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North Carolina Newspapers

Charlotte messenger. volume (Charlotte, Mecklenburg Co., N.C.) 188?-18??, December 18, 1886, Image 4

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ORIENTAL PLAYHOUSE I sotsmic RomU li wiBj toh*T* *T*ilro«d to»- VUIT TO A OHnrBSX THXATBS IB ^tl thm mllM loBg. at B cwt at $1,500.- SAlir TBABCISCO- I 000. ' 6he hu 13.000 mllai of .Bilwsjr, . . ■ I I bet her ootj tooBe! it TOO jerdi loog. 'A Dnae Mm« of Stolid CelMCUlt Coel-Ur color*, ecpecUlly eoeise red* -»AetlBt WlthoQt Womeo or ■ h*Ti been employed in the ertiOcin Soenerr—A Cblneee Dnel. I flower mftDufnctore. They ere found to , A repmenUtiTe of the New York t produce «lic end pninfnl wU on the' \CmaJcM Aderrtieerh** been meking 1 ofthoMemployed. ThuUdwto '» tour of the Chlnew quwter of g.n i ^e Iced u*ed in the ^ne "I?";“1“®; ■rPMetoco. He write* »booi hi»TU:t to ' Inou* Inke* would not be productire of s OhineMtheatreufollow*; Passing io 1 tbeae annoying anection*. onr fonr bits each, at the bos office, we ; The statement ii made that all tho weBtnpstairi to tho audience rbamber. | xaried machinery of Great Britain, now Owfseuisl what a dense msH of human- operated by ateam power, is capable of i^! trery seal oc upied, a.nd ererj performing more work, and hence of aTiilabletpacautilized by these uncanny producing more product*, than could be sou of Ham each lodlridual a reSectioa produced by the labor o! 00,000,000 ofhiifellow.and. aiTbackerayhaaaaid, ' ‘ ‘ “sot a profile aaon? ttem.” The aii ~ a flllei with tobacco smoke, but cki acd glanced aro _ platform minui drop curtain aoenery wai dimly risible at the furtb* Pruslsf to Oesth. One wintarb d^, aaya Her. Ji»ai O'Krill inalecture, reported by tho Phil- adelpba Ttatw, I left Maack Chunk for an appointment in the mountains. In the rtX\n the thermometer registered 10 degrew Mow rero, acd when I raaehed the plateau it touched £0 degreea below, with the wind blowing twenty milee par hour. PresentW I eiparianced abarp. piercing pain* tibroMhont my body, and erery nerre was asected. In a abort time the psln ceased in the lower ex- tremiUe* ud gradully passed »ward until I was entirely free from suffering. I congratulated mmlf that I was get ting along so nicely, and spoke encour agingly to my hardy and faithful pony. In a tow moments I felt seniatiooi of to- tense happiness: a tbouMDd rainbows ablih^ied'meD, a greater than all'the ; danced before my ▼Uion, serapbic songs able-bodied men on earth. I of sweat melodies aounded in myeara, Tb. -.mill. Fmchm,, -.11 not re- ' ud I ftlt tb.t IJ”'™ "P-'-d craned our neck* acd gianced around, ijnaui^h the idea of succeufully steering ' wingi of delight, when suddenly -'-and a ^aUoon by electncity. At Mendon a , I tolt a aererc ahork, and rulited ^ tbrr balloooof largesfze fibeing constructed, I lhat I had .sllen off my horse to thefro- enuofthe room aud »pfrtra-liko fljures which it to be steered hy a continuoualy- \ lenproond. Tbewiockof the raiircctUod pranced about, bemmod in on either s de rotating sail