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The courier. (Asheboro, N.C.) 1906-1937, April 25, 1907, Image 1

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IMC I THE COUR J3he COURIER Ue COURIER Advertising Columns Bring Results. I I I I I I Am In'RntVi Nauro anil I Circulation. ssued Weekly. PRINCIPLES, NOT MEN. $1.00 Per Year VOL XXX11. ASHEBORO, N. C, THURSDAY, APRIL 25, 1907. No 20. TELEPHONE QUESTION. Interesting Letter From Mr. Harry P. Grier of Statesville. HISTORY OF THE BELL FIGHT RECENTLY CLOSED. The CltUeu Succeeded In Forcing till Daugerou Monopoly from Citizens Kxenaiige Most Popular W illi (lie I'eo pie. There have been no new develop ment in the telephone situation during tbe past week. The repre sentatives of the Be'rl Telephone Co. have visited noints in the county in an' effort to secure a foothold. The following letter fiom Mr. II. P Grier, the recently nominated mayor of Statesville, will be of iu teres t to Courier readers: tr. K. II. Munis. Mgr. Ashebmo Telephone Co., Ashehoro N. C. Dear Fir: 1 nm in roeeiptof infiirmatinii thnt the Hell Telephone Co., is making: an effort to cot into Ashelioro. having in application for it franchise to stutil i -b a booth for long distiim a litiHiness, This is the wuv the Hell coiiinieuc. 8 it fights to crush local Compiiuii ami confis cate the- cnpital ef our citizen invested in the telephone business Thus it 1 egan in Statesville years ufroaixl to day, hut tor the loyalty of our people, we would I in the clutches of this grasping monopoly paying at least 50 per cent, more for telephones than we are now paying und receiving 113 per cent less service. How Hie War llegan. A brief statement of conditions here and the devious doings of the Bell may be of interest to tou. In the first place the Bell onlv asked for a frnnchiss for a long distance booth, as I now recall the facts; this was some yeara ago and was granted Made False Claims. From that time on tbe Bell agents were continually at work to secure n franchise to establish its svstem; they would appear be fore our board of Alderman and a-gueat length for a larger franchise, claiming thai our manufactures wanted long distance con nection to save them the time and trouble it took to go to and from the booth, but no mat ter how often they applied nor how persist ent their attorneys and representatives were our Aldermen always declined the fran chise. We bad a good local service at reasonable rates, our people were satisfied so the matter stood until last year. Something more than a vear am the owner of the lo- cal exchange (it was owned by one man) went before the board ot Alderman ana re quested that a new franchise be granted him. The First Attack. He Doinled out that as there was a limit in his then franchise as to rates chargeable for phones he could not borrow money with which to enlarge his system to meet the de mands for more uliones and better service; tiat his business had outgrown his plant and that it was necessary to enlarge; that he hav ing bought out his partners, slill owed some money on the plant ana woiua nave to uor row more in order to make necessary im provements. That no one would loau him sufficient funds with a franchise hunting charges for rental of phones The board be ing anxious to help him, after looking into the matter granted him a new franchise in which no limit was placed as to what should be charged for phone service. Won First Battle. Here the matter rested for some 30 days or more, nothing being said but all believ iner that the local system would be enlarged We awoke one morning to be told that the Bell bad purchased the franchise and system of the local Company and that henceforth that company was to be our master. Began to Exercise Sovereign Role Many representat ives of the Bell came to our city and explained ttiat they had under stood that seutiment here had undergone a change and that we were anxious for thsm to take over the phone business and that was why i hey made the purchase; that had they understood we were still opposed