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Charlotte messenger. volume (Charlotte, Mecklenburg Co., N.C.) 188?-18??, July 01, 1882, Image 1

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LLi.f..;. -H!! CHARLOTTE ] MESSE? VOL. I. NO. 2. charlotte, MECKLENBURG CO., N. C.. JULY 1, 1882. ir.t;.8iiTi,Pimh(r. “WliAt didat iboa to H^pinew ? I n« her at th* gate.** "Tbia 1 uid to n>oa «oidmI »n too ]*«; Mtol 1 ouBOt tot toM in, . Wbm ibMe gram in ERming giMc. "la'I mMt-thon UirMlf iball u;— Thai wbm m3 dead npoaa TboQ abocildat bold Iby nreU giy, Tboa abcttldet wear Uu) rode'? Hajt I wUt Bo( let tbae in. When ibaaa gram are growfag green. ‘'Turned abe roand a little (ppos BntUed and aofU; raid.- .. *I wtmld eren atk a place, Tbera abore thj bead, To ptoat fowera, BTrtle and rtMe. Making fair tbair laat repoaa.’ "So a^e entraooe gained at laat j How eonld I gainlap Saeb reqdeal 7 Mp taara Ml fiat. Hot abe won bar wap 1 And Ibe tare, apopriDging Iowan Wreatbed to glorioni eommer bowara. "Sbe baa won mp grief fromtne. Wherefore, then, ooinplain 7 Made np plaee of gram to be Bright with hope again. And obeping each bebeat, JopfalJp I aarra mp gneat.’’ THE GOVEkNOR'S WIFE. "Bakea aliro, Caleb Ifottobl Bronght home two people lo eat os ont of hoiUa aad home, and too in debt aJre^j ijp to the erowB of ^oor heed, jv e bodp might aepi Well, if erer J beerd the libel WhenpoB have^ the root off from orer oor own heeds, perhaps jroti*ll bsmyl We shall lire to oome to trant thrragh pour doii^ ItoW, pon jnst mark mp wordal" The speaker wee a little, thiek-set woman, with a haid, wrlnkl^ face, tbio,. tigbtlp shot lipa, and two fierce little iigbt blae epee that glared -with all the sharpoeaa of an angrp kewk’a gbnea,' first upon the stoOt, comfort able-looking, white-headed farmer, who wea shifting nneasiip from one foot to the other is front of his own door, and then at the pale, scared oonntenanoee of a delicate woman and child who sat in the wagon from which be bad jnst diunoonteo. Booh a pleasant looking home it bed been to thoae rnmn weplara before its mistreas appeeredl A sqnateb old-feshinied fsrmtaovae, trap with the storms-of sistp perns or more; bot with a broad, flat door stone, and an open door oreninsf with lilac- bloeeotnr—Hi door tliat led straight into tbs neatflrt ofkitebens, where long rows o{ glisteniwg tins, in e oomer ont^oerd, shone like •U'^ se the eroung fire bl^ npwardfegfitlmgpM Baarth. Bnt Im. MoMon apoilad it all. Her ■oor, withered, mlscrlp rlsege and her abarp, hard wolea made the poor woman who had oome to aeek her ebailtp shod- der and grow sick at heart. "Don't mind ns, sic. We will go befdc and alt beaide the road where poo took iisiip,’'phe aaid, feintlp, to the farmer. "I am not a beggar, and mp child must nerer be one. Iwt ns go, air. We would both retto stem than step where w# are not weloome.” She resobad forward lo tendi tite fatmaron theebonlder, batereo that effort wie too mnoh for her wasted strength. Sbe teak forward, and would hare &Uaa onkar tiie hersea’ faai if the lumar, wanad bp a erp front the Uttie CU, had not tnrned aad mnght ha* in his anna., "Well, Fm anrerbegno Un. Horton, mrftsfiUp, to the child, wheat great Una epaa ware fixed qoM bar wUi a look of fear and dislSe. "Tour me makea quite free fora ■tranger.'