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Charlotte messenger. volume (Charlotte, Mecklenburg Co., N.C.) 188?-18??, May 21, 1887, Image 2

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RLOTTE MESSENGER. I coutmbia. s. c.. letter. —-■ --■^-— 'yjij ({nestloB 1b tkp EplMoptl 4 mrj 8*ianu» u ^iit«. jr (U \ q)jtftk^»ir'rL«W/«rt—PwbobbI— By W. C. Bml^ 'I Xlther Bitten. rlptlon B*tei.—^Kr*j» in Bdnnce. , COLL'MBU. S. C.. May 18. '87. ^ .u tin I Editor Mmcitger—Al thaJ)ioCf*an 1 00 I 8 ^onthi 40, CinvcDfion of ibw Epiacopsl Cburcb 70 I Silgle Copy na at ones ot all faifbrei of ttua reach yon on ttmi). most he sent by rctristoml order, or posul-note to W. C. SHTTII. Charlotte, N. C. 1 money r, money oi *t oomspondenee of aiib^ts of i toftopablic ie aoliclted : but nerso It not be dimppoiiited if they fail to s Ir articles in our columns. Wear ^oBiible tor myaous CO It* basket. HARD TIBES AHD BAD PAT. '•Hard times” ia the cry crery- liere one goes, and it seems to us wo bight reply, bad pay, bad pay. We Kaa&d out orer a hundred extra papers l' dtia week in order to reaeh many of delinquent subscribers. After c Ibis week wo intend to come down to I those who have paid up. Wo don’t nppose any one ia trying to starve us ' nut, but as we have ofUiu said, wu are compelled to pay for our work be- ^ fore wo get it. Wc can’t stand send ing papers to so many delinquents and will not. try, for fear wc might become unable to send to any. Wc must un load. Bad pay docs not suit these '• hard times. Please pay up what you ■ wwc. The many small bills amount to ma|li, and in order to do justice by >'Ao8c who have paid, wc must cut ' loose and make out bills and stop the paper. Wo hope no one will become offend ed nt this snd DO resBonablc person will, for they should not expect us to take money from onr pocket, week af ter week and send papers to hundreds, many of whom wc wilt never get a oent from. After this week we cut regardless of persons snd eircum- stBuces. If yon like to read the pa per, help support. ccss in spite of the failure of the Slate to niskc the necestary appropriation. It will do honor to every tueoher of the State, and reflect great mdit on the Negro. ■ A iinniber of persons have organ* iard a club to go to Washington to ailenil the drill Mr. P. I^ Toland is its organiser and presideut. CHESTER, S. C. We spent last Sunday, Monday and Tuesday in Chester, S. C. While we cannot say it is on a boom, wc saw no - reason why the people should not he aatisfisd. The health of the town seems good, the schools are full and '■Jirospcrous, the churches are having ravivsts, the farms gardens are look ing well, everybody scorned well dressed with n plenty to cat, then why ■houldn't all be happy ? A revival is in progress at the Zion church and Hcv. Crocket is meeting with success. Hcv. Attics is having a protrseted meeting at the Presbyte- riau church aud has bad several aeces- aioDS. The Baptist seem to be bold- iag their owu. The colored people of the town noeb valuable property. If they will bold it till the new railroad passes . through, they may see'the towu grow- iag around and poshing them to th center and busiuees part of a large and thrifiDg city. It seems to us that i Urge majority of the colored pcopb here live on their own homes and tbai speaks well for them. They carry no mercantile business. The colored Odd Fellows here have built a near the bnsioess part of the town that . ...does credit to tbc town and the order. ^ ^Tt is- a two-slory bnilding and the lower floor will be used for public on- taiomeuis. It is 40x80 feet and istht Utgest hall in the town. Braincrd in- •titalc will close next week. The pablic school taught by Miss Annie Walker and Mr. Gilmore will eloee ^ith an ezhtbilion on the 17th of June' held at Cburleston, C., during last ° • Usrs. week, the color question seemed , - T f . !.) A Correction, the all-absorbing topic. In rnct it' was the cause of fourteen delegations j/^ t'dilor —I wrote s note to your seceding from the Convention. It is j paper last Dec. under the heading- time. however, that, the people ofj.._\ church festival turned into a South