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The Laurinburg exchange. (Laurinburg, N.C.) 1913-1992, June 27, 1918, Image 6

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Make His Dreams Come True—Buy War-Sav- . ings Stamps ir Last night American soldiers, sleeping in the desolation of France, dreamed of victory—of . America safe, free and happy. They have left the comforts of life to flght the Hons. To holp otaasp out of the minds of tfco Haas forover their Ideas of world dosahuon. -;:'V Tow awat hack thorn ap. Loan your dollara . . Buy War-Savings Stamps. = \ V.v v- . ,: . ^ • COVINGTON SUPPLT CO. ’ lesHikry, North Carolina i POOD ADMINISTRATORS MACT ING IN KALUGA. *W» Food idwtalawaf Pig* d* rlana Work of Food* Dm Help* Win gp War. Btlflyh, Jut lk—-Tho Rinaly and dty food administrator* from pry*. tiemlly every county in North CaTo Hm mot haro today with State Pood Administrator Henry A. Pago and M* staff for a two daya lailm during which the prahioaH and acttritUi of tho Pood Adnd&istration aro bring diacnaaod la detail Tho eoarantian U a typical aad rap reamtativo body of patriotic awn aad woman, who. with Mt aay rea—tioa, aro giving thair boat thought aad a groat deal of thdr time to a war activity which la Job* aa rrrwaiy aa tha manafac hva of a raw aad amanoittoa and tha bunding of ahipa. Gottiag Raaattm. Mr. Pago declared to tho counW Pood AdaUalatratara praeect that bat fdr thdr activities aad tea actMttoa of tea Pood flimlnlrl rail mi gwonty teo Ailiaa woald have been forced iMg ago to accept a Gorman peace with aU that GanwuMlIctated peace tame maa. Not oafy bar tha actio. Mm of tho Pood fl t la. an. •Mod England, France Italy te con tinue to flght bat it haa acc—pitted weadare in (Mr ooautry. tha affocta «f white bate beea U uphold mad M»toln tho splendid morale of the GMag (pacific totem— of what tha Poed Adodatoteattoa tow _ fBteed during Gw tea mouth* it haa haaa to tha Said, Mr. Page —tod teat ttemgk Its aettrtttoa auto tea* 1*1 M<MO bushels of whont had baas «. pwrtod to the A Wee faatoad of the MV •MASS bated, white woald ham haaa tha aatkaatod export aarpka nn Aa mate aa tlfifjm pouada te fcaef haa baau exported to am —ate aa oomparad with the ordinary ««rf» rata of aua to two TteWim pooedr uuatMy. la oaa moath MfiOOfiOt pmada of pork ha* beea auportad aa rparad trite the ordinary rate te azpact of 80AMA0* paaada par tooatfe oat of wheat from the producer oof the coat of floor to the rnowiiori foe the tlvs-yesr ported preceding l»lf woe ISAS per banal. la Ult the erenge rprood woe f&M pm bonwl Siocc the Food Adaitntat ration haa mitarad the (laid the* praad haa rang ad from «1.7« ta tlJO pm bosh'd. f I In • wide range of staple food oopl ■wdhfoe, inclodteg wheat floor, cud | to the producer of 16 to SO peiceal .aad at the iim time a t price of the product to the ceeuaj 1 of 16 pm cant to 20 pereeat, the do j«*ae# ta the "spread” being mar* than 60 percent. Man than *250,800,000 U account ed for ta th* [netware ofp rice* to the producers and th* decrease of price ate consumers aa a naah of Food A4 yttteattea eetjrlttea during a ported taaattac of State Food Admtatatra tors at Waahfogtea. The (oealts Indicated b* these fig ures have bean brought about thnrrtti the aliiataattea of aad other injurious trade practise*. Well I» Ferefraet. to th* Waahactaa offlea Food Administration, North »» wall a the forefront of which haea moat aeta ta Feed work. North Cafo i dealers and cone*more SEASON IS MERE EOS SUMMER COLDS. I m ■ . BUto Beard of UeeKh A gel* Worn AflhS Ueifw of rnmiMom CbngWag. Spitting end Sneocleg. "Doe't epit, don’t cough, don’t «mm * The familiar elegmn used by the State Board of Health in the win ! tor and cpriog li now being repeated Ibocanee then ere lot* of people who have ennune,' cold*, end n rammer eold Is jott at bed and sometime* even worse than a winter one. Th* campaign egelaet promiacuou* eraghlng, (pitting and anoesing he* aa the goal of it* success a lower death rat* far the man in training ramp* and far the public generally, aa wall aa better health for everybody. Tim health of the soldiers depends to a great extent open the health of the civil population eiaoa soldier* con tract contagious dlaoaaao ia their home* and alaowhar* mad carry tham *• tha camp*. The health of th* civil popalatUn l* of the utmost import ance to the health *f the men m the twining camps et this tiam eeportal ly by roaaon of the fact that sa/oral hundred thousand registrants arc be lag aaa«mbl*J for training from av oir meticn of th* country. air—ity of refraining from lag, tpitting aad snt suing m la —phemlasd by the following from Sargocn-Csairol Gor ga* of tba United States Army: "Ibmaudi of stir soldiers who have been treated la amp hospitals far respiratory diseases since are went la war, weald not have had these