* "For shiMB. Baiab,” aiM bar has- band, aawalp. "At least wa .Htre «oti||h and to apara for Uw prassnt, and fta tatnta mnst taka care of itmlJ. V'db are not going to perish l» death .,....^■1 bare It mp dioor when I tma pew- TSOt^'I "Tbsre’s the neo^ensa for neb aa her,” add Hra.' Metlow, fMoadp. A-loek tern her hnelwal dieneed bar ■t fawi Ha bosh the fafntfng Manna iidnegto and laid Jmt dawn in the aparw i«o& ‘‘Oam7baatbed,'']ffs«]tetoB oeed to eng, falHgnaiHy, lor amar a math ihainaller. 'WMh’hM own^wda tteUsd eld mas earrled In “ 'plriUhil nfMaadbeaahJMtM the wandanm. AM whan, after that Mst montog'fe meal, the poor wewma bade him adien, tte ihenlder rnieoni^nalj. hadaU#- pe^ ftrmdoUer UU IMu that, mp dear, for pon and the ' bat • iintd ■ik raa hlmh it fot JimiiJ ■kaf. (M hr, mut Ma > Wn Ha F‘’V* Uirf- tkaddia, tpriat- ittg into bis ontstretehed arms, ^d pressing her lips npon his withaled cheek; ‘-and when 1 am a great lai^ womaoi I'U psp poa ba^ fw belng^ kind to mp poor mother. Whp, Ae would hake died if pon hMn't tMmi am In Isst night And then I shonM fann died, toor I ' Tears weawln the farmer’s epes as be stood looking after his late guests; bnt bis heart was #arm wHh tbe-euneioBs- nses of a good aotion perfornMd, aad a benefit conferred. -'jroQ might aa well blrag a sign enl, aof^mp that we beep a laTem to erwp straggler tbatoomea elqng,” remarked Mrs. Morten, from the door, "t do wish, Caleb, pon’d stop doing eo. Ton won’t end till ween both in th« podr- hoDss, and then pon’ll be eespT "If 1 am to go to the poor-house ior helping a starring woman and c^ild, go 1 mnst Bkrab," aaid her hnabeod, qhietlp. "And go pon will, mark mp word,” replied Mrs. Morton, in e fnrp, shnttfng the booee-door with a bang, that made erer pmilkpnn and onp and sanoer ring and rattle again. • « • s *' • Ten pears pakted on. And it began to looke prif Mrs. Horton bad onlp been too Mae as prophet whan alia fontod rain for her bnsbend and the alme- faoose for them both. In an eril dap, Caleb Horton aigeed a note for a pom and atraggling n^gh- bor, who died just as the time of pep- ment drew near. Nothing was left exeept a (oantp pro- rision for the widow and orphans. Caleb would hare starred beforeolaimiiig that from them, am if he eonld do so legallp. Their homeetead. ^readj mortgaged, moat go to pep the debt ud be was ten peers oldm, broken down bp hard work, and beato down jost now Us srife’s tongne, which heret ceased re peating, "Didat t tell poa eoT’ UU Ua poor heart waa fit to break. "I did wrong. I eee it now. I’m •orrp lor it. Bnt M not blame me ao. Sarah,” be said, aadlp. "Qod ksowa I meant to do right mid to do mp bait lor poa. Aad Ill go to the eitp aad aee tbia rich men that bolda the note. He is e lawpac, 'and Ibsp're jaet made him a..Tenor of this State. He don’t need the monep, end mapbe be wlU agree to aome arraagemeat so 1 can pap it off bp degroes and not sell mr home.” "That’s the first sraaibla word pon're ■aid about the baainaa,” cried Hrs Morton. And ahe bestirred herself so eftseta- eUp to get him off at onoe, ttot bp ten o'olook the next morning be win ring ing at the door of the beaatifnl ef^ Buuuion in which the new-mada Oor- enor bad jast taken np bis residsooe. He was admitted bp a oCTrant who wae rashing oat on an errand in bet baste. The boosahold staff was nirt pet or ganized. There was no one in Ibe h^i to reoaire Um. Ha wandered on, wondering at the taD, marbla pUkra