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The courier. (Asheboro, N.C.) 1906-1937, July 11, 1907, Image 1

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0 xAst, 1- I I me ouiuer ?6 COURIER Advertising Cnlumn Leads inipBoth News and . Circulation. j j Bring Results. mm EE COUR ER. Issued Weekly. PRINCIPLES, NOT MEN. $1.00 Peri Year VOL XXX11. ASHEBORO, N. C, THURSDXy. JULY 11. 1907. No 29. f I r 4f- THE GLORIOUS FOURTH . FITLY, Eighty millions of people scattered throughout the United States on the Fourth, celebrated the one hundred and thirty-first anniversary of the Bigniug of the Declaration " of Inde pendence. Though there were in cluded in these many millions, men and women in all walks of life, all day, and though there were many who toiled on unceasingly, yet they felt in some way the spirit of the day aslit was communicated to them by others. Whether in the busy city or in the quiet country places, this feeling of gratitude for a na tion's history and heroes, joy in its independence, proud of its present greatness and happy over its out look for the future, is manifest. " Every city in the country, aud near y every town and village holds its celebration annually and they are always events for which the public leave business and very thing else if they are true Ameri cans to join in the Bport, no mutter how undignified it may seem to the dignified and unpatriotic. The fourth was fittingly celebra ted in Bandolph county. Iu every section elaborate preparations had been made and Old Glory floating on the breezes from both business houses and residences told of tbe spirit of true patriotism which burned in the hearts of the entire populace. The Fourth at WorthvlHe. Independence Day at Worthville was all that could be desired, as the day itself was a perfect picnic day, and the program was carried out without a single jar to mar the pleasure of anyone. , , ' A large Reception Committee, un der the leadership of Messrs. J. E. Williamson and J. L. Wrenn, met the speakers, Col. John 8. Cunning ham, of Roxboro, and Mr. Archi bald Johnson, of Thomasrille, at the Bans' leman station and escotted ' them to Riverview Pack. They were joined on tbe way by the Franklinville band and the Worth ille school children bearing flags. The program was opened by pray er by Rev. R. L. Melton, fellowed by a few remarks by Dr. C. C. Hub bard, who acted as "Master of Cere monies. Several school children took part in an interesting and instructive exercise showing- the flags which have becu used by our nation from the discovery by Colum bus to the adoption of the present flag. Mr. Johnson was then introduced and made a twenty minutes, talk in every way suited to the day. He was followed by Col. Cunningham who entertained the audience for half an hour by a talk which was a pleasant mixture of patriotism, hu mor and good fellowship. ' After an intermission for dinner, the crowds again gathered to witness the boat races. The first heat was rowed by M. J. My rick and Eli Hayes, the second by W. P. Craven and Yancey Kennedy, and the third by M. J. Myrick and W. P. Craven, who were the winners in the first two. The final heat was won by 'W. P. Craves. This was followed by a game of base ball on the new ball grounds. The program was interspersed with music by the band throughout the day. ' At eight o'clock at night a play wtB given by several of tbe Worth ville young people, and wa thor . oughly enjoyed by a large tff well behaved audience. While all the actors did their parts well, we heard several people speak in high terms of the goou acting of Missed Myrtle Johnsou7 'and Jennie Winslow and Mr. J. A. Withers. The audience was not so large as f eeve'al years ago, when ours wai tbe only celebration held in the county, but a big crowd was