to them thev would not hnve bought out the independent company. We asked what thel rates would be but could get no definite statement for some time. Our people, real izing that the Bell Co. held the vantage grouud, and to test the sincerity of their many statements regarding their intentions to deal fairly with us, attempted to make terms with them, agreeing that if they would establish reasonable rates and bind their Co. to maintain said rates, that we would not enter the Held. This, after much delay, and dickering they at lastllally lefused to do. People Be Krror and Rebell. We thereupon organized the Iredell Telephone Co with a c.ipitul of $20,000.00 aad have almut installed a system tbe equal, if Dot the superior, of any Bell system in the Stat. We uow have metalled 402 phones, with culms ' ready fur alx ut 45 more to be installed just at won as we can receive another alinuiu iit of phones Tbe Bell liav intr flatly refused 1 1 give us reasonable rates lieiori) we entered the field, now Bince our system is in, offer their phones at anv old price from thank yu up In $ IM and $2.00 per month Ii9al Company Upbeld-Bell Conquered The 1W11 had nlmut .100 phones when we began putting in our phones. Today I dont km w of a dozen plioees that they have in, alllioui'h tny claim to have moie than a dozen. Wo of courso will have to be on the watch continually in I lie Kelt has a fran chise mid has a FVHtfiu here which cost it mom than 8.10,00 '.00 t. build o have hadquieun experience with ihn Bell Co , and ita ways of saying and doing and ills tbe delilierate juilgineiit of our business men and citizens generally that a community is lietter olT without its service. Im chart;" i are excessive; it would cost Statesville pen- nle from S3.000.ll0 to SS.OOO.OO more per year for its phones if the Bell had tlm lie'.d than it costs now, liesides it meant country lines were to be a thing of the a-.t. The Bell charges for connection being p o- hibitory to our country people, vwien the Bell bought out the local system the peo ple in the country quit building and wen ready to gire up. When our company was gut underway new lines were ready to commence, new associations formed and old lines are being improved throughout the emmty so that in the near future Iredell County will have throughout her borders, and extending into adjoining counties, splen did telephone connections all owned and operate! by our own home people. It is the hope of our people that at no distant day we will haven line connecting with Hay den's system thus bunging Statesville in touch with the towns and cities in yours and adjoining counties We will build to Muoresvillea metalic line ihave a ground line now). A ceinnanv has I e 'ii oi -"iiuied and will build a matalic line to Taylorsville, put ting in exchanges at Taylorsville and points between this ci'y and Taylorsville, tl i will give us Wilkesboro, Lenoir and ether places. Sio Reason for Countenancing the Hi ll. I see no reason for any town or city grant ing the Bell a franchise when to do so means higher rates with a carres) o iding decrease in service and the driving out of business of our home people and the confiscation of their property. 1 assure you that States ville would lie glad if she could revoke the franchise that has been grabbed by the Bell ind there are other cities and to vus through out the state that would gladly shake ihe Bell nionop Iv if under the law it could ne done Tiien why any town, not under H mastery, will give it a foothold is mine than I can comprehend look at Winston, Asheville-wliat would these cities ilo 11 they could, hut the t ell holds tnein up ami barges just what it pleases and mahes them o.venr thev like it. 1 trust thai the jieop e of Asheboro will not lie placed at the mercy of the Bell and that you will not make any contract with the Bell whereby your Compa ny becomes its slave. Legislature Will be Appealed to for Re lief From This Greedy Monopoly. The hext liecislature of North Carolina will no doubt pass a luw requiring the Bell to make