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North Carolina Newspapers

Charlotte messenger. volume (Charlotte, Mecklenburg Co., N.C.) 188?-18??, July 08, 1882, Image 4

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TAU, eiBDES AN9 B0(78B1I0U». Tmrm OaMra Hmm. N«w fM dMiTiiif roofi to •look, •cpMhU^ to ibMip, w tbe* ham bMB knows to Mriowly iajm 4oib« flooks. In n highJj'bf^ sad liberaUj-fed* MiSMl th« tern AM prodnoed enrlier *h*Ti in UioM liring under tbe rerene eoaditiooc. In Cbeebire, £d^^, exUiurdiney reraltoheve bees stteinea in tbe ep-- pUoetioa ot heU-iseh bones to p0(» aidimd psetsree. oemest leether to metnl: Wuh tbe metnl with hot geUtise : steep the lesiheris ea inineion o( nnt-geUe (hot), end bxiag the two together. Nertw see the oorry-eomh OS n horse's Irge below tbe kses nsd book. A oom broom is beet, sioee it tnkes ost the dirt nsd does sothort the horse. A epoonfs] of Peris green in e peH of weter isnoommendedfor killingoenker worms. It sbonld sot be Bprinkfed orer plssts of which tbe lenten ere enten~rsob ns leitooe, etc. Bfd raspberries ebohld be set two feet epert in rows, end when kept well worked the lint ycer they will fill np end form e oootinnotin hwge of ptente good for ten yeere more. Cebtanges respond qniekly to frcqseni hoeing. It is one of the orope spon whioh too msch labor eon not be be- ■towed. They ehosld be enltirated often, eren when there ere no weeds among Ibom. Tbe OMue of nnoidity in bsUeriedne to tbe feet that the bntterxnilk or the water ased in washing ths batter, is is the preeliee of soma dairymen, is not ell worked ont—wster in bolter being a leeding oense of patrefootion. It never reewlti, as some seem to sappose^ beoaase It is not salBoiently soltea. If yon neglect ooltivetion yon oennot afford to boy speeiol monaree and fer- titisen for yoor londa Thoroogh till age wilbont nonnre is worth more than menare if yon neglect thense of a plongh opd enUirator. By simply plooghing and reploagbing land the fertilimng matter in the soil is released, tbos aid ing in restoring fertility. Oaltiration olds the tsoape of water where there it too mnoh in the soil Stagnant water ie ontagouiatio to i^ont growth, and too mneh wstor ebnts ont oxygen and pro- wente deoompocitioa. Tbe Apieriosn Agrionitnrist. replying to a correspondent, says“It wonld not he edriteable to soak oloTer-seed before KWiog it. It tbe weather eboald be dry or oold afterword the eproated . need wonld be killed. There is no need of soaking, is the seed spronta very readily. The esaest way of sowing is to do so npon the lost snow of spmg; erery seed can readily be seen apra the anew, and it oon be sown very evenly. It soon sinks throngh tbs snow and into the fine crooks of the soil, and when the warm weather orrivea it is in tbe beet position for growing. Upon InlUidoe or lend that is liable to be washed by rains this plan will not be one." Haw !