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The Twice-a-week dispatch. (Burlington, N.C.) 1913-19??, February 10, 1914, Image 2

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mnauLr scwxh. iabson. iMMn^iMil Lmtm hr 8mUr FA U^-Orirt’B HiitMd «r LUXE 11:37-64. S7 Am M ai • e*riaiu Piutf- to* -Ua to 4iM wStii bim; «ad ha «MBt Jo, sod aat down to maat 3S Asd «ten O* PiuRMe ■>« U> ht a«rv«llwl t>»t h« had not wuhed befoi* diuMT. 89 And the Lord- said unto him, Now do ye Phwiaee* nuJte de*n the outside of the cup and the platter; bvt yow inward part is ftall fo raven- iag and widcedoca*. 40 Ye foola, (Bd not he that made that ^riueh ii mthout make that 'vliids. i» within also'? il But rathw give alias of such things *s TO have; and, behold, all tiilBgs are ekin tiato you. 42 But woe onto you Phariaees! Sot ha tithe aiint and roe lUid ^ inati- ner of herbs, and paas judemeot and tha love o£ God; thoM ought ye to have done, and not to leave the other nadone. 43 Woe unto you, Pharisees! for ye love the uppenoost seats in the sfnMgi^^tB, and greetings in the narkets. 44 Woe until you, scribes and Phar isees, hypocrites! for ye are as graves -^eh appear not, and the vann that walk over them are not aware of them. 45 ‘Xhen answered one of the law yers, and said unto him. Master^ thus saying thou reproachest us also. 46 And he said. Woe unto you, also, 7« lawyers! for ye lade men with aur- dens gxievous to be borne, and ye yoor&elves touch not ii^e burdens with ^e of your fingers. 47 Woe unto you! for ye build the sepulchres of the prophete, and your fathers kUled them. 48 Truly ye bear witness that ye allow the deeds of your fathers: for- they indeed killed them, and ye build their sepulchres. 49 Therefore also said the wiiKjoni of God, I will send them prophets and apostles, and some of ihetn they :fHali alay and persecute; 50 That the blood of all the proph- 0ts, which was shed from the founda tion of the world, may be rejuired ot this generation; 51 From the blood of Abel unto the blood of Sfechartas, which perished be tween the altar and the temple: ver ily I say unto you. It shall be requir ed ox this geEwrauTOi 52 Woe unta you, lawyers! for ye have Uken away the key of know ledge; ye entered not in yourselves, and them that were entering in ye hindered. 53 And as ho said these things ■ r.- *0 them, the scribes and the I’Kari- Bees began to nrge him vehemently, !Hid to provoke fciis! to -(peak of many things; 54 Laying wait for him, and iwpk- 3og that they might accuse I'.m. The most popular novel of the pres ent season is Winston Churcfitii’i “The Inside of the Cup.” Th-» tifie ia taken fro® words of Jssiia which are a part cf the presen Sunday school lesson. The entire story is de- EigQGd to be an exposition, in mod *ni form of the teachings «t£ the Mas ter as here set forth. Wiiatever the defects of "The Inside of the Cop,' it is certainly intended to teach one of Christ’s own lessons, and in hii favorite form of a parsble. That such a discussion should he the fAf- orite book of the hour argues well for the serious-mindedness of jar day. Also it is a reminded that peo ple are getting a great deal of th--tT religious instruction from other tha:i the conventional regiiious source.=i. The background of the atterance, and thel eason story, was a dinner party. Then, as now, the social lead ers were fond of capturing every “iion” that csnie along, be be a r«- figioos iconoclast, a picturesque so- eialiat, famous writer, or what-not. Anything to relieve the ennui of iaded folk tired of their own company and St the end of their own resources. 'Tliere was a distant sixoilarity be- twaea the xMtHee «Ueh bad the eon- deefwdinf pliiriieOT to invite Jesoa to kie tablet «• eatertainer far hia gtMBta, ud that nUek enca pron^t- ed vaeast4uiMhd aoeiety f(dk to t^ve a ‘hnonkey diniMr.'’ Hatiy a ‘‘lien’' haa loat both Us his otherinr attendoos. One of the eommonact tragedies of the pulpit, of literature, and of public life, is the attainiuant of social aeeeptabUity and popularity, at the cost of the'loss of one’s message. Jesus, however, was not of thia class. He cared more for his own int^ectual integrity than for the favor of any aristocracy. While not lacking in most real cour tesy, be would not let his courage and tssage be obscured by any inistaken sense of politeness. IN THE CEREMONIOUS EAST. Tbia fire^-spirited western world has itad the vigorous good sense aot to let ita religion tMcome a mere i:>at- ter of ceremony. There have been attempts to &c upon cert«dn practices ■_as eard-playing, dancing, theatre- goi^, for instance—-as the aigu and test of godliness. This has failed, because Chrtstiamty is a religion of the spirit, aiui the wholesome sanity of the Church has recoiled from these atten^ts to label outward forma and observances, however, good in them selves as vital Christianity. We lave all seen too many instances of men who do none cf tiiese doubtful tilings, such as smoking, card-playing, etc., who nevertheless show none of the spirit of the gospd. It i» altogether possible for the one to obey all these prescriptions and yet be too mean to live with hamaa beings. This sort of thing la the essence of pharsism. Conformity to outward ceremonies, as distinguished from a religiotk of the ^irit, begets insincer ity. The old Jewa had added to the forms of the Sojaic law a bewilder ing array of detail^ requirements. Then, as now, the East loved a re ligion of ceremonial. The Soran is full of it. Even as a Moslem may ob serve the intricate ritual of motions and washings and praying and fast ings and pilgrimage, and still remain cruel, bloodthirsty, lecherous op pressor of his fellow men, so the pbar- ijee could kes pthe ceremonial law even down to giving a tithe out of the mint patch in his back yard and yet remain a moral monster. And to be wholly frank, we are not unac quainted with the type of church of ficers ^o has ircamated in himself the criraisal practices of “big bus: ness” t^o has been in unholy iii- ance with corrupt politicians, who has rented property at high rates for evil purposes, vAo has underpaid his em ployes and kept child laborers under the yoke. That is the sort of man whom this rugged, truth-telling- CarpetAer ar raigned openly, thereby causing social consternation. Every active church worker should examine himself care fully, in the light of this tremendous passage of Scripture, remembering that the bli.-rtering “Woe unto you” was addressed to the professional re ligious and not to the outcast and disreputable. THE SENSATIONAL SPEECH. No comment upon it can have the force and ptirtineney of this utter- of Jesus itself. The passage wiU at least interpret to some readers the origin of thep hrase, “The Inside of the Cup.” “New as he spake a Pharisee ask- etfe him todSne with him: and went in, and sat do'xri to meat. And when the Pharisee saw it, he marvelled that he had not iirst bathed himself before dinner. And the Lord said unto him. Now ye the Pharisees cleanse the outside of the cup and of the platter but your inward part is full of ex tortion and wickednes.s. Ye foolish ones, did not he that made the out side make the inside also? But give for alms those things which are with in and behold, all things are clean up on you. “But woe unto you, Pharisee! for ye tithe mint and rue and every herb, and pass over justice and the love of God; but these ought ye to have done, and not leave the sther undone. Woe •II i'hariKc-. frw yt in the- isgogeaBi^d the in the markatpteoM.] W«a for yn ure as tha ich h^'petur not. ;iDd the mti that or them kuow U not. ! A: a one of the htW9«Hi aitawer- i-.'c sai'th uato him. Teaoer. ia SK^g this thous reproachest us oiaa. Aad he said, Woe unto you lawysra also! for ye loia4 men with bardaaa griev ous to be borne, aad y« yotmalves touch not the burdens tdth one of your flngert). Woe unto for ye buUd the tombs of th« prophets, ahd your fathers killed them. So ya are witnesses and consent imto tha works of your fathers; for they killed them, and ye build their tombs. *nMuefore also said the wisdom of God, I will send unto them prophets and apostles; and some of them they sha£ icili and persecute; tliat the blood of alt the pr^betM ftpm the foundation of the world, may be re- quix«d of tliis genmtioa the blood of Abel unto the Mood of Zach- ariah, who fierished between the altar, and the sanctuary; yea, I say unto yon, it shi^I be retired ot this ^ae ration. Woe unto you lawyars! for ye took away the boy of knowledge; ye entered not in yourselves and them that were entering-in ye hin dered. “And when he was come out from thence,-the scribes and. the PitarisMS be^n to press upon him vehemently, and to provoke him to speak of many things; ikying wait for him, to catch something out of his mouth.” HAKD KNOCKS FOR ECCLASUS- TICS. Why would the professionally reli- gioim person, the ^n who makes a business of dhe aifairs of religion, so readily succumb to the fundamental temptations to avarice, self*aggran- dizement, aristocracy and unbrother- iiness. We shudder as we read Christ’s terrific indictment of the ecdesiastie- al leaders of bis times. Nevertheless, we know from our observatiOBe and experience that the charge lie against the door of some of their sueccssora. 