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The courier. (Asheboro, N.C.) 1906-1937, April 08, 1915, Image 1

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ISSUED WEEKLY ' PRINCIPLES. NOT MEN ONE COLLAR Pi-!? YEAR VOL. 40 shehoro, N. C Thursday, April 8, 1915 No. 1 THE COUNTY COMMENCEMENT WAS A,G SUCCESS FIFTEEN HUNDRED SCHOOL CHILDREN IN PARADE ADDRESS BY DR. CLARENCE POP PRIZES AWARDED ATHLETIC CON TESTS RECITER'S AND DECLAIM ER'S MEDALS. Hoys Who Took Part in the Prelim inary Contest For Declaimer's Med al, With Name of School: Charles B. Grimes, Center; Justian Cox, Welch; Theon Lynch, Bethel; Homer Coltranc, Trinity; Sain All- The second annual County Commen cement for Randolph, held last Fri day, was a big success in every way. Early in the morning, wagons, bug gies, carriages, and automobiles load ed with bovs and jrirls, as well as a eoodlv number of older people, began red, Staley; Joe Ellis, Ramseur; I arriving in Asheboro, and by ten Name, Marlboro; Raymond Nr.nce, o'clock the streets were thronged. I Farmer; Walter Jones, Franklinvillc ; ' The mammoth parade formed at the'g. JI W;lliP SSg SZbur?SrandSKiDi-'---'. Culture in Let streets the procession returned , Victoria Brown, Aunt Ktturah's by way ot Fayetteville street to the . Fj. V;.jt h graded school building to hear the ad-, , Xro,lo A ,.. stor THE KIME MURDER TRIAL JCRY RETURNS Yi'tDlCT OF MURDER IN 'S UK WXO.M) D!l GREE SEN TKM t ,j) i U THIRT i' YEARS IN THE PENITENTIARY. dress of the day. A conservative es timate of the number of children in the parade is fifteen hundred. The procession was led by the Ramseur Cornet Band. Dorothy Harvell, The Eidelwei French Recitation. Maybell Penn, I'ro Patria. Fleta Tate, The Minuft. Winner of Reciter's Medal. Hazel The spacious auditorium was crowd-! Trogdon, Farmer school, ed to its utmost capacity the audi i COMMENCEMENT i ence here being estimated at from Declaimer's Contest, With Name of one thousand to fifteen hundred. Su- Declamation, perintctident Bulla welcomed the Ray Nance, The New South, crowds to the exercises, saying that; Charles li. Grimes, Success The he hoped the iusp'raLion of this day' Result of Struggle, would be an influence for good Rhodes Moflitt, North Carolina in throughout the State even more im-, History and Song portant than the awarding of medals and diplomas. Alter prayer Dy Kev. C. L. Whitaker, the audience sang the "Old North State," and County Treas- George Lassiter. The Bald He-dod Man. Walter Jones, Valley Forge. Willie Bowman, So Was I urer L. C. Phillips introduced the , inner of Decclaimer's .Medal, Chas. speaker of the day in a few appropri- j H. Crimes, Center School. ate words. Mr. Phillips referred to Boys and Girls Who took Part in the distinguished visitor as " a sp:en-! Spelling Conteest. did type of North Carolina manhood," Bessie Morgan, Maude Whatley, and said, "the entire South hails with Cora Edwards, Ulah Thomas, Bert a delight the name of Clarence Poc." Lassiter, Eunice Pearce, Ethel John- fpu ii .. i (U. 1 1,.,. v.,, r- ' son Mary Smith, Alson Craven, Carl Then followed the address by Dr x k yJ g, fc c, , Kl.pemani Foe, who had the closest attention of L. hton iIancoek, George Finch his vast audience all the time. His Liss Kidge subject was "General Uplift," and it V ;,.,. of the nrio Allen C.-.,vB Prizes Awarded The following pri;:es were awarded: Lest display ot map drawing, free was both highly instructive and enter taining. Dr. Poe has the faculty of telling a joke just at the right time to enliven the more serious matters he discusses, and his manner of de livery is very plca?ant. A synonsis of tlie address is given in another column. Just utter Dr. Poe's address, Super intendent lUiba read t:.e :' l.'i'J pupils who have completed the course prescribed for the sevencn grades of the Randolph county public hi ve:. ." -. 