• Save SaeS. The following is from tbe pen of Dr. G. F. Needham, Washington, D. 0.: £ow to prevent seed from deteriorating ii a roost important qaestion, lying ut the foondation of all ogricnttnial and horticultural proeperity. Nstnre'i law is 10 “mnltiply aod replenioh,'* no matter as to the portioolar quality, bat ererytning os to the qnaDtliy. “!nie Burvinl of the fitteat" governs the resnlt. But Nmtnre’e operations are too alow for oar short IItss, bo the basioeas of tbe caltlvator U to aid Mother Nature, and tbns reach the best results in the shortest petioda It is a fact too sroU known tl^t, oroinorily, crops deteriorate, and this, for one xeesoDi beoetise the seed bwmaa weak ened. Tbe ato^ cf “Desre's improved Lima Beans” srill lllnstratothe idea and explain the whole modtu opermdi of saving seed. Borne yearn ago a gardener naked oar Hr. tfeandera bow he oonld improve tbe Lima been. He was told to find, if po^ aible, a pod haviog at least foar beans; tbe next season to plant the one, the Impost and best of CbeM, the next eeo- 0011 to eeleot os before one bean, tbe one that not only seemed to the eye the larpfsst end best, bat the one ooald weigh the most, and then toparsae this msthod for seveTal years. As resalt '#6 all know is a great improTsmeat of that dslioious vegetable. One bos asked why oar melou ore so inferior nowsdsvs. Tn4 answer is that K ins ore not token in saving tbe teed. irm is a variety of mask melons sold by one of oar seedsmea, tbe “Banted' meloo, which iUasttatae tbe point A K. Hnnteg reoeived, eoipa yean sines, from abroad, seeds of a very oboiae melom. TImm woe planted end tbe seed of only the vwy beto wneaved. la this msnnar bos the seed been ealeeted, - and BOW, after more twenty yean, this vtrieto oommonds thohigh.^ ptiea in oar moAets and tbe send softs for gg per pooaJ, while other varletlMeu be nod few flft ' * ' rVB THB FAU SEX. PasMee Wstss. Feather fans and parasols sre modato oorrespeod. Tbo ' Langtry'* bonnet is little of crown end laige of Mm. Shella^oth is maeh ased In per- tiarea and other hongioga. The trim-fitting vlved for sammec Cotton Steflieone is a glossy fabric mnoh retemUtag foalsid silk. Oold lose snd Isabella roaee trim hots and bonnets of dork green straw. Among pret^ french hcnM eoeqaes ate thosd of qaite heavy white Aastrioo flannel, trimmed with rows of cream- white braid abont os inch and a half in width and finished on tbe edges with ficelle Isoe, set on the doable refBeo In Idas deliosto stylea in those made of banter’s green vlgogoet trim med with imall goid-wosbra battons snd rows of very narrow gold braid. Bipe red or pole yellow tomatoes, and also natorsl-iiied green gropes, appear ed lari aammer among the very eeeen- trio garnitarei npon Brench bonnets. A novelty this season from the vegetable world is a bunch of ortiobokea set among green leaves, «Ter which is ap- ptrentlj[ crawling a moat anpleoaonUy DotnTal-iooklng red and yellow oater- pillar, mode, to be ears, of obenille and wool, but too reaUstio in appearance to be very pleasing to the taste of most petals. Anwmg tbe novelties in smsll wares ore a varied onlleotion of rich colored beads styled VenetiaD, which, (hongh very pretty in themaalvea. probably aaver hails from the romantic sborea of the Adriatic. These little berrel-like l^eods have enrioos flgaree traced upon them, the mixed eolote eombined in each neoklsoe being very well adapted to tbe vori-oolored oostomca now so popularly worn by yonng people, single row of beads is soAdent for a neoklooe. These beads are held to gether by tiny ebolns of antique silver. Necklaces to correspond with the toilet sre very mndi worn, and os assorted real gems ore not always available nor desirable even for general wear, the Venition beads enable people to follow tbe foahion withoat mnoh expense or fear 6f robbory. \lXU^||9U8 BXAMBfi. A Tbseekt tar Wsen Mriaies. 