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North Carolina Newspapers

The courier. (Asheboro, N.C.) 1906-1937, August 22, 1907, Image 2

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A QUEER CALCULATION. Alt Powar That Would Bs Required to Mov the Earth. Statisticians sometimes hare queer Ideas. One of them amused himself ty calculating how much energy, water aA coal It would tnke to move the earth a foot, supposing that it was sub jected throughout Its mass to a force equivalent to terrestrial gravitation. This is a gratuitous supposition, for in spite of its enormous mass the earth weighs nothing. 6tarting with the fact thnt the earth's mass is about (5.100 million million-million tons, our statistician calculates that we should require 70, 000,000,000 years for a 10.000 horse power engine to move our globe a foot. The boiler that should feed this engine would vaporize a quantity of water that would cover the whole face of the globe with a layer 300 feet (loop. The vaporization of this water would re quire 4,000 million-million tons of coal. This coal, carried in cars holding ton tons each and having n total length of thirty feet, would require 400 million million cars, which would reach SO, 000,000 times around the earth. This train, moving at the rate of forty miles an hour, would take more than 5,000,000 years to travel Its owu length. It would require for storage a Bhcd that would cover l.OdO times the area of Europe. If we realize that this fantastically huge amount of energy Is nothing at all compared with what the earth pos Besscs in virtue of Its rotation about Its axis, Its revolution nbout the sun and Its translation lu space with the solar Hystem, of which the earth a but an Infinitesimal part of the universe, we may get some Idea of the Importance of man in the universe and estimate his incommensurable pride at Its just value. A PIQUED BONIFACE. Meilhac and a Costly Dish That He Did Not Est. Among the most absentm hided of peniuses was the French composer, Meilhac. On the occasion of the first presentation of one of his operas Meil hac. In evening dress, entered a fash ionable restaurant and threw himself down at a table, thinking earnestly about the event of the evening and nothing else. A waiter brought him a menu. Meil hac, a man of very simple tastes in ! the matter of food, ahstiai teilly indi j cat'vl witli lii i linuer the first dish on the bill that hU eye had struck. Now It chanced that this was the most elab-, orate and costly dish on the bill, and, when the waiter went t the kitchen! ,witli tho order there was in conse- 1 .qucnee umat commotion there. The V iprietor himself was siunmoiied. and tnd II. principal chef devoted them-; s t ; t1!.- preparation of the famous f diout and another for an-! r M'Kr.iwhil. Meilhae waited, ab-' y i 4 ' i.isii was brought with a' iio'.i- - , ; : 1 1 r I the proprietor, with e:d : '. stood not far away to r e t:J- v-;;o. When it was iio- I iv( :.: ,.f him Meilhac? regard-1 ! i'.- .p--f I. ; !;. , I'ki 1 ( 'Vrta' i,i "1j p-ijti I ith an expression of uicl- i that'.-" he .-.sited. ! 