'ii v .i . : 4 plonnts wi-.-e pit'i.Tutc-d. Mr.' I'-m"-saiii tie ordciial ne, ;hinkii.(j "this would be a greater number than necessary stt the time; and tiiat.hft had since ordered more which would be Hand, drawing, specimens ot written spelling, Worthville, a Shelf of. Hook: given by the Woman's Club, Ashrbore The best essay, subject. Good Load in Randolph county, prixe awarded t Adelaide. Armlicld, a book, Life o Cl;-vrS?s 1 Bulla. Atli'cti- W'- It. .! ;iven by The trial of Erne: t Kime for the murder of Frank Garner on March 7. began Thursday moaning and occu pied three days, tl.e jury returning a verdict of seconl degree murder about 10:.1(J o'clock Saturday r.ight. Most of the day Thursday was con sume:) in selecting the jury, almost the entire venire of 100 men being used up before the t.'.elvo wei'e se cured. One witness, 3! is. Garner, was examined t'r.;.t afternoon and the taking of evidence v as completed Friday a f tern -on. Arivinent for the State was opened by Seiii itor Haydcn Clement, who was f el loved by Dis tvict Attorney V. C. Hammer for the defense. Solicitor Ci.oior-.t was as sisted by Messrs. A, L. Brooks and O. L. Sapp, of Greensboro; and J. A. Spence, of Asheboro, while ex-Judge W. P. Bynum, oi' Greensboro; and Hammer and Kelly, of Asheboro, de feniled the accused man. The evidence was substantially the same ;.s that reported immediately after the crime was committed. It seems that Kime went to the house cf Gai ner, a conversation concerning the dog law aro:-;e, and an altercation followed, in which Garner ordered Kime to leave the house and followed him outride the door. As he was re turning to the house, Kime turned, drew a knife, and cut Garner so bad ly that he died almost instantly. The jury returned a verdict of sec ond degree murder, and Judge Shaw sentenced the prisoner to thirty years at hard labor. Sheriff Birkhead took Kime down to Raleigh Tuesday of this week, and he began his sentence in just a month, lacking one day, from the date the murder was committed. Throughout the trial, Mrs. Kime, a neatly-dressed and gentle-looking Utile woman was near her husband. She with Mrs. Garner, a little woman in black, and young Cicero Garner, a bey of seventeen or eighteen, made a y;ahetic picture. The jury that tried the case was cori;)Ohed 'of the following citizens: .Ves-ns. ViHic JPlier, C. A. Bristow. J. C. SI. eon. D. Link Nelson, T. F. I'ool, il. l!. Vow, V. H. Tucker, S. F. Lnwd.-'-.Ti !':. R. L. Viekorv, V. F. r - M. I ', l.iifcjitcr and "A. L. Wil- HEARD IN T" "COUNTY WHAT OUR "'OWN COKRF.r-ON-MINT iiEARS AND THINKS i !-:-.:sof iNTFi:;i-.r i uo:,i all OX I K THE COUNTY. Ci-. begins t Tr:y next Hi leys Store, :.i 1 y:-,rl Jo:. tV SOOi!. "?.Ir. J. I. of tin, of ly a lew i;;- s last wee c. r. W. Ingram, of Bombay. s;'o;it e;'.ys hero ! t week. Mr.' Jn ' n; ember cf the County i i' Education ami with other !; of the board lias rt riven to i' e schools of the county i-.n possible. ..-;t:i' ij-al election will oe-,;r i-.i ' t l';e indiT'ation.i are that ve to oe hearing Jrorn it pret- A. Russell, The Courier'? corespondent at Randlenian, spent sev era1 days here last wee'e. Our b-.isinpfis men and others who own building lots should get togeiher and b-.uld same dwellings. Asheboro noib luiire homes to house the people that a'-e coming here. Jl' you desire to follow the very lat est fa.