rodder, driren by an elec- , t^ partially to my scoa?a. nod I realized M ao overflow of the aiidioace. A gal- i tro-motor, for which a primary battery ( that I was was freezing to destn. I at- lary ran round three sides of tho audi- will be depended upon for supplying tempted to more my f«t end arms, but torium and was packed with wom-n end ^ current. • , could not W iib an effort born of dee- children. A man with a waahtub on hi* Sixty years ego a drop of aluminum peration I socceed-.d finally to dragging head eirenist^ in some miraculous way was produced in a German laboratory, ; myself a few yard* over the h#id ground, among the crowd dispenting refresh- after * research of fifty years, wjih the The time occupied probatuy five tuin- ments. By slow and painful dfcreas we best appliancesof the time: twenty year* i “tea; It seemed u many wcelcstome. found our way to the (rout aod finally ■ moj-e were necessary to produce a larger , ?Iy pony seemed to comprehend the de^ alighted on the stage in the glare of the ' bead. Then in ten years more the metal I perate stluation and tame and nibbed footlights. The muFiefas* (every m-'u was oa the market at $82 per pound, hisnoreon my face: the warm breath wz» imoking) occupied the middle buck 1 To-day a company in New Y’ork claim ; was on my cheek. The excrciMofcrawl- of the stage, and at either side weie • to have discovered a method by which ing revived me a little, sod lonslly siic- lootely curtained doors through which ! aluminum can be manufactured at an ex- I e-eded in getting into an upright posi- ’ ■ pense not to exceed per pound. ! tion, leaning heavily against my pony. 1 *r..._.._i.. w n xfMi.F I who started onword. After going a l,.Jta,bd &.l r,Sd.,r'b.i'r ,«j ikii 1 .Whiil poMM. remtrkablc buoy.Dcy, ond wh.D,' rd®' —bo —ere cepretieg m et e r lb. ooebom eki. ieiuS « i life-Ml It'l teenn.og.lemed et my be. tbe » cork of wormiog I proleoged eb«.ce, -lerted out to .ee the-eebtr while in the teoler. He et- -bet wee wrong tt hen 1 wo. tekee tribute, greet v.loe to tuiti otede (root 1"“ > ewoODed. eed when reindeer beir.otie ol wblrh ol tbe weight "e* ».“-oke I wet tlending m . birrel ol,poonani.ykeep.n,.e(rooidro;b. | ot epring w.ier^.jd .g..i» teleyed tolo tog, while it furniehcB greeter protec- j loteneibility. tion from cold than oil-skin " ' ... I why this ■ has exaraioed ■ 61AMT 0F Three tons of yam are yftrly uaed to the manufacture of baaeball*. In the Unlt*l States Bvnate.'dartng s r • ' c«t dabate, Benator ' wt ^ Uab tribute to the merits of St. Js«>b » Wl. oSir prominent men bare alw 1 Mumpt mils eoreof rbeuroaliam and netjb f^igis Price, fifty eenu a bottle^ y A hard thing to sharpen—tb* eater* ._r«t trouble* jteM promptly to _R«1 , Star Cough Cufe.M vouflied for^ f. i itrehitect aarb. Its ihsrrtlerts pttfely | TSgeteble aod free from oplata*. .-j reow. j Tha Ucbeal gratiBcatlon which an cmlneit Roman could rumWi to lUe popul^ was m , some bloody or rtnweluto »how. etotr* , •poke of tho gladlaie riDl F>in»-* eon S I or reproval, I— ed the mamca. The Most Effective and Populai Remedy Ever Discovered. war IS IT so effective ra so many DIFFEREHT DISEASES? I tbcir c-nrure never V on* e-mriv can“ Rid n r«n-pr tlw’ '*•" "“f?