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The courier. (Asheboro, N.C.) 1906-1937, May 09, 1907, Image 1

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rCCLlO'cJC file CO Ue COURIER ! T5he COURIER Leads inlBoth News and Circulation. Advertising: Columns I I mmm Bring Results. mmmmmmmmf' BBued Weekly. PRINCIPLES, NOT MEN. $1.00 Per Year VOL XXXII. ASHEBORO, N. C, THURSDAY, MAY 9, 1907. No 22. U K M B. & L. ASSOCIATIONS Two New Ones Being Organized at Randleman. REAL ESTATE AND INVESTMENT CO. Bntlumn Men Actively PuHhtng Devel opment of the Town Klectlou fann ed (Quietly Thou. O. Bowden Kleeted Mayor Other I Unix. Ernest Carrol and Peeler were married Miss Josie at Naomi April ;30tb, by lie v. U. M. Camp bell, at the home of the br ide's fath er W. W. Peeler. The board of Alderman were in session last Wednesday night to con sider the application of tbe Hell Telephone Company for a franchise. The representative of the Hell with drew his application after learning of the opposition. A nice set of cement 6teps have been built at the Bank of Handle man. The Randleman Lyceum Asso ciation has signed for another ser ies of entertainments for the coming season "Maro" the world's famous Magician. Raudleman needs a public park and it is hoped that a suitable lo cation can be secured. A monument is being discussed whereby a place of resort andamuje meut can be obtained, and it is hop ed that every business man in town will aid in the enterprise. There are hundreds of people here who need the recreation that would be afforded by a place of this kind. Miss Laura yti msoii, one of the teachers in the Asheboro Graded School is at home for the summer vacation. W. T. Bryant, of this place, bought the Ilaudolph Creamery last Monday at the Receivers bale at Asheboro. W. T. Bryaut, Thos. II. Cmn mings, S. Bryant. A. W. Bulla, W. H. Pickard, Dr. P. II. McFayden 9wlrtbrq fipent. Monday in Ashe boro. Ex-Sheriff, Thos. J. Pinch, was here Tuesday collecting taxes. S. Wittkowsky, of Charloite X. C, will addiess a citizens meeting at the School Auditorium Wednesday night May 8th on the Building and Loan Association. Samuel II. Ntwliu, President of the Randleman Mfg. Co. is securing 6tock for a second Building & Loan Association. It is now a certaiuty that, within oO days Randleman will have in operation over one thousand shares of Building & Loan stock. The Muuicipal Election passed off quietly. There were two tickets in the field. Thos. 0. Bowden was elected mayor. The Aldermen are 1st Ward, A. C. Marsh and Jaa. A. Ivey. 2nd Ward, Samuel Swain and Hollie A. Barker. 3rd Ward, John J. New lin and William G. Brown. 4th Ward, Chas. L. Lineberry, Dr. Paul 11. McFayden. Eobt. Julian, of Providence Township, was in town Monday. N. N. Mewhn went to Asheboro Monday. S. G. Newiin, W. Bryant, ' W. H. Pickard and others have formed a Company to deal in Real Estate. They have options on a good deal .of property in and around town. The Central North Carolina w:'"l get out its first issue about May 14. Col. Boone, and lamily have ar rived and are living in the new two Btory house recently erected on Main Street. Prof. John L. Harris left for his home at Elizabeth City Let week. Prof. Ilarris has made many warm friends here daring his stay of two years. His successor has not been elected, but the board has several applicants and the school will begin as usual in September. There is a great scarcity of houses here, A number could be rented at once. 8. Bowden has purchased the cottage on Mam Street occupied by Henry Dicks', from Kelly Pugn. Mr. Bowden is a son of Mayor Elect Thos. 0. Bowden. New York City. Mr. Johnson, from near Melanc thon, in this county, has ptircbaS' ed property here and moved his family. Mr. Johnson is a good citizen and will lied cordial welcome here. Master Jas. Wlker, son