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North Carolina Newspapers

Charlotte messenger. volume (Charlotte, Mecklenburg Co., N.C.) 188?-18??, February 05, 1887, Image 2

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CHARLOTTE MESSENGER. hMlabed rrmr ntartey M Chwlom, >■ By W. C. Smith. SataeriptlM Alw^yi ii^T»nce. Om Twr $1 SO { 4 noDthi...... SO B moothf 1 00 8 raontb* 40 8 nionlbt...... 78 | Biiiffk Copy. S 5otiff a* Mt OBce of kll fiulnrvi of tbii ]MMr to rMch you on time. All money mnit be]*ent by ngiKered letter, money order, or poetnl note to W,.C. SMITH. Cheriottc, K. C. but penoi y feil to e> teiTAt totheYubIic*iKa>Ucile(]. reoit not be dimppointed if they their •riiclex in oar columoA. Vi e ere uut rwponntde for the rieveof corrMpondente. Anonymous commanieetJons K'^ to the «wt« beejct. AWAY FSOM HOME. On Friday of lait week wc left boDic at 11 o’clock, ria the C. C. rail road fur Payetterillc, and arrircd there at Ti-IO the Mine evening PayettCTille'i railroad accommoda- tiona arc much better now than ever before. It baa three railroad ootlcte, daily trains on nob. It will mod have otber railroada ontleta which ' promiao to make it what it baa been befure—one of the leading towns of the State. The town baa ausUined aonie rery heavy loaaea by lire, reecnlly. yet it abowa aigna of impruTCiiicnt. It has a pretty good system of waterworks; ice factory; preparations arc making for electric lights; its signal service system aospassea onra, aa it uaea the different flags and sends them up each morn ing with the indkationa for tlie day. Wc have noted some of her best c-olorod eitisena and are glad to lentn there are several other young men of fine parts steadily working their way to the front in meroanlile business, trades and the acquiring of money and real estate. The school pride of the town itill remaini above par, and she ia prond of hey moral stand ing. Her young men and women are scattered all over the conntry, fllling the most honorable positions, and her boys and girls in several of the beat sehoola in the country. .She baa tent oat lawyers,doctors,preachers, teachers, mechanics and artiuna. She ia proud of what she has done and every other city-and town in Ihu State can du well. The (’hurehes here arc prospering nicely. The Kaptiats have a neat and ootnmodions Church building and fair congregation, but no regnlar miniatcr. The Preabylcrians under the care of llev. Kli Walker who Bcoms to be getting on very nicely with the Cbnrch. Mr Jno. F. K. Simpson, one of Biddle's brightest sons teaches the parochial school at at this Church, which ia situated on Ilaymount. Kev. Mr. Brown is in charge of tbo A. 31. E. Church; they have a neat house of worship on the main street in the business part of the town. Rev. II. 8. McDuffie, paator of the Episcopal Church is moving on with bia Cbutoh. He Iiai good audiencea and preaches fine tcrinons. Horn's Chapel (Zion) is the leading Church. Rev. J. 31. Hill is its pastor. It is a brick Church, is tho largest, finest and beat farnisb- ed Church in the conference. The Sunday achooi ia not aa large aa some others hut ooe of tho strong points in it is the fitness of i*8 tesehera and offieers; among which wa notic4 Prof. E. K. Smith of the State Normal aubool, Mr. Oeo. C. Scurlock, Mr. Kd. Kvani, principal, of Oradod school, Mftl. Sallie Elliott of the graded sehool. The