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North Carolina Newspapers

The central times. (Dunn, Harnett Co., N.C.) 1891-1895, May 17, 1894, Image 2

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THE TIMES. ~~ 'l'HlJlv.AV MAY 17, 1 -5-J L ! J. I'. i'.tN 1 I'*L» !* u j! ' I',. .J ivr. A Lucky C Miner .i.i n'S S all rv, '-i e *al m: ■ r o' Sham .kin, l'a, has rcc -ive i a me.,- sa.M- from London asking him to emit: ovei on the s'e. mer, as I j.»..pence i* necssary to |>'ove Kcr.c documents, v. liicu done, In - - r ,ur s will award the Slattcrys a for tune of iO.OO ). leiL by the late S•• William K, Uil!. Sir William's , p' t -tor;* Sarah, ni.rried lrank Slat e her brother's protects. Sr Wi.. . n quarreled with the bride, and the Mattery left England, settling in Schuylkill country, Pa, where Slatterys went to v. iri; in the c ul i■ i . About fu'.een vars n/o Mr, Si ' ry went to England an 1 Si. gave h'.r siOt.'J, *>nd prom ised ti leave her the entire ei'ate at his de it.h. lie was a bachelor then, but five years later he manied iis housekeeper. Mary Gordon, an w cy he uied l;e lift the estate to I«r. Suit was begun by Mrs. S'.t - i ;v, f»! ion tit r d nth her children look n.) me case. —[Exchange. ■*m -M* ©■— Col. Breckinrid g-3- 'I, e Louisville Courier-Journal of the 7'h inst., which has here ofo-e ijiai'ilr.ined a position of s : n r 'U % traiov regaiding the case of Con jure man W. C. Breckinridge f. nee the beginning of the Pollard wand 1, breaks silence in an elito lit! tf»fruy declaring that Mr. Breck inridge should be beaten for renom i.nation. The \*a;»cr says : "The Situation in the Ashland district. unfortunate it is unpre (•.■cicn 1 ' i, make* it imperative I at every j lurnal wlrcii has th" good of Ihe parly at heart, which cheri-hes the honor of its State, and whim ap \ rcciatei its obligations to so-i-tv, t-hall '\rotast with all its power arainst the re clecti mof C »1. W. C. I*. Briv unridiC. We do not un let's rate what he has done for his parly and the cause of tariff re firm in th-? ji-ist. Put even if his ability for itllli\ ■ ,efulness were not dest ;'oye 1 by thi' miserable scandal which has duilicne I his iiarac, the party could v.ot afford t • accept his services at the price it would be forced to pa)' "I' is idle to attempt to oh cure thi issy; with sophistical dntinc lion bp! veen Col. Breckinridge's puTiTfc" id private life. The case has gon.* far bcyon.l tlu possibility of tint!. The .questi »n simply is, do Ihe people Of Kentucky p t >:;ss to son'! Ms a representative to Congress flic, mm whom Col. Breek.nridge confessed himself to be in his testi> l.iony b'fore n Washington j iry? It is a ion which th" : limits of the Ashland district and ol Kentucky itself. It is a question in v hsch the people of the entire nation a red i',/; inte esled.* "H'hat part of iiis -peech yesterday devoted to the Hi" nid i! i,i wh'ch he lias figure 1 were be ter passed over in pity. It is a hi range t xhibiiion of marvelous ef 1' outcry wi etched !astc, ami mental ly and ii >rallv oblique caaui ,Uj Unjust L> enunciation of the South • l i.ib r no circumstances will 1 ad vi-jp'the investment of a dollar of IN \y l.n. land money in the South until the people of that section cea c e 1 !ieir clamor for free silver or wild c.t currency." Such was the state iiifsßNi, -«nrtde with unusual emphasis last week by a leading Ennlsnder ir. np; i\at conversation, l'he if "f '-ir> v.