'I have tried evocy plsa with Ooa* nto that I can think of,** mid OoBaie's mother, in e tone of deep deepcodeDee, ■rinri l-osnaot awoken bar to a feeling M aooeanUbility. She is so tboagbt- leae and giddy, eo amiably obstinate; I feer bar aohool friends have not a go^ iafloenee over her.” “Ton eey that yon have tiled evary way, dear frirnd,” enawered tbe motber- ly—Bgy, rather the graodmotherly friend, who *04 aldreeeed. “ilaveyon triad prayer?' “I pray for my children, alasysl' “Do yon pray wftb them?” “I fear 1 ooud not utter a prayer in their presence.** ''We do not know how eweet end rosy, this dnty may become, until we try ^’* isid the friend. ‘If, withoat ford&g on oocarion, yon will take sdvaalage of some opportnnity sneb ai often arises in home life—and ooUisg Connie to ooma with jon into your room apart from the rest, and there pray todibly aud tenderly, yon may find that yon re ceive help from above.” Sometimes we think that ws have ex- baasted all onr rssoarose. So we have; bnt, thank God, we have not exhoosted hla They who seek divine gaidanoe are tore to be led. To the weary, dis- eoanged mother, the Lord oaye: Come to me with this harden as wi^otheia, :-rE«i Of meisrisl fevsn we aetta be eeanlwss by qniabta vUh sov degree ef eorWdaty, .. for sar Isagtb of ame. Tb« eradlsebaa snd pnvmtieti of tUsisf of s mtasmstio tape sre, bovevtr, esesctalned potalfatlitise. Loag exparnaee has shon that there it iiiflaOely ■tors prerroUTS tflasHv in tbs doe ■sdietar, BaetsUor's StomsA Bttlsrs, iku in tbs ilksloida dntga s^ poisoiiB wkiab ' (onnorly tbs only iseocBUNd mss ns of rei inf sad sntiBtpsUng sriseks «f fsvar sod sgas dad faiUeiu remittent. tTben tbs systom has deplstad by prrIodIctllT rsearrtng psrox- i,'tbis sgrsssbls rsMomtiTs rstisvs ths fond of snerf.*. sad is oat (wly s p8 Itlvs sps- dfla, bat rspsirs tbs dsmsgs to tbs gsasm bsolth infliotsd to sU fsbrlle eomplsints psr- tsking of tbs msUrisl ehsrseter. ns taodssss Is tike tbs glov-wonn, it shioM most wben no eyes save tEoss orbesveo ■ I upon It. » Tbrsnl. jkwKblst and Anns I blNIMBNT^ fsr bwosn. fta trsds ts bs ths MsaOwd Bslawt of tbo eosoBy. When «s asks IWs ssnoones- msntwsde to wUkest fssr of oostrs- notwllbsmndtng ws sts cwuo —— — —— —ho sts Bora or ub nteprirtsry raaocDM It M tbs mssy bOB* ■a bowaiti, wa ara , ■ _t mob wytaiUca Soaa not axist »t«‘—« QAROLIlfO Oil. wa oo sot .1.1— wMi4an or mirsclsa for ear UahnoDt, boi wa do elslB U Is vtmest on sqssL It Is pot ap Is bow tlos or throe sUas, snd tU w asS It tbst iva tire It a fai. IrtaLromcmberlng thutbeod TtVO-THIBOe or A BOTTLE CURBS. Dr. B.T. Ptxocs, BnSdo.N. T.: Dmr Sir— 1 bets been tokint yosr “favorite Prsserip- ilsve I am oared. Oratafully. “ H. a LOYRTf. Wstssks, Ul. Ilia with happinsM as with watches; tbs •• stsdtheU ~ • S iva firs It a f oberlng thutbei t op arilta wtiTis wrapper isU) la (or huBia end (..wt A, tsf - waieaah. (any for all dTikiaa giaiL ghabawfnbs a contpHests* isily dorsiiged. and I will give thee reetl—[E' MaMMiger. Bgeliool rflf^os^ eBdaMdearatthai. I have Mena etalk of eon faaadaw dfpa. Of aoana UiM >4—fnvi ~ WMliem satoeriag tha aaad a of bktolk that hen two tooi ■ haatow wb thu. — aad w OR BBiu thegnad maHwa* naahad. I know mariy nv that —O Ikw MU b, mlkO,! WM. ^ n ... —7 wUnkc, ul .ill bay oon troa a aetehbog*! edb and plBi^batoof hk. In eone, they 7dROB^nnyatop, .bool thto V. n—a lb. (Kiiriw I.1U. nn IwbM.