oollection was about 2c to theacholsr Elder Hill's pulpit was filled on Sunday by Bishop Hood, who proached two powerful aermona. Mr. Qeo. 0. Scurlock is again at the forge, having aatisfled himself there is Bothing more solid for him to “bit od" than iron. J. B. McNeill & Son are leadi^ the State in the undertaker buaineia; and it is ramored that Thomas U.. thu BOD, will aoofl undertake to take to himself another partner. .kir. Arthur L. Butt exhibited bia , heantiful iminting in Evan’s eba- pel last 3tonday and Tuesday nights u oowded and apprseiatiTe bouea. Thu Slate Normal a^ool under the management of Prpf. K. E. Smith is proapering inely; nora than a ban- dred Bindenta ara enrolled. The if/ nnior elaae bae 16 mmoben and »' eaid to he one of the beat erw sent out from the sahoel. pal of the graded aehoel. Hie aaaiat'; Knights of Laher. .no Mio HrtU. HnNeill, Mli. | Elliott nnd Einon CawnO. Tb.J „„ „ .BJni,!,, Tnnd.j, J.nnntj have enrolled fenr hnndred pnpila. ; 2^b. We give below some of the Mr. M. N. Leary baa left Waahing- j proceedings : ton city and returned to the fertile aoil | \ bill to be preeented to the of hia swamp fields to raise cotton,' I^islatnre was considered aud adopted, torn ud h.T. nnd nin hb brnin r,.l. ! “k'"* I**”' bo eatablisbcd for the pnrpoae of collecting and colating information upon the subject of l^oT. its rale- Every where one goes and in every ; tion to capital, the hours of labor, the, direction we hear the cry. “hard ; . - .. . 1 ■ . I their cilucationsl. iiioral and Dnancial time. I. „ onn.n.lly h.rd -itk! b„, „„„ tho people now? If so. there is a promoting thoir mental, material, cause for it and the cause onght to be' social and moral pr».perity.' H-iBV TIMES. ! , OMrge'a Ouepol of Etabor. Congresno&D George IV Tllman. of the Seeond district of Seuth GaroUna. is profoundly tBpresaed with Henry George and bia movement. In an in terview ho Bcys:—"I consider that MK ’ George is preaching a gospel of iatew' which begot from Ireland ; just os, Ireland once taught the Christian faith i to pagan nations. Mr George is doing ; more to rally the laboring uicn of the whole world than any other reformer. ; He is beentuing an iroporlanl clement! in the next Presidency, and may be! tho dtwiding irsue. Men who ignore him make a groat mistake.” E‘ qiaitrwone. ICilMOXD i DA.SVilJbE B. B. HVaSfrf SchMlolo. TRAILS W H NO SDCTH. Aug. Till'.state assemhty was nnauimons in ilB support of this lucahure and | Stessrs. -1. 31. Broughlen. of lUI-t cigh: W. F. Rogers, of Oxford, and .John Holloway, of Wiliuhigton. were apjiointcd a couimittee ask its passage by the ]ogi^UturL■. Tho following resolution was nduptud early in the session: | Whereas, we regard tho passage, i by the Congress of tho IJiiilcd .'States, i of the education bill, known as the! Blair of very viul importance to | the laboring class of the aonth. Therefore, Resolved, That wo j address cummnnienliona to the Senators' and Reprcaenlativea from this ataie, asking them to urge the passage of said Blair bill. The following resolution was adopted: Usolvcd, While it is tho duly of all onr public scrvanla to care for the interest of all elus8i-8 of citiacna, yet it ia a well known fact that this is not generally tho case. Too often the interest of the poor and humble are iieglceted and often sacrificed to the promotion of the intcresta of the rich and