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North Carolina Newspapers

Charlotte messenger. volume (Charlotte, Mecklenburg Co., N.C.) 188?-18??, October 07, 1882, Image 4

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AtiRICULTUSlL. Amoag the implored breede of thoep DOW beiog 80 exteuire]/ niaed to this ooontrj, the Dowaa, m> celled from e oertein portion of Englend from wbieh thi7 here moetly emeneted, the Oxford! hold e high rank in their aetire homes, whilst here the Soothdowns end the Bhropehiree ere more of the feroritw of the Dowds femiliee. Aooording to Baodelt. the Oxfords were first ia- trodooed ioto the United States bj Bioherd 8. Far. of Ljnn. Utas., end Williem 0. Rires, of Viiginie, who selected end imported tmr sheep together, some twentr-fire years ego. Thoagb good reports here oome from eneh importetions is here been made, the Oxford does not seem to bare takes a etrong bold upon the fancy of Ameri- ean breeders. This hae more likely reeulled from the feot that admirers of tho long-wool, as well ae the admirers of middle wool animsls, prefer the more distinct rarieties of those breede; for oertein the Oxford has many eharacter- ietioa commending it to the faror of Aoerioan breeders. It has sise of oar- cam and a prolificacy that insures lambs for an early market, as the weights girsD below folly testify. It has a length of fieeoe that insnrea for the wool clip the attention of buyera who require long wool. The body is well roDDded, legs abort, and, in its natire locality, evinces a hardiness andadapta- tioD for profitable feeding UDBurpaseed by any of Ibe English types. Good Eoglish authority gires the following statement of points: 1. Dead weight of an average lot of lambs at three months would ^ from 32 to 40 pounds; at six months, from 48 to 66 pounds; at soven months, 64 to 72 ponnds; at twelve months, 80 to 96 ponsdi. 2. The weight of ewes at 18 to 24 months, 80 to 104 ponnds; of wethers, 88 to 112 pounds; of rams, 160 to 200 ponnda 8. The weight of full-mouthed ewee, 80 to 100 pounds; two and three-sheer nuns, in working order, 160 to 200 pounds. 4. Wethers are generally sold to the butcher, ebom, twelve to fifteen months old, weighing 60 to 112 pounds—the average abont 88 ponnds. 6. Eves produce their first lambs at 24 months old (some few breeders put ting them when nine or tan months old). They are proliflo and excellent mothers. 6. The mutton is superior and oom- mands a high price in the London markets; there is a large proportion of lean meat as compared with tho fat, oompariog favorably with the mutton from any other bleed of sheep. 7. The weight of fleece of twelve months’ growth of ewes is 7 to 8 pounds; of rams, at 15 to 18 montbsold, 10 to 15 pounds; of wethers, 13 to 16 months. 6 to 14 pounds. Wstler’s Taec The following anaodote of the founder of Methodism nan, we baUeve, never been published. It reeohes ns from a imstworthy aonroe, and it fllnstratea in a remarkable manner the mingled taet and piety of that eminent man. Although Wealey, like the Apoetlea, found I hat his prea^ngdidnotgMtly affeot the mighty or the noble, atill he numbered some familiee of good poal- tion among bis followers. It was at the home of one of tbeae that the fnoident here recorded took