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North Carolina Newspapers

Charlotte messenger. volume (Charlotte, Mecklenburg Co., N.C.) 188?-18??, January 22, 1887, Image 1

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THE CHARLOTTE MESSENGER VOL. III. NO. 28 Charlotte Meeaertgre IB PUBUBHEO Every Saturday, ; AT CHARLOTTE, N. C. Id the Interests of the Colored People of the Countrr. | Able and well-Wiwii writen wOl eostrib ute to iU celaoiM froRi iUlf«vst petti of the rountry. and U will eoatela tbe tetcM Oea eral New* of the dej. Thk Uxaeznen le e Bnt-oleM aewyper 4U d will not allow penenel ebnee ia Ite ool- iiRini. It le not eeetarien or pertlMa. hat in'irj rodent—draling fatrlj bj' a]L It re- wTvn tbe rich tto erilldw tbe ebortcominp of all pabUc oOlciala-aomaicBdjoc the worthr. and reronuDaodlac for ^ectlea lurh man ■« in lUopinton are bait eolted to aerre the intereets of tbe people, It t* intendH to eupplr tbe long Mt need of a uewepapar to adVorate the rtcha a»a defend tbe Inter.'•ta of tbe nepo American, MperiallT In tbe nedaont lectioa of tbe r'emlinte. . SUMCBirnOHf: charlotte, N.C. SATURDAY. JANUARY 22, 1887. Turn HiO ler in sme Csr 6 odt fAltniv* ft Adronee.) 8 raonihe o month* 3 months Addrna, 8IIIHTH, ChsflettorNC Row many Itpshave nttered one swart word, Erw- tbacwMtaR word is asy toecuel Row mas7 listeafnc hearts bar* wUdIr stirrad. While berals;; blttabw to the aoft cbarkt sprang, And dMr eyes, deepaolng with a light di- rlaa, ^*r» Itftad np, as tliloe aro aow to mine: Bowofttbe nlclit. withsUeere asd perfnnia, Rat bnsbsd tli* world, that heart might •peak to heart. Asd Bade 1b ea h dim baanl of leafy gleoin A trysUBg place wlwro lea* might meet aadpart, And kUset fall unseen on lips and brew Aioo tfaiae. sweat.raykJMasIlnecr now a —Ckar/ri L. HUdrrtJi. THE POSTMISTRESS. "Miiffint and rrumpets made !o or der.” Thus roD the written notice, {>enned, loo. in ihnracters nrarlr aii- proarhinghalf-texs. stuck up in one of «h. f - ptiaclpal yhopi fteingibc main rtml. Tbe u: t It ii erpectod that oearlj twuty mil- hioo dotlara’ worth of bnildltig* will be erected in Keosaa City, Uo., daring the ensuing year Tbe French chemieta an constutly experimenting on rnrioua herb*, ooiious weeds, etc., for the purpoae of seeing whether thane plentifoUj-bestowed nuisances car. not be otilized by extract ing their oils, gami^ resins oi other Yal- uable propertiee, or redaeUtg them to pulp or fiber, eonrert them into doth, piper or what not, and thus introdnee or originate tome now industry, and nt tbe same time make these vegetable dtones valuable. It is reported that tbe celery-raidng husinees, for which Kalamazoo, Mieb., has become famous, is being largely orerdone there. Every inch of available marsh land has bees converted into cel ery beds, and the search for more land continues. It it not alone the quantity raised that hurts the baslnesa, but tbe > quality, which is deteriorating on ac« ' count of the anxiety of the growera to get as many stalks on the market as poO' sibic. There is talk of orgaoidog an as- fo -istionof growers to iimit the quan tity and keep up the tonality. Although nut yet out of tbe expert mental st.nge, e'ectric street railways art rapidly gaining ground in public favor. I'hicag), Baltimor.-. Philndolpbia, Mio neapolis, Toronto and other cities al ready bnvo eledrlc street railways in suv cessful and profitable operation- AboA ' a dozen new roads are imeourseof ecu- strucUon, and a score or two more ars projectwl. Hontgotoery, Ala., will bs the fir*l dty in the world to have a com plete elKtric street railway system. Ia New York it is expected that a new end powerful i)afl electric motor will soon be making trips on the Ninth Avenue Ele vated Road, hauling a t nin of four oi five oars '‘Kumerous inslaneea havn been re corded of late in the medical journals,” nys Mtiue, ‘ ‘of tbe complete reunion of portions of fingers ^ich had been cut off from tbebnnd, in some cases by tbe knifa