and-tbe floor of tamallalsil ssmbal tOl btf bamplo Uie Gethie ,librarp wbpre the Oorenor waa HttUg, iii. eoUpanp with Us besntlM six-month's bcUu. The old man glaaeed at Uie rieb eat- peU the relret end roeewood chairs, the lall Taaes, the gUdad piotares npon the walla, thmgh the bidf opeqeq .doek. Then bis nes fall npon e portian that bang tn the place of honor abore the flre^aee, mid be stood stilL A sweet, pale ipmsweffe toe, with waring, sUrerp heir bnubed back from tha fcnUisad. end a look of pmeafu beaedietioB beaming from tlw la^ bina epee. "1 oagbl to know her well,” mused the old man. "And I know now—it la tta poor ladp who enme to one booato one erening.witb the pretip tittle idiUd. It Uoka as if nU their troablea mimt be oror, if tbep lire la a boaie Hka U^.” In the librarr, at tha aama ^eomt. a pair of baaaUfuI blue fjae were Ufled to that portrait, cad tirsrtdlminefl their lifbt-^tears that the lips of» lersr bosbaad soon kimed awftp. "If tbe pietara makae poa Md. imep, it must ba moved t» ewe «f the tpper rooms,” laid tha Oomor. tarer wkk 4beo eaa a elend wpea paw fees ktb.” ''Ha Uond wfU ever mm» tben at bar. aad X like to Lara tha ptoara * :.T, "Tee; and then she snffer^ so,; in thet dreadM time after bfsdeath, when we had no moswp and no homa,” re- B lied his wife, with tears in her roto iougb noM fen tom her epee, "mu oea nerarfafegUe how sbe wee hw^H- ^ aad bea^ down into the rtrp dost Ona nUbt—oh, how wsU 1 re member If^sos would oCTtninIp here died, if-B kad not been fbre kud- eU Isrmet who tooh. ns to hie hoosib hi- tho^h bis'cross wife objected, and ao- tual^ eriM mpmotber a pauper in her anger. Bene dap. when poo are oot rerp bnap, Qeorge, I wish pou wonld go with me to see ttmt kind old man, 1 took him ia mr mother’s bubs.” 'Veip well, mp dear. Now wiU pbn go with me to nre pour ordere ebont the fntnishin^OT the upper rooms?” Tkep west eat into the hall There stood toe farmer, turning his hst sboat in his bands, and looking like a daaed. "Win hoar is my friend—mp mother's friendl’* exclaimed the Goremor'a wife^ dropping her husband's arm, and rnn- aing up lo the old man with both bands ontstNuked to greet him. "Don't pon remember 10% suf I am the little girl pen sheltered .in pour pleasant home. If pan hod Bol boM so good to nt, ] BUi^t hawi leifi mp mother than.” I remember, miss—|na'em,”atemmer- ed the farmer, turning crimson all over Ut boaeat face. "And ,did. pou oome to aee met Or mp hnsband?” asked Loop, with a proud, fond gtance at the Ooreroor. "It was him, ma’am—the gentleman tbatbolde the note and the mewtgege on our hoUe. It has been foreoloaed, aad I must Inse it now to pap tbis'debt. i woiUda^ lu(«l darid to oome here^ lu’am, on snob aa errand, onlp it is life and death to me end to mp wife. Wesre gettiagoldnow, and I haren’l saved anptfalng, and I don’t know where we eonld find another home.' df more time oouldbe giren me. I could pep off the note aa| the mortg^ bp degrees. But I oennot do il Svw. If I am pceaeed for it, the home must go.” ”How came pou to sign a note for an other man, when pour own propertp waa euumberedf” asxed the Qorernor, ss his wife drew the papers from the hands of the fanner, and plnoed them in his own. "I suppose I oughtn’t to here done it —that’s afaot, sir- But, pou see, Neigh bor BuaseU and I were bops at eofaool together, and he waa a poor stouggling