1. Meilhac." ; "Ye fc yes. monsieur; but" "fl lien k'uiiily take it away and eat It v .urseif," ordered Meilhac, "and bring f no two fried eggs." Chicago Record U r iif Coui-o t Quit Gambling. I Driving a c:ib in tho streets of lon 'don is a young man who has literally .thrown away 80,000. Tho son of a iwealthy family in Yorkshire, he went Into the army, but soon became distin SUlsbed by his gambling propensities. ;He ruined himself and had to leave his regiment. Pome time ago while living Jn a garret news was brought to him that he bad been left 80.000. There (was a condition attached to the lega cythat the money was to immediately ;pass to another person, named in tho jwlll. if the legatee was ever found gambling. A detective was sot to jwatch the ex-captain and saw him en ter a well I.r.own club ono evening, iwhcre he lost the sum of 300, which ho had raised on his expectations. He :forf cited his 80,000 before ho had ever Uaid hands on it. London Tit-Uits. J In Coils of a Python. Mr. Cockliu, walking In thick grass near the Marico river, lieehuanaland, vas thrown to the ground by a four iteen foot python, which coild around his legs and then tried to drag him to tree near by. -o that, by coiling its tn ! - r-::::'. t!.e tr.;i:!:. it might proceed to rush him to death. When within two yards of the tree Mr. CocUlin got a hand free and shot 'the snake, which was so heavy that it needed three men to lift it. East Lon don Dispatch. Hardly. BIis3 P. Angelina, why don't you 'marry Lieutenant Y.? I Miss A. First, because he has nc itu-ains, and he can't ride, dance or play rnnis. What could we do with him? "But he swims beautifully." "Oh,, yes. Rut one can't keep one's Ihnsband in an aquarium, you know." London Tit-Bits. The Poor Doctor. "Say, Weary, here's a doctor dai ' jsays do best kind of exercise is walk Bn' to your work." p ''Is dat so.. Llnipy? Pen I surposc Je doctor gets his exercise by vlsitln' da cemetery on foot" Cleveland riair. (Dealer. Where might is master, Justice U Servant German Troverb. " DANGEROUS FIGS. Tfc Fearless Mexican Peccary Will Fight Man or Beast. A writer In the St. Louis republic (ays that the mojt vldous and fearless member of tho brute creation is the peccary, or wild hog. of Mexico. This tniinal seems utterly devoid of fear and displays an intelligence in fightlu mun strangely at variance with its ap parently complete luck of mental at tributes. Their ability to scent man is particu larly marked. The oiiiy thing to do when they get after you Is to run away from them as fast as a horse can carry you, and then there is no certainty that they won't catch you. They are nearly as swift as a horse, and their endurance is as great as their viclousnoss. A friend of mine encountered a drove of them In u wild part of Mexico a few years ago. and his escape was almost miraculous. He very foolishly shot and wounded a number of them. Then he took refuge in n tree. The peccaries kept him in the tree all that day and through the night They circled round the tree, grunting and squealing their delight at the prospect of n feast. lie soon exhausted his nni uiiiniiiou and brought down a peccary at each tire, but this had no terrors for the beasts. Toward niorulug they began to eat those he had kitted, after which they formed in line and trotted off. If they had not had some of their own number to devour they would have guarded ! that tree until my friend through sheer exhaustion dropped from his perch and j allowed them to make a meal of him. Tin- wildcats and tisers that infest j the Mexican wilds flee from the pec caries with Instinctive fear, and even rattlesnakes keep out of their path. i LOVE'S TEST. Where Her Great Help Was Needed Her Heart Was Willing. j "Professor." said the fair co-ed after! a pause, "let ine ak you if you ever use the phrase 'different than';'" j 'Never!" exclaimed the young pro fessor of rhetoric and Kuslish lltera- ' tnro. "It exasperates tin?. Miss Tinkle, I whenever 1 see it in print." ' "I am gl.