and in others by tbe axe. In one case a man, in cutting kindlings for tbe morning fire, accidentally cut oR tbe end of hit thumb. He bad gone from the place some twenty feet, when hcretorned, picked up the end, wiped it and replaced H, binding it in its original place aa near ly as possible. The wound tiniied; aud the finger is now ns good as ever, save that its sensibility is somewhat dlmin- Jo enoiber case a boy chopped the ends of three fingers. He was seen by a physician three or four hours afnr the accident. The ends of tbe fin gers bid been found in the snow, and were brought to him. Healtaebed them, and two of tbe three nnitad.” An English writer, diseuesing tbe low eosditioD of Kngliib sgrtcultore, says '-tbe great diOcolty ia to get men to work on a scale eoited to their means. At preseat (he costom is universal for a man who bnt tbe mrana to do jostka to 100 icrrt of land to try to work 800, and so starve himaelf and tbe fara too.” This, adds the New York fiMs. is sound sen'* and a great eceoMnlcal (rntfa, for wule of labor is waste of money and matorial. and where there b weste there i want and tom, wUehmost bo pakl for without any rrtora. Tba abOTc rointrk b a|ipHeaMe to onr own cireamXaer's, for, nn the evmngo H b a poeiiirr far t that tboosandi of Ameri can farmers would ba bstlcr eC were they toeullivnleweil ona-fourthiemnA land as they now work ia a poor mi proOtlese m inner, aad to prodnot as mtmb from - ten tcras as b nww made from forty, and at oue-thtid of (be ooet. that fact, yon know, in a hurry. there they ere. Mbs JoMphine. all hot and Teady-bott»red, for I don’t think you would know bow to do it yooreelf; Yon had better go out this way. by ^e sido- d'lur. and then no one will be the wiser iur the favor you've done me.” For ono brief instant her worn, pale- faced companion bad bent down im pulsively and bid her own toft cheek BMinst Elsie's, end tbe next, wholly un- sole to spesk, she had diuppearod. “.V rntlier heavier mail-bag to-night than usual, wasn't it, Elsiel” "Yes, aunt- Thaak you for doing it npforme. At any rate, the registered letters did not occupy yon a long while.” •'No. child.” • klcsswhilo Ebio bad been engaged in E Doing n-dozon words or more upon a 'gc sbset of letter-paper, and the fol- low'Dg morning, side by side with tbe well-known "muffin and crarapet”state ment, appeared the following; ■'A yonnx lady, clever and well-edocated. ilstJrB at cBcc a coed tuornint or daily on Kagsment as foverurw. Tmr.s moderate. Ktcelient rrfervDeea. Apply for partlcntBi* within." unimportant village of ''Lammer- ton ’ lay somewhat far away from any town, and therefore did a fair amount of steady going busineis on its own ac- cooot. Foremost of nil ranked there- posiforr, or store, rented by Janet 1 isle, in which she sold statjoeery, newsps- pers, the magazines of the day if duly ordered in time, besides a variefv of use- ; fnl odds and ends. She was also the vil- I lage postmistress,and rnrrii-d out t tedu { tiea of her olticc with ama-ked regard to 1 promptitude. In eai;li of ihc-e pu^*uil^ | howi-vfr. she was aided by her pretty | end winsoine niece, Klaia Falcoohridzo. * In all reality, Elate was more mistress ■ of the po«isl department than -Janet I Lisle herself. It was sh.- who ordinarily undertook tbedispatch of that twice-a- I dey Inter-bag.bestowing upon each mis- i sivc previously the duj olicial stamp- mark. "Janet Lisle's right hand, in I fact, "aseveryonrsaid. She.too, it was 1 who made the mu lins and crumpets— i mu'fii s *nd crumpets which werero t op- ! ulnr in the villigo thit uo one ore-| dreamt of haring a l«4 party without I also having "mn fins and crumiH'ls” to match. I "ObliM me with a two-cent stamp, Miss Falconbridgc, won’t you?” and a ' somewhat elderly man ot that momaiit i stared her in the fare—(his necessarily. ' however—ibronghthc gm) made in the ' wire t etwork marking off tbf spa:e si- ! lotted to the notiolllce dejMittmeni. Elio handed him what he reijuircd. "And a rrgbtercd*CDvelope, also," he Slid. j Again she had fulfilled his request. I "ihank you," and without more ado I be deposited a tweoty-dollar note within { the same. '•All right.” be soliloquized, as old | geothmeii are (0 fond of doing. "Lome, ' that's done, ot any mte,” ho added, in l self'Congiatulotory fashion. I Then coMenloud, queitioningly; | •Tn the loiter-boxf—or shall I leave it | with your I "You caa leave it here, sir,'' au twered Eisie^ quietly. 