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The Laurinburg exchange. (Laurinburg, N.C.) 1913-1992, February 10, 1916, Image 7

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■KUChWS DU CVEgQHk.] Ammtoaw Oai^ B P«»o Bernardo and Padarioa Dona, tha Marloaa cattla tiriecea, condemned to dla by tha Oanaaaa as thoiitiea tor toe Wiling of Bart Alton at San, Lornteo, a few atitoa below tha international boundary, wars u e cotod at daylight ia tha eamatery at Joan* lea. it Tha Dmran brothen died curving Americana. Bernardo appealed tor mercy on behalf ef hie brother, Fadartee. “It la nnjnet to kill two of ue for one American,” ha (aid. “It ia gto ing two eyea tor oaa tooth. 1 am wil ling te die, beeaoee I killed the (Ma ge, but my brother ought to ba al lowed te lire." TM MIMi of tho firing squad kill ad Federico, hot Bernardo was still eoaaetotu after ha fall, and tha af. fleam command fee tha fixing amiad *»*• him tha “mercy shot" through tha head. Tha bodlaa bf both Mexicans warn baxiad immediately, but that of Bar narda, who eoafaaaad to haring fired th* abets that killed Akars, waa ex humad, to satisfy a doobt concerning tha Identity of th. ,layer. Douglas Downs, an American who wa* with Akars seeking stolen eowa, and who escaped tha bullets of Mexi cana, daclarad last night after seeing Bernardo Duran, that th* prisoner waa not th* man who ahat Akars. Downs was at tha Joares cemetery whan tha face of tha executed man waa expos ed lata today, and admitted ttmt he had been mistaken last night. cerun canon oy American offi ckla who ware with Downs, that the ■Uyw had been daly executed. served tonight to calm a feeling at Ysleta, where AJcere aad Downs live. - Au thoriOee bed feared that the footing ' of resentment in Yeleta might result in trouble. Three Mexicans previously arreet •d in connection with cattle steelinc at Ysleta were removed to Jail in SI Paso for protection. The execution was attended by BO Americana, of wboai a number wen itsaiae The first automobile enrry lnc spectators reached the cemetery ■hortly after 1 A. M. It was created by a lone sentry, who crawled that the “prisoners had been shot aad be Tied." The machine raced beck to mili tary headquarters, where a drowsy corporal, roused fisp slumber oa the floor, declared the Durans were to he Ariat S o'clock by the pi nq gag gw«L were eeuadlnc reveOle aad dawn was juat breaking when the priaoaera, carefully bound, appaafud to taka dm pUc, before thTadobe wall where hundreds here fallen since oiril war began fa Mexico nearly six years ago. As the prisoners faced the rlflee of tbs firing squad, with eyes unfaead eced. Bernardo .hooted: ■petals aad see how Mexicans die. If I had e rifle," he added, “some of ) yofl would CO with us." There were no Mexicans present •mept the soldiers and officers to charge. ««rnarao, toe «M«r of the Mrri M ^ ul Federico **■ A* fetter cm* a tintype picture ct himself to a soldigr to be sat* to his parents at Santa Rita, N. M. Bar* t»»do |sr* his hot aa a present to a PoHeamnn, who ■» braced both pris oners aa they Uft the jail for the ex •eatioa ground. Just iaaldc the_, bwy^*nW, the party halted for a roo *^W# want to bony rp and have it «»■%-said Bernardo, in n growl, «. the qoeetion of an Arnsri tth "Thom Is nothing to any except that I killed wiu,n* *• dfe- We thought the A merica as were trying to mb na, and that they worn armed. The peaee of *sw with them had no warrant to march anr pfeoa. But hurry up, and ntft over. Captain Alfredo Ortis, eamJi. *h« firing squad, offend Bernardo a batodagn for his eyes. Ho refused. “I want to see,” he said. T want to die as my brother diee,» •aid Fadsrieo, who braced himself against his brother, and said; "Wo am had mm; wo killed the American; we aboald die.” Capta|a Ortis shook bands with tha prisoners and embraced thorn. Than ha stopped bask and .gave tha ordere to aim aad fire. Tha captain stepped to the bodies and ftmd one shot through Bernardo’s band. A shot afeo was find lata tha bend of Fadorieo. Goorgo At ho toll. MNfir «f too Whrtoo Motor Oor eoonpany hi r«» ooo Cltp. Mo, Mr ho ofted fair earn toonpt of eoart for loading SAM poa ■loo to no ofl ooa to Mo wtfo to Bo toOto oo hor Brit omuUi'o -TfTVuj Mro. 