man, with a lot of little obildcen. There was onlp Sarah and me at the old home stead, and I thought we could risk it better than be could. If. behadffired, he would bare paid me biwk, honest, ererpoent. -But what oould be done if the Lord saw fit In take himf Xt -ia all unfortunate, bat I eefed for what I thought was beat at tbs time." “Qeorgn, for mp mother’s anke, pou wiU not let him Iom the home thet he has risked to help snother,” ssid tke Goreroor's wife imploringip. - He smiled, and then tbep beta tnrned end looked et the portisit, tbu aemed to I0UOW them all wiik Its sw^ aad •y*?L "^ila busineaa ia in the bands of mp eountrp agent, and I kusw nothing of U haul BOW,” be obaemd. "mke 7«>ur old friend ilop and take an eectp dinner with ns, Ifuop, and X will acOtlo this affair.” ' At eight o'oloek that erening Qaleb Horton reaebed his farm, an aUeted' and a bappp man. Notes bad the old plaoe seemed so dear to him as BOW, eal^ gaa^ around the terUle fields, and at tfae old square grap house, as we onlp gezs at the thingi that We lore, wW 'tb^ hare boea Matlp loot to u#, end Um, bp a msroiful intarpositton Of Proridenee re stored. Hin wife met him ettbe door, eeger- toed and aharp of tongue as erer. "It ia the onp of cold water ^at the Bible epsahn ol—it is Uiebtsasing that foUowe altar the giving,’’ tatd Ibe eld man solemnlp. ae he fiaiahed the storr of hla dap.' "Tha note was destroVM bp the OorucM^e wife, the amtgwge is oaneeleH. and this is onr home ones- ■ormdHe'totaJ^ iMNh.tatumbnnee ofdebL But U J had rsInsiiHl ■tfitfr to thet poorJa^ yd her child ' Utow^ bseanse tt is U thie suom slmaUeffsawt tavetber.^wwoMf ska eou here fired to Am wfAw this nOfol home.” "Tew mother did net emte lira toi^, Im^” eU* tke CtorsoMr, aftae, • pnee. "BbatoldmeaobecH(f,Bftar ~ ‘lwtgyyl> .»BAmk aad ito^MeetepiM ke> Bke jiVrfitill -toM she, «w pen mjBltaMkkJlMitakmltaUer- Ir 1 wonld earn ior poa^^hea mEa AawasTBoUp ^ togo. H« hkvi WM ih poHr lathii'e gnm” Ite^ai.. I webetkie n^tf” "WlWto Maedr Uumgkl Ha. I&ir- tan, aUmei to esoe in has aelt-ap- pnmngBfe. wUdi Oorsmer OerUd’ewlfcrs moOier stafil Ike aifiktttaMAeetafid with n»- ebe aad the pwMg UtUa who la now Oornnor Oenld’s wtfe> Amafnmnta bon bomi made to hold tkeml Miitiiof the Ataj at hS #tood .the flotvle. Ae aad 31st of BeptsiUm. The gbr- mAm alowlr a MH ntrr Ike htad’ b# iSSJZ to JkA BWa hr tooSUS^^STl POPULkB 8C1KSCB. Babhiliinip-Mkpelsooed bp belie-, ponne or stnuicg^oiu, A piece of iron ia appreedaUp heated in being majietiatiai It requires S^KM) bkieme to jdUd one drechzn of, otter of rotes. The silk-spinning spidos, epeirids, inhabit Uie hottest Oquntriee. Ilireeda of gisss era made thsk San be tied in kaoU aad wovwi UtO'elptb, The right long of e hgiann bodp is genera]}p two oyoes heavier than the left one. • ' In India eeenlppkm weed Ismsed for the jdeepeiseif rulraods, becesse it de fies ‘the inse^ and mimate, A devloa foretfTnguisbtog kerome lampe has reeentlp beea patratod, wfuch ooBskts of e ebnt-ofi totbe air aiqTpIp, and works antomaticallp if the lamp ia overturned, Ibus prsventisg^ rtsk of expicaiott. The longest Bpaa ei.Wire M the ffetld is URM lor a talegtaph ifi -India, over the river Sistash, betwe^ Btao- rsh and Seotanagnun. It is more fban d.OOO feet long, end Is taretebsd be tween two hills, eeoh of which is l,!il00 feet high. A Oieoorsrp of fcosil bnmen