powerful. Therefore, when wo Ece in public servants a friend and and protector, wc feel that wc sbonid recognize them aa our friends. Entertaining this view we feel that the thanks of this assembly arc due to Mr. ThiM. Sutton, representative from Cumberland county in the present legislature, for liis earnest advocacy of lliu amendments to the mechanics and laborers lien law recently pa.sscd by (but birdy: also to Mr. L. S. Overman for the po.sition be took in refin-noe to the bniiing out of con victs on the public roads, ns well as to the other members who Mipportcd these mcnsurcB. Resolutions of fraternal greetings were sent to the farmers’ mass conven tion as follows: "The North Carolina State assembly sends fraternal greetings to the farmcr.s' mass convention, now in Uiis itv. and bid: rcnioveJ if it is in the power of man to move it. Some say it cornea from the general failure of crops lost year. Why did crops fbil lost year, ao generally? There was too much fertilizer used. The seasons failed to suit the poisonous stuff. We bare a suggestion to make to fanners: Plant less ground, work it better; uae no fertilizcriplantbutlittlecotton, more corn, peas and potatoes and raise hogs enough to meat the family. In winter stay home and raakeeomposy fences,&c., and let town people occupy their own bonaea. If this is carried out wc think next winter there will be much lose desire to go to California or any place else, but all will be content aa they abouM be, to remain in the good Old North State, for there ia as good living here for good people an any place on the globe. We suppose money ia scarce among the laboring people jnal now, nnd the failure of crops has much to do with it. Now let the cauae of crops failures be removed and we will have plenty money and pro.vperity will gladden every heart If there is ao abundance of breadstuff and ment raised at home it must be ehesp and there cannot be very much suffering while all have plenty to eat and homes to shelter them. Cotton is king. He is a tyrant. He makes the poor man poorer and prosperity impossible. Too many farm laborers arc leaving the farms and going into the towns and cities. They suffer themselves and cause those who formerly did well, to share their wants. There is too much migrating from one county and Stale j y,„l speed in their’efforts to eh to another. Every time a poor man ; and better the condition of that great j breaks up and niovea. he slops u | band of t-arih’s toilers, the fiirniorH of poorer man than he atarted. Too Ballot Job Office, fur. (.'oHegi- and Trade Streats, Is iMiw proimroil to Hiriiisli csti- iriittos for nil elnsscs an'l uf lucb money ia spent in summer when wc hare a little, for things wc could do without. Fifty cents spent fur « watermelon in July would buy i half bushel of meal in December. A 'dollar spent for yellow ribbon in July would lielp pay for a pair of shoes when the first snow conics. Then the cxenrsion money—the whis ky money—if that was kept till winter how uiueli of this bard limes would be avoided. The leaders of the race should the ])ro|>er lime in the proper way advise uur people against the extrava gant expenditure of their money— but do at oor leaders do it? Arc not some of our preachers and leaders at the head uf cxcuraions and the like simply to put a few dollars in their own pockets? God will bold leaders to account for the suffering of