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Charlotte messenger. volume (Charlotte, Mecklenburg Co., N.C.) 188?-18??, May 21, 1887, Image 3

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ATfBDAY, MAY «. 1W7. I orK cHiitcflii.: R.) Chnnh. Mat St. SfiwW- r.l II) a. m. and 8 p. m. Snad**' *-^0.! ..i.! (1. in. Iter. P.P, AUTOX, pi^ ('hurl'll. Graham Street. Ser* ;l [1. «n. and 8 p. m. Sandaf- I 16 a. m. Rcr. E. M. CoLisTT. Church. Soath Church St. n( II n. m., S p. m. and 8 p. --I1011I at 1 p. m. Rer. A. (cr Kaotitt ChUTab. Eaat Seoond 11 n. ra..'8p. l-.y-Kihool at I p. I ti-rUn Church, comer Sereuth ftiiti ‘ iiuv’o Sti Scrricce nl 8 p. K p. III. SiiiiiUy-ncbool at 10 a. n It. 1' \V(,-iiE. jaiftor. Cliiili.ii Chaprl. (A. M. E. Z.) Mint St. .STVK-'ii at 11 a. m..* 8 p. ID. and 8 p. m. Suiul'.y-iclinol at I p. m. Her. M. Slips, I«i.;iT. Mv'.li Itock. (A. M. E. Z.) E St. „. at 11 a. m., 3 p.'ra. and 8 Itin WVkJOBXHX, pastor. Wa wQI Hake rtUa fcr tk« ni *ary low. Now if jroa waat to vaks a (obw^tiOQ fraa with linU troaMe. wrilftto ufor tanna.. . If your paper baa a bine croaa mark, it trill be stopped till vnii pay up. Wo cannot coDtinuo to t-viid if to you without some moncy Pleaxf pay up and let ua continue it to you. Kmployineiit A^ncy. Peraoua desiring aituations ns cooks, nururr. :.nd laborers generally, whi desire omploymcnt, and persons it need of such kelp, trill do well to call on A. W. Calvik, at bis Store. West Trade St .0 the Cun- LGCIj&JLl .Miss .Annie Connor, of Daviakon College is in the city, r fn reading tbe letters in this issue, don't fell to read our Columbia letter. Justice Woods of the Supreme Court of tbe U, S. died in Washington lasi Saturday Tlou. James G. Blaine will sail with bis family for Europe on tbe 8th of Juuc. Our city is now decorated with flags and bunting, and plants the ■ppcnrancc of the 4tb of July, . The editor goes to Fayetteville to day, and will probably go to Wash ington i)eat week. Tbo eonitnuiilcBilon concerning Clinton Cbapi-1 Sunday-school came to us too lati' for this issue. The W. r. tcli'gruph ofilou Is being Dori.-'] from tbo old slau‘ tral hotel building. X. si W.-diiiiaday Week Is ('(itnmcDce. iB'ntdsyai Biddle, Livingstone and fie Fayetteville .Normal, Ihe Qiivat and one of leading bar- bcnihQ[>« uf Chester, S. C., is owned and nianagad by a lady. The colored- edilore of Alabmua. faeld a convention at Selma on the bth Inst. Eleven pap-rs were rcpreieted. Prof S G. .Atkins, of Liviogstoue Collcge, came down last * Thursday evening, and spoke for Rev. Wm. Johnson at bis entertainment. About two hundred persons passed tbrougb tbe city last Wednesday after noon for AVa'Iiington, from Georgia ind Soath (‘ar ilina. Rev, F, R. Howell of the Concord Star was in the city this week and at- tendol the concert by the graded school. '^'c liaTC yeoelvod a copy of tbe Aye. ■ weekly paper pnblii^ed at Allen roiviTtity, Columbia. S. C., by Prof. J. W. Morris. This paper is printed early this week as the printers want to jubilate oa the 20lk. We will fivf you the news If yon want to see a pa)>er live asd newsy, never get in debt to it, but subscribe and pay and never make a habit of leading to a neighbor (hat is too mean to take R hinHif If yon have a neighbor who doca Dot lake this paper lend it to himonee so be may aao what it is.bat don't lend it to him a VAfW time, but tell him tbe priae and how he may get it. Titc Preiddeot tad Mn. ClevoUad gave a state dinner to Ofneen Kapi^ lioB of the flawaHan lelaads, Isiit week. Tbe Queea w a fall Uaad Negro, aad is viaitiag this eoaatry. The Cabbet oSm aad (heir wlvaa atUaded->-cxaepc Oarlaad aad l«Wi fc aaya ifc# yrma, • ^ The eolored Stata toacfciii iutitute will be held at KittreU Springe, open ing tbe 22nd of Jun*. Pare will be reduced to 2o and 2^ per mile. We failed to give much local nows last week beeaase we were out of the city. We have been away again this week bcuee we come up short again. Next Monday week ia