'Aitortli woomopolM to pop aod^LTlTwato mvMtMm MmoooM lliphi Mfaintthotoato. Corn Crocfcar in Cfaratnnd Star. Fnopl# afa apond tor mneb money far whlakay, nro not. gmirally, Tory otTCM Ttaidaro far ohm of edora tion. Expenditure far whlakay cnlla for lmraatuant in cheap platala that boro to ba fired ot nil night gather big* ihew “prepared area” cm part d young America. Of oouroa a wan that la a man could taka a hollow eerw-eab with a lightn ing bug in it and chaaa meat of theea paaedo buUfao into the Golf of Maxi oe; but boraoa and Uttia children do not know that; and banco the embry onic awaabneklar foata that ba ia bud ding terror. The law ogam at carry ing con crated daadly weapon* should ba rigidly enforced. Vary little pfa tel firing along the read* now pro rail* in thia portion at the county; but in paTtfene of thia State any kind <n a PUMK ptunni u dihicm by firing pistols aloog tha highway* and •Aool entertainments. Magistrate* connive at aoch barbarian, and ehureh dignitaries who frequently thank tha Land for "gospel land and Bibta privilege." once tried to inter dict all school entertainments "bacaso you cant hava order." I manage to hava mch nrrsslinm. and also to hava ordar—ons af Mark Twain's charac ters, Back Panshaw, kept tha peace by knocking down every man who be came turbulent. I am not a lighter, nor y«t a diplomat; bat I condone no rowdyism bocaima tha perpetrators are “cousin” somebody, nor bocaime thoy have daddies who own forty so res and a male. Taro years ago, hi Missouri. I was within thirty toils* of wham Jrneo and Prank James had their birth plaoa. Thoy, arith the Younger Bro thosa, were daring bandits and eat laws. These dnpwdsn kflled cash Ur R. A. Martin erf the Columbia Kentucky Bank 44 years ago; because he would not open the safa This was a rny strong bank for a small inland towns the capital stock being tttt.400. Thay robbed banks and train» ovar the Want, until they triad see hi Minnesota. They war* expert pistol shots, and began to shoot up and terrify tha town. mn a cool, MmM man was tOO yard* distant, who carried no pistol but was a sharpshooter in tha CMI War. At throe hundred yards, ha put three (hots and emptied three aad dha. Missouri now has a law on the stat ute book making it a penalty of two years in the penitentiary for carry daadlg —— ™* nt t stop to tha practice, at least la Car roll county. Of coarse sheriffs and policeman should be allowed to carry pistols; but hot-headed boys have no business with them. It is many miles to whore I taught in Missouri, and I mads tha rohnd trip; after staying there tan months sad staying three weeks in benighted Kentucky, where biscuits, “kivered" wagons, good water and tka “gospel" ara regarded as figments of tbs ima gination; and never carried a pistol. My only mishap was getting a cinder le my eye beyond Knoxville, Tion, bat the surgeon at DoaviBe, Kentucky, who removed it never need a pistol la dm operation, nor in collecting his fee. He thought, from my distin guished bearing, that 1 waa an arraat capitalist and charged 19a $100. Bat after my making aflUavit that I waa a timid school maim, on my way to Missouri, sad had taught thirty years in North Carolina—he shed tranquillsing tears on my shoulder and assessed me one deilar. He said I was needed In Missouri, and if I wars able to get that far from home with the meager salaries paid in the Old North State, that X waa cither a politician or a thief. Ha further ass art ad that this waa a distinction and not a difference. Tee Big far War. , Pittsburgh, Pm., Jan. II.