of Dr. J. 0. Walker, is visiting the family of J. T. Bostick. John J. Newlin, L. A. Spencer, MAN OF THE HOUR. Interesting Addresa of Prof. Carlyle et the Cloning of Anheboro Graded School. As stated la3t week the Asheboro Graded School closed Thursday night. The program appeared iu our last issue. The feature of the program was the address of Prof. J no. B. Carlyle, of WaLe Forest College. Prof. Cttilyle is one of the best known educators in the Old North State and has taken an uctive in terest in the forward movement the State is making along education al lines. There is not in the State a more versatile speaker than Professor Carlyle, nor one more entertaining in conversation. His address last Thursday night was "The Man of the Hour". Every age has its peculiar spirit. The age of Martin Luther whs one of intense religious enthusiasm. That of Columbus was pasion for discovery; that of U. ie..-n Eliza ieh was marked by deep devotion to literary excellence. The charac'trstio of our age is a tribute to ideals of a Democracj. Hence ours is intensely Democratic. Addressiug his young hearers he declared with us the inm (f the hour must have knowledge. He must know. Second he unut be willing to dare. Ih'.rd, he must have profound faith, not only in his own ability but he mast have faith in the ability of the Supreme Being and rely upon him for aid in all he undertakes. Fourth, with a spirit of hopefulness he will aspiie evei t greater tnings which, it is possible for all to obtain who are predominated by those four charae teristics. Oar 'people "heird Prof. Carlyle with deep interest. DEATH OF PROF. LANGLEY. Prof. Langley, whose death was noted b st week was born and rear ed in Randolph County, where he spent his early years. He taught in the public schools of Randolph with marke 1 success until he went to Moore County seventeen yeais ago. For a number of years he served Moore County as Superin tendent of public instruction and at the time of his death was a mem ber of the board of education of that county. Prof. Langley was a member of the Methodist Church. He had re cently built bim a new home in Broadway, where he had expected to reside in future. He leaves a wife and four children. The series of ttories from Aineri cau history will continue through the May numbers of The Youth's Companion. ''The Civil War" be gins witn Adeline Knapp's thrilling story, "How Craig Macdonald Rode Express." It is an account of the carrying of the news of the outbreak of the war into the far West iu the days of the pony express. In the same group is Arthur Colton's story of an artilleryman at Shiloh, entitled "The Runaway Gun." Another is Princess Royal," by Martha McCnl-loch-Williams, the well-known Southern writer. Then there is the interesting contribution of "A Boy's Recollections of Lincoln," by Dr. J. L. Eaine. Craige For Governor. It is fairly certain that the Hon. Locke Craige, of A9heville, will be in the race for the Democratic nomi nation for governor. Those who have kept in politi cal touch with Mr- Craige duriDg the past twelve months think there is no doubt of his purpose to make the race. W. H. Pickard and others will spend ten days in Oklahoma in July. The Southern Railway Company has placed granolithic walks in front and around the station. These lead to all the entrances of both white and colored waiting rooms. They have also put gravel on the yard which adds a great deal to the comfort of the public. Misses Mary Ferree, Epsie Wool en, Eula Haves, Bessie Farmer. Mar- titia Bobbins, Clara Wall, and others attended the closing exercises of Asheboro Graded School last week P. A. Mendenhall, Foster Rich ardson and Dow Birkhead of Ashe boro, were here last Saturday. It is rumored that a large furni ture store will be established here INTEREST IN THE CONTEST IS ALREADY