1 Otbere were now coming in fast, de i manding this and that, and in adapting ; a calm exterior lay her only chance of at - tonding rightly to each petitioner. old lady in the parish, gave a large tea party that very evening, and multiosaiKl crumpet# were accor liogly being sent oil in startlingly targe quantitiei. ‘ Is there aey letter waiting for me to day, pleasel" asked a somewhat timid voice a few miouics later on. | "No, Miss Josephine, nothing.” i "I am sorry. Liasppniating—is if BOtt” The two speakers seemed fully to com- prebend each other. There existed, np- - parently, asort of ptaasant symitalhy be-1 tween uem. i Both were pretty. Both looked good, and also thoroughly in larnest. Only, | that the aasiitant poetmistresa appeared ' mil of brightaew and life, and the gir! now faoiog her wore (he aspect of beloc ' tired of life already. “Ten, very. 1 nm sorry too.” ‘Ehank yon. Voo are always kind. I wifnook inagain to-morrow, if nydoing , so will not trouble you too much-" | "Not at all. Ails Jwcphinc-’' ' The last-warned was already moving | away to moke room for some oce eise. Eld* Faicnebridge had. however, not vet completed her business with (bo Iste . iawyeHs daughter. "Austie." she whispered, "tske roy i place here for a moment.” | ■laBet Lisle B(,;dd«d in assent. I ’’Do rome in here an instant with me. ' won't youi” and Elsie signe I that Mias I Josephine should accompoey her into toe ; eozt back parlor, where all wan now in. readinesf let lea. "Tbe fact is. Mlta I Josephine, I've done the most stupid | tbipg imaginable to-day—made a mU-1 take, andprvpxred nearly twice the num ber of ernmpets that saiU be wanted by anybody. Isn't it absurd of met Yon sroBt mind- -no, I'm sure you won't, His* Josephinc-^betnlac mo out of my ironbler "Bnt bowl” come, hesitatingly, in re sponse. Then came—ah t so braviriy, for H isever difflmit to tell the plain truth tn such matters—"I can't. It’s quite Imposeible. We have no money. Don't you understand r* "Abewdl” was the interniption -Why. it's a favor Tm asking of you: dee't yen aeet 1 knew you would m in to day, for certain, tad would befriend me. It's only that 1 want you, if you don't mind the ueoble, to carry homo a doM or to to your sweet motbm. Many's the dozao she baa ordered from os ia tiu paet, whas, parbaps, we bavea't baaa , aM to MpiMy hm. Ose eaa't foqmt Miu Josephine had, in a most inex plicable way. won the woman's en- tirc'sympath.T, and also the admiration at Elsie. And .vet tbe latter never seemed to forget the diflerence in station that she coDsidciod still existed between her favorite and herself, hho only knew that tbe lawyer's dough'xr was a very model of sweet patiem-e, and that alic and all nt home were as poor at any church mouse. "Uh. my!” exclaimed little Bob Travers that tnorning, as the letters were brought in. "What shnala of lettert! Whnt a lot of govcrnc-saes we shall have, mutficr: I dj declare if it won’t l>e )ust liKi- an evening |mrty.'' "Hold yutir tongue. Bob!” urged bis father, peremptorily "Leave the room." Lettert of importance had to be dis- cj-i-o I. most of them bearing referent# to wh:it Ilob bad termed Iho ‘‘evening p.irty. ’ S>mc npplicantsdcclnring they were ax- p’lionccu. b.'Causcir.iddle agcel. Others 0. KTic I thst they were young, ouil there fore gemral y regarded as having an nt- ir.sttive way with childrco: which Inller siatciiK ]t was yet worse. Tbe laat-dc- airibcd young ladies w mid ]i.'