—wk.pM —1 tmmfftt IWajpw^l rtl St S MMk gmr ARMiTkikl UlMRSCR. Mdl wtu tokhekU io* im will pRf. nerelam la Pevsnt. In the Woman's Jonmal “ T. W. H.' relates the story of a New Hampshire woman, who, by the eaddeo loss of her little invested property, bod remaining only on old fonahonu snd some land. “The sofferet wot wholly alone in the world, had a parolyaed arm and was threatened with bliedneaa. The only ork whioh her enfeebled condition permitted was in the way of knitting and making artilloial flowert. By these two arts she oonld earn filS anhtially.” Hor whole available inoome was ^0. She appropriated one-fotuih of it for reading. In her own very interesting ooocnnt of her life she says : “ In vety oold spells I look a warm freestone end crawled into bed. I was too ill to work, and thus to do etved firewood. I wonld pat mittens on my hinds and read awhile and when the room become too oold for tbii, oovar oil np and think over what Ihod read. This saved me in a degree.from enervating myself still fn^er by fraitleos poring over poverty and privations.” JLa for food: “One- fonrtn pound of meal, onaoent; one- fourth ponnd of dried beans, one and a half oente; two oento' worth of eolt pork—foar and* a half oenU in all— would sapport me a day and a half very well. This waa bit asaol fare thxM days ont of seven. Tliree eenta’ worth of bttley, boiled with two oenti^ worth of batcher^ trimmings and three oente’ wortii of potatoes, woald moke whole some, nonrishing food for two days and go a long way toward snpperting exist- enee. ■ * * I mode a oonxidmble BBS of lioe and baked flrii. In cool weather a pound of oatmeal oooked Monday wonld serve ss dessert through the week. Sometimes I hid a gift of milk, sad then 1 feasted like an epionrs. Now and then I bod some kind of a vegetaole, os a beet or e tniaip, and from time -to time bought e few oente* worth of bntohasi^ setept, more to seas on food than to be food. * * * Ones a month I indulged Ina baUitg ofdongb- nnts, or get a ponnd of lard an eating of dongkantR aboat six, one at a time, in a tin oap over mr eQ-atove.'* Aa oootrivsaeee fsr eloudDg were eniou. Ae wxll« says: “Acre oonld be no r^aetkins b^and ksKs, for ebe Utonlly bon^t BotiifRg la Uie way of ofaAhtwg whatavar. BoalMlivad,aotospsal^ on tba past- on the wrecks of ber own ud other pe^e’A She made a whale soil oat of ataw-bad ttoUiiJk eossbiaad with tbe fragmits of a peir of tba dvinfev overaOs that eone weAman b^ left on tba pcaatsse; thiM aba oat into sl^ sad mad^ ska dsalsis^ a mar afyhab triismlagi 8ha armralad old, won- bift hciinsspBa ■ndatfarmaetii, Mda yam ^kb Aa knit into i Ska Imd flttasR aottssa ia tba boaaa made or white maallo obd eottoR flansM; thaw she boUsd elsan sad had * kupply of BWtsrial for awifisgwRisats, baing thaffisl paawR, ptebAly, who . ad Uw isal aw for mmtow * 8ha foBDd bshlaJ a eloaal door an old ovsTOWt of bw istbec's, onl of wfaow qailtad Uaing of hlaofe htitias sha tasA^ tot hsrwlf a steak tkat looked Uk^ qailtod asttn. Aa fasaMoR of Ms ov wnyaaflyaRttled; she woesnooe syaiw. As lea aboRi. tbs toss- —-s Ifibg ef tbs fsthss»s eaarsoal ■iiiTliil b«^ sMpisis vbkb voM ksMw IbsR Iwlhw.