here, neverthe less, and all were delighted with the Park, which is an ideal place for things of this kind. The thanks of the people of the town are due, and freely rendered to Mr. J. E. Wil liamson, wbde good will and gener osity has led him to provide this pleasure ground for the empkoyees f the Worth Manufacturing Co. Great Day at Randleman. Probably the most elaborate cele biation held in tbe county was that held at Randleman. Certainly the fourth was never more gloriously CELEBRATED. spent by residents and visitors at our neighbor town. Everybody bad been filled with the spirit of pat riotism by the extensive advertising given the celebration during the days p receding and it is estimated that more than 5000 people visited the town on that day. One of the features was tbe spectacular parade composed of fraternal organizations in full regha, Brass bands and 1,8 most attractive floats gotten up by tbe business men of the town. Following the parade, which termini' ed at the spea kers stand fully 5000 people assembled to witness the program. THE I'HOiRAM: Music 1; the Band. Prayer by Rev. C M. Camplrel!. Introduction of Speakers Address by Prof. ('ban. E. Brewer, Stale Councilor of Jr. O. U. A. M. Music by the Band. INTERMISSION FOIl DINNER. Music by the Band. ' Presentation of Speaker. Address by Hon, P. P. Hobgood, Jr. Singing of America by the Audience led by a Glee club. Benediction. Two games of ball were also fea tures, which excited much interest. The day was filled with pleasure aud all coagratulated our enterpris ing sister city upon the success. At Cheeks Mills. Last Thursday, July 4tb, a pat riotic celebration was held at Cheeks Mills in Pleasant Grove township, at which place was assembled a goodly number of citizens. Flags, bunting in tbe national colors were very much in evidence and the Bpirit of the day beamed on every face. Music Wt 8 furnished by a string band and light refreshments were served. Solicitor Wm. C. Hammer delivered the address. The day was enjoyed by all. Masonic Picnic. A large crowd was concentrated at Ramseur to participate ia the exercises under the auspices of the Masonic fraternity. Probably the argest crowd ever assembled at Ramseur greeted Hon. W. W. Kitchen, who was the orator of the day. He was met at the station by a procession I fully a quarter mile long, headed by the Ramseur Con cert Band and followed by the Ma sous, Knights of Pythias," Improved Order of Red Men, Odd Fellows and the Coming Men of America. The procession formed at the graded school building and matched to the station and back to the school grounds where Mr. Kitchen held his audience spell bound for about an hour an a hlf on the . subject of Masonry. Mr. Kitchen is a delight ful speaker. His speech was enjoy ed by all, especially by the Masons, who were out in large .numbers. Prof. J. M. Way, of Asheboro. was master of ceremonies. PROGRAM. 930 A. M. Music by the Band at Academy. 10:00 A. M. Formation of Pro cession. Carriages, Band, Masons, Knights, Jtea Men, uia tfellows, U. M. A. 10:30 A. M. Procession to Depot Music by Band. Prayer by Rev. C. A. Wood. Song My Countrv. Address By Hon. W. W. Kitchen. Dinner. 1:30 P. M. Address By Mrs. Math ews. Music Bv Band. Talks by C. C. Stuart, Col. W. P. Wood and Rev. J. W. Patton. 