BECOMING HEATED. This week, for the first time, thel names of the candidates in The I Courier's contest are announced, I app. and the number of votes each has I to theii credit. The young ladies M!" who have entered the contest akki 1 OFF. That is the best way of put-! ting it. It was a large volume of votes that whirled into the bl:ot ! -box during the past two weeks ai.d Mr. some of the candidates have un;:e " an excellent staitfor the capi'i! ptiie. ' It is not too late t enter now- ft? the :lr. i contest has jus; hgu a an I mere i '" t'm; for you to g-t in an i win. If S'jV. have not yet enter-d do so a' once and set in li"e for one of tue trips to Ja'iiesiow n. l.Vmetii'ier, this is not a beuitv C Hifest nor one for jiojiitiai'ify a! o e. It is a contest in wnieh i'e most eneigtic will win. i Nov is the time for von to in your hard work anil if yot; tuKe an iu'eieet you will be sti:'e to win son i e of the tine priz"f at Pi '.. end of the coves. While t ii a . " good iui-a to clip the vos from the "" papers, n i- ;i belter idea I" g-t V '.!: . frieio1- to voie for you bv sutler ing for the paper and capias; me 1 votes for yo'.l. More voles a:e aliowe ; ou subscriptions than yon could c 1 : i from the pa.iers and while the clipped coupons cc'.iut for a givat deal, vet' a suoseri(ition conn :s for so inanv more and thoso who go after tni" subscriptions will be the ones who will stand the best chance to wi fhe prize when the end rolls around. JJ It is noHceil tiiat the people are growi. g dki re enthusiastic every dav and eie another week roMs arm; t.d every one will be interested in Tru- great voting contest and they w.i! want to Kelp some one to win one of the tine Look over tbe list of camliiiates caiefully and if your favorite's name not on the list. In sure and send it in and ger her votes so as to give her a ood o-VMiee. TWENTIETH-CENTURY ECLIPSE Another Modem Machine Added to the Courier Kquiimiitti. The Courier bns added another modern macbiue to its already excel lently equipped plant. We take a pride in our printing depart ment, but we have in contemplation still greater things for the newspaper ZION CITY COLONY. Or. Hoininger I'.vpects (o Locate at alisbur) Lived at Keidsville. A well founded rumor is circu lated that a colony of Zion t iity, 111., late home of Alexander Dowie, will locatfl at Salisbury. The move ment 13 headed by Dr. Roniinger, a dentist who is well known iu North Carolina having lived in Reidsville before removing to Illinois. He has for the past four years been a mem ber of the Council of Zion City and ' is a strong exponent of the faith of i tbe Chnstiau Catholic Church. j Randolph Camp l ulled t'oufedernle Veteran. Forty-six applies tions for member ship iu". the Raudolph Camp U. C.j V. have been recieved and approved. A m.-eting will V held here May 10th at which time those whose up plications have been approved will , perfect the organization and arrange ; for representation at the annual re-; union at. liichmond in June. It is e.xp"Cted that U.mdolph will be; Well represented. The o:f hem ' has arranged a special rate ot one j cent per m.le from all points along i its line. ' have re st began ..-low: .1 w. ( .- i W-N! Hark, r H...1 M. I. Hi.' .1. 11 Mel..: .Ti'ilvrsnn J.ttmiui department. We hope in the r ear fu tue to enlarge to a 12 page paperper- : liiaueiitly. For a few weeks we will issue twelve pages as the occasion de mands. The folder has a capacity of from 1000 to 2500 complete papers, either four, eight, twelve, or sixteen 1 pages n hour, aud can oaly be found in the moet modernly tquipp ed offices. It is no on the road jand will be iustalled jn a few days. ITEMS FROM MILLBORO. Fauillv Reunion at tho Home of t'apt. l.lneberr)-"Otliei Iteinn. Russell Lineberry, son of George Lineberry, who lives Lear Grays Chapel