-' Record is no fiend to any of the pQ; u'.istic teachings of sojne J. Millu rtl j>c x [)lc, nor to nny wild cat enrr. ncy; it has a!wn\s opposed the Vpirit that lids sought to impose unvfise laws upon r: 1 . lroad> ando lier corporations, but it, resists tin;,'our N'ew England friend was uululv aUrmeJ. The South is as sale n so lion as any » part of litis country. It gives birth to no C?xq\~ 'business such as is now s > serinusV dist-nrWus the West, in w-iiu-h X 'a* Englr.nd has invest 'd so n.inr liuiidreds of millions. Had Co\ n his recruits come from the the papers tif New England. :• s J many in New York and l'ii la 'foTphia, «■ ml 1 have been burdened \-ith biUer dciunciations of Uic whole S -tru ami of everything in Ihe South « ;tpUal a.hd seukrs would have b'on w irned to keei) awav from thai 8-»c ion. and the evil ell Vets would h-ivi irv'cd tor-years. Coming |V«>m i e We>t and from the North. ;hor h (.ti\"s atio his tr:.n;ps are not regard ed -as t sponouts o*' tliosp sections and no one warned by the that lhe \N .'st is an unsato place for in> v " neets. > ' '' 'ion of v' \C! - . * ** ■ . n *i U liiil 3 1 \ (](* J •.* -i seeking notoriety, t some poll 11 - A ' ~ lt -\ of finance that mav cve.y faise i •' , . • . 1 in the South, is taken t be proaiu 1 bv Ncr»hcru i» i iv ' rs as a tcxt which to pr 3 »">• se * m!,n3 ' the liesli and" I, —the SoCtin , . . , . time l«»r this eon [ S i l !i' ~ r .,- r . to be changed?—Man dilton of • r 1 ° • • . • /* U /t(C HTi l•> '' ' T-iio Great Deliverancs (7„"c uf Mr. V.\-!e.V 3 friends com nuiNicaicl the experience, wind, was Ml. -'"^yl inntcd in the ArminiM ilniaz\ne-. ••The night b fore that in which my deliverance came I fell asleep, but was sudden! v awakened as if some person ha I spoken to me in the foU | ljwing words; 'Why will you sleep in sue . imminent -lunger?' I iinme diatelv rose from my bed to pray. After si me tin-e ent in prayer, 1 lay dow i on th> be 1 again ; but slept no more that night. All next day 1 spent in pra iJ r mercy, but got no deliver .nee. and when night came on 1 retired, weary and heavy laden, _ to bed After lying thus some time I thought ihere was no mercy forme, • and that (iod would not be gracious.) However, nbotu two o'clo k in the morning, I r -e to prav. being strong- . lv drawn I v an inward impression •here'o. 1 threw myself down by the si I• of the bed, and cried with all the >trc;;g tof soul an 1 bo ty. 'Lord, ii it be thy will that I should perish, let me perish at thy feet. If! not, griutme thy mercy, that I may j know that I am thy child,' "My heart instantly began to .melt! ,v d tears to i! )W. I saw myself viler than the dust under my feet. Thus 1 rcnia tied for a few minutes, when i - trong cries and tears lad led, •Lord. lam vi'e, give me to know th' C.' In a rrouient it appeared as if my eves were opened, and I b.Mield mv savior dung f»r roe. 1 fe't llis love sprit .4 u[» in my soul, and my eyes overfl o ved with tears of joy. I ; knew tr.v sr s were forgiven, unbes j 'ief w;n d lie awav, 1 fiad not a sin jr|y douh', I felt mv soul was united to Claris'. and 1 could not help crying i aloud Oh, what h'i'h Jesus done for me ! How shall 1 glorify mv Savior 1 Oh, the dearness. the sweetness of •Jesus to nn soul! He hath taken me from fearful pit, out of the mire and clay, and hath set me on a rock, ai* 1 est ah is'atd my goings.' "After 1 rose from prayer, I read the six'h chapter ol John. In read ing it, 1 had an affecting view of the singular love of my Redeemer to p..or sinners. ) adorable Redeemer ! how shall my feeble tongue speak forth thy praise? Oh, mnv I always lie humble at thy feet till I am per fectly restored to thine image ! "Mnwaut I hln-li v i;h saercd sliaiue, And weep and love and bless 11U name, j Who knew no! gilt or grief llis own, I! it hore it all for nie.' "Astonishing graee! "I hear thf glorion SulVcrer tell How on th'.' cr)s He vanquished hell A »nt I all !ie powers beneath.' "Oh Savior, why so lavish of thy Mood! \\ liy >0 profuse in thy favors! "1 wa- thine own blood that made thee bleed! j ' I hat naih d thee to the cursed tree: rwas thine own love this feast pre-; pared 1 • • ••*!. jrthy worms as me.' "Oli, how rapidly did I move along the road 1 If, 11 my heart loosed from every treatu e good and wholly fixed upon God. Lord, whom have 1 in heaven but thee? and there is none on .11 l:.j c r'ht'iat I d?