dis eases communicated to them had they aad their feOow soldiers taken prop nr precaution eg i net prosaist sees oooghing, entiling and spitting. I think it la safe to say that a lance pnperUea of the cases at respiratory *—■— *a the camps would have been prevented had the seen been «i this iHsssas csrryicgg”abUd''^ guarded f*,‘~r aad aaeesiag. “•at coughing end saeeeng are not the only waps ta which a spray of anssos sod saliva Is propelled from the ameth sod nose. When a asa laBrs seen quietly he seeds eel a Wy etsmlied vapor from hie Upe. If the speaker talks loudly aad excit edly, the speech becoming neere ex pfoatva. then the fine droplets laden With microbes are sent much farther into the sir. Kew think haw often loo feel the “hot breath of the en thusiastic talker** aa he has stood rioaalp facing pea tolling his story. k___,_;_1- _ Thin tarnation kt duo lo tbo impact tm Uw face of the warm vapor from ^oakort mouth. That vapor t» composed a# myriads of microscopical droptota Of saliva and mucus, each charted with myriad* of disease forms. Just because these forma are. invisible is no reason to disregard; thowi and not tabs Intelligent prs-, cautions to prevent them from "land- i In* a direct hit.“ The bast defence is ordinary conversation la to “keep out of range.” Ton dont have to push your face at a man to tell him something. Reap your distance, four fact, and shower him with words, if you like, but not with Infected spray. You wouldn't use his toothbrush or drink from bis glass and you don’t want the material which cover* them taro things sprayed in your face. Conversely you wouldn’t offer your friend your toothbrush. Be juet aa considerate with your talk spray.” GIRLS! IDIOM JUICE IB 8RQ4 WHITEN ES. Haw te Maks a Creamy Beauty La •ka far a Few Cents. The take <rf two freak lanumo •trained late a bottle containing throe omtm of orchard white nakee a wk®** quarter plat of the mat re Mrkable lenten aUa beaatiSer at ■*o«* **• "f mw amt may for a wall Jar of the ordinary cold creanae. Cawa hooM he takmto .UatatSe iMaon jaiea throqaka Am oloth ae zfsfszlE'z.'tzsriz otk s^jss. as a-ar.rjridSi as-SuS?. whitener aad beaatttor. iuat tor 1*1 Get three owaoaa of orchard white et any drop etere aad two leevoeu troa the (tocer ead make ap a quarter pint of thli eweetly fra fruit leawa lotion, and maaaapo It SLiswr* gggsgm_j__i?.!." m Southern Banke rs . Enthus* *1 OviT It President and Caahirr ot 1 on tel ana aad Georgia Banka are fUrang in TMi Pmaaal Radars*. Among the counties* thousands at prominent people an ever America who ham taken Teniae and praised it for the benefits they derived from it, none are mere enthusiastic than the two well-known southern banker* whoa* statements follow: *. J. Henry, president of the llaw ktnsviile Bank and Trust Co., Enw kinsville, Ga, says: "Last spring 1 was all wrong some way or other and couldn't gut right I took • bottle of Teniae and began to improve. Two more bottle* put nut in good shape aad I fait perfectly w*Q. A few wuoka ago, T took tka grippe and was getting down and out again. I bought aaether bottle at Tarda* and 1 am wall again. 1 unhesitatingly raonm mand Taalac to aayooa who is sick cashier Bank eC Taalac la sold by Bint's Drug Stare, Lsurinburg, N. C.J W. Z. Gibson, Gib son, N. C.: Laurel HIU Drug Cu, Lau rel Hill, N. C.; Die. Bari McLean, | Wngram, N C.—sfdv. ^ Not at All RaotfoL Mm. Flatbuah—Do 70a make you hoahaod go to church with you? Mm Bcceonhnret—Oh. 700; bat ho doccn't enjoy going. -Why ttott* “Won, ho hej what to call ad church tnaomnla." CHICHESTERSP1U5 EAST CAROLINA TEACHERS TRAINING SCHOOL v A state school to train teachers for the public schools of North Carolina. Every energy i* directed to this one purpose. Tuition, free to all who agree to teech. Ml Term begins September 2S. 1918. For CVslogue and other information add rots, „ .ROBT. H. WRIGHT, President Greenville, North Carolina It’s Raining Now That money you have laid away for "a rainy day"— wouldn't you give every nickel of it to keep a Hun's knife • away from your boy's throat ? J Welt the Hun wants to get here with his knife—and the "rainy day" is here-its raining now, raining bombs and sharpnel upon our boys "over there." You don’t have to fight but— i v i Your son does, or your brother who is now across the way—or the kid now in khaki to whom you used to give pennies a short time ago. . JUNE 28th | NATIONAL WAR SAVINGS DAY On that day the nation calls upon you, not just your neighbor—but you—to pledge yourself to the purchase of' a certain number of War Sawings Stamps during 1918. y • Lend your money as freely as they are giwing their lives. National War Savings Committee Tkls apses eeatrikotat iter the Wiaafa*ef the War kp Z. V. P ATE Laurel Hill, North Carolina

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