died last Sttnday after being sick several weeks auu was buried at Giays Chpel Monday. Mrs. Mattie Nelson Smith and sister, Mrs. Paul Nelson Briles, of Florida, are visiting their father, Enoch Nelson, near Millboro. The children of Capt. W. S. Lineberry had a reunion at their old home last Sunday. Capt. and Mrs Lineberry are the parents of nine children. They are all living aud were all present. V vvliarrle Circuit. The tpiaterly conference for the Vwharrie circuit will be held Satur day and Sunday May It. Rev. S. B. TiiTentine will preardi. The appointment for 3 P. M. Sun i'av at Nilt'in has been called in. J. W. l.ViLE. J. W. Jolly has sold a lot in West to Cephas Bowman, w ho holds a. position with the Asheboro Grocery Co. Mr. Bowman expects to build in the near future. The names of l.tdies who ceived votes the conte CAPT. BASON DEAD. Died Suililraiy At lltn Home In UkIiiii Iu Was Well Known Lawyer. j Capt. George F. Bason, a well Only One Ticket In The Field knowr attorney of Gastonia, dndj Citizens Ticket, puddeulv at his home Wednesday i nigbt. Mr. Bason was bom at Melville, Alamance county 05 years ago. j He was a confederate soldier, u member of the staff f Brigader. (leneial A. M. Scale-, of the Oth N. C. Regiment. He was a gallan soldier. At the close i the war (.'apt. BitS'Hi took up the study of law and after becuiiag liis licenss practiced taw at (iraha'U. He wue geneioii-, t:iiJ ami able ami p ts-v'Sco courage. I -a his profe-sioa he stood j higl'. I Surviving Capt. I!aso: are three children: i Win. Eairtt!, of New York, V.a Johnie Bason, of Rd springs, :i::d ) (Jeoige Bason of Charlotte. Up toj three vtars ago L apt. liasou lived at Chark. re. HOTEL CARR-OLINA BURNED. Durham lliisMti.iKMi l ire im ipal 1 1 1 c I nl (lie Toharrii t il line in Durham, May 2. TheCarr-oIiua,! I )urhamN principal hoiel, was en-! tiiely destroyed liy tire of unknown origin which was discovered in one of th? rooms ia the noita wing at 11: o'clock to night. Tin hotel was a larg" frame structure and the t'.auus h ul i start ou the fiiv meii, who, though tbey woiked v; 1 iuntly, could no: do moie than save surroriidir.-property from d estate tic. There were between oO and To gtu-sts in the hotel and all escaped without injury. The hotel was the p:vip rty of Col. Julian S. Carr. The hotel is located near the union d- po: iu the center of the t-iWii. The hotel was erected in lb!':? at a cost of jOo.oOn. It was in sured for 10.000. The cause of the tire cannot be learned. GREAT P0W-W0W. (latlierire (if Ittrd Men at (ireenslmru Week. Ti e Great t'oiiiic:! of RkI Men in ses.-ioa at (iretLS'joro last week elect ed the fo:'o.v:r:g oill:'"!S J. M. Ga'.htger, Washington, great siiunap. W.J. Leaty, K ::::, great niin- lleto-va'l!. C. M. Bern hill, Ciiarlotte, ureut glial d wi.vvain. J. li. ilolt, of Greeusboro, great guard of forest. Coinniitt -e of appeals, T.K. Stew art, Washington: L. M. Weatherly, liainseiir; W. P. ii(ei!, Tarboro. Judicial y conunitte, V. K. J. Fucl.s. Wilmington: W. L. Stanu-y, High Point; A. C. Green, Elizabeth City. The Council will meet at Asheville next year. TAFT'S CHAMPION. ('. J. Harris, of Uillsboru. Will Have Charged Campaign in North Carolina. It comes cow from a source ap paieutly reliable that Charles J. Ilarris, the mica man of Dillsboro, is the one wno will be the Taft lieu tenant in North Carolina during the eoming campaign for delegates. Mr. Ilarris was iu ( Washington a few days ago, having arrived from Cin cinnati, where he attended the Y'ale alutnni meeting at which Secretary Taft spoke, lie and Taft were in the same class at. Y'ale and are krown to be close personal friends, and it is said that while in Cincinnati it was all tixed un. High Point .Machine Co. The Secretary of State has char tered the High Point Machine Com pany, High Point; authorized