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North Carolina Newspapers

Charlotte messenger. volume (Charlotte, Mecklenburg Co., N.C.) 188?-18??, August 28, 1886, Image 3

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l)arli)ttc Atcsscnijcr. t^SABLOTT^ IT. C., An^., SS, 1666. 1*00 AL !\K-V^'S. 5trJ. J. M. of Fa.TcKevillc, h vis ■tiog ftieadR in Cnnconi, BubnpLomu arrivtd home Usl M..n ifV'Bcr *i RhuoTiCf' of wctnl «rc«k»>. Wc hav^ hw) ftii of fhc lit.r, hi me cu oiucli ■new^ (bill week. Tlcv, 6. W. Oliaton, of Fort Lawa, 8. .. w«» »n oorrity ibU week. Tlic Piitr in Raleigh will ojien on the ««h of JfoeetjAci; and the fare frtim Char lotte will he $4,70 for the round triji. Ilr. Wolf htu> iaued an addn-si and he •nys •rij. (ommiltec will send another in a Vrwtiaj.s. Lookonl. The l^rohibitionift of I’cnn^ylvuiiifl ive n>:/ninate>I a full State ticket um) It a roiorrd nnu on it, 'Ktrect mobs io New York arc growing i. Thi-re Socina little hn|>p of tiement with the wr driv-ei^. 5Jr*. Mary E. HarriB jiaased through thiK city liwt -Houday, going to Texas to (each. Xtk Walton, of Augusta, Ga., Moppod over with Mr>. II. 11. Kennedy on Thiire- day on her way home from Washingii.n City. Kev, Mr.«. W. II. Ilcard and .Miss Hut- tic I,owndcs, of Charlmton, S. C., lime been in uurcity two weekt. Thiy leiire home next Mouduy. 'ersona desiring ]MiBitiunfl as teachers might do well to mak* application to I’rof, J, T. Corlew, superinUndcntofihe city gr.ided Rchoola. Many friends beg that the rin- den-il at Zion Subbath Schuo] lust Sunday ■pciiled to-iuorrow. Wi! 1 the ladit* nod gentlemen consent. OUft CaCRCBBS. 81. JCkhMl*! (R B.) chnr.-tL lOnt 8t fior iematll A. )l„ai>d6P. £ Buxbr 8e^ at4P, M. Rrr.P, P.AiAKwfSeri M. R Obvreb, Booth Graham St:8erTirm, -t 8 P. 31 , mjmI 8 P. 3f. fiODdav Bcb^ at A. U Rrv. B. M. Haiaaa. Pastor Plrmt ItapUrt ebu'eh. Booth ChorehBtiBer Sifla* at TI A. M . S P. if. and « P. M. ttanddv Sebaola. 1 p, it. Hav. A. A. Powkm.. pastor Kbenetcr BajrtliJ ehnrch, Soil Ht Ker. at 11 A. a. 3 P, M.. and 8 P. M. Bun- Bchool at I P. M. Riv. E. Uai-onw., We have received a pmmnm Htt from the secretary of the North CaroUae in- duatrini aseoeiation diowiog what la of fered for exMbiti of m^t. A large number of valuable prcmluma it ottered, and we hope Wettern North Carolina will compete. The me.mbaTB of the Pnde of Sharon. Ledge rvtiiiestB os to expreas their grate ful thanks to the ladies and friende wlin Ml kiudly luiidstctl them in the fair. We w ill give full particulars Of the fair next Coramlttec fleeting. The Hrpublican Kxcciilivc committee Ptiiter. _ PrmhyfaTiao rborfa, corner Tth and Colbci Keho^TTt mA. M. ni^. ’ f"' Mti fcbnlmrg ounty is called to ~ . -I.-- • -'onsiiU ii|>ou the i|iK'.stii da.T Bcbwj at 1 p‘ M. lUT.Isa.’KLAOel'prtt'ir Uttle Rock (A. M k arriem at 11 A M 3 1-.. 