-id we have something In j common." she rejoined. "Nevorthe- ' less, IV ifes -or eh- I'mey, I cannot be your vii'o." ; "Mr a .r." nked the young wo- 1 ;:i:ni. with d..v;:. ;,t eye', "now that I happen to ih:i,:. ..r it. do you ever use the phrase ViToivnt than'"' " ' "I crtaiuiy do nut." said the cnam-, ored i ap;i:.i:-t. "It Is nut only iucor-' met. leu i:i'...:ly absurd." j "I ata -''aii to hear you say so. Still, : Mr. Kh.i:i it is useless to t rge me. I never c;.:. be anything more to you thru; a I'rN'Pd." "I.--! cie ask you one question, Mr.'n!;, -." she said. "Do you over use thj pi i.'.-e 'd':icreut than':'" "Wi.y ( i-I presume I have used It r.::vl. -.! sometimes. Miss T-rirMe." st u::':! cr.'d tii.' i-nibarrasseil yoit'.i. .. .v fiat you have called r.:y i.t ei p. i! I -ha!! 1 o ca.reful t say .iilTcr :.t fr- i-f h 're:.r:er." "i '!.i'i'!e." -'. cxc!a:::n d, clasping her I:.i:nis ecstatically and nazing at hiln '.vit'i s,.:; : i'uI cyt s, "my answer is yes yes! IV poor, dear I iy, you !.-ed a helpmate, au.l I'll be tlie helpmate!" Chicago TriUiuw. ' Mental Medicine. A somewhat eccentric physician who recently died would order patients to take walks, say daily, on tho left side of tho street, returning by the other aide; another he would order to arise each morning at a certain hour ami eat cheese with ginger beer; another to take supper precisely at midnight and eat only apples, or he would instruct the patient to put just so many grains of salt on the egg he was to eat and part his hair in a different way each day. I lis object was to get the mind of the patient on something else than symptoms, and this scheme worked well In many eases, especially when the patjent was suffering from melan cholia. New York Times. Muckrat Skin Cure. "Tho shin of a muskrat taken and worn next to the chest wUl cure any case of asthma in the world." said n Louisville man. "I had an uncle who suffered a thousand deaths with asth ma and tried everything that could hi bought In the way of medicine. Final ly one day an old time friend told him of the rur-:;rat skin, and he tried it. I;; two months he was as well as he hrul ever lieen. Just how the skin Works about a Isg mysf.'ry. but it v.iil do it." Nashville Tcunessccan. The Comparison. Lesec and Lomaigre, who were botli as thin as laths, were discussing a mu tual friend. Lesec I met our friend Purand this morning. lie has grown so thin. Lemaigre Really! And he was 60 stout Lesec Y"es, It is dreadful. He is thinner than both of us put together now. I'eie Mcle. The Picture Was Goad, of Course. Friend (to nrtisti Well, were yon successful at the anion? Artist .No. They "ejected my picture, the wretches! l-'ricnd V"hy? Artist How should I know? The oil was bud perhaps. Nos Loisirs. Amusement. First Old Lady What kind of a time did you hrtvu nt the funeral? Second Old Lady Well. I've enjoyed myself more at others. Life. I If you don't scale tho mountain you' can't view the pluin. Chinese Troverb. H Fir and It Girdle Cake. The Chequers inn, Osmotherlcy, is a relic of the old coaching days, but it 1 liow famed for its tire, which has nev- er been out for more thuu 100 years and over which girdle cokes are baked, This huge fire Is kept continually burn- lng by