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North Carolina Newspapers

Charlotte messenger. volume (Charlotte, Mecklenburg Co., N.C.) 188?-18??, March 12, 1887, Image 1

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MESSENGER VOL. nr. NO. 35 Oharlone MMMngsr 1» TOBLaUD ETerj' Wwtnrday, AT eNARLorrs, «. e. Xb ite btaTMta of ^ OolHlIltato flf Ch* ODutij. AM* Mid vtlHcaevB wilin a * Ota- CHARIXTTTE, N. C. SATURDAY. MARCH 12, 188^ Ita IliO KT Rm aiik Cm SoO. IB act aUow ytnenii abw* ia Hi ool- weMrtati er riHliii. but [ tolrty I7 41 It too *n pthUe wnrthr. iM rwotoja ma Mioteoatoioai ih* int«r«Mi ol tb« p ItktaitMidMlM MlytlwlaicMlai^ nt • nowi|Mip«r to aAtnto Ibi riiSti Mid U>* IntM^oto of th* NigrD-AaiMiEaa, in ^ Ptadtooat mcWoo of the Ciin.Hn«k ■nwBimoin: Miwayii* Adnraw.) OharlMte NO, An Iowa paaitar ia to ba ircoaot or a legal coBpUeaUMt with Ml word plij. The puator^ Baa* > St««ra and ba own* a torn to Iowa. A jtw d*7i ago he obutoed a toaa of f 100, ifid gate u aeearitj a aortgaga opoa "fiVe white Steen OB bit fane.” Th«b« rant to Kaoiaa, aad i^as the bolder of :bt mortgage west to the fans to look at be flfe white Stoan Mn. Stoar* ahowed Mm her Ore childrea. Aa outraged norigage-boldtr haa aacored a taqoitl- loa fram the Ooreraor, aad the old Mwr will be brooght baafe to Iowa aad >uaiihed. Spain, which ia aot uaaaUf laokoaad uaoog the firat oi Eurepaaa aatlaBe la :aTBl matten, at pnaatt BoaMMea tb* TuteA tteamer ia the worl^ rta bkm >t thU amart raaaat la SI Deftroetor, aad the i* a torpedo craiaarwbtob oaaatBM, • ith her foU anBataeat oa board, at the ttc of tweBt/ tbrae fcaota, that da, al* scat tweatj-aerea tailea an boar. Asoag aer othw aeeoBplMMBBBdi aha tonble M torn quite rooad to a apaea of foot ar fire timea her own length while going It full ipeed. The Spaaiard caa ms :00 milee at fall apead withoutreqoiriag 'resh coal lupplj. Tbiaforaildalile noat wii Dot built to Spain, bat oa theCljde. 'he it onl/ the flrit of a fleet of almilai troiaert ordered for Bpaio. TXK um.« BLACK.irBD lUMBl. A her deeve tote the (Mr. Ua w^ea loaded dm WM toed to died the paoplaad the BcHMk. gee—ad toata;- Aad the HMIe M^end iM. w caBeMg addaoalp, ewakhtagterUt eoad^ Croa tteaccr ■raftoraya j^toe «to haead aad hcaaat. Ua handi '—ibBaeaaadtoagh. * I ha wora apoa hli .eoaatoaadToagh; fct oaa (hare wea iriw wetobad htai. wbo i ttme Uagoeed nigh, * Aad eaat at klai aweet gtawma frem (ba eor- avef bareya. fbeee «p to tea martat, ba waKad la (ba 9k apdlii aad petatoaa wwe fra*, and teir. Bad dan ■at bar; aad laig he wMtod.aad bo i tBBWtobny, Baee (be MaA-e^ rebel patablng troto the eemar of bar aya. “Row. wtw will bny aiy epplear beahon(ad. long ead tend! Aad, waste nypotatowr barapaatad tolbe crowd: Bet fn« an (be people roond him cum bo word of reply. Sere (be Haeb^yed raM enaweriiig from the eonar «f her aye. roriba tatow (beCwatbitie Uniac of (b* eea( be wore (tot day. lung latoera frewi (be hoabaada and (to teltore far away. Who were flgbtteg ter (to fieadora (bat (bay maaiitto gaiaerdla; Aad a (aer lito rileer gtoteaaJ la (to oomar of bar aye. But (to trauaiu bow to get theml crept tbe qaeatton tbroegh bar miad, Clare haan aoemiaa were watohlng for what priiea (tor Bight find: Aadatopaaeada wbUeaad pondwed, with j a pretty nuiealgb; "Becanae if It'a oa aeeottat of Patty aad bar babiat—" ^ “Itla pradeeiy oathat acooant,Bia'atB. waked lut aight by thaaeraamlng oiachild.’’ “Ifa cotUag eyo-leath, poordaar,” to- tirpoaed Xra Hyde. 