1 P. M, Rev. w HP. M, I >eiuliiig dtlegafes to Stult llult igli on the 22nil of September. There are several things fur« eouBly e. invent inn tn do and the rummiltcc c.innot well do •itherwise than cull a eoiinly runvcnlion to rcnrgjiiiit.' the party Ac. It is not for th roiniiMlIcc to niy whol tlu' policy of • he party ill Hh loiinly i-liall l>e. Their lime ha-- evpireci iiiii| they should |>«T- forni lUeir last mi by ii.sM-nibting the represi nlatives iif Hie |Mirly no tliiit tlicir •m-Ts-ors may hr scleel.'d. The com- mrs A» 1I0TB8 rOB WOKEIL High oolflsraa an probably morlboad. Pimk pwd omamiti an ia high faxh- too. CeavM—black, oi toom—li won Ibi moornlog. Some fair ParUlaaa powder tbalr for foil dreaa. Black ud white dlkhoee in pin ebecka are imported. Dotted mnalina are much worn by glrla in their teena. Short high draperiet are aa faahlonable j ^^vst. lie had hetird ttiat there wi M foil long draping. I cbtfayoBanniv tip somewhere BILL NYE IS ViamiZEl). rrAmplnc Fiveliong Daje la Search or an Aafmal 'Jhat Had Boca Dead S.OOO Ycara Several years ago 1 bad.the pleasure of. joining a party abuot tu start out eUngl the banks of Bitter creek on a bnntiu^ ■xpeditioo. The leader of the party nth » ynni’g man who bod recently rse.ipc'l from college with a laige amount of knowledge which bu desired, to experi- with on the people of tha far the BcMag After Knals. A btand et the writer, who haa mi- ered from dyipepria duriog afanoat her entire life, eonaiaen the aaggestlou in the following extrecta from an artlole ia a recent baoeof the Jmrml ^ UmttKXo be the moat in accord with her own ex perience of anytblngon tbeinbject litdy pubUebed: Hurried eating of meala, followed im mediately ^ aome employment that oo- copiea the 'whole attentkm and takee np all, or nearly alLof the pbyaica] energiee. is sure to rcanlt u dyapowta in one form oranother. Sometimesitshows itselfin excessive irritability, a sore indication I that nerve force has Iman exheaated; the doable draught in order to digeot tha food and carry on the boainesa haa ben TbeUiebigan Enigbta of Labor have - Bitter creek, and ho wanted i nature oould stand witbont .■ I ia Sa nf\ ■mnn-.infl 4a Anil .4 ]■>.■ .>*« * .-Ilf •d b-r There will be no w-rvii civ nt St. Mich ■I's churrh ti,-moiT0vv on uecuuiit of tli- ibscnct ul till- iiuotor. The waiters of iliis city lire a pn-Mcd meet at Goode's Uoi. | at So'cluck the purjHJw- of org.'iiii/- The Odd Fcllo-.vs iiamdu on Thursday pronounced n succctu by nil. The ml M. by Kcv. Clinton ww. admired by uli i masterly cffurl. %• Imlges Ilf liideiwndcnl Onlcr of 111 Sanar.tiQsan- nfiiicHted ti meet Monday night to make nrnmg iiiicuts the National Graud Lodge to meet iu ilmingtoi Th Wo: day e 1 Chr.-*.ti4 at Little Missi.m D •ning. If the .Mcthodiuls of Salisbury, with u mlnirship of lens than 100 e.-in build n OUu brick ibumh. what ought Hi- lliorlisto iif^lhin'rity to dn with n mrni diip of 1,000. There will lie an examination of teach for the colored gmded whoo) nc.xl nd«y moining at 0 o'diK-k. Appli Is will ie}K(rt nt the while griidc 1 ix'l building vvith^ pencil and i>a|Hr. b v. Z. llaiighion. Z. Ilaiightoii, Jr., r. .lohn Alexander, and L. D. WiUin r among the delegates from this citv ndingtlie wtwx talion at High i’oini week. A nuinliei Ilf Imi}> and young men .irc in habit Ilf hja-ndii g much lim- around bick door of a certain bouse wiib a - light. The police and others li.ive ' rrjes ujmn them Be warne.i, »>nr rrnd'Ts will rrgretj to learn of the ith of Charlie Htarkes. lie dii ■! at bis in Winnsborn, H. f,, on last Saliir and wa* hiirkd on Hunday. He was only four or live weeks. He died in full hope of heaven. He took Water. Oni r iipdu n lime llieic was n eeil.