capital stock, $250,000, with privilege of beginning business with $25,000. Incorporators arc: E. W. Van Burt, 100 shares; H. A. Megraw, 100; C. S. Dutton, 50. The object is to ac quire and take over the High Point Machine Works, a part nership, and the Dixie Motor Com pany, and to carry on the business of mechauical engineers, metal work ers, etc. l)rii(h;r Velerim. Biscoe, April Mr. Robert Brewer, a respectable fanner, living near Candor dropped dead Saturday evening April 2uth at ?:o) o'c'ock. Heart disease is supposed to be the cause of his death. Mi. Brewer was one of il.e old confederate vet eiati?, having served in the civil war. He leaves four sons and three daughters to mourn their loss MUNICIPAL ELECTION J EXCEEDINGLY LIGHT I WAS POLLED VOTE llm.v M. Itohlnx F.Iectrd Mayor of Ahlioi-o Mr. Ilowilell 1h .!uyor e.t Kninlli innii -.1. A. Wltlirmat Woiiii v!lle K. .1. Steed Mnyer of Kalltcur.. The municipal election here Mon- . day was probably the most (,uiet for . many year?. Littl" or no interest was manifested, there being only one ticket in the li.-ld. This ticket was nominated at a mas.' meeting held rriday night at the covtrt house. The ticket eieet-,1 was as follows: For llavor: HENRY M.'k'OlilN'S For Treasurer: WILLIAM J. IE AG UE For Cleik: BENJAMIN F. M DOWELL For Constable: WILLIAM I). SPOON -For Commissioners: O. ELMER RICH WILLIAM F. REDDING M. CAUSEY SPOON ' ELIJAH MOFFITt WILLIAM J. MILLER. The affairs of the town will go in to the hands of the new board to night. The election at Ruuiseur resulted as follows: Mayor E. J. Steed. Commissioners E. . C. Watkina, W. D. Lane, Dr. S. W. Caddell, I. F. Craven, A. II. Thomas. Treau rer C. B. Smith. Clerk C. A. lieece. Marshall G. M. Kimerv. The citizens' ticket headed by J. A. Withers was elected at Worth ville. WHY NOT COMMENCEMENT. Kxnclso Tlnirs laj Mh.v 'l.l Mrdul given l.y K. L. Annum to lie Awarded. The comuie.iceinent exercises of Why Not Academy i.nd Business Institute will be i.eld Thursday, May 23rd. A w ry interesting pro gramme is being pivpaied. There will be thiee gold medals given- one to the young ladies for the best reci tation, given by Mr. E. L. Auman, of Asheboro, a former student of Why Not Aeadeiir, ; ouo to the chil dren for the best recitation, given by the Principa'; and one to the young nun for the best declamation also by the Principal. Following are the commencement officers: Managers, Mr. J. F. Mor gan, chief; Subordinates, Messrs. W. W. Redding, W. C. Garner, Jesse Copeland, and Loy Ritter. Mar shals, Mr. L. A. K'inff, Chief; Sub ordinates, Messrs. B. B. Martin, M. II. Birkhead, John Lucas, and Jesse Auman. Hub" Dunn Drowned. "Bub" Duun, son of Samuel Dunn, of Linebtrry Station was drowned in Deep River two miles from Sanford on Wednesday of last week. Mr. Dunn and two other young men were iu a boat when it was capsized while they were rocking the boat. Mr. Dunn could not swim; the other two swam to the bank of the river, oue of them had great difficulty in reaching the shore. Young Dunn could not awim. His body had not been found wheu we last heard from Sanford. Mr. Dunn was a rlaguian for the Southern Railway, and was living at Sanford. He was unmarried aud aged 22 yais, a deservedly popular young man. His many friends syinpathyze with his stricken par ents in their sad bereavement. M.eiiiorlnl Day. A confederate memorial service will be held ir. Asheboro May 10th. The Asheboro Chapter Daughters of Confederacy is requested to meet at the academy Friday morning bringing with tin-in all the ilowers they can. After a short sir vice at the academy the ladies, together with the i at; veterans, will go to the cemetery am! decorate the graves of the (bvea-ed .onfederate veterans. . ' The public is cordially invited.

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