these poor Ignorant people. The shepherd mnat guard the sheep from harm and send him to safe pastures when the wolf ia nigb. Times hard, but wo think it ia bronghl about by poor people wasting tbuir anbitsDce and the fanners not buUivat- ing the right crops in the right way. The deadlock in Indiana Iins b. en broken, and Tnrpie elected. The Lorrillard strike at Jersey City ia over. Over 1,000,000 children under fif teen years of age are earning their bread in the niines and ftcloriea of tbo rotted SUtes. A large nnwbor of motbera do the same. Society mutt' suffer from tbi^T There oen be no good cauae for ill- feeling exbting between the Kni^ta of r^abor and trade organisatkms. ^e rank and file of both are in hearty sympathy, and only embitions and evil-hearted men in their organixa-' tioDS can see or wbh differently.— OwuJut Truth. The laboring poor, and the deproas ed prodoerra of this eoantry, go regu larly to the polls at each election and, vote to eoniinua the franda that op-| them. Soeh daserve to tuffer, and the only regret ieihat their ' let question the follow ing was passed: The employment of convict labor in any capacity wbero it couics iulo competition with free labor, is unjutt to the honest workers, tends to increase crime, and should not be tolerated. That short time con victa should he used in bettering tho county roads, and no convict labor given to private corpo- rations without adequate rcmnneralion to the State." A resolution was also passed a.skiiig that tlic legislatue pass a law making it unlawful to offer for sale ouy prison- made goods in this state units they be plainly stamped “prison-made.” Also asking for a law that ten hours shall constitute a legal day's work, ntxl that employers shall give the same notice to an employee befure disc- charge. that they require from an employee before be shall quit their service, except fur incapacity or immoral conduct. The following are the officcra for the present year, elected and installed at this session of the osaembly; State uoater workman, John Nichols, of Ralergb, N. G.; state worthy foreman, John. W. Gordon Charlotte, N. C.; state recording secretary, John R. Ray, Raleigh, N. C., state financial aecretary, J. B. Reckwitli Siiiithfield. N. 0.; state treasnrer, D. K. JXiIiao, Salisbury, N. O. ; stale inspector, George L. Tuimnflski. Raleigh, N. C.; slate venerable sage, W. P. Wcinyas. Payutleville. N. 0. state aialiatioian. J. 31. Broughton. Raleigh, N. 0. ; slate inside rs|uire. D. L. Kaufman, Durham, N. C.; state outside esquire. I John Nelson, Greensboro, N. 0.1 Meuibers a: largo uf tbeatate ozecDlivo board: \V. F. RugersOzford. N. 0.; J. B. White. Iloudcnon. N. 0. Frank Johnson, Raleigh. N. C.; S.. Ellison, Wilminglou. N. C. It may be laid down u a rule that it b the duty of ibe State to eneour- ego and aid. ao far aa It can bo done, every honest man in hb efforts to pro vide a liring for btmaelf and family, j Thirty-four Knigfata ia tha Miobi-; Am Lagblatnre will have aomething' to any about what aball become law, 1 and the majority will apenk on the right aide of all queatiom. The K. of L.. Peneoek. N. 11,, are! Letter Hentls, Xoto Heails, Bill Ileudu, Envelopes, Receipt^, ('inailnr.s. Lnhels, Sliiteiiionl.s, Bank Supplies, Olliee Siipplie.i, Seliool Books, ^'i.“iling Ciiril.