peat or turf from the Yorkshire moors. An excellent tea is provided for visitors, the chief dainty being the girdle cakes, lue peat glows luce red embers on a red tiled floor, the girdle being suspended from a bar above, tho whole looking most quaint and pictur esque. The exterior of the iuu is uiost unpretentio-. :? and old world looking, as it nestles alone cm the Yorkshire wolds. Loudon Standard. Agreed. Justice rickfoivl. wheu a barrister, was once f.peaki.i;: before a couile of judges wiicn a Uisagree:.ieat arose. After a long ilhi tissiou on a point of law one of the judges said: "Wo re- peat that I ha statement you make is not good law. and this court does not sit to expound the law to you, Mr. I'lckford. Yc have neither tho wish, the time"- "Nor the ability, your lordships," Interjected the barrister. "Quite o; quite so. Now. as to para graph 3." Loudon Tit-Cits. Obstinate Parents. "Reginald." said the head of the family. "I have told you again and again that you are not to pull the cat's tail." Reginald eye.l him sadly. "You are fitting very obstinate, father." ho sal.l reprovingly.-- London (Jlobe. Amicable Adjustment. "I want yo. i distinctly to understand, Kmll. that when jov.r colleag-ic's wife has a new hat I wn'.it o::e too." "Calm yourself, my settled it hi rv.ecii t:s. of you g.iho' to g.-t one." Fllegende i Matter ,...,., .. . .;. " I 1.., i!.,.' Stand.! id hir,.' A,.l,ro . C. i GREATEST FUN MAKER r - Wonderful Moving Picture Machine Gives No End of Amusement. You Can Have a Thiatre in Your Home. I toys ami t'iris and parents do you like to huve Inn? Ami linyi. lo yon lii;e tn make money While J oil lile ll l ill..' il lut lit fill!? Here is tm nlfcr llml iiicani fun for the hoys, fun for the i:irl--. fn: fur the i:ir em im ciifi r Hint will turn your heme inici a vi-rit.ihV t n- tu end of aimisinin: hr rverytunly. I Hi", in n moving j-ieture machine n KKAI. mm inu' iiieiiire m.n hinctn;it will llirniv in. n il::.' pii'itires Mil li as vein iiimv have sei-iiui ni' eiiieriainni. Nls. I nlil r"ivni ly i : mi 1.1 tins- a n.nvinj j .ic- ture n. i hia.- :ur le-u Cum si-.VI-iliAL lll'Nl'Kr.! H. M.I.AIJS. H:t umv ymi h ive nil u.Ier tn 11 Ili'H iic pie! lire inarhine Willi '.) 1 1 1 . v i -1 t i. 1 1 1 n Ali-f-oi.V I KI.V Kit .U.-t tiiinu a lanv-i-U' ii -i i. in i ;iii i -u : lit 1 l. it Se.-le- anil . li :: s i;.. n ;i! nv, V :,.- 'v.irlil an' I'l-.i :.-:n r: In y.u.r n i tiy I ni ui i : : S'i ; :n -' ni.i'-hiin'- i: r- i - il iinii.j in il i-.i.ia Mr. I-.Um re i liueis t i:il liai;n r.',.mlav l'v:l ia ia II- i wai'r'e pNi if yn.i imn nn t.'i ':mi;i1 yiiais. ll. Vuii (all hi- hi -i i i.i;iii' i;:tn tne harli' ir nf New Vn'k r il imii'i'is ! i u ; I i 1 1 r na lile pi nil" ia Ilie ymi l aiievn .- e ill - x i !. -:i ni a l;:i-.i.m halllesliiii ,i ii is lire 1 aMiiii nv Ih.'.laiu.i.iv. Vua. aa "ee the ma il; I s i if l-.arnpe. tl-.e people ia trie Mr let-, nf I'aris an.l Naples, wil.! animals in llv inrests uf Africa, ami eN ( itin hnise r iees. I'ictiiies nf aM kiieU SO wit'i tnis mnvia.' pieuire in iehiiie. so that tiitre is n j c-mlot ciitcrliiiiiiiitii:. uilrrful Jtuting 1". THIS MOVING PICTURE INVENTION THAN Tlio HIts- i'hl"h renndnrn Hi" wnm'erftil -J- '--- tni tiii-cs shown hv tnis maeldiio In the font. MMilur iMh i:" i Ti'lnr--ei l.vtho II -' IllovillL' niellll'e 011ten:ilner trim nmb uiids nf dollars it yen- Miowinu' excited m rs iii. ;iir.i nf mii;neiitnu i -vent The am nil inntained nn a lil-fmii cialless i. I'li".i. tilais are taken ono nfier the mid fi!i h llin moving nhiccty in tho ill i-taes nf aelinn. thtiM prosoiithis them cv ;n il Lhj oii;;3 v,e;v rcil!;.' i.iivo yo't. You den'i !; in-) reti"h t-ivrl'nsr II Vn'l 1: IVe a "ix.l1 ir.nvm: t.i '"nv iii:i,-h:ne in the hi. ire. Yon can i-'t n-.'h' m yn'.n- mvn jovlor and livk nt j,... . f,-, ail v'r Hi- world j.,,, if you had tr.ive.ed tlinii'ilcii iifnti tiinnaniN of mil i w;'.' liin'; at the i.:,l seeiios l".ie:.