7alsehoid, ruthless personal am bition, rank disloyalty to friends and to honor, a total lack of concern for the real work of the kingdso—one can give names and pariicolars in support of these allegations against eminent ecclesiastics; while many others, of course, are real saints. Is it any wonder that some brave men in tho church refuses to consider ec clesiastical positions? Never was this particular teaching of Jesus more timely than now. This is the era of revolt against class do minance. Tba churches feel thia.' We have entered the day of democracy; and democracy demands and must have sincerity as its basis. Only true men are fit to govern themselvdi aad one another. The moment pretense arrives real democracy begins to de part. “Truth in the inward parts” is the very life blood of democracy. And for that Jesus pleaded. Woe and only woe, awaits the person who builds up a reiigiou.> life primarily for other people's eyes to see. Beligion is not reputation; iti s character. It is the hidden, godward aide of life. 'The Father who seeth in secret,’' is its judge and rewarder. The faith taught by the Master and the apos tles is a life “hid” with Christ in God: it shuns the steer coraers and the chief seats- There ia nothing pr^fes* sional or self-parading about it. In this ciiscourse which set his hear ers by the ears, the unconventional Nazarena made specifically the poiat, as a charge against the lawyers, or interpreters or the sacred caaon, &at tiiey loaded up the people with bur dens which they themselves did not bear. They preached but did not practice. To them religion was something apart from present, every day life, like the building of memo- nals to the men of a dead past. They hindered the people from understand ing how near and real, and here asd now true religion is. For if religion is unreal something to be talked about and argued over and prescrib ed for other people, and not a new life and transformed chaateter ot oae'a self, it is only a sbow and a pretfjiw?, as Jesus ^tVw^ytiody is as in* Imm wm mn! ; int to aolve our eUawmw aaeiBt .roblama. Soma took ow«i«viy to egislation. Others pin thi& faHh upon tha alow prosvaas ef adneatiott. StiU othsars nardy txvat to luck. Bat lb« J«su« »»y. M hw indicated, is the fundamental way. He wants a social order based upon sinearity and service. His pragram for a better world is by better man and women. The kingdom whi^ he estahlislied;" and upon which he pinned his faith, is Toade up of individuals, who aecept his platform and share his life. There have, been eras where in re ligious though overemphaalced indi vidualism; but torewr the need abides fo rmen and women whose lives are. kept right in the si(^t of God. Among the friends of Jesus there is no di vorce evil, no scandal of double liv ing, no oppras«im oX othe rioeci, no crue^ weaia and no poverty. When the religwn tlw spirit r«i^, and people live with the suj>re^. am bition to be wril-pleaaiiu; unto Christ, the inside of the cup is clean, even if the outside is not poUdted. Fre^, sweet milk delivered every morning—-arijr qaantitar. Box 303, Burltegtbn, N. C wt fM p. sa. Udiat* AM Mid Wsafoiiair Sods^ motto oa Mooday aftar tki aaeead Sw4day in each month. A emnlUi invitatioB aiEtaadad to aU. A Chur^ Hobm for vialtara and ifor atrantwra. BOraBMEO CHlTBCa. Conor FtoM^'Mwd AaderaoM'-SttMts. Pastor. Sunday School every Sabbatii. 9:46 a. n. Praaching every Second ««d Fourth &bbath, 11:00 lu m.« and 7:30 p. at. Mid-Week Servica evary Thursday, 7:S0 p. m. A cordial welcome to all. Pannage second door from church. The Sing of AU Laxatives. For Cons^pation, use Dr. King’s New Life Fills. Paul Hathulka, of Buffalo, N. 