-.liion, don't fail to have an at tack of grippe. Mr. 1!. I' . .Miller is preparing to build a nie residence on Miller Street. The Pinson correspondent to T'f.i I.exington Dispatch says that some people tell us times are awful hard, but those same people can easily lind the price of the Y'ellow Jacket, when their subscription expires. Prosperity is coming along with a strong and dignified pace and from all parts of the cduntry come reports of new and enlarged operations in the in dustrial world. In the South cotton has been bringing a good price and textile plants are running on good time, confidence among eastern manu facturers and business men is quite strung, and in the west prosperity is running wild, wheat bringing the highest price known for years. We believe thr.t good times are ahead of us and with the opening of spring the activity will become greater from one end ot" the country to another. Cur noted hustler says if the aver age farmer worked Ulo days in the year us steadily as the other man who hi by day with the ciock, wins tie FCi Lb kmliiLtt WMS AKD DEBATERS BY DR (' PROCRFKfv .w.u; !:.- ELoQi i: v (U.m-.'RAl i t-?.; ; 3 Au:."ii:NCi-..;r-' I' PLEA L'EARli C'JNTLT A 'I JA-iliS'i'i ILL1-J BO; LL) LAST i'RID VY v, gikl and asue tiie vin;,l::s. Dr. C!;.:en.i-e if. Poe. in redressing Couiity t 'oinmeivemerit in Asheboro, last Fi iia.v, began is follows: "As the n.'gi'o taiii, 1 was originally born in Chatham county, many of my kin ai people live in Randolph, and so i feel IM'O I am in my ov. a brier patch.", Contiuuiiuv Dr. Poe suiii ti-.;.t he had ' sv two pi'-viou.-. ii.viudions for the dav, j;. but he had r.eeptcd Mr. Bulla's inv'i-, ta'.iou t ) come to A.shvhoro in spite' l of these. He said he was like the ne-' rgr:i who was up in r.ihio. a;:u hearing' "j r.rr.i, !, rerun i:e(i, - g-wme bae'e to G-'on.--;,-i, 1 is." Brt the negro's Piaster said, "Don't you know that for every negro that is lyie-hed in Ohio, they lynch 100 in Georgia'."' "I know oat, ;:.-s, hut if se iyii-hei! in (ieor gia. Cse lym-lvd by my frioiuls and not by strangers." t'o Mr. Foe felt that he was friends in Randolph. men, 1,1 more s; rious vem sneaker announced that he would dis the infinite potentialities in ev ery life, young or oid, if the possibili ties came to fruitage and flower. He said that we are still rich even if we have only a few years of our lives left About -Jo high se.-'ted i:i th. ,;-x ( at Kiou ('ci :hc. schools were reie-lim."- s and if ilei's "-. la t l-'i i.iay : '-pi c -entativos The sc !i:.j!.s, th..i' A su'.j ;c:s, at tin. I sr -..ere -ss io.iov.,.-(.'-, Miss Alma I;, or;'' '.. ii. Wiliiaiii '1 of Li'iiediet Arnol .'Ce'. to;;, Andrew Sigiaon, Worn: ro-ver. Wl;it.-,ilt. Mi.-s Marion Redding, "From a Cuuntry " ilerrnoa M. Clapp, "Clnistiuii Young Men of "Mis An The. Death 'America Bui-liiigton, Miss Eunice ilomewood, "ilirain'o Housekeeping;" Sevmour R. Stafford, "Wolfe at 0.uebee." Wiiynesville, Miss .Mildred Craw ford, "Cy 1'iingle's Detective Experi ence." Gibsonville, Ellis Alien. "The March ;lp of the Constitution." (jreeiiM)O'-o, .Miss Pearlo Plunkett, I'ro Patria." Beilhaven, Miss Mauile Bavnor. Calls." .Jamestown, Miss Lucy Vickery, The .Minister's Black Nance:" L. V. th., ,..'ii i Vi l r ' "i'.. j ne .uinister's iilacK Aance; ' L. 1 n - i m r 0lve!. m(-r- "ACrushed Flower of tl eternal men. 1 iirther, he thinks, that South." f mil r ?l 1 TTr" Concord, George Ritchie, "Central- s lineage, the keynote of life ;.,.; u.. ii?.:...i zu..lL wn,U 1 1, S!iVil.'e t0t,0th;rs; A,tte"tio 'Youngsville, Aubrey. Wiggins, "Tho vas then called to the fact that we Unknown Speaker" ovl'.