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Charlotte messenger. volume (Charlotte, Mecklenburg Co., N.C.) 188?-18??, August 05, 1882, Image 2

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THE MESSENGER. WiixuK a Sinn. Tbfw Iwy ia MTMM. tkam u miinii w.asMim OMpnMai[Wo»wMfcHWfcl».ci> 8ATI7BDAT. AT7G. I, 1881 roB niiiiMM in !■ 111 mu OLITXBHjPO^EBT, WILUAM P. OAMAOAT. of Vtm IIiBtm. VOK JUinUM'TSB I esoBfix v.FOLi; ftQMvia 99rJiid0tnfVm8mrwkrCH0t; CBABLXSC. POOLS, •f PMqBOta&k. nooMv Dumor: JO&V A. UOOBE, «l HaUtu. nnxD DiBTBi&r: FEAJTK fi. DABBY, of S«v Hmotmt. vouB'iii lUfnuoT: WILLIAM A. (fUTHRI^ 9AWIS F. OUUBCBILU flfBattMrtort. PtrBolMton: fwoom Disnucr: JomrH.coLLurs, or Halites. MobiW (Ate.) OaidU, the Oohred Omu^ nttaborg, Pa., and the Odd PWIoM OautU, Ha^boi^, Pa. ni^araall well gotten a|>, newajr )>a{Mn, aad do credit to oer laoe.. Majr they all grew at>d aerer wane. 3iip)>0Tt^ ItmiNosa. The campaign ii qMoiDg. CoaUtion or- no Coalition, that’e tbeqeeetioa. The oolored^peoide read the Mia* ■tr^ite Coalitioniate on^t. hqrg ommty M that ttey are nag* teeted by tiieir ftienda. Ohre ea awi eelaeed aafl ageete, rerenne oAoen, Ao., and the ookned mm wiH ateod by the am who do It We are aider obUgatioaa to Mi^ 0. Dowd fbr Ooagreaionel dooo* Aa the next Legtateiaro wiU elect a United Statea Senator, we wonder who ia to bo the Coalition oandt- date: bat then that ia none of oar boalneoa. Still it might hare mnoh to do with aeleottog oandidatea for the Legialatore. > If we anrrender ereiything and TOte Sot CoL 7onea, Means, a Coali tion ticket fixed np hy the leading Coalitibniats and ererything elae exeept a Negro, what will be onr condition aftarwarda. So fisr aa OoL Jonea la oonoemed, aa we said before, hla platform is good and we beliere if elected, he woold do more for colored men than many of tbeir Bepnblican friends hare done. We are charged with fighting Coalition and drawing the color- line. We dmy both. We hare re peated Chat we teror the State tiok- et, bnt as to anything ftirther, toe mmi (0 see tcAere CAe cofored awm eoaim The eolor-line has been drawn aD the while, and we are trying to fight it down. And don’t yoa for get it, we are assured by the oo). or^ people that we speak their aentimenta, and they are at our back. He who says we want to kill the Bepnbliean ticket with colored men mistaken. We hare not onoe specified any nnmber of colored men to go on the county ticket, bnt we think a white maii who would vote fbr f'^'iaan on account of his ocdor, should be ashamed of the' Bapnblisan party, and should not be 7otod for by ocdored mea. Snob a man draws the color-line so tight ly that be is color-blind. THi OANOIOATlt FM SOUCITOII. 's'^-'^t that one. We want to be I them wbeee tbe col- ui'uJ tueii i» i,> i-uinv ii). But wait, colored mea ; if you ore not told be- we are te'hsTe Coalitfon m boL ^br| election My, g« to tbe 'polla Some emtend that we ahoU and Tgtaju—gcNuid roia, The election is -just three inonthH off, and yet we don't know whether - We hare before ua as candidates for Sdicitor, Mr. Frank Osboro«i of; Charlotte, and Wm. Means of Con cord. Now we can rote for only one of these, and it may be well for us to give them some oonsideration, before tbe campaign gets too hot We do not speak thus because we are so iodependent, bnt because one Tk« eolond nopW of Mookloo. ““ !• "> Indopoodoot . * ■ TkAio.yw.aa* a_.l *l.a aoL— ! T\ Ifio IfaMm. 8atePrida,6. L. MosMi^ Biohard drier aad Cor- asMoe Moore, for oahscribota. The i la sproadiag. . Oao. C. Seorteok and J. To Willtems, aooh brought a Hat of ■rtaeriban aad the aaah wHh thorn. O'Hnm aWtesto hatkangoter aoteiBaa, aad aa doaoHabba. Wa hahars a MoiioeHy of Iha dsisgatii •adpaapb oftho dlatriat waatod (FMam. Thma are dra eohradniwafapwi iathaBaaoad MUrlat, tAmfimer OMm aad taro Bohba. The te- a aaarate the Habh. As eUar oa« itaad bate hy tha Democrat and the other is a Demo- erat regater. It might be well for os to caateder the merits of each, aad the pcdicy of 'telways going agaiast Deaooratio par^ aoml- neea." The ability si^At bo a point to oonsidar. We hare not detdded yet wUeh wo will anpport, bat In tend to tiy to find the dUferenoe be tween tbmn. Wa learn one of them fbrert the oonnW goremment on- der the preaent {dan, while the oth> 9poaea it; bnt we anppoM the graataat Isonbta is, they both want to be SoUdtor. We aee that Hon. J. B. CHaim’s friends oteim thnt be hfis the legal