« : re besides 1 thee. I hou art the health of my countenance, and my God."—[Chris tian Advocate. Memorial Day. '1 -.e article of Ivbtor S. A. Ashe, td the Nens-übserver-Chronicle, on Memorial Pay is of such touching pathos and so appropriate to the day that we copy it in full, as follows? " Memorial Day has come once mor« bringing with it renewed memos ries ot those long years I hat sadden us to recall. We reopen the volume ■ ot the past, and the events of those trying days come back freshly to us. and we ]>ve again amid tne scenes hnt make that »-eriod hallowed in the experience of our people. "No household can recall them without sorrow, for the dark shadows n\eloped the land, ami there was mourning at every hearthstone. The v-ite mourned the cherished husband, ildren wept lor their fallen father, ant] ag ■] parents were bereft of their children, who would have rejoiced to nve been their prop and stav in the nie tn adversity. Hut if the griets o! Ine peo le were urea', there was " in t! • ir hearts a hope that up> 1 cm submission, and ani ma'.eil ilu m ".o endure vet gre -.tor sac rilices. 1 hey had embarked in a that was dear to them as lilV tseil, int'. r.hey cherished a love for their country, the Southern Confed ' • • r u eil t! em .» unsur ' • -iii in ho '.a\ sof trial - -- - - - jhjKSL. . ■ and tribulation. "Nor was glory lacking to nerve them ou. Day by day their hopes were fed by accounts of vict iries which covered tficir ' lionnv l»Iue I lag" wi ii glory, and redoubled their devotion, llut the attrition of the battle field wore away our armies, and hope took her|f!ight, and the end of the 4re at struggle c.iine, arid we were left with only memories of the past. I'hese, softened by the intervening \ ears, still remain, and are the glory of Southern achievements. We st 11 look with pride on those scenes illum ined by Southern valor, and famous ' in the world's history because of Southern heroism. We still can recall ihe ;uole carriage of the im mortal Lee, toe fierce onslaught of the he oic Jackson, the -lashing cas reer of Stuart, and the skill, endur ance and bravery of all those oflieers and men, rank and file, who consti-. tuted the most famous armies in the annals of time. And in the parade; of these immortals. North Carolina has an enviab e place. Her sons are there in greater numbers than those of any ether State—and they take 1 the first rank because of their high , courage and invincible bravery. "Whether we consider tLe private soldiers or the officers who led them on to victor}', North Carolina is titled to a noble fame. And among j all, none surpasse 1 in high i that distinguished soldier, life and services are to be the theme of, i the orator here to-day. Gen Pens j | der was one of the best offl ers, of . an}' grade, in the Southern aruiy. lie had the characteristics that would have fitted him for had aught befallen the great captain of the Confederacy. And like Lee. he was mode-. Ito a fault. It is noth ing to say he was brave—for Lee's heroes were all brave, lint he was besides the skilllul General, master of the art of war. His fame is a rich heritage for North Carolina, and we should treasure it. But of hi u the orator vill nan ate to-dav, and will eloquently portray his character ami tidl of his achievements. He, like Branch and l'ettigrew, and thousands of others fell in fore front of battle. Others succumbed to disease. Others survived, whose presence has served ;to remind us of those heroic d ivs, but to fall with the passing vears. 