plaoa. Wesley had been preaching, and a daughter of a neighboring gentleman, a girl reaurka- ble for her DMUty bad bean profoundly impreoaed his sxhortatiou. After tbs sermon Wesley was uvlted to this gentleman's house to Innobeon, and with himself ooe of his preachers was entertained. This predther, like many of the class at that tine, was a man of plain manners, and not oonsolons of the reetraiota of good aodety. The fair young Methodist sat beside him at the table, and be noticed that abe wore a number of rings. Daring a pause In the meal the preacher took hold of the young lady’s hand, ahdr^iog it in the air, called Wealey's attention to the sparkling jewels. “Wbst do yon think of this, air," be raid, "for a Methodist’s bsnd^' The girl turned crimson. For Wes ley, with bis known and expreas^ aver- rion to finery, the question was a pecu liarly awkward one. But the aged evangelist showed a taot wbiob Chester field might have envied. He looked up with a quiet, benevolent smile, and simply said, “The hand is very beantiful." “ The blushing beaofy bad expected something far different from a reproof wrapp^ up with auoh felloi^ in a compliment She bad the good aanse to say nothing; but when a few bouts later abe again appeared in Weal^a preaenoe, the beautiful hand was strip ped of every ornament except those which nature had given. Bow it Kalns inCalifonia. Haolsa ts not tnwrestsd Ip mining OMri- Uont, BOtwithstonding be hss made so mnefa moasy ootof his oar. If Wltoos, w soilsrliig from isiparity of bloador weak loBfs, and fkar eoBMmDtkn (wrofaions dissass of tbs iamnl. Ptsrao’s ‘'OordsD Vsdtoat DbSm It bis boon aagaUsatly said that lbs tel^ idMBS doM vhat soots^ nilsa bars always bsso unsqaal to sompsU woasu wbo nas It to talk ons at a tlma Bstng sntaraly rigstabts, no psitioalar cars is rsqnirsd vhtls aslog Dr. Pisros’s ‘-pleasant Pargallvs PsUsts.” They operate wllboat diatnrbanoe to the oosstitatlan, diet, or ooso- pstloa. For sick bssdacbs, constipation, im- blood, dlminoi, soar cmeSMiow tram tomaea, bad taste la moalb, biUoas sS- Ms, palnia rsftenaf kldasy, iatsraal •svsr, bloated fsaliM aooot stomacb, rath of blow to bead, take Dr. Pisros’s '‘psUsw.'* By tZtv gists. "Oive ns a rest,” was iavaatad by Arohlm- sdss when be offered to mors tbs world with his Isrsr. ' rAVORlTiHK is a bad thing, bat Dr. Plerae's '‘Pararlls Pra- Kriptloo'' dmarvss its nams. It U a oenaio rare tor Iboss paiafttl maladisa aad wstk- nessas which embitter tbs lives of so muy wonou. Ordng'Uta "Something left over from the Sgbt of yes terday," was tbs Daks of Wsllington’i defini tion of baab. Tbs laSssaeo of Malaria CaniarmwaS. Tbat tbs barafol Inflames apoa tbs bnmsn system of malaria may be sffseuiaUy eowntar- aeisd bas been detnonstratsd fbr years paM, by tbs pratsetion afforded tbs Inbairiiaati of vast mtasma-tevsding districts in K-rtb sad HoBlbAmeeiob fioatsmala, Msaloo mod tbs West Iodise, HosisUsr’s Stomacb Bitters. Used ss a prsvaativs tb« bare tnrarisbly baeu fonad to ba a wiaat nUabIs safsgaaid waiaoi cbiUa tad (brer, bUloos remittan^ and still more naHgnant ^psa ol m^ariooi Hisais. and wheo smploym aa a remedy bars always C wd tbslr adequacy to tbc Isrir of sradicat- foob malstUss Crasadhs system. For dls- or^rs of tbs stomvdi, liver and bowels, whieb is hot cIlinaWB and -rniaamatte loeanttsa'ars partleiilarly rifa, tbs Bitters are a prompt aad Ihorangh remedy. Tbsy also strengthen the. VMsm, mnqallisa ibe nerves, promote digss- tios sad sosad alesy, aad Impart nnwomed food. Bverf Uar isr Three Vsara Anisonoy, Va., Oot 4,188V H. E. WaxiiBB A Ca; Birs—[ bare taffersd every day fbr lbs past ibrse ystrs from airis- tore of lbs ur(.