aominatim for Ceagraaa fromtise Saeond Diteriat. Wa hare leaaon to bsliera that he is tbe ohoioe of tbe paopls from that Diatriot, and hepa ha wiU be sleeted aa orw^ irtahtenig m^ty. We ragret to ■ne taken by our friend K» of tba «irswi.» We hope be wifraoon sat the error ot hla-wny, aad tarn Ua tadaaace in the forte* of Us awn noa. Tbe Newbarm we do not deem of enMeimt saaesqnsnee fo give aotiee. It ie fibadi^ ef every edoied mania thatndlNteteteto mppoteO'finm. We foal ipateal iatareat ia tba aU d MmB omtiens to doMI r powm for the elootiaa of tba tJaMMOMom. ViteBteW.lWaMdnn.imt maateb PltiAlin MliHl.y * ' VMiafiapk Batei^ otbars foat we should atand'or fUl on the old principlee of the B^nb- lican party. But what kind of Coalition ie of fered to 08 7 heretofore the county ticket has been inrariably made up from among whit# men while the colored men did fbur-fiAhs of the voting. We shoold not complain so much of that (as they say colored men would defeat the ticket,) if we wore recognised in Federal appoiat- mento. Now what kind of Coali tion is wanted 7 White and colored men vote together and share the spals equally, or are the tiokets to be ntade entirely of white men and ail tbe Federal officers to be white men also 7 We speak the sentiments of the colored voters of Mecklenburg county when we say we are tired being led by two or three men, to vote for the men of their choice, and their choice often a Dmnocrat, and whenever any one Is rewarded it is a white man. You shall not charge ns with drawing the cefior- line—the line ia drawn ag^nst ns, and to insure the colored vote for CoaUtion or anything else, we most be assured that our devotion to party ia respected. To be plain, we want more colored men appoint ed to lucrative positions. We know there is a chronic set unfit for place who are always ready and asking. Onr better class is more modest. We want such honored with places as will do credit to onr race. We would love to see tbe Bour bon Democrats defeatod, bnt if they are to be defeatod by oar votes, we have a right to kaow wkat advan tage that defeat is to be to ns ah a race, or as a party. The expedien cy of tbe policy is questioned. We are asked to hold our peace upon certain queetions. Wait, they say, and yon will see. Over five hun dred persons eagerly look for tbe MassKiroxB eveiy ^torday morn ing, and tboee readers demand of us to know who is to be voted fbr by them for office, or wbai is being done toward nominating men. Tb^ say tbe Democrats are pattii^ out tbeir men and why should we be so late. Some want this kind of tick et and others that. We thaok tbe time has oomo when we should have and vote for sooh men aa will recognise us as dtisens and admin ister tbe laws justly, regardiea of the oolar of a mao’s sUn- We have atuok to the party like tar to a bteok eat’s tail; and what have we profited by it 7 Now tbe same men are aaUog ns to forsake par^ aad vote Coalition. Shoold we not look np and ask where are wegoing? Tbov are too many In- telUgeat colored man among os now to lead ns aa abaap to tbe atenghtor as we were tea and twelve yean ago. Many of us think for ooealvea now, and woald like to vote to our intereeta. While we do not oteim tbe r^t to dictate a polky nor a ticket, aa many of oar fiiende do, yot wa oteim tbe right to axprem the een- timanta of oar pecqile, as we know we do in tbie oaee. Ow peopledo not eee the expediency of CoaUtion;' many of the more tntaUigeat do, provided oar people are to fore aay better by H, if not, we ooreelfare nanhle to eee whereby wr ere to profit. Tbe (dijjeeto of tbe Mieugan cre-to defend and Ae all in tta pow er to elevnta tbe colored am qpd to ndvoeate tbe prlnoiplee of tbe lepablioan party- Now both tba ootered raot and tbe Ba- parW feft oat, why, whatiekAforostodet Wodo not pretend to aay that wa kmifneranloftbe plam and inten- iiaaa ef party laadme; bnt we wont eemstbing pianteble to o*r to onr them wbylbay A iir TO mtEMrlLE. On Wodneeday morning of last week we boarded the ton o’clock ao- oommodatlon train for 8tat«evitl«» After starting we found thpt we were the only passenger, and had a fair chance to' see the eountry and tbe growing crops. We found Mr* Witherspoon a ver}* polite con ductor. The road M is in pretty feir condition, and at times one would think he was making equal time to tin fast maii on tbe Air^ Line. After getting about four miles from tbs city we found the crope looking fine. Tbe com