—Michael TahoUid, a mtaai mill paddlmr from Cleveland, O., aged tt ymarm, waa to day rejected at the United SUtaa Ma ria* Corpa recruiting station In this eity. a* “too big and beaky” for the Marine Corpo. TMholaki man—rad six feet and five inch** in him teaching fate and weigh ed 267 pounds 'without clothing. The medical examiner pronounced him a porfaat phytoaal apaaimaa, 1ml tha maximum height for Mariam ia 72 inch** and no giants ar pygmies ace wanted in the Mari— Corps, accord ing to Sergeant Michael Da Boo. who ia in charge. Of the local recruiting station far mom soldi arm. . *> The giant recruit, who sag* ha to so white hope and tot — desire to —at Jess Willard ar Frank Moran, wfll rwami puddling to tha mill*, ha laid Da Baa whan tha totem rajaatad GBISKAL NKWW ITAtt. John Cbm*, a UotbUak. «* found dand in hi* room in Nm York dtp with $3,600 on hi* eMw. Hi* death waa 4a* to InauAcimt aonrtahmwrt. Th* Army Loggia* company, wttfc plant located it Sand Sprig*. Oklya., has r*c«W*d a oimtract from th* Fromeh goremraaot for U),MO/X>0 pair* *f Iggini. Six huadrad Uathar worker* will b* amployad on th* con tract. Three negro children, Rudolph Young, aged tva; Mildred, three, and Blanch*, ana, war* burned to dadth in their home in raderalsburg. Md., erfail* their mother waa man palled by the tames to remain outside and hear tb* terrible screams of tha children as they perished. ' The Austrian government. In order to replace territorials sent to tb* front, has issued a decree fixing the age limit for tb* course of the war at K6 yean. Those who are between the ages of fiO and fit year* will do earvic* only far six weeks rnnttnnirm ly and than only in districts outside of tha war lone. David Stewart, a wealthy lawyer and society man of Baltimore, waa •antenoad to three months in Jail in Urn United States District court far sending improper matter through tha mails. Stewart pleaded guilty to sandbag a latter containing objection able writings and drawings to a young woman several months ago. Tkrrs were SI ,9864*0 mikh cows in th* United States oo Ju. 1, 111*, according to tho report of th* Depart aart at Agriculture. Thin is an in eraaaa at 14 par «ot mat last year. There wan »,4W>00 ether cattle fa the country, an Inrreaes of 6.4 per cent. Thera wahe 4*402XXX) sheep, decrees* of L6 par cent and 66£4V 000 swine, an iacraaaa of M par cent. Saaaai Maitland, a steal worker at New Castle, Pa, eelsbratad what b* termed his thirteenth “spiritual birth day" by procuring Ihs aas ef the I'int Methodist church sad Inviting ministers, choir siegers and church workers to fain in th* nm leie Sev eral hundred people attended. Mkit land la an active church worker, and I* ■nmethtig cl a working mb's evan gaUat. Hi* “spiritual birthdays” data from Ms conversion. The reward of a dozen years of model ceoduct has came to Ira Noble, recently released from the state pant tanMary^et Dei Meiam, lode. Ooin trial agent for the state priaeu earn* the announcement that ha bad mar ried Min Byrd* Broekhegen, private secretary of the warden, and a young woman of unusual charm. Nobis had been sentenced to life imprisonment for mnidar but hie splendid behavior won him a commutation at ti-tium That Lawrence L. Page, tt yean old, murdered his aged grandfather, Prank M. Bpragua, at Grand Rapids, Mich., and than robbed Um of'|1,400, was the confeeeioo mada to the police by Vine# Jagge, cotnpanioa of Page, who declared that Page told Um all a few hours after the merder was com mitted. Page is alleged to have tak en the old man’■ wallet to Ua mother, who, on finding H contained negntie Me paper* that coaid not bo cashed without suspicion, returned H to the Sprague home. Page refueee to com fees to the police. Hie Belgian army is ateftrteg item a lack of tobacco and the- Belgian government Is too poor to provide M* eoldten with smoking material, ac cording to refugees who have landad la Now York. Ttiey say that whlla the Brftteh and Pi mail are amply aup pUad with