-tba. Yonr Safe Sidnsy and Lirsr Ours is tbs only thug to give mo relief. W. T. QhwaM. Tbs Proaar Asts Cvsms Is tbs best la the market. It la tbs moat socaoniasl and cbsapstl, ooe box lasting as long at (wo of any other. Ooe greasing will last two weeks. It recelred flrst prenilnm at tbs Oentsnnlal and Paris Bspoeitlons, aleo msdsla at vannas State Pairs. Buy no other, ffllee and 8nm. nias, raaches, aati^ bedbagt, rsts, Dies, gophers, obipmanks cleared oat by "Bough ca' Tbr sf ibe Pana Beiweeg N'elabbers In answer to a oorrespondent, tbt) Itoston Cultivator gives the following views upon this subject, which we be lieve aie equally applicable to thisStato: *|Two persons own land separated by a line fence, which is oommou property between the two parties. One has an apple tree on the side of the fence, whose limbe overhang the fonoe on the aide -1 the other. Apples fall on either «sd‘ The question often asked is, do the apples tbat fall on one's land belong to one or the other, or to both! This subject baa been several timne disonased, ^tb some contradictory deeUioDa and judgments, but the rules are now pretty well estaolisbed. If the stem or trunk of the tree grows so olose to the line that parts of its aotnal body extend into eseh. neither owobr can out it down without the consent of the other, and tho fruit is to be equitably divided. If ^e stem of the tree stands wholly ‘ within the boundary line of ooe owner, ho owns the whole tree with its pro- dnela, although the roots and branches ttttond into the property ol the other, ^ere was an old rule of law that the latter might olaim from the yield of the tree as much as would be be an offset lor the nourishment it derived from hit, ^ate, but this it now obsolete. The law gives the land owner on whose soil the tree stands the right to out it down at hit pleasure, and to pluck all the fruit from It while it stands. In New York State the courts have deoided that treaspaos for assault would He by the owwof the tree, against the owner of the land over which its branohes ex- traded, if he prevented the owner of the tree, by personal violenoe, from reaeWng over and picking the fruit mwiog upon the branebae while stand- tog on the fenee dividing tbs lands. «e owner of the land over which the mnehee extend may lop the btuebes ol« to his line. He may dig down *nd cat the rooU square with his line if he so electa In plain terms, if no C rtiou cf the trunk is within hh line may refose all tiupass of the tree on Ala premises, either above ground or if fflTEs the tree UesMeitber to extend its roots nnd« MBSW or to hang its branohes over his pwmssa, be does not thereby gain anv He eannol pSkit!