'I^d tbi* Biontog, on makiag la* **^^**^**v'' fuluntleaaly went on the bach* nnr, '*1 learned that you had aetoally I® yoar widowed aleee tadher I twin babiet. Twin, ma’am 1 One would hare been eaoagb—too much, to ftct—but whefl it cornea to twin*—" ,'jPfMy bad nowhere elae to go, air,*’ •aid Mr*. Hyda, apologetically, “aad tbell be oeeful about the hone. Pattv'i agoodgb-l, air!’ • ’ •Tdare ear,” aald Mr. MarToll. cuatard. “Aunty, wbat'a the matter?" do oiaaded I'atty, atlli whieking rigoroutly away at tbe custard. “ He'a going, my dear.” “Whof Mr. WarTelir •• Yn.” “Well, let bim go, aunty,” aald ratty, cbeerfully. She «as a dimpled, pretty, little lady, with pleaaaot, black eyet aad black hair, parted low 00 her for.ehead—not quite twenty, in apite nf her widowhood and her twina! “It’s arhoerful room-you ll ao«n III! up the racancy.” “ But aot wl j surh a aian aa Phlneaa Marreli," groaned Urt. Byde. “Oh, Patty, you don't know him!” ,“I know he muat be a emtty old Than raaoive crapt thnmgb her faatorea. aad place, aunty, or he aerer would object to tbe dear, darling little babiea,”aaid Patty, with a loving glance at the twina "Dee’l fret now, there’a a dear! It’ll all come right, lee if it don’t. I'll write aa adTerttaemeat myae'.f, and take it down to the aewapaper office thia very afternoon!” So Mr. Harrell packed up his goodi aad laft aad Mrs. Bydo cried. “It teema aueh a pity,” aald the, “tf- tbrten years I" “Don't mind it, aunty,’’ aald tbt coufBgeour Patty. “I'm sure he moat be a lelflah esaature, or be nerer would serve yoa so." Hardly a month had elapsed when • •oor-riaaged woaian came to tbe Hyde houM and requested on audieace with 11 belorr rema>krd, put up a •eyeu pteaM." ••Pleaae. air. III put PHiy aad the childrra on the (op floor, where thei caa't poeaibly diatWb yo^'if—” J "I tall you Mce for all. ma'am (bar 1 can't tolerate children, and 1 won’t. Will i yo“ bBklad enough to leave me nowT' 8e Mri. Hyde went dowa-atairs to 1 — ■ 1 iW'M into teara, baek of tbe nantrv I more proud, dw. where Patty Smith, with oaotwln “It oftheTwinil tlel fln the high chair and tbe other wouldn’t believe it unless Td'ba awarmingorer the floor, llkeamnru'fled it with my own eyes,” aald .Mra beating eggi for tbo dinnei riydo. “Be ai naverconid endure ehll > ''Urt. Hyde,-" said he, with a litth •mbarraeseieat, when that lady came nw etolre to iaqniro bis wiabea ia reg^ it early tan, “there's semetblag I, per il^ ought to mration to yon," , “Indeed, alrl” said the woaderiag ^n. Hyde. “What lathatr ■“Pm going to bo married!” an> Bonaaed the bachelor, with Inflnitr sbemiibaeta, “Married, sirl You? Dear, dear! Thei youH be leaving me, again, I abonldu't wonder.” “Mot neoeMarily, Mrt. Hyda. I dare say yon aad my future wife will gel ’along vary comfortably logetbar.'’ “todead, alrl” "Tor Pin going to marry—Patty.” “Pattyf” eohoM Mra. Hyde. “Tat, Patty 1” “And bow aboirt the twlaaf”damBad- .ad tbe amased nutroa. “The twins, Mra. Hyde, are tbe (toarcat little craatorea to the world.” And. ifflprobabla at It may aaem, Mr. Marvell really locked ai If ae believed .what be said ? It waa all true. Ue did nurry Patlj Aud he wai proud of faia pretty, ener- FISHHOOK MAHOTACTHKE. fired tor ey*. to ato reaehiteiy walked up to tto wagon old dad rad, "May I have a dasea for a ktor tto sweetly aald; Aad tto hrowa Cbm finstod to scarlet, for tto toy waa aomewbat shy. Aadtoaaw torlaaghlng at him from tto eosBar fld bar eya "Tounmy bava ttocn aUfor aothlng. and mor^ Ifyeu waat," qnoth to. my good teUow, but can