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North Carolina Newspapers

Charlotte messenger. volume (Charlotte, Mecklenburg Co., N.C.) 188?-18??, March 05, 1887, Image 1

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t THE CHARLOTTE MESSENGER VOL. III. NO. .34 CHARLOTTE, N. C. SATURDAY. MARCH 5, 1887., Tm $liO ler tna SiHe On S oi TRS I Charlotte Messenger; 18 PUBUSHEC ■ I Kvory Saturday, | AT CHARLOTTK, N. C. | I- the InterMta of the Colorod People oI ihe Country. 04'nn-l vll iDiows rrfUR wfll eontrib* to II' rolnmni frooi dUtemit pvte of tb« r.iinin-. An>l II wUt rontahi the Ictot OeK «r*l N..*.-* of tb« eUy. Tnr MrMmuii kflnbelMi newipaper iivl «i1l nnl allow r^wwwl jn (qj. „~i.* It n not wtHtan or iMutiaui. but - ilisJta* fairly by all It r*> t,r-. "■ the HKbl to crMekt tb* *«rte«a>tBfi ri nl! public offldala—eomMdhn Un • ■rthy. anti rx'oinmuudhictoihcttoiaodi •o'o v In luoTilibonaratMitWM to nrre !>• iniAmtH of thti people ■ > t. uitiwlnl to Mmlytbe loox felt nwd to aAVooata the ricbto and '.'M the In'^er.'uta of the NasnvAnMrleaB, Mi-iil|v!ii tba Piedmont aectton of the BtBICXIPTIOBB: !fe ttM b tat by am Htaa talk Bawnrei Bawim A true aim wlaa, tbm data Sake each aim telL Almhlgb! Mo (baft b o’er nlMpaat Wbleb. aioad wltb true Ibtaat, Btrlka aaar tbe mark. Well meant la Ttrtory! - -Waiter A. £a«ii,tn Yoatb'e Companioit. me uaa one. tbough I told wima it waa I tide In order to avoid a ooIlUios. Hariot not tbe right thing and would cauM goa- ama ao deadly pala that I apraag op a^ alp. He moBopolixed ererr monteDt, :ama to the eiw of tbe dancing area in and Jaek—CMk tba otkar oM~bad.te I tUm. Tbe train of bar dreee allpped Igbt lot half an hoor’a talk. Bttl Harry j her hand, iwd bafew 5.“^J! daten't care for twimBing. and 1 do. g© - *- -• « y"' nrinth* rctmth* month* nth* MMION. One oTening, from my leat In tha^tar- anei, Itiw In an opera box a rlaion of Dtanty. remarkable for tbeaentiment et- prewed in tbe poee and coituBA A aqnint tbrongb tba glaaa rcvWed a friaad, and a few minuiea latnr I waa aeated nobelmly a few feet behind bet lietenlngte "Lon ngrio" and enjoy ng not for the Oral time, the charm of a nearly perfect woman. He.* profile came againit tbe dark Uning of tbe bosee tsron the way: her bead, like tboae of inaideoa in the I'anathMsn proeep I itOD. bent forwar.1 a trifle Boodily, a ! emaU, pink, round ear wm lUteolng to ) the slow word* of a jonib directly at ' her back, and 1 thought tbe polwied awimining. and i do. Bo Jack and I ia« each other a good deal on the beach. And even after we «)uhr- reM bo would atwaye iwim pntwMo I got into deep water, ao at to b* near ih cafe t needed bim But of eourte_ 1 berer took the aligbteat notice of bfm then.’ "Soao: You quarreled! About tbe horrear' “Weil, yea. Ee waa jealout-and tald thinei-and wanted to know if I wu engazrd—and made bimielfdlaairoeablo geocriilly. It Wn't pleatant to keepAwo men apart who hate each other mortally anil ao i etaow—to like one better than the other, and yet ncitbar aitogeiber." “Very hard, I doubt not,” aaid I. and while Ayiog it I was aurpriaed to detect a bhterocaa in my tone. “lundentand what you mean,” abe aald quickly, “but yon don't know crery- tblng, and me Icaat of all. ’ “I withdraw the least miplclon ef Irony you may hare thongbt to dttec un what I aaioT" “ Ihat is right; Dow yon are nyjtood old dear, to whom I can say aojUung I choose. Know, then, Haroun al Kaa- 'ful name she It. two were bound together by ill feloa in aoeh a way that none but tba A TYPICAL SWELL DINNER. ..Iw. 1 used the winter before, when for ttoirt Addrem, SMITH, Charlotte NC. > The number of application! for T.