8:00 P. M. Play at the Academy by Members Mt. Vernon Chapter Eastern Star. A Collection for the orphanB amounting to $36,39 was. taken. The refreshment stand was run for the benefit of the orphanage. HAIL STORM IN SURRY. Corn Seriously Damaged by Storm at Elkln Last Week. A severe storm of wind, rain and hail visited this section Tuesday evening. Four or five miles north of here the hail ' was very severe, many farmers having lost their en tire corn crop, so they think. Much timber was blown down, and wheat stacks were overturned and scattered over the fields. PAGE-HURLEY. Notable Marriage at Blaeoe Misa Ullle Hurley to Mr. Gearge G. Page , Last Friday, at the (home of Mr. and Mrs. W. TJ Hurley, at Biscoe, their daughter, Miss Lillie Dudley Hurley became the bride of Mr. George G. Page, also of Biscoe. The ceremony was performed by Rev. D. M. Caveness, of tbe Methodist Epis copal Church, South, in the presence of a few friends. The bri e was beautifully gowned in white liberty silk, sleeves of lace and bodice of "bertha effect, and car ried a magnificent bouquet of brides roses. The maid of honor, Miss May Shamburger was lovely v a costume of diaphanous brown point d'esprit with a large bouquet of Mareschal Neil roses. Minn Jane CoggiD was attired in a silk mull, applique and roses, and carried a bouquet of white carnations. The gentlemen attendants were Messrs. E. L. Auman, of Asbelioro, and Herbert C. Sink, of Lexington. Mr. Page is a sou of Mrs. Mattie Page, and has for beve'al years been in the employ of the Asheboro & Aberdeen Railway Compauy. Mr. and Mrs. Page are well and popularly known throughout tbis section of tbe State. MINNEHAHA TRIBE. Red Men Install Officers at Raraxeur A Thriving Order. Minnehaha Tribe, No. 64, Im proved Order of Red Men, have elected and installed the following officers: P. P. Turner.'Sachem; J. M. Me Alister, Senior Sagamore; M.E.John son Junior Sagamore J. I. Lam bert, Prophet; Chas. B. Smith Chief of Records: V. C. Msrley, Kerper of Wampum; First Sanap, C. B. Brown; Second Sanap, H. B. Moore; Gaaid of Wigwam, S. E. Brady, Guard of Forest, E. C. Turner: Is; Warrir, J. C. Whitehead: 2d V' rior, W. H. Marie;; 3d Warrior, H. T. Deaton; 4th Warrior, M. L. Bra dy; 1st Brave, J.v-W, , Moon; 2d Brave, J. W. Brown; 3d Brave, G. C Cox; 4th Brave, J. L Phillips. This is one of the strongest Tribes in thi section, and it is in a thriving condition. BIG DAY AT TRINITY. Educational Rally and Annual Picnic at Old Trinity. An Educational Rally and Annu al Picnic will be held at Old Trinity July 26th. An attractive program is being arranged including good speaking, music, and dinner on the grounds. Everybody, both old and young, will be cordially welcomed, and ample amusement provided for all. Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Steed, of Ramseur' N. C, Entertain. O-e of the season's most enjoya ble occasions was witnessed last Wednesday night when more than 25 invited guests gathered at the home of Mayor E. J. Steed to en joy a party given in honor of bis niece, Miss Laura White, of Ashe boro. During the evening games wsre played out on the beau tif ally light ed lawn, which were much enjoyed by all. At 10 o'clock the guests were in vited to the dining room where de lightful refreshments were served consisting of cream, cake and frnits. . At 1 o'clock the guests departed. The Biggest Hog 1 1 the World. Mr. E. B. Cozart,,of Granville count v, this State, is at the James, town Exposition showing the largest hog in thfi world. He-is at Pine Beach, Va., und his pig, which is just two years old, weighs 1,460 pounds. North Carolina is always to the front. She was first at Beth el, farthest at Gettysburg and last at Appamattox, and it looks as if she had furnished to Jamestown the largest hog. Formerly Lived in Randolph. Mrs. Annie Cooper died Saturday at the home of her son, Sol. Yates, at High Point, aged 75 years. Mrs. Cooper was a nitive of Davidson county, but had lived fcr many years in Randolph county. In ad. dition to tfie sou with whom tbe aged sufferer had for four years made her home, one daughter also survives her. TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL. Strong Faculty Selected For Next TermHigh School In Fact. Methodists all over the State, es pecially thosa of Randolph