rappote?” Quail have nultlpUed so to California that they are a nultaacc. Whan the game law was baiog diacoaaed in the Assembly the other day Aaeambtyman Voung eaid that there “wasaravelatlea'’ in hit county (San Diego) against quail, which come down to awaraia upon viae- yards aod destroy tbam. Owners of vineyards have penona employed to do oMhing dee than kill tbeee birda which he declared have become as Intolerable niiiiince io thU county. Ue recited an instance where a awarm of tbeee quails ate up the paiturage that cattle fed npoa. His ron'tituenta demanded that a remedy be prnrided. The bill was ao aataaded^ that quail may t>*killed betwarn March I and Septembar 10, while dnriag the- grape aeaaoo they atay be also trapped. The Urn of a promiiseot man to paUic hfe hs* just returned to Waabl^oo from a year's esperirare to tbe cattle bus neu ia Utah. “I raised a eompaay lierr. mainly amoag ruy friaoda, aad wa invest'd 950,000. It took 990,000 of thki to Imy oor range, 9-1,000 to gat bm '>ut there, and buy oar outflt, aad the Kst we put into cattle and etpeaact, principally eipeasai. My rattle aiaa got into a row with a neighbor aad bis mea rto our cattle down lata tbe caafona. - Ifarn our foremaa took U Into hia hoad tn •»# ua for hit pay. and dtboo^ I bad ■Bale an ricelleat report to tbe ooa- paa.r, lomebow thiaga went wrong. My report stated that wa bad enjoyed aa to- crease to oar herd of ISO par esot, asd that was ll|e eaae. 1 don’t know that aajr of our man atola any calvai from oiA neighbera. 1 don't kaow that otm • ova had mote than oaa calf ipliea, bat s'lmabow wa fouad oa ear rooBd-uip that vrebad IM per eoet. laeraaao. TWi ia wbat broke at ap. Cattltmaa HO oasd to f* aad M. and to rare «MH 100 pH cant, incraase. bat (bay ewwld BOt Mmi ISO. TbscwtlUaaaodattoBlB that dla- triet bald a meetmg aad panai lOHto tioaa that it wh iapoHMa tor aay hard to lacreaH at aoeh a rapid rata, aad, calltog upea (ba fremViabto •P hy giviag Ht tbraa Aajt ttea to gpl out ^ (to THrl'.ory, 1 $m -hoiue and raguested tha mlrtram thereof. “1'on kaow old Marvell, I said the. “I knew Mr. Phtocas Marvell," aa- awered Mra. Hyde, with digoity. “Welt, it’s ell the same." retorted the of the acidulated countenance. “He'i boarded at our house three weeks aod four daya He’s down with the tmtil- pox.” “Oh, my!” ejaculated Mra. Hyde. “Poor dear soul.' And who takes cars of himf’ “That's just the very question," said the visitor. “I can’t. I'vogotmyowa family, as never has bad the rmall-poz, te think of—aod tbe other boarders has all I'leared out, and the doctor don't know of no one a* would be willing to undertake tbe risk. P'rape you could come:” Mrs. Hyde visibly recoiled. “X—ao!" she aeswered. “I would rather not. Aa you say yourMlf, it's a great risk to run, aod " But Patty Bm!th, who had listened to silence heretofore, stepped forward. “I'll go, aunty," said she, “if you'll take care of the twins. 1 have bad tbe small pox. I am not afraid of it.” “But. i'atty, [ thought yoj dialiked Mr. Mkri-ell 'O muchr “I di>l," said Fatty, with a smile and a shrug of her shouldort. “But it isn't worth vAtilc t" think of that now. He ie sick, aad solitary, and be ia a fellow creature. That ia enough.” And Fatty packed her little bundle, kissed the peachy, nnconacioua cheek* of tbe twins, and went on her initslon. What a disooasolate aeeae was titai in tbe midst of which lay Mr. Marvell, tossing on a bed of sickneu! A lirclesi grate; undraperf windows, through which tbe sun beat witli merciless