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The courier. (Asheboro, N.C.) 1906-1937, December 09, 1915, Image 8

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ROLL FARMER HIGH SCHOOL First giade Bulah Plumtner, Rosa Birkhead. Thitd gr.c Mildred Russell, Leah Hammond, Ahua Presnell. Sixth grade Elsie Caehatt, Lyde Bingham, Blanche Bingham. Seventh grade Birche Wood. Eighth grade Frances Varner, Baxter Allrcd. Ninth grade Sarah Shaw, Hobson Johnson, Philip Gamer, Lucfle Kearns, EJrnest Slack, Bryan Cox. Tenth grade Ida Myers, Coy Kearns, Robt. Hammond. ' Wilmington led in the sale of Red Cross seals last year. . "i,-4. LIBERTY ITEMS. ' Rev. Mr. Sherrill prea:hNi his flrrt sermon in the M. E. Church Sunday, Miss Jewell Moore, who is teaching at. Mtmnptts school house, was at home Saturday and Sunday. Mr. Will Kime has finished his resi dence south of town and will move into it thi3 week. Mrs. T. F. McCulloch and daughter Sarah ire visiting Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Keunettd. ' M d. H. King And wife, who have been living at Wake Forest, spent Monday night in town with Mr. O. T. Hatch. Mr. King is on his way to Asheboro, where he will make his fu ture home. The friends of .Mr. W. B. Owen are glad to know that he has gotten back to his sons near Randleman, and will be home before long. Mr. Roy Stuart and wife left town Sunday for Spencer where they are doing light house keeping. Miss Bessie Murchison has gone in to Mr. C. R. Curtis'es store where she will be a saleslady. Mr. W. W. Owen was brought down on the train from Raleigh Friday and buried at Pleasant Hill Sunday. Mrs. R. D. White, of Burlington, is visiting Mrs. Buckner. The Lutherans are progressing wth their now church which is being built in the center of the town. Miss Gertha Ward spent Sunday in Grensboro visiting. Mr. Fletcher Stout, of Kemps Mills, is coming soon to be in school the re mainder of the session. Mr. Grady Kirkman has gone to Winston-Salm to rvecept a positon. Mrs. W. F. Swpjm returned home Saturday after visiting relHtives in Roscboro, N. C. Not long since on one of the pret tiest and brightest of all October's golden days, Mr. J. C. Steele, ex-mayor of Statcsville, accompanied by Mr. J. C. Turner and hi diuiphter, Miss Mary motored from Statesville to GreensLoro and, wivle Mr. Turner and his daughter visited '.ii.s son, Rev. J. Clyde Turm-r, paster of the First Bap tist Church, Mr. Steele continued on his way to r.ttent! to soma business pertaining to his famous brick ma chine of which he is the patentee. Re turning from Durham he detoured by way of Liberty, to visit his old friend and bttnd comrade, Mr. R. E. Patter son. All Circe of these men; Steele, Turner and Patterson, enlisted on June 1, 1861, in company C, 4th N. C Regiment and vent through the war together surrenderiiig at Appomatox April 9, 1865. John Turner was pro moted to the captaincy of company C. and gave the last command th com pany received before the surrender. Steele and Patterson belonged to the 4th regiment band and hud the honor of serenading Gen. R. E. Lee on the niglit cf the 12th thre days after the surrender. Thesa three veterans have been friends, true and tried, for half a century. To simply say t'i::t Mr. Patterson enjoyed this from his Steele, would be putting it too mildly for it was a feast uf pletvsr.nt remi niscences and his departure left a homesick feeling a longing for the days that are forever gone, when youth and strt-agtli and hope made life worth while even in war. LAND SALE By virtue of the power of sale con tained in a mortgage deed executed on the 18th day of September, 1914, by B. A. Caveness, and recorded in Book 160, Page 108, Register's office f Randolph county, I will on the 10th day of January, 1016, at 12 o'clock M. at the court house in Asheboro, N. C, sell to the highest bidder for cash the following described real estate, to-wit: orgjiiuing at a Know in a roan, r . H. Hayes' corner; thence west with said road, Hayes' line, 23 poles to a stake; .thence . south 4 degrees west 24.25 chains to a post oak; thence south 86. degrees east 10 chains to stake; thence south 6Vi degrees west 8 chains 74 links -to a pine; thence south 84 degrees east 11. TO cht.ins to a stake; thence north 3 de grees east 13.17 chains to stake; oath 4 1-16 degress went 15.93 chain to 'a CYDi-eas. SoinVa' corner in J. M. :,Caveoess' line: thence witjh i4 y , pew,. Sjwnks', line 19,13 chain to the Mwsin coataicpng, scree, more ' tfc'.a DmW gth, 115. , R.