« nor totorfsre with the piling by the owner, m long m the w^^to the tree « « the feSJ wUeb divides the property. right to the fruit does net, bewevar, psrmit tbeothsroww to eomsapoo toTsoO OB tbs otbsr side of tbsltosto alhar ^ fruit, sad aU tbs frutt wfaishfrHs vuboBt vtolsnes to ths ground on tM ‘ ► wsprofsHy of Si^tj storm is tbat it makes no ‘fuss’’ sbrat it, but attends strictly to busineas, and aooompliihes more in a given time than would appear posable from any amount of observation. One feels a sense of dretrinesB, sod looking from the win dow sees tbat it is raining; tbs quietest rain in the world, the drops being very small and tolling with no appreciable weight. But step out into it and it is almost like stepping into the bay, the wetting ie so rapid and so thorough. It very rarely happena that any wind ao- eompaniea a rain-storm in this locality, and thunder and lightning are almost unknown. The average length of a rain-storm is about forty-eight hours, the wster coming down steadily and resolutely, while from the hillsides an unbroken sheet an inch or more to depth rushee rapidly to tho reservoirs below, nntil every stream becomes a river, every vslley a Iske. Sometimes it oonkinnes to rain—tbongh not in this unbroken way—for weeks. But this is a rare ease. As a rule, after abont two days and nights of solid deluge, it olears off, the farmers go to work, and the weather is too beautifni to be desoribed at all. Snob blue depths of sky, snoh aores of brilliant wild-flowers, and the woods ablsxa with color, all form a picture wbiob, if au artist should repre sent truthfully, would be at onoe pro nounced gaudy, nnnataral, and out of tote, liiia style of storm (with the intervening sunshine) sboui onoe a month for five or six months makes an average Oalifomia winter. Essay os Promptitude. John was noted for his promptitude, which wss the chief cause of his sueeees in life. When he was a small lal be was always prompt to take the beat seat in the room or the especial delicacy at the table; a few years Ister, it was remarked tbat whenever he broke a window in any part of the neighbor hood, he always sped rapidly home ward to obtain the money to pay for the damage done. To be sure be generally oootrived to gat away from the toene of tbe breakage before he could be idooti- fle^ and was never known to return with the mooev, probably through for- geHulneiia. But we digress. When he bad beoome a man, ho was prompt to fly mto a temper upon the least provo- ostion, and upon one oooaaion he OTomptly killed the man who offended him. and was praopUy banged to oon- SMuonoe. The man who is prompt is slweya bound to. oooupy a prominent imition, and that position may some- timea be the gallowa The girls of the Souny clime desoribe this world as one of ■•bustle, toil and out." We agree with them--tbe women hare all the bustle, aad the men oira have the toil sod oars. . _The Toledo (0.)’s*i says: OoL J. Dotm Alo»ndcr. e^tor Bsinaavills (fs.) JPciH has been (%red tf rbeuma' tism Igr the use c-f St. Jacobs Oil. Tbs Free Ilaliaa Cfannh is doing evugelioal woi^ among the villages ra the iiUad of Ssrdteia. The people are eager to obtoto oopies of the Bibla Mr. W. A. Forbes, Gnrafleld, Mam- WM rarsd by St. Jaoebs OO of thoBrnm Um.-.Ot»MmnaH CirMtm *»Tnffftnt -.The Dr. Ftoney, ex.Prasldnt of Uberia, is now a residset of Flosida, where be Is eegeged to *Ttrhfns and prseohtog amoag the ble^ai roinU sod geaersl debility in their -vioae forme, site sc s prerective sgslaet fevw end WS sadoUiet iDtermitleairevers, tbs "Perro- Ptaoepborsted BUxlr cf Oslisiys.’’ asde br C^mU, Hsssid a Co., Nee York. sndmU br sU DraaglsM, U Ibe beet tonic; snd for psdssti reeovSnnt from fever or oUmt T*~knrBe It s— BoeqnsL AN EXTDAOSDrNAR.T CABB. Aunr>, Text*. FxbrasrrK, ItSL To Mr. J. W. Orsbam. UraECtal. 'SI SB scote fortD of Broa-*hJUa Id pe^t Idiwkeli Id dls.~tbat a sod WM ef oas snd s bsif lesr'e plored lbs bnt oedlcsl sld npidir. OBtll the dorleni m cse« WM Incorsble. Tbreura I sot s bottle of DIL WM. BALL'S BALSAM FOB TUB LUNOA.sadln els boon frit s decided rellel ta three dsye tbe coach slmott dUeppesrad. KoW irebsa esrneeUr recommend th throelorluas ■dfor A LliCM’S nSAIN VOOO. A fortho Bn>tn aadiioeei peetUvelr ouae Nereout Debill., .. ItoN. Ch—tri, slit rtrirAeene ..^retTpaee STorDeedi .Ssad forolrmilsr. II. r. XUaUeTraiaUo.,t«BaTaJtoTMBrusd»s/.5. T. A msn ie known by tbe oompsnv he keepi SWST from. >t Aeeaee, New Xoefc. KBRCHANT8 OABGTJNO OTL If the oldest sod tbe ilenderd llninient of the United Btstee. Lonre slxe. tl.OQ; medium 60 emim emsIU S rents; etnill ilzefnr fsmilr use, SB reots; Mercbant’e Worm Tablets. SB cents, ror mie bjr every dnigslst snd desier tn gcnersl mercbwdiio. For Family Csss The Rsig'Jag Dll Uolmeot with wunrs witAppmh.pvepbtsd tor tomnn flesh, is put Ths OargllBf Oil Almaate for 1883 , ISDowkitbahsodiofourprIuter, andwUl be ready foV distribution durloc tberaontos of November sod Deeember. IMBk TteAl. nisnse for the coming year wfil be more use ful aad lostruoUva tbea aver, and wilt be teat tree to any sddresa Writs for one. Ask tbs Nearest Druggist. U toe deelen In your plnr-edo not keep Mercbsnt's Gargling Oil for file, insist upon tketr rending to ua or when therget thoir medli-lnrs.and getlt. Keep theooule corktd. n-id abake U before uatng. Yt wrapper (or animal and white for hu fiesta. Speeisl Notice. ne Merehant's GargllBgOfl has bee ssasallnlmeotforbsu aoeaturr. Al. ... i fair trial, but besure aodioUow dl- «. Gating on and Merchant's Worm 'lets are for sale by all druntstr and deel- ^tn general mcrutaodUa Inrvughvut tbe Manufaetured at Lookport. N. T-by Mer- ohaat's Osrrting Ull Company. LYDIA E. PINKHAM’S TxasgAgj coitponm). , A—-c— w -n nxAU WE.S. raOBBS, IncMInB X^eeevrfeM, ir. reanlar aad FolaM Bfeneawailen, lalaaaesleB aad Uleeratlen ef the Weasb, Vleedlag, PUO^ LAPSUS UTEni, Ae. Wlaaaei le the uses. eOeaeleos •ad (Bawdiits laltoeOset. IHsaMesthslylh pngosaer, sad Ils«sspsla daziag Isber aad as teealor psriods. FiTTSKusscarT AiepaEsraisi it nzm. OrFoa auWSjuuissus of tbsceocrall.* —r—■ e(slih»sn,il tsfocoadloBO maedrtbat bu mr beta bstee the pabUai aad foe all dlnM eftb* XmvsnttlsthsOrsaMBOMSytetts rorU. CT'KniNZT COMPLAINTSerElthcr Ses Blad Oraat Relief Id Im Caa. KriRA.B. naKHAMW ni/wn ptruinzB a5jrsar»s«tssw'»s."i:Ma.‘!: ths^mesh AsmsmasaslasamaesetasOempouna emotbthoOoarpoeadmd MesdFBrUsr on pFv pond at m and M Wns,re ATenss, lyaa. Hsa Price ^sttk*. 81. abbetBssferlS. lbs Oocnpooid a saal br rasa la Ibe fena of pOl*. or cM leesatw, oa receipt of pelee, 81 par box for eltber. Ibi. riakbui OeMy aaewote ell letlatof togulry. toclosBSont stamp Scad for pameMst, Mmraefttirimcr. tWT-VHta.pBnausrsLimPlua s«ie Ooait^pe. ttoaSUIoaBsmaadXeHtditr of ths U>T. ttcoue gyaeld by anPragghee.