Carolina, had learned that J irugeJv.” Ss you will doubticsa re- secession guarantees no right to them j |,,|„.r. V»u and your many readers to coDlinuc ill wrong nod sin, nDdl,yi|| witness that the import should, by this time, cease to show | writi’ig was as follows "De- their weakness and silliness by indulg- [ Utli, p. ing in the fooPjli practice. *. ' poinied for a festival nl Coldwel The llcv. J. II. M. Pollard (col-I (i>rc,«.') When the parties in- ored) of St Mark's, had a in tbc ; ,,iituling the festival had iiasembled • Convention, nad a number of the nar-; and everything bade fair to pass off row-minded and no-hearted men took ' ^ riot began, and much damage steps to exclude him; and because ,yn^ jonc the church property an|^ they could not do this, led a secession ' nrnnv lives were endangered. The from the Convention. The move-‘ aygnnienl made ngninst church festi- ment was led and chiefly supported by' yaln n.s based upon this incident need (be loyity—only two clergymen seem-' not he reproduced. But it suffices to cd to openly endorse tbc movement, j g„y_ (i,ai nny fair-minded Christian The stand taken by the clergy in ; ftcnlU-iiiiin will unbesiiaiingly agree this Cunvonlion is a dawn to a bright-; with me when I say that that writing er era in the Kpiseopnl Church for the was >iiuply iiu effort to expose an evil Negro in tlio South. Yet the clergy ^ already too prevalent in the ehnreb, is rcapousibic. to a groat exteut for the : vii: the raising of church funds by unchristian spirit manifested by the iuJiri'ct means, und thus endeavoring layity, for if they would preach pure [ to |ifi from the shoulder of the church Christianity at all times their parishes ^ burden God himself bus placed would not tolerate such u representa-1 ihcrcoii. I h arneil from a very rolia- tiou os some of them had at the Con- hi'- source that Ilev. W. J. Williams ventioD. then in ehiirge of the church in'ques- Bishop Howe is to be commended I'tion, recently said in that community for his and firm stand for the j I aa icncher had no right (o publish rights of his Christian “brother in i thi,. niatlcr. Suppose I did not, would black,” and such men as Bcnci and tbe matter have rested where it was? McCrady, Sr., should be rcmciuhered. ' Did jt not go to court and was there loo, for tbeir unchristian principles, j made known as I dared not speak of it and should be taught by tbc Negro. • wiihoiil violence to all rules of dc- ot every opportunity, the folly of v Vci Rev. would impress the their stand, by discountenancing them. ^ p(.(,pic-that my innocent rcfercnco to McCrady said, “Clergyman meant a I case has done greater violence to white man ! ” ITa ! ha !! ha ! ! ! . the reputation of tbc community than Then Mr. Desportes. of Columbia, i iia black court record will 3. C.. should not be forgotten cither ] simply write these lines out of a sense He attempted In stand in the door to | of jusiieo to myi-elf, and that it might kcop/tbe Negro nut. He has before : |,e seen how some of the ministers of thi time shown his lintc for the the gospel arc endeavoring to take ad- ilown-troddcn race hy leading an op- ■ vantage of their brethren at the peril pos lion to the eduealional system i of the cause of Christ. This that affor-ted ec|unl adv.intages to Ne-! would do too by playing upon^tx Colored people, can you af- igiiorunee of the people. The gentle- I«eai Optlaa. Ws might argoo if we were sc posed, to show that local option does BOt ^injare bosloess, as its opponents pnBict it woald, bat we regard tbc man who will not aacrifiee bis pocket book for the sake of hi* home and ooontrv, at too aeirtsb to reason with. For the man who votsa against probi- bKion becaaae be believos that H ii Mt the* proper way of remedying the oril ia oar land wo havu all respoci, bwt the man who will tom against kk'Wife and ehildroa for the woalUi and honor of this world we do not bolisvo oonld be made to oeknowledgc hb error if U were proved Co him. We aloo might argae to prove thai loal option bad booa a neeesa in Omoord. hat every obaerviag eititeo ^ows tbu better tbaa wo eaa MB All wo oay b tUak boflsto yOBi ford to