-itent* ID tbe United Statca, with onr (;e.')''n,riO0 Inbabitanti, last year, was 21 UC. while in Orest Britain and Ire- mil. with a population of about 40,000,- r>4'0. the number ef applications was 17,- i>which makes tbe ratio of ingenuity r.oi very different in tbe Eoglisb-apoak- jog rouniries. France comes next on ibf list, judging by tho number of ep- rliestions for patents, and Germany stands next to Fmec. A ri port haa been retorood by the Governtnent relatiro to theamonntol rnntiimed in th e country to aup r!v railroad tier. We hare at preteof miles of railroad and the report )• l-astd u|>on tbe return from C;i p! rent, ‘if the roads. From thia report wr ' - I that, eilowingthe tiei to borcnewel f-ncf in «oven yaari, there will be re- quin d ffir thia purpose and for the aup- pk of new roads from year to year, lb* fiiiiUf from acre*. Aathirij •' will bo niccimry t'* renew tbe prowih, wc must act aafdea* a ‘'ra lroad rc'prre ’ e tract of woodland embracing Mi.DTI.420 Bcrei to supply Ihe neeesiarj t-i-ilTr for t=ee—or an area larger than Virmnnt, New HBopahire end Mi cbuietts combined. In a recent article Commander H. C. Taylor, the well-koown authority on na- ral affair*, has made some interesting ‘istcmenu in regard to the needs of N' w York harbor from a commercial point of view. The complaint that, de- ‘pit' the superiority of the hsrbor in I very other respect, iu entrance is ob- Htructed by tmra and aand bank*, and it* 'bannelt arc narrow end ihatlow, and ‘xceptal erUin condUlona of tide are unev.gablc by the hearier class of ocean Geampr*. ia familiar I# every one. A great many different plana have been the winter before. three weeks I bad lived a aeriaa of fool ish Arabian Mights—nntll ahe enred me anddenly) “know, then Baroon at Haa- ch!d, that I am sure I do love Jock after ill, and would rather see hie sulky face ten minutes than Harry ell day long." "Which can be taken In two- ways,” qnoth I to mytoU. “I am ill and dispirited. Bn.ry ii deep in cotillions; ho lead* to-night.. I'v the way, you mnet go tM;Iwill not bear no. And I believe be is question- Ine whether he is not throwing faimaeU awrivoDine I sent a ticket to Jack, biit’l feel he won’t come; he deteaU dancioeand thinka Hetmonico balls low —juit imagine!—there i* no pride like a pauper'a, is there!—but then I've been far from well for the lut two weeka. Of course it cannot be lore; nobody geti ill from love, you know: but all I can ted von is that I have been in a wre'ebed frame of mind ever alnce I law you last, and tbatyour ugly old face wa« a* a^l- come—a* welcome—as a atcamcr chair toadrowning rcraon—there” I licnt formally enough over the little frAgmvnt of a band itiff in ita glove, and repressed n sigh. Ugly! ili-drcaaed! queer: And once I, too.drcamed dream* which this marvel of youth and beauty never to much at suaoected. “I will go—and with your party—and you must give me one dance in the hall,’’ J eried, with all reatonible gayetj. And gn 1 did. II waa like other balls of the kind. There were the young women whom theii own fsmilie* “boom" as beauties, and tb'wc whom society at large bat vention to call beauties. There were those whom the reporters for some occult reason always push forward in the news paper reimrt*, and tbe belles from Boa- ton and New Orlean* who are not recog nized as such in New York. There were the i nglish people whom all other Eng lirh say arr cootidered quite aecond-reU in London. There