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The Laurinburg exchange. (Laurinburg, N.C.) 1913-1992, November 14, 1918, Image 5

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Local Notes Col. E. 8. Overby Irft Tuesday morning for Fayetteville to spend * few days enjoying the Fayetteville f«to. ' Postmaster O. H. Russell day la Fayetteville ea the Cumberland Mr. J. A. BaaeeB of rente <wun to the dty Mr. Russell la Jaat » cent attest ef Mr. and Mrs. Haary _i sad dldiw ad feekfr Bin. A C, agent the ereekW tn-Jh* d|y iMth Me. aadi Mrs. L. P. MA " * 1 ■ 1 Mr. A. Me Neill, Mis* Belle McNem sad Mlaa Mary Uvlagstea ef . the WeedvfUa. eeetiea ww» v tel tees to (gglAf Saturday ? Kseers. *- J. Janas, W. T. Crump, C. C. Smith and Mr. MeLaachha of Wagnua were visiters la. the dty if., a——- s W VCFJaj a Mr. Braaaan Smith of Bad Springs waa to tbs dty Monday sad paid The iMheage often a can. Mr. tatth is a puid-to-edvauee subscriber ef this pager. * .. It la nsoaMd that the Mathers* Club will meet srith Mrs. J. L. Oib aou Tuesday afternoon, November II, at a o’clock. Subject: Tsaapsr eaoe. Mr. H. R. Weill left Sunday for Atlanta and la spending several days' them buying mules. Mr. Wall! as pects to return the latter part of the weak. Mlaa Fannie Wright, who bolds a responsible position at Washington, ► pent a few days recently with her pareata, Capt and Mr*. J. M. Wright, of the county. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Lee ef Marion. S. C- cut here last week to visit at the boeae at Mr. Lee’s father, Mr. K. R. Lee. Mr. Lee spent Tueeday bare end voted, returning to Marion Wednesday. Mrs. Lee stayed osar until Monday. | Miss Ethel Coffey of Lenoir spent Saturday and Sunday with Mlaa Mary McKinnon, en route to Flora McDon ald College. Mias Coffey recently *' went homo on account of the “da” sit uation and was returning to her stud ies. llr. B. H- DePricst, representing the Textile Record of Charlotte, sjamt Wednesday in Leurinburg. Mr. DePrioet if collecting data far e big industrial edition of thi* well known trade paper end promises to giro Scotland's textile interests a booster write-up. Mr. Jasper T. Gibson, distributor of Hudson and Dodge automobiles in this territory. Is speoding this week in De troit, Michigan, at the Hudson Motor Company’s plant looking orer ths “Eases’* automobile, a new car being put out by the Hudson Co. Mr. Gib son is thinking of adding this ear te 'his line if according to hie judgment 1: will measure up to the high stand ard he demands of automobiles. Bur. Carl B. Craig. r. states IT, will at the Presbyterian church aa suit uf rally day aad re i A eaufaraasa ta te be hcM at Hamlet *19, at 11 e'ateek. fJng the stabs wfl] ha ty is asp sated te aead te Ate meeting, fleet land had pur chased up te October 1 |01.T99 of war seringa stamps sad is still behind am Its quota 9276,188. la flUjOtt has base pledged hut Mm people aiU'tiew la radeamlug their pledgee. Wu meat get a "heasp” oa if the soualy gem *V»er the tap" te this work. Mrs. K. Buchanan, chairman of Mm Itgiahut chapter Bad Cruaa, aaka that an three whs desire te asad Christmas parcels to (ha sal dims lu Piuses earns to Bad Crum headquar ters aad gat the borne which the Bad Oom far mill! ryooe. Na panel tastes sea auaayt tWl ad Mm War dspartmsat. Mre. ate tea that ths Bad ha oyea her 90. and wfll ha epaa all day oa I I tbs 90th. A supply of Asa# beam 'te oa head and may to had by ca» 1ag for Asm. No Christmas pechag* aaa to atat to Praam after 6 p. m that Aa laaal rhaptar wants to mad M Ctotetmas paresis to Pranas