spend rrm Jiie tniti with such ' u merchant, when you can sp-'ud your money with men who have hearts and minds, as well as pockets? Fmr(ci-ii new lawyers were admUiPd to tbc bar of .3oulli Curulin.i on the- Hltb insl. KIcvvn while and three colored. The colored gi-iitlcnieu were Mr. W. W. .'till. of Ri-nufort, il.e son of IVilliam Still of Philadelphia “Underground 11. K. fame,'' and one of the wealthiest colured mr-n of tiitt city; Mr. T. A. Saxon, of Laurens; and Mr. A. E. Hampton, of Rich-' land. Messrs. Hampton and Saxon have been reading law at Allen t'ni- verBiiy, under I*. F. Olivi-r, Ks-j . and will graduate this year, with Mr. A -J. JamtsuD, who was unavoidaoly kept from the examination of the Su premo Court. Heretofore the oxaniU nalious at tbc Supreme Courf^have been oral; but the taw now them to be written. This first written examination, and tv that by bolding up the dark side of tliia^lfrair he could stir up pre judice. iiiiJ tliut people arc mure sut ecpiil-le to ili.> wrong than the rigbi IVliv then would be do this? To ir In e (i-.Iudo •uld say cbii take- of my people. “Cry atuud, lift up iby voice like tud shew uiy people their Yours for right, A- r. Fbikmo.v. 'niversity, May 16, ‘87. Informiil l.'onferences were held at i'hiladelpbia on Monday between tbi rcpr.'seiitjilive of tbc antbracite-pro. dueing rumpanies, whose offices art tne.-ited in this city, and it is under- ires rtoixj that they are atijl determined not to grunt an advsiiee of It} per . cent, ill miner's wages. The i cnee will lake place M'ednesday sidered quite rigid, and s thurouph of coal miners test. Those who passed are entitled and the producing cuiupauies, to great credit. * ' which it is uuderstuod the companies The quarterly report of the Grund Secretary of Men wb.s recently issued, aud shows growth aud im- provemeut in the order. Rev. .M. G, Johnson sod Mr. A W. (.'unis have gone to attend (u Presbytsrian General Assembly a Omaha. Neb. Mr. P. G. Drayton, t theological student nf Biddle, u ex pected to occapy Rev, Johnston's polpit antU hb return. Mr. Henry A. IVallace is home from Wasbiogtoa, spending a pleasant vaeation with friends and relatives. The Yigibnt Firo Engine Company will run ta excorsion to Ifamnierville on the 19th iust., and the Wise Men will ran ons io 8amter on tho :i8d last. The fare ta .Sammerville is |1.00; to Homier ibtci; a proposition to the to give them 6 per cent above tb( pre.-H-ni wages. General MaMet Work- man Powderty is declared to be opposed to a strike in the autbratie : regiuiis at this time, os the condition of the coal trade precludes all . posMbility of sacceH. j The niiocrt' and mine laborers' I national district a-vetpbl^ No. ISA, , Knights of Labor, has imusd ^ (ajl I for an aunual session of delegates from miners’ and Isboren' assemblies of the I'nited Sut-a, to be held in (IWi'ipali on June 1st. i-bcb sub division ofi^ljonat district assemblies u entitled to pne is^esentatire for the irsl six huadreo oietubnrs ( and aa additional one for additioBti ria hnndred members of the majority fraatioo thereof. There areelerea anbdivbions of tho organ iga- tion divided among the varioos I aatbraeite and bituiainoos coat aaA I. . J L «t n n I coke regions of etsiera sad woUrk It.. prop^ by Mr P. F. OMverj j, virgJZ to hold * Bute Teachers lastitnte West Vifgbtb. .Ohio, ladbaa, lUi- aoder the avsfbet of the flontb Caro- nois Keatstrky and Missy sontben lilia Teaebers* Aaasebtjoa daring the s®*! wostora staMt, Vasler WMktaaa etnaing noatb of Jaly. GU M • ! toprealds, nd A* M rt I coBveouoa will be oallad apoa to voto ^mthe^Majmsae of Me i ^ JWeAer M Me teach ere of S*"*- sjjwi* /jp dmawde chay^ ]jtns»4ny 8pe«iil»ton. We print the following Galveston dispatch vrrfeMm. to show tho epeea- larion of alleged honest men in bread- staffs. a’ syodicatc pf rascals pro tected by law T A milliun and half boihels of Jane wheat sold yesterday io the Chicago wheat pit at 851 to 80 b nademlood here to have been for aeoount « Galvoston parties, who were taking i their profits. This wheal netted its holders about three cents per bnsbol, all aronnd. In addition to thb, the