers: Dr. W. A Monioe, president; Dr. G. McLeod vice-president, Dr. Lvun A c Iver, treasurer and Dr. J. P. Mon roe, Secretary. The building if situated on a plateau in East JSati ford, where patients can rest fr from noise and bustle, and enjoy the exhilarating atmosphere peculiar to this section. It is steam heated has electric lights, sewerage, city water connection, and in fact is equipped with almost everything that goes to make an up-to-date, arst-class hospital. Capt. W.J. Bradshaw of Moncuie, for twenty years uutil eight years ago superintendent of the convict force and living at Haleigh, died suddenly of heart trouble near Wil mington, N- C. where he was en gaged in railroad construction for the Atlantic Coast Line. He was 50 years old. When the Factory branch railroad was constructed Capt. Bradshaw was in charge of the convicts and the track laying rorces. Dwelling Burned The dwelling on the farm of Mrs. Fannie Cox, of Greensboro, located near Randleman, was destroyed by fire Saturday night. The building was occupied by her son, Mr. W. S. Cox, who lost all of his honsehold effects. It is not known how the fire originated. There was no insurance on the building. OfT Fur a Bird Hunt. Messrc. N. L. Cranford and R. C. Click will leave on the 5 o'clock train this morning for Randolph county, where they will enjoy a few days bird hunt. Mr. Cranford will also visit his father, who lives in Randolph, while away. It is stated that there is un unusually large Dumber of birds in Randolph this year. Wiustou Salem Journal. The Randolph Book Club will meet with Mrs. J. O. Redding Fri day at 3:30 p. ta. , Cedar Falls. Couriei : Mr. O. R. Cox, of Asheboro, was here Friday and went to Greensboro Saturday morning. Mr. J. L. Donna n left Saturday morning for his home in Crowley, La. The Rev. Mrs. Marley, a traveling "Burn ing Bush" Evangelist, preached to an atten tive audience of young men here last Friday morning. The novslty of thje thing created considerable talk, but no serious interest was shown. Mrs. Marley is expected to visit us again in the near future. The ' Skidoo" Vocalists will furnish music. Mrs. II. D Grymes, of Climax, is visiting her sister, Mrs. Donnie Trogdon, Mrs. Gry mes and Mrs. Trogdon visited Mi-s. Glass Sunday evening. Miss Maud Coward, who has been right sick is out again, we are glad to note. Miss Ada Ellison, of Franklioville, visited Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Cox Saturday evening and Sunday. Mr. E. C. Clinard, a jovial "Knight of the Grip" was here Monday night and Tues day. " Mr. John Brady entertained his friends Messrs. C. C. Brower and Win, Luther Sat urday night with oysters and other refresh ments. SlicrilT M.trley and assistants Messrs. Cox and Ionard came down Friday morning to raUe the on the freight depot and put n the new shingles which arrived that week. Otting to a more important call elsewhere, the work was postponed temporarily. It is hoed the work will be resumed in the near uture. ' Quite a number of our "Gallantry" attend ed the Junior meeting at Central Falls, Monday night. Mr. A. G. I.aughlin, besides killing the largest porker in this section, also caught one of the largest o'jipossmns that has yet been reported. He caught Mr. "Possum" early Monday morning in liL chicken coop. Mr. Bowman's school will close in about four weeks. He will have closing exercises thut will be announced later. Mr. Bowman is an excellent teacher, lie has leeu assist ed by Miss Grace Winningham, who is very much liked. We are very sorry to learn that Mr. Bowman is contempla ing quitting services as teacher. LOCAL NEWS. M. C. Spoon spent Monday iu ureeusboro on business. M. V. Panish and B. A Yeargin weie business visitors iu High Point .Mo nday. Mr. and Mis. Marvin Kearns of Farmer, were in Asheboro Saturday. Prof. J. C. Carson, of Farmer, was here Saturday. The Courier is in receipt of a copy of The Indian Republican, published at Tulsa, Ind. Ter., of which G. A. Blair, formerly of Asheboro, has been made manager. Mr. Blair is a son of Mrs. Martha Blair. S. L. Ashworth moved his family here yesterday. E. II. Cranford, of Rockville, will move his family to Asheboro in a few months. Mr. Cranford expects to erect a building and con duct a livery business in Ashetoro in the Spring. Asheboro continues to grow nd with a new sch.'ol building, several new buildings an! such splendid re ports from the various f ictoiies, it is easily seen that the town has had i steady growth. One that will in luue strangers to come and locate in ur town. W. J. Puge, of Elise, Mooie county, was here this week on busi ness. Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Holton, are moving into the house recently va cated by Rev. W. A. Bunch, in North AsKeboro. Chisholm Cranford's little sou, who was operated on, for appendici tis in Greensboro last week, is do ing nicely. Dr. Long sustains his reputation and in fact grows more popular as a surgeon, each year. Randolph county is proud of such a son. EXECUTORS' NOTICE. Being qualified as executors of Jasper N. Hod gin, deceased, notice is tieruby given to ail per sons indebted to said estate to make immediate payment, aud all ierons holding claims ugaiit said estate are hereby notified to present the same 1 1 the undersigned, duly verified, on or be fore the 10th day of Jan. 1908, or this notice will be pleaded iu bar of their recovery. ' Levi cox, MARY J. HODGIN, Executors. This Jan. 3, 1307. ENTRY NOTICE. A L. Crotts has this day entered the fol lowing laud in Randolph County N C, t wit: A tract of 25 acres more or less of land iu Tabernacle Township on the waters of Sawyers Branch, adjoining the lands of Arthur Welborn, Nancy Laughlin, Frank Cashatt and others, for which without o'yect tion filed within thirty days from this da'e he will ask for a warrant of survey to tie County (Surveyor of Randolph County. This Jun. 10, 1U07. J. P. Bonouoiis, 1 Entry faker. ENTRY MOTICE. Anderson Auman has this day entered the following land in Randolph County N. C, to wit: A tract of 50 acres more or less; of land in Union Township on the waters of Little River, adjoining the lands of Wm Scott, Andrew Auman, Wm. Holing nnd others, for which without objection filed within thirty days from this date, he will will ask for a wariant of Survey to the County Surveyor of Randolph County. This Jan. 16, l'jl7. J. P. Boitouotts, , Entry Taker. SOUTH BOUND RAILWAY- Bulldlng of the Hoad Assured Another Through EJiie North and SouthA Direct Line to the Sea. In the daily papers we note that the prediction is made that within the next 3 years Charleston S. C, and Winston -Salem, N. C. will be connected by ban s of steel and that the Southbound Railroad will be one of the greatest coal carrying roads in the country. It also gives this section, by con nection with the Norfolk & Western at Winston-Salem, N. C. a through line and a competitor to the South ern Railway which is a great need to our commercial iulerest, not local ly, but generally in the State and the South. The Atlantic Coast Line Railway Company has now a party of sur veyors out on their line of road be tween Wapesboro and Fbie-ne, S. C. who are surveying the old Cheraw and Salisbury road leading from Wadesboro, to Cheraw, S C. for the purpose of straightening out thd links aud of securing safer and a more secure roadbed. In addition to this the surveyors are at work also between Cheraw and Florence for a like purpose. It is further stated that the Cheraw and Salisbury and the Cheraw aud Darlington railroads of the Atlantic Coast Line system vill be almost entirely rebuilt. As sooutis the surveyors have fin ished their work, active work will begin on the construction of such i parts of-the road as will have to be changed in older to straighten out the track, and all of the waterways will beconcitted and filled up. The entire road will be rock bl lasted and it will be made one of the most substantial links in the great Coast Line system. Work is now being pushed on the Southbound and they have until April llth, 1908 to have the road in operation from Wadesboro to Winstou-Salem. Of course, this new road is not