*,*!?!. _ iworesB In tnohiriy. tfc* Wn r 'TsnsimistlsB Css a* CBred.'* Dr. J. 6. CoMea. Owenavllle. Oh'o, aari harr given SCOTT’S Kui'iSion 'J Cod U trJ wl h nrp=’P''“Phllc» to four paUeniet bolter mulls ihanaormod po**ibl« rrmoly. AU«o:t ber’dilsrr C»»t.o dltraw. and advanoM to ibat »ia o wnen Ccn-h*. pain In lb* cheet. fr«iu*ntbroatblnff. frwiueot pane, t*>Or a d EtnaelaUon. All theae rnwa hav*lncroe»r«I in v sight from Wtn t8.b>., sod are not now nmding ary medicine. W an-.- olhTcrgSB tlW- trrvfs'T that tat Aulhnrltlr* ^(.ff^Th-Aii-waw town epihlWWid. . pain, ber*i I vevin* tb* t* it I do not npeno ! the a*rum*y of it»linj*. ’|ern;thO« i>'icoo»rimi*|v dlw^^^//'p '^^ ^ ,1^ hand*, or i •« Ho W.. need nol^ llw k«l y -t^twe* Any "f r forth nti _ ean* of > • then.jwwtow* Any i irwt^ff‘ro'mm«nart«i VaMftttad , ..^trtnair at nfgfcf ; nnP SYMPTOMS: '-«S-SS$!SSS;i the performer* made their entrees ond exits. No women are employed in tbe Cbi- neae theatre. Their part* are aaiumed by men who seek to emulate the femi nine traits by uttering tbeir sentences ia a aqueaky falsetto, ^opting a labored walk end a generous use of paint and f swder. Tbe mole character* are ai red in fantastic costume* of indescrib able deaigns and either wear long, thin gray beards ordecoraletbeir phyiiogno- Die* with red and white stripes and dUke. To an American the performance is a monotonous renetltiou of mcinioglcM pantomime', interspmcd with oeca- alonal dialogue* and bestbonisb soaps. At short intervals, apparently without reaaoB—certainly wiihout rhyme—the orebntra burst in with a demoniac crash «fgODg*, bells and cymbals, shrill notes of stringed initnimenta and shrieks from clarioBeu. During all thii uproar tbe •eton stick to the text like grim death, although tbeir voices cannot possibly be heard three feet from the stage. Each male impersonetor eSect* his en- ■ er in the part of' tbe heavy If there is a 'j* f,f the family, in a man- , ^ ,, the cause bo j FouSiry from the s loyalty, fidelity to the dl.^cir. wi-f , -j£^ain in the and we say let ua all search oursi-lves ‘ and find the true caut« of all ihih trouble. Cbristiam^ught to pray for those who despitcfully use aud perse cute tbern. It is-nonc the mark of u Christian to abuse, rillify uiid tell falsehoods on a neighbor. “(I. how ■ pka-vnnt for brethren to dwell together in'unity," love and peace. tlon.: Arid, Nfl*rtaM-.*i;n Hark AHurisne-of .inrw*wM-n-Tritcro*fii. m ih* "J —"i-KK oVf -! rn-i.m-mis: ir,- with lir*p-V-M»' Int'-BV of n " I mid f*r*i-ai - - - fubc raftII In ‘rtr „. „.f r'.’.7.w\v't,’,'.Its: t,„.! rto? r.s’KSS «?Si:sI,*.*l*J.Dr.J.AM-rekljl.t;ue*.N.r. ; fcWn, - rv«r lo vou Hist thw kMn I nwnt*', if th*y*r.‘r.*-;“rwlto h ‘ ivboth w.ntin: «ni ;f to lb* nrctchsl. r*di« 'U* turnon.. riii>turi' and flriulw, nidicoUv curwl by lm|iTnvn-l methrxis Bnek,; nry')»>fu>n In fA 10 rmU in Msme*. tVorld's Plipciuwiy ; orpnri. nnd M.Ji--al AwociaiK'n, Buffn o, N. Y. ' -ri.. —f—. , nail tn your '•wllr««*tl. Ko»- V 'lTf'V^V^r '•'■"IT* -h'il- 111* urM, ih* tidn'r ” Warner s SAFK rare" b. THE VOSr f.r mon ivin.