-lve. I h" movi'iT piilnre ni'eli k.,"j. i!i" i"i:ir- l(.iiweiinl,l iii ii mntiniiHl rn't.i I nf I- i j lit i i- xviii-n i no luni.y turn's are i :oivn. Mall the n,u::;:i. ( ' F.v ii-i'-nri ".hen yon pro Inr.Vtn nt a Ui i'1-i.ii.aov. hnmimr s.-ene nnd i;,.. ,or0 roi v,i!c:i n li'inn f is ridiiisr takes a tiuulile v;h .-n Innu.s !ie fence it is fiinnv to voo tho rt m'l over and over on the ground and Ui ei 01 1 mi ii ml f,c t;10 lumi. on his hood. Tho machine Is very popular when tiiere U a party ul j our house. ('-r W-'S Comments. ni.,. j , .i Ahe Vv 'f 'he ,uift ProttCt td i"'t'el 1 rilBt t,,r the lH8t "NT Bhow tt 1111 l'r "5 of $45.5t3,?05, whirh allowetl the toi jiora.iou to udd $18.5U(),000 to i 8 turplim after providing tor intercut on bonds and regular dividends- on its wittered b( k. Yr the MaiidiMtter ile- ,(. ,...ipiff fl,wi , , . . lotichtii eo s to allow the ti ust toi continue to nltiiidcr the American ' u-cip't- ahJ ti id i the mill.ons of! its miliitiiiMirt.M magnates. Aiitit lier sueli viociiry ai I'aft unil Iu'i.i -velt have won in Ohio will! rr.iu 1 lit'pablit'un par y in' hiate. The Tulliidegt (Ala.) Uoporterj comes our tor (Jratit and liotvonujl the next Democratic Nuiiunul nchet. I bis nno at le-t, that th- i c is it !li'os tion in ALhaiii.i to look out ! '"I" i ticket Ihiit uiiifht win, instead uf one f oiy doo'iit d to defeat Senator Knox, Crane and For.iker are ideally "undesirable citizens." They are actually suvin;; and doing thinr without oonsu'tin the om (cle of Oyster Bay. "it Mr, Corieiyou looks good to nit n like Elkitis, he will iot look good t.i the people at large," Bays the Kansas Guy Timee. Yet he seems to l.Kik cood to Iioosevt lt sun) l im Woodruff, whose motto is anv ihirgto bent Hughes. Jt is uiJ that no one can love governor Johnson of Miniittoia for the enemies lie lias niu le, because he hasn't made any. If the Democrats of the country continue to talk of dear. We've him us nil eligible presidential can You're neither I didnte. however, he u ill boom, ,,,.. i...m r i:. ivumc midiwiiiiui ma urn tu"inus. It is uruvilv announced that Wall Slnet operatcrs ' ii;ae lost patu nee lit IIihC TERE IS A PnOTOGRAPH OF THE FT? J Jj TTj and this Marvelous Moving Piciure II n II I m Machine, with complete equipment il JL J ilVi iW Jt all given away-all FREE absolutely wh'i! v-ihiev. . I'wtfH? ' ?j? Tra tme wW?$&$! CsO-t M.JL It is the (.'reatost entertainer over Inventor : no end of fun nml tnerriinciit for your self anil u II your visitors. I.'veryhoily will he chnl to runic to your home when von hnvo one of those (.'rent nmvinj: pi Hire riuiihines mid you will liuieh until your sides split when you .oo Ihn funny piclun s. lion you own this moving' pit lure machine unit the liliaof it'll free jilctures, you inn pive ontertainmenls tinil make lots and lots of inoiiov. l on will he sought after at church entertainments unU every social funetion in your nciynhnrhoud. Tho maolilnc In m.iile of Itusslnn motal, ilriv. extra reileclur, IhriminK ray ul liirht .11 let mm iiik iH'iurvi; i-xt eisiur tii!iinr;li.r!ll leiu. iriplc pellsneu: ulHntlurc ilnlilile caiir, thnmiriK ray nf liM-ht .11 led, eiihirtrlni.' the iilciure uii tn almut fn, - feet iliarai'ler; lamp tltteil with im-at saleiy livht 11. 