-iin iin whoM nnnie lind g.ine iibrunil iw a ighty worker in S.ibb:i!h Sclinids. .\nd 1 .line Io prisi wlu n ;i eerlninS. H. made, ;'re;il cIToi t to rni.He money for ii c crlain Imm-I, mid as was ex|M-eled ihi« man IS found in hii. usual roriur nenr the :ar. And In-hold wlu-n ilic eall vviiji nle for money Hierc wnn ii g-neral re*- iiHi'. but this man wlios • mime had nc abroad, prop declared for female saSrage. Mrs. Robert Goelet, of New York, haa 1 Income of $300 a day. The Spaaiab comblnatiea of black and icarlat plays an important parts In tennis toatutnes. Kilt-pleated skirts are farhiooable, but to find it. me eight or to go alongind help hii 1 bad been in the West i sine years then, and I had i cbiiiTos.inrus myself, but 1 ihoiighlthe founginan must ki.ow bis biixincsi. so I ;;otoutm.T Wincbcilcr and went along with the group. beingthrown out of balance. In other case the person is exceedingly dull as toon as he has a few minutes ef leis- orc. The mind seems s dead blank, and only moves in its aacuitomed, channels, and then onlv when compelled. This, also, is an indicatioD of nervous exbsns- Others will have decided pains in . -- . We tramped over the paie, ashy, glar- | tion' the pleats must be either extremely wide , ng, ataring stretch of desolation, ■ jjje itomach. m a sense of weight, as if or very narrow. ; through burning, .luivcring days of mo ; burden wasinaide. Rough straw bats having the brims i s«^ny wd sa'^t-brush ami a kali water i others, again, will be able to eat rolled np in the back and on the left side ■ *od aching eyc« ami {larcbe-i and bleed- > nothing that will agree with tbctD; are worn by ynnng ladies and misses. i ng Iim and nostnla cut ihroiigh nn I everything that iseut inside the stomac h ... ... lallin hv 4|1A &l,am alL-al.HA «,p mAnlAll* .* ,.4 , ., . trimmed with Valenciennes lace are the I favorite dresses for yoong women this I summer. The correspondents are praising Mrs. Cleveland's manner of shaking baodt.’ i-ot, -mectu.-, if any other iiild > I the sime amount. But In. v.hin two bilK of a certniii deiiutniiiattim were hftween the liogei's of tlie lirader. iimn wliov ji.-imc had gone nbrciid. ii fti.d amid liis«e.s ofileriiioii. look water- yen. lie vvcnl ill lih hull! and pulleil Hu- hole in aflei liitii. .\ml ^>m- w|io tiMiki-d upon HiO'c new bill.; and th -c fliigei;:, scud unto that iiiiiti in cue Voice mrt.‘r, tAi! orirr.v;.. (»/.. the part of that organ, and the peraon :hMM on aud brocccl tip by the light j Ruflen untold agonies in eon*equence. ud joyons msoner of the ever hopeful I otbm suffer from constant hunger. They lames rrdobite Eton of « oncord. ; nav all they can and be hungry still. .Tames Trilobite Eton of Concord never , if I'hej feci satisfled for a little time tho . noaned, never gigged ba^k or shed a least exertion brings on the hungry feel- obtainedtnchVgrip on WasiTingtoa BO-’ remorseful tear in this iiowucry, ing and they can lo no more until soroe- cieu. so-, hungry wuio of gray, parched rum. No , thing is eaten. It U almost needless to Ni-w Pnnrh tea cmwn. ahAw a AAm i ''** 1*1* ■ ‘V Condition H DOt llUngCr, bu» New French tea gowu show a com- ! mdst of this mighty comeftry, thu - bination of pale-tinted heliotrope surah, ■ rhastly potter’s field for all that nature sod