-lT_wliirli, l^,*wrlr « />m of lh»w- .h«*aiw* sn.?a I did not nwaken inrf other ' morning, uben I found myself I in bed with mv lioots on. I'pon asking . . . . I why this WB* done my host replied that .A Pans physician, who has exaraiced ; had rescued n number of men from no fewer than 11.1 ..5 persons for color | freezing, but that I wos nearer death’s blindness, has laid the rcsull of his In- i j,, „„ „rcn, and had vcstigations before tbe French Academy | ,„ j^icfn oi r)| the fiesh of Medicine. Two only of those c.vam- ; come off with them. iQcd were incapable of distinguishing ; one color from another, three wereblind ! jlie Valne of Gold Mines, tor red oedeiktogTe™ eighleee eoold | N-„,d, cilj (Cel.) rape...e. Ihet . ooldutiemleli greeo from red, dlleen „ „ iu li\u„ trim Sew .ew eo dllereece betweeo'green ud , - . ^ ^ p,„el.eeed e h„„ g,.,, o.d Mffdwo bed . jweo. j-.. TiMon ,n gen- ! ^ ner.oue about tbe spieuUiion. He aajs the •in fgvor on him by tell -Tke Itlsail ThorouRbly rlisinke. fountain of’h**lib. ftold*n Mi’licsl I>iH' y kidn*v poiwrtt, and cured hy Mi-elirsl T)i«-''---'vy. mi-l good ■! *'■• fair ‘tls. »''i"t.‘'ii* »llsl| and --.uniliieT'.-f l■•,uJl!lill''h -'il! I WARNER’S SAFE CURE.” - weakness In i A new iodnstry has lately sprung up In Sweden, aud promises to D couie a important one. Oil for illuminating -- - now manufacturecl i- "■ stuiPto paper a ing h>-' 10. Zion Appoinlmcnts, 18h7. PATXTTEVatZ nrsiRicT, A- M. Rarrett, Pre-siding Elder. 1. Fayetteville Station. J. M Hill. 2. Huskc Grove Circuit, — - 8. Manchester Circuit, M N. Levy 4. Jobnsonvillc Circuit, 11. C. Moore. 6. Jonesboro Circuit. K. W. I>ix. 6. Carthage Circuit. P. A. McKay. 7. Mount Olive Circuit. K. II. Wil liams. 8 Geo’* Grove Circuit, S. Host. Egypt Circuit, E. B. Bennett. Ffttsboro Circuit, '11. Haywood Circuit. J. H. Love. 12. Chestnut Circuit, (i. W. Granger. 18. Lillington Circuit, — 14. Norrington Circuit, G. IV. Wil liams. WADESBOnO DISTTICT. B. n. Sinnuons, Presiding Elder. 1. Wadesboro Circuit, M. Slade. 2. Flat Rock Circuit, M. R. Frank lin. 8. Oetwood Circuit. C. R. Leak. 4. 'Fori8tvinc Circuit, G. Sneed. 5. Ansnnvillo Circuit. Win. Gains. 6. Haley Groves Circuit. 7. Mt. Airy Circuit, L- H. Wyebe 8. Troy Circuit, McCain. 0. Harrison Circuit. J. .Mclluc. ■ 10. Jilmon CWuit. 11. Manley Circuit. M. Q. Gaiocs. 12. St. Paul’a Circuit. 13. Qlecn Lake, 14. Mt. Zion Circuit. P. A. William*. COWCORD DISTRICT. J. A. Tyler. Presiding EbJer. 1. Concord Circuit, R. C. Collins.* 2. Cedar Grove Circuit. F. Arclic. 8. Mt. Plcaaant Circuit, S. F. Ham ilton. 4$|Rasb Chapel Circuit. A. J. Mc- ^ Donald. 6. Provideucc Circuit, J. R. Harris. 6. HoorMTillc Circuit, M. 8 Kell. 7. Third Creek Circuit, K. Hasiios. 8. Saliabnry Btation, W. H. Golcr. 9. Sandy Ridge Circuit, 10. Union Chapel Circuit, R. n. Stilt. 11. Poplar Springs Cirenit, 8. W. Speight. 12. Hoekavine Circuit, H. V. Harris. 18. ClrmentaviUeCireniLB. L. Hyatt 14. Winston Circuit, P. A. MoCorklc. 