*rliM|)a pro'-'e attractive in other ways, nnd full ili-.spcrstely in love with the quiet bach elor—Uncle Fred. No. that wouldn't do at all. nnd in a decided lit of ill-humor Dob's fsther Ihicv the CBtire batch of Ictteri into tbe lire. As usual, when pcrIurCtd in mind, "mother'' turned the current of eonrer- satiOD h.‘ oddressing tnele Fred. "I wish, when iiaasiog Janet Lisle's to-dny. you would ask for our maga zines.'* All wni hurry-skiirry, as usua', three or fniii hours later on lu tbe |>o8t-office. A variety of email pucksges re luired im- med.ntf weighing; aad it was at this very .uncturo that Uncle Fred plated his foot upon the threshold. Bomeihing bail, h -wevrr, ’itst caught Iiis rye. nnd without more edo he bc^t a hasty retreat—not. however, to a great di>taoee off. "Ilte very thiog!” he ejacninlod. "There! ^^ e have wen taunting about all Ihii while—and to what purpose! 'PartieuVs-s within.' Ebl Why. Til qo In at once and inquire.” t nclo Fred was a widower, and bad, ibereforc, m ide his home of late years with hit sister Polly's family. A nytuing, bo thneght, wae better than Hvingalone. He was rich, too, end a highly culti- vated man, with a peculiar facultv alto for engaging ioTbeperfurmancuof kindly actions, i.ike tbe rest of the family, h wever, ho had only lately come into the nsighborhood. "Will you excuse my troubling you tbi.'ilthe notice in the wiudowl” EUfe started visibly an instant Y'es, of course This was not the first occasion upon which the bal seen that certainly striking face. Y'esterday. of course, when he had sent off tbe registered let ter Hut Elsie was iostantlj all aUentioB. Ves; sh I could tell him all he required to koo-v—sod did eo; and even aa sho E|>oke. Eliie’s eyes sparkled brightly nod lovingly. 8be wu dotcg now what it rejoked b tr true woman's heart to vtu- ■ lire upon -trying to help her (■vorilc. "And MissFalconbridge thought thst the yuung lady in question might be fully relira upon in her guidance of little childrenr be a>ked. "Oh, detrme! Ye*—most certainly.” "Y'ou ean give me ber iddressi” Elsie noted it down quickly upon a alip ol paper. hofnre (be end of thst cortaicly event ful dey. Mial Joaepbine wae engag^ as dsily governeti in the family of Cscle Fred'o eiiter. nt tbe moderate salary of two hundred dollarv ayear. Some iTMntb* have passed away tinea iheu. Kind Uncle Krra, that he ever is, hss just appeared in tbe large, oid-fask- vined hall, end it assiiting "Miss Jose phine” in putting on ber cloak previom to taking her departure for home. Hr, and "t'iiter Polly” alto, are both mode • f good stuff, and folks say, and— Ilnavea blent tbem for it'.—only wub to make her fMl at homo with (hem. And for tbe reason, tbmfore, it esems that Unelc Fred not only, on this spoo- iolevAoing, caoorta ber to tbe ball door, hot sIm a short distance on tbe road to ward home. A* he says, tbe evening is so lovely, and the balmy outer air will do him good. Bhe U telling him—why. she doe* not sxactly know—something about their IroubM at boma s'oee "dear father' died. "1b faet, you know,” went on "Mice JoMphiaA" quite simply, "he had not •veo a penny left in the heuec U wm to~ dreedfat nb." She jraused a moment; the&wentOB, in the least degree nervously: "Shall I tell you whatldidr “Ye*.'' ‘‘I advertised, then, in the country pa per—don't be shocked, please. At any rate, I did it for the beet—whether ri^t or wrong, 1 don't quite know. ” "Go OB." "Imerely said,then, that avridowaad her daughters—all born to better things, SB it had seemed—were suddenly thrown into the lowest depthsrof poverty—tod asked for help.” Uncle Fred gave a tort of slight ner vous start at this moment, but "Miss Jo- ■epbino’ did not notice ib She was thinking only at that instant of the ter rible struggle which had urged her to take such a step os that which she was DOW dctcribiog. “And tbe rasnltr' be ssked, quietly. "What was lt(” "No answer came,” she returned, gravely, but earnestly. "Posaib’y those , who read the words did not believe in ‘ their truth; or powibly some did so who were not in a position to aid us.’’ "I see.” and Unrie Fred spoke now, as if dreamily. “There! I must teavu yon, Min JoMphine.' Very sorry for it— very sorry, indeed. Have just suddenly remembered something. Y'oa'II excuse my ruDDiiig away thus abruptly; won't you! Wiil be a tride more courteous next time. Horribly hsrd-bearted of the people: wasn't it, Mist Josepbioe!” And thus telkingglibiy-tiif, did not exactly know what he was aaying—Uncle Fred lifted hit hat and dUapirea^. "nie fnltowing Thursday moroing, just as "Mlss^JoBepbine'' was starting for ber usual daily occupation, a letter was plar^ in her hand by the postman; after reading which, that young lady marched deliberalolv iipeUira again, removed her bat and cloak, cha-ed awsy with ber pock taandkerebief a great many tears that for Kime reason or othe^ould in- i.itt upon pouring down her cheoko, and then et to work ty to re-read the follow- log words: “Dcar Mub Josxrixx: Pardon tnyabrnpt iBve-isking jMtarday: but I will now ax- plaln. Retornfng borne exprtaaly by way oi lbs post-olUre, 1 did a sniaJI stroke of busi ness tbere on iny own aeoounL ‘‘Mia Etsle Falxiobndge was ont, haviux gone to spand the evsoing wilh-tbe widowed, end alasi DOW cbildlms Dtotbrr. of herouca, andsolatsly too, sailor lover- We have, however, already arokeo togstber—you and 1—of this unlooked-tor evaat. aod also of tbe brave way in which Min Elsie bean tbs heavy blow. ‘‘But I would now speak of something else—so selfish are wssU In tbit world, you *M. 1 persuaded tbs good dame, Jaoet Las- l:e, to amlft me Id sometblng which was puadloK me oot a little. "I be^ lasteveaiog. for tbe first time, ei roorse—and alto fcom your own lips, most strange to say—that a tweuty-doUw note, wbiob I had tent yon In answer to your ad- renlsament oahtne for aid. never reaebed S I. It bad not, I now find, mlscanledie onUuacy way that Utters dooccasloDsIly go astray; but it was as ImpoBlbls. you win prmenUr see. that it should everhaveraachH] your abode, a* the rerideuce of oBclont patiiarohr. ''Tbe letter containing tbe amount named was. it appears, althoura piaceJ iu a regia terel eurriope for wbirit I duly pall, naver dl'cpatcbeJ; aod in tbe burry-ekurry of tbe moment It wa« never eotered, aitbv. In tbs ofll lal book. Tbe fault wet, of ooursa, my ■>wn.qoi.« as much as that ot tor ooaaUa; I but every oue was oskinz hurriaa questlmis I at the mnmant, and my letwr—vom. ntber -pa d tbe penalty. Than, st fat* would ba' "’--leJltsalf It. ItlandeJ f otberwin than In tb* le thal it >WD to Itself, behind a drawt raiely opensd. ''Fi>rgiv-s tbedetails, bewevar. Jaoet Lisle I "Fi>rgiv-s tbedetails, bewevar. Jaoet Lisle I had only discovered the tbus bldden-away missive half an boor before lappeored apoo I tbe scene—mark tberolncldeoc^and was in ' a state of no little consternation. I "Picture also my own diixzuy. ! "Tbe mystery, however, is DOW selvaiL I "I will nut again trader tbe amount for ' your aa eptance. as tbere certainly seems to ’ ue sutuethms unfortunate atteodieg ittea- I rear—beside which, on my part, 1 am going I to ask a fa' or from yourzelf. I '-Wli) you. I oak. become my wife!—aod I also kindly acknowledge promptly tbe re ceipt of this letter, or I shall be compaUed to - take it for gnintad that my Mcond eommu- nlcatioD has ibared tbe fate of my firit , UncLaPaxo-” "Mias Josephine,'' like a wise woman, . answered the letter just received by re turn of posk Tbe years have fiown since then, and matters go nn moch as uiual in that small township of Lammerton. But there are changee, nevertbelena.' Jane, Lisle knows ber place no more in the co’y little poetoilice. She has al ready gone home long linoe to rest and sweet lisle Falconbridga is now the mis- ' trees of averTthing- - Her hair, however, though still beau- I tifuL is in theae days white—white a* ! the driven snow; and the abiding ex- I preetioD upon her still handsome me is ‘ Itiat of one who has naeeed through a mighty and alto terrible sra of trouble, and borne the trial only u a trot hero ine could. 