Galveston syndicate owns 1,800,000 bnshela of actual wheat in Chieago elevators, which was delivered last Mooday. Moreover, they did not gel all the spot wheal they wanted, and have outstanding coolracts for 500.000 bushels additional, which they arc ready to receive. These gentlemen are Galveston bulls and confldence in dollar wheal befure tbc end of June. They are amply able hold tho wheat they have and a good deal more under all eircumstaaces OH tho syndioato comprbes three millionaricB, who have an unlimilod amount of nearer. There b another syndicate in Gslvestoo at present, comprising u portion of the wheal clique, which is running a little deal in cotton besrte which the wheat deal is but a grain of mustard seed. This syndicate also look in some of ita profits yesterday, closing out 20,000 bales of cotton at New Orleans at a net profit about $4. per bale. They also bought heavily in New York and artr holding future contrsets for BoiDcthing like 100,000 bales of cotton at Liverpool. New York and Orleans, and own some 20,000 bales of spot cotton, all bought at a cent per pound below present prices. Tbeir holding represent 0,000,000 bushels of wheat at 85c. This cotton syndicate embraces capitalbt in New York, New Orleans and Sontbem cities, hot Galvestiou furnishes most o money. This syndicate represents ^10,000.000 available cash, and tbeir profits thns iar have been very great. A Victory for 1-abor. After a lengthy conference between the Knights of Labor and the Cloth ing Manufacturers’ Association of Philadelphia, tbo mauufseturers' com mittee issued a notice to tbc firms be- loiigiug to the association slating that as the agreement entered into in May, 1880, had expired by limitalioD. the lockout lately ordered off, and mem bers were requested to withdraw the notice excluding Knights of Labor from their cutting rooms, snd not to discriniiuatc against incmbers of tbc orgaoization. It was stated that nu iiiidcrttan-ling with regard to the boy cott placed in goods maDufactnred by the Clotliing .Manufacturers Associa tion had been ri'scbcd. and tbc repre- si-Mtaiivcs nf the lockcd-out men said that until a new agreement was made the men would nut return tq work The iiiun asked certain concussions in regard to the diseharge of new sm- plnyrs and ibe rcinstatemeot of all old on.-s. but no rativraciory 'cnnclnsii wsa runebed and another eonferen will 1.1- held. Kot«a oo Labor. mlojcf al the for- HHl ooal and iroo Two hundred o nsoes of the Brier — •ooupapy. nm ?onngBtowD,»0..8track Monday demand for a 'aepi-moDtbly paV day was refused. They arc now paid onco s month. The amalgamated men at A. 51 Byers 4 Co's rolling mill struck al Pittsburg on 5Ionday b'-esuseibu firm refused to employ an extra helper at ihr furnneuB ns provided fur in the snail- agrceuiont. Tho mill bat dosed down and six hundred men are tempo rarily thrown oat of employment. Tbc troflble with the telephone stations in New England is that every girl who has a good idcphono voice receives an offer of marriuge inside of a month, and is jnst mekn enough to ^ept it and quit the job The white Knights of Labor bolted the labor convention at Ljncbbnrg Friday night, and Saturday bad a separate convention and put a ticket in tho field for municipal offices. The colored knights nlao put up a ticket, j It b thought rile democrau wilt in- ‘ dorse the while ticket, which will usnroits election. HELLO! w'HO’S there? . 'sras? Come ^ Wsde. andMStfc* Improtements. ELBCTBIC LIGHTS, THLBPHONR, ELEVATOR, And various ©iheratlractions. Just think o( it. 480x78 teet.of flooriof to be lUod with Orookery, China, aiass, SilTerware, Tinware, etc. GRAND OPENING OF JANUARY 25, 1887. Each visitor will receive a Souvenir. R. B. HARSFipiD. CHINA PALACE. It is stated that if Canada were annexed to the United Status her share of the national taxes woold bo less than $'J7.000.000. wit lotbe Umuinion government her tax bill is not far from |50.000,000. Come right on. little Canada: we can help yon. and |20,000,000 a year is worth saving. Stove moulders employed at Dulcba ..'orks Milwaukee noiobcring 200 were locked out Tuesday because they re fused to work on boycotted St. Louis patterns. They bad been mi strike three weeks, but last Friday returned to work with the understanding that they were to roakepr^ribed puttems. j and gnarantee that you shall have Similar action iv'Sxpocted at Brand ’ worth of your money in every instance. works. I Coal Miners Strike. Th oa1 oi.u.