16. Smith’l Grove Cirenit, S. Cartel. 16. Cedar Hill Cirenit. A. T. Clem ent. 17. Bethany Cirenit, 11. Housicr. tTATMVILUt DISTRICT. G. H. Haines, Presiding Elder. 1. BUtoaville Station, H. L. Sim- I Ih: ivid 111.' wicMed till- fli'xiliiiilY. Tb" Til « Ih ii it said that >iie of ill" grc:il"-' of the .'’‘oiilli iw '-duration ; iiiid lillio-svtdur uill t:ike ofT his gluKM's hr will !-i.-r tlmt igii iinng* (ivi-r tlii.-' biatl like a gl»i Thr hr* thr Nrj him pursu-.- ill llir .''nutli n.-lf, iicrumiiintc in-op-rly, serve tiou and slop filliMV in*:; up ihi-se offi.x' sreker* who claim to lie Il']iiiblii-an- kiii'l frit iids to llir I'luek man, but in- Wiirdly th'-y ure riiveliilig wolves Wliut (hi-y waiil i' your voir, uio wliril tliey get that, .'Ir. .N'ogni. yoi. itiiiy go to hioie.', ifyou wish, solar ii they rare. C.ilorrd imiii, priiy »!od U save you fr«iu all sueli. The great prol.loiii of the South *ii which the .\'gro is uii iiiiporluiil fur- liir bus been handled hy able minds utid nunirroii- theories Iiiivk been for- itiuluird as to its soltlliiin, but it l tUouglit the first thing iliiil wilt liuv> lu be don'.’ lo'foie the solution can l>> adeijUately |>el'forined, is : The 8(iuli will Imve t'l he taught to Ire.-ii tin. Negro more Justly aud humane than ii has done in the twenty years .\tjd again lir must be ei iiraled an ehaiK of I land here ; then, tun, must be l.irowi open the doors of ilie uiaiiy urcii' life aud lat bis ii ‘•teat.” • tihood he put to tli llardware Dealers, C'll.YltLOTTE. N. C. Tin- krK.-‘l si.K-k'of Hardware, will Ik ■s funii'h''il : W.H-kly. $1 strpiiEth, be •frtobjish'sl GoMvii Muli'fll l';sr,v*r> mors, from thr i-on'iiii.o |i enipti'’n, to Ih* wn.* Sr- IKil/rti. K»i>*H’iolt«' hR»iT|ti in curinB Salt rlimiii '-r T-So r, ry--•-r •. Bwelilng*. KnlarK^l GIbii'I-, •ii-l cer*. G.'lilen Maslicnl I)rc"'*r> nir*-. I nr.'ii tion iwhicb I* S-TT'(uin "f thr t-iinj:*-. I" wondrrfiil bloiri I'urilyinCj inviEi-rntiOK. tniiv* iirois’ilifs. K't IVi-nii l.imc-, ► ting of Blood. Hhortii*-* •’! Ui-in'h. Hi fliiti«. S*v*r" I'r'isl-.'-, A'lhnia. *imI km- (iff iTt ions. If th* ki-. putiuiii uitcuA* inirtrr lime in ]iro|'orlirm. ' (ilCO. (’Kl’TCilFIKl.I). Business Manager. Rutherford College, Itutiicrford Collrgp, ('. Thr Fall S-’s«ioti of this {.''illrgr will open ■.iT.:«aui! Isi. !«>«;. iilh.a will Is- from onr to foil -I Is'anl ut $11 •lollars muiiih. Th' IJutli-rfor'l t'olli'gr i« ftliso- "ly hi'iillh)’. Iri'iii'-Tnic- nml iiniml.— -re i- no w)ii>ky to U- sold hill :> ni'liiis of fi"' iiiitrs from tho ('«1- 1-. l-'or full piirtiriilars address the i-shU-ut. Ui:t. II. I- ABEUxiTHY, n.n., Uulhrrford College. X. C. SmESllLlE c ST.\Tr.SYlLI,K. X. c., IKtiIXS WHDXFstMY, SEPT. 1.1S8C CLOSPiS .irXE. IWT. -Olllf. IS (if Rhlr trneliers. fine eliinate, irfs null iii'slrrnte charire*. Sp--ml le'soiis ill Cisikiiig ntnl lloiiae- wiiliimt rxim rviiensi-. Send for (SilatoKiie. MISS K.VXXIE KVEKITT, Princlfial. WEBSTER A Dictionary A Gazetteer of the World f'li I promi'lly- enrw- llie - For Tori'kl l.'vi f-'mplRiii».