sea-shell plak-satin foulard, bro- Sad ever reared that wu loo ivoor to csded with silver leaves and tender green ■ acar iU own funeral expenses. ^***^*- j Now and then a lean, soiled gray coy- A new employment for women is the | >ie, without sullicient moral courage to inlay of furniture with ivory and other : ook a dead mule in the hind foot, elippcd forme of marquetry. Woman's delicacy ' »-roas the horixon like a dirty phanicm af touch is said to be particularly desira- md faded into the hot and' trcmu'oiis ble ID thie bunneai. ; itmospherc. W'e scorned such game ns The sarcasm of destiny has been illus- diet and tiudged on. cheered by the hope Irated in the West A Dakota mao by , hit seemed to spring cti roal in tne the name of Bose gave his daughter the ' ircait of Jn Dsma of Wild, that she might & called ‘ wrd- I the Wild Rose of the prairie; butahe I Four days v j ran away with a man by the name of Dull inebanging desolation. Four nights ... 'hat I the other day, and the name is a terror to *ent through the motions of slumbering ruH-. 1 the inhabitants. l >a the srid bosom of the w&«tcd earth. The female lace-mtkers of Saxony are - Af'h ‘**1 J’*"'®'* Trilobitc Eton rretcbedly underpaid, the beet of them Kvtling near the point - ’ ' • • -• • • where we would find what we sought. inffamm.'ition of the stomach. Marcely any two persons are affected exactly in the same way. the disordered condiiion nianifestiog itself according to tempera ment and occupation, amploymenla that call for mental work and those whose scene o! ection' lies indoors affecting per sons more seriously than those csrrira on to the open air and those which are merely mechanical and do not engage the mind. AH, or nearly all, of tbeie diHicultief .A-., A. digestion might have never been Truoliite Eton of Con- ] known by the sufferers had they left tbelr businass behind them and rested a wallowed through the . short time after esting. instead of rush- tot being able to make more than abouC The t*rt>hibltliiiitstH. .V ni.ise liK'i-titig of till- prohibitionists wii.s ln-Ui in ihi- -iiurt house Iii!,i Sat unlay. Nothing of iiiiiH.rliinoe (niiispircd except Ivvi. oi Hin-e |.»i|j.-s tti.nli- s|H,'t'lu's iiikI fiilblii-ly ilelrHii il thi ii iiii|i-|s'ii!i'iii'e from o[i| (larlj-iilli;ini e, mill ii ilrtenna niilion 111 support for piiblii ollire only in-n who me iipjioMd to whiskey Inillle. They nn- not particular to have Hiosc till- Di-nioi rulic or Ite- pubiienii jiarty they only wuiii w.b r in- on the *'* centuries and liohi the from dyspepsia would bo fow, n’s n«- ; toguthcr, a kind of powdery A phvHician once said: "It •iViaJaA thnt delights to creep into the so miieh matter when we eat ■ lixty centa a week. Andyctagreai many through the keen, rough J lasy-going prosperous people in Saxony "ades nf the seldom biinrh-griuis, over iircsurpri^d at the audacity of these -he shifting, yellow sand iind the greeu ! poor artisans in preiumiog to complain, • 5” of the bai.-tanu sod which never I ind call them Anarchieta. , l°“ The loag traveling cloak i ,a„r.ia,tkU.v.n,ncr 1,11.. ... , „„„„ „ .bout th, u,ck, with »t w, bout . hMrt, ,i. b, .Ittli ■«,sto*;™u.ui,t, .round ind quite wide oroaivbalf long. This v. aiia,:_ a. iv, / . t .