1 - It was but yesterday that we buried the lamented Vance—the incarnation of the spirit at home—ihe great war Governor of the State. They fade away ami leave us. r.s we recede from those days that tried men's sou's But while we live, we will not forget. We will annually meet to keep them fresh m our re membrance, and we will bear flowers to the graves, and crown the heioes as they sleep after having done so , nobly, so gloriously their part in : iife." [Memphis Commercial.) Noble Woman's Influence. Sunday's New Orleans Picayune contained and editorial article re garding the effect produ ed by mo rality upon patriotism, w.tich article was thoughtful and just. To p ove the truth that morality is the strong est element which has ever entered into national glory, it is only neces sary to look at the history of those ! nV ions which have grown greatest and most powerful through 'he cen turies. Indeed, from this test it may actually be said that the status of woman has prescribed the greatness of all peoples. In England, where womanhood has always been revered : glory has been a continu tl presence since the nat : ons existence. The ancient Germans, who held virtue and domestic love as the holiest of ail qualities, conquered imperial and dissoiute li me. Rome itself was only great when the co iditio s of so ciety were such as to pr aluee Vol munias and Cornelias. When moral • ity grew so lax that Roman w -ma; - hood was typified by the Mcssalians. she fell an asy pre\ to the barbari ans. France is another example, j When chivalry was :he dominant im pulse of Frenchmen, France was great and victorious. Wh-n the Pompadours ruled, France fell under the Terror. Again, when the luxu ry of Louis Napoleon's court sunk into license, the degeneracy was pub lished by Sedan. These coincidents n.y be onlvacci den'al, but that scarcely seems prob able. True valor and real heroic courage have always been i; spired by the love of women. No soldiers in all th° history of war ha»-e ever fought with 11101 e splendid daring than the men of ihe Smi hern Con ic bracy, and eve-y one knows thai lv«ck f mere priciples. and deeper intrenched 111 the soldier-* love, there lay always the love of mother ami wile and sweetheart. Grand heroism is b irn where homes are. where wife and children dwell, and where the most sacred of life is tlie f-nn lv. Nations where there is no su?!i moral statu- may fight wit It ga!lantr\ and impetuous courage, as * ie Ar-ibs do or the wi'd tribes in Lg\ pt, ' it is only loyc tint can inspire tire less patience and 'lie l' j n_! courage winch il«»:-9 not faint. When men like the soldiers of Johnson c r Lee, dauntless in the face of despair and invincible in defeat, thev do so lor home and love. V» ives sw.-c - j hearts, sisters, gi-e men such heart as beat in the breast-® of the men who defended Luckaow India. (ourage and patriotism, in leed, are simple the conspicuous (ju.ili'ies ot high natures, theref ire it will always be true, as Bayard Taylor sang, that The bravest arc tin* tendered!. The loving are the daring. "There are dictionaries and die tioriaries, bit tie noblest Rooiai of i hem all is Webster's." i ins was ! said of the latest "Unab idged b\ a prominent writer, As it was trim ot that work, how nnch more applicable ! the statement is to i's successor, the "Interna*i'dial.'" which after a vast outlay has been brought to comple tion and pi iced upon the market. This tew Webster, by natural ri"lit, has taken a warm place in the i regard of 'he English speaking people It is recognized as the stan . dard While compact, it is 1 sufficiently comprehensive. and while strikingly attractive typographically, and rich and substantial in binding, it is st ill within the reach of about a.l who wish to possess a work of this I