was fell grown, as green as yon please; oot- tott 18 and 20 inobee high, fields green and white specked with bidh- soma. Gardens aiad potatoes' look fine. It is really encouraging to see how proaperrus tbe farms look. Barren fields of stubble show that large crops of graia have been gathered. The oooBtry seems ao more hilly than aronod us. Fine forests of oak timber and good forming land^. Tbe little towns along the way look very prosperous, and some of them are building up. The fruit trees along the way are suflhnng greatly, being over-ladened with ftniit AT STATISVILLC. Wo alighted from the cars and struck out fbr town, when all of a sudden, to onr suiprise, we eepied Bev. D. B. Stokes sitting in a cozy little ootti^ who hailed in fats usual way, took us in, introduced os to Mrs. Stokes, and wo there spent an 'hour or two very pleasantly. We badtbepleasnre ofeatingapiece of tbeir wading cake and exam ining many of tbe elegant preeenta. We were shown some lovely wax- flowers made by Mrs. 8. We then went to tbe revenue Bee, tbe office of the Anterican and the Landmark. We found tbe edit ors of these papers vory polite. There certainly are not two bettor lookingaod more polite gentiemen in North Canriioa than Messrs. Drake and Caldwell. After picking up a few subscribers and a little filthy lucre, we visited Stokes’ floe brick eburob, where he has a nice organ. Hero hetoaohaa music, and we learn has a very- floe congregation. We then retomed to Blder Beives', where we were kindly cared fbr dur- ing ihe night Many t-hanka to Beva. Stokes aad Bievea for kind- nem shown. They have many new buildings going ap, many eburofaes, add, by the way, the Zion Method ists own a very nice loiAiog ahoroh, add tbs colored Masons own a nice two-story large frame building, in which they meet, and rent tbe lower hall for fostivala, Ae. Bveiything seems {deasant around Btetesvitla. MV ta(ar« dw Mtoc, Mke-weew v«k lorwtbustMviMBt •ve, tsritaiMt mmM. WVvIHMan wowett-teyi im tirii vasM airnfmii to wackjMM. JlowtotM tiM. To* vwfe f i|M> OlM oely. or slr» fov vMi tto* lo OwjudniM. Tm«u Hre aTlMSwamSeqi* wot. Ho attar umietw win nir r«ew Noqmcu fan Co BUika rnWiMaa psybjM- ttflnf at oMo • o*Ur ootSVuwS MrsM see. If me — esu% 8-4-ir "bojiaad^ry M OM TOB mL .Bauurrraco.W NOTibk Oood Templart. T he Sxeeatlve Coenfil bare deekt- ed to poslpoue the ameitag et Uie Unnd Lodge uotU solnetiaM in Nu- vember. at which tlm*-hII liodfss and Dfptities of Lodt«« t-xilDoL will be dcuy DotlSsd. Fteee uf. mating, Wil mington, M.C We hope to have n full turnout sa preparation will be made tosuke tbe oceaeion a grand onr. GBU. C. 8CUBLGCK. 0. W.C T. Jmo. C Dahct.O. Swratary. Fayetterllls, If. C , Julv St, 1882. WAFTED. ASEFTS. S TARTLING M tlie’. psfim of rev msnoe—from tbe lua eee depths ot Blaverv to n position among (he first iu “Mlasd. '‘LifesodTttef8''of FBEDERICE DODGLAB. - Written bp himself; is.’full page Ulus- trated; price 9240 Oulrivals ** Uncle Tom’s Cabin ” in tbriliinO and romnntle interest with tbe added charm that ever? word is true. ■ A marveleiis sto^ moat grepbicaljv told and of great hti- torio value. This volome will be eagerip sought for bp tbe hondieds of tbousands wbo have watobed the re markable career, and haM been tbrUieil bp tbe uloqueooe of tnls wonderful man. Bitra terms to Snntharo Agnta PARK PUBLISHING nartfont Conn. ■MHO. 7^ sidenoe td the brute the residenoe td tk( brutea parents, 8 mites west of this city, oaJa\y filth, Mr. DooglM & John son to MIm Amanda C. Carathort. Dr. B. Mattoon nihiistiiig. gw as**cn**>»Kta Ckaom^ M. C, Afot lit *82. TbaprateMf at tmmb^ a eater«d oar Ooaotr offiem I- aaaomtsafelT.r -jslMunfofi the! M wo *v «o art aoti- . tim afoam listewiito apMp^ atetefteieMtefo; - fiivnijsa to ihair paete, ami wcMMbam aadiha Mi -2S|Ujjl|.-d5. J-GALDWXLL. A. W. CAhVWr DKALKR IN filOGEIIIES m fllOIIISiflis! CONFF^UTIONABMpi TOBACO, CIGARS, CHICKENS K60S, AND BUTTER All kinds of VegstAUai on hand all ttaet Consignments seHcii'ed smtpMw sonal attention givet-to such sales. 80J)A WAIES, A Fine Sote Fountain in ooMsev tUm with the Store where cool aad refreshing drinks smdfppnnS^aisiy day. A. W. CA3E.VPH, W«t Tnib stTMt CbuloH,^ K 0. 7.22-tf. Barbar Ah^ Tto 00^ asM Shop in town. Expsriscosd and poUto wnelhawi al- wapateiMptoflve^l^ Ifetl Skir Ont AND A CUBAN SSAVKt 7-l#-«IB. foniiaaCialial Laava waamum.- ifi** TB«iBao.s«eaaiua

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