annual deco ration day of the graves of Fodcrel ■oildiers. Preparations are being made for appropriate ceremonies in Salisbury. Tbe Lancaster Higb School eloses next Friday. Pfof. J, L. Battle of Livingstone College will deliver the address. Mr. A. W. Wcathingti classmate of Prof. Battle, is the prin cipal. The HorneU Nest Riflemen of this city have decided not to go to tbe Na tional drill at Washington. Qnito a number'of our citixens will go. Tbe soldiers will go to MarcbcadCity later. The Carolina Central road is now the quickest and best way to go to Charleston. The day train makes lose connection at Wadcsboro for Charleston and it is twenty miles shorter distance than the Columbia way. ^ Tbe election is two weeks from next .Monday and if you have not registered time you wore looking after it. ae can vole who is not registered. [i is tbe duty of to take tbo morel aide in such qnestions. The MxasiNaiB acknowledges re ceipt of an invitation from Prof. E. E. Smith, to attend the commencement ■xercises of tbe Slate normal at Fay etteville, Tbnreday, Juno Snd. It is b(>autifal Invitation. There are fourteen graduates. The 4th Sunday in June ia the day Bxed by the law of Sion church to raise special collections for tbe college. Tbe proper interpretation of the law is, make special efforts, and turn over ull collected throughout the day to tbe college fund." Ministers, tupepn- lendoDta, members, your duty is plain before you, On aoeount of our absonec last week our haste in making up news caused us to neglect to mention in oureU changes -..y oflBcnrs. As noted before, ' 'here was no change in clerk and trea surer, tax eoUeetor, street commission- •r and cemetery keepers. Cspl. Stilt was dropped and ex-sbrriff W. F. Griffith elected chief of police. Ileury Hill, George Farrington and D. P. Hunter were dropped from the police force and B. F. Powell, Ed. Rigb and C. McNclis put on in their place Tbe Graded Beheol Coocert. The concert by the teachers, friends and pupils of tbe graded school came off lost Tuesday night at the 7th St. Presbyterianebureh. Tbeprogrammv was published in these colnmns last week. It was carried nut to tbe gret- iflcaijoD of all ^ircicnt. The friends onteido of the school assisting, were : Mr. and Mrs. J E. King. Mr. W. E. Foster, Mie.s Mary Poster, Messrs. Thompson and Rice of Biddle. The instruments were all used to perfection, and itwaaweU said: Prof. Ratley played like an old stage “fid dler” while Will Focler’s claronet noted the roosic to perfection. Mrs. Alston’s performanoe on the piano was enjoyed by all. Some of the pieces deserving special mention are: “Some day I'll wander back”—King, baas; Thompoon, tenor; Hiss Hayes, alto; Mrs. King, soprano. The eomte song “pro pbnndo basso” was most excel lently rendered by the same persons, except Mr. Bstley tang the tenor. Tbe last ehoTH: “Softly treading, silcoee keop,” was aa well rendered as eonld be by profrasionaU. It is a beantifal song and tbo ebildraa abowod careful training na well aa fno voicas and good masieai talenC Tbe “lalkiwg medley” by three boye aad Ibree girU waa (be moot ■mailing pieee of tbs owening. We eannot deaeriba it. but any if tiusoon* oart la over repaated bo ooro to boar for yooibalf. Tbe attoadanee was good, tbo eadianoe boiag mado ap of tbo baatpaaflaof^oHy. I>b lagrattad tteiHr. V.X.Foalar«id]lbsHmy faalw lift tfwato «ai Miif Vayattivllle The weather at this masoa la qnito eool. Comiaeneeiiant nereiaea soam to be the topic of the day jut new. The graded school will close Wednesday. Friday they will give a picnic. In next week’s iuue we hope give tbe readers and friends of ed ucation the entire programme of exer cises given by tbe little ones. Some one wishes to know if it be true, thst Fayetteville baa elcotriqity within her limits. We answer boldly, we have—«nd if disputed, we say again, come and tee, and the Brel noticeable feature that will attract you •fter getting off the cars will be the reflect of