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The Laurinburg exchange. (Laurinburg, N.C.) 1913-1992, December 11, 1902, Image 2

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ANNUAL STATEMENT. .... -.;,.(Coatfaagd from 1—tNik.) . v-• ... ■ ft » » Ibe.ltafT D>vUm la WWMt months....---. • as Novuoa 1908. Q«o. W. Wrfght lor wp .. port three month*... 8 oo Murdock Brown for eirp. port three months._ 8 oo Arthur Keller for rapport three monnia....J....„;..M. 8 oo PrictQa.. MoLaochlln for support three months. 8 oo Janjn Mania—, for rap port three mantha.......... Boo Mary J. Grooms for rap ..port three n*oc the..... 8 oo tfariay Parker lor rapport three toon the.... 8 oo Haney Kelley'for rapport three moothe...............m- 8 oo MaUmli McMillan lor sup port Glree month!_8 oo EHah J. MeFnriaa for rap port three moatba;:.10 oo Peter Habhard lor rapport 8 oo Wfl] MrLaarialorrapport -three in on the. *»*• (MMoiimm 3 oo Archie Clark tor rapport three moatba. 8 oo Martha Maria-lor rapport three months.....__ Boo Murhaet Pemberton for support three moa tbs_8 oo D. C. Norton tor expens* bnryleg pauper._........ 8 oo A. W. Htmasr paid board . ‘ Total • “ TOTTO 1802. 1 OS U5 05 AS 806 60 16 TO 40 8 60 1 76 8 oo *70 1 76 76 90 60 1 oo 80 '"* Ashcraft’s Condition Powders »< '■'3E‘’!iE*Z!*‘ «* **■ 'iimmiin** St jzzzsizrj? atr * * ■W* laiMaMMQMlL (frick! BricBBrick! A brick fa » brlefe^a*. but what a difference In them, flood clay ~good machinery, up-to-date methods, In fact a ttMNwand de tails, are a necessity to produce tbe beet * brick. We have our plant fully equipped lor a capac ity of 15,«X>,600--oOt only that, but have a body of the fin est river day ever located In this country. Our plant Is on the tiatawba river near Fort Mitt, M. C., and shipping station, Grat tan, R 0,, “A man Is a man lor a’ that" bat whata difference in am’. Too require the beat lumbar to* your house: tbe beat coal for tbe engine; the best fiour tor your table. One does not buy a com mon home when be can get much better lor near the. some price. This ia true about everything one need*. In a building; nothing is worn »—mHal thangood material. It Adda to the safety end wear, beeideu ‘twill sell for more. Who would not pay more lor a boOdiug put upoat of flmt quality materal than lor one thrown to gather ant oi ooaunon ordinary Lit as correspond with yon. Prompt service in ehipmsnta Charlotte Brick Co. OFFICEWtTH 8.8.MeHHnehAOo CHARLOTTE, N. C. , To Fils an Objection, 11*« Hardwmr bo«*ht taraa o*t poor. . Ulln fdrltaa* • Iomt. IWt lh»i will lot hi any “ohjwtlooa ttad" H jam baj jmmr IIATEJtt, 6III1EB MSI, PtBK ASMH,aad lib* rrwytfci,* b tteHirdwmrUialraa • 1. L HOLLLANO. • • . i , • • Fine Candy at Popular Priced . . EDISON I. MASON, VOMCRM.a • i - Christmas hoist Christmas M! ■' ■■■ • —* ■ i Iwff^ or'pbo^toyourome^fer^SyyyCVeaibwiiwi ^Gm&«bRpms2rHltr*^.b bare the prettiest Hrx* of Roysters Candy erar* M ta>., Laurinborg. Iu all rise packages and baafceW ■ " * •'" • FIRE WORKSt The nioet complete line of Fire Works Ip the city can be found at our store, Remember we are headquarters lor > Ereeb. Oroceriea. We are continually adding to this ' *H ATTIWTBfE ' ' t; . it is ai* ^sssrx^Lsrs^Witsii t. any mwnbti of the family’s pirturs. : v . J FREE OF CHARGE. .. Tbework is flistdass, wmI to say yon ever saw. We have made epeoie! arrangement* to hare this work duos. OafUhpatst time yoo are down street and let as explain to you oUrplap. Yours for bnriaeas, 7.V McUORIN i SHAW V.V FBKE DKL1YKBY. ’FHOlfB 48/ fedfa . i. wm ■ ■ • SPECIAL SALE-PRICES of Dress Boons ever Exhibited in ‘3| We bare got the goods in oar kfore sfedtfeey was- xba ; ■old. CbO and look at our stock and am lor yenned the large variety we bare on oar and tbm y«r wig •> know why we are making epectal price*. Too many good* do^goot a large lot of ealteoee, troea »)fe. to : 5e. perf— ! Cherfc A Perea LATEST SHIES IN . ' toSszzszJL **MB.. mimm \ * ♦; , * * /**. " *

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