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The Laurinburg exchange. (Laurinburg, N.C.) 1913-1992, March 23, 1916, Image 3

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FREAK NEWS ITEMS. Odd sad Curloas Happening Through out the Country. While acling aa a pallbearer at a funeral la Evansville, Ind., the other day, Peter Re ben, agod 66 yearn, dropped dead aa ha was helping to carry the coffin to the hearse. Vaughan Hurley and lease Josephs, champion checker players of George town, Del., resented advice offered by a spectator and in the fight which fol lowed one man lost an ear. A score were badly bruised. Pinioned beneath a carload of coal, his left arm and leg crushed, Henry R. Kundeen, a switchman employed in Chicago, directed a surgeon as to the beat way to amputate his arm and leg. Kundeen remained conscious throughout the operation The Rev. C. K. Watts, Ml yean old, a widely known minister of Virginia, haa enrolled as a student In the acad emic school of the University of Vir ginia, at Charlottesville. This is the second time ha haa entered the uni versity, having been a member of the cleat of 1M6-W. Mrs. Wank L. Mini, wife of a pros per© ua Swiss-American farmer living near Marysville, Cal., is the mother of •oven children, at the aga of 26. The youngest member ei the family was bora Just a year and 17 days after the previous child. All are well and healthy. There are no twins, trip lets or quad triplets. The cannonading at Verdun, Prance, haa bean ao heavy that It haa been heard at Marburg and Ziegen hain, a distance of 188 miles. This, It is believed, ia the greatest distance on record at which a sound has been heard without the aid of soma artifi cial medium of transmission. No bat tle was ever before beard ao far away. Samuel Zaehar, a three-year-old boy, leaned out of the window of bis borne In New York city, tost his bal ance and fell four stories to the •tract. Tha child landed in a crate of eggs and though badly shaken up, suffered no serious bodily injuries. The child was making frantic efforts to extricate himself from the scram bled mass of shells and albumen whan his mother rsarhisi him. Two hours after he enured the home of Mrs. Ralph Rcmy. at War saw, Ind., robbing her and attempting to attack her at the point of two re volver^ Charles O'Brien was on hit way to tha Indiana reformatory at Jeffersonville to serve a sentence of from 10 to 20 years. ]n that length of time he was pursoad by • pnass. captured, riished into court to escape lynching threat* and sentenced by the Judge. "Sixty days after my death I proei iae to pay John Gregalunis $1,000," read a note Med for record in tlya of fice of the prothonotary at Scranton, Pa. The maker at the note was Charles Comlsky. Lawyers aay Com laky is perfectly aafa as the promise is not worth the paper on whifh it is written. A dead man cannot he made to pay anything neither can n sheriff execute judgment against n dead man. Job M Smith, an undertaker at Tnckerton, N. J., had the surprise of hia Ufa whan William Perm, residing in another part of the stats, walked inte Us office and paaead over a roll «f $6$ in bills in settlement of a bill. Smith consulted his hooka and found n charge for burying Peon’s mother 40 years ago. Penn said ha hod re eontly diaoovorad the old unpaid bill among his father's possessions. Garbed only in the dewing lines of her pun slain bathtub. Mrs. 1_ Pels true, of New Brighton, N. T., cmuseO the arrest of Salesman John Conroy, who delivered s soap order in Person. Conroy, replying with a *10,000 salt for damage* declared the woman sent far the soap so he slipped ' with it. Cearoy also stated Giut Mrs. Palatrua threw everything in the bathtub at Urn, Including her »«raenal opinion He denied having any suds before slipping along with the soap. rnak Hopkina, it years oM, a fcrtdspiwm of ena day, is dead, and William Barnett, Jr., 8 yean aid, and Goodwin, 25 ysan old, m wwandad because «f a practical joka attempted by William Barnett. 