was the big black crowd of men, the blase and timid, blocking the doorways, and there was tlut quick-eyed, quick-heeled, quick- motioned. but, ales, not quick witted match—.tt«t for thoac reason* they Dover army of youths and men the size of wo lid marry. i youths, the rea*on for wboieexiatenceii Tne avt ended and I waited for him to | a mystery, move, but he would not builgc. though i Talk ng staidly to dowagert on the he saw me well enough and knew who i { dias and watching the atmo'pherelbiek- wM 1 had to n*c and talk ovi-r him. j rn w ih dust and p-rfumes and the fine The warm look ‘-f friend'hip the dab cmanatioDi from whirling rob^ * orate glsn c my friend ;;ave round ubuiii ; p'n-cd Jack, and recognited in bim a for a chair for me. w-eru uf-t enough to j .tdwart young fellow who waa too poor move him. J*bf dvtcrmincd. now- ■ lobclongtothegiddyrout.buttooproud expressive tometimos—had a certain { protesting turn to it. .My admiration \ for this lovely vision bad been open enough the winter before to warrant frleoda in retailing ail the gossip of the summer in regard to her, particularly as to thing* I might be expected by no means to relish, and I lot wondering wether any of it woi true und whethe-' the abstracted look in lior fsce had (o do with what I had beaid. Finally I examined the youth. l!o pnived tc be a noied leader of cocillioni, not bo n to New York, but already in diipensable to young ladies and^their mammas who g^ve balls; rightfuilj es teemed, moreover, for hli tate in flow- era and ihe gtting up of boudoir and drawingroom. He, too, was woilb ex amining. I could not but think bow nice of bim it was that he.liko the young ladior, his patrons and client*, should give so much time and pains to his dm*. Handsome to l>eg>u with, al though not cast in any heroic mold, be was cxqui'ite as a bou juct tiiat come* from tbefloriil'a—exactly iiruportioned jiot right in tbe arrangement of tbe flowers, swiet amclling and fresh, with the ice water tha* artiully recill* dew glimmering neatly on rose and leaf. Hit face did not indeed sparkle, but il waa fresh colored and tbe blonde miidacbc curled w.ih exact care at the right num ber of inches below tho suggestion of a curt on his white forebesd. I envied heartily Ih! perfect set of his coat, the imwiinkied line of Ms trousera, and tbe little pitent leather shoe that coyly peejicd below. The upper body was bcni at just the light angm at the wulst. creasing slighlly tho starched while waistcoat with gold button i. A flower corrosponding with thebo.iqiiet that she h*d lam on the edge of the box was in the lapel, and hi* gloved bands rested agiintl each oibcr lightly, yet with the cost expert daheer conld lutve afived th«a. Alu, Jack, If ao novice, waa note than onk ef practice: half ' iMve, thd both fell, tuck •eotra codplu. bbtiotbat k. ^ xearilr bh the floor and chtir. -lack was still more helpless, for bis head ®roo thud Bgalnit another chair, and ht Ay still. I looked to see Htrry rush forward to ai^ Marion up, but Ite eeemed readier ie run away. He was furious at thia slemish on tiia cotillion. I expected to xetr Marion callktoMmeorthatof Jack, hr, in moments iA fright and danger, la .