-. I’iUiipliU'ts, Or uny kind of JOB PRIXTIXC; Erojii it Visiliiij; Canl to a Book. .VEAT WOKK 9 AND LOW OlVK I'S A TllI.VI.. Address ull orders U. K. BLAKKY’. folly and etapidity eniiail enrsaa upon ; ssublbhing evening aeboolrfir Doai- (hone who now Ae ennna of Ae.benof tbo Ordet, and will introdnoei snraot hnt are uable to mwve it— free inetractiM in petmianohip, letter I Mr. Sdwtfd Evans ie the prtoeh- Chieifo Btfrtm. i writing, arithaaiM, etc. I HENDERSON’S B=Al}BKU SilOB! THE OLDEST AE1» BEST. Expcrieni-Mi and polite workmen slwara rrcily to wait on ciutomrrs. Hers von will get a .Vi'.lT JUlJi /'rraiid t'AA.t.V HHA VH. JOIIX,K. HEXDERSOX, Fart Tirde Strert. t.-harlotU-. N. MIIUR BROS. 8Tm>EHS " tw: 8MT Dt UmT brt'cs) d«|ien IB l-as'ln ( If In la u UwMor i to) 4 > l-'ei Orboel 4 bowa, t d->a.esdi, 90,4a 4 •• W- - Tutt’s Pills eH»artotea the aoewM liver, ofmwt^ I—■»» Aim-BIUOUS MEOWINE. I. MMrtrta M,., u* Sold Erorywlhoro. Ornoe. 46 Mmiv tU Mmr Yidb , • -y. Lv. New York ... l3:08 night rhiiadslphia. ;:90a.a. Italtimorr B 50 Wasbingto:! . 11:13 Chorlc-tteriile Si.W p. m. liVnchlMirg... C:l-5 Uichmood.... 0r33 Burkrille 5:90 KsystiUf 8:03 Drake's Bt’ch ti:80 D.uiville »:■» LT.GoJd.itioM,!.’.,'lI;-»«. m. Itek-igii 5dW p. m: Ihirhem 0:07 (’!iai..-l Hill--- 4:r>.-i» Hillsboro...^ U;7 l,v. Or»H-ii“lioro.... l 1:81 p. m.l Lv. Siil--nA ' U:.W*p. m- Lr. High l*oinir..‘'u':.'*3 pi'm. tO;lV 8:40 p. r 8:08 8:00 IJKS) ;i:00 a. t 5:15 8:00 4d>3 4:33 4:.')0 8:04 Halisbarv... I'oocotrl I’hsrlolta m. 11:93 11:30 1:00 p. I rL;.^ 8:34 ' 7:14 4:40 1 ;40 p. m. 10:40 !t:00 TRAINS OOIXq NORTH. Aug. 1, 1880. No. 51. No. 58, Baity. Dally. r. Atlanta Grreiiville .... Siutrtanburg ■ Cliartotte •Concord Salisbury Higli Point... Oreens’-s'ro ... rSok-m....; •. Ihiriiam (3ia|>cl Hill... Rnl.-igii (told^Aboro DnuWllc Drakv’s Br'cli KcTAvillu Durkrillr Riehmntid .... r. Lynclihurg... Clmrlotteville Wndiingtim . Ilaltimorc PliibdeiiiHiu. N-w York.... •Dsiiy, c A. T. i - 5:4.5 p. tr 11:32 12:43 s. u 4:05 5:01 5:4ft. 7:04 7:33 11:40 a.'ll 11:1-5 a. n 12:98 p. D 8:40 a. m. 9:30 p. ID. HELLO! : WHO'S TifERi-:? - ! -STES? omc up Wade, and ercthu t.ta I KLBITUIC 1.IGUTS. ' TEI.EPlf'iNK, FLEY'ATiHl. Ami vari-msotliorattraetims. jB*t tliink of it. 435x7«fiwl ‘rfllooring tebc flJW with ; Crockery, Ckina, Glass, Silverware, Tin'ware, etc. j Kr-eh ileiTirtm-mi b te li- eiqirrati. and I umtrr the managemchi ol p«»litc amt at- ' tculivc rierky. GR.4X1) OPliNlNC ON JANFARY ->0, mi. Each visitor will receive a Souvenir. Ur^jK-tfiilly. K B. HABSKIKLI). I'llINA PALACE. L. R. ilENDEKSON A CO.. Ii* muiMftJly ili*«>lT«l. XrNm ( Arli-r imv- ing withdrawn ami will do tHisincu I> r hini-clf. All tilth due th" latf Om Ilf 1., It. Ilcndi'rann & Co. ar' iBtrahlr to .nrfl rcllpeiabte by L. D. k 5V. K. ilfi;ib-n>m. Alt WIN tluc enriitors will K- >rltlit by SGCTHWARD. •i'lle Moil and Express. Troulm Shepherd's .Mck)rrviile Mount jrotime lUvidirtnColirge . Caldwril'y l[iii:ici:rille Stcnewttlt Sceii-Kl Hmiv. VL4"mrl'>tlr ... 3:30 ... »:tK ..It) 00 ..10 20* ...10 30 ...10:.5.5* ...11:13» ...11:30 NtrUTiJWAUD. .Mail and Hzpress. C:.50 p. m. HuntcrsvilU' 7:45 Caldwi-ir* 7:34» Dju'mIs..:* College ft;10 .Mount Mournu 8:93 McorL'Mville 8:40 Sheidierd’s 8:58 Trutitman'i B:22 Arrivf.StnIesville 9 50 Si.KKl'ING CAR SpniVlCE. On trains .50 and 51. Pullman itoffet slc*i,i r ■•rtwi'cn Nrw Y’urk and Atlanta. Ull invins ■5'2 .-iml 33. Paliman Baffet Hlrrj.rr Ix-tsrrrti W.isliington aud New Urlcans. 