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North Carolina Newspapers

Charlotte messenger. volume (Charlotte, Mecklenburg Co., N.C.) 188?-18??, May 14, 1887, Image 1

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The Charlotte Messenger. \ 01., Ill NO. 43 CHARLOTTE. N C. SATURDAY, MAY U. 1887. T« tl 6C)«liu. Si|!li C(R 5 mlt Cbarlotte Messenger 18 PUBLISHED E^DKY SATUBDAY, CHARLOTTE, N- C. Is tb* IsMroti of lb« Oolond ?M>pl» of tb* Ooutr;. AbU sod ««U-koown WTlIotf *ill eoDtrlU at* to its eolaffloa from dUfanot parts of ooaoUT. sod It will ooolaio tbo latssi Oao* eral Ktn of tbs du. Tbs ItaiBNoKa is a &ritiaaB 'ttewseust sod wiD Bot allow psno^ aboas U tis ac^ umns. It Is DM asolailni or partisan. Ini injtpmdsat dsatini frirtr br alL It ra* srrtcf tbs risht to erlUeiss te sborteoaointB of all pD&Us nWidsli oswMnsndiag aorlbr, aad raonmirtsodlm few alsaUoo soeb oien as ID Its oplsiOD ars bast snilsd to sstts tlis ifilsrtsls of tbs psopls. It Is inuodsd to soni]; tbe long fait nsed of a nswspapsr to aasoeats tbs rights and cisfond tbs iDlsraSta of lbs Nsgro*ABitrieaa. ospsoiallr In tbs Pisdawfit seetion of CaruUoas. 8tni8CBtPnO»: (AIM)* sn Athonoe.) (»ne tear gl.60 » Uootbs 1.00 f. youths To wboB woBid baarw's doon ao traaig to a Itttla ahUd. wbo stands irtth tuaid faat npon Its ihran ^‘^Toralg aad tindsflladf An saA aa oaa. of lata, was lowijr Igtog. With firt raasdtar toaatth; Orsr bOT&aa tfadr^Jart^b^w faiuag— Bsr loaad ooas said, ‘*Oh, do aot faai to satas That Ud. to widB and fair.” A an tbsW worts of (haar aba eouid bat aa- MMot oat I roeas m raaa u ap aoo go to bad.” Bnt aa be row wlUt a aort of riwn* matio atiffneu from Us chair the door loading from tbe btrtteij creaked fUghtlj. a slow, baary fooUtep soanded on the toor, and looking around with atartlad and dilated eyes, kCr. Button, ball behold—tbe deputed Bepbslbah. ‘■Bna^otl” spoke out the quirar- log and nasal roloe. “Benedletl Baoa- dictr’ (It was alwayi ao, Uncle BottonbaH member^ in all waD-autbentioated But, ms as ^ spoke, bar »■««*« irara’l|diodtstoriea, the snmmons wiedl^ Uftyi I toctly enundeted three tlmea.) And tti°irtM& splendor • ^-W—w—well, my desir," i»tt«ed Wr Bnttonhall. holding tight to the [ Sbbm of his chair Iftt hie teeth abould ' chatter Um off from H. >‘I hare brongfat a message from the ' other worid, Benedict,'' solemnly ut> I tered The Praaence. ’'Yon want to ' marry agalnf •E—not if you object to it, my "Idi Wbat she batasld ws saw a Oar baarts not re* Bot with a last, bright and hsr rapture ahe*i%lspere4 ladlK ”nMr are not straagers tharer —Vtaaois L. Maes. ffnANDHUMOK. The moat attracUre thing about a toboegan U a pretty glrL—MMwp Ditp*te/t. Eran misfortune has its Wiesliigi to the other fellow who proftes by yonr Uldttek.-~>Bom«rvfat (Mom.) /oMnset •■I wouldn't be a fooL if 1 wve yon.” said Jonaa to a friMd. *'If you were me yon sroolda't be a fool,” was the reply.—sTtMfpc. In the matter of tha Kew England oodflsh, we do not want to flght; bnt, by jingo, if wo do. we're got tha—br the way, wfaatbare we got^Bt Xonh 4 MunthA.. w Addresa W C. SMITH, CSARLOTO,y.C. QAMPLBB*S GEMS. \Thr Isorg Ipeeetatese larest Their Cash la StesMa. “Gamblers are among the best cos- i lomers we bare,” said a welLknown | dlamond-broksr yesterday. “They bay i bettor stones than most people, aad j pay better prices. Yon eee,'' be ooo- | tinned, “they bny only when flush, and . then a tborougbbnxl speenlator in Irories will not stop at a nw hundred dollars.” "Why is it that nmhlers are so fond of diamondsr’ “Well, there ate tnaor reasons.whyfambl'ersbuy diamonds,’’ was tbe nsponse. “Yon see,” he con tinued, “wnenerer a man feels like a fonr-Ume