‘‘ i’eStnl"w''“" - """ Troutmnii'ST'v* Shepherd's Mooresvillo Mount Moiinie.... David.sim College Ciild well's lIuiiti-rKvilic Stonewall Sectiiin lloiM- vri’lmilot to XOUTIIWAlfD. e Charlotte Soetioii House Stonewall lliinlersrille Cftl'lweir* DavUlBon College Mount Mounie impli- consumption; ... ... ... niHi ilH-re is anv natural weokiir'e, In tfi* lungs. !n> ai«»i 6sfn»ireoMdeie««uoftV irnutc nieui/ luwl nr*-.- aei-i atsl it i>-Inirts-I Washf.he HnpTrVTV'l*r in ■enl wn,.«mlU ermliialtv .Irstrovl. TW. kolney pown oeulmi’. uiil"hasV;.r'«f.«r .Irstriirffnr riTfrl "PO" kill e,. are nili-u; mil lm"e grave attarfs -if /•orumoato in 1b* Spnng m '"" IMPAIRED EYE-SIGHT; /ierin^ nfTimtV Ai* (£^*>pfto .r urg'd it Of a '-nrr foi aisoplered evMfcbl. many b*-; I I'ri-r tlwis after a thorivi-ih courw' of treatment with ’’Warnai’ SAIK Can ,1 lirill-ss.' 10 00 ..10 20* ..10 30 .11:30 truf Mail and Expres*, . C:.Y0 p. III. . T:09» -•.P rv'-sioAf h/i«l»ee.i ivtKilvimprorra. In foirt. f w .V- that half thr pallrnli that come W) him wlUi h*d^- “tot •iware ••(r/f ma o/Vidii*'/dUordPr. W * have no donbt that t . " rSas,.,, «hv >o man' ii->.iil* .s.inplain of failing rv.—gbleorlv in life, blhat. ail uncor^io'i.' rTthniiwi'-rs, ilirirUrtiirr/s Alive bppfi out of nnUr for year*, and tbe kidney psUn. t* g/wliuilly riiming lh» »v-t'-ia. OPIUM HABITS; haliils .ai'lim- ll'-ir' i- .iih-. hv th-ir isipilvnng eff-s-u upm th* kWueyi and livar. In th*,* or-ans ilir aniirlllr Ir .fri’vfntird oiid *>»alilnrd. and tb* beat antboririe* «tat* tha* f(v'h.rtiif« r/«.i...d hr no'lrn rlil of w.iCIl ihr kldnrpK and Itvar are restored I" ■fri t hfiilih. I'. r ihis^iYw, m-slli-al authoriti**. after a thorough axamir • ntolil f l*> a SAFE Core.” the only specific for tbeae organa t i..i-TI'C’Tnwrfl fUraTMT I F..-*fyrrjioiabl>phv*iri«n *1111*0 you that rheomeUsi- > UjZl;n>X.iOllL ( causM I'V an •riifron'lition of Ibe sr-**** VA mk srm« i» • Mann ville... Sheplierirs.. Troutman's. ArriveStntcst’ille.,, On t SLEEPIXO CAK SEUVK'i:. I r>o ( With •- - - , ‘ or|(L nrkidnevi>-.iw*i;fnotli'Tii.HI>lith|raril.orHverpal'«n. Thtoarld eondttlon lO'i ■''’•auarif by liiiitifilli/oflirr hiilnrye and liver, artien of the otomaiK ••tv "f«{oaafmffnffiiyoryane. ll *ffrvi» oM people mor* than young pnpto becaiw Hid Y'i'iirid has been rrUerting in Ui* system f"r veers and flnallv the system becoma* eotlr*'- Sami'lidwi Thew b'Hs pnidiKw all the varierjs formsof rheuiaaliam. •’Warnwr'a ®.\rr ri. (le" S'-ting upon ll»'kl-lneys and liver. n*tltmliziilg th* nvid yd rerrectlH'r their tar- ..ti, nires many eases of rh-umatism •’Warner's SAFE Rnenmatlc Cure" al'*r J I'l* ;ii,. of ‘ VVaniT, S.vtx Car'"'■ompleM* tbe work. AT\T\T’'D TXTCA'OT^T'TJC • Orowt and other high loedical ootborti AlfJJiliJA 1/iOVlWiiJCsAO - say that mostoftbebladderdlMwaniorfn- r irith falMT arllait of the kidnrif. OB-I urinarytrart. Trie arid eon.sta*'!" -mg ibmugb tlie* organs InfianM* and rventuiJlv dmtmyi th* inner membtwo*. |To C III* fiifenae au/fi-rlno. Sotn*tiiw* ihi» kWney a-nl *oHdf/few In tha lodn*'' w wni of Gravel, Whieh In