toill- iance; duit in every spot on which dust 1 could possibly light, and pillow aad bed : linen a week old. j auoa s:t nil those matten dren afore t But I'm aa pleased ai Poach, for PaUy'a*aker' And Patty aM her middle-aged has band were terenely happy together. The Orloff Diamoad, Thia magoifleent gem, which to m rough state formed the eye of ao idol ia atempie near Trinchitfopoli, waa stolen by a Franchmao, who cscapM with hia 5 ripe to Persia nnd who, fearful of being iHovered, waeglsd to diepoM of hie itl-gotteo gear for a sum of about £2,6oo. Tbe man wbo bnugtit the atone, a Jew- nb inerchaat, sold it to one Bhrafrat, ao Armenian, for £19,000. Sbafraa had aoBoeived the Idea that by carrying tbe •one to Russia be would obtain from the umpreis, Catharine tbe Great, a princely lUffl for it How to (ravel in safety with the alone, tbe theft of which bad of course bMn diacorered and pro claimed, became a grave roneideratiorv. It was too Ifirge to swallow, nnd no mod* of coDOOalmcQt preaeote J iitelf to Shaf' raa aecmed secure from dbenvery. Tlietoay In which he tolred tbe problem ms remarkable. He made a ueep in- otsion In the fleshy part of his left leg, in which be inaertM tbe atone, closing the wound carefully br sewing it up with Mlver thread. When tbe wound baal^ the Armenian merchant act out ou hia traiela quite boldly, and although more than once apprehended, rigorously acatehed, and even tortured a little, be wpc obdurate, aod firmly denied having t% stone la hie poaecMion. Having at lenph reached bu dcatinatiou be aeked from the Kgiprest tbe sum of £40,000 for; the gem, an amount of money which Catharine waa unable to rabe at the moment. We next find the Armenian at Amtterdam with tho intention of ■and Work Bacoewded by Kaohla- ery That Tarns Oat SO,oOO ■ooka a Day~The Proceoo.' For many years Brooklyn vraa tbeoolj chy to America where fish-hooks' were made. Ia fact, to-day there is only ene other place ia Abe country. Much carious ioformation bu been prerent^ by differ.nt writers cooceralag flth- hooks, tracing their uu (0 tbe timoa ol the prophecies of Amos and to the still more remote writing of the Book of Job. in both of which they are mentloBed.aod they cite their use by the Apostlea In Bohn's late addition of “Walton's Com- R lete Angler” art described the nl e dlL srencca of form and quallUee of'tbe Kirby, Limerick. Kendal and sneck bend hooka, and long shanks are rocom- mendcil for hooka that are to be dreeMd with long-bodied flies, u tho dragon fly, the stone fly and tbe spider fly, any au-^ in length being eaifly nipped off. The firat improvement to the con- atnicUoD of tho fish-hook from tho old conventional style wu made about thirty years ago. Kiah-hook making in tbe United States > va* first introduted in Brooklyn la 19(4 ; by Job Johnson, and wu carried on ex-' lentively by biro until the ymr 1897, , the ■ — ‘ ■ A MIHROn. Uf*B pratty much wbat ws raaka It,, It% ^y a VwklBgglaM (rwa. Aad reSseti bad: shadow ter shadow, IW vary knag* cd you. no good daada wffi always be wnlllaB, Tbs bad wfll look vldoH and vfla*' The tece you behold in the snltTor li only yoniaalf allthewhUa And tbs loBgar (be shadow^ ralecteA Tba daepar the IraprcM wOl ba It ibowB for good or ter evO, Aaltamda baek (ba (sateraayotiHa You're only to tahb (he wcwld aaay, Mlngla aloae sritb the good to be bad, Aad the fare you we in the mirror Wfll always ba bappy aad glaA —Ken T. iRgufasea. HUMOB OP TBB BAT. Tberagman’a biuiueu U picking up. It OQij takes half a hog to make its forequarters.