-^ (*> CEmiiuillEOY. E^OZt BHEPMATISM, HeutaJgia, Sciat/ea, Lumbago, * Bttckaeho, SonnesM of fito Chott, 6ovt,Qumy,Soro Throat,Smoll’ logo and Spraint, Buma and Sea/da, Sanof^ Bodily Patna, Tooth, Ean and Hoadacho, Froatod Foot ond Eant, and all oUion Faino and Mehoa. kroyatsUoa ee earth oqmlo Sr. (tmia On fa/r, ricrw, riMpts sad eAeep Kxiemtl A Iriol eeuAt bet too eocspoisltnly MSlag eetleyor6SOala.sitdewyeoMoo8w^ MB hare cboep sad psMUre seeaf cf Us DboeaaasleBsria bsacMga. 16 I0U> BT ALL DtOOOlBTS AID tiffXT.gta TI KEDZOIffE. A. VOOEIXa Be CO., -rg.. p.iL.A. MASON&HAMLIN fc KW (LrEfsTUATSuCATAJUluff^lfS^ MNOS l■p^or^—I teipi'ii le ■!.; oddlor lopomr eadbesstr of loao «ad doToNinp. WUl •« rceelr* (•■Sm rmmrtrr i RAMCiN nROAN ANU r^meel H(., Beeloai 40 K. pfANb Beeloa'i 4b'& l4that..N. Yerht (48 WaboehAoa..C'bleawe. HEALTH IS WEALTH I, r ceased b« ont-exertlOB. WABKBOOMSi • tTMlmcnt. pnedDllersbuor s.s besm ' liT*L**?**’L “■?“ I’Wuld on recMptof Wo nsrealeo six boioe u care ear —— Wi'hsecbonlarreeeiTadbr os for six boMr!^ oumpeul.dwUhflro dollar^ wswill md tbs aur^ UlbttrcetaieDldJMBOtoacetarare (iuenalece t^edfltaybyti J. l.UMS. CberlesuaTs.^ Ordowb mall promptly altendoj to. ^ KIDNEY-WORT HAS BEEN PROVED ThaSUMBT OURgfor KIDHEY DISEASES, Dm a lame baekoredioDodofedo aSo that roe are ariotlM? wmnr ^ xuiyi-wo^^ ' ItlaaBURBOUBBtorafl DISEASES of the LIVER. » has opoolflo aetloa ea awmost liDparCanc sss'sssurdEcsa'ss Malarla.iasrJSSfffif -- tdU^ dyepepeto. n oonotipstet. Eldaer- WonwIUstmlyiaUeveaBdqniaUroara. i, la the Metae. to olsaaeo ^ SrjMm. ee». I twetbCPBldtateaiaoroeshoqqmoflt ' - LnrllAS Yoreeaplalnupeealisrld I fcaailwOo TooTiax. taohsa Data sad weaMoMos, norar-WOUT to luMu^aMOd.' [ aMt wlU act praapcly aad salMy. I '••“ttv* «r bnok dost or ropy dopootu, aad daU dcaceiar palBa,aUopcioday ylald to Ita oorattre powoiT^ I .nruAetsri tho aams taae ea Urn mmim. I XJVn Aim BOWXLB..g3 rarOoBotteatlaf Pllaa.cvBhen.Hnc 1. * ^ , -KIDNEY-WORT HAINES piAnos 99 urn vmo tn nnwKXD bt ihi oitinsr Abnm Ol TH» WOBLD. MTTll flERSTERI VALLEftIA! KEUOfiQI CABPANiNII QALUtStl ABBOTTI PEASE I HARMON r U8UCHEI RAVELU 1 ■ARIE ROZEI CABTLEI FEW TORI, FIVE-TON WGONJCILP m Swoat.pofonorMcM. AUdoc JUKI Bf BMkRAMTm, *»ve«e Waatrd. ThaOeletlaa^eg'rrieame HOWtoIJVE to,* tletSt pad lulruetloubow le eaSL tree to (alibnn wofksm .. rr^aese’sa.AJsa ■stotoMsto tolMs eag • flsWgblteUi’ ptg.; lEiMm io‘S5S-in!r«s,YafcA?prf truth SggMtKga^^N afaBAin>BiBA«a»M»Ct LOQBM istnwn wi..» r.v AGENTS WANTEirt.T: to arte moner r«p»llr .at-nc oar NgW BOOK I SUNUCNT a — A*oO— filbLIfiHT PYORKS' ablWeopi^jr^ir^^rSM. will civwd-Joioiwiiptfi.r^, tu ra.klu o: cow t rata, bat mwo f' r -lr--a.api elrina «oii|.r.t. tone.te irrot.. Ac. Vro-M^a. SfOUwll^wk&fJ^MTVsrsatbSunUsdtlsblafh itci7.ludarkenmao non TO WIN AT CARDS, DICE, X« esTct'cSsr: on, T. n. sTsoroAM, m i KTeoroAM.« a *t siaM sl,M Cltcqlan iSlw N V. 8T;^^5TJ«I15?S5'E5VSS2 Stock afl-ola^prMMsaaafa&aOeta. UrnnaeaMA CROUP »•»: Cl CnTDflTVnC ‘VAOUlKKlt* ANMVOUUirOKTXPB CLCU I nU I Tit roLSUlSUS, a"" PBINTWfi MACHINERY A SPECIALTY. OTritrnwwnw 08TRANOEII a HUKE, stereotype*‘‘*-^^£&!:^::^^

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