County, as well as the citizens generally will be interested in the lecent an. nonncement of the facalty of Trini ty High School, known as Old Trinity in this county. Probably the strongest faculty in the history of the school will teach during the next session. Rev. B. F. Hargett retains tha position as Head Master, and has been given an assistant in his minis terial work in the person of Rev. J. C. Hammer, a graduate of Wof ford College, at Spartanburg, S. C. II f will also assist in the clas room. Tbe other ivembers of the faculty re W. (. Jerome, A. B.j of Trinity College, profess r in mathematics, history and science; N. C. Euglish, A. M., Tiinity College, professor in book-keeping and commercial law; Mies Clara V. Smoot, Greensboro Female College, instructor iu Eng lish and German; Miss Susannah G. Miciii-!. A. B, Trinity College, in structor in Latin and Fiench; Miss Stella Nox Norris. G. F. College, music aud French; Mrs. Kate Nor mant, G. F. College, Priori) al of Primary Department. The Executive Committee, com posed of members of the board of trustees of Trinity Col ege, Durham, are determined to make this one of the best preparatory schools in the State. Arrangements are beiug made to accommodate two hundred students next year. FATAL WRECK. Mr. Harris, of Aberdeen, Crushed to Heath by Car Near Kittrell, on the Seaboard. Mrs. C. E. Harris, of Aberdeed, was killed ia a wreck on the Sea boajd Air Line near Kittrell Sunday afternoon. S'jfi with her husband and little daughter wire in in the rear Pull man. Passengers on the car report that they heard a sort of popping noise under the car and instantly the rear trucks left the rails and the car turned ovei . Mrs. Harris was thrown out of an open window. She htd grasped the hand of her little girl when the shock came. Conductor Cain and the train crew and passengers smashed windows in order to get some of the passengers out. Mrs. Harris' head and body were mangled in a horrible' manner. There were no other fatalities and the other passengers escaped with slight injuries. RANDLEMAN GRADED SCHOOL. New Superintendent ElectedPost Of fice Moved Power Plant. Prof. Smithdeal, formerly a teach er in the graded school at Spencer has been elected superintendent of the Randleman graded school. This action was taken Friday at a meeting of the Graded School Board. Prof. Smithdeal goes to his new work with highest endorsements. The post office has been .moved into its elegant new quarters in Main street and is a credit to the city. The Randleman Electric Railway and Light I'ompaiiy has been grant ed a franchise and will begin at once tbe erection of a power plant Jo furnish lights for the city. Knights Elect Officers. Mondav night the Asheboro Lod.e No. 45, K. ot P., held the semi-annual election of officers 'which ie s ilted'as follows: O. C Dr. D. K. Lockhart; V. C, C. C. Cranford; Prelate, E. L. An man; M. of Ex., W. J. Armfield Jr.; I. G., W. B. Webster; O. G., J. M. Metis. The lodge ha been mee ing every Monday night, but at the last meet ing it was decided to hold only one meeting a month during August, September and October. The meet ings will be held on the second Mon day night. lawn Party at Star. Misses Ethel and Lillian Biggs delightfully entertained a Lost of their Star friends at a lawn party at their home last Thursday night, July 4th. Messrs Trogdon, Slack, and Joues, of Biscoe, were also in a tendeuce. Tha evening was most pleasantly spent in playing games after which ice cream and cake was served. SCHOOL COMMITTEEMEN FOR RANDOLPH COUNTY. The Board of Education of Ran dolph County met in regular ses sion in the office of the County Su- fenntendent Monday of last week, t was busy session continning Tues day for several hours. Among other matters demanding the at tention of the board