-y ;,"',, "r" PY'Y'P'Vl'ustnited, liamiK;m, Miss Elise Caddell, "Pro eve. in the l.nancial world. Money Patria; Thomas F. Vestal, "Man's only brinsfs in a return when put to Dcvo!0pment an(l Attainment." use, doing some good in the world; Bethunia, S. J. Teach, "Mothers of ?. , , u'w"'."a "'.-" Men." me lumas ui nie unless it gives it-, self hack to mother earth. So it is in life. The man who gives himself most entirely to service reaps the greatest reward in the end. I Dr. Poe said the mere animal micht r.. u be content with the selfish life, only SumnHfl.r.ei,r. W. Stalev Cummins, getting what he needs for bodih com- .ti, i',.,u, f tua v.,n tort; but the man who has no hirrher n.' -u:,. i..,4. u ti, ideals in geUing an education and per- whistling Regiment;" Bracy Robbitt, .....iij, in. ii.un i.uiiv uicui w piu- '-ihg Home in the Government. Bonlee, W. Simmons Phillips, "Moth er and Home." Asheville, Miss Mary Dickson Rid dick, "Rolio Learning Not To;" Ed mun:l J. Burdick, "The Chariot Race" food and clothing has forgotten divinity; and the woman, who s culture only in order that she , he would soon bccrivic a man 1 nay s'l.-nass her sisters, is to bs pit;ed th the count:-;,- over. THe Almighty gave talent for service, ra glad to know that a iV.ctory I Yv'e nhonld emulate the Gieat Tlveii- .e'la" d.oth 'in taeght, "lore 1'f'e b'li-di.iit'y." T!ve, tio p,l life 'irp.ker pupil when the i no- are l i :ies .MU'ie: Dt I"- i ; . (.. . i-'iiiry Sta- nlla Reiith. Barton fain o,-i;. Clifton Da It rane. Nel- tl ose ,-( Allen .1 ben Aii'h-.-ws. It. S'.eut, ! it lev, Clit'o:-.; H i Gla.ivs 1-oirh, I. Skiw, Car! l.tu- c, ' .e Justie Cox. Pearl lias vis. Kosio Gi-av. Han- lie l-'arlow, Lucy Lowe, Blanche Ward Cora Edwards, ( onielia tollranc. Stanley Spencer, Oscar Walker, Fred McGee". Chella 'league, Sam Allred, Sallie Mav Fox, Flov Pike. Ova Hee son, Hazei Pugh, Lilly Hinshaw, Thel ma Jennings, Fred Giles, Civil Ald ritlge, Yeva Allred, Carson Sheffield, Lucv Amick, Verla York, Dewey Kirfc mati, Eldon Gamer, Ada Monroe, Em ory Slack. Delphine Lawrence, Vernie Ptigh, Millie Bulla, Joseph Hoover, Hattie Jackson, Glenn Nance, Berta Lassiter, James Hammond, David Floyd, Tom Flovd, John Lambert, Clav Lambert, Earl W. Lambert, Wes lev 'Kennedy, Maude Whatley, Evott Allred. Essie Walker, F3thel Tucker, Pethpr Tucker. Dellie Cornelison, Do ra Freeman. Hersal Macon, Etta Npivo. Hobert Wood. Carrie Rich, Vi vian Carter, Lou Carter, Frank Thorn burg, Wiley Spencer, Winifre'd Spen cer, John Sneliey, Annu, nay wood Poole, Nannie Lee Poole, Mary Ann Pritchard, Corletta rugn, iseat rice Foust. Cratie Redding, John H Hodgin, Victoria Brown, George Gun- ter. Clyde Hinshaw, Koy uiri, wiuarn Briles. Rov Johnon. Arch Spencer Minnie Briles, Ora Ridge, Vesta Mc Masters,, Lonnie Williams, Ntima Mc- Masters, Rossie Brower, Nellie Spen cer, James Lambert, Orizona Gee, Annie Brav, Benjamin Spence. Carrie H.ockett, Ruth Hockett, Carl Hinshaw. Percy Jordan, Annie Brower, Marvin Ferguson, Elwood Smith, Floyd Cra ven, FarabeM, Cox, Dora Richardson, Ella Maie Younts, Etna Fuller, Roy Kearns. Charlie Smith, Ohi Snyder. Myrtie Stout, Annie Cox, Mabel Mof- 1 tt. W. Glenn Molhtt. Clayton craven. Diflie Lambert. J. N. Cox, John Cra ven. Walter Wriehtsel!, Same York Gracv Ward, Letha Patterson, Ruth York, Ethel Clark, Lena McDowell, Liss Ridge, Moleta Morgan, Bessie Morgan, Hobert, Hancock, Annie. Ber ry, Bessie Wood. . hifi,n jump, wyey. &-ai,-y IJiit-i. j 1223- yard dash, Milton Williams Liberty, prize, 1 .00. Quarter m"ie :i. Wade York, ! evtv. r.ri-.;-. :"ti.o:i. ie 'i"jiU.wi!.g ta.