> -i ■.W.J! ‘ i”'”'”*''” 'nrursejod '-'orlj- on fool. ..d o,lhl,II,dt„m..uduulmtd. hccuilnl ob«r/c, 1, che.rod b, tb. A rattlesnake got io front of a mow- ,ovel eight of one homest- ad trying to lag machine in St. Joseph, Indiana, so, ump another. the newspapers of that Bute allege, and' Toward evening James Trilobite Ki “** cut into three pieces. When Mrs.. ing off to work immediately after hastily swallowing their food. Nature does not do two things at a time, and do both well, ss a rule. All know that wheo a force is divided It is weakened. If the meals were eaten slow ly, without pre-occupaiion of the mind, and the stomach allowed at least half an hour's chance to get its work well under taken before the nervous force is turned another direction, patients suffering -iligi'llt ;l d h»r Th.- ill of vviitiDii adj-.iiriH-d i.iibjei l Hu- i-liairmmi. Tli- iiu.r,- among tin- )i. njil.- th- b II. Hu II mm will Ik- cKcli-d iijM.ii tiniit anil I upon luriy ‘.Irtiiglli mid frauil. Li-l ull b ■' nt mill veil- »ulv for goo.l men, w lit-lbi-i Hu-y bv-l-uig to .>ur r. cn-cil or m-.-. ’lti.i,-|)cnd.-n.-c ir, llu-hu-t pm.suv.rd Salishurv and t'liDcnrd. l:i Satur.I.iy iii..ruiiig last wi- wi-iii jr to S’llial’iiiy, Ttu-town proaenied iikiial S.itiiT.liy apjie-iMUc-. \Vc fouilil I ral of the I'rofi sscirs ;it the I'dliugc, but few ..f Hu stuiL-rita; tlios-,- here are busy III work nil III- while. Tin- D i.lgi- bull I- iii-aily -oiupl(-te-l only the pl i'liiring to be done, floors, winduivs lo pul 111. Il 1.. :i wry liiu: bri.'k ling, f.uir -tori.'-, with forty rooms. . ' pive a wild shric k of joy Honck, who was raking bay, came up' rom the bed of nn old V KaaJ aiI.I 4...I II/- Vlll s, H;c brick V while I Him •rk . where it was (bo head still had life lad found an iebthyo-auruH. 1'ho fnough to bite her, and the jaws hs.| to nal was deaa: .Not onlv that but It be torn apart to remove the fangs. .Mrs. ,ad been dead a long, tong time! Koock came near dying. Some womeu. .lames .Milton tSherrod wiid that ‘ if s would have died ouirignt. lollegc education was of no more use to The light-weight woolen goods that > mail than that he, for one, allowed tre quite soft to the touch and drape so hat his boy would have to gTO[>c thro .gh iihartuingly are bevombg general favor- if-; with an iicudemical education, mid ites for summer wear. They are exceed rery little of it." ingly Si rviceabk, and in the evccllent I uncocked my gun and weot back lo culoringe in which they are manufactured ^ v-mp a sadder and madder man, and, they are adapted for “all torts of wind ' h utgli years have l oino and gimt. 1 am sad weather." The tyranny of slifllv ' iil irritable when 1 think of the live starched cambric ani ptquo it happily lays we iramiicd aloug Bitter creek over, and the change from (he heavily ' leari-hjii _> for an nniinnl that w-.-m no weighted cotton fabrics to the delicate ' ongcr alive, and out guide know it befert woolens is delightful to the beholder ss be started well as to the wearer. I ventured to nay to J. Trilobitc Eton Most people have heard a great deal hat night w we all sat together in the about marriage customs in Fraoce, but ditcuasmg whether he should probably not many foreigners are aware » '» '^*8 va|mcily of that a French officer is not allowed to * gtiidc or os u remoins, that it s . lift; y will Mil Ik- II .all {karl'i I Ik- prepar.