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The Laurinburg exchange. (Laurinburg, N.C.) 1913-1992, May 25, 1916, Image 6

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gli-LUS-L-L — i-'i-' J_ '_»_g=!gi AnivUal Report Of Treasurer ***“■ Baldwin, p*y roll ** tJTjUim M_,ut pan a. Baldwia, oa salary *n» 80.00 Md C. L. Sanford. salary Dm. ' *710 20.00 .-Md H. Baldwin, bal. on salary *717 ,440 Md 0. Baadcas. bal. an aalary ETUI 76.00 Md *•. Elactrlc Co., invoice* ***» 807.95 M« Waadactmoao She. Co, to "ta» «*• 40.B0 Paid Ckoriotte Wagon Co, work •da, Mud *7*1 MM Paid J. K. Sanford,* saw tm AM Paid C. Beaefcam. pay reX m m IS 1,08000 PWd Coapona #740040 da* Jan. 1st 225.00 Paid Gen. Mre X*. Co . iavoiaa~ *7*4 144443 Paid Oil. McKay, salary Dae. *7*9. 40.00 Paw N. N. loyal, part reaer Mr on* PaM M. N. Royal, part raaar* Mr *727 *40040 Pali C Benrkent. pay roll *7*1 m Paid W. P. Evans, coal *7*9 )50 PaMUgfe* A Power Co., current and water *7X0 7X0.14 Paid H. Baldwin, an salary 27*1 949 Paw w. N. Royal, baL an reear Mr S7«t 40040 Angna Manor, taring STBS 40 Md A. J. Ron), week an Cm Umk 2784 440 ' M# Peed Raynor, donning tank Prtnr o «• • ***• "* *"*10040 PaM w. D. Tucker, axpaaaaa to C *7X7 4448 PaM W. a Tackar. apiary *7*0 7040 PaM W. a U cLaarin, water tax *7*0 0440 PaM Aagna Hanar, kaabng XTOO 14$ PaM Jaka Hand, 0 koan work *141 149 Pak^O- T. Jonee, Oriijaj Sew Paid So. M Tel. Co., *phoee ^ wnt *74* 949 PaM Jrny Davis, XX kenaa Paid Graham A Kincaid, work *m 16.70 Paid Angw Manor, hauling i im Jt Paid Planters Trading Co, paMa 2778 6AM Paid H. Baldwin, pay roll am 2.10 Fhid Aagua Manor, hauling am . AM Paid 8®. Ball Td. Co, ‘phone am un Paid H. Baldwin, oa aal. March am 7.00 Paid Angus Manor, hauling pip* am m PaM W. P. Evan*, eoal ana im Paid K. Baldwin, oa salary am 7M Paw L U. Kincaid, building fawn >780 81.40 Plaid C. L. Sanford, aal. March mi MOO Paid R. Baldwin, bal. oa *aL am woo Paid C. Bsacfcaan, aal. March 2788 76.00 Paid J. K. Sanford, lamp, Ac. 2784 2LIS PaM Sid Easterling, « hours ' work am .78 Paid A. J. Pari, sat March am 4om Paid Angua Manor, hauling am M PaM W. P. Senas, coal am im Pud Oty deik, staaspad wnl* •PM KM XM PUd Psatmartar, City Clort *•* UM P»U Light A Power Co., bar ren* KM 44844 PUd lid Easterling, 4 days wwk KM AM PUd K. r. OBfeathM. meet. KM 12.54 PUd J. A Stoddard, painting tank KM 1AM PUd Light A Power Co., cur rent KM til *7 PUd T. J. Gill, bal. ml ary rm SAM bid Angus Manor, hauUag brick KM M PUd A A. L-, frsight rm 1X1 PUd Light A Power Co., MM M PUd Gregg Bron, pump, Ac. mi 49.07 PUd J. A Stoddard, painting task «•! SAM PUd C. SMChaw, peg roll *®J* A75 Paid H. Baldwin, on salary . «» AM PUd AngM Manor, hauling SSM ' LOO Paid So. Ball TeL Co., ■phoaa MW AM PUd Plaatnre Trading Co-, potat SSM 10LS6 PUd Baldwin, ou salary MOT A00 PUd ALL, freight SOM |f Qt PUd H. Baldwin, pay rail and , Mlaiy SSM 740 'PUd a L. Sanford, aaL accL Ml¥ sojm Paid A Baldwin, baL aoc*. VMa a,,. **■* MU KJS PUd Angus Manor, hauling SUS 111 Paid A. J. PUtd, salary SS14 4AM ' MATUJS THONm| B. FINLEY •Fjjflil Congress , J— Thomas Brown Finley, democratic candidate for Congress in that? Seventh District, was born in Wilkes county, whef,: (he town of North Wilkesbo N^ wnber 6, 1862. He comes of on both sides being to settle slang the banks of . A great ancle was a companion in his darfaur admitum u «u n ■ , II i shS Tkfi&M Black I easiest to use* White I tlttsWiluls _*2jJ WestfoW, 1QC I Don’t Scold Your Wife mmi ; Here is some good, sound horse sense. If the dinner doesn’t taste just to ypur liking, if the coffee is a little off collor and the flavor poor, • .*her" Uanyti>io* «**«yon thinkpoghtjto **prove<f upon, don’t bi in too great haste lo criticise your wife. She probably is doing the best she can^ with the groceries you furnish her. There’s just ss much in the groceries as there la in the cooking, and every WOMAN knows it. TRY US NEXT TIME! IT PAYS! McLaurin & Shaw ’Phone No. 43 Laurinburg, North Carolina Floors that are easy to clean . Scrubbing t« hard work and it will d*. attoy the surface o£ moat vamiahed Upon. We recommend the easier and more orac rical method of preserving the natural beauty of mood Soots with ' DEVOE MAMLe^mmNlSl! To dean you limply apply a little Devoe Polithin(tOil accordmgM simple direction*. Devoe Marble Floor FtnM, water-proof* the wood and enable* it to with* *t^nd the aeveren wear and tear without marring. In dear, dry weather *t will dry in 24 hour*. Of our many ctiroot er* who have ueed Devoe , Marble Floor Fmi»h, all report »*ti*faction. We'U gyya that ^u'n bo . pteaieo with thi* eaiy to-ckan, long-la«iog J.T. FIELDS LMummm. nc.

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