&. BALDWIN, lfortgofee. sceeEssTpL farming m aotcuKt f tke great strides that are being made in the science of arming, it is absolutely necessary for every man to keep in touch with the latest and best ideas, methods and suggestions that are constantly de veloping. Much thought and money are being spent in the development of this great industry. Competition is as keen in this line of work as in the complex business life of the large cities. Study, thought, experiment are es sential for success. In our club of four magazines, ad vertised elsewhere in this paper, we have included the best and most au- thoritive farm publication on the mar ket. This journal tells you hew othei 1 hare met and overcome the same prob lems that confront you. We offer you a year's subscription to this publication and three other magazines for only a few cents more than the cost of our paper alone. If you have not already sent us your subscription, "Do it now." G. II. KING Attorney-At-Law Office in McDowell Building Will practice in all courts; manage estates for executors and administrators; adjujst claims; collect accounts. Prompt and painstaking attention giv en to all matters intrusted to me, -.i-,,; Do Your Christmas Shopping AT THIS STORE Holiday Gifts of Practi cal and Permanent Value 1 a . .j i A.O. FREE LEADING GROCER Fine Canned Goods Grocery. Lobster, crab meats, white cap Alaska salmon, Tuna fish, extra fine English peas, fine sweet corn, splendid brand canned brains and corned beef. Traveling Ba?s, Suit Ca ses, Nobby Hats and Caps, Special Boxes of Hosiery, Classy Neckwear, Initial Handkerchiefs, DRESS GLOVES, SWEATERS. wfjr Underwear Our Shoe Department Is full of special values in Bed-Room Slippers, School Shoes, Dress Shoes and Work Ehoes We appreciate your trade COFFIN k SCARBORO Randolph Supply Company Fruits and Produce and General Merchandise ASHEBORO. N. t, Dec. 8. 1915. Invites you! We all here Our prices right you need not fear, You'll fair well, both saint and sinner When you trade with us, you arc the winner Christmas comes but once a year Come and give us some good cheer. We are glad to welcome YOU. Respectfully Randolph Supply Co. V. R. JULMi, Agr. HOW ABOUT YOUR WINTER OVERCOAT? We have just received a full line of overcoats. Prices range from ?5.00 to $15.00 If you haven't bought your Winter Overcoat don't do so until you see our Line WOOD CASH CLOTHING COMPANY W ANT E D ! 100 TEAMS To haul lumber from Morgan & Russell place just south of Eldora do to Troy Brickyard siding two miles west of Troy. We will pay 30c per hundred, or $2.50 per load for good teams. The distance is about 8 miles. The lumber is dry. i:ql:e qrldihb and material cost any, - .. .i ; , Asheboro, N. C. Specially For Christmas: Fruit cakes and Lookout loaf cakesvariety of flavors. Fruits, nuts, raisins, grapes, chrystalized fruits, jello, etc. Buckwheat flour specialty this week with maple syrup. Fresh line breakfast foods, etc. Martha Washington Candy. Quick Delivery. Groceries. LEADING GROCER Asheboro, N. C. Pay Your Taxes I, J. W. Birkhead, Sheriff of Randolph county, N. C. will attend at the following places and on the days named below for the purpose of collecting the State, County, School and Special Taxes for the year 1915: Union Township, Monday, Dec. 27, 1915, S, A. Cox's, p. a New Hope Township, Tuesday, Dec. 28, 1915, Carter's store am, J-M. Shaw's p. m. Concord Township, Wednesday, December 29, 1915, Farmer, p. m. Tabernacle Township, Thursday, Dec. 30, 1915, tabernacle, a.m. Fuller's stcre pjn. Trinity Township, Friday Dec. 31, 1915, Trinity a. m., Archdale p. m. New Market Township, Saturday, Jan. 1, 1916, Glenola a.m., Edgar and Sophia p.m. Richland Township, Tuesday, Jan. 4, 1916, Michfield a.m., Seagroye p.m. Brower Township, Wednesday, Jan. 5, 1916 Erect a.m., Spokane p.m. Pleasant Grove Township, Thurs., Jan. 6, 16, J. B. Powers a.m., Ward's Store pjn. Coleridge Township, Friday, Jan. 7, 1916,'Ccleridp a.m., Titos. Hinshaw's p.m. Columbia Township, Saturday, January 8, 191 6, Ramseur. , Franklinviile Township, Tuesday, Jan. 11, 1916, Cedar Fails a.m., Frank linviila p.m. Columbia Township, Wed., Jan. 12, 1916, York & Frazier's a.m., Staley p.m Liberty Township, Thursday, January 13, 1916, Liberty. Liberty ' . Friday, January 14, 1916, Julian. Providence Township, Saturday, January 15, 1916, A. L. Chamness, a.m. . Level Cross Township, Saturday, January 5, 1916, Level Cross, p.m. ; Back Creek Township, Tuesday, January 18, 1916, Flint Hill. Owing to an unavoidable delay the. taxes for year 1915, are past due, before this round is made. Hope all will consider this duty and pay their taxes gromptly, so that I can turn over same to whom it elongs. J. W. BIRKHEAD, This Nov. 29, 1915. Shff. Randolph Co.

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