that beautiful and brilliant tight—the “Electric,' Tbe Independent Order a>f Good Templars held a gospel temperance meeting in Uielr hall Sunday afternoon at 4:80 o’clock, ^he exereisea were good and tbe gentlemen who spuki won laurels for themselves. The A M. E, Z. Sunday school furnished ex- cellcot music for (he occasion. Rev, H. 8. McDuffie will preach the annual sermon for the Sutc Col ored Normal school, Sunday, May 29. The Literary Address will be delivered by Frof- 0. H. Williams, June let. Among the visitors, (of our so-called town of hospitality,) we had the p1i of iDccting Mr. W. B. Hunter, editor of iho Raleigh Outlook, and Mr. A. L. Jeffries. The Floral Exercises of Evans' Chapel Sunday school, will take place Sunday afternoon of tbo 22nd. Quite an interesting programme is cxptHstC'l and the ladies will try to cxcvll lisi year ia tbo decoration, ■The members of the I. 0. 0. G. Templars will give an icecream enter tainment at (heir ball on the evening of the 19tb. We anticipate an hour or two of pleasure. .At a regular meeting of Cape Feai Lodge, I. 0. G. T-, on Monday night. May IStb. the following officers were installed by the G. W. C. T: J. B. McKoy, W. C. T. Mrs Sarah McLauren, W. V. T. R. B. Williams, W. Sce’y. R. MoN, Willi—s. W. F. See'y. Rev. C. Kclly^W, Trci* Rev. J, M T • —11, Chaplain. ..onn Wright. W. M. .Mrs. Ilenrieatta McDonald, W. G. Joseph Oillia, W. Sent. Mart .McLias. .May 17, 1887. Hr. ABdentm, of the Aaaph Clib, will taka bti dapartara for tba North Ib a fsw days. Miia Ida T. Evans will spend tbe Snmmer months in- Sumter. 8. 0. while Miss M. J. Mallett will rusti- Ato at Southport dnriug the month of Jnne. Miss La3I. Smith hss p'remised shake hands with Prof. J. C. Prieo at KittreU, N. 0., on June 22d. Mrs. Dr. Sbober is booked for Fay etteville. Hr. Hunter, of the Outlook, was in tbe city during tbe past week. Rev, A. J. Chambers will com mence hia camp-meeting some time ihia or next month. Rumors are that there will bo a real estate office opened hero soon by two of our young men. Good. A certain widower of only 48 sum mers cannot be seen with the girls of' 16 any more. He says they are com plete flirts. Miss Annie E. Reid, who acted ai- orderly sergeant in the flag drill a: CJity Hall on Monday night last, i* entitled to much praise for (lie man ner iu which she bandied the glitter- ing sword while giving the comniaud!- the company. She is well equip ped, and makes a first-class officer. The drill wa.s composed of girts, and ill in full uniform. The Central Baptists will give ai ntertainment soon in (be Opi-n House. T c pluy will be • Piim fore,” with Miss Charity Franklin u- Batiercup. Mrs J. A. Whined, of AVarri-iil..i., . C.. is ill the city, the ' 'r.parents. .Mr. and .Mr*. W R. ill. Miss Julia A. Aun-y is in Tarl.or , but will soon return 10 her Wilming- n home and friends. Jersb. CompUmCDtar;, There arc several colored pape^ which, if not published distinctively party papers, have repablioai. tendencies. The Cbarlutte MasexM-! 'pnblieau paper. ItsEdii^ W. C. Smith, is a forcib’ vated writer. POlSidlEl se: Mf tadnettau la prices of I^dlM Tlsltaa and K«w Markets. Look at oar IS. TMtaa. About 4S suits fd Ready Made Glothinq SPECIAL PRICES At a a* Beductioa. Christmas Goods in 01ov«, Kerchiefs, Jlnflii Ac. Gent's Kids, Foster Dooks. at Si .SO. In Ladies'. Gents' and Children's Underwear thU week. Embn«ered Cashaarej Scarfs, Clashmere Shawls—all shades. Nice lino of GenU Neckties and CiavaU. ^ HARGRAVES & ALEXANDER, SMITH BUILDING. 'A E. M. ANDREWS, Has tbe Largest and Most Complete Stock of IF" TJ E IsT Z T TJ E E In North Carolina. COFFINS & METALLIC CASES.; Pianos and Qrgans Of the Best Makes 01 Ixiw Prices and E.-isy Tcrnis. Ohickering Pianos, Arion Pianos. Bent Pianos, Mathushek Pianos, Mason & Hamlin Pianos. Mason & Hamlin Organs, Bay State Organs, Packard Organs, h. .M. A.NDREWS, : Tilvde Street. Cuari.otte, N. ' , haad»' Star of Ztnn is a Sallibory Selntllatlons. A meeting was held on last Wednes day evening to elect an orator for me morial day. Mr. A. Sumner was -unanimously chosen president for the day. W, L- Henderson and David Brown ere put in nomiu* '00 ' " orator. Rov, D. Brown was eleote.