kind. I j these days o r sensational pub lisiiing and advertising it is refresh ing to observe with what conscien tious scholarly labor tliis new Webster lias been produced and the conserva tive me'h d"- by which it is being presented by the well-known Merriam publishing house of Springfield, Mass. —. : -v»-vr^-T■-■VT*'!L'.'A.lawmi i =n HE in it= THE DUNN TIMES STILL A LIVE —and — PROSPEROUS, j And no tliat it will still flour i >o long as it receives the patronage that it h:is been reeciviosf the pa-t two months- -SSIi! we should be gla 1 to get j a better patronage. F~" * f ™ !T5 \ * P!U*! ?■ PR 2 I i In Harnett county should contribute ; to tho support of his COUNTYPAPER j W; 1 0:111 furnish you the HOME -«•> FARM WITH Till] I FOII fliiliffl 00 Pnoli UiliJ vp 1, U y udolli IX ADYANCK, or we can furnish you the ATt\miVEEKLVC!I}iSf!TIjTIOS , | ! 1 WITH TUB-] TITSES, FOR ONLY' 81.25 CASH IN ADVANCE, Or we can furnish you the THE SOITDERK CULIIViTOR. 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T G COAST Llftj; WILMINGTON AND WK] AM) BRANCHES >N AND FLORENCE UAILUOAI CONDENSED SCHEDVLE Dated Jan. 11. lg TRAINS UOINU SOLTII - v,, leaves Weld >n at 11-17 ain ; RrP j... 1} l*Hy Mount at 1.-5:. a in; arriv • at 'iai-s, ' m; leave Tarl.oro at 1 a ,, T' a " - .Monnt at 12-55 a in; leaveVilson m V -, U '" k 1 leave be]ma at a-lf> a iu; leave K u '-V ' :i '' •Htoam; arrive at Florence at -V " V| He»f 47. dally, leave Wilson at X. t*oro at j. m; leave Magnolia at i V'' '''* arrive at VV lluiington at :,- 0,, m V" 1 !• I>. leave Wei,ion at W-51 p in; ar r| v v ■■ I- I Mount 10-4> p in; leave Korkv u 'Kv leave Wilson 11-*;.; leave ' f ' ; P in;arrive at Florence at S-'f N , 1 !' ■ 1 T Hocky Mount at 6 a iu; leav,.'u- , 0-35 a iu; leave Uoldsbnro at ---u • nr Magnolia at 8-2:» a m; arrive at l " aVt ' at liMW a m, t*NoSM.N Y and 1" 'V' ' » cial, leave weldon la-tu a in: have vu >IM " leave Fayettevilie i-Oti a in; arrive nr vt"" 1 "• 6-i 5. r '" r "nv 1 TRAINS GOING NORTH-, s„ , leave Florence ',-w am; leave FivJt '?• in-*" a m; leave Seliua 12-10 a ln 'o-V Vi! ''' Wilson 1-05 a in, No. 48, daily, h-ave u i " at toil v-00 a in; leave Magnolia Hi- o ain- i'" 1 "' Uoldsboro 12-00 am: arrive at wiu,,,, i ," v ni; No 78 daily, leave Wilson 1-15 Mn -ii-ti, u Rocky Mount 2-07 pin arrive TarlnVp, " r a: in; leave Tarlioro la-5t i> in, leave li 11 Mount 2-0." i> in: arrive weldon ':hj „ ... *>' ll.dail), jeave Florence ;-o>pni; l -av,. p A ° etteville :-20 j. in arrive Wilson li p •' leave Wilson 11-2.1 i> in; arrive U- ckv \ . Ul ' 1 --o'» i> in; leave Rocky Mount 12-e p ' Weldon 1.-5 :p in; No in. dailv. |. av- wi'i'a,, ton 7-00 |> in; leave Magnolia c-..: ]• m- Ooldsltoro si- 8 p m: arrive \vi son 1 i " No .0 ', N V \ Florida Special. 1, av.- n.' )l--»a p in; leave Fayettevilie j, . '!l'' Wilson 0a in; arrive weldon 6-01 a ni. t Daily except Monday. JDaily except s U n day "" * These trains carry only first class pass..,,, gers holding 1 iiilniaii accoiniuodations. Trainson Scotland Neck Branch Road leaves VV eldon » Ji p m., Halifax 4 mi p ni. arrive at >cotlaiit Neck i&& put, Ureenvil!e 6 :7 t> hinstoii 7 S5 p in. Keturiiing, leaves Kinslon ' 0 a in. Ltreeiivllle s2.a m. Arriving at Ho fax at 11 (Hi a in, Weldon 11 20 a in, daily ; cepi Sunday. Trrins 011 Washington Barancli leave* Washington 7: a. 111, arrives I'arniele in., Tarlioro :: oa. 111.: returning leaves'"l tr ' ltoro 4:40 p 111. Farniele 6.10 p. ni. arrives Wasiiington 7: '5 p. 111. Daily except 'Min.hV connects .with trains on Scotland w'b" Branch, k Train leaves Tarlioro, N. C.via Alli jnarl> and Raieigli R. R. daily, except Smidat n 5:00 p. in.. Sunday 3:on p. hi.; arrives Ph lu .ii, ' .ir.op.m. r>:;0 p. in. Returning leaves "l'lvm oth '.aily, except Sunday, : 0 a. 111., SutMi av i ..'in a. 111., arrive Tarlioro 10:z5 a. 111. ami n , a. 111. 