winner be puts what money he can into good ttones. Thew he knows bare a permanent ralne, and can be tnmed into ready cash with greateiiacUltT than any other of his ebatteU. line puts bis money into real estata and wishes to dispose of tbe latter, days must elapee before a sale can be made and tbe title eearehed. Horses and earriages are liable to In jury and a depremation in ralne, bnt wlu diamondt It le differenL Should a man make a loaer playing bauk be can obtain ready cash at a few hours* notice ^ selling or toaking' his gome. It is tha work of a few minutes to test a stone, and tbe 'gam.' toon has money in his pocket. “Then, too, it must be remembered the elate of men of which we speak K nerally hare no settled habitation. «y miJpaVe from place to place. In moring abont tber can carrr tbeir dlamoods, and nre ttint ready for any emerganoy. Thn ooold not carry bonsee and lots. Then, again, they are, s« a rnle. men who Uke to appear weelthy, aad diamonds, Itmust becon- (scMd. do gira a man tha appearance of aSncaoe.” "Who that yoa know has the most ralnable dlaiMttdP'' was asked of Hr. E M. Qdttla, who was seen In his office nndw the Coleman boose. •T thl^ thm BheeiT has,” wu tha rqily. “Mr. ^heedy oss a great deal ol money Inrwted la diamonds, many of wUob an large and ‘Temnknhle for their parity* BotaMbae aao hebourtt two aad bed them Mttn g^bdnds for braoeleta for Us wifs. ' Each atone weigbed 41 eunta, and tbe pair cost oTertS,0(KA Be also porcha^ a pair of solitain asMian mr Hra Sbeedy thatoest.fLflOOTue has a flt-carat ■tone that he ralnes at t7.M0. Gns Abel has a flss largs stone set In a riu that israhtad at more than ffLOOd. Dary JohanoB has eae srelghing nearly two carats In ariag In a gypsy settlag. Larry O'BrtsB has -a ehwter aearf-ptn woiU 1000 aad a rlu taiili^ at tha same. Matt Corbitt, who want to Hew Orioasf with Pat Sbeedy, srears t9,000 worth fl( SrsM^tsr gim A1 Smith bas sesai;# Tsty flne dtameeda Had Jonss w^Mhandsome old mins stoee in a teary gold rtar. Beniy Morrtsoa hu aa oiMuad Tamable dlamoad eel- locket. Mar^ Ualone has WTSTal flss ceau Mt la aearfidas. Bod EirM hM a Jaw siagls stonr in a scmrfpta that always seeutee Bud a pcsIUoa as AolH alstfc when Us anal Tocadoa ladaB. Sam Emery aad Grtrn ,lfcwfhai1rm na arar from Phll^phH eiaattsaslly. aad sea UmsileadMnllnad eompaay tbi scsTf-pIns fbv loaetoothe baadUgbi Johnnie Coadoa toads CUew iforu in tbe dlensoad Una. Jobaato is woetb IL000.00A aad bas maay thoanads inrestsd la dtaamads, as bas also *Tanaa'' Dartos. Bldp Lsrtoa has a tofge sst la a rlag, aad It aauar If , dear,” falteiwl tbe shaking widower. • “I—I—that Is—" ' “Peacel Disturb not the Tolcei of a higher sjdiere.” I “No. my dear, I won't,” said tbe “Now. Unde Bn^nbaU. I think , 3n am fooUshlr rrelndioed about it" (Hephdbah S old way WAS rr DOROTHY? 5.aW d»«k hi. h»d - I ' r*. mrts a , M Dalasy. Tbs totoar bsa otoaa haadsooMoaaeadTfag. Fsssttovasf baa two gMM of lbs pwto ipy aad Jobs Ikdr wsan a ha ssBtalrsMattib. “Look at Ana,”-aad Ha divw from a seerataeaksiaasabaga el aasst dia^nds tadJag la sin frsaa todf a earaCdtt a s5s aadatell ThaaswOli * - - The aetloa . pn^ garni Frank Wotrall’s leirity. “Maybe I am,” said be, “but we're not to blame for our conrlctions. I can’t help mjne, anyhow. And I couldn't any more marry in the face of my promise to HophsibiA than I could —join the Mormons!” . • -Panlina Pepper is a pretty girl.” said Frank, "and a good ^1, too. Al though not yonng.” “If she was the wouldn't be sultsble to mel” ssid Mr. Bnttonball. “1 don't deny that it's all true enough, wbat you aay. But you perceire, I am the victim of ciroumstsmeet." ‘ClrcumsUnccs be bsnged!" ejacu