connection with local companies ior re ceipt and transmission of long distance busi- noo, K., ,F mil thot, m a tew Tears we Will have connection by means of independent Cos. huildincf lines between various ex changes, provided of course the Bell is not permitted to gobble up me neiu . oo iu any event there is every reason to keep out the Bell and almost none to admit it With best wishe for your success in the Independent telephone work. 1 am I ours iruiy, Harm P. Gkeir. $10,000 LOST IN MAILS. Unless Found New York National Bank Must Kettle With Government For Fifteen Dollars. United States Marshal Claudius Doekery at Raleigh has been notified of a sensational steal connected with the mail service between Wilmington and New York in which a package containing $10,000 sntby the New York Atlantic Bank is sussing. The money disappi a-i d about a wek ago. No clue hab been found. Iu this connection it is of interest to note that the maximum loss tbrt the government pays for registered packages is $15, so that tbe remain der of the loss muse fall on the Atlantic Bank if the package is not found. Mall Clerk Confesses. The mystery concerning the pack age of currency being sent by the Wilmingtou Bank to the Commerci al National Bank, of New York, was cleared up Friday by the confession of Edward A. Nelson, mail clerk. He had buried the $9,400 recovered under his house. He was permitted to give bond in the sum of $5,000 DEATH OF MRS. SCARBORO. End Came Suddenly at Trinity Tuesday Rjrenlng. Mrs. Eunice Scarboro, wife of Ea-1 Scarboro. died suddenly at her home at Trinity luesday evening Mrs. S -arboro was engaging herself in her household duties when Bhe suffered an attack at the heart, deato resulting in a few minutes. . Mr. Scarboro had just left her in the morning for the eastern part -ot the State on business. The deceased is a daughter of Rev. F. H. Wood, a niece of Col W. P.' Wood of Asheboro, and a con sin of Mrs. W. A. Underwood, of Randleman and of Mrs. J. O. Red ding, of Asheboro. Mr.,Gregson Goes to Panama. W. J. Greerson has accepted clerkship under the government at Panama. Mr. Gregson has been notified to report for duty as early as possible. Gov. Glenn will deliver an ad dress at. Albemarle o't the Cth da of June. The occasion is the lay ing ' f the corner stone of the Nor mal and t 'ollegintn Institute. OVER $4000.00 TO BE GIVEN AWAY BY AUGUST 1ST, 1907. Popular Young Ladies in Piedmont Section of North Caro lina and Randolph and adjoining Counties to Be Awarded Prizes to the Value of $4,050.00 Ministers Will Be Sest to the Jamestown Exposition Go to Work Now for the Best Weekly Newspaper in the State. I he contest is on. Every mail brings numbers of letters of inquiry an .1 several have) been received instructing us to enter their names 111 the contest for tDe grand prize, ' the Kimia!l l'-.m .. The piano can be seen at Wood & Molina's std'e. . Everv one who lias .seen it are L.tnl in their praise 1 or tile instrument, anil cvm...n:es point to mi iiiterestinj; and heat d I contest. No hesitation should be felt about entering, Tor all hold an eU;tl chance to win. 1 he contest for the sir. prizes is opeii to at:y pe'soti in the Piedm tut s-ction. 'Jh;n the trips to the Ja nestown Exposition are coufined to the fo low in districts: District No. 1. Asheboro and all Randolph county west of the old Pbnk Hoad. The four lghest in this district will be awarded tripi to the JatlleSOoWII Expositi-iu. ed that thev donot receive one of tbe first six prizes. Distkict no. 2 All the territory west of the Old Plank Hoad except Asheboro. Four trips with the same provision. distkict NO 3 Montgomery and Moore counties, oue trip. district no. 4: Davidson and Guilford couuties, one trip. Ihe winners of the trips to the Exposition P1 have all expenses paid. THIS COUPON ENTITLES Miss or Mrs. TO FIVE VOTES IN THE ' Piano and Jamestown Contest Not Good After May 14, 1907. Aa announced in our last issue the ministers coutest is also con nected and trips will be awarded as IO110WS, in iue given tern tones; IUSTRICT