resuina bea been made U BtszU I7 Dr. Lund, near Ague Santa, Prorinoe of' Hinas Genes, where ao osseons breocia has been found oontainiug bomaa dsSn'i eloselp associated with the remains oi extinct spedes. A Swiss Wstohmaker has made a watoh whiob be oinim Mil ma eeveral peats withoat winding.' A box ooalain- ing two of bis toetohes the anthoriUes of Vtinrrp OB Janui^ IfiTS, haa just been opened, Bd-the wntobes were fpond goingi English mlorasoopists liave given va- riona tots showing that hnman subjects have been lo menp eases intoted rrith filaris, a much-dreaded worm pmdtat bp mosqnitoes. These perasito breed in countless nuipbers In the huBian bodp, unaUp invading the eironlsllon in the evening, increaaiag UQ midnight, and then retiring to other peris of the BpStCBL A Skull of herofo dae and slngnto formation bu been diaooTered among the reUca of the tnonad-bnildeie in the Bed Biver Yallep. In a mound, sixtp feel in diameter sad twelve feel Ugh, were found the bones of ebout a dosen men and women, mixed with the bones of verions aateeJa. The sknU In qua^ Uon was the onlp perfeot one, and war it were found some abnormallp luge bodp bones. The man who bwejt wea evidentlp a giant. A tboeoogb inrusu- gation of the mound end its mtenia will be made bp the Hihnaaota Histotf- oal Bocie^^ Smue at a BBU«I1gki> A terrible aooident ocourred on a BonAap, el' a buH-ilght at Aries,- in ^ South ol Franoe. Ths bulls WSM ptu* oipsllp Spanish, and verp savage. A speotalor snmed Louis Bonp, aged sixtp, ■'Uviag MoideeUv tumbled within tha berrieedec, waa immedlatdp pusned hp one of the ItuUs. The poor old map dould not run verp tot, ai& in • few WKoiito the bull bad tosaed Ugb into Um air, and, taltidf hto tell to tke ground with a dnll thud, tne fnrious snimal gored him wHh hie horgs. An Indenmibahle eeeae of exeitamant euued. The boU was seouied, wd the man carried in a abeoklng stale to the hospital. Immediately mar this the Oommisaerp and the Eub-Pialeot or dered the Bpeetaole to be stospeA; bot tUs meesore provoked sueh aa oik- borai of protwtaUoa from Uie apeeta toia that after an boor of fna fiAtiag and tnmnll within the nrsna, ourfaif which the cashier’s office was unsnoeeae- fulJp stormed, the Oommisaaiw and Snb-Prefeet ware aetaaltp eompeUed te order the oontinnatton ol the—*— BflMW woHh of a . ^toMumh* el bckti mrt kiagaTinsa published in Omnanp daring tw pear 1681 noral- Jewelip in tinted silver, witn diamond dewdrops spelling on leavea wH'flowB>a,'grows fnlarM ewwtanttp. Tke aoM df GMbaUlb dangbter Thersdtm wile of Qweral Ceudo, ere named i^rahaa. Idncoln and John Brown. Borne lives ate like'e Foot-print on the hard ekduitn^ toeeer; 'and aome are like a tael |gtat Ita.Ihe aand. to be meed bt the cemfog tide. . r . It is mid that over IMOOPJM aetea ' ilia land hare bmwmalad to Uibe^l xailfendeei at a e^plpnf armp takta, aadUwraU- loede are expeeted tell exenrioiiktai Praaeefo Bgg Fredaeoek. Fmnoe is now noted for its jeodufr tlon of eggs. The >»op is aoldel^fta in Bngknd. Tke Bnasber of egga aA Irom Franoe te inmg tto first querterof this paw wie IWlflSl- 64(1 rUued at iS.O>U04. Biaee XBB6 lAa pUea has litm kom 14 le H ewis a doMB. Flftestt or rixtaw eggs are sent aonsallp from Fbaaoe to EngUkd for kverp hshd of pepBlatioa. HeaMes this, F^oe caiaed twanly eggs -to eveqr hibebitant of her own. or in. all the round aomber of