—OeodaWi Ran. If the barber rtaada at tbe bead ol bis profcHioD, the ebiropodiu stands it tho foot of his profetaion.—Oari PrttxK. - “Where it the ideal wife?” uka a prominent lecturer. In the cellar split ktodUng.most likely.—PkUaddfhit , ..... , The man who wu bocn with a silver buaincM wu turned over to | spoon io hia mouth ia now lookingabout ' when I John W. Court. Mr. Court told aq' Kaglf reporter some interesting fsets about the manufacture of the little ia- itrument. “I came to this country from tbe vil lage of Rcrhtchin Worcutershlre, Eng- lanil. in this town there sre many fish hook manufacturers, and when a mere boy 1 started out to learn the trade. When I had finished I came to Brooklyn and worked lor Johnson for s time sod then I 'jcgsn for myself. I hammered out £sh houki by my hands in a humble little sho]> not far frum here, and con- liniird todoio until a few years ago, when my inventive genius forced me to eapeiiroeni. My labors were rews^ed by (ho Bucce-sful invention of a patent sutomotic fish hook machine, which ccakis tigbiy-Sro hooks, of any si fe, per minute ttom' the common .wire u fed from n reel.. In olden limes tbe book had to lie bandit many timea before com pleted First tbs wire wu cut to the right luDgUi fur tbe size needed; then we cut (he barb on, nod tbe nest thing a a* (0 anneal the book, then forge it on a dro|>presx, next shear it on tho ume press, then grind the point, shape it, and after that eye or flirto it. Tbe > the hook war ready for tempering. The« were nil done with band macluet. 1 came to tbe conclusion that it wu a slow proceis nod invented theauchinelhav'rruemd tu above, which combiau all of these hand macbiou into one. I am now at work upon amaebioe ezpreraly for trout books, that wlien crimpleted will turn out hooks at the rate of 130 per minute. At present we make about 80,000 books per day or a total of 21,000,000 per yesr. Tho method of tho having his diamond cut. Heretbestone - -r- wu seen by Count Orloff, wbo deter-1 autoreaiicpatentmaebins iiabout u lol- mined to purchue it for | reaenUtian to lows; Tbe wire is taken from tbe coil hia royal mittreu. the Empreu Cathar ine. The sum ultimately paid ter the gem wu about £60,000 sterling in cub, together with an annuity of £300 and a patent of nobility. 8befru flourished sxceediegly aod died a millionsire. Such, in brief, is the story of the Orlofl liamond.—Ciutmlert't Journal. tbe same as received from tho mill and through a rcrotviog straightening Aad tbs clambersd oa the wagoa. nUiMtiitg Bsk tboM who ware by, With a laugfa of reeUsu nemplag in tbs ecr- BarHhereys. Cttaglng roujd bis brawny neck, she clasped bar BaKsn white and wnall. And tbso'whbperad: '•Quick, tbe letters! thrust them aadenMatb my shawl; Carry bad again this package, and be sore that yea ara spry!” Aad she sweetly ■'"Ued npon aim fi-om coensr of bar sya j l«ad tbe moti*} crowd wera laughing at the strange, ongiriish freak; And tLa bOy was searaj aod k, daabsd be eoold aot tpsah. And "MIh, I bare good apples," a boUer lad didory; Bottos aqfweied; "No, I thank you," from tbe corner of bar eye. With tbe news of loved ones ebMnt to tbe dear friends they woold graeS, Jearcking tboee wbo hungered (or them, rwffl she glided chroozh the street; ’'Ttora k oethmg worth the doing that It doM not pay to try," Tboagntthe iittte black-eyeil rebel, with a (wlaUe In ber era — WW narlelen CHANGED HIS MIND. Mrs. Hyde kept boarders. Nfra nrde wu a little, dried up widow, with a coBStltnUonal toothache aod a miiil, meek way of toking tbs world w it came to ber. For fifty years she had bottled •gaiaat misfortune, until tbe warfare had tMCOme second nature to ber. “Hutlksra’s one bieuing I have to be (bankfA for,” she woum uy. “.Mr. ' Marvelinu kept trje to m« through it ‘ all u tbe Bcedle to tbe polo.” j From this It need not be inferred (hit ' Hr. Marvell wu a lover of tbe little | widow. Fu from it. Hewuonlyltrr ' beet bou^r-the boarder ter h.u ! ••“’q-n .,1 matten' The Blah's Bammer Life. «.