sc. i hot ttanuoipn county, three. District no 2 Montgomery anu Moore counties, one. District no. 3 Davidson county- District no 4 Anywhere except the territory embraced in the fore going territories. THIS COUPON ENTITLES Rev. TO FIVE VOTES In the JAMESTOWN CONTEST. Not Good After May 14, 1907. Every young white woman (mar ried or "single) who reads The Cour ier or hears of this contest, is an eli gible candidate foi the capital prize a $400 Kimball Piano. The con test closes July 31st, 1907, which means that the worker who wins re ceives a salary ef moie than a hun dred dollars a month for her labor. Schedule of Votes. VOTES The Courier 1 yr at $1 in April 500 . Mav 400 " " " " June 300 " " " " July 200 FOUR FATALLY BURNED. Dwelling of Mrs. McDade Destroyed By Fire Friday. The home of Mrs. McDade, at Henrietta, and all fnrniture was de stroyed by fire last Thursday night. The" most iwful feirure fif'the fire was the loss of two children, who were sleeninff in a room upstairs. and latter the desth of two sons of Mrs. McDade. from bums receive 1 in trying to rescue thejtwo children Step forward the other day when whose ages were 4 and (i vears. The tbeie was au election to determine mother may die as a fifth victim. i whether there should be an issue of . j bonds to macadnnzj the public A. R. Hicks aud D. J. Matthews, roads of Hillsboro township. Not of the Iola Mine, near Candor, spent a vote was cast ajaint the prop')si Monday night in Asheboro. tion. DEATH AT RAMSEUR. Krttdy Kvptres at Age ufHV, Years. M'. John Bi-xdy died at his home at. Ii iinseur. on last S.ittiidiy at the ad vu need aye of 80 veurs, the resuh of !l ,-,L.. ,,f i, i lea! j I v. ,e..,.L ,,,.n 1 .u.u ,,,i . 'j i- tWiillovv any food. Thetlec ased was a le-'pccled citi zen, the father of nineteen children, twelve of whom are living. They are, Mesdames Jane Brower, Mary M.-.ness, Cary Cheek, Liuena Welch and Margaret Oa;g, of Pleasant Grove township: Mrs. Charity Pow ers, of Moore county; Mrs. Emm it Smith, of Uatnseti:; Mrs. Lovey Brown of Spiay aud Miss Mattie Brady, Ai tennis and Ambrose Bradv, who lived at the. old home place. The dec a-ed was married twice; his second wife also surviving him the fnnerdljwas conducted Sunuay at Pleasant Grov church. The Death Roll Steven Hinshaw died at his home near Randolph' Satuiday morning, and was buried at Shepherd church Sunday. The deceased was 73 yrs. old. He is survived by several children, among them Jesse Hin shaw and Mrs. L. A. Tadlpck, of Hiyh Point. His wife preceded him jnst a few weeks ago. Mis. Will Ledwell died at her home in Asheboro Fr'day evening. The funeral was conducted Satur day, lollowed by the interment in the M. E. chinch cemetery. Her husband and tis children survive, the oldest child being Vi years aud the youngest fon r weeks. "The infant of Mr.. and Mrs. John Rich died last week at their h me near Asheboro. The interment was in the M. E. church cemetery. Miss Artenntia Brown, daughter of Reuben Brown, died last week at the home of he- father near Brow- ers Chapel. The funeral was con ducted from Urowers Chapel lues- I day 1 he deceased was 1 6 years of i age Itound Doxen Book Club. The Randleman Round Dozen Book Club met Fiiday from 4 to 6 at the hospitable home of Mrs. P. H. Ec Fay den and a most enjoyable afteritOJU was spent by those in at- I tendance. I Following the current events a very instructive and well prepared :article on "The War t the Roses" i was read by Mrs. McFadyen. j The unitjue "Colonial Contest," i arranged by the genial hostess was ; entered into with a spirit of much 'interest and enjoyment which ended in Miss Bowden winning the prize a pretty Poet Card album. An elegant course of ices was served j after which the Clnb adjourned thanking the hostess for a most de lightful afternoon. The MisseB Dicks will be at home to the Club at "Waverly" Friday May the 3d. F.aster Next Sunday. Mr. Niel Summers, of Irecell county, who is pretty good a'Hhortty on any subject he discusses, has turned some light on the unseason able weather. The