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The Beaufort news. (Beaufort, N.C.) 1912-1948, August 21, 1941, SECOND SECTION, Page PAGE SEVEN, Image 15

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Thursday, Aug. 21, 1941 THE BEAUFORT NEWS BEAUFORT, N. C. PAGE SEVEN" 'Preliminary Work Well Underway At U. S. Marine Airwing In Cherry Point Section Of Craven Countv One Method Of Catching Bait On Outer Banks Off Carolina Coast WAHAB HOWARD, general manager of the R. S. Wa hab interests at Ocracoke Island which includes Wahab Village, Wahab Village Hotel, Ocracoke Power and Light Company, Ocracoke Transportation Company and Wahab Village Theatre, is shown here with his boss (who lives in Baltimore but makes frequent trips back to the island) casting for bait along the shores of Silver Lake Harbor. Slinging a cast net is one of the methods employed on Ocra coke Island to obtain bait for sportsf ishermen who go there to cast for Channel Bass, Cabio and many other game spe cies. (Photo by Aycock Brown.) Work On Pair Of Mine Sweepers In New Bern Started While, as is the case in all proj ects of this type, little information is being given to the public by of ficials of the Barbour Boat Worka of N'ew Bern in regards to the con struction of the two large mine sweepers that firm is constructing for the government, it is authorta-Jvt-ly stated, (according to The Times of New Bern), that satis, factory progress is being made on same. A large number of experienced shipbuilders are engaged in the construction of these craft and while an influx of visitors are not allowed on the plant grounds at any time, those who have been permitted to view the progress of construction on the craft, state that no time is being lost. These craft are to be 135 feet in length and the first to be com pleted within eight months from the time that actual construction was begun a few weekks ago. The total cost of the two boats is to be more than $600,000 and, it is understood, that when these have ben completed and launch ed, that the ''firm will in all proba bility be given additional contracts. Station Plans for establishing a milk re ceiving station at Sugar Grove, eight miles west of Boone, have been drawn up, says II. M. Hamil ton, farm agent of Watauga county. Subscribe to i ne Beaufort News $1.50 per year Thousand Workmen Now Employed On Project NUMBER TO INCREASE TO 5,000 VERY SOON One thousand or more em ployees were expected to be at work on the U. S. Marine Air Base at Cherry Point by the end of the current week and this number will be in creased from day to day -until probably 5,000 laborers and skilled workmen in all lines of construction are on the job, it was reported au thoratively in New Barn last week. The men now engaged in opera tions at Cherry Point are clearing the site for the air base, which will be the largest Marine Airwing in America when completed, building roads, stringing communication wires and building the railroad spur track. In the vicinity of U. S. Route 70 and X. C. 101, a hun dred yards from the Cherry Point signpost located on the latter, things are beginning to have the earmarks of a boom town. Have lock is experiencing its biggest boom since the days when oil was almost discovered there and the crowds are also invading Newport, nearest incorporated town, Har lowe and Beaufort-Morehead City. First construction will include necessary shops, first aid stations, administration buildings for the contractors, latrines, and probably canteens. These structures will bP erected as rapidly as possible Some of the first buildings will be permanent in nature while others to be'used as tool houses, pay of fices, latrines and such will be on ly temporary. From the New Bern Times ai ming on the coast last weekend we publish additional information about the Marine Airwing: Building of the necessary rai'- road line and the trackage neces sary for handling the cars which will be utilized, is to get under way as quickly as possible. The Atlantic and East Carolina Rail road will construct the line down to the base site, a distance of ap proximately a couple of miles and from that point the construction of the trackage will be up to the Inscription Proves Longevity Of Early Ocracoke Resident nnnnllri t His. ' l r' v i A ft n It ' ': -v.w,:. '" a i; If... . OUT. PA ' they now hold and give them new ones. With a view of giving everyone who feels that they have not had fair treatment in consideration of their application for employment at Charry Point, Lieutenant W. M. Gustafson, who has been designat ed as "a one man grievance com mittee" and who is at present lo cated in a suite of offices on the Third Floor of the Postoffice building in New Bern, will hear and consider their complaints and endeavor to sort of "iron out the wrinkles," if such can be done. It is a gigantic job that is to be done down at Cherry Point but, says Lieutenant Commander Nice, it will be done and done splendidly. Subscribe to The Beaufort News. Still Time To Dust Cotton For Weevils RALEIGH, Aug. 21. North Carolina farmers may still have time to protect their 1941 cotton crop from the worst infestation of weevils in years, if the cotton is growing vigorously and there are sufficient squares and bolls t: make dusting with calcium arsen ate practical, is the report of J. O. Rowell, Extension entomologist at State College. While infestation is spotted, varying from ' farm to farm and from field to field, over most of the state, Specialist Rowell declar ed, boll weevils are more numer ous throughout the cotton belt this year than at any time in a decade or longer. Mr. Rowell says that since each cotton field is an individual prob lem, the grower should examine his fiedl frequently and if boll weevils are present, should begin dusting with calcium arsenate promptly. The State College specialist de clares that, growers who make an effort to protect their crops by dusting generally fall into one of the three groups listed: 1. Those who examine their fields frequently and apply cal cium arsenate dust promptly and in profitabble amounts; 2. Those who stop dusting too soon and allow weevils to destroy most of the late squares that de velop in August and September. 