-.! it htuilriils th •n.f. C. R. H. K- rcsi.l.-n.-c « NcUiiii Cam marry unless the lady of his choice pM-- teeses sufficient capital to guarantee an gyyl income of 1,200 fraocs ($240) a i ySSfP Tbit is the minimum value that the Ministry of War sets upon an officer in the matrimonial market. Another I rondltion is that the lady shall be of un- | blemished character. There is a prop- , li.xd ihii yi-ar. - osition under consideration to increase ' pnigriNsiii" lincly; ihu ' 'h" minimum income oo which an officer : h.", s,l,.r,],,. I ““‘-J il i„ I The furorefor strlpesaeems to increase , I I rstber than diminisn, and some of the ' y.itiug bulics I |,ttn novelties in this style pre’i f Hi" (i.iinlry. Tlii-y many varied hues ai iris henelf. .Most III .K-ioiiicilat.- live hull* goods look rather pronounced and , next s i themselves, but combined witli ! .siK-ion.^ .self-colored frabrica, produce an effect | band-I which is neither vulgar nor coBspiciiou* docs not much matter when we cat as how wo eat il." While this U only partly true, il certainly is true ihatthc most hesUh- ful food hurriedly eaten, and immedi ately follcwed by work which eogtgea tlie'entire available physical and mental forces, is much worse than a meal of poor food eaten leisurely and followed by an interval of rest. How the Premior Saved bis Dog. The Vienna gives an an ecdote of the Greek ex-I’rcmk-r I'cl.yan- ni', which pl.arcs him in a more aniialde l.glit hnx Ix-i-ii i>he>l upou him by ill. public perforiuntic-s. liuisagicil lover of dog., an'l l.e h.vl one which was 0.1 dear lo him us the famous Rciclitond to the Cliuiicrlor of liie . -erman Empire, \Vht-:i lie was cros ing from the i'iriui to ('uu-,toiiliaople oii board of sn English .-t-amcr, the dog fell into the water. I'eliy.uiiiis .-ntreitcd ihcruplnin to stop III-: vessel in order that be might rescue hi. dog. "Impossible.'' replied ou.* ruiiutrymnn; •'my orders are stritt. 1 • lurt- not »iop even if it vvi re a man In- ..t.-iid of u clog ovcrboBid." "Good!’' uiiswerc'l the Greek, an.l .-it the same mouicnt bo xprang over the ship’s side, and svvam for his .log. Tht iciiit-l may bu qiiC'-vcd. The English isi.or could not rcist such a spertucleol bravery, an.l In spite of his strict orden . " CO TO ROSS Jt A.X>.A.IICW FOB BOOKS no snnouT, AND . School Suppliea, SiHial Dlnl to Teacim ROIS S XDias. Vext to Tint Vstiossd Bank, Charlotte, N. C. C. W. HENDERSON, DEALER IM Country Produce. Pint Cigars and Tobnoo. East Trade Street, Cliarlotte, N. C. wEmiGm Everybody Knows It That wc have a complete Stock of ight to have better sense he siopiicd hi-ship, and saved both the ;han lo wear his young life away trying have fun with his superiors in ihjl u and thu do?, -.P,iW .Vnll Oazettt. "Why, blame it all," says .lames, '•whnt did you expert? You ought to xaow your.ulf that that animal is ex lioct!' "Kxiinik!" says James Milton Shcr- “od, in shrill tones, "I hhould say he eras extinck Tbal's wliat were kickin' ibout. Wliat galled me was that you ■bould of waited till the oM cuss was ex- dnek liefore you oome to us like a man ind told Us about it. You pull us itarough ibe sand fur a week and blister iiir heels and near kill us. and all the :imc you know that the blam- bruto ie ay.D iL.