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The Laurinburg exchange. (Laurinburg, N.C.) 1913-1992, March 02, 1916, Image 9

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ora SCRAP BOOK The Weak in notary. OU Mmrj Rhynn Revamped. Johnny Spratt could afford do fat, HI* wife could.nffvro ao loan; “L*f» Cat them cut." laid wifey, “till A lower price io Men." Aad Along Came Rath. "Whet in the world have yon brought heme la the tack Ruth?" ashed the mother one afternoon of bor ingenious daughter. “Bran, mother,” replied Ruth. “Brant Aad pray what do you mean to do with that!” “Why mother, brae la one qf the handiest article* you can have about u boo* a it i* good for ao many dif ferent thing*. Par instance: It ia excel)eat for cleaning painted or varn ished woodwork, a* it removes the dirt and doe* not harm the (hush; than if colored goods,arc washed aad rfaaad ia }ran water they will not fade. Then everybody know* bow it whiten* aad benuttAai the hand* aad face when it (a need upon them.” “If that la th* case 1 am gtad to have such a Has household help eroded," declared Rvrth'e mother. Uara a Little Every Day. In time loot aad medical attention, tit* wage-earners of this country have aa annual atek bill of 1680,000,000. The total value of tires wed in 1916 in the U. 3. wai 8260,000.000. The new rice crop pay* California 870 an acre, or more than the wheat land gives. Britain yearly disi 70,080 tone ot cork. California had 1,184 forest Arse fa) 1914. Rassie's land area is 8,417,118 square miles. Hints Worth Trying. Te remove Ash odor from silver aad eooUag atanefls—Let them stand in eold water before washing. Te clean silk—Do not me * brash as the bristles are sure to scratch the tarfaee. Take a piece ot velveteen, wipe the silk well and all the duet particle* will be removed without the •lightest injury. To clean mirrors—1 saw a milliner dean bar windows In a few aainotee. She dipped a piece of tissue paper ta wood alcohol aad rubbed the outface elsaa. Then took a clean piece ot pa per sprinkled a little whitii« ea K aad Pollebed the gins*. It was the quick est aad meet satisfactory method I ever saw need. Wlee aad Otherwise. If Greses gets into the war the fat will be in the Are. Through a mask longue wo get a glimpse of hi* brain*—or his lack thereof. A business failure baa been laid ta woman's non-use of petticoat*—but this dees not meet) that the failure wns the result of time wasted by the pale employee keeping their eyes on the street. The trouble was that the Arm that failed wns n ssaanfactarer of petticoats. Bits at Information. Tor educational motion picture •Rows aad cooking h^,, where electricity is net available the Wslana state university has equipp ed aa automobile with a generator In aa effort to keep the Oecmaaa item croesing the Vistula, several «red women aided the Rasrtaa eoL to dig tranche*. If Aar Om Baa— * DUd, ' I • 1 Wee Be I» Fayetteeffle? K. O, Fek as^chktf at P*Sl* J' T’ ***!*• <* Fayetteem*. •fc*1*"*** **»»*kl e letter nulled tethk city tbU nomine et 11:80 end pwporte* to be from Jean Cron** the > anarchiat chief, who k charged »»th attempt! ny to poieen >00 people Bt •<3tk**° bMMjuet February 11. re!h!J?*t,t- d»*d W i *w, folkrw«: “Duar Chief of Police: J *« errired in yon eity, and wpa net by one of yew ue. I “»»»<•* *• nake heO fer you* fmah 0*Uee. 1 aaw yoa but mid "We*, w lent et preeent. “/KAV cron as,m "Bey etraet, Ofty.» , AMmu (My Mm. find life oa the farm too tamo aad Uava far the glara «f the dty Light*. A leading Chicago pep,, not long ago carried this story however, and it i* only on* of tbs many. The log at a farmer boy ne longer appealed to him and tearing the farm for the dty be leapt drifting on hie down ward carter antfl he waa shot in a drunken brawl. As he tossed upon hie bad of pain far away from those whom he loved, with none but strange voices about him amt two* but stranger* to ad minister to his wants, hie memory