was the elec tion of the County Superintendent and appointment of School Com mitteemen. The Biard unanimously re-elected Prof. J. M. Way as superintendent and appointed the following com mitteemen: WHITE RACK BV DISTRICTS. TRINITY TOWNSHIP. Trinity, District No. 1. Capt. J, Parkin, It. W. Raddick, John W. Hill. Archdale, District No. 2. S. H. Spoon, L 0. Andrews, Lee Aldredge. ' nraway, District No 3. J. D. Bulla, C. W Redding, J. Ed Millikan. Millers, District No. 4. B. C. Floyd, T. N. Jones, D. M. Wellwrnc. Hopewell, District No. 5. T. J. Finch, B. L. Owen, M. F. Underwood. Prospect, District No. 0. R. E. Menden liull, J V. Mendenhall, C. W. Wilson. NEW MARKET TOWNSHIP. Glenola, District No 1. It. L. White, A. B. Coltrane, Leaiuler Davis. Cedur Square, District No. 2. R. S Davis, R. B. Spencer, J. It. Coltrane.' Marlboro, District No. 3. W. S. Beeson, N. E. Davis, It W. vVall, C. M. Spencer. T. J. Coltrain. J'iney Grove. Disti iot No. 4. John F. Beeson, N Johnson, X L Adams. lvel Cross, District No. 5. R. L. Cau sey, G. E. Stanton, W. L Adams. PROVIDENCE TOWN8Hir. Providence District, No. 1. S VV. White E. U. Cox. Red Cross, District No. 2. Tat Fields, Jos. Fields, Calvin Bowman. Julian's Grove, District No 3. M. Ward, Parris Trogdon. W. A Wood. Lineherry, District 4. Samuel Dunn, A. W Nixon, Jas. Jones. Three r'orks. District No. 5. W. W. Hockett, R L. Gray, H. C. Gregson. KAN 1)1. EUAN TOWNSHlr. Woithville, District No. 2. Dr. C. Hubbard, J. L. Wrenn, fi. C. Williamson. NewSalam, District No. 3. L M. Cau dle, T. M. Kirk man, B. F. Frazier. LIBERTY TOWNSHIP. Liberty, District No. 1. H C Causey, J. Rom Smith, J. F. Piokett Black's, District No. 2 R. O. Palmer, Wm. Brothers, J. W. Scotten Paye.ix, District No. 3. W S Staley, F G Garner, Johu Kivett Julian. District No. 4. , O 'H Hardin, T G Coliie, Third man to come from Guil foiv. Meliincthon, District No. 5 Roddie Ssvaim, P P Jones, Rev D J Settlemeyer. Cedar Grove, District No. 0 Thos Mc Masters, W M Wright. COI.lUniA TOWNSHIP. Hickory Grove, District No. 2. J T Scott, Preston Craven, W O Craven Pine Hill, District No. 3. J W 8mith, W A Brower, W N Edwards. Kildee, District No. 4. R W York, E C Burgess, Sam Wrightsell. Marley'g, District No 5. H C Chisholm, GTMarley S A Allred. StaW, District No. 6. C B Turner, C P Fox, J F Teague. 8hady Grove, District No 7 G R Wil liams, T F Kivett. F L Williams. Patterson's Grove, District No 8 W H Coble, J M Patterson, J A Ellison. Hardin's, District No 9 John M Cox, O R Ward, J T Wrightsell FRANKLINVILLE TOWNSHIP. Central Falls, District No I E L York, Eli Luck, C L Hutcheson Mihboro, District No 2 R W Pugh, J A Redding, I A Julian. Gray's Chapel, District No 4 M F Pugh, J W Pugh. Cedar Falls, District No 5 A J Brown, Johu Trogdon, Dr A H Redding. ASHEBORO TOWNSHIP. Brower's, District No 2 S E Lowdermilk, A O Vox, A Smith Long Branch, District No 3 'A A Lpw allen, Henry Allred, Everett Davidson. Gold Hill. District No 4 Wm Burn, II A Underwood, I F Prilohard. BACK CREEK TOWNSHlr. Belvidere, District No 1 W D Nam e, .1 M Walker, R W Kearns. Mt View, District No 2 S H Walker, S W Kearns, L J Sheffield. Flint Hill, District No 3 J F Laughlin, 1 T Farlow, W H Redding. Plainfield, District No 4 D W Bulla, A A Itobbins, H S Hankins Lena's Grove, District No 5 David Mc Cain, W R Tool, B F Bulla. Spero, District No 6 W B Uinshaw, F 1 Bulla, L S Harrellson. Charlotte, District No 7 H H Douga.i, J H Redding, E B Henley. TABERNACLE TOWNSHIP. Pleasant Hill, District No 1 A R Kearns, Harris Miller, Dr C H Phillips. Pearce .District No 2 LA Finch, P H Snider, E L Harris. Gibson, District No 3 II H Delk, W M Cashatt, Milton Kindly. Taw College, District No 4 S M Barnes, Geo Pearce, R E Snider. Shepherd. District No 5 R F Harris, A S Rush, I, C Parrish. Mt