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Charlotte messenger. volume (Charlotte, Mecklenburg Co., N.C.) 188?-18??, June 25, 1887, Image 3

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CHARLOTTE MESSENGER. SATCEDAT. JTOHj|4^l0gT. .. OUK CHUBCHBB. St. Mi>*hM}>C{R. R.) Chnnh, Mint St. ServirM nl IS a. b; and 8 p. m. SondaT- •rbool Bl 4 p. B. Rer. P. P. ALarov, paa- Giahaa Strwt. 8er> " I. m. Sonday* . M. C^LUTT, M. B. Cbureh. Giaha rireii Bt n p. m. aM « «r'h'>nl«1 10 a. D). R«r. putor. Charob, South Charah 8t. .S#r»icM >1 11 a., n., 8 p. a. andS.p. b. .Sunrfay-seliool at 1 p. a. Bar. A. A. PovELi.. iBster. KhanczFr BaptiA Chunh. Saat S«ond S(. Sarvicea at 11 a. B.. 8 p, b. and B p. ni. Siiiiilay-achool at 1 p. m. Rer. 7- mai^oRTflX, paAor. IVBliTtanan Church, oorear Seranth and CnlTe)^ Sta. SarriM ‘ " RJp. ID. Siiadaj4ohool at R. P WiTBB. paator. ClintMi Chapal, (A. M. B. Z.) Mint St Sarvicasat 11 a. iD.Ae. m. and 8p. in. Wiinday-school at 1 pSi Rer. H.SLiPB, pastor. Little Rock. lA, M. B.Z.) B St. Set- »ic»8 at II a. m.. 3 p. m. and 8 p. b. R»v. W«. Jomiaotr. pastor. 18 p.i riOOAix will coQtioae to aand the oat, but we cannot afford to tend it to persona who do not pa; for it in adranee—hence after thia wock pIcBso don’t expect it, if ;oa have not paid for it. Send ns what yonowcns; we can’t get along with- ont raoncy. Don’t forget to go ont to ehnreb to-morrow prepared for the ehildren’e day collection. The Darlington boys were all yonng but they played well. It ia hoped they will try Charlotte a^ain. Grace Chnrch pulpit will be filled tomorrow, in the Boming by Rer. R. P. Wythe and at night by Rex. J. 6. Settle. The editor has retamed to the city after an absence of four weeks. Hi hopes to send out (he paper proi^tly after this Rev. £. M. Collett 'will preach special aormon to the chilrden to-oor row aftemoow. Parente oome nij hing the oh^dren. ^ Oraoe Cbnreh has changed the hokr for the Sabbath school from 1 'to '*9 ccloek in the after noon. The attend ance is BDcb better. We arc informed tiiat the commence- sent cxeroisesal XiringEtone college were better thie year than any ik the history of the institntion. ■ The excnrsionisto from Darlington kept their good reputation thia week. It was as veil behaved-cxcaraton peety a." ever visited the city. Under the democratit administration the number of phees has been in- ereased ia the New York Custom house. Tha election is coming. dudi^e W. ,1. W'hipper rf B. C. baa been exonorated «f the charges against him. The whole trouble srcRiB to resalt frnn a little game of spite Mrs. Barth Hand aaatber «f the oldest citisens, died at her residence Isst Wcdflc.xday at 12, and was buried froB riintea Cbspel Tbnndty sfrer- noon A very interesting game ofbaaeball war played on the Carolina Inetitnte {T'oandr last Tbarsdty evening by the l‘'arlcss of this city and a nine from Darliagton, B. C. The malt was 21 t" 12 in favor of the Fearless. A large onmber of Biddle boyt •ent over to Beotia to see their eoasint Ia"! Tuesday evening and Wedaeaday ci'iming. It it so nice (ehave eonains iri'i sisters over there. Mrs. Laura Davidson, one of the ''ld>h>t citisens of the city died on r'iday evening of last week and waa luritd from the Methodist Chnreh hA .Monday after noon. Tomorrow is Childreot day in all 7.00 MetbodiA Cbirohes. Speeial. efforts will be made to raiae moDoy forLiringstooe College. CItstoa Ch^I Babbiih school will give some extra pood music and aratys, redtatioos Ao. Thr corn and ooUon eri^ hotwoa Creenahiwo and Maxloa, and WU- mmgioD and CkarloUo era la' a hettar nonduion tbaa we havoerarsaaa thsa before ThoonUook premieii saiwllttit harvest*. Wheat, oata ere good alto. Tba chnrrii yapera Saa Bill. It ia not •« 1^ 9«ai^ iag «h«f«linitag •■M'' tfaMS rofloot spea. tha entire nee. Look ont Bro. HQl. '"An exenrdon from Darlington, 8. C., and other points, esBS in the eity lest Thursday ooraing and seemed to eaioy the day. The Virginia Bonee crowded. There were abont 250 of them in all. J, C. Davidson t Baal have mov ed their place ofbnsineia three m four > doore eait from their eld stand, larger bonse. They have new and bettor machinery and are prepared to furnish tioware, hardware and do roofing and reparing. The county teachers iostitule will eoovene at Biddio