«,« ,.rwer a SCOT# Ol “dfl . straight," said Pally, moving around I B. G. W. Esajamin, our Iste Minister ! books to Qlosto Newteundlaod ud J •• «8ular- -with the quick decision thst wu natural i lo Fersla, uys In the /n(«r-Oesaa.- Dur- i California Eatk. ly at tbe Saturday n«ht cams around. . 1 . . 1 » ^ He wu a bachelor, u may be sup- full of wblmi Jay flould's Detectire. Directly oppoaita Major Dougherty's front windows is the little barber shop, over the railing of which some fewyurs ago Major itelover flung Jay Oould. wlover is about four rimes u big u the little Xepolcon of the Street— he is tike an ear of core to a single oat in comparison. His temper It u great u his bulk, and bad bun aggra vated beyond endurance. The IneTdent made the fortune of tbe Dutch barber, aad did not, narticulerly damage Oould or Selovcr. It resulted to Jay's gather- reg unto himself a big private detective, who toga along cloee to hia eoat tails every time he steps out upon tbe etreot now. It is said that Qould hu not spoken to this shadow since the first day be met him, and, looking up into his face, said; “Good morning, air." But, aside from a small salary ter “looking 00,” tbe Btan bu had teveral sucecuive Cbristmu stockiaga nlmnped with Santa Claus remialaoeace pmmi. U is better, then, to be a protector of the Goold ' fona than to dwell in the tents of the ! police.-JTew Terk Star. \ If any dinte museum waata to cu!n money it should exhibit a wife wbo ca-i make u good pies u mother used to. •^- Ktfe JIapm JfeiM. Only me thing ia needed to make tb- toboggan aa eaormous buoooh, and Ifai- is, a patent amngement that will cau*- it to gravitate up hill«-Zi/'a Sam JonM refused to addreu agathrr log of newspaper men at Boston. Hi work appears to he eiclusirslv amoeg Che tinners.—PitUburf Chrvni^ Why womaa Ua each ettwr Is An nndstermlMd nnesUoa. Unlta the darllnp wonld by this Give man a sweet roggisHoB ’ -Si/tingt. There are two things in tbe world th >t I caa't understaod; one ia that you catch aeoldwithout trying; thatif youletit run on, it stays with you, and if you stop it, itgou away.—Uvrdsftr. Henry Ward Beecher uys mon^ is not necessary to happlneu Of course hot. Neither Is lemon juice necessary to a raw oyster, but It adci* mightily to its succu lence.—Aiffimnra Atnerhan. As life is full of aps aad downs, (bis ttemght Most vomtonall: Wbo'ra on the iaddtr's lowest naag; tbeyve aot Oot far to rui. —Butea Comritr. ‘Hliere it no boMaest ia tha world,” tsys the Bulletin, “rtich can Iw carried SB lucceufally to the faeeof alou ofM percent” How about driving a water- cart, old man?--i(an Fra/ieiiee JRpwt Let ter. In the opinion of scientists there will coma a period wb-n the earth wilt ceau - to rovolvs on its axis. To the man, how ever, wbo, on going home at night, hu „. . B , to wait ter an opportunity to catch hit machine, composed of piece* of stet-l, bed u ft passes aim, it will coatinue to screwed in zigzsgihspe, which sets u s - gorouod.