Pleasant, District No 6 Stephen Hughes, J L Hriles, W H Lawrence. Poplar Ridge, District No 7 J R Sumner, A C Lottm, Samuel Wall. Uwhan ie District No 8 F T Finch, W h Iliayer, Ihos Hoover CONCORD TOWNSHIP. Kedberry, District No 1 J C Ridge. N A Yates, Walter Harris. Ixiciist Grove, District. No 3 H K Rush. ' B F Snider, A M Kearns Pinev Grove, District No 4 J F Camer on, J B Delk, M N Morgan. Salem, District No 5 M C Kearns, H L Kearns, Frank Shaw. Fairmont, District No 6 Hugh Miller, C L Lewis. A H Kearns. Farmer District No 7 J H Kearns. J O Kearns, H C Nance. ("Kit 111 ciltOVE TOWNSHIP. Rocky Ridge, District No 1 C Cagle, W D Dawson, John Hancock. Science, District No 2 J'rck Lnssiter, W E leargnn, John T Lowe. Back creek. No 3 JM Vuncannon, Geo. H Hussey, W T Barnes. Hopewell, District No ! L T Branson, C T Luck, Johnson. 'HIAUr TOWNSHIP, Fair Grove, District No 1 CO Ineold J C Craven, Jl C Cox. Union Grove. District. No 2 S S Cox, J H Smith, E L Brown. Hocky Mount, District No 3 J M King H D Smith, S G Spoon. I'ethel, District No 4 H M Humble, D L Smith, A H Pugh. COI.EIIIIsiE TOWNSHIP. Center, District No E W Brown. E CT Bird, A S Uinshaw. Shiloh, District No 2 JI Lambert, J C vi'X, 1 S Graves. Jones. District No 3 H F Brown, E W Molfitt. T A Craven. Coleridge, District No 4 J M Caveness, W F Bray, Chas Craven. Maple Springs, District No 5 W H Yow. J H Cheek, G W Cole. Lambert's, District No 6 HM Gee, J E: Spence. ParkB Cross Roads, District No 7 W T Foushee, W S Gardner, W O Cox. PLEASANT ORnVE TOWNSHIP. rieasant Grove, District No 1 A W Leonard, W H Brown, E A Brady. Phillip's, District No 2 J F Purvis J F Phillips, J T Deaton. BROWER TOWNSHIP, Trogdon's, District No 1 W H Wrenn, W D Moffitt, G W Owen. Mt Olivet, Dwttict So 2 CM Tyor. L O Sugg, G W Teague. ' Antioch. District No 3 J if nt P U Teaguo. Brower s District No 4 J W T.rower. Hardy Chrisco RICHLAND TO.VKSU1P. Rock Springs District No 1 M J Prea nell, J M Vuncannon, E Graves. Blaylock, District o2 A Boroughs, J W Rlcliardson, Wm H Russell. Why Not, District No 3 J A Auman, T W La rence, J A Monroe. Cross Roads, District No 4 J C Low dermilk, Jas M Yow, J R Ridge. New Center, District No 5 Wm Chrisco, I F Craven, Caswell Hancock. Oak Glade, District No 6 E F Canle D W McCam, Henry Bean. UNION TOWNSHIP. Welch, District No 1 J M Luther. C K Lucas, C W Shaw. High Pine District No 2 EM Cagle, A R Oallicott, Jas D Cullicott. UNION TOWNSHIP . Dunn's Cross Roads, District No. 3. J S Richardson, Pearson Auman, LKing. Mountain, District No. 4. S N Allen, M C Tucker, J R Richardson. Pisgah, District No. 5. S A Cox, C O Bean, Geo Lucas. NEW HOPE TOWNSHIP. Union, District No. 1. J T Thorabnrg, J A Hix, Samuel L Lambeth. Eleazer, District No. 2. J W Luther. Wm Allen. Oak Grove, District No. 3. W F Hix, T L Miller, S T Loliin Bombay, District No. 4. MB Cranford, T W Ingram, L C Elliott. Gravel Hill, District No 5. H C Riloy, I M Cornel ison N R Morris. New Hope, District No 6. O C Shaw, h M Cranford, J M Chandler. Bell's Grove, District No 7 COLORED RACE. tii:n;ty township. District No 1 Mag Alford, S C Gray,. Tolie Steele. District. No 2 John Miller, Horace Gray John Leach NEW MARKET TOWNSHIP. District No 1 Will Coltrain, W N Col train. District NoJ2 R M Cunningham. Dennis. Coble, I) W Walden. PROVIDENCE TOWNSHIP. ' . District No 1 I jwia Curtis, W M Hooker, RANDLEMAN T0WN8AIP. District Xo 1 Soah Carter, Sid Tate, George Smith. LIBERTY TOWNSUIP. District No 1 W A Fox, Wesley Kime. Alson Smith. COLUMBIA TOWNSHIP, District No I. District No 2 A B Brown, I P Marley, John Staley. KRANh INVII.I.E TOWNSHIP. District No 1 Henry Allred, D Allred Morris Rankin. BACE CREEI .TOWNSHIP. District No I Milton Bulle, John G raves M n i

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