-ies v ere disposed Jack I.fimb, c. c. Walnut Cove, Miss Mattie Cates "As the. Moon Rose;" Charles C. Toe "Uni versal Education." Mor.nt Ulla. Phillip Hart, "Pyra trids Not All Egyptian." Siii-r City, Lee Durham, " Central iz at' '.n in tUe St-iUs." ' : r ;-. Mi.:..; Haxtd Iin-.-:es., "Ala- !..'tl,el jieil.t:, prize 1,00 "i : i- M; Mountain Spolliae. given by t'a.H- t.icen bv liolne lliii'.! .ial Co., A.-iu-boro, i'aeis chool. contest, pri'.e, Dictioaarv !r. Hugh Park.. 1-ranklia'- il:e, won by Allen t raven, Kamsc.!: Gold rneiild awarded to Charles i.. Grimes, Center school, for the best declaimer. Goid medal awarded to Hazel Trog don, Farmer high school, for the best reciter. STORM SWEPT ATLANTIC COAST Girls Who Took Part in The Prelim inarjr Contest at 2 o'clock For Re citer's Medal, With Name of School ' Lottie M. Julian, Franklinville; Maybell Penn, Asheboro; Chella Teatrue, Staley; Ritchie Johnson, Trinity; Lillie Kirkman, Melanchton; Anna Louis Smith, Liberty; Victoria Brown, Center; Cornelia Coltram-, Marlboro; Ova Henson, Bethel; Hat tie Davis, Gray's Chapel; Anna Greg son, Spero; Naomi Kanoy, Spero; Dorothy Harvell, Welch; James Ham . mond, Fair Mount; Hazel Trogdon, Farmer; Grace Reynolds, Farmer; Fleta Tate, Ramseur; Evona Allred,: Ulah; Fleta Cox, Providence. Damage Estimated. At Half Million Dollars In Central Part of State City of Raleigh Thrown in Darkness One of the most devastating storms of recent years swept over the Atlan tic coast and leached well up into the Piedmont region last Saturday. The disturbance was general from Maine to 1" lorida, snow tailing as far dowl as South Carolina. Many cities and towns, including Raleigh and Norloik were cut oil lrom telegraph, telephone or train connection for several hours The city of Raleigh was in darkness on the night ot April .!, and the snov was nearly two feet deep, damage in the city being estimated at $ol)U,00i. Silcr City was in darkness and with out telephone connection for seveial days. T'1.3 rural mail carriers weie unable to go on Saturday. In Norfolk, Virginia, business ya practically suspended. The tides swept . up the principal streets U a depth of two feet. In Richmond, three men lost their lives by coming in con tact with live wires that had teen borne down by the storm. In this section of the State, t.i,- snow was from C to 8 inches deep, but there was not any great mconv i ience otherwise. n , woo'.;; Lllth ,ii.('.m cosis. Maivi month'- Churl. months ve moi.i:: Fry, cr: Sli..pC:.' li i on . Bingham, c. c. c, a roa...-. s Goodwin, selling liquor n roaus. nay, . :- .)', Our oust. far M i .0.00 CUTTING AFFRAY NEAR COLERIDGE News comes to Asheboro of a se rious cutting affray near Coleridgo last Monday. The participants in the altercution were John McPherson rnd Georee Foust. It seems McPherson is a tenant on the land of Foust; and that the land lord accused the tenant of taking wood, to which he had no just claim Foust went to the home of McPherson and left a message for him. Later, McPherson went to the home of Foust and the altercation arose, in which Foust slashed him badly with a knife. The miured man is in a critical con dition as the result of three deep gash es, on the arm, shoulder and chest. At a hearing before Justices of the Peace H. T. Bray and H. P. Moffitt, Tuesday. Foust was put under a $20o bond for his appearance at Superior Cotrt. Charles Robbin hall costs. M. J. Tysinger vs. Ben Tysinger plainti'l to be paid $5. 00 from e: teds ot defendant. Pickett Snider, larceny and receiv ing, three months on roads. Will .McCnllom and Leonard Evans aii'ray, UcCuiloia Co oays o:i muiia. Levan.ier Dee and Ltv.