—AVi* Fcrk AVws. friction on the wire and straightens It. ! Then It is drawn on to a large wheel fire I • — " feetin diameter (thcprocen being the' Moiera MlraclH. Kiii h. K. .k r./., .«d . Khooi .1>,J i> ZZ dn "fk” ‘“"I' ai« -dm th. Molt 01 d.. ...I, JK 'p‘f” Imitm • r.-T-idi* t* »ni »_ i Farit, u a man tnould do woo aecont- "k*'"‘ ' I-''-;-'' dw miwclw iwCTwlil,d to hhn. !k! ,k “ k 5 ’ *! I Th. .p«rI..oU o( Dr. Chu*«, w. u. V.h.p.. Alttr lhuit l.twiuto.rf 10 b. .k.oiW .kh .k.k ,. , w"‘o.ooUid.>lc.ruloiim,o»f the sidu. After that it ' in coDstnic-tion of any in exUtenoe and rSlt the only one of Its kind in the world. . make quite a specialty io abark hooka sad have recently turned out the largest one ever known to be made. It was made out of 3-Mb steel wire and is 9 feet to length—M inches when shaped. The bend is 4 1-3 inches in diameter and the barb is 3 S-4 inches deep. I calcu late thst tbe hook is (apable of bold- i ing four or five tons sad can get away I with a pretty good shark. Sailors utod to visit my ^op fraqoeatly aad s|dn yarns while purebuiog hooks, but now : they do not bay direct from raa I ship tbe gruter portion of the largei LakW. t >1 a 1 posed—a aun who wu u full of wblms andcapricHU aaegg is of meet, yet wbo esmed a kiadly heart ia bis bosm beoeatb Itall. Bat M this especial Friday morninj; his eyu blazed wralbfnUy—the tip of bu anee hung forth a rrizasoo flag of indig- Htion, u Mra Byde came meekly, into hiiDrcwae.'. ••.■xo, - ene auswerea: 1 “A ROBto’s warnlBg, ma’am."wu all | Phtoeu Marvell toy ill for a moalh- t^heitod. { aad with slow recovsry oaroe a mdmoI Mra Byds caught at the aearut chair 1 all that Paitv Smith bad done for him. -H support. j ‘T'lltoU you whst," utd tha doctor, “Mr. MarveU!” she gasped. ' . - ( “New, aw'sH, k tou’t at all worth while te go tbroogh aay accaea” Mid ' rimith you would have been snugly 'he hocheler. calloMJr. “I ■ - ' - -on ought to ki nc — ber. And within half in hour the: ing tbe summer from May to September, scene bad ssvumed a more home-llke' inclusive, the Shah pasew from one | look, even to the ttering, unconsciousluperbqpuatry teat to another and tekea , eyu of the delirious man. 1 loogaxpeditlons into ihe meuntaloi. He “Wboareyon! AnaageH" bea-iked,. isibenaecospaoled by aaumborof his | losreriag his voice to a whisper. | wirea All IBM retorts are beautifieA “No," lbs an*wered, amiliag ia spite Blit Arp aid tke Oew, I tiireed (ha cows out, aad u old E and the final eliminstioo of the evil from the original sufferer. The euru hare bedh numerous andare todi^Rtabla ports of this character are almost to- variably esaggarated, and it would aot be necessary ter Dr. Charcot to accooH plish more than three or four Important cure# to order to hare hia fame spread widhiy. Brill, tbe evidsace la well teuadM, ud phyaieiaaa like Dr. Ham mond aod others to this oeuatry believe that everythtofi rMated le quite pomlbia. Iha matter is uitenstiag aad la^ortaai from tbe weight it bears upon the ques tion of the future of medtone. In the post it was deeowd vitally aeoes- . ivy that, in (he treatment of dieaase, ; there should bs pieaty of dragging. Re- ; rolling concocrioos even u iue u two centunu ago were administered. Then came tbe limeBiag mirntt compouaded of hsrbe aad tbs lUia Stoes medietoe ' Of herself. ‘Tm Palty.” “Don't teara me,” hs urged, “il I dreadful to Le left alone.” “Xo," she aaswered: I won’t." by tanks or artificial laku acres to ex tent, inclosed masonry and shaded by dense grovu. 