Itsdiwevnt to tho bladder praliicea kidney poMp. Kocn*ii*'*» I ’ idsoHiliftes111 the Hlndde-. produelng ratrutoue or Stone, •'Warncr'aSAFI. ' y' has r>wtored tioOsnn'ls of case* of Intlsmination and catarrh of tbn bladder aot hs ^veiy mrmird the tenl"nry to the fortnation of gravel and stona It eA«lfr7»ur« oarlson with all otlier r*m*di*» in this work. Buy to-day. .Baltr With Siii„„„,, I 'ECul Pullman Buffet I sleeper lietweeii Xew York and Alintila. On trains .V2 and W. Pullman Buffet' sleefier tietwei-n Washington and Xew Orleans, Washington and Aiignstn. ' Piillniaii sleefs-r Iwlween KicliinoiiO and , OreensUini. | ,, , Through tickets on sale at principal - One M>ii("''2 l'l- stations to all fxiints. ' For rates and infoniiation atinlr to W A. MDODY. Agent, or E: n. THO.M.AS. C, W. CHKAlto. Oeneral .Manager. Asst.Gen. Pas. Agt. Kichmond. Va. ^AROLIXA CEXTRAL R. R. On and after July lUth, the fi.Unwing schedule will Iw operated on this rMl; PassetcoRR, Mail axu Exprc-ssTsai.v. Daily, except .Sunday. } Leave Wilmingtoiiat 7:0 p. m. Leave Raleigh at 7:(M p. m. Arrive at Cliarlottc at «:4Un. ml J liCaroCharldtlent 0:00 p.m. Arrive at Raleigh at 0;IH) a. m. Arrive at Wilininglun 7:4'i a. m. Local Fkeiuiit-—PiyM-nger Car AlUiL-lied. “WARNER’S SAFE CURE.” Ia-ovu C'liarlotte nt 7:30 a. m. Arrive at I.aurinbnrt; at 4:40 p. m. Ixuivo lAurinliurg at I1;(>0 a. m. Arrive at (fliarlottu at 3:4.’i p. m. Arrive at l.aiirinl>iirg nt 3:3.*> p. m. liCave Iaiiriiiglmrg at 3:00 a. lu. Arrive at Wilmington at 3:00 p. m. If thrivis hw* of iwvoui a'-tlon tn any rrgan tha lx liton'i In rirculat* ttvl It sta-zmtM. If-thW condltino aiist> vary long th •-lols sod sventiially (ipafpov* fAp ortran. Many pprsoo* are un'--i (In- VTV rommon randlllun. Tb* bearl. detam^vl a*it it to tor- • ■rv |*irt r4 th* srsteTfi. ha* to work banl*r to get it Ihrongh tJto clogged orcaa . „• ..util/ thr llrart brmka down and pojpitiition, excrailve artion, nih •' tn tv br^. dhtr wring h*adaebp*, indicate that th* ConocMtion turn bprom* I Ir- *nd isdoing damage to th* entire mtem. CongneunD of toe kidney* it on* of th* of imoiplrinta and I* the beginning o/mupAeAponto witacrg. “Worncr 't 111 n-oiove It. rn, cn^MALE COMPLAINTS I r'anits. Tliny are at ( ommon as pan be. and os every doctor ran tril vmi, meet of then mill tlilHranfic>itlvecoHdittonoftke epatem, which, not being rogtzlariv rot Q„i?d. grom into rtneoeo and pmdure* thnw coantlea atffrriRgs which con ba allud'd ' - “Lio: du.-nbed In a publie pnnL Tbooaands have been pprmanpMf>/ eur^. ti,.iL00D DI80EDEE8: !:rtt'S?Srs;,.‘Xrh.™5’wSLi;Te .Saiur.Ln'°’'S‘’‘^*"“^^'rilh ‘ Warner'a SAFE Cwra” their (hick and tu^ hktod. Uk-l* I ’’.v. irifL'hetl. Irritable skin have dlAWppewred under Its potent iaflamce. Thakfrfnp'i of the sortM^ the body, and if there la any (ooaf dlara^r • blond aerma to raltaet thare. onr experteaca Juadfl'a us ir ’ii--iii-‘iii I'l.ii "Warner'a H.AKE Cnrw" is "the gnateat blo^parifiar kaown." Tbi III' ol icii-t l»- "ry thnrmmh. iilterestii»wi;unt^ ter of gi^' cL'TLERv. (irx.'t, wfujiEN • WARE, | A Bioflraphlcal Dictionary ktfppri. j »«« •oa Agrioultural Implemen*''F, BLACK-SMITUS' AXf) IIEAIER.S' AND OTIlKlt TiJii]J. in Use State. A call U *nlici|el. Brown, U'eddington k Co. peonunrlotion of fvTvr* anri brief bett rolUKiiruly in,-i» Noi'-d i'rrw'ea; alao vanou* laiAcs Stvlny valuaWu infomBUloe. All in One Book. e-t I«||n'*hator—a lia-118,000Word*. VrJBsX sono )'4urr*> Inn, and rear rages » "litn-'l Platoa. Sam gn |.i I '-f anv other arrtea TDT^QFyi ai-i lu •n*!'