landmark quotes Mr. Summers: "Easter hasert come. Accord ing to the Dutch sign, says Mr. Summers, Easter comes on the first Sunday after the fourth full moon of the year and this year Easter will fall on the 28th of April, a week from next Sunday. After that time we may expect warmer weather. Mr, Summers thinks the freeze and frost of, Sun day night about finished the wheat. He says the odor from the wilted wheat was very noticeable yesterday after the sun had shone on it for a little while." ' Hillsboro one of the oldest towns the State and considered one of tb? least progressive took a long NEW CHARTERS. The People's Telephone Co of Kamsenr llrlng Organized The Secretary of State has char tered the People's. Telephone Com pany of Ratnseiir. The company is being organized with a capital stock of $20,000. E. C. Watkins and others are among the stockholders appearing as incorporators. The c 'liipany will operate an exchange in Uaiiiseur und also construct long distance lines. Charteis are aid) issued for the Giant Lumber Co., of NVth Wilkes boro, capital R'o.UO, bv J. M. Bui nhardt, K. P. Wharton and othets and Cleveland Iron Woiks (incorporated ) changes i's name to the Shelby Machine and Supply Co.. and inereme eipittl from $10,000 to $1 1 io.Oi o, J. K. Sc'ieulken ii president. LIBERTY COMMENCEMENT. Program of i:errls KMh .i ailuatlu"; and Managers, ItcgimiliiK May ( lass.. .Marshall The Courier acknowledges receipt ot an invitation to the eleventh annual commencement of the Liber ty Normal College, May 10-14. The program waj published in a recent issue of t'.e Courier, the graduating class is as follows: liltWit li:s, I.ITf.lHRV liEI AUTMf.NT. Mr. C I'. ISranson, tirahinn, N, C; Mr A L. lslev, Biii'linetnn, X . C: Mr Charm Kimrey, I!urliuj;t(u, X. C; Mr. R. L. Trox ler, Klon College, X. C ; Miss Lma Bowman, l.iheity, X. C. (HUM AIKS I (iMMt nclAI. liKI'AIITMENT. Misn Xettie Spoon, Hartshorn, X.C.; Hiss llattie Ashhurn, Liberty, N C. MAItSIIAI.8 ASl) MASAiiF.ltS. Marshals-Mr T. S. Stafford, Chief, Cedar Cliff, K.C.; Mr. E. O. Pritchett, Browns Summit, X. C ; Mr V. I. Myrick, Worth ville, X. C; Mr. H. V. Clarke, HillsHoro, X. C j Mr. Connor Blackwell Elon College, N. C. Managers Mr. Joe Hamlin, Chief, Ran dleman, X. C; Miss Stella Kiger, Jolliet, Miss llattie Ashburn, Liberty, X. P. Miss Annie Stalling, Forshee, X. (J.;Miss Bessie Murchison, Liberty, X. C. MET TRAGIC DEATH. H.C. Miller Whirled to Death Iu City Roller Mill Building at St?tevUle . if. C. Miller, who, wth hia broth er, owns and operates the City Roller Mills, at Statesville met a tragic death at the mill Saturday morning. By some means he became entangled in some of the machinery, The fireman heard him scteam and call for help. When found be was being rapidly whirled around by the ma chine, splatenng blood in every direction. The machinery was stop ped and the body taken to the hos pital where death occurred a few minutes after reaching there. Mr. Miller was 28 years of age and oue of Stattsville's enterprising young business men. 1000 FATALITIES FROM FARTH QUAKES Asiatic Russia, Mexico, and Southern l'.urupe Shaken by Awful L'plieavels. Last week severe earthquake shocks were felt over the entire globe caus ing the loss of thousands of lives and' the destruction of millions of dollars of property. M ore than 1000 lives were lost in Mexico aud portions of many towns were swallowed in the rents of the earth. The most shocks were in the vicinity of Colima volcano, which is in violent eruptim. Terrifying earthquakes were re ported in Russia, Southern Europe, and a volcano in Chile has begun startling eruption. Loans to Caunty Schools. R. D. Connor, of the State De partment of Instruction announces that $18,785 has been loaned to several counties in the state from the State School Loan Fund. Loans have been made as follows Wake, $2,360; Wilkes, $850; Gas ton, $2,500; Anson, $300; Wayne, $1,250; Forsyth, $2,500; Cumber land, $1,100;,, Richmond, $800; Mecklenburg, $550; Stanley, $200; Pamlico, $475; Randolph, $2,000; Buncombe, d,000. Montgomery