lated Frank Worrall, losing his temper at last and banging the door behind him, as he harried out of the room. Mr. Buttonball again shook his head, took his silver spectacles out of their case, and unfolded the newspaper. ’Polly Pepper would xn^e a nice wife, " he thought to himself. “As plump and round and fresb^lored as a September peach, or a cabbage rose; sod a woman, too, that thoroughly tin- derslaiuls housekeeping. I slmost wish 1 hadn't promised my dear departed Heplisibah never to marry again! But it's all past and over aud it can't be un- donel more's the pity!” ■Isn't be a fool!" said Dorothy Mar* “And is he really so snperstitioos abont breaking the promise that that unreasonable virago of a wife exaOted from hlmf” “UnqucsUonably he is," said Frank WorralL "I suppose he aotuallyb^ lioves that my Aunt Hephtibsh would haunt him. if he married again, with out lier express permission. For a man of ordinary intelligence. Uncle Button- ball is superstitious." ■HowP" questioned Dorothy. Oh. ho toes winding sheets In the candle, believes there will be a death in the family if a dog cbancee to howl under the window and would sooner cut off bis right hand than begin bay ing or go on a journey of a Prtday." “Frankl" hesitatingly began Dor^ thy. •Well!" ■Wbat sort of s woman was your Aunt IfophsibahP You know 1 n»er saw her. She diod before I came to Hoptoo to lire." “A little, fat woman, with spectarlea and a brown foro*top, who always wore brown gingham and tsdked dirot^ her Dooo. I (orgob thongh—ebe aad • moastnelty of a enp, wtm a MU two iaebM wide aO are and tb and a celo^ Ml bow of anuff-oolared ifbhoa perehad on tbe rery top—a guy of a cap. only fit for a scarecrow.” ■Not at all like Paulina Popper,” Mid Dorothy. “And Paulina realty likes Mr. Buttonball—and she needs a home, poor thing. Not to speak of Mr. Bnttonbali's ovidMt admiration for PaaliniL D would oertnlnly be a tchU ■If it wasn't for the departed saint la sauEoolorad rlbbona,” said Frank, with SB irrorerent ii^tatloa of his Unde Bnttonball’s pocnliar Intonation lAea tpaakiag of his dsoMssd wife. “Poor PaolTna!” said DorothT. •*A^ poor Uaele Buttonball.'' echo- •d Fknnk WocralL “Upon the srhoU, darliag, it looks Uks a hard oasa.'^ “Psst eUrca o'oloek.” said Uade BattonboO, looktag on at the clock enr the rtms of the surer speotadea. “WA I kada't m Mm it wm -to late. Aad Mewing eid blowlnf Uke ell pee- MBMd. aai me wind howung down the eUtoasy flt to eaS e msAtadhoa edge. Jast eoeh n ai^ ee pm giilMrbah diod foor yonrs sfo, aad— with » lU^ ooU aUnr dpwaUfspiael eotaw^ “tf it aJn’l thettoh e Neromher -tte Monttoal Maii’MMfT ef tbe end ereat Pw Jl0Slimfr tolng hie hnods and ledf lag ihMfhtfnHy late the fire; “1 hm liS'shw to the ofhM warid. She absolved from your promise to con tract no*second mstrisge. Yon sre a free agent. My eyes are opened now to many things, stnong them tbs folly of my earthly jealousiee. Go, marry whom yon tHlI, and my blessing rml upon your bride. Tbe word U spoken, the oracle is closed." Slowly the brown-gtnghamed form retreated backward, with gleandng ■peclades and upliftM Anger, throngn the butter? door, into the backkltdian, while Uncle Buttonball eat staring and transflxod with an agony of supersti tious terror. ■•Ue baa really ssked you to marry him. Paulina?'