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The Beaufort news. (Beaufort, N.C.) 1912-1948, August 21, 1941, SECOND SECTION, Page PAGE TWO, Image 10

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PAGE TWO THE BEAUFORT NEWS BEAUFORT. N. C. Thursday, Aug. 21, 1941 ATLANTIC IS LAST STOP ON WAY TO BANKS U. S- Mailboat Goes From There To Ocracoke Moon Valley And Blackbeard's Castle At Springers Point On Ocracoke Island Sold To Norfolk Resident Last Week it i; The community of Atlan tic, a fishing village on Core Sound, situated at the termi nus of U. S. Route 70, is the last place on the mainland before boarding 'he I'. Mailboat "AIet& ' operated bv (7a pt. Wilbur Nelson. Which makes a round trip daily from Ocracoke. This lU'i'ivs-ivf community, home "I the Morris family, the Fu'h'Iums. the Hills, the .Vdsons, the an. I ot'rvv i tho hu-rr.-t i:i Has: Cartel-. I. Fit many year? while A'ivt iwrts of Carteret wove h; fov I...", r i il :, ;iti.ii'al I'.'fi la r tie anil the i-i-pio there ha po.-d ehooK That i one th::. al. -ut the people of that, cmitmur l,.t- K,t;pvt in c liH'ation an ir..:iy .-uccessful ivh '' staa' ; : : r.aVon first saw !'.!;t r s'-r-t r -. ir i-hiU'.hooil in Atlar.t.e. it is hvnted "it Cue S v.r.d and ft!'- many years was a lii fin-alt I'.'i't tc reach with any exeei-t very shal . draft boats. A few years ajro the prominent citizens of that com mer'ty, headed by Capt. Jim Mor ught a harbor of sufficient le; h to tako care of the fishing fie. operating out of Drum Inlet at i rtain seasons and in Core Sei 1 at all times of the year. TV. igh the close cooperation of tentative Graham A. harder.. the V. S. District Engineer and ('a' --ret County, the harbor, one of the finest for the purpose it ser-.cs, alimv the t-oast today, was erei-.ted thivuirh a WTA project. Although the skeptics were dub ious about creating harbor at At lantic, the comniu !y became a Iv-'i. V: but for hundred-; - f w npcratinsr in ! r.-.uks, M.!" u: While At'antic f d;uv for v ; . !-m"ii aoiujr t ... Ocraoko for t r humiiij?, a urrutt'y " en also base in the o.mmutr'y " -hm- at Drum InVt for cliannel ass, 'dues and other siiecies of ;ish and durinsr the (rumiing sea--on hunt wild ducks and tfcese on nearby waters or deer and other came on the mainland. Atlantic has many distinguished sons who have made their mu'k in (he world. One of the best knowr in North Carolina is Special Sti "orii r Court Judge Luther Hamil ton, born in the community but: now a resident of Morehead City. Best known citizen of the com munity today (and tlie political leader there for many, many years is Capt. James R. Morris, who with his sons, Cecil and Rrantloy, op t rate a successful nu-ivhantil'-bushes, and ore ajrcit.-- for S;an.l- i a Oil They nN Ivm- .ther interests. Most prominent and widely ni'n st-afoo;! dealer in Atlantic ,s Clayton Fulcher and the most modem stow operated there i v,..,t rf Winston Hill. Each .if o elaces of the harbor front from which U. S. Mailboat "Aleta" leaves . , , . .n c T frt ri, a.iv at 1 o'ciock coke Island. imaieoiate- just a few .oris which ::h Hay off a;a li.h-t. i . . n ! Old Landmark And 300 rW- $l I ft U FOR APPROX,UTELV " ' .'&22ft9 'Il 7T iTT ITn Kf-P the end I said more than 400 bushels were seed should be sown befoiethe of this week if the fanner b i-;j - - purchased for 40 cents get highest ytelds. sown afte e J . broaJcast oyer September 1. turnips fail to make a 1 near., guvu were pse, tu -n;:fl nmduction Of A lie auwi;jjAM I this vegetable requires good land in the best of condition. If pos sible, all barnyard manure avail able should be scraped up and spread on the land before the seed are sown. In supplving the State College dairy herd with turnips, Ruffner Experiments have shown that the Purple Top variety produces best yields. The State College man also said that 15 pounds of crim son clover seed per acre have been sowed with the turnips. However, he went on, the grow or clover he desires to 30w with the turnips. He stressed likewise that turnips will not interfere with the stand of clover or grass. In feeding the turnips, Ruffne suggested that they be put in a box and cut up. This may be done eas ily through the use of a shovel, hs pointed out "It is of utmost importance that thj turnips be seeded at once," the dairyman re-emphasized, "or good However, ne :, i - , er may choose any kind of grass yielos will not be forthcoming. 