I,fi00;000;b00 eggs, valued. wlUi Aepoaltepp^nel, at A80.OM.OOOi TbelbsMUMkeete BO patent ineubalor. mth retBse tom Uw bovea taaMe and ■ hetrel. be MU hsAoh sklaks bp Ike herreL Te Mtak fowl* te Ike mufcel, he dm wl wUI to fhem fo appmsi Iksir owe aame. (ta n MrfeMag omM^wm| torBU-Had The nkiBtai Iwto Ski md grew M. 1 Hwtgrefrti'fcwlB. FLetoflf r wfld to veer*, 14 aaid io I oflifftoeb. n a qAWi tttalMlto fo iptotad in ootave farm, gkd goe m tke pvlBtak^ir to tteei lo awtoioff “ “ w tto^litata MM I ■911 irriefc*** *“ ••• sixteanth part of the totalereik.. Fortrem HonxoeJs Uw largest single fortifloation-in ^wozld. ^e fottifi- caUont at Glbrilur com more ground, bnt tbOT oonstitnte seven diatinot forte, while Forteesi Honroe la Ofw and ocm- plcte.. There are two wp^ et being happp. We map either dimmish onr wants or angment onr meana. The reenlt is the same; and ibis for eesfa man to decide for bimaeH and to do that wUch map happen to be Uw eufsr. Everp dnte brings one pecnliar de light, everp oanialTts appropriate oom- pensrtion, enrf tbdnght its reoom- penaa, everp low its elpsiam, everp orom ita orowa; pep goes with psrfor- ~ see, la effbet iritb eanae. Heenaem . ..-reaohee itself;vleevitiates whoever indnl^es hi H Beapp Moriep, wtw knows the historp of EngUah litwntnie ■ well mps thet a certain average of populw onltnre aad a oertaiB propwUoa. a Uterarp reputa tions have never failed to be repreeented bp some mind of extrsoedina^ pow«, and aa that avemn and proportion have now bean reached or exoeMed be ex- pMta e greet genius to arise verp soon. Don’t eU speak'at ODOe^ Near PnngBUur, Iowa, a laborer and his funflp who bad exhausted all tbsir proviaiotia aad had x» monep to get more, knelt in pno* > whUe the man of the bouse, esked divine asUstanee. Aftet his ptnpar, and on opening his ^es, he UAnoed out of the winnow, mw a wolf to wUeh be gave chase, and, foUowing her to her den, kUlad her and & ahil£en. The boutp waa two dol- a head, aad the FBUfmai litiMrer ' tells the stoip as aa insbmoe of the power of xBBper. 1^- BUHOBODS. Bomraef board—Tha etToui amt. One of the tirnnk-tomsw Tamhe, HeeddUe for Uw rspotl of e elub benqnet—A staffed elub. ’ ' Tte tout door is alva|k risadp to scape e DOW sequaintaikDa. Be ter wko wantedeUtaalkiBtothe poBltaiUiW was a bnee tad. Be wm rsadp for the hen oounter. "Doss poulterpapT' mid a straagsr efeUIgtonlm. "OfetemU” atae the nplr, "even the diltta 1 out* Psfne are frequent. This map be eeUed a mitial of toe dia UpB' drifthnitotism "AD9lter-4fo, «kad'Bel think it wonld be pseoltmble to feed the live stoek OB an oeean flfemnr in toe trouA of the sea. 'Tietor Huge mfm Ua intaUeSI ♦‘pows •troBget with aM aad dom aot amt,” aad toe same thing might be setd ol oM old drseap. "Pa.” ^Md UtlU Johup, ” wtol dbm mv Bnadmp eebool tmohsr mean bp mp- lag that I muat have fatoritad mp bad tamperr *0lw menl, Ftobfey, lhat pon are pons mWtot'a ewn top.”' lUw erne Mould wish to hern eg^ premeffAfftaskUy; MmlaH miiden— "X hope t am eel- bortag pen. pinpikg •omnekr ammmedpnnth—bot Pinp go on I I—I'd ao mneb aotoor toer pou pin Qua talk 1” Wm pnentoM ssUnma at ItoUwnBm U AxtaonaietknidweribeJ toe.'len- dsb-foet ^ "In erdii^ 'frsnlni^ 'to me toft wHh pistols to tt Wton it onws eUUp to pnto on anBAeri^Ht mlljffltotoJ^i^yfaSSto HtttkMrhto nkNldSk" Atta

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