{ not natural that affection shonld reveal MalfT lottead of tlmt, it waa my name tfarion called, and, obedient to the som- bont, abs waa in my arm* and harried nto tbe Indtee’ dressing room bsfors half iie room ki^ that aovbody bad boeo iurt. In the bnsUe incifient on bringing lack to his senses the fell ef Marion wti almost unnoticed, I went the other dey to Merion’a wed- ling, rethcr gi^y in mind, bat I hope Uweya ei e pbLoeopber. I oould not aelp emiliog nnderaeeth my fees to r*- somber Berry's look a few deya after diet ball, when be came into "Oera,'’ •• d>ej|Domea of society rail the reetanrant xf tM awell mob. I' regret to say that lack had got in some prettework on the ^oltieesfaee, in vnigar troth badmanled 4^aor Harry In a mon brutal fashion with lirflsl*. sod Harry thought tut nobody Wuld perceive tbe traces of that Homeric meonnter. Turning st the altar I tea both of them Mtind me, reconciled, and taming beck ■gain, I listen in a dazed way to tho tlergymen, and awake to And myaeU in tone inexplicable wey. and by paths of sbich to uts moment I can give no lucid Marion's husband.—Jfe*» ^ptsnailon — Tori Timm. i^otiun of an appeal—an appeal belied, however, by the immobility of hii faw. I wondered if they were engaged, hoped they were not, and fortificifthc hoiie oy reflecting that because they *“ alike in some things, names wire cunnected. I tbowerld in hII respel* ao fitting ll•caue': their Thetall. *wat ptom Appsarimf liks a forWem bfown, trwi* sbs and IIB itainme drift Bsyoodtbe Betas e tha mwa. BeilesSTS. mo anu-uauce u.uucFairciondsebeautydow^ careful affair*, it need tcarcely be eald. Above n* Uta a Bills of Fare With Each Owest’e roftrait Drawn tor an Artist— What Was Eaten. in'Mir flssr tba I In OB* ®f Isttefi Clara '“SSio. B.!!. wv.,jt?. AOOWH THB STREAIA TbaannbeamagMtta^rptoita^ The taabbta float npoB n* atea*. Tbe laodseape b» a psaetail dream for they are inevitably compared, con-' And hide tn shade onr Itttle beat, _ trasted and dlwtusaed by the ffU«U , tea.-*arehkldeo from ao^ when they asMmble immediately ^ter-1 . . . ward, Jkt.*. William Waldorff Aston; The woodlands wear tbetrphanmuafaried. dinner, on tbe last of these occasions, wei | ifaadow* oC the aigbe for only twtlve couples. The long table , p*c*od upon a resttasworld. bad no cloth, the beautifully poUabod . mahogany being Ure, except for a etrip | -Tie tbsn we whisper. e°ft tad of^^ embroidered velvet through the The sacred lore-words center, on which stood rare flower* in Tbe^oyaand pta«ire* « ^ k^w art vases and wax candle* ta elaboratt .Tof«bw la the balk d art. ^ candelabra. At eaihguret’s place lay e i tw tbeo that gUdnsm sSmto are^ band-iaioted bill of fare, with his or cpoe n* vrtdk the •ur-gem* gtam, her Dime not on It. but Instead a ctrica- j Love bsbadow^wowned. ture portrait, by meant of which loca-; yp^^rin adown tbe pnrple stream. tioDS were made. There picture* did not j diftOTt the fseea, nor at all offci^vely ex- \ aggerate any personal peiullarjiies. but vvere mereW l>ig heads on small bodies, end’ altogether rather nat- ~H. Carteten TVipp, « CUwaO. HUMOB OP THE BAT. t^n^ than ott^ta- They were j A parlor suit—Courting In the froftt Pufk. Deril Fish. ‘ ‘Some of tbe b'ggeet ‘aqnids’ o quH. . tist, and • j cate to be known as taaviDg Oi tneh utilitarian work, for no mark of identity conld be diacoverad on the cards- hit To every lady waa alao provided a big corsage tMoquet,tied with satin ribbon to harmonize with her toilet. A 8^** 7*' riety of colora must have been provlaea a >,a*fi1s nnZsc- Oo West young man and fresze-upwi’h tbe cooutry.— “Man *r*nt* but little here below"- zero.--Boston Courier. Congressmen use elx hundred towel** b«Srih*^~aod"*electron*hMtily bntac j day. They ought to have ‘-clean handk cnnuely made by aome expert alter the .!f.,rrmUnniJlerold. arrtvals, bceaw no UaUnee of a bad ; g. u said to have a stride of fif- matA conld beieenthetableiound. The i i^snfset. How a man au*t»nh« gentlemen got bntton-hole bunches of theaberiff'* after him.