far Asia toga who hers ao eau at hems to mad (tom gifts at Christ mas Aar oaa why te wihteg te El t to* hr soma toy te ftem whs athmuteu wfll get ee psudtage fur Chrlsteam, te ashed to eaB aad flat a bra prompt ly. ' ~ m m m Superior court will convene ta Laurlnburg oa Monday, November “*■ . ! M. T. Ft|iMi of Gibeon Appeared la the official casualty list Sunday as killed la action be Franc*. Mr. Fear aan is a son of Mr. B. M. Pearson aad tha eacoad Seatlaad oeunty toy to thru Ms Ufa far liberty la the war. A tatter turn this young soldier ta Ms father waa recently published la Mcaara. Frank B. Jebn and Wflham It' Cooper, Jr two “young man ef i^urlaburg, have received appebtt naata ta aa affiiere’ training eehaal at Camp Frament. OeUferaia, and ex pact to leave in a torn daps for tkle •an*. It la not known just how tha reel erder to diacontlnae eaadiag mm ta caay wUl affect their etatua. Tha local draft hoard haa queried the War department an tMa question aad will probably receive aa answer seen. Tfb« local exempt! on board ha* m eahred official notice from the War de partment to cancel all calls lor regis trants to go to the training camps. The board also haa Instructions to fo ahead with tha phyaieal axamlna tion of regtetraate and all thorn whe have received notice to appear for Physical examination are rimlelil that they are to appoar promptly on the dates named. The claieificetioa of men between the eg as ef M aad 46 has bean discontinued. Question airae will be mailed ta the 18-year old registrant* as already ordered. Mr. L. Bruce Gibeen of the Ameri can Expeditionary Force*. Pranas, write* hie mother, Mrs. Christian Gib eon. that ha is wall and unhurt Fee •eve ml months no word had ooau from Mr. Oibeoa aad hia family waa greatly concerned about bias, fearing that ha had met death in seme way or was possibly a prisoner in Ger many But he writes that he has been so strenuously engaged in whip ping Germans that he did not have time to write home and that he is writing at hia And opportunity in some time. Mr. Kilgo Gibeon, an other son of Mrs. Christian Cibeoa, la in Franc* and at last reports was writ. AUCTION SALE. Wednesday, November 20, of the B. Y. Mcl<eod farm 2 mites asst of Wa gTam, N. C, on the W a gram and Red Spring* public road. Free barbacna dinner. Music by band. Thrift ■tamps given away. Matthews Realty A Auction Co. Selling Agents, Clio, 8. C. Calls Oa Seat* la Dafaat the Cam palfa to Beat Down Cotton. Raleigh, Nov. 12.—Tho North Caro lina ilvMon of markets today taaaod the feUewiac atit—ti “It is doer that tha attack on cot ta® has keen made by fatomsU who win make a afeaatfon far which thoao iwnmn wfll ba Mehia. . “This abort teteroat can eajy to UpeUatod by the aataal ootton la tho M*h. If the, earth stands tom. penes can be rupdrtrt tie bring atch an advance aa tho mnrtnt has rarely seen. The issue la pat squarely up la tha paudoaaru and bnalnoaa mart of tha south wbathur they wfll rrtain eon trol of tho liquidation of their chief •rep or aurrandar H to aVeos. “Aa a matter of self-protection thaea pranaatora can ba expected to mnka n dalmmlaad attack to brook the aanfldahm of holders lamaidlattlj and tha south should ba piuparad for mab a davalopmint e Arm stand wUl WOMBN WHIP WIPB BRATSK. CmutM— lilimf hr MiWm M TVr CmK Da Boat Jab. • Wan "-««- - -* - «- «- | ™Bw* • vilCf *M|t voBkMZSDlr S» WaWfc nmM M« Mart, te law Ctty, cix eoteai ampi war* wlrtag f*V Mm. fa thKr "Wo wmrt teaak mm at Mo bona*. Mg*," monk mam aAM. “Wall Jam wUp Urn wttMa mm.’ “Tea h*r* mcf urmtoBm to go aa (um|«b Mka»- IiiBmI Jadg* Wofeb SHIP ENORMOUS SUPPLIES. Uowaad Fruit, Chew Lay Gum, Clyar mttm. Cmn, Coadouood Milk, Fl*«r aid Boyar (« J«|||Md^ Mora than 800 tons of supplies for tho boy* Iooto oar potto ovirjr wash aador tho direction of Uaitod War fadhidoal ltuna ou tho shipping Mato nm into (Icoraa that ara aoton iaMac: aa for anaatpio, thaas il«aiua tahaa ftuaa tho atopptoy Muter af at Mr. SRV, aaditowoJ^ Oanaad fruit, 1S80.1M aaaa; chuw. lac ruao, 14410400 paokafoo; dcnr stoaa. SW,700401; drum. 80480.7001 tohaara, 0,187401 paaka«as; ooooa, paonda; aaadMasd Mil*. V 000480 cans; lour, 81478,080 pounds; au«ar, 10487,786 pounds; tooth paota, 8014M taboo. la Fruaoo aad OwHaariaad two cruakor factorial aad a dm re lata fac tory bars baaa aaSraly taJraa orar aa that tha hoys tor ten aeatathing food ia thoir paskata liataiaa Mania. GoM Star far a CMaaas Oaldlaa. A fold star has baaa addad to tha aorriaa Oaf ia Nsw Yerk’e ChinaWwn ia honor of Private Richard Boa, whoaa daath la Praaaa fruaa paao aaonte ia reported. Boa ia said to ha tha firat Chinese with tha Atoorleaa forte* at the front to die. BET T£E R THAN A CURE FOR Spanish Influenza PREVENT IT! Noth:* to the Public: As oume of prevention is worth it pound of cure Save yourself and rear family from the ravages of this dread plague Avoid crowds! Get plenty ul iresh air and exercise! Keep the bowels moving nat urally ! Keep cheerful! Thsnaiu m prsttciiaf themshsc unit tpsiWi littoiia u3 Infill thee nlnoiln|lii|ifi,lh|nf with lalin'i Wntfrccwtsim wti ngsi iwif inv|i fttrt MM HU IT MN MMMTS HBTVKKE , WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS FOR THE CAROLDtAB—JNO. M. SCOTT A CO, CHARLOTTE 1 M. CL BUSINESS LOCALS WANTED—A good I tar— farm to as rat UIX-AVrwl Md I}*, t. T, Jata Co, Jataa, N. C. 44-47 FOE SALE—One Toni dattrary track, VO* BALM—UD CEDA* akSatfM, mmtMd fifty man. Ctflactaa ro* SAl*—Falgtaat oata, Abmad gft, *. A. Wlfttam Laartatar^ ro* 8AUE—Urn eoaj taatsr. ia ■and oondlHaa Vary etaap. dor faigtoa tap ply Co.O-tf NOTICE—Wa bam Mapfcryad aa ap to date ttoetrtoUa nd wtntuuK aad arlQ bo glad to mmkm UdTaa any await of tbla kind. Laarfnbttra Etatria gawrlaa Ca.bC-tf TO* 8AI.R On« Fort toortot ear la jdaadlif condition. CarlaiSa a4 flua -At & /Iam^a rww*i »v nnvin * utttt* DfcLCO-UGHT Tta Malta BtaMt Utla and taw rtaa Tama tta grtnditena, mat tta fanning aim and attar auditary _ ..... ._ . -. * We are headquarters for Dodge and Hndiibfc parte. We are especial ly equipped to take care of the service on theee cars. We work on all makes of can, and all work guaranteed. • Electrical and battery work given espec ial attention. We carry a full line of accessories for all ■ cars. If we do not have what you need we will get it for you. Try our bumpers. They protect your car where the insurance does not We help keep the Fords going by. Try us. Bring us your battery work, and electri al business. JAS. L. SUTHERLAND, Mgr. Gtrmge. 'Phono 161 | Buyers of F< Hi Lib erty Bonds I jPIease Make Payment I It— flmni—t Tafia—t pi—~ Pay 19 per eeat NOW. II 20 per cent November 21nt. 29 par eant Dacoabar 19th. A 29 per eaat Janaary l«th. 29 par eaat Janaary 80th. if all cash, payment is due NOW. Registered Bonds must be paid for by Oct 24th. I Don't forget YOUR pledge to buy WAR SAYINGS STAMPS. THE STATE BANK Authorized Agent of the United States Government Laurinburg, North Carolina ;-V bb it__% Okrm Quick Ketkf for C0LD8 and LaGRIPPE Price lie ead Me par bath » ' , # * ,<* i •* , ' ‘' .1 >.i'" 4 « y-»r"»n • Hm • • 4MI

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