-re in the hot suu gittin' more ... ... i.,.. J - . - ^xtinck every niiiiuie. Futi is fun. and J>I-. .1. T. f.-r- 111. pn .fe.Aiona) wrrkw, Ui th" general NsWEbKO n.AY AND NIGHT. till.'d Ii ■'f ex|.nwu>niri-| C'hartottA, N. A. W. CALVIN — IIKAMKII IN -• FAMILY BROCERIES bragt. Chemicals. Pattst BedidaM, Fancy Ocods and Toilet Arttdsi. Which we arc selling at very reaaooable Price* —Jo:— Paints, Oils, Etc. A lot of Fresh TURNIP SEED just received. PrescriptiODs Carefully CeuipBfnriet DR. H. M. WILDER, Charlotte, N. C. Virginia House, CnARL(/n'F, N. C. Accommodntiiins furnished travelers at reasonable rates. Comfortekic beds and rooms. Hou-^c Inralcd in the centraV and busini-B pi^rt of the city. Tublc fur nished with the best of the market. Meals at all hours. J. M. GOODE, Prop. CHARLOTTE N. C. ground". The c.illeg.- fai Tin-InilMltig fur Hie ruloi'd grn.Ii-.l 11.1,-111 . divitii.ll I "t..ry fr.ime l.iiil.liiig j ioiii twi. room, "11 i-arh fl.H.r. ]i i, la-- ; iwciii thec'iloiis] iin'l Nuiionnl ci-mHi-r- ! iiv. R.-v. Crohby is Imjiroving bisrhun-Ii. I Th.' M.-Hi"livt-.ari; to have a n.-n briiU I' liurrli. Til.-y will run an (-vi iirrui.n .Jo ■ Grt-enib-Tru aliuiit the >f ScplcnilH-r. I TJk-it arc more building impruvcmcnis I going nil in Salitliury nun Hian for acv- ■ i-ral year.-,. W.- left '^Ibhury Tueeday b« Gild Fellows' eotertainmeiil on moinmg and Moppefl over m irMl-iy and Friday nights was a sue-1 iom obh. Tbe parade was a good one. Thr ; Thiv loa n seem# to be Hrivlng hard of man h wa» from ball to D, up 1) |,„.p whh other growing towns, Tb.*re are a liaJf a doxen brick bouses in course nf errcllon on Hir main *trre( and ufilt be occupleil otsoon asihvy arc letdy for Ibo ftixNls. A new building hasl>«en eriK'Ud for the rol.rcd pnl.lic school sev eral new cburriic* and many other irn pruventenu mails within (hr hut frw years. Two rrrifaU arc in prograaa here— the MethoduU and I*rfsl>yterMas. Rev. Col lins la tnrt-tlng with much aucoas having quit-a numlfcrof canverts. Hr ius w>« bis people and U gvtlicg along SbcI/. is a-. giKi.l moDotoDj, which a dre*B of one color J, i. v.r, oti.n pr«iu». N.r.t,h.i.«. ti,. tui.' il . of a large class of ladies lies to the direc- " tion of the latter style. The character of the summer silk of to-day hoi quite changed from that of a It i a inii fewyesraa^. Then the tingle materials were still in use. Draiseswere not over laid, or made double, as now; nor so gcBemlly combined to form the trimming. If-I.. -ITt- *_.ll .t..*l* .. . f^de, up Trade to Mint, down Mini ' ■ hiirt h. Short addreares were do- 'vnl liy iJres. w. D. Kennedy. O. M, •t and A. A. Powell. Rrv.' G. W. itiin's address wa-tui.Mi "OddFclluw- >. it pii iripjxs M'l accomplisb- ils.” The subject waa well (mated the address ffncly (Iclirercd. The uf march from tba cboreh waa op mif lo Trjon, up TryM to Trade, o Trade in B, down U to Third, 0 Third to bail. play is k.nd of a nay. You iniroal lias been dead Hoin' on five tboiiund years, or some •iich thing ns that, and try to get out of it that way. but long as yo-j knew it and wc didn't, il show-" that you're a low cuss not to H|)eak of it. What differenro i'irs it make to us. I sty, whether this orute was or was not dead and swelled Ip like a pi/eo’d steer long