8he knows, the taye, thst God bu or dered all, and that the shall see her sailor lever again one day in heaven. But tbere Is tUU one peraon in tbe world whom ihe lovw dearly, and thst is the happy, trae-hearted wife of "Dnele Fred." "I owe all—every bit. in fact—of my happiness tftyoo. xweetest Elsie,” aa Jo- sepUneeays. "It all date* from the day —don't voa remember!—when you gave ' me mnDns end enuapats.” { "And also di'patcbed my ngistend letter socarafnlly." remarks Uncle Fred, j quaintly.—fYani \ Net Tery reliM. kfra. Hendricks (the landlndy'l—"Can ' I send you eenw more soup, Mr. i Dumloyr' I Mr. bnmJejr—"Ke, thaika** I Mn, Hendricks (angnginflTl—"Don't reftM, Mr. Dualsy, bMuae it isn't eon- nidned goed fern to ho helped twice to : noop.” Mr. DenltT—"Oh. etiquette haeneth- iag to de witBlt, Mdaai it's the neup.* iltts ^hos. I wUdaalt hne beettstrort I tiPertaxna. Mkh. SCIENTIFIC A.ND INDDSTBIAL. Tbe care animate of North Ameriea, teeording to Profeseor A. 8. Packard,! comprise a total of 174 specie* of blind errnture', nearly ill of which are mostly | white in color. j A communication to the French Acsd-1 emy of Ecienoee by Mons.'C. V. Zenger, has called attention to the simnltaneous occurrence of brilliant aurore* and me teorie showers, suggesting a probable connection. Tbe importance of microbes to the S rowtb of plants has been pnctleally emonetreted by M. Lanrent, who ob tained only one fourth aa mneb buck wheat from sterilired monld^u in toil contoiniog bacteria. A new method of cure hai been re cently and SDCceesfulIv tried bv a physi cian in Thurinsia. He made the experi ment o( letiing seve-al of hit phthisical patients paB the night In the open forest ID hammocks, cavern with entnions aod plaids. A Cer.o'an engineer named Heokels ba* invented a ventilating window-pane which admits fresh air while preventing a draught Each square metre of glaw contains five thoussod hnles, which are of a conicnl ihap?, widening toward the inricie. The new device baa already Lera r.dopted by many of tbe Oertuto bo'pi alt. Id tlie new organ now being bnilt by Messrs. W ilis for Canterbury Cathedial, tbe electric current is also employed as a tranemillerof power from the* fingers of the organist to tbe pipes, which will be 191) feet above him. This is no new ap- E lication of eleetrieity.fortbe same thing as been done input years. But tbe sys tem employed is new, sod is the inven tion of tbe builders of the organ. Mahogany is being rapidly inlrodnced intoevery rartof India, wbeio it promi ses to thrive. The seeds sown hsva ger- minsted reinsrkably well, a singlepoun 1 plsntod in green-hnnses in tbs southern districts having yielded betwea three tnd four thousand pisnte. It ii fnnugbt to bo quite probable that tho world may MmQ day look to India Snsjead of to America for it# mahogany, ae’well as for lu quinine The extern produ't Of the latter bu alr^y become so extensive and of Buch auperior qualitv that the cinchona bark exporli to toe United States of Colombia are said to have di- mlolsbed fifty per cent, within five years. In some of the great MWmill MtJibU>>h- menta of tho ItYSt, six foot circular saws are run 70t) rcvolotioni to tbe min ute. Running at 7o0 rcvololions to tbe minute, (be trethof tbe six foot isw are trsroUng nearly three miles a minute. Six foot saws bavo been driven at u high rate of speed u 850 revolntiens to (he minute, ro Michigac, a few year* ago, a Canadian compa.iy geared up ite mill to run ite six (oot saw 8'>o revnlo- tions to tbe minute. A sawmill at Padu cah, Ky., which had a aeventy-slx inch uw and steam feed, cut one day 10,- &7I feet of one inch poplar boards in about seventy minntea. In this trial the saw mado no sawdust; each tooth tore out a strip of wood shout ooe-quatter of an inch long- .Michigan uwysrs have boasted of a mill dropping tixteen one- tneh sixteen-foot boards a mioute, but this leoins liko ao exaggeration. Twice