to ' be owned by the Atlan'ic Coast Line ! Imririnr.i t-nnnat.h. of W.lual,..,. ! with the Coast Line syst m. About all of the rights of way have been secured for" the South bound and there is nothing now to be done but to build the road, when the rights of way have all been secured. The Southbound will be 92 miles in length, The Coast Line's track aga from Wadesboro to Florence is 05 miles and fiom Hoituce to Charleston is 102 miles. t'oiilessional. One day I don't know Low it was - I told a horrid lib. Oh, dear! I can't imagine why. Hut then I thought and thought anil thought; It hurt me bo inside, 1 hid my face in mother's lap, And cried and cried and cried. And the smoothed back my hair and asked "Was what you said quite true?" And when 1 sobbed and shook my head She whispered "Mother knew." Edsa Wallace iu January Lippincott's. TRADE MARK REGISTERED m TvjosifiyeaiiQ Voars TV. R S. ROYSTER GUANO COM Norfolk, Va. Rapid changes of temperature are hard on the toughest constitution. The conductor passing from the heated inside of a trolley car to the icy temperature of the platform the canvasser spending an hour or so in a heated building and then walking against a biting wind know the difficulty of avoiding cold. Scott's Emulsion strengthens the body so that it can better withstand the $ danger of cold from changes of temperature. gi O It will help you to avoid taking cold. O V ALL DRUGGISTS I 800. AND $I.OO. X 4000,000 PEACH TREES Tennessee Wholesale Nurseries. No agents traveled, but sell direct to planters at wholesale prices. Absolutely free from disease and true to inme. Writ- for catalrgue and prices before olacing your order else ."h?re. We ! uara -tee our' stock to ce tiv ' to name. Largest Peach Nursery in th world Add; ess J. C. HALT, mmmmmmmmmmjiiyEismm Montgomery l.:nis. From The lljitnun an. Mr. W.M r.arVr i .J Mia, lie.nV.- Mc Millan, of Okeewi'ini i, were in. in i.'d on .Ihii 5th 1!V7, at the home of the bride's father. Mr. B. rlier, formerly of Mooro county, but now of Montgomery rnunty. is a mini ! commendable trails, possessing business qtialit'h'8 and admirable (JUpiMtiuii. He is engage 1 in the lumber business with Mr. I!, B. Reynold neir O' Mr. Alex Smith and Miss Bulah Slerri" both of Troy, v. ro marri. d a few d.iys ag.-. by Esq. I. It. I.isk. May happiness at'end them all through life. Mr. S. T. Hiving, of Alien'tv:;, is putting up a saw mill on Mr. D. 1. Ewiug's huu' near Sulphur Springs. After several years "resilience in Cuuipti, La., Ex-Sheriff J. P. Leach and family re turned to Montgomery county a few days ego. They will make their home at Steeds. PHOVIDENIE ITEMS Mrs. Glihu Cox has gone to live with her daughter, Mrs. David Berry near Tabernacle. Mrs Katie Frazier and children from near Ievel Cross, visited her sister Mrs Q. P. Barker, Christmas. Miss Allean AVhite returned home a few days ago from a visit to her brother and sister, at Mebaue. J. M. Hinshaw is having his house remodl ed. J. C. Wilson, of Greensboro, visited his sister, Mrs. Jane Chamness, the night of the 12th. Wheat is looking fine in this community. No man can amass a fortune and at the same time hold in tact the finer virtues of the soul. Royster's Fertilizer. have been the because they ft" llnnn. ixiii uuiicai materials. See that the trade mark is on every bag. None genuine without it. June Buds a Specialty. Winchester, Tenn. q Vick's CRAMP ani NEUMONIA CIRC. I L. Richardson, Chem., Greensboro, N. C This io to certify that I have been using Vick's cramp and Pneumonia . Salve in my family foi years r.nd have always found it Lo be a cprtain cure. I always keep it on hand in care of an emergency. Yours truly, C. C. Cranford, Prop. Crown Milling Co. Asheboro, N. C. L. RICHARDSON M'F'G CHEMIST, firaanehnrn M I mi PAPER HANGER AND DEC0- RAT0R If contemplating interior decora tions in your home write J. E. Lanier, Trinity, R. F. D., for prices and samples of his large and attractive line of wall paper. Contracts for painting solicited. standard are made A 1

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