* R«lisiMi new* •■e Nmss. England spends two million pounds a year on misf ions to the hemtheo. Tbe Bev. Samuel Longfellow bos resigned from the Germantown Unita rian ohnroh to obey the wishes of the family of his brother Hwry, Uiat be Aonld yrrite the poet’s biography. It bw been fonoddesirabla to appoint a special committee of the itefomed Olauis of Illinois to. assist the large nnmber of'Hollondern who have immi grated to Eastern Dakota in foniiiog Anrohee. The Presbyterian Oeiieral Assembly reoently in oession at Springfield, bad among its members a Dr. Homblower and a Dr. Stillman. Ae former wot rarely heard in the difcnuions, while the letter made some of the longest fpasbhes. It is proposed to erect a eaitable monament over tbe remains lof Hester Ann Bogera and of tbe Bev. Mr. Aomp- son, the first president of the Wesleyan Co^erwoe after Mr, Wesley's dea^ which lie in the ohorohyard of StMary'a, Birmingham. The onnnal snmmory of Britiah oon- tribntions to misdonory sooieties is os follows: Oborch of £ogland Foreign Missioas, $2,829,060; Chorohmen and Nonoonfondst Sooisties, $885,870; Eng lish and West Nonoonformisto $1,021,- 565; Sootoh and Irish Presbyterians, $654.875; totol. $5 810,950. To* Kind, Altogetker. George Moorman cannot stand the smell of tobsosD, being in very poor health, and when a cowboy in the street cor smoked a vUIoinohs-smelliog old pipe, George said : “Tour smoking mokes mk siok. The oowboytook the pipe cat of his month, wiped the month-piece on bis greasy pants, and. holding it nnder George's nose, said: “zon kin smoke, stronger, until I get off tbe kearu. Hit always mokss me feel bod, too, to see a feller smoking when I've left my pipe at boms.”— (Siftingt. Gold eoloied Instertew straw bon nets in “Langtry** shape ore exo^- ingly elegant for drew oocasioas. - Laosaose OaavM Dceerllta It. Mr. Bobart Ooald, bouk-keeper for Walker A Itoxoy, who are lombw deal ers, tsoently said to ooi repreesRiaUve: “Aboat one year ago I ww taken with tbe gennine soiatica. I employed the best physicians, bnt they oonld only rw Have me for tbe moment RnSy I used St Jooobs OH and it effertad a oompleto oare.” — ffsnnshec Seporttr, gordfwsr, Jfe, . ^ Honor is like an island, ragged and withoat a landing place; wa can never more re-enter wmn we ore onoe aateide ofH. Me. Gail B. Johnson, bwinew mvm gar of tbe Hnaston (Texes) has nsed St Jaoobe Oil iritb the grwtect benefit for rhenmatism, says the Gal- veaton (Texas) Asits. 11 la no polat of wisdom la s »■«»« to toat his brains sbwrt tUags I mpneritils A Prataiclv^a Tml a, iisnb u. usn B. WAAxsa A Cc: Ors—1 beve bosa Rrtag seme of year ams Kidosy and livsr Con in my praoRos, sad find U to Mt Ukn a “"“B. M. O. Mcarwt, it D. dwinj^ Mato of oloiBsoh and bovels, cored by Dr. PisrM'e "PeUett,” or soti-blUoai graonlsa. 39 ceati a vial. Mo cheap bozM to allow waats of Tlrtaos. By dnisgiati. Tbe prompt perfhrmtnM otcntyin tbe pMt 'I'lme lesiers and Burden Bearers. Fmia time Itnncinnrinl tbe hnrw hai fai man'll bc>t frlcml. Knt a few Team tiack wet- all remember the compamtlrely Iluleattenllnn paM (olbliirKM IndixpeuMblo of aiiimnle. Wo I isd that with reLuv wraiW RhrM daaa} (or aai- , botfla. Indicate, (be Ofl la aMdta«t—v aa o( tha kmwtan,/ttrlaatd amual before aalag. Cannot b'e DIaputed. One of lha prteclpal reaMni oj the woDderfal aeeeeaa of Mer- ebasPaOarvfti^OII Rtbat It l* ■aneftartatvd i /tetly eo hennr. Ita pfoprietora do oot,aa la tiw owe wHh (oo mur, af (or nakiiif (m Ihelr medkineeiiama, diBiv eopertlaa by sdor loferlnr con. M rary boat feoda to ba bna^bt n the marfeatJtgardlcitof coal. Kor