1 remember a tank that wusurruunded Byalies of imsll bouses, txacUy alike, aad each containing one room. Theee wve intended for the fa vorite wIvM, while shore towered the pavilion of the Shah to three lofty sto- ‘T'llteU you what," utd the doctor, rira, elegantly dscoreted. When tbe . J the day that be made bis last prefes-! boildiagt sre iasuMcieot to socomoo- I fioosl visit, “if It hadn't been for Mrs. j data all tbe wiree, whether of the Shah prac I jea ought to know by this tiae. Aod sot to the habit of *ras( lag words. Pat ap a bill. Advortiu »H year roaoi u aoaa yoa caa, for I •eve oot to-Horrow,although MS tofces ef rospset for year aeoy g^ qaalitie*. t ikala pay ay WUi up te the first ef “La, Mr. MarveQI* faintly ejacaleted the widow. “Bew caa J posAy have afwdadr “Afk yew oWB waerlHti, u'mbI” NHa^iMHMi Mr. Mh««U. ^ her by tbe tail and gave her a swSch dsney hw been atore to diepeoea, m fu with It to burn her up a little. Tve | os pomible. with Indiacrimlatte dodag. bran feeding old Bese olf and on forfise ; The first manirestatton of thU w tns yrarr, and I thought that she honored 1 homeopathic system. KowthebeH dee- me and respected me, but suddenly, la | tors dve very little medieiae, tad (here the twinkling of an eye and with matice | laa ^positioe to dlspcMe with H aho- aforethought, she raised ber hind > eether. Tbs raodcra teadsney is claarly ■ad let fly St me with all bv might. 8hein (bo dlroctien of curing disaasos, pv hit me ou tha sbinbone, and you might I Ucuterly tboee of ■*(»uh eherwwr, have beard the eolliston ter M yards. It > wholly witbeat dnwgiag, sad heace we hurt so bed 1 let go her tail preraatnrely 1 have (be Mh treariaraC ea' aad faoHered. It wsa a eowa^y act ol hers, bat Beveitbolem 1 shall ew here after lei thoaa cows’ tells bIom. thought fnmi tbt rep^ that the boee wM brokee, aad t took on pesrcrful aad let Ctrl help bm all tho way to Uu houos, but wbca 1 eznottoed I fooad the bone all right aad aaly tbe e^erHle caUele I abremid. I’ve leak coaldsaae to liter va- nrtoa. Tb«« auy ba false aad absoid, Mt thw fliwtrau the grewiag eea- DO that nature caa, elmoal ■ t iSRSi: telytehv- his ato!eters,at these smaoMr rsaorts, stowed away betwea four auboganj 1 it is not unusual for tho ladtes to oocu- boards by this time, my frteod.” | py tantsto the groaods. wbHe their lord ‘T kaow it” Mr. Marvell aaewered. ! reposes laxariously under tha sbeltv of “WMI," said Mrs. Hyde, wImo at Issl s eolid roof. BtUi, one rarely beers the Patty ratunod borne aed kagesd thr women ef PHsla cempiaU. ■tth Huh isrlaa within aa inch of tbm llrsa, “J I Igaoraace Is bUes. hepothapOH.devjgentleauBtebettor-”| " * _ __ , *^^jy*.***^ saldPaty.| Tha fsMest sIhwh to tbe world Is | Tkisy have ao gtattiode aad ao —ottont' ^l^ngraryl^”eu£dw* wtofi,beck to-yrrow or the ewaed bygpsla. Tbe aaauef thia smart ef ea exalted ^aractsr.. TTirr in ait ' iimlaiiiils iifni rimiial. m diettlhed. nodyl i vmMi Is tbe n DeHrMH. Ihe te a tor-' fit far pets. A horn betoam ta te ae-' eterary toteraHtog. Ihs PHsibiHttee^ Ait ready. Mrs. Hy^ aarwHod. | ptdo ctoisH aad mm mmm with her fell I bUlty, hot e cow te a ecrub. Bho hm > ngniTlr^i^iin yst ioMimea. We Mr. Merv^Miae^theaett e^ Hmameat oa hoarU at te rate ef twM. abate h m»A etaetteo « e mate. mt\ neteSy Jte wUe Uf .Six . [ B I clusioe ■aajodlyof •eir. Wtth good vtousMitemple iliNlltAwii wbet te nicesMty of ber elite A«h teBi. It te fouad tet the majorf^ of awale die at ea advsaead ago ware ii te! ' weadHfi Im

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