8r. Hopkins and kin bride wars at tha ' Bamatt naldeare, naar Alma, Ky., .whan friends wan celebrating the marriage. Thinking to team them all with tha report of a ahotgen, Barnett atartad oat the front door. Ho slip ped on the front step and the gua wai discharged through a window. A woman la justified In inflicting corpora! punishment open a male flirt who aaaoya her. the Arkansas flu preoM coart has rated in 4*rmiag the 8280 damages which e lower court hod awarded Mn “NeUi* Trueeel, et Hat Springe, against the Memphis, Dellas end Golf railroad. According to thfl IWKina aa aaala MMinaaa M g train ti tha defendant railroad winked and threw kieses at Mrs. Traenl, whereupon ah* broke an tm breOa met hie heed end then sued the ccen peay THE W|DB WOULD. Happening* Throeghoat th* World TaM in Brief. The Austrian minister of trad* has announced thst sugar cards will noon be issued, limiting every on* to s pound and a quarter of sugar month ly. I George Brennan, n pupil In 8t. Matthew's Catholic school in St. Louis, saved th* lives of several schoolchildren when he seised a mad dog by the throat and hurled it into * room. Th# deg was shot but not until after he had bitten Jams* Mur phy, aged ten years. Edward Holler, former chief of po lice of Torre Haute, lnd., end Edward Rodgers were shot during an election fight in the Indiana capital. Both were Implicated in th* election con spiracy of several months ago and testified against Mayor Don Roberts. Th* enormous quantities of ammu nition consumed in th* artillery duel at Verdun has prompted th* Allied forcmmwiu to nrft that ordtra io the United States be rushed. Several weeks ago agents were instructed not to ship incomplete cedars and to reg ulate shipments. The lower breach of th* Virginia general assembly has pasted the state-wide prohibition MU by a vote of 86 to B, tha measure haring previ ously boon passed by th* senate. One <iuart of whiskey a mouth per person U th* limit placed by the bill on im portation* of la toxicants from other States. The New York city Supreme court has Just awarded *40,000 to Mgs. Cora Maude Clark id her breach of prom ise suit against John Lee Martin, for mer stock broker. Mrs. Clark, be cause of th* endearing name* applied to her in letters from- her former lover, has com* to be known as the “BooTul baby." To correct defective foot of girts, caused in most eases by wearing shoe* with high heels and pointed toes, the University of Oregon, at Eugene, will require all girls to regis ter their Course* will then be started to cure defect*. A toot of ltd co-eds showed only three with perfect feet William A. January, for 46 years an official of California, San Jose city or Santa Clara county, celebrated hi* ninetieth birthday by patting in a part of the day at his desk. He has been tax collector, state treasurer and city treasurer at various times sad daring his years of service has handled *40. 000,000 of public funds. Louis Tortine, a reach hand at Ox nard, CaL, has confessed to the mur der of Peter Furrier, a wealthy rancher, his arif# and their ten-month via urn ay. rM crime was committee with «n inw bar, the murderer then dragging their bodies into a bed room whore be placed them on a bod and •at fire to the bouse in an effort to destroy any evidence of bis act. A woman bandit, with a male com panion, walked into a bank at Jfil lerton, Okbu, covered the cashier with • revolver and demanded the The woman raked in about 1600, all the eaah In sight, keeping the cashier covered. Mounting bones the robber pair dashed for the mountain!. A poaae pursued but the woman and bar companion outrode them nod »«—pni Mn. Carrie Christensen. of Mat roes, CaL, four times married, was ••ntenced a few days ago to ona year in the county jail for eaing the mails to defraud prospective husbands. It was alleged that aha obtained about f.1,000 In her various matrimonial Jtwaaa. “I have no sympathy with these long rang, oourters,” said Judge Dealing la passing sentence, “but s feel and hie mpney must not be part ed." l*owr million women will be allglhle te vote In the 1838 national election, according te figures given out at the headquarters of the Congressional union in Washington. The anion is hrging every one of the women of voting age to qualify at ones In order that the suffrage army may be readily mustered for action If It te forced In te tbs campaign by tha failure of Congress to act on the Susan B, An thony amendment wnitam Starwood, roeontly ermrt od l« New York city for tta staotinr •f Boonlo Weinstein. o guard anv ployod by L Kaplan A Boat, shlrt waint manuractorara, eoafaasad, ae wdlngr to tta police, that ho was saa ph>yod to do tta shooting by a ehirt waiot mokora’ union, tta member* of which ota on a strike Ha said ta waa to rwdfo »ioo ami to ta pat on Ita anion payroll at ft6 a woak in rs tnra for bio aorrieoa la "shootlag up" tta Kaplan