5s THIS TOMBSTONE proves the longevity of the late Ann Howard of Ocracoke. As the inscription reveals, Mrs. Howard was born in 1724 and died in 1841, at the age m - m . 1 1 I or 117 year. mrs. nowiro was born only six years after Edward Teach, the notorious buccaneer, better known as Blackbeard the Pirate, was captured and be headed by Lieutenant Robert May nard of the Colonial Royal Navy In Teach's Hole at Ocracoke Island. The tombstone is one of several with interesting inscriptions to be found in the old Howard Grave vard on Ocracoke. The inscription of one reveals that Warren Wahab died 13 years before he was born (Photo by Aycock Brown). Ik SPORTSM ON YOUR WAY TO flDeii9ffl0)Ik EgUwrnd Drum Inlet, Cape Lookout, The Gulf Stream or Any of The Many Fine Fishing Places Along The Central Carolina Coast Be Sure To Stop At Our Store To Get FISHING TACKLE (Or If During Hunting Time-Your Gunning Supplies) We Carry In Stock A Most Complete Line Of PFLEUGER, Vom HOPE & BARRACUDA TACKLE AND ALSO HUNTING SUPPLIES I) Visit Our Store Before Going Fishing Or Hunting FREE TIDE TABLES Mail and Phone Orders From Fishing and Hunting Grounds Filled Promptly CARTER ET Beaufort HARDWARE G INCORPORATED North Carolina Government. Approximately five or six miles of trackage is to be built by the latter. And right at this point, stated Lieutenant Commander Nice, it would be well to call to the atten tion of the public that, under no circumstances will sightseers bo permitted at any time on the air base property. Every foot of the area will be under guard and any one attempting to pass into the base site will be promptly stopped and turned back. The entire per sonnel at the base will be too bus ily engaged with their construc tion operations to permit them to show visitors around the place or to have any conferences with them. This state of affairs will continue through the entire build ing period, he stated. Incidentally, in addition to the fact that the men who will be en gaged in their work at the air base will not have the time to give to visitors, the prevention of anyone other than those employed there, from entering the grounds will avert any possible sabotage. Lieutenant Commander Nice declared that Navy officials and all those in an executive capacity were well pleased with the loca tion of the air base at Cherry Point and that they felt that there could have been no better site found at any point along the en tire North Carolina coast. Asked as to how electric current for illumination and power would be secured immediately and until arrangements could be made to build that permanent plant, which is to be constructed in this area, Lieutenant Commander Nice stat ed that two mobile REA units had been secured for that purpose and that these would supply all the cur rent and power needed for the time being. Another important m att'er which was necessary to be given immediate attention wa3 that of a water supply. He stated -that one eight-inch well was now being put down and that twenty-seven additional four and six-inch wells were to be driven just as rapidly as possible until the necessary amount of water had been made available. These wells will be used later on to furnish the supply of water for use in case of fire and for the sprinkling of landing fields and other similar purposes. Right at present the men em ployed at Cherry Point are work ing only one eight hour shift each week day. However, they will work on Saturdays and will be paid for that day on the time and a half scale. The Cherry Point Marine Air Base comprises 8,000 acres and there is a vast amount of con struction to be done there before the work has been completed and the base turned over to the Navy Department, this requiring the ef forts of hundreds of skilled and unskilled workers. These workers are to be em ployed by the construction com. pany which contracted for the same but the government intends to make an- effort to see that every' worthy person who wants and needs employment and is physic ally able to perform the duties of the job which they seek, is given consideration. However, it is not the intention of the government to take men away from jobs which 2kZ WELCOME . ATLANTIC Before Boarding the Mailboat For Ocracoke Island and The National Seashore VISIT MY STORE COLD DRINKS SANDWICHES VACATION NEEDS On Your Return Home Let Us Service Your Auto At Our Modern Station WINSTON HILL GENERAL STORE AND SERVICE STATION II Atlantic BW'S1 v-m "if'iMiifiiti'-"! -mi ri North Carolina -If: -dirt .'.t-,.....- K 'fijiifnlitiilllMl'Mil'wiMtiirffi--""-" ' TRAVEL BY SEASHORE TRANSPORTATION CO. BUS TO OCRACOKE ISLAND And Cape Hatteras National Seashore Park ZY:$ I V Z vr. ' ' v:.'. " Y-'' 'Z'. 'Z ;iY:YZ& ZY't 'fZ: Z-'Y i:. 5 ZY :Zi 'ZfY. ZZ Zi YZZZZi '':fi-iYYZ:"ft:ffY- -YY : 'Z " Y'V: Z- 'i::Y&Zi1'' atd k rnw f Tftrn Buiu in 1798 owest stui Active Use In America GOOD FISHING GOOD ACCOMODATIONS Good Food and A Good Place To Spend Your Most Enjoyable Vacation TRAVEL BY SEASHORE LUXURY LINERS BUS TIME TABLE FROM BEAUFORT Leave Beaufort Leave Ocracoke 11:30 A. M. . 7:00 A. M. Arrive Ocracoke Arrive Beaufort . . . . 4:30 P. M. . . .11:30 A. M. (EASTERN STANDARD TIME) Lt. Beaufort (By Bui) 11:30 A. M. Ar. Atlantic 12:35 P. M. Lv. Atlantic (By Boat) 1:00 P. M. Ar. Ocracoke 4o30 P. M. Lv. Ocracoke (By Boat) 7:00 A. M. Ar. Atlantic 10:30 A. M. Lt. Atlantic (Ey But) 10:30 A. M. Ar. Beaufort 11:30 A. M. Bus Arrivals In Beaufort From North, South and West 10:32A.M. 10:45A.M. 11:30 A.M. 1:48P.M. 7:00P.M. From East At 3 P. M. For Information Ask At Nearest Seashore Transportation Co. Office TRAVEL BY BUS ITS ECONOMICAL, COMFORTABLE, AND SAFE SEASHORE TRANSPORTATION CO. HOME OFFI CE NEW BERN a. ,

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