baC a eaataryllefChaEC’a Carf. Ung oU haa beaa a ayeeexm for ■tanaacy, and win cooibrae to ba •o, long aa Umo aedarea. Per aala by an raapaetahle dMleti tbroogbooi the Daltad Btsua aad etber ooentnei. a Onr taeUmoaiata oata from ina to tbs pmeaa Try Haeehaaia OargUngOfl UsiBast for Internal and enetoal naa, and Ml you aaRhfeor what good b baa done. w follow dlnetlosa. Kaep iha b FoaadarM Fevt. tbnwa—you . ami i^lAtc ^IMl>[ca mid furmi amemblivl. ou> tbi-re waa a couplcunia 4Taot of itoiilc dranglii hnrac*, and u tor apreilcTs—well, hto wax the E xt uUlmaie UraU (bat aimcn in tbow daya Irrd to Rrive for. But ti'iw a S:d> animal li Mcemeda filr mulueT.anil One animah only dc-ervolha iiamowhcn tlicycanahniJctlic flrd qnartrrnrihctlilnlmli-ule. ThcrehavctMitlm- mcnaoslrlik-Kf.tfunrdliUbcrlclitdeTi-Inpmwnn^ CURES IS* Ofcnb1a)aa.V^Bltaa. g^tchra orOrMaa, CbaiH^t Hanita hUMttaw. mi mean, sat."®'*"” Canoiia, Laniencaa, IssSitei. Berebant'a GargUnx (. battat woim Badlctaa uaa ‘‘j(nd>ant'irioRnTablrta.''l(i»- sfaeinred by M. O. O. Ca. Bock- pert, R. T.. U. S. A, JOHN HOPQE, 8*o*y. health IS WEALTH! O. WUsra'a Magra an Baaia Taainflcer 0 (or Hnewta. oisalBaaB, comrelalou Ser- KaAa,lfaatal Danraaaloo.Loaaof Maanry. ~aOld iSR eaaaad to viat^anloit. wUrh -. ^ add-atb. Uaa box will care eaOtalnaaaataMitn*! treat- eaaizbarargraTa dollr—- _ „ aaealpt of bMo^ Wa ft eon au aaaa. With ave'- — alzbeiat, aoeempaalad w to cITmtbU dr-inblo end, emefatnone whl bare bMn tholutelhgcnt care and coo'iderult.. be-towrd upon Uio animal In bis evetr relatJoa " btecdlM. Andttakibas VCTyaerlout niodlfi'-alion .... ...rod iiuoa —(b a word, npoo tbs not railed, to InrlmJea- CHILLS of Uie old Bteibodaof treatment, doim; atrnr. teany caa0B.n’Ith (be Inbnmnn aod rodly anraee ^ju^pmiodjn (be oradiratim of even Umjde liiOnrt^ by ler-.ftirmoraaod stockmifitho fount rr over! . Jacobs Oiu rooosnlail liy ail who bnvi- 11)^ it aa an oxroptlonall) good remede fbr ihc allmonta of the howOBud tfoc t Ronomlly, moel- tnv nutra (n.1l« o.. li. ^...i .._*k — helm, nor Philadelphia; Hike Oo^in. MneS, New 'i'o.-k AKO FEVER, LIVERCOMPLAniTaadjaAI,ARlA POlf Straiat, Mew fork. MAKE HENS LAY. TinptBm, Ae., aoaMntas lb OBR ilnwMi aac. ainaaailf eeasBal gf Oaaa Md ritabwafiia ZoaM evtamottan otaw aTrlbaMtas arKSS: fba mm tmiiilg mmuana mma aMCM lavtM^ wrwa. rally rirtiaiiBlak to taiwM, wbjcb ara varr UberBl. acid yao aaa Aua moon bai. Mow ■ Iba SSt POPOLAB ■ROW.R-Vibat.^vfcu-A.i^j,.. w. P AGEKTS WANTED TON THE ICXORZALZ. HISTORYwinWORLD fSStSSSSiS% itafM tall ef eba drata -^^- *1, Idd&acas. the onMdaa, tba (sadil tto dwcuraay aad aaeuv ... .ws, SfflS istii! ■ w On.. PbtladalDhta. Pa. hock of IW pogaa. TalaabU to evary owoar s'■(>»«- Fosaage toRspa tabM. feat past- Wdwwv ■as. Walla' BsoUh Baaawtr" raskwaa haalih fifspspris, iRjetoata. 8ax- sriDiSUR. SL friuglsto. iMftrpam. pkttt to E. A WsLtA, Jersey OtR, M. /. Msswrawa ppMiiasb s» iciip. the only fsspsntftm od beef aaMlsM Mi awlRw wwfrL ^ ^tgwRm. It aMtalM btotri-maWog. STussatJassssasK sK.’xrST'JflMriaEs: whatbar Iba naoP of aabaMRew, sanm piiiMiMuta avwwsib ar asMa dIaaasR par- raimf (tom t-Irirmt smL FRAZER AXLE GREASE.’sS* _ gwEU- - T‘* irL>.g.EastagL PABHEgSETE WATER TiEUZVXS AT OVCR Caras laSamrd i^ vyak B SoSi*ltwWmSiw^rta*terstaaLSit^ NSTVOM BwblMtv. wi R ■■■»!■# IRaSSiatatad ti ISSsSSaa?!! .A*

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