1 nun isr vreaier ui.'iii power man fiamlle imwer nn tho Hereon nml liriinr riir nut distlncinoHa. Tho carbide ia abnutuutti care, mini, 'saler than a kvrnm-no laniii. We uuar niicr na al.Holuic safety. With the omflt wo noml honk with Inslruott Any child tao learn tn live minutoH HOYS This marvelous . tVloving Picture MONEY Machine is a .Li, IP IIS. 1 rcgi,ar God EViino" You can make plenty of money giving moving Pic ture Shews.' GOOD WORDS T am delishted with tho Machine. I liiivhii'n offered 'our tlollurs more than I paid lor It. Leonard Alger, uMiviiif. .v. y. The Moving Picture Machine l.i all rizht: It works nil r''iit anil 1 inn p leased Willi it. 1 thank you a thou sand times for II. W. J. Uud. U'oii'llund, .V. i The MoviniT Pleturo Machine works like a charm. I expect to make a uiiat deal nf money with it. J. Victor MiUmun. M-t MulMrrn Hired. Heading. '. I llml tho Moving Picture Machine to bo oxaotlv ns Implemented inul 1 wi.-h to thank you a tliotisaiid inr P as it is hrin'-'iiii.' me holii Inn and niuiicj . K. Martin, iliinlnnilnn. I'ir. MACHINE IS A GREATER THE PHONOGRAPH I Fvrrv Hnmo T,la'r ne turned Into a mmlar -ll-.T 1UU1C ,,ij ,,,!,. ,v 'iviiiir iiioviii-' liicturo shows. l or Instam there i.s no who would not ho wiilin'' to nav to see ueni i.oosevelt Ueliverini; ono of his speeches. If ! -.- roil riin ulmost hoar tho at t. uui words ai id nil one lias to do is to read the fapeech hit is Ueliverint: and you o tax thu enrrns at coney island, k. y. can see every rc?ttiro ho mokop. P.ovs. It Is marvelous. The live Imy with ono "of theso nniohlneH onn innko plenty nf iiioiy-all he Want? to spoud. fciciiu couihju. Tb Pre pa ratio. William O'Brien In bio "BecollM tloos" tells tula story of Dr. Coke, the archbishop of Cusliet: "Once on one of his examinations or the children for counrmiitlou the archbishop put to a little girl the question from the cate chism. 'What is the preparation fof matrimony?' The little one blushed and giggled and put the corner of ber bib In ber mouth by way of answer. The question was repeated. 'Oh, sure, your lordship knows it yourself,' was the timid reply. 'Yes, but you must tell me, my child. What is the preparation for matrimony?' 'Well, my lord, a lit tle courting, of course,' at last came the' reluctant answer from amid a rosary of blushes." Oerllnlna; a Present. Sir Henry Irving made it a rule not to accept presents from strangers and was- often hard pressed for sufficient escuses for declining. Duricfc the Hu-so-Jupanese war a wealthy admirer of the great actor approached him with: "Pardon me, Sir Henry, but I want to give you a present." "What is It?" asked the actor. "A Russian wolf bound." "Awfully socry I cant accept It," re plied Sir Henry. "But I'm a lover of peace, and I have a Japanese valet" Tli Instinct. Ail our progress Is an unfolding like the vegetable bud. You have flrst an Instinct, then an opinion, then a know!, edge, as the plant bus root, bud and fruit. Trust th Instinct to the end, though you can render no reason. Emerson. iiuiiaW-ratood. He I have a sweet little home in which I would like to install you as its mistress. She-ludeed, sir, I'll go Into no home on the installment plan, Baltimore American. The 6am or Another? "And jou saw Muriel?" "I did." "Tell me. Is she married?" Tea." "One question more. 