-y Matthew--larceny and receiving, judgment sus pended upon payment of costs. Lank ui Randieinaii vs. John I.. Fields and others, defendant to p. ; plaintiff s costs. . Allen Coltrane, assault, sent to hos pital for criminal insane at Kaieigh. Report of Grand Jury. We, the grand jury, for the present term of Superior couit of RandoIKi eujnty, beg leave to submit the fol lowing u-port: We ha- completed the business be fore our body and have returned aii bills submitted to us for action s;:d made (-.resentments of all mutters which :r. e within out; knowledge. We l:;.ve visited the various county institution by committee and the va.i ous offices in body. We fnvl the offices well kept, the records in good condition and so far as we a-e able to ascertain kept m proper man ner. We li ml the jail as well kept as it can be. considering the circumstances and wo commend the present Board ot Commissioners for their action on the erection cf a new and modern jail and we urge that it be commenced as soon as practicable and completed as soon r.s possible. , We find the county home in good condition considering the circum stances. The houses are old, but clean and well kept and we believe ;a:-ooad Asheboro week. Mr. John PiTs-iel! is niai: -.rat'ons to build a for,-' v. s : North Fayette llle Street, i Vv. I. V. Crfiven. oi' Ram: whom we have no better ' Randolph county, was in town oi.i I day last week. lie is ranidly recover ing his old-time h-a!th and vigor. caul lb-' ea i' h Can a good (itizci of North ' ' Mr. R. N. Davi V.-indleman Route vt's in to-n a I ceo few days ago. ; l 1 Mr. C. R. Curtis, one of Liberty'.- j gri .most prominent merchants, wasjint ! :-r"ong the visitors in town last we-k. Ido i i Mr. D. liins'-.av. of Ran lleiuan , :,.;i Route 2, has two rilver sleeve button..' MS vetvs old. j Mr.. W. A. Brown, ef Julian. w:s in ; town one day last week, and had usj lo send him The Courier. Mr. W. A. Smith, of Liberty Root"i 1, was in town a few days ago and; subscribed to 1 he ( onrie or: iiM.if's in '1: of our boys a r, i-M-i 'mil''' Vi m. inlhs. l-'in iiM,n . hot l-.icatic.n -s of !i.,ol ten id ehis. only liav Dr. ne. tn.- r live thinks more ' a bet- Gmv." Asiievi Bhio Ashi'l in the cot t .S p. m. beli-s ami , as fol !. Greea vtn; Lucy Dickson Phillips, ,t r. IH.boe sc o :;-t i eniaiii l.p.icil..;.' '. . lioi ld. Tl.e t' si .1 loiti! i-. ee' f tlie nei'dji r !'' arte f no rea"' be n i nutho.hi of education .i .-aid lh: "e is il.'e.i of in the text books used .-uools. 'i'he ar;t bmet ies the practical examples, Mr. Fletel in the sa.v v cry count v, with his f.iir Mv. He -litac r-r Kin?:-, v-hf ill bas:ness ! "e-it a ""W recent lv. Miller will le.ild n days he ;t books ill ,i-.ysio!ogy it'v gave long :-.ccounts of bones in the body, 1 1 i-ies, and other matters -it. but not a word r.s combatting the dread and j, t ibe.vido.-is, tyiMi.l. m.;!a ri.i, etc. '1 he oid .-;;':'!;,; b.-i'k. a'so. .ged ( -i'f.l. in for ! si-..' :' ' ceas-ire. The m- ! ; i-ea'.vi- s-ai-l i:::' i .-.nv of io-';iioi: ! i.-i t'.e :':;' . "i and oilier prac ,'s ......i.i-d. but t -. e ty ). i he young men wcro M-tfsrs. Atd.rev Wbigins. Youngsville; .-:-.. -.-:i.i I 'oil.: .-'-, " ii. J. B 'viic', Asheville; i .ee Du.-ham, Siler City: and H. S. Rltehie, Mt. Pleasant. The (! ision committee consisted of IV. T. v '. Ai.-.ick, IV. K. E. Ran.kdph jmd Prof. It. A. CampLe'l. who award ed the gold medals as follows: The re s' medal to Miss Lucy Vickery, ot .Tamest own ; the ilecl.'.unorv medal to Edmond Burdick, of Asheville. OFF TO ENGLAND in Mann and William hn cn ?ti!'r Street in the near :Y,'ovp. W'lt-h ,Asbi'o:-o grow. Mr. W. M. Parks, a prosperous fai -(Conti:ui?d on fourth ;;:;:.e.) various farm iinnlements, 700 pounds f bacon, 5 bushels of peas, one bushel ef beans. J-'ive acres are sown in crimson clover and outs. There are IS inmates, 7 white ivtalcs, 7 white females. 