guards. , Two mm of a whaleboat's crow front tta New Bedford (Moos.) bark Alloa Knowloo war* recently killod •J tta ooaal of Africa by a giant whale. Tho boot waa feat to tta '"tale and waa bciag dragged at the rata of tan miles oa hoar, whoa, after It had received sertrai jobs with the tarpoon, tta inoaator Hopped end hrtnd to octaa tta boat la ita Jaws. Tho craft waa thrown lata tta air aad nona of*tta trow escaped injury. / v MUSTANG I For Sprains, Launaaaaa, H Sorea, Cuts, Rheumatism | Stops Pam At Onoa H For Man and Baaati 2Sc.5Ob.01. At All Dacian. LINIMENT ATTRACTIVE WINTER VA CATION TOURS TO Florida, Cabs, The West Indies, Panama Canal, MaidJ Gras. Operated during the Christ - bus holidays, January, February and March. Tours of Ten, Fifteen, Twenty end Thirty Days Duration, Cov ering Many Points of Groat At tractiveness and Historical In terest. We have a tour at ealrsmily lew cast Including aB up ciss to Florida and C«2, December 27, Jaa-- ' “ - ive ty opportunity. A TOUR OF Florida, the world's greatest oat winter resorts, during the height of their season; through the bountiful tropical country In nearby foreign tends; sleamehlp voyages in Southern aaaa; and the Isthmus of Panama, daring the winter months at home, af fordiag an opportunity for grant oomfert and pleasure. Write for Booklet sad Litera ture. We are sure one of our many attractive All-Bxpease Included, Personally Conducted and Clmn eraued Tour* at a Reasonable Cost wiO Interest you. GATTIS TOURS, Tourists Areata, Seabeard Air Line Railway Raleigh, N. C FOR SALE Two Story Dwelling on Church street $3,750. One story, 6 Room Dwell ing on Middleton Height* $1,575. One Building Lot 100 by 300 on Covington street $1,100. The above property mast be sold, and la going to ba •old cheap. If yoa are Interested see, LAURIN BURG* AGENCY COMPANY Insurance end Real Estate HINTON JAMES. Pm. W. 8. DUNBAR, See. A Tma. 1'» Sal* of UmmOt*. UadOT and by virtu, of power at Ml, and judgnent at Superior Court, eoUind at March term, 1914, Scot 1» the caaa at Oa. Oar 4 Locomotive Co. re. A. M. ’H^LTT'SikSi &2r £ insist aAaLA&y&teta; 4~,tn% Ptoe* Coart Hone* Dm, Laurtn bun. Term*, Caeh. March 8th, 191S. M. L. JOHN. 10-11 Cntamleeiuaer. '* 6 *• M J. H. WADE has bought the Woody pressing dob and has a good man in charge. The work Is all done at Wade's old stand. Use only one 'phone for the business, 118-1. WADS IS ON TUB JOB Guarantee Satisfaction TSDllVSOst Malaria _ • ara tiklag, aa tba toaUlk W »<ol. "howto* k h ao4 Ino to a has. * *—ilatwM -- a_a - wimi oil Milan*, the <•> tha ay tow, to stor Bargain Period Extended I To April 10 k ----- - ( THE CHARLOTTE OBSERVER announces the • extension of its Special “Bargain Period” to April ,10th. Until that date New Subscriptions will be accepted at the rate of $6.00 per year for the Daily and Sunday. $1.50 for 3 months trial sub scription. The Observer’s Special Leased Wire News Service from Washington is worth the subscription price. . • . 'si “The Foremost Newspaper In The Two Carolinas.” Now Well k Ike heat d-ieaad tarar mmI," wrltaa J. A. iNHiili. at PattoariEe, Tana. *t terribly with Urcr Tba doctor* aald I tad oow w>tni I could aot wort at tfU Pkaly 1 tried v THtDfOm ^BUCK DRAUGHT and to my oapriae, I gat bettor, tad tm to-day aa wcB aa may aua.~ Tbtdford’a Bf aek Dcaapdfc a (eaeial, cattoatfc, aapkMa Hvar medlciae, tfaet kaabaaa npkitog krapkk. bowela, tor ova* 70 yaara. Oat a package today. Matoatt ,paki t ThadfanTa. M W. C. CALDWELL VIT1IIKAX1AM Located in Laurinbar* for the practice of bk ProfeMion. FTRJB INSURANCE 9AM. U KcNAIB, A|Nt T. &. BUMTBt, Htnftr Mi Vw Amt eoapantaa. Ttmr W4 Miwllk appaaataUd and earafall? hMdlad. «. Insurance e Life. Pin. Health. Acci dent, and in tact any thin* that inturahce in mm. 8ee na. Lauriiburf Agency . Co. W. a DUNBAR, Sec. -Brea*. !A Bank With The Strength Of Tempered Steel Tb« soundness of this back is entranced by the turn *er vative policy pursued by its officers in the making of losns. It tberefers hsrnmes the safest of all places for tho ears of your savings, upoa which ft. paye interact at the rate of 4 per rant per varum. This bask invitee you to becorao on# of lU rapidly grosr^ng family of patroos, tad offers you every facility cuovisteot with cafe, sound and oooaervativw banking. SCOTLAND COUNTV SAVINGS BANK Laurinburgr, North Carolina DO YOUR BILLS And thus If this

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