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Sellars, Superintendent. Prayer Heeling, Wednesday at 7:80 p. m. . ^0 public is cordially invited to all servicea. BAPTIST CaUSCH. Bov, Martin W. Buck, Pastor. Sunday Worship, 11:00 a. m., and 7:30 p. m. Sunday School at 9:80 a. m. J. U ^tt, Superintendent. Praise and Prayer Ser^ces, Wednes day, at 7:30 p. m. Christian Culture Class, Saturday at 3:00 p. m. Church Conference, Wedinesday before first Sunday of each month, 7:30 p. m. Observance of Lord’s Supper, flrst Sunday in each month. Woman’s tJftion, first Monday of each aontb, 3:30 p. m. THE METHODIST PROTESTANT CHURCH. Sist Davis Street. [church DIRECTORY HOCUTT MEMORIAL BAPTIST CHWRCH, Adams Avenue and Hall St. Rev. fas. W. Rose. Pastor. Preachstig every fourth Sunday ,it II a. JO, and 7 p. m. Sunday Scho! every Sunday at 9:30 s. m. Prayer Meeting Wednesday, 7:S0 p. m. Ijidies’ Aid Society first Sunday af ternoon. Bev; Ceorge L. Currie, Pastor. Services: Morning, 1X;00 Evening, 7:36 Prayer Meeting, Wednesday evenings. Ladies’ Aid and Missionary Societies every Monday after;jooii after first Sunday in each month. Sunday School, 9:80 a. to. J. G. Rog ers, Superintendent. Oood Baraca and Pnilathea Classes. You are invited to attend all these services. EPISCOPAL The Church of The Holy Comforter. The Res. John Benners Gibble, Kector. Stjrvices: Every Sunday, ll-m a. m., and 7:30 p. to. Holy Comcaujdon: First Sunday, 11 a. m. Third Sunday, 7:39 a. m. Holy and Saints’ Days, 10:00 a. m. Sunday School. 9:30 a. m. M. E. CHURCH, SOOTH. FRONT STREET. Rev. T. A. Sikes, Pastor. Preaching every Sunday morning and evening. Sunday School, 9:30 a. m. W, E. Sharpe, Superintendent. Prayer Service, Wednesday evening at 7:80 o’clock. Epworth League, 7:90 o'clootk every Sunday evening. Dr. L H.'Allen Eye Specialist Office Over C. P. Neeae's Sbari Burlington. - - N. C. Dr. J. S. Frost, Dentist, Burimgttm, • N. C. Office phone S74-J, Res. 874-1, J, k Moooa, II. V. 8. W. A HoroKdaj', D, T H. Spoon A Uornadb; Vetmnarian^ oneeaad Boafrftal O^Pkoooafl 41B UaiBi3t. Rsstdenre Phone C. A.' Anderson M. D. OflSce hours 1 to 2 jp. nu 7 to8p.iiu First iSfational Btnk Buildiag. Leave day caRs Bt Biitdleya Dt^ Strae. Dameron & Loi^i! A.TTOBNBYS AT LAW ES.f.9AIEItlf Birr/mgton aSb>* io riMau) talHUi Ptaiie • 250 iMtn 111 i Oraham (Am la Itn-meMaa n(| John H. Vernon, Attoraex aaa UooosdQor at Law, Burlington, N. C OffiM room 7 and 8 See««d fiwr First Nat’} B&nk BaihKsia ’P]jone S37-J Sc«id#»t pliva.16 337'L John R. Hoffinsm, Attsraey-at-JUw Burlington, North Caroiisa. Wfice. FW Fans ilatiMMf BtM r " DR. I H. SROOKS Surgeon Dentist BoOding bURunuixm, k. c. M. E. CHURCH, SOUTH. WEBB AVENUE. Kev. Oblette, Pastoi Prcachirig every first Sunday at ll;00 a. m., and 7.-30 p. m. Second San- j day at 7:30 p. m. Sunday School e»ery Snnday ot 10 a. vn. John F. Idol, Superintendent. Everybody welcome. Tbs public is cordially invited. All pews free. Fine vested choir. CHRKTIAN CHUSCa, Comer Church aad I>avis Sreets. Rev. A. B. Kendall, Paster. Preaching every Sunday, 11:00 a. m., and 7:30 p. u. Sfanday School, 9:45 a. m. John R. Foster, Superintendent. Christisa Sadeaver Services Sunday j MACEDONIA LUTHBiKAN cmnca. Front Street. Rev. T. S. Brown, Pastor. Homing Services at 11:00 a. m. Vespers at StStf p. m. No services on third Sundays. Saaday School 9;4o a. m. Prof. J. B. Robertson, Sojierintendent. Teachers’ Meeting Wednesday, 7:80 p. m. (Pastor’s Study). Woman's Missionary Society, fist Horsday its every menth at 3:30 p. m. L. C. B, Society, second TTiersday in every montli at 3:38 p, m. Lttthitf League, second and fourth Sundays at 3:00 p. m. N £W Mimai ( )HBan ' DEC. 8. 11*1^. LEAVE WINSTON-SALEM. 7:^ A. M. daily for Roanefee and intemHdmte stations. Cm- nect with Main Line train Nowft. EMt and West with PaHnm Sleeper, Dinsng Cara. 2:05 P. M daily for MartXM- ville, Roan*e, the North East Puiiman steel eiten^e lighted sleeper Winston-SRleua to Hamsburg, Philadelphia, York. Dining v»« l^orth of Koanofc#. 4:15 P. M. daily, exeept day, for Martinsvide and loaal stations. Trains arrive Wiustop-gaUtt 9:15 A.M.. 9:35 P. M., 1:55P. Traia» Seave Darbatti f.„ Kuifor . 8onth Boxtoa »oJ Lynchburg ;.0i» (t, a. daiiy.ttjid hzS^t j,. lu.daily W^U. I'JiVJliL, Treff Mitr, ». C S.\l?Nl)KK.SIieii’lJHa- Agt. Roaniike, FOR ai! kinds of Ctommer- cia! and JobPriat- ins. Gal! or ph)in us We need the money you wawt tha paper so renew to-day to Ikt T«ic&>A*Week Dispatdku DO YOU Receive Piedmont Interest Checlts? IF NOT, WHY NOT? ITS A SIGN OF PROSPERITY. YOUR NHGHBORS UNDERSTAND.

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