3C AT LANTIC Last Stop On Mainland Before Boarding Mailboat For Ocracoke Island And The Cape Hatteras National Seashore ml FOR APPROXIMATELY $5, 5G0, Springers Point, better known to summer visitors at Ocracoke as the location of Moon Valley, a good place to court, and Elack beard's Castle, a good place to see "ghosts" was sold last week by its P owner, Wallace Springer, to Sam uel G. Jones, president of Berkeley Machine Works in Norfolk. Mr. Springer did not divulge the price he received for the property which not only includes a few acres of highest land on the island but some 300 or more acres including all the beachland from near Ocra coke Village to Ocracoke Inlet. w: YOU Atlantic With Its Progressive Merchants, Its Excellent Harbor and Its Seafood Industry, Is One of the Most Active and Progressive Communities On ivn am. 1 : -ane: Mr. Jones plans, according to Mr. Springer, to restore the old buildir., parts of which was once the reputed hang-out of Edward Teach, better known a "Black- beard the Pirate." Near'jy Tcach's Hole where the mfamou J and bheided by Lieutenant Rob- r-rt M.ivnarrt aboard a Colonial Sloop of War fx r 1 w pn into Carolina &"TmJi Mgte,V,j Colonial waters aitcr ij"" If3 . to when Governor Charles Eden fail. A In loo his depredations. Ph.vto and cut courtesy Elizabeth City Daily Advance. 1.' v CORE SOUND '.Vii i. Movement Launched For Winter Greens RAl.KICH, A u jr. fa! su-n-U.'s cf v:iir -wiivi' in the No-1 'i C.ii-olina : o'r.j.'ct ivc of a ';' .iiii'h.ed by tlu1 -Wi.rki'rs Cour.c. J. dm W. (looiima tor of the N. C. t. iisi.m Service. 21. riinien ot rai family uvvr c'Mii' !,,te AnL-u'.-vUra . pc cord in a: t-. !. a-isis-tant dire. :itc Collcse F.s-- Ilounti- VC!fi-U'il-f e'vey is th- jruid.', the hovticultv.rist rape and kale for all sec- State; mustard an.1 for the Eastern tnu . ; collard pliui'-. ; :; sots for t:ie : ?i ; i..wer ?i"d:nr.t ;,.! . and carrots ff. ! var'"v;- partf f. theCotal P'.: :r. . In UIQ'-C tions cf tl ink" '. . I'i-'ti---.'-.-'- a. The U. S. Department of Agri ulture has announced that the -lenalty rate on 1941 cotton mar. kcted in excess of the farm mark eting quota will be seven cents e pound. Blessed with a climate that makes It possible to grow vegeta bles the year around in most ser- ..,,. Wutod tiens. North Carolina could easi.y grow plenty of greens to Keep- ira people supplied with these diet es sentials duing the fall and winter. H. R. Niswonger, extension rtor ticulturist, has prepared for dis tribution to every farm family in formation which lists vegetables suitable for winter gardens, best atieties, planting dates, amounts if seed needed, maturity dates, nd seed cost. ,v:- . u'k,red that t!v wiv.te- 'Vetah';. c.-iapa:..!!V is be-1 a-jr eondaL.-'.ei! in i . a :i iv-j ii'aest from M. L. Wiisoti. director of extension for the Ci SI Departs- j mnt of Agriculture.;. The tremendous campaign fn this State will be conducted by Aorkers of the foibwinsr agricul tural and welfare agenries :. Fa rot Security Administration-, AAA, Soil Conservation Service, WP., Bureau of Agricultural. Economic S:ate Vocational Education Le partm'nt, and the Extension Sur-v:ce. TurniDS Suffgested As Feed For Cows j RALEIGH, Aug. 21. The im ! mediate planting of turnips to help j supply feed for North Carolina j cows is being urged' by R. H. Ruf- l'ner, head of the Animal Industry ' Department of N..C. Stat College, j Actually, he pointed out, the 1 r ! i : I STOP AWHILE IN OUR COMMUNITY Try The Sports Fishing At Drum Inlet or the Waterfowl Hunting Near Atlantic CLAYTON FULCHER WHOLESALE AND RETAIL FISH DEALER Atlantic North Carolina w"""" 1 ' " - - v - J :M ,in i inn Mil, mramirr j: : : T Si With Connecting Carriers We Are Serving Wahab Village Hotel Is Finest Equipped Hostelry Along Outer Banks Of North Carolina And Is The Nearest Place To Ocean For Vacationists Going Down To Ocracoke Island ..y-y---. 1 1 1. II 'l Ml': ............. -. " .. ..'IB:. 'ii ' '!. ..- hi-' " ' , .' ;,:-,i.-i', ;:' ,: v..;-.if:T:HKSa.!kij; .: -:::, "!i:;r .-'.". .-.--'. - e. : "'i iHillillftlH :: ... hr" S-i. SMS OUR ORGANIZATION STANDS SOLIDLY BEHIND ALL PROGRESSIVE DEVELOPMENTS FOR OCRACOKE AND THE OUTER BANKS and EASTERN NORTH CAROLINA Rate You Freight Via The Old Mullet Line j::fe:ili'iaai':i'i'"'lH ;''1'1' ''' 117 1 1.1 k d ril I AT.F Hntpl near the OC like any other building on the outside but on terior furnishings ot this popular piacc go to Ocracoke Island is cf nautical design, established by R. S. Wahab and in the same where moviei are thown twice weemy. ... - ing room. A feature of the dining room, if a large r uisd a. a .erving table. (Beaufort Newt Photo). ;an beach on Ocracoke Island looks almost u vtnwnf ; s 4ifffi-pnt storv. The in IlliVllU. o " " vacationists and sportsmen to live when they ... i . 1 Tl I a. . 1 resembling a yacht clue, ine noiei was building is located the Wahab Theatre Clvde Willi manage the hotel and operate the din- eplica of a cruiser burting out of the wall, which i Mentic 1 last Carolina Railway Company "THE OLD MULLET LINE" H. P. EDWARDS, Pres. EDWARD R. BUCHAN, Vice Pres. V. AM P

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