! "Yes. really," said Panlina Pepper, her liIoDining face all smiles and dim ples. ■■And I'm so glad! Because— there can't be any barm in owning it now Dorothy dear—I did Uke Mm ever so mneb!” •■He’s A very nice old man—1 mean middl^aged gentleman," said Dorothy MarUn, demurely -Bull tbouglit be had determined never to marry again.” ■■Ob, that's all settled,” cried Paul ina, looklDg comp^ently down at the red shine of hei^parnct engagement ring. “He tbinl^ie has bad a vision —mat his departed wife sppeare>l to Mn. Ba^y (shsfpljrt—“Oo away. ani I hara aotUag far yoa.” The an who puQod toe bau—“I must Tbere's the land-slide, the snow- slide, and the toboggan-slide: but the sUde that has the money In it Is tha slide of the bed cashier Into Canada.- Philadtlphia Iltm. A German Inventor has devised a machine for deadening the tonod of the piano. Next to a machine for deaden ing pianists this is a splendid dlsoore^- San FraneiMO Esominar. A petrified Indian bat been exhnmed in Arisons. The ssvage Is tuppoied to bare been petrifled with istonltto ment on discovering sn honest Indlaa agent Ban Franeiseo .Vews-Letter. The largest diamond known Is that of the Bajah of MaUan, In Borneo. It is not ‘BtAted whether Mr. Bsjsh is a gummer-resort hotel clerk or an and- man in a minstrel troupe.—Norris town EeraUL If you have ever noticed the man who occupy the front tests at the theiK’ tors you musthave remarked how much, more polite they are than the ladlee. They do not even wear any hair.—Burt- It’apton Ftu Press. “Ma,” anxionsly inquired a small boy. “it a tapestry like a turkey?" ■■miy, bleu yon, no! Wbat put that into your hesd?" ■■Well, itaays tome* thing here abont aGobMiu taputty. anyway.”—New Bavtn News. Gotham matron—“Why, Lydia, didn't yon go to the cooking-echool. as you intended?" “Yet, ma, but thera was no session; the lectureu is tick.” “I am very sorry. Whst it the mat ter?” “Dyspepsia."—I\d-Bi£s. ■■A man can get nothing without labor," said a woman to a tramp who declined to saw some wood in exenanga for a dinner. ■■! know better than that." he repUed at be turned away; “he can get nungry.”—Boston Oowrier. ’■The Upe that taste liquor ihall never kiss mine." Girls are now eon- man who puDad hare made a I wm told that a baantUni tody tfred bera, and I was anxlons to sm toea before I died. If I hare mistaken tbe boose—” Mrs. Bagley—“Don't go; sUp Inside, sir.' It aball qavar M aald that I tnrned away a starving man.”—Phila- OOpMaCaU. little girl (who Is spoxiding the afternoon with her annt)—Auntie, muima said that 1 Wat aot to ask yon for anything to eah Annt—Yes, Flos sie. your mamma was qnlte righL D wouldn’t be polite, yon know. Little Oirl (eoatamplatlvaly)—^No, it wouldn't be poUta, and peraapa she thought that at 1 was your guest you would offer me something vrithont asking.- N. T. Bun. Tbe ways of the boor at the oluba.- Cnublcy (entertelnlng friend at club) S-t-eh! We can’t n Into the smoking-room now. ^end—But I want to smoke, my dear fellow. Crashley—Can't do it now, old man. You tee, Mr. TiUnnu don't Uke to be disturbed. He’s our old steward. Bared up his feu and bought the building, aud wa had to admit him or move out—Ilf^Bits. PretldlDg Judge—So 'then, you ao- knowledge having written this llbelou letter? In the whole conru of my ex perience I never met with such a cen- glomerate of vulgar abuse. Whstbave yonio sOTln axteonation ofyonroon- dnet? Prisoner—WeU. your Honor, allow me to tell yon that it wu even- ing, and rather dark at tbe time, so that I could hardly su what I wrote!— Flitgtnd* Blatter. One of the most eloquent preachers of thie city telle a good Joke at his own expense u foUowi: ‘■When I wu in Florida lut winter I preacbod to a ne gro congragatlon one Sunday, ex cusing myself from faying much on account oi my poor health. Tbe col ored minister in hi* oloiing prayer •aid; ■O. good Lawd, bleu our brother L — who hu preached to us in his pore, weak way.’ "—h’ea York Tribune. lish mt ill: “Sir, she u him snd released him from his vows," j fronted-by another society whose moU Dear me!” said Dorothy. "How very sttange!” “Of course tbe dear feUow must have been uleep and dreaming, though. Don’t you think so?" "Undouhtedly,” said Dorothy. “For^—what are you lanf^ng at, dear?" Panlina Pepper broke off to eay. "Nothing, nothing; only it seeins so ridicuioUB that in this Age of tbe world people tan Ih V. ■ - in ghostsl" cried Dorothy, gi'! to a hearty peal of langhter. I Might up her em broidery auil III I out of the room. Frank Worrall (ollowcd her. ■Dorothy,” ho sold, "it wu von!" ■What do yon mean?" ‘The ghost" ■Prove it if you can!" cried Doro thy. saucily. And that wu all she would ever admit—New Yoril; Daily News. A Dreadful ConUagtaoy. You may bat>■ ln-Ard that the south ern connt^ !» ■••"•■iiiiig. They’ve got faro banks snd mlixius, and erflokSt and cable cars, ami ivsl-eetato agentop to is: “'Tbe lips tbst kiss poodles shall never kiu mine,” and they uy that poodle dogs are not u popolu u they were once.—DantriUe Breexe. Reporter—I hare just brought a lovely theattical eeandoL full of tbe most revolting details. Editor—Goodt Bun it lestded, hud it "Too Sickening for Publication." and give Instnctions to the printer! to run off 20,000 extra ooplet.—London Topical Time*. As an Instance of the remukable eheapneu of Chinese labor wa note that , in Chinese eonrts of jnstioe wit- neesu esn be hired at 10 eents apieoe to testify on either side of the queetion St Issue, or on both sides at IS cents. Buriinfilon Free Press. “Orlando, I didn't see yon with MIh Brown at the concert last nlgfak” “No, Percy, I’m not calling on hsr any more. 1 can't until she retnote wbsA she esid tbe olherweek.” "Ah—^what did she uy?" "Well, tbe said I needn't call any more.”—EarpaFt Bator. At the 50-ceai table d'bAte—Gnect (who bu been eiegaatly eerved with . ...-LI...., KTnM. ,.. . 1—tUp— T . , _i - ,1 . **.^j** ! alaaoit nothing)—Now, waiter, that I tlon. And I'm told It isn’t San Fraa- cisoo capital that is doing U, eithor- In fset, it is undeniable that the BOir aettlers despiu ns to soma nxteat, nad are already beglnniag to draam nuking the G^ea Gate the eTti'na entrance to Los Aaffsits. TkoM nra eutorn peopls'wlth mensy. Thsyfya come out to settts aad to dsTiIop things aud have a good time. A yqpSE con^ who arrived lately want to a resl-ettsta agent the other d^ tn Itk quire conearnlng an iavestaMCto Tha lady wu apparently u deeply IntarMt- ed u the gentleman. “I have an elMaat pte« of proparfy at Pasadena." oakt he. “FasusBa w tha modern OardM of Edstt” “It’s Torypretfy, and Td like to lira' thara; but than are so maay pmU there for their health, yon kaow.” “ConsmnptlTee, ra mann. Taa; hot there an elek peopla ataiyliarA” “Tee, bnt coasumptfoa nqglna a BMt deal ed pore av, I as told, aad Fn afraid tha conaaftlfs WE aaa ito aU toe good air, aad wa’Q galtoaR,”— §m FrmKiteo Otnaiek. have totandiwad Dm trimls poet airrtea. “Swo at Ham l eCnnt gio^ silver, aud air I begin feel banzry. Bring me ■“me corned beef and eabbage and a glasa of piaia srery-^y water.—Tid-BUe. It wu raining bMvUy when Parson Surens Eel, in crouing tbe street, met n pooriy-clsd boy whose clothes were soaked. “My imt llttls boy. why don't you get sn nmbrrilaf” uid tbs kind-hearted clergymen. “Sines pa bu quit going to ehnreh, be never brings boms any mon nmbrellaa.”—- Texas Si/Unfft. “Huid-painted coal sentUu have mads their appearance in Nsw York.” Very esthetic, no donbt; bnt whan s m— goea into a dark eellar with a hand-p^ted coal 000010 aad eo)Ud« with a peat, or bumps hto heed against a joist, his langnsgo Is apt to be u hmid aad vifeEroos m If tbs eentUe wore .