* n ratnlly lm*Mia*nt JSxiOX Kesi h*;i> for ncholaks, TCACUI-rjl and WnoOU. GET THE ETAKDARD. Vr*MFrU3«ar.daH .VitV.rlty with th* C. ■. fin in II m* (toart. It r -e.iT)--nusl to (to OtaSo fin>*i*orttrh>oIsi" SO Main, aad^ty ovarM OaU^ Frealdrat*. GET TI!E LATEOT. I.oeal Freight lietweeu Wilmington and linurinlmrg tri-weekly—leariiig Wilming ton on Mondays, Wediiesaays anil p’riilays. Leave Laurinhurg on Tiu-iHlnve. Thurs days, and Saturdays. Ketwcpu Cliarlotlr end Laii'riiiliiirg tri weekly—Ir.-iviiig Charlotte .Mumtavii. Wed- nroUy.sniid Fri'laya. I,rove Lntiriiilmrg TueMlays. Tliuraday!' am! Satunlnys. PasHcnger train* stop ni regular slatioiis only, nml |S)iiito desigiintcl in the eom- paiiy's tiioi- table. .SHELBY DIVISIOX. Pamcxucr. Mail, Exi-kc** axii Kkuoiit. Daily, except Sondev. x*n X I Ivave CharliiUe at OilOp.m. ■ 1 Arrive at Hhelliy at 0:3,7 p.m. Vo 4 \ Leave Shelby at H;40 a. m. ' ■ 1 Arrive at CharlotUat 13:10 p. m. Train* S’o. 1 as'l 2 make close connec tion at Hamlet with Italn'gh and Augnwa tialn* to ond from lUIeirh. Through sleyring rars between Wil- , miogton and Chariotte and Raleigh and * " • (Aarlotte. -p-ol'i'-wltiittoslmnari) trhPia rho Mood ia ItUeid veUh kidney poUon ‘Bx in'riv'wiR iihani'ortaefalaiiMchraUefi.batM ao totser. Tbay imrvr wui •r ii.iul lli-y giveihair attentWio ts a thotairti rwririac at ktdiMT **»> livrr acit'o f i«i»ofUieoti]y*pedlk>-''Warnar'aM.FB Caro.” SnPATIONjlLES: ,,,y r not fcvlhwwtlng ^ Uie parson gvta Into a eons^iatrd habit Th» *• “ twdtoaflow o/oowvsSS liver, aori » s "■‘^'“‘^••'•’’’^‘toUviirandvadore Ihek'l ' C“'*'^“‘dth«Deoo*tltwtlooal w*oMtonr'd*«w''' A.DAGHE8' ^7pM>plewtfferiutoldaceal«aQthdrltv«wtthbaadarV ll, ^ tn mmedy tn rnln. tee tfany hava not itru'* tha Jf .....Her I Vl,tb»^«mpwai^ ktdnjy acid tn th* bknd. to an tha* can bedoo*. i-pii' iPiMte and inflame tke brain sad prodiuoa InMnn wiSwiac. H-rii**** ««dUy to local tmtaant, may ba qultarartatoly *' ?SE are scientific facts, ‘ ^^4 eilwSll.^'lI^' '*** **i? *****°*»* ’*• **»* “Waraor’a KAFR Curp" The pr Take Tnin No. 1 forStataaviUe. slations! In tor, a* it it iffTcansarw tanliurg. OrwnvIR*. Athen*. Atlaou and 1 aU point* Hontbwvft. L. C. JONES, ' F, W.CuARK. Hupariotoudmt- I Oanacml PaaMBgar Agtnt.. | Fitax Aneci^ fw 4^ *»»»^ uundwr of hBrnaa cto w*-’. _i .r Ir wiUi'igt a rtpatatiax. Itarnkm toe th* pus y*w- hav* bee«i ~v;u;>'X‘£3te2a *rs.‘SJ,.£s,SiStSf SS^SuSmST.'. tin,. s,,.i "" **‘lto,"b* wfD gniannwleaatof tlt*a£'ViJ«rfy In hi* '-KKiHIHIKS ASP rSIBUDS WHAT TllXT THINK OK WARNER’S SAPE CURE.” ! tar DalbW. T«IM. Itoltoa i

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