'Again or yet?" Washington TWnld. MARVELOUS MOVING PICTURE MACHINE block japan: olpht rhecl meohnnlsm which earliiile general or. ami innllu-es the hlirhe me tirillnary electric nirlil, prnilucinii 30(1 ni'iirv ilemil ,.t tlw. i,i..tii-,. u-it I, i.r..i limes hurl THE WONDERFUL MOVING ntHfftili ..J . - - 1IM I, iniVf n"; - "n flp..- , S .,L.vL MY OFFER: this to mo today As as I receive In the pictures, nil wrought tot'othor in 1 hey cannot (,-ot those t e ures at tho art V I'l(-t1'"'"- : wl"li- 5(1 cents, ono Presd - ..... .. ,, , ,.,. ,ra,r uiMnnuii'u rno I) ctures von w liavi KrDki..,llJiUa'-' ' Irtr oul this tree' en . .irsr c u lHo Irller is nrcessiiry. Simply si4a lie cnutMn, HTitu jiiir Dame and aildrrsb plainly, anil a uviu I ftinr rcnursl I will send sou tha piclurrs pre. puid. Ihrn all you will hint to do is to distribute tHr pidtires. and the movini picture mdcaine will be yours. CIIAS. E. ELLIS PRESIDENT C 19 W. 43d STREET Dept. M.O. NEW YORK CLTY A Genuine DIAMOND RING FOR $2.00 Guaranteed. WITH a DIAMOND ItINO I rerwd FREE how to secure a BEAUTIFUL COM PLEXION. DIAMONDS and EXQUIStTB COMPLEXION are bath desirable. Aa ripportnntiy to every woman is now o&Vred for obtaining both. For $2.00 I OFFER A 12 KT. GOLD SHELL MN'O, limped like a belcher, with a Tiffany settiag, set with a GENUINE DIAMOND aid will send free with every order the recipe and directions, for obtaiog a faultless complexion, easily nnrienilood and simple to follow. It will save the expense of Creams, Cosmetics and Bleaches. Will free the skin from pim ples, blaokheada, etc., and give the skia beauty and softness. THE GENUINE DIAMOND RING 18 GUARANTEED BY THE MANUFAC TURER to be as REPRESENTED, and Bhould any purchaser be dissatisfied, I will cheerfully REFUND THE MONEY. DO N'OT LET PRICE LEAD YOU TO DOUBT TDE GENUINF.NSS OR VALUE OF THIS RING, as tho above guaranWe protects each and every purchaser. SEND ME jJlOO BY MAIL and take ADVAN TAGE OF TIHS OFFER, as the time is LIMITED. Send size af finger for which the ring is desired. T. C.M0SELEY. 3! Eist 23rd Street New York City Complete Movint Picture Machine Outfit, ifith ufety carbide lenerator and lamp, other equipment and 10-foot film act of 320 pictures. Thin prenr Movinir Picture Machine Is m tov nor Knuill nit III . Iml a regular inovitiit picture machine, nperHtinif with lilms nn the san:e principle an the neivInK picture muehlnea that are used liv enter taluera eostiiiK hundruda and hundreds of dollars. J-JW you can it thu ttupendoua outfit free ia explained below where it tajre in bit black type. "MY OFFER." PICTURE M ACHINE FOR THE HOME HERE IS what you are to do in order to oct this iiiiiazini; niovhifr picture machine and the SM moving pictures: Send your name and uddresH on the free cotllnm-thiit Is nil Write iv.i.i It I will m,",' 'ofThe'miOT fretu the most i-ploiidid manner. J want vou to dis- stores lit any price. You may distrihute two hut you must soil no more than two pictures to FREE COUPON GOOD FOR MOVING PICTURE MACHINE OFFER Chah. K. President. SS9 W. 43.1 Street, Dept. M.(i , New York. PKAR Mr. Et.l.ts: Please semi rne the twenry-elL-ht pictures, no thnt 1 diht enni tlie urent nml in l.l. tlir., ,el,lnn

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