1 rain 011 Midland N O Branch leaves Golds lioro, i»i. C., dally except Sunday, r>os a in-ar rive Smithiield N C., 730 a 111. Returniii.. leaves Suiithtieltl. N. C. bOO a. ui. arrives j Gcldalioro.N. c. a 30 a. in. Train on Nashville Branch leaves Hooky Mount at 4;"0 p. 111., arrives Nashville r. ; o, in.. Spring Hope 5: 0 p. 111. "tjiring Hope fc:oii a. 111., Nashville a. m arrive at Ri cky Mount 9:15 a. 111., daily rx'ci i t Sunday. Trainson I.atta Branch Florence R n.leave t Latta c: 0 p, m.; arrive Dm Par 7.40 p. m. Ke turniiig leave Dunliar tWO a.m.; arrive I.atta : ':•:() a. 111. Daily except Sunday. | Train 011 Clinton Branch leayen Warsaw fer Clinton aily, except Sunday, at 11:00 a. ih. Ke- I turning l-aves Clinton at i:00 p. in., couuect , ing at Warsaw with main line trains. Train No. 7 make close connection at Wel don for all points North daily, all rail via Richmond and daily except Sunday via Ports i mouth and Bay Line. Also al Rookv Mom t with Norfolk and Carolina Rrilroad for .NUr -1 t'oik daily and all points North via Norfolk ! daily excel t Sunday. J dill F. Divine, (Jell'l Mlpt. J. K. Kenly, Gen'l Manager. ! T. JJ. Emerson, Trnflic Manager : GrM-ELASTIC 10 np v T Til n H M n H i 11 • !! M * 1 I ! i'i M* .i. -L. £• » 'i-f onh 01*00 to r Iff* sfju-ir l .. 'l.mUor ft 'j"" 1 i"i»r \ a:*!, n. I myouo '•«> • • • :it il on. (I lU-Kl'istlf I'aint en-ts oi-lv »{" eelits I »•. r gaiiou. in lio'. lotor >4.-»(i for o / •V, (Jid.»r thir' re 1, Will -1• •f» !• -ik> i in tin or i.oii roofs, ami \u!l ! -i for ; vo:ir«. Ti;Y !T. | Sein!'st:;i:i|i for >;i:nj les atnl full j»:ir , riciil irs. G-TJM EL \STIC ROOF ING- COMPANY, j i'J 41 KST liROADWAV. NEW VOI:K. LOCAL AGENTS WANTED. SPECIU OFFER. We liavp made nrranfoments with ho of the Atlanta Weekly 1 Jonstiiution, by which we can « frer ; t with our paper one year for only 2f). clulib n; aubseripliona to he ! ent to t his offi,;e and accompanied iy cash. LIKKKAL HUZIC OFFKR. Every snbscriht-r to this to this remarkable cltibbitvj proposition is leii to enter One Prize Contest, •ewling his fiiios.s lor ruii $1 000 COTTON CKOl' CONTEST .n which there 'ire four prizes offered or the ne estin.ates of the size >f the cotton crop of l p U3-4, now he-* n£ markete l, and award to be made is sour, as the New Orleans Cotton !\e'ian_io t! n fiffi'-ial crop i.iures. in «_;o|il for nea r e>t ucss to ;he !•*oi». prize fir see-' od, prize lor third, SIOO for mr' !■ $ 1 00 for fifth. Crops for recent years have been s fo;lows: Year ~ Hales Y- nr 7 _ foN 1 : ■ .'M'.I I 1 - I J.-11 l'f-6 j VI. 1 ■ '• : r.« .'-'! l: 6"ili.B^l ; '. r. 7; 3at: 1 • 7 "It,*> 7 1 1 : 1;. - I.:. 1: 1' :6 " .» I ! --1 ; r.,7 i ~«•. : I ..4 [>> '9 • i I . I ■! •> Tin: Timkh, I»,1 n. N ' KXE NOTJCE llivinirqiiali'l'"' ex C.itriv .f Wo P.o|- ,i i r ■ »1 • ■-ounty. North rolliin. I his »• •" I ;rv.ns havsn nmlo* ib»* »f watd ileeinMMxt to x jt,>( it.. in to i HIS IcmltciwHl on >r before u.e alsf day of Ma 'i I this nutire will J.le t ;«*•!*Ul '.:•■■■ t tJ:el rec.iyory. All p"r , :i • !«.!■'' *ed t • - od «'H?ate w ;1| ph-aso make !!iiii'*diat" payiui i.t. t i.i ■> I'.. t'iv o: April. D 94. LKNA R'ILLINS. Executrix. AD'UNfs rUAT r 'R NOTIPK. Favinir 'iinlifie I as Administrator of Jnnien 'lo,lr 'd lite n Harnett (Jounty. orth Carolina, this i» to notify all i>*-rs>i.H elatiiis against the estate of said de a-ied exhibit tll'MII to til" II lldersi'-'lied oil r I-efor" th » P.'tti day ««r May. l**"i. or this iiotic« will tw ideadedin Par >f tln-ir recovery. \ll i i-rscns,lted to said estate will |dea*#e i 111'ii11•*r«• IIHVII. ut. Thi- Piilida> •>'. S. ay, l-:ij. Nathan Mci'lr-m. f, -21 st: Adiur.

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