re verted to the old farm home and thought of the hollow mockery thai had been his portion since turahig hie back upon the homely pleading* •t hta father and mother aad there came an inspiration Into his soul In stuttering feebleness b# asked hi* aars* for a pencil and paper and ha wrntu a farewell-go to the coun try bays of America. An an gal could have done do better. Here is ' Us final appeal: -KMP from too (ton of tha bright lights. “Smiles beyond Unit]bag glum in false anil ruinous. “The ao-caitod gay whirl to only a headache. “Stick to (be farm; it to dm only content la the world. “A country-raised chap who tries to go the city pace (i out of hfe ele ment. “Good friends who will (tick when the clouds' gather an never found whan license takas the garb of mer riment. - > “Never discount your health for a few eight* of revel. . “The man whe sleep* while the] world Is working and plays when the wo fid of good men and women is sleeping cannot long keep stride, for evsa if ke has millions notun will take her toll sad lead kim to the ■*d house or the grave. “Usds mixed with liquor was never intended.. When women without character an added the youth who to tempted Is hasten before be atari* the game." The young men who wrote this dy ‘n* *PP«el had had hi* porttoa end know what be waa talking about. It may be that tha Recording Angel dropped a sympathetic tear end wish ed away tha stains that wen up on hie soal, end the young who wrote this dying appeal Jast before beginning hit Journey over the as lant waters daasnrul compassion. From Hoke CMurty Journal. Our neighbor. Wagram, haa decided to discard iu infantflo I swaddling clothe* and step into the ranks of larger end better towns. The follow ing is its building schedule for the rprtng of IMS: Mr. W. G. Bale will remodel his dwelling end make It modern and up to-date. Mr. John A. McKay will build a Urge and commodious residence. Mr. k. J.'Jooes will erect a Urge and medal residence. A *10000 Baptist church will be •mctod right away. This is the Spring HB1 church moving to town. Three nice brick stores oa Msh Mroet are to bo bout right away. Other things are contemplated, so yaa ooo Wagram ia coming right •Uag. While ia conversation with M*■ W. T. Cramp, tho cadrter. a faw daya ago. the editor learned that the Baak at Wagram never haa had so much money oa head, and when peo pU have the cash they will be doing ■o nothing. That's a feet Through the Gape Fear Newt we learn that tin boys' baas ball cMb at Fayetteville •*-««rf oat Tneeiiaj to raise ftok to gaanee the dub the amrfag earn, and the first -day col Meted a "messlsy three doners', whish looks Mko FayottovUU wffl hava m good team this year as she had last. Mr. W. T. Carrington has boon hi High smith’s hospital ia FayattevOle for treatment for tea days or mesa. We are fled to hear ha Is doing wed. Miaeao Alice and HaDls Covington, of Laorinburg, are visiting at the home of their brother, Mr. W. T. Cov ington. Th« British government is report ad to have off scad tore eanta far east-off ndlroiwl tree to the United State*. Formally these Ilea ware burned by tha oompaniee. Now they will ba ■avid and sent to Europe for -osa in the traachaa. Kite Hass) ■ahoaefah, * aarsa am-' Ployad to tha ADaghany General hoe pltaL Pktaharg, «aamlttod auhdda bp *teP»« Mo tha AUaghony river after *a laarsad that aha had give* tha ***** dasa af medidaa to one of Iter patfante. / : On* af tha meanest man ora can think af Jari m* it Ota ganttaanaa wba gate as Ota baah aide of tha bod and panrite Ms wtfa to get «g> “d Oteka all the ftree, c la In tag that ba hataa to amwl oat mm bar. Oaff •op Lsdgar. MUSTANG iSc;c4, C-U, RltcuuuUiiun j Stop* Pain At Ones | For Man and Boast 23c.JOc.SI. MAIMm LINIMENT ATTRACTIVE WINTER VA CATION TOURS TO Florida, Cuba, Tho West Indies, Panama Canal. Marti Gran. Operated daring tho Christ mas holidays, January, February sad March. Tours of Tn, Fifteen. Twenty and Thirty