Schools Close. The Public School at Troy closed April inn. ihe year has been most successful. The enrollment at the close was 155 pupils, and a good average was made both in scholar fchip anl attendance. The school at Uwharrie, taught bv Misses Lil lie Bruton . and Lucy Ilunsucker closed Abiil 10th. Ii". T. Poole, of Troy, delivered the address. REDUCTION WORKS. Plant For Treating Mineral Ores Will Locate Here, COPPER MINE RESUMES OPER ATION AT ONCE. Xtw F.iilerprlse To Ite Located On The Mine Property Norlli of The City Will He a diatom Reduction Works. During the past few days a deal has been on foot to locate a mineral ore reduction works at Asheboro. and Monday it was consummated. The plant will be erected on the premises of the Asheboro Copper Mining Company, about two miles north ofthecitv. It'oe erected by Mr. Milton I. IV-ard, of Pittsboro Pa., at a cost of . 1 0,000 aud Mr. Beard hopes to hive the plant in operation by the last of September. An electrical process will be in stalled similar to that used in the west and successfully operated in New Jersey. All kinds of ores can be reduced just as taken from the mine after it has teen erusbel aud the treatment saves all the minerals as well ns the Ivy-products, ieparat ing and concentratiig the metals in their respective channels as treat ed. Sometime ago a proposition was made to locate a smelting plant here, but this is considered fur superior to that process because of the fact that the waters of the cieeks will not become contaminated from it and vegetation around the work wi'l not be affected by fumes of sulphur, etc, that pervwde the air for great distances around large smelting woiks, resulting in the com plete destruction of vegetation in the vicinity. By the electrical pro cess the sulphur as well as the minerals is saved for its commercial value. The plant will be a custom reduc tion works and will handle ores sent to it to be treated. Having been idle for several weeks the Asheboro Copper Mining Co. will resume operation at once and bauk its ore for treatment when the plant is completed. This oinpaay has recently pure based the John Bailey farm adjoining tbe mine property, which gives the right of way for a siding to be run from the railroad to the Reduction Works and thence to the mine. Ore is ex pected from many other points to feed the new enterprise. NEW BANK AT THOMASVILLE. The 11 est Xatioual Organized With $2.,OOOPaidIn. The First National Bank has been organized at Thomasville with a paid in capital of $25,000. 0. F. Lambeth was elected president. Sheriff J. T. Finch was elected vice president and A. II. Rag n cashier. The following compose ihe board of directors; J. Elwood Cox, of High Point; Dr. C. II. Phillips, of Full ers; C. L. Harris, F. S. Lambert, T. J. Finch, E. W. Cates, J A. Green, C. V. Limbeth and E. C. Strayhorn, of Thomasville. Xew Company For High Point. The Secretary of State has grant ed a charter to the Guilford Realty & Insurance C, of High Peint, with an authorized capital stock of $50,000. The company hai legua business with $5,000 paid in, and will handle real estate, insuranca and loans. Incorporators of the company are Messrs. H. A. Millia, J. H. Millie aud W. A. Ragan. To UnlldCare. The report is current that the Southern will at once enlarge its shops at Spencer and place a full equipment of machinery for the manufacture of locomotiv p. Power will be secured from the Yadkin river. It is also rumored pgain that pulman cars will also be built at Spencer at t u early date. New I'ope Academy Commencement. Hon. W. W. Kitchen, Representa tive in Congress from the Fifth North Caroliuu District deliver the literary addiesB at Ntw Hope Academy Corouieucemeut on Aiay 15, 1907. Mr. Kitchen is one of the most popular tpeukiTe in the S ale. Vlrglnlu Woo. Two thousand people witnessed the game ot ball between the Uni versity ofN.rli Oaro'ina and the Utmereity of Viijjiniaat Greeusboro Saturday. Vitgina won by a score of 5 to 2.

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