—/w«*fsf- lowert. Mr. and Mr*. Atlor led the , «o Coll into the dining-room, but •eparated *0(1 cuitomer. “Don’t *bow me any mo^ took place* opposite es^ other at the p,,y wbat i* that furr centreof the bwrd. The lo^d - Why, fur to keep ysr band* warm!'’—/furper'* Bazor. The toboggan buaines* is only a tom- gmOCT .......d U “J- ] KijP.“d“in' .bm- S.‘d..'"bZ ! d»i,. .1.,,,.- ouidMol whicli bid bwn bumped A>t lit for iewelry. They , onioni for inaomnia The theofy pfo^ nlates, but in frame* i ably ia that you will go to aleep^ to ' . * - ^ k 1 __*ia «/vi,r I.MbStn their Mfipoed chair* inp^r*. The femi nine toilets were beautiful i^d but in no iosUnce gorgeou*. Simple clu- j to bo aimed at 1 OB-- - devil ftih that have ever b;on caught,” said an old sailor, “have been found aroond Wost India Island* in Ihe Gulf of Mexico aid Carribbtan Fe.v I waa flrat mate on a little chunk of aaugar dreogher, as the vessels in that trade are called, and waa bound from New York to Jamaica. There was fever at the time, lo we laid off in the road* and the bark waa loaded "r.o'T.-T.’,!.'' "'‘“tod'"-!!.' 5.™“ Su™- w”.b-p;c.ur»ot«.b. i w’,;;'id mJc.' r„.e®s>.7ud:idT.™i;" f„bc,«v,r,hMbo..™.01^,0., ihroiiffh tbe little island* hunting for - with the extremely iwell. and now it i», Brimmer—>tTiy. Mr. Brimmer, l :rt^le* aad egg* One day we towed I not thought reBned ^o Ur* reprint*- , fly where did tbe dingv behfnd tbe long boat, intend- Hons of snytbing rhie cold weatherl ^ him iM te’aoHt tbe party at on* of the r.vsn flower* are not approvea . w>..t l* ha afterl Mr. Brttn- ,"r . 4.-. .v., wt—«•!. until they were lAl served fin plates, Dui in ir«uo«;iiuij » m-b j—. of twisted and silvered wire, each of | avoid imelling your breath. - A*** Turk these novel contrivances holding ten. Tribiinr. The neit course waa clear »oup in hand- , “Would you marrT *n old man lof nis pointed dishee. Boiled relmon, wilb mooeyV esked Mildred. ‘'Well, I d^ white sauce and P*rt»t*n poiatoe*. camo - dare,'’ exclaimed Laura with a stamad third. The ft*h was not brought^ on 1 dr, “you surely don't suppose *^:MB'Og 'u-'gcsled for remedring this evil, but! . K«iog that, ho rose and bowed I not to be sgentU none of tbrmseem to have fouod favor ‘bimwifont. 1 "jw ’hole ho’ he „.b.,I,••d'li.s-li- i.t the uncertainty I* to whether they j reciton. frowned slighilv, lime -tsken’ by the comparatively rich will be of soy permanent value. Com- | Harry daring all hi* stay; how hebe- mandcr Taylor i* of the opinion that if 1 .-Take me round to Mrs. Normsn'* .I..CTo.ri.s dtn.nd. "I I- th. Mb.r which b.w.. k.-chl; L- Mjri.c h.d • - • to resent nis foulish talk; now iney quarreled, made it up. and quarreled to make it up heartily no more. . Hc tolIowrfb.rwilbbl.c.«., dcTO»r. a tow question* brought a i-uod of iicw-i. ^ always (old you ibac you hare tbe —.=- I gift of bring ng onfidcnte* down on Pension Offlee has ptepared a dr * yourself. Well. yw. 1 *m half t ngagtvl i; parsed lo the other tiously require that eomething thall be ■ ,„t year ihe done--it will be necessary to make ■ io>uggnl even tuch an innocent rsreful survey of Ihe harbor, by way of ■ th'ng at this * oce eo-coneed in tbe rrq.