Days Duration. Cov ering Many Palate of Groat At tractive uses and Historical la terast. Wo have a tour at extremely Ima east including all expenses to Florida and Cuba, December 27, January 7th, aaperiaHy attract ive and of aalhnHrt educational value to Toochors and Stadanta during their vacation—their on ly opportunity. A TOUR OF Florida, tho world’s greatest out winter resorts, during tho height ef their season; through tho honutlfol tropical country in voyages In Southern' acuaTand the Isthmus of Panama, during the winter at home, af fording an opportunity for gnat comfort and pleasure. Write for Booklet and Litera ture. We are sure ana of our many attractive All-Expense Included, Personally Conducted sad Chap eroned Tours at a B weens bis Cost will interest yea. ' GATTIS TOURS, Twists Agents, Seaboard Air Line Railway Raleigh, N. C. THE IDEAL PBESSLNG CLUE Oaaaai*, Prating, Dy«in*. Al taria*. f' W« make a apadalty at Dry CWha callad for and ratoraad pronptly. AH work goarantaad to ba aat lafaetory. J. E WOODY. Prapciatai. Insurance Life, Fite, Health, Acd . dent, and (a fact any thing that loaoranea in "urea. See oa. Laoriiborg Agency Co. W. a DUNBAR, BkOkh FOBl> TRUCK FOR PUBLIC HAULING I am now prepared to do all Unde of pnbHe hahling including freight and haggage, and la fact, any and all kinda of haul ing. 1 am prepared to do i\ qotekly, haring a Ford Automo bile Track. When you hare hauling to be done call Phone No. 69. I am ready and aaxiooa to aerre you. COBLE McINTRTB •__ . » . • -»• . , I" Puff your way into the joys of Prince Albert ?> Go ahead, quick as you lay in a stock of the national joy smoke! Firs up a pipe or a makin’a cigarette as though never did knew what tobacoc and parch meant! Fbr Priooe Albert h freed from bit* and parch by a patented pxucaaa controlled exclusively by us. You can smoke it without a of any kind bacauae P. A. ia rool tobmooo delight w& do for you what ft has done for thousands A of sea, not only in tbs I States but all over the ' world! It will give you a correct idea of what a pipe amoks or a home rolled cigarette should be. “Cured" •to. Jay McOaa. at Stop*. Mi,Tatar, write*; "Ng Mm <9| year*. latoterad wMl wtMdy trauhte. I had tar • tot, I decided to try Cardto. toped bm right away. Tha leS treatment rot eaty hctpad a*, to a cared are" TASK Cardui Tl» Womai's Tiak a C ■Ptofctagy, yet gaady, aa to* • So, it yoo feel dmeoattgad! Mo*, Out-of-rortt —M* to do yedr household work. «a account c4 your condition, atop wonymg sod give Cadet a ML It k» helped thoaaaaM at warren.—why not you? Try Carder. ft-71 . . I ’ ■ w. c CALDWELL VITIIIHAXIAN Located in Lauri nburt for the practice of Mo Profoeoha. FIRE INSURANCE JAM. U McNAJR. Agwmt. T. B. HUNTER, Maaorw. Pan Im boat aampentaa. Tear bmb ■enara be y»ubm eaO eetefeBy A Bank With The Strength Of Tempered Steel Theaouadaaaaof thie hank ia aaluaeet by tk* mm -rntirm pofiey pomd by fta (Dim tothamakfa* at km. It tianton tiinranaa the aafeat of d ptomforth*ematymr mrirngt, «ajn wfchh ft. * \ pay* interaat at tba rata of 4 par aaat par —»»— lUa bank iavitaa yba to become on* of it* rapidly gvowfaff family of patrooa, aad offer* yoa every #^IM4y-1-*.., —l^L. infl rn,,g| SCOTLAND COUNTY SAVINGS BANK Laurinburg, North Carolina DO YOU PAY YOUR BILLS BY CHECK? And thoa have a geebad ef each and every aamat eapaartad tnpether wtth a isedpt for the amount paid T If not, yoe seed a cheeking aeeeeat with this beak. It la the aafaet why, the amt eoavenkataad aatiafaetory BMtfaod of traoa acting all buaineee payments. We will be pleased to have yoa make this bank year piece of deposit. First National Bank Unfabny, N. C. Money Loaned On Farms .. I make long time loan on Inpraand 9km lands in Hoke and Scotland Counties la rapan pleHw^ sod^get my rates and tsraas before No application considered far Ian flu $1000,0$ A. T. McLEAN, Manager , umebtok, a c. '

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