2 colored n-;filcs and 2 colored females. Our visit to the convict camp re vealed the following facts: The pris oners report humane treatment by the superintendent and guards and Have food and plenty ot clothing and com fortable beds. We find one prisoner who is unable to work and we recom mend that some action be taken to re- : in tlu !.,..; .- VI I V !' Dr. P.) think l'.S"l b.vr m.-nl the t'-.e :!cd fron Randolph son. but !1; before d b' tile .0 pur I .;.s l ..'n '.'1 t'u't U n. ; Tlv.-e two bovs are well known bv I'1' fie family of Rev. C. L. Whitaker. ' si'i-h f .shel.oro. haihtr been classmates earn- ot- Clifton Yv'hitakcr. that the Steward is doing all he can turn this man ti Montgomery county, for the comtort of the inmates and where, we are informed, he came from the inmates report that they are kind ly treated and provided with whole some food and comfortable clothing. V.'e recommend that some repairs be made to some of the houses that need attention, the sills being rotten or decayed and are beginning to sag. We find the following at the county home: 225 buchels of corn, 2 good milch cows, in good condition, 1 calf, 2 good mules, 1 sow nd 9 pigs, about 50 chickens, one two-horse wagon and as he is a useless expense to our county. we also hnu sutlicicnt provisions to feed the prisoners, such as flour, meat, vegetables, etc. We beg to thank his Honor and tho officers of the court for his and their courteous treatment and we commend Deputy Luck for his faithful perform ance of duties imposed upon him by us and his ever willingness to serve us. H. T. CAVINESS, Foreman. a kind not only to give ability in nig an honest ir me- i"t a1 -o in app -nation of liU'inMre a'.rl the iivis el . great men v.i'o have mad" the r eiki's history. K no-, ledge s'lonld be a'uv'. -j things ve underhand. Domestic S' i- onl ence for the "iris and agriculture for, v,-.,, the boys were urged. All these tl.iogs cost money, hut a David llarum says. "They're worth it," argued the speak er. Dr. Foe told of seeing men more than seventy years of age studying in the industrial schools of Denmark. He thinks the "Moonlight Schools re-, was feix or ejght inches. cenliy inaugurated in tnis staie an im portant innovation. Takine- ui) the subject of community snirit. the sneaker said: "There is just Mr. Luther Pierce, of Fullers, and as much difference between a conimun- , Miss Ethel Hardister, of E'teazer, ity end a collection of houses as there were married recently. Mr. J. W. is" between a drove and a team." A 'Luther, J. p., of Eleazer, performed community works together for the th the ceremony. common good. "It is great , said the SNOW AT ASHEBORO snow on last Saturday was not the heaviest of the season, bat v a.s the greatest fall seen here in tho month of April for many years. Tho siiov, began falling Friday night and continued till noon, Saturday. If tho ground had been dry or frozen, the ileecy blanket would probably have been a foot deep; as it was, the depth MARRIED speaker, "to make better your com munity." Further it was contended that superior advantages in the way The total loss of human life in the great storm that swept the Atlantic seaboard last Friday is estimated to of education, handsome homes, and b 100. This includes 49 persons -on other blessings for oneself are "nulli- ( Continued on fourth page.) the steamer Prir.s Maurits for which all hope has been abandoned.

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