*r*t.oo. befoi# any deftnlto policy | ve«Xu e to the box of our kind chaperon rtn le dete-'mlDDl upon- Unefu* of the Meilean Pension Act, «lii'-h isDOW in force. A copy of tbs «iictilar will be sent to any on# m ^^1* | latj think. has been re eivlug daily btmhela from those who th'nk ihemaelvee , ing the figure of one be eoniidered lost, yet purposely stood eo that ahe conld DOtaeehim. To'do her jostle*, aha was on the lookout for him and more, than onco‘to^ irresolnte. abeantifnl etatue of hesitation, mustering the black coat* to that—to that “Leader of cotillion*.’’ I „ ... — Fhclaogbcd. “He i* m«r.'than that; with the hope that be might thonMer but I am net in so much danger ns yrai • hit big way lhrnu|ii th* etorvelings at ,_sf think. It la atribiito to my vauity Ihcdoor. lie saw jt,too.*nd it g*« bim. The CommlfsloMef of , to know that he i* dvxoted to me. He it ; [really believe, a meai^rt of pleasure. AsH* bimlmit of lol- I »‘ry Inlimete w.lli girl* who make me ; Once or trice she waved a favor ia my re elvinc daily tomimia oz loa- | j not rich; that I do not and, we separated, part itoyiog on the iiland and some of the men taking the two boats and going to other islanaA I and two men itajed on Devil'* Hock and bunted around lor whatever we conld find. About 100 yardi off was a amall rock, where the dingy and her crews had gone. Wc could **e the boat tied up and tbe men loafing around the island. Wo got tired and sang out to them to come over and get u*. They started to the boat and pushed her off, wading out a little way to keep clear of (heroes* jostcovered at high tide. All of a sudden one of them uttered e fear ful scream, and something blueish roM out of the water and encircled hit body sod neck. He drew bis knife and aisebed at it, when another arm aroae. It waa a ‘squid.’ Tbe other fellow was nearer the iboreand waa just stepping out of the water, whan txvo long feelers -rigglcd up and around bit legs, and in Bother minute he.'beuig drawn under tbe water. Their abrieks and cries were pitifnl, but we could do nothing. We had no boat and tbe other party were not in eight. The men fought bravelv, but to DO end. What could they do against fifty arms, from ten to twenty feet long, each with a grasp of steel. Slowly but surely they were flrat crumbed todeath and then dragged down. Their fighting teemed to have maddened the creature, for shortly after the men dis appeared the long bine erau wound tncmsrlvm aronod the tittle boat and cmxhed it as you would a nnUbell be- ween your fingers. Tbe horror we felt al tbe bare sight of tbe poor fellows’ agony nearly drove one of tbe men crazy v^o wai with me. When tbe long boat came beck we reported tbe matter, bat after that wa were sever allowed to go over to tbe iilands. Feveral times we hunted for the devil fish with gnes and harpoon*, bat be was sever seen a^s bv any of our crew.—C/ktapo Uernii, Eye's flower* are not apprevgt What la be afterl Mr. Brhn- foT such purpoaea. The idea is, that tf, ] njpr_Lj,oklng for (be fly lc»f» I auppom. in lifting a moreel of delicate f^ : a rose should l» : “if there is anything Hike betterAqo highly esierm^ght be offended. C hicken c.. quetiM o"*! : throng “oat'or’the concert room, smsll broiled birds, then fllietsof beei ,, >,„,k s'I mv teet ‘It'e entitled to pension* under the act. In j live and talk likelliem. They In ‘.rder to settle all doubt as to who are | xUa me to ibelr b i^dls, but no: to thdr i:.«k I ID the cifTular Ibj portion* of the *« j I wa* the bo-l swimmer wh eh indicate who a a to anjoj tba ; Narragnttscii. Bu.’' ‘*od bvnsfiu, with explsaatory marka cal- I bare ska heaved a aigh , • tht-re is aa- .«l.«dlom>k,.iicb,^io««eto. Be ! ; , m.dr- aanonaces that osiy sowIct* of to# mex- 1,^, endid orb* and lean war who tarvad sixty days and are forevo a ral it, faint smile. BOW aixty-two yean of aga can taenra a I --Cornel \oa know I never reckoned eel,~ ,h.T a. ^e fL‘.