nniversity next Tuesday. All colored persons expect ing to teach in this county are qoested to attend. The Professors at Biddle and Mr. J. E. Ratley will oonddot (he institute. Mtsses Rote and Della Richardson, of Wadesboro, Lnla Black, of Greens boro. Alice Wellmon. of Shelby, Maria Gaston, of Georgia, Jessie Houston, of Monroe, Annie Jones, of Concord, were among the guest of the Virginia Honse this week. It was pleasing to see the interest and pleasnre manifested by stndents and patrons of other instituUons at Scotia comrae^oemenl. More than a dosen of the yonng men of Living stone College were there, and a score from Biddle. Bennett and others were represented. All were made welcome and happy. Would it not be well for -eonoty superintendents to va^nire into the habits of young men before giving Cerlifieatce te tbach 'oat youth? Young man that smoke eigart on the stteetn and freqnent hkriUCiUa ire had animals W Vnra Uose licensed to ehspe moraih dt ^e tender child. The British and the American Good Templers have united. When and where it is thought necessary a second grand lodge miy be organised in a Bute. Colored members are allowed Visit white lodges snd it is hoped much good will be done among our people in the South, Some of our young men in the east wear bangs Uiat are envied by the girls. They have (heir hair ent short snd leave a fbretop to ornament the fhrehcad. It reBinds one much of Balaam’e animal when he Hopped and refnaod to go. It makes one think there’s an empty story knd he wants to fill in with hair. Personal. Miss Lneinda Bragg is in our oily spend the summer with Mrs J. E. King. Miss A. A. Wood of Bonnet Semi nary is spending several days at the Goode hotel waiting to take a school in the oonntry. Rev. t. A. Chreshfield. of Monroe, passed tbrongb the eity this week for the eommencenent at Beotia. Miss LiUy Hood, daughter of BiehopHood, is spending her vacation with Miss Lnla Sumner ^n this eity. Misses Minnie Sumner and Addia McKnight, gradnates, Lucy Neeley, Mattie Parke and Gertrude Holmes, are home from Livingstone College. Mim Isadora Lomax is in Wades- boro, spending her snuiBer vaestion with Miss Georgia Simmons. Mrs. Della Evans and family have gone to Philadelphia to make it their home. Mr. Evans will go in a waek or BO. Mrs. Rosa Connor, of this city, has gone to Phibdelphia to spend the Lut Wednesday was oommenoe- ment day at Sootia Seminary. The day was eool and pleasant, and by 9:80 o'clock Memorial Church was filled from “pit to dome,” with a select, intelligent audience. Each performed her part 80 well it would be unjust to single out one and not all. The composition of the essays was in heaping with the fisme of the. institution, and would do credit to. any educated women in the country. Tho yonng ladies read with clear, distinct voices, and showed no embar rassment. Their pronaneialion, ar- ticnlatiou, emphasis, gestnres, &e., were all good and showed oarefnl and good training. The mnsio was very fine indeed. Mr. Blonnt accompanied the choir with his olaronet. Miss Virginia Bhoals was presented a gold pen for having made the most advance ment in penmanship. A ^mbar ol ladies were presented a Bible for com mitting the shorter osteohism. There were four graduates in the higher oonree and fourteen in the teacher’ The exeroiset were over by 12 o'clock. The yonog ladies and gentlemen spent the afternoon aocially. ILOaifl XXItCISBS. At 8 o'clock Beotia alnmni marched in the Seminary chapel, each yonng lady eeoorted by a yonog gentleman. There were forty-two couples and each as happy, seemingly, as if marching to hymen’s altar. The programme of exercises was short, and consisted in insIrameDtsl and vocal mnaic. Rev. D. J. Bandore prayed for us. The first piece of music was on the piano, organ, and claronol. . Miss Mary Foster read a most excellent paper, giving a bielory of Scotia and the alnmni. We were entertained by a recitation by Mias Oleona Pegram. Miss Jesaie Honston sang a solo, filissei Bomer, Foster and Gaston and Mr. Blnnt fnrnisbed instrumental mnsio,while the sweet soprano, by Mias Reese, the charming alto by Miss Beebe, and the rousing base by Miss Jenkins, were distingnishod in tho choruses. After the exercises were over we all marched to the spaoions dining ball and partook of an