^mply dsubed wit^oMl ter by A Tale CoDaga paper Myi that the laoutor magarinu and p^m an re- Dorad from the Dwi|tot Hall raadtof* room Batorday. It to Hppcasd the rMigtoas WMkUas afb aobslltatod to oedsr to glTS the stodMto an sppw- toaity on too Babbalb to mad too pMsat^Bedicine admtlataMBto aad tha toag Itot e •watoahto pnmlm perpetrated the bull: _ .. enough to relist Rnssis," end anotber leader uid: ■'The voios of England, wblob amnded so dearly at the last general eleetion, would not be lost eight of."—Paris News. After tbe dark had polled down er- evylblng In tbe stora without satisfying his enstomer, a woman, tbe asked Dim if there wu snylhing alee he bed not shown her. "Yea mt’am,” he taiA “the eellar; but if yon with it I will have mat brought up and shown to you.”—Lotoell OUiten. “You know I am abont to merry Mile. X. She is impossibly ngly. 1 sd- mil. bat think of her dowry—400.000 fraues. 1 shall simply wed her with my eru shut.” “Ym my dear fellow, and you will do well never to open them again."—Prene* Pan. ‘Young man,” ssdd the stern parant . the applicant foe bis daughter’s band, "era yon snn you onn sopport a family?" "l-I wasn't m-making aay oaioalationt on that,” stammered the O man; “1 only want the girl, you AUshurg Diipatek. il (teadlng)—A brnto of a Msm- lan raoeouy entleod a yonng halr- .« toe hooM of a Mind der^tnan and at toe point of a riatol oompeUed her to marry him. Hand (wbo hu bean nodlog too Losdoo Court /oar- n^—aell^tfnlly EagUshI U la next to losoadhle tot a man to teaoh a giri to whtolUi Whan she gets bar lips properiy pnekand tbe looks ao bewitohlngfy tompUBg tost be loaaa hla bead ana ktosas hm. aad tbs eons^ qusoos Is shs dosM't hata a ehaaos to blowa noto—Omatr^dgs CkronieU. Mrs. Maloney's beV of 4 years wu beating the oat into a toIUagfto. Tears of pride earns tato bar sjii Than to a lotefy lore of s womaalto* tag in Newaygo eonnfy, WtoeeaslB. Bhealeked blaMberriee latt toll for BMKeC aad so ladotcrioae was toe on toot and to nimble of flnfw that rstana tor bar fruit were qiflto oesuMeraUa .Wbat did she do «Uo tbs nunsyl Bi^ a jmsy and tome sucUngi or a vlater bw New. She went to towa aad “Mowed in” the'V bole busbisss onh*^ Udle tor her hnsbanA—Lfseoln (NsA). StaU Journal. la a Bob-T^Osr. Tbere wu quite s soene oe cos of the Noble etnet omra the ether day in tor persistant refnaal of a pmnger to put ma fan la tbs box. Tbs driver nag tbe sereral timee and flasUy be re marked to the delinquent! “Your fare bu not been paiA" “It Is ready,” wu tbe rejoinder, “whenever yon oome to ooliect it” “Bot yoo most pot r Into tbe box,” responded tbe drirer. *T know aothing about any box,” nnswer- ed the gentleman; “tbe company nndar its charter is oompeUed to owleot ita own tares, and 1 am not going to tnm myself into a oondaotor to ooUset from myMlt” “Tben ^yon go.” suggested tbe driver, and he oame bato toempba- stxe toe tbrut, bot abandoned it altar rising up toe sturdy build of the dsflant psMeoger. Then he olstmad tost bs wu not allowed to collect toe farts, and toe passenger regretted this, u the oompsoy would M ont hie pateaga money, and in this way too ear driftod along to toe terminal point The fare wu unpaid; neither wu toe delloqaes ^sssenger thrown off — Indianapolia Care of (lie Hair. A French bair-dcaier laya that Amcri- . tp» negloct toe proper care of toe hair more than any other civilised nonieo. Foreign women ol all closst-s wuh and brush tboir hair froqucotly. but many Americans seem to think they eon fiw it enoDgh to comb it twice dully. It is Dot an aneomraon thing for a woman to oome into a hsir-dreeeer’s place and uy that her scalp hu not been washed for a yeat^sbe wu "afraid of taking ootA" TMt soenis Incredlbio, but it is doabilus tru^ Much of