°“?'S.“e.t ’» 7m Ye hta we* U»reo,i;i, eed elUed le • Of depend-nca. Tbe widow ot (be®, and somehow abould be *ro«opaDloo. foldier it also Imrrad from tha basaoto al; class you with them. You are | Harry arrested hii arm, and I aaw Jack thaaetonlrsslMbaa raaehad eUiy-lwo ; »part; you are iny Utber con'easor." ■‘*'t> ^^Til! ,«™.e, u -ro- ‘0^1 i s’b'.'s ‘^iSw l. ^4"■- r aopyori. The ( ommisM^ “"J Se jrava meawiatfullook out of large ' eowi. a Iftti* bewildered, and off they direction, bnt I bowed a negative and apology. Then I aaw .Tack edge nd to the he^ of the cotillion, and knew he meant to turprisa her with a favor He was not in the dance, bnt he biul (be right by courtosy to an extra turn, which any Isiderof the cotillion, who 1* a gentleman at heart, ia glad to recognize in men who have no parisart. He WBS abont to rake a favor iroa the rack, now almost dennded of ita brill iant bnrdem, wbao Harry came up. Harry bad no partner, ainca Abe weight tbe shoulder* of a leader la ith muihroomx; ihen >ec* with cake, .and finally coffee. It will be seen that DO creal variety xvas afforded, but tho cookery was perfect. The dinner begin at 8 o'clock end lasted until 11. Tslk occupied much of the time, but there wo* bewty eating generally for itisTOn aidered stylish now (or women to have rnUiul appetite*. .... , Was there alcohol m thi* dinner? Plenty. Total abatinenee '• “ot urac liced'in any swell New York femilythat 1 know of- A different wine wus btonght with every course. And each wine had iU separate and fauciedly appropriate - glasses. Chsblii =- * ‘ lemon*. They both set my teeth o i-dge.”—FVnnpisfO Poet. Tbe minister'sqnlto dtocouraged. As be look* altbsemptr tows: So few bavB his sSorte encauraevo. So fsw who car* for hi* view*. _ And he aayw with a voice foil of stoWng, “lb* gospel most people are seovoini; Ah: TbB world!*riving»lying. T-, ijto, k. Maladies of Caged Birds. The melancholy part of the study of aged birds is tbe abundance of dieeaaet , ... which they are liable. Espemaliydar- giBSBCB. .-a small glass, 1 ing tbe winter and (be early spring the with a slender stem and concave sides, pathetic little captive* are apt toaaffer holding no more thsn a good swallow. ; and die in a way which makes the very which was token down at one gulp bv fact of their captivity * reproech. After raoetofihegueiH. Tlval wa« regarded exsminiog the grisly caUlogu# of their AS sn appetizer, and acesmpanied the : coQjpiatnU, we havecome to the concln- oytlers The soup was simultaneous ' aion that the ezeestive duUnees of their with rrf wine, lasting like Macon, and j ifrca in cage* drive# them to Uw only in terred in stemmed glass whose sides | duigence which it possible to them, thri were convex, thus holding enough to sip ' o( overeating themselves. The excited slowly during the course. The fish wu ; bird which (alls from Ita perch, in the coDtoroporaneou* wilb a Ilhcnlsh wine l middle of a bunt of song, smitten with in sgi«n, tlilu tumbler, and in thi* cate , ajiopleiy; the hot and lumpy blrtwW^ decuteri we r left within reach of all: iaavictimtohepatitis; thecorpatentim (be diners, so that refilling wa* handy. ; whose figure no dandelion leave* or With the chit ken came red and white sDresalt* will reduce; the epileptic bird Bordeaux in the originet bottles. Just that drags on exiiteoce by sipping tlM- sfter the beef a rum punch wai served in tore ot lobelia and drope of castor