-r’s strike in Peon- sylvania invi 'vcs 80.000 to 38.000 mi-n, and is a good deal the biggest thing of the kind this season, stove utujdcm' strike, which is clos ing, and the bod-carripr^s gtrikg in Chicago being iusignifiosnt beside it. It was founded originally on the diiisatisfsclion of the men with the sward nf and arbitrstion committee, one uf tbc 'ew iustancus of the kind ou record, arbitrators' findings usual ly r,u.iniDg the other way. Tbc rocr accepted the beccMGii to wages, but followed it by a dcniaad of as advance of 13J per uent for the future. Boll) tic Knights of I-sbor and the miners' aiiialgamsted onion supnort the Strike.—Atlanta CmuriViiriim. ' Yea, Olve Them a Voice. It is said that wuama mqsz pot ynte because they are angels; and In the next breath it b prodictod that their votes “would generally be east for the worst measures.” Thb suggesb the story of the little boy who was told that he need not be afraid to so to bed in (he daxh ^eps^se the aogrii wonld be there to waioh 'over ium. Keonly wibbed the harder, andanewer^i "It is tl[|e angeb themselvM I'm afraid of If women are angeb, the inflacnce of their voles could hardly be otherwise than good, and no one need be afraid of^M ^In the other band, if they are onTy ordai^y httaap beings, why shoal'd they'not pa^b'or^ip^y human rijlhb?—A.E. B., in' ^oma^’tJown^. Two handre^oarMyrnea phiabers Btrnek at New Sork Tnesdsy, bneanse of the discharge of a nnmMr of me* whom ibt bosees cossidered meom- pelcnt. frmak th*t'tbrwa«Mimy'W*BttboM bet Aem $50 boBMis tnlsal w halo OB ite romit ‘ itaiiiii inffrage b mf-Htnt tbo 0 BOOTS AND SHOES. Onr store U now filled with New Goeds, fp-sh from the manutaclurers. We cany a full stock of ail grades, and of the Very Best Quality, S 4 CD, -Hardware Dealers, CHARLOTTE, N. C. The largest stnek of Hardware, CCTLKRV, GUNS. WOODEN • WARE. Agricultural Iraplemeuts, BL.tCKSMITllS' AND IILaTERS' AND liTllKir in th'8tB|i'. A cpI) is'oli-ilrtl. Brown. Weddington Co. Our Prices will ' 0 nuulo luw to suit the timee. Call A.E.RANKIN & BRO. PR YON STREET. A. W. Calvin, Family (Ieocbries of all kiwis. C'-cintrv IVilufr nl- wn7.-.ii hatid. tHICh'RS'.t. W?0S. Ll'T- 'TElt and *11 kinds of V'lvGHT.VUI.K->ni PRL’l'W, Lumber, and Building Material. ..•♦“Prre deli very to all ports of tliecity. PHOPKSSOK.S E. HOORE apt] 8. U. .ITKIffS, —Mrxfciescrn- NOIUIAL SCHOOL WORKERS ft INSTITUTE CONDUCTORS, Auperioteiwk'iiU nr oilier M-lionl ngirub. who would avail Ibemselvcs of llio pnifuw sfemai Berrien wf thcar gnitltiuen an uivited toaddma eltlicr one or both ofiheiu. ZION WESLEY COLLEGE, halobury, N. C. • Dr. J. T. WiLLIAMa - Offers liU profrssional services to the gla- I ml public- CALLS ANSWERED DAY and NIGHT, OiTire—Fourth street, between Tryoa and Chiiit-h. reor of Express Office, Char- loilu. N. C. BOARDING HOUSE. The imvrling public will Ue^eeommo- lintcd with I'liinfortslilQ rooms and board. lIoiiM- siicali-d un Dumi nrrel, in front of the Si-mi iirr. rear depot, and convenient b> all vUitur,. Terms ti-aennalilc. J. E. JOHNbTON. WATCHESl Olocks, - Spectacles, Eye-Glaosses, and ali kluds of Fine Jewelry can be iKJusIit clieap at ilie Jewelry Store of HALES & IlOYNE, West Trade !4ircet, Charlotte. N. C. you bi the editor ol . I KUenUon |«id to orders It MtiBbrtinn niamitewl. We n >r of thu paper. Photographs, ^ in all ih« latent «iylet and finWi, -DHOTOGRAPn.-s ENLABGED- liiii ^ done right hei home and ae cheap as in Neig ' WORK fJUARANXEED! Call and see na. ' H. BATTMaARTEN; CHABIOTTH. K. 0, HENDERSON’S BARBER SHOP ! TflR OLBBrr iri, best. Experfnuml and polAe wottomi alwan smdy to wait or enetameni Bart too wul OAJIt errand CftBd-V JOHN’ S. HEXDERSON, Bab Trade ritmt. f^trlstts^ V. C. ?QB . 0.1 (WfclMk, n Cbnnh StnM*.

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