before Nore itry produce nlwnya uj bund. CHICKENS, EGG.S, BUTTEi. an.l all kinds of VKGETAnEES and FUL'irs. O llkSLkU IX the summer silk in small cheek or hair- ' (ot his xoologicklc show together? ... atripe was standard fabric; very light in didn't know iL Wo haven’t seen the Wright, very much ruffled (aa was the , Ball Ukr papers for weeks. You u»e fashion in those dayai and the ruffles; youredjecatioo to fiol pwpio with My LUMBER ml Hull.ling Material. Free dtlivt-ry to all |«rls of the ci often bound with a color to give bright ness snd rharacter. Rummer silks ot this kind have disappeared or are dis played at very much reduced prices. Hurahs have taken their place, foulards are revived and soft China silks, the Utter for the wear of children and young girls and alio a* a foundation for tba black or cream lace dresses which have quite taken the pUce of grenadines- ^ The Pint Rtrifce. Tbeflret strike in (his country oecurred JB New York City in IMS. A nombet of tailors struck for $14 In ploM ol $10. Jbey paraded the streets, Mt the UaiUdr wu arrested and lodged in kU. which put ae Immediate end to tne (ronWe. In August, IU3, the joumeymea ahoe- maken ef Gaseva, N. V., quit work in a body becanu the proprietor refused to diaBUseoeof thebaada. TbrirdsmaBd was complied with, but tbeatrlkete**re afterward Indicted and pupiahed for eea- sploion is that the day is not far diiiant when you will wake'up and find your self in the'bottom of an untimely grave. You bring us a hundred and fifty miles to look at an old bone pile all trampled into the ground, and then say that the animal is cxtinck. That's a great way to talk to on old man like me. a man old enough to bs yo ir greodfalher. Prob'ly reacacklale that it'; a rare treat for an old timer like me to waller through from l>rcen Rivrr lothw Yalli-r-tonc and then bear a youog kangaroo, with a m.iih- raten eyebrow under bis nose, burst forth ielo a rollirking laugh and n.j that the , animal we've Umd trailin’ for five days it ’ always ready tu extinck. I just want Ao say lo you, Jsme« Trilobite Eton, and 1 say it for, yoorgoud, and I asy H with no prejudice ' againsf you. for 1 want to aeo you sno- , exM, that if thi* over hap|>"iis ogln and , yon ere the party to blame you will waka op with a wild atari nn the follerin’ day j a d find yourself a good deal eitlnckee than this here old busted Uzfl^ia.”— I Ml M OUt^ Ntm. \ W. HENDERSON, DE.M.KR IN AND Country Produce. Pint Clpre imI Tofcacot. East Trade Hirxx-t, Charlotte, N. C. HENDERSON'S UBBER SHOP The Oldead and Beet- Experiroerd and itolih: workmen tys ready tu wait on customerm. Here will grl Neat Hair Cut, Clean Shave. John 8. Henderson. East Trade St. CUARLOTTE, N. C. W. M. Wilson&Co SIIITGOISTS. CHARLOTTE, N. C. BUIST’S NEW CROP TURNIP SEED RED TOP. FLAT IH'TGil. GHl.DKN B.\LL. AMBKK GLOlHi. WHITK tJLOBE, whitj: Norfolk, riid POP GLOBE, POMERANE.VN WHIT GLOBE. RUTAU.VG.V, .'?F-VI:N TOP. HOUTIIPIHN PlUZi:, YRI.i.OW ARER DUSN. ALL FRESH - .\XII .\T — LOWEST 1’K1GK8. . Wholesale and Retail. W. >. WILSON & CO., DRUGGISTS, charlotte. C. PHOTOGRAPHS tn all the latest style* a».l flnMi. Photographs Enlarged ima ai andoad Work Cxnarniiteed. Cklland Mui H. BAUMGARTEN. • unARLOTTE, N. C.

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