Xistaken. Tbe reeemblance between Attorney- General Garland and First Comptroller Durham is very striking, and hardly a day puies that ono of tbem ia not mis taken for the other, often giving rise to very tudicious scones. Each one ia tall, with a clea-ily shaven face, iDepping black eyes, and nigged features, while the similsrity of their slouched hat* and their attire generally adds to the like ness. There was a similar cue in 1(60, wuen a wonderrully etriking likeneu ex isted between Mr. Guy, tbe landlord of th' National Motel, aod Seoaior Cass, who wu one of hit guests. One morn ing a Baltimorean, who bad taken two or three cocktails, meeting General Cnu in one of the upper entries of tbe hotel, rushed np to him, slappH him hwvily on the shoulder, and u'd: "old Guy, how are yonl Y'ou must give me a bet ter room, or I will go to some other hotel” So soon M GenersI Cau could recover from hit surprit-.! be exclaimed: "Sir. yiR are mUtaicen: I'm not Mr. Guy : I am Benstor Caax of Miihigaii. Y'ou should be more careful before you salute people at you just did me.” Tho mvn wu ter ribly moriiUod, and sought consolation in another cocktail. Just u be left the bar-room be met, u be thought, his friend Guy, and going up to him, uid: "Guy, 1 made a terrible mistake just now. I thought that I met you upstairs, slapped you on tbe shouldrr, and uked for a better room, but it turned oot thst it wu old Castsnd not you.” "Sic,” escisimed tbe persou spoken to, '700 have made a mistake again. I am Muator Ca's, and yon kave been drinking. You sbould be sshamnd of yeurulf, air!” The man took tbe next train for Baltimore.—IfusAingtea letter. A BoT'a Great Grit Receotlv two boys, brothers, one of eleven ana the other ten years of ^e, were playing rn tbe benkt of tbe river at Uru. I'oey propoeed to take soma wood home to itieir mother, aod while gathering it lifted tbe dry brasch of a , tree and uncovered e nttleanake, which Ut the rldnt boy ia tbe fleger. 'The xeuth, feeling tbe v«iem eater ng bis veins, called on tbe younger brother to cut off tbe injured membu. The latter aaked; "Wllb wbatr "With thle thin flat etone,”replied the intrepid yout^ picking up oue aod placing hu finger on another flat one. The ]>rotbar took the etone and bam- mered away, and after some time eue- ceeded in mnahleg off tbe finger, tboe saving tbe life of tbe heroic boy, who stood tbe borri^ torture with gr^ for titude.—Awwuriff* Cisuisptifi A BsiU* In AMeik Two white men in the heart of Aflrtoa, wh’> with tbelr little force of nattveael* ilers manned tbe edvaaoed poet of dvU- ixetion on the Congo, have beta driven tutofSl an ley Falls station by lUve-dut* lug Arabs. 'The white man fought tiuw days for tbe blne-and-goid flag of the Gouge State, killed sixty of Uie eueay. with a tou id only two of their own men, and when their ammunitioa gave out and their nativu deserted tbenttbu liureed their buildings, destreved their guns, and retreated down tbe river with ily four attendasia Tbia stubborn defence wax eharaetor- ixtic of Mr. Deane, the chief ot the Stan ley Falls station. Deane bu the rspn- ution os tbe Congo of being obeolntelv without (ear. He is a relativn of Mr Francis de Winton. who sooceeded Mr. Stanley u administrator of the Cosigo. One night last spring, when Deane wu his way to Stanley Palls, be camped the bank of the nver. 'Without the tiigtatest warning be wu suddaaly at tacked by a swarm of natives, who killed ■cverel of his black soldiers. UU oanic- imitten party fled, leaving Deaueinthe liar knew to battle alone with thesavagu tro'jnd him. lie wu well armed, and hit bulloie whizzed through tbe boebu tn such rapid succeasion that the oatlvea, SDsccustemedto firearms, fled ia die- nay. Deane had received t«o very bad rrounds, one speer having passed throngb Ihe calf of bis leg and anolber neariy through the tbisb. Moetmenwonldbave I osteS I'ack down tbo river u fast u t iossible for medical sssiFtance. Deane, lowever, proposed to go to