Uio headache from which these eyeless people suffer is doe to tbe dogged and onbealthy oonAiion of an uroean scalp. Most of toe fslso hair in the trade oomu from toe oonvents of Europe. Tlio nnas eeU their treMes at regular inUrvals to ap pointed ooileclora. AH too cheap swltobsi are made from CUiuese or Italism hair, and this is usually any- thing bnt dean. Dealers are not ^ lowM to bny hair cut from too buds of toe deaA ‘tom darilv; yoa laba BM rsMlmb* jut toHot tkafs deed aa’goaa^ M bs WM whM bowaa JM appolBlsd ea the tena”—Xswett (Mtoea. Mil Clan (wllh aalgb}—Dvyoa know, Ma Faathariy. that fat mom oa- known rusea 1 iMt Tsry bine to«i|^tr Mr. Fmthecly (eaziaH to My the prop- er thins, but eeoMwhatnln —er—Hiee Onn. hfaM yoa knew, io vary beeoealac to year eoe^lexioa.— •BofiBaM. dieieit. father bee at lael told me that we may he macriad early ta Jaanaiy.” “Whet hM eheagad hii ■riadf “Boom benereleat ftiMd aMt hla e tashtoa paper which m|i the* It ta ae teenr la goad form for tha father to give a ehatfr to tha bride at thewad- dtog.”—BariM EsaarA A ■sMUaa hM baaa laewMad whiah wUl esw a* hattBM MflMlaaarTaa girheeMddolfra wor^ bM when II SoMaetoritdagipaf a anaday Mffhl with a yoMf BUMaaratt aaahtaaajMt hMfa to daM work «f aaa I hMfnredaaf tai fMeaatafiHwkBt.* AhaHhadbepiaa plaMplaitiMtoUaaa i^yhafandla ii«aab«Nh lanL Thaa a Mflaf the —JttFsff BNa msBi BiM iatoablg tosaf B the haae^aMot- ■I Pat Tonsvelf in ttae Horse's Place. Il Is worry and not work that kUla Let every owner of a borso think wbaa be brings his team to tbe stable at. eight how tAcb vital force bu baM sxpended in work and how much In worry, and then strike a balance. And, let consider himself to be pnt in toe horu's pln(^ so that he may bet ter know bow it Is himself. As tout: A P*** ^ woA in toe morn ing after Caring all ni^t fought files of the moat pestUent kinA breatbad bot, foul atr, ndtad in the sweat and dost of the preriona day'* work, eaten a braokfaat m bute. without any suf- fidant deansing of Us iklo, and with boots and dototog tB-fttdng and galling toe tanderut spots npon his parson- Be is then, from the flltoinen of his body, erpostid all day to toa vooonuias attacks of flies, which ha fights srith ksada and feet, bnt wUch. from the exifeadea eit his work, he can only driraoff for the slightest moment, after whieh a elood of uam uttla npon hla ttea aad axpoaed parts and sting hha aavaraly. Ha works on from hour to hour in tha broOing ton without water to moist- oa his month or to quench his ragtag (UItm OBtil midday, when he rnshee boBMk swallows a o^k e dirty water aad hoat&y eats a dinner in tha fonlaah* ■malilag and worst TantOated part l£^tanooa ia Bfca tha foraaeoa, and after thla haa baaa ooeuplad la tha MBB way, tha aaa. aO fonl wUh gMh- aaddMiaad 8waat.«ats Ua avMlaf BB^ IS ha ud Um down to real (f), it ha onn, on a filthy floor, ia na ■paitaMBt that Is hot, doMOBd fwanw lag with Has. which he Tiiafy fights as ha eat^M aa odd wink or ao 01 slaapk Aad ao, agala from day to day, ha fightettont M thla Uaa all rammar. naa how mn^ of the taanltiog wear aad tear to doe to tha wony aad how “ttlaed Utolhawoikf goanathlBg Bka tUa Is tha umij 00m dltlM of tha aTutaga farm hoew. Ho aatototakaaaf the end latUagB. tha uiM-nutklag, tha iajodidoas to idly a^ watoring, tha torment of chaeka niaa. fta todraaai af bUa^ tte af tha laatby thaUaek- — whdah pro- of tha t^ noaona ataC . whManmeda aM of'u “rtuadtoa** tor toan aaaiMaiBla. Tbiakiag al all tbaMtbiiga. who eaa waate that tha aTwaga 6tm heoA ntoaaa nafid Ufa to naunBy tweaty- •mlaMrfyyaaracata latoahoto k llto aerMT « the farm aad to aeaaaMad '4

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