oil, tiny con* of some rare China ware. Th* all these melancholy iorallda would bay# champagne errivedwitb lhede#*ert. and . escaped their sad condition if they could there was a choice of three makes. , have reelsted the tempting bmpeeed , ;^d the luseious milkeop. Botbow are last evening u he unfolded to a reportr- x» .. He sal Ing as ... . the plan of Chinese theology. He said that the Cbineae world was sot created all at once, but wa* made in aectionA bausUble tMxof fo(4 decoyathsm Ukan vice, and tbay succumb to tsn>pUtiee,as Miue. Bovary did, from sheer unmitlga- Antlquityor-GUtgerbr^nd. 1 w« m^d^n^^^ r. wiUsorpriae h^uaekeepera to learn and the unfortunate aongater eila all day that onr homely everyday losore-gin- ;aU mankind ^ng l#ng at the feeding trough. ibelliDgaad gerbread-has been used aince the four- of S”!*-wT™ ntoaaino thrbwiDg aside the f»ff that it poertl^ cmlury. It uaa made then and | sprinkled aloft, and they wmo plwng .wallow, and yet muat b* -ao Moiilell affirm* in hi* j to the Chinamen. Then J | i^ndlinir. In these sad caaee a live e|ii- Pam iiuw.i VI — a , — , , „ I aer is onmeumo* louuv* prcpsrel with rye-me.l, made | j. 1 hysteritml human patienU tba family vv,,)rtof He'nrylV. for their fextiyala. andaooD brought into general use. Since then it hat retained iu popularity and contributod modi to the pleasures and enjoymeota of young and old. A great chBage,of cenr^was after a while ms'l* inform* the a-irviving oflleet* ef the war j mneb as to eey. “Dorit that the act placet them on the M»e belgve aaytkloc wroeg of me ilbt gos- footiag with the aoldiera. aad they 0»»f • tope may have tnor^." ....V — •Ex Xrt ■•"UI-I - 'J.. »d raeelve pea«i >na vprm th* tiooA Th# tioofliit of peae'oa ^ _ eaee be greater lltaa right dellaiv pex' ssJ )m ^uiees perfectly. Tbeo at 'Na^- month. I be had hhi botaeu tad ■ i***, trad th* ^iiiion well, ~ wAUie •"~--- went eaUiely alone, joet as Harry wa* shout to start a new figure with other wuple*. He ras up to them to aak them to be aeetod, bnt Jack would aet hear. Though Ua partner tried to atop, be carried her on. 1 conld sea the vain* an hi* taraple* swelL aad bs daaced an m to reaka Marry skip aoddenly U am* Hooey, being more expensive than mo- lea*w,wa* lees used,and the darker color bidden under some other ingredient, or gilded. "To uk* the gilt off tbe gin- getbrved.’'wua oommon proverb, and to th* old couetry booth*, gHtteriog with their rude devket in gioferbreaT are still seea In many coontry towns to this day. Qnetn VtotekamaM th* throM •» the dea^ of her naele. King WQllam (V., Jane SO. 18ST. aad was crowned at Wemminatcr Ah^. due M, 18M. J. jKu.k u». was introdiKed into England by the wicked men n **•* more study might wilb advanUg* be W “ «• l^vcn totfie qurttlon of the f^ of idiom, ■ out, pto^ qwt , caned birda alnce thi* eewai to be the' 1?*"?*!^^* *®raf2Bto5r ’ ta more a rvaoSTtor giving It to them their original fotefetbera —r*totoBfta« fact that children Ilk# maca- R,.! cliuo,.d. h.n prrfoerf TO.. .o.W b. nUlcUllj I. RTOluil, bM wS. TO : Uro. Mr .p"" >ipn.Rn > cototo;I.I i K- rbJ-R” “ “““ ^ perfeettd by Pteoci ehemifto that they ’>*»“•'>®***-*“^ asm the dseorallre purpose of the geo- uvdep Jhrisw. ^ ulae etoaaa, and eon only be detoeCaaby the tori of hardoesa. Artiddal rabies Cneea Victoria will recetr* a JabOaa end sapphires haretheaameeompoaitioo addremfrom tbs thirty or more enrvl- aa th* aatwal mtnarato, tad Manyequal von of tha famous light Brigade ^zgasM. jliatokUTa,

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