Btaain Fails if it killed bio. and gathering his peoplo together, he dressed his wound* liimsell end steamed on np tbe river. A little later tbe nativu were punished for lh::>r treai'bery bv tbe burning of uveral of their villages. It wu alto cbaracteritUe of Mr. Deane that ho refuted to give np tbe slave girl who had taken refuge with him to n- eapethe Arabs. His enmradu uy ot biin that Deane would die before b* would be forced to obey any orders ex cept those of his superiort in authority. His pluck and bravery very likelyex- cu.'dcd his discretion, for by defying tbe Arnbi ho bas lost his station. Tbe station st Stanley Falla, which ths Anbs 'vitb their many buodredt of srmt-d ilaves now hold, wu founded by Stanley three year* ago. Dr. Lens, whs vis.ted the sUuon. wrote that tbe build- ings, amid the surrounding gardeni.were very prettily situated on ibe rivar bank, and tbo view of tbem from the rivet prodneed a very agreeable impreesioa. The Arab settlement was not lar from the station, and the ioiiucnco of tbeii powerful leaders over tbe aurrounding country wu much greater than that of the Congo Free State—Ntie Fork Sum. HEALTH HINTS. The best promoters of health are fresh air and snnlight. A simple remedy for nennlgie head ache is the joice cf a lemon tuen in a cup of black coffee. Changes of dress from thick to thin should always be made in the morning, ns then all the vital forcu are in full play. Almoxt all bites and stings being add in their nature, tbe cure is an alkalL Spirits of bartaborn is tbe best honshoid remedy: nest cornu ulentus ot lyefren wood aahu. For warts, corn* and other indnratioas of the cnticle. nothing acts more utia- (acterily than a mixture of equal parte of tini-txiro of iodine and glsdal acetk add, applied in repeated layera witii a brush, nigbl and morning. It bu been shown by actual experi ment that the water wbu b iireamsnown the Inside of the window of a cloaed sleeping-room it so itnnr^'gnated with the noxious ezbalatioDi of the sleepers that le drop is lulficient to poison a rabbit. Il Is uid that a solution of pilocarpine, two grains to the ounce oL water, in jected io'o tbe tooth cavity will cure nejralgia caused l>y bad teeth. Prom au eighlb to a quarter of a grain seems suf- fiiient to check the pain in the couru of I hour. Water cannot satisfy the thirst which attends cholera, dvHSntery, dlarrbaa aod some other forms of disease; in fact, drinking cold water aeem* to Incrcme the thirst snd induce other diaagreeable sen sationi; but tbe thirU will be perfectly and pleasantly subdued by eating a oon- Entirely small amount of lee, swallow ing it in u large pieeu u practicnblc and u much u is wantad. M. Oinjeot state* that of all measurer applied ioeally to boil*, tbe best resaiU are obtained from tincture iodhra Be paints theb^l with atbl.:k coating, aod aomstimet a single appllcatiou is soS dent to cause tne inaammation to sub side: it is better, however, to make tbe appKcationseve^ ilmeiaday for several days. He doe# not recommend tbe esrS* opning of bolls, but if evaeo-tifta of be necusary antiMptica sbonld be utecL The HaaU for Medteina. Tbere are l.OlOmedidnu In the phar- macopxiaof the United State*, and to most eoeamunitloe there is one inaa who hutriod every one o: them bef-jradlo- Gorering that tbere never wucaything tbe matter with him. The taste for strung dr.nk is m mild, inaocuoua, feeUo inetioaliou, co upared with th* nztog mania for "takli^ medkiM” when one* it gahu a pernle.oosly ifctlv* bold upett B men. ‘nere are oiA many railly ekk people in th* world, aad if tt wunt for the man whr deli^u la dosing bimanH with anything tbu has a loog nama^ an almanac attechmant, thuo wowdlT be half •uongh paint os th* rocks of plctunwqoo Ameriea to hklo (he load- toepa.- -imrdsMr. Tb* number of Ihoa* who are bow la- valide a« Iho rrsult of the war 1* aoid to botM.HM, tb* totalnnaber of ioWUw hoviag baea abtrai 1,>88,080.

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