-. Both gentlemen mentioned are bright BODS of Rowan. Mr. Ueodenon will graduate soon from the higb class at Livingskonc College. Ho is a young man of abilly and brains and had he been favored with the honor ho woaid, DO doubt, have made a favorable im- pre.ssioD on tbe minds of those who arc so much opposed to young men on account of their age and discourage home talent. Mr. Henderaoo would in all probability have reflected credit upon his native toirn. Rer. Brown is one of Biddle's noble sobs and bas made several creditable appearances before the public, while his ability as a divine is firmly established. We earnestly hope Urge uumbera will be present, May 80tb to bear hia Beble effort aad also to engage in the patri otic and gratefnl work of deeoraling the graves of the Union aoldiers. Mr. E. Brown has been elected Chief Marshal. We regret this ehoiee for one reason, U removes aa old and bitbfnl mao who bai nuirdhtned tbe forees on this noted ooeuion for 17 years and wo would have been glad him enjoy that poaitioa, whieh he BO well filled, untill he u eallod to join the boot above. Headersoo t Bro. ^ Btaking great pre|Nirations to haveyslritars aad the geBoral pablie ,M|^iad with those ihiaga Mtufylag to the iaaer mb, ■ad also will hawa uw haai aU eoeUag •ad refreahiog drinha—neh ae^ mA miBeral waters, UmoaBdas, -iae- lad beet ef all, ■ilh-ahaksa Mda by lha aav tightaiaf afcakar. AU aaa hwilad la aaU Mi«M «haa. .arao paper, and is well edited It deserves special mention for its able and inlcligcnt treatment of all edu- uational and iodnsirial qui-siions. The Oiillook at Kalt-igli coolaiDi- arli- cb-s which show ability, and sn iudr- pi-ndcnco of thought and rxprt-Bsion which is refreshing.—Gre^iirbciro A’orfA Store. Among (he papers of our Statu tb Charlotte Mbssxxgbr stands a- tin leader in Negro j^umalisiu. Tb. questions with which Bro. .Smith deal, are skillfully bandied, and thry are always live in their nature This pa per and The Outluok, with the other Negro journris of the State, sliouhi large support from our peo- all the citixens,—Haltigh Ouilook. —"" At tbe union depot at Chester. S C., the R. & D. railroad company em ploy a colored baggagcioastnr He was some time baggage master on the narrow guage road from Lenoir to Lancaster. Union men nnmbering about 200. employed in all tbe breweries in San FranciMO, were discharged Saturday night. Tbe Strongest Nan In Ohio, is said to be Oco. C. Arnold, of Cleveland, 0., who. Icsa than oncyi'ai ago, owing to chronic liver troubl.' and Bright's disease of the kidneys, weighed leas than niaety-five pounds, bat by using Dr. Harter's Iron Tonic has gained in strength and weight until DOW bo » admitted to be tbe giant of Ohio. YIRQ-INIA HOUSE, CHARLOTTE, If. C. AeoonmMxlations farniibed travelers •> riainnable ratas. Comfortable beds aau TOMBS. Uouse located iu the central and boaiDSM pert of tbority. Table fiimiabed with the MSI of the nmrket. Ilea is at all bonn. J. M. OCIODE, - pROPatBTOB. OMAJtLOTTM, IT. C. gAVE MONET MgAgEIBABLE COHTSOTEtSUfi I with Mats wbe wisusde Ten tn mod off yoor lifils pleiBias WNaw York la have Unbd ■nlaiM aad ftameo- Yon aa have all tiris Ml 6t week doM at hewis rand beimr a n rb rap, net wHBriaadlag the (Mra s thMMati Mki to yea, by estUaaat H. BAmKOABTEN^ Pbotogrs^ih: (HUery, Send (13 orders for anv and all kinds of Ro^ and Job- PRINTING! By-Laws and Rules of Order Printed in good style at low figurae. BILL-HEADS. LETTER-HEADS, N'OTE-UKADS. STATEMEN’TS, EN VELOPES, CARDS, POSTERS. CIRCULARS. AND ALL KINDS OF MERCANTILE PRINTING, Done in tbe best manner and at lowest rate#. Address all orders * VANCE NORWOOD, j 4 Mseoin, W7 M b-bst.. (], H. a-

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