5Va«iiington and Augdsta. Vnlliimn »!e«|wr l>etween Richmond Grfr.-:9i»)ro. ThruiigU lirkris on sale at principsd Stations to all }>ninls. For rateaaml itiforniation to W A. 3;t>01)5'. -Virent, or E. It. THU.MAS. C. W. CHEARS, llcneml .Mamtnr. Asst.Oen. Po.". Agl. Riehiaimd, Vs. c 'AUOIJ.VA CENTRAL R. R. i.d after July lOlli, tbo following srheduli- will la- njKrcted on this mod : Pissiixuu, Mail asd EzraBssTXAix. Daily. ciee|.t Sunday. I Leave Wilmiiigi'inat 7:40.p. m. No. 1. s IjcaVO Raleigh at 7:00 p.m. j Artire nt ('],>tte at 8:40 a. m. 1 l.rare'barr..i:.jnt 9:00 b m. No.2. VArrAontltr.leirhat 9:00*. m. I .'.rrir-at Wjlmiogtou ;43b. m. Utat, Paaiunr—Paaoenger Car Attached. I.r«v4 Lharlciii- at 7:30 e. Arrive at l-i:oriuuurg at 4:40 p. m, licavi- (.suriutiitrg ut 6:00 a. m. Arrive at Cliarlnite at 8:46 p. m. Arrive At luinrinliurg at 8:33 p. Irfave lutnrtTii^imrg at 3:00 a. Arrive at Wilmlugten at 8:00 p. m. Lncnl Fi'-ight Ivtwuea Wilmingten and Leurinl-uru tri-wekly—leaving Wllmiuc- ten oaMoi.'tay*. Wednesdays •£] Fridays. Imwtv lAuriuburg uu Tuusdays, Tlwra- day«, and Saturdays. BetVkwn riusrkdto and I^ausinburg trf- . weekly—laavuig ('}-jir)»lta Itoodayi, Wed- nesdaraatwl Fridays. Leave Leurinbmi Tuewtays. TliurKlar-i*Aud Satunby*. i Passengrr trains stop at regular siothns only, aud potuin drsigualnl in the pany's time table, SHELUT DIMSION. PaasevoKa. Mail, KxraxM axb Fanewr. Daily, eaeept Sunday. V . \I,.eareCbariotteat 0:40 " * ' I Arrirc at Shelby at 9:95 p, m. Mo 4 Slxibyot ' 8:40 a. m. J Arrive at CltarlolUat 12:10 p. a. Trairs Ko. 1 aod 2 make elomi tbu at Uautlrt with RnleMrand Auguoto tmins teauJ fiom Robiia. Throngb licrutTg i-ai* betwvea Wib ingliin I • '4^ Chariot te. mingliin and UMriolt* and Iteimgh and Take Traiu Nn. 1 for^talesvinv, ttotiniii » the Weoteni N.irih .Uaiv>Uiui R. It., Ardiville and poinb wret. Aloa. for libar- tanburg, Urveavilie. Atbeos, AUaau and . an poinu Naethwest. L. C. JUNEil. r. W. CLSax, Itop^tandMtf. Owaml Paaanfoc Agant . th-! We will ndiicl ! * at - stand. ~^Tho oonlinnid pnlr»;u-.^o oorfriend-A snlk:iied.“-i' L. It. 4 W. E. IlKNUERl-XjN. eld Iron [TONIC lorlir. IwaowBirtmoi iu«Oiuann.AW>BaCT iBMdMa*. BMipla BCM SBa IrrMs ■cosl «f tWDamw is pesU**. g Tiitw.immMEwawt co.. st. uwtt, m. l^SCmaCordiel CUSEU DYSPEPSIA, INDIGESTION, WEARfR-SS, CHILLS AND FEVCHS MALARIA, LIVER COMPLAINT, KIDNEY TROUBLES, NEURALGIA AND RHEUMATISM. IT gives i:SW ^ UFB ta tbs vtxtzil ff Hbtcrslt, i pesed orearefu'.i/ | scIsctMl Vegetfr I Mv Wedteiaes * eenblovd akUl fally, Rimkina Sa-'s ad VIcABSat I phroleUas.teUlag I l«w to trcAt dls- t M HOMK. ed. tagetOer I witbaaettf baa^ tattetyMBT B rc«sl^ M Votlne Drug exd Chemical Oomptay, LTisoai; aw, c. a a m. A Dtetionary. «mtAl>iloa.Vrntiwwpt»«IiiAa-l lAwrir ttn iw4« iUuMtsUbOS Uoa My eUfeir Sat -rkoapteWetory J A Sarattew of the World I ^•aU^taCBv-rlVWTtUe-.ntUCKs'.eartBtwr " atoDd a TA>i maian-i •/r (MKoU^iaviAai araghlcal Dic8 gtvtiic pemmnriWlnn tt aomm edU l-rtof ten eMNwramaDvari) VVur a««d r wmw: wie vanv^ taWr* pvlag vstoaM* All In Otia Bosk. TVfUVw^ h Tom I ta.OOe tranlA. RS.'?asai?;K THE"s»?.2;ias?iS£s 'flirterfrrwe, VawifW taAol.ix-* !•:« br lUd ami aCRtfUU TbiC. OtT TIIS STAITDAl Widna-rliWiwwIa' I ATthprehr ■ Bapniii—OmTt. of WPlMBklB ) . J. ' Ci»nsge»m»dB«ri». OiT;— tgi J—Is toACMMUMACa,

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