pipes, tabacus and cigar ettes by volantary —rairlistinaa farmed for that piupena la Pranas and England, the home friends of the Bel gian soldiers are elflisr Impoverished, In exile or under German InrnhmHm and unable to supply the solace ed ntectine. That ammunition and atom worth botwooa $2,000,000 and $2,800,00$ wore abandoned whan tho AUtos quit Gallipoli to admitted, by Unddr War Secretary Tennant, of Bngtewd Bo arplainad that the primary object of tho evacuation waa to brine tho troop* away aaf* and sound. Be arid that no doubt more of tha atom corid have bean aaved hy the unrtflna of Ufa, bat that he believed tha Brittah pnbHc would endorse the action of tho** responsible when thatr first thought was tbo safety of the troops. Vfco Chancellor Stevens, of 4arsay City. N. 4., has decided that Jam* W.‘ DmmaUy, a Pennsylvania railroad an ginaar, to «atitled to mi half of Tha money which hto wife ha* antod out of thad pnrt of hto wngao which hd at wnyo has givoa her far hr™ ah nVI aoc ponooa. Tha amonnt tovelvad is $11^ #M/the court ruling that haanwn Mrs. Donnelly saved fa* rTTy fa, the hanaflt of both, tha hnalmnl wna an. Utlad to n share. Tha ftnnadtol dtf farnaa af Mr . and Mrs. DcndeBy U*£ and thcj|arc^Jvtog^happfly £ , • 9 ■ I « » anaowt K pt in accurate "*** la, but the State Laboratory h«n net don tally, alxoet arery day, oT aa* la, horaaa and hog* which haro hara 1 ml The total annua] loea la doUsn and caata would ha etartHrg. “Aj to getting rid of the dieaaec and j creating the waste," eays Dr: "** »ny ha conAdoaUy etatad that ia the only dlaoaee at praaant whl«h ooul4 ho readily abolished by lock! Etra onaatnont. Coodaement id * **• ntag i t large, weald la a few years *oha the diaaaaa unknown. An* in hat UDwland’IS'oddy!-***** j Observer Otar. Tha OufaMt Observer la efferisg ■ bunk rata to new and nfdu for the next thirty day*. Thdr'advotisament wfeieh appears to *** PMt today (annosocoa that sub. *• oceaptad la The IW«ad today Ofaaanrar at a rata « d* dollars par ysar; or tbs Daily oaly at fivs dollars. The regular 5W*»— eight dollar* The Observer has mads remarkable •(ride* forward in the past few of thk bargain aabaetiptioo*th^to ■*•*0 that several new fee terns will be added. Hirst, aad the meat tan. VorUat, la tha I seamy of * apodal wba to Washington, which will be aa additoal awvioa thick puts them to Sir rsr*11 * Hmhart Kaufn»*c, one of the most ■»«I-Oowb writers in America today; jJoo • fnU-pag* article on "Europe's Bottto-fwmt Lessons for America," by Frederick FaUnar, tha austtoMoa T^lf—^oadcnt in tha world, »_ Milk For The Children Oar fto+hm tell aa that there am no true whflhdp for para whole milk la deeabpiaf enaad boat ia the fro winy body «f the chBd. Bat note he say* “good pure adlk,” and renumber thla b the only kind we handle. Good for the irompe too. ; THE OAKLAND DAIRY THE HOME OF CllJ MILK.** FLOWERS .. —____ * • _ «rt Ssmk, Palma, tow. FlormI anufiowM for any oeemiao. Prompt atuaticm to <Mt*t-town ordan. SCHOLTZ, The Florist, Inc. PkoMUOl, CtaSttoTt _BLOTS DRUG STORE, Ay—*. — WHO K1 PS _ BRICK AND LATHES FOR SALE? • W. P. EVANS The Coal and Wood Dealer. Phone 54 or 125 DON’T CRIPPLE iw Earning Capacity by taring your eyea when they need attention. LISTEN, when your eyea ache end burn, when reed* tn« matter More and raaa together, you have r—lama la the head, then paiae la your node and thouMem, and you think you am aiek. But If you wfli call In and have a pair of gtaaaes made to fit your eyea, many times all tMa trouble will paae oft. CaH la and let me prove it It*a cheaper than to las thaee ailments around. R. G. STONE ■ Filtered Optnmatriet NOTICE OF BXBCUTKXX. Rovbt* quolifiod aa mcntrlx at tfcd Ust Wffl sad Twtiwil. of Kuk jfejsr&ja-iS s&r&.ssro!snuits: RM to oxhftit tkn to th« uiutar o*R»od duly nriM oa or Iwfon th* ^EgRmsL Walter 11. N«J. Attorney 6-10 as2*§iii 1

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