excellent supper prepared by the MftDS ladies for their friends, especially preachers and editors. Tho yonng folks all had time. Time forbids a fur- We will give a list of the graduates next week, wjtb order 'cises. Rlfier Dyuau. We an told that Rev. R. H. 0. Dyuon preaohed ia Clinton Ch^I, this City, on Sunday before the prohi bition eloetion. Hts text was— Christ oame into the world to save nners.” This is admitted by all to be a fine text, and as we did not hear the sermon we speak of it relnetaatly. Hr. Dyson has been very severely critieised by prohibition friends here, who say he held that a preacher should have nothing at all to do with eleotioDi. We fear Rev. Dyson has been misnnderstood, ilill we admit this was a very unfortunate subject disensB at this place just at that psrtionlar time, if be really n|^Dt nothing By it. It is thought that he did it to help ont Elder Blade’s ideas on prohibition. In judging him, one should be oarefnl. The R. ft D. railroad did the right send up an extra ooach and baggage ear for the Scotia girls, yet they were a little erowde^. Abont fifty visitors went np from ^ia eity. America’s Pride. True American men and women, by reason of their strong eonstitntioni, beautifril forms, rich complexions and charaoteristie energy, are envied by all nations. It is the general use of Dr. Harter's Iron Tonic which brings about these resnlls. REDUenON IN GROCERIES ! To-day, Jddc 2Stb. I will lell Flour, Meal, Bacon and 8u|iar, at priem below cozniwti- tion. come get our prices on tbrneertides and be convinced. Z. HAUOHTON, Ja. .TO aooUi D lire K. OF L. Send us orders for any and all kinds of Book and .Job PRINTING! BOOTS AND SHOES. . .. store la now Ailed with New Goods, fresh (raiD the manufacturer*. We carry full stock of all grades, and of the Very Best Quality, a plehsant tim thfir notice. iL——-X/- k Press Cosventioa. Y Yee, gentlemen, we agree pith ^n. Let its kave a meeting of the colored editors of the State. We ike drilling to meet you at any time and place to attend to bnsineai. We want an un derstanding between ourselves, and should interehange views of inUreA to our business. Wc want no bun- coQihc speeches and week’s programme. ... Th,„ rcp.bii»M.bit.) Out Pfioes will be made low to suit the times. Call and see ui. A.E.RANK1N & BRO. TRTOR STBisfi BOARDING HOUSE, CONCORD, N. C. The ■.raveling pnblic will be aocoailBo- dat«d 'vilh comfortable rooms and board. House situated no Depot street, in front of Mr. Jas. Ed. Smith proved bimaelf vary budy wbila the yonng lady ez- euntonista were ia Fayetteville laat waek. Hia hone aad tnrnont came ia •0 very aieely. Him Mary L^ia CbratSeld, ose of tha taaebara at Sootia Semiaary, paraad.throngb (his eity last Tneaday for bar home ia Maaroa. Sba went hema before eommeneeweBt m aeeonnt of ndhaaa la tba taaily. WAjnVD. Mdaala of eaa of tha lead- iag asimffTmbMli ef tba SMa, • a, mbeel. PanoM waaUag a good toaia Mate vlU da vdl M sdtei f.C. C«l>Cka(lMte NaaMMie, newspapers in the .State, and let some way inform the Siyn-it that there are at least seven Negro papers in the State read by republieao voters in the State. Negroes Rtking, The report comes up from South Carolina that the colored people in certain localities have recently organ ised and threatened to kill all the white men and old women and make wives of the yonog women and slaves of the ehildren. The white people there pretend to be awfully seared. They telegraphed the Oevernor for troops to kill the rising Negroes, or pnt them back in their places. The women are badly frightened, and tha men—poor things, they don’t know what to do. What! enslave the white people of Bonth Carolina? Never. Now, theee poor ereainree prstand to he so frightened; do they remem ber thet from 1861 to 1665 their wives, mothers and ohildren were left to (he mercy of the Negroes, while (hey ware all at the #ar?” Do they remember that these, atrong Negri) men did not only eara /for and proteet their wives, dneghten, bnt fed tbeti while they were eff fighting to keep ns in slave ry ? Why bava theee' NeptMi end- ftinly beeeme ao dangernne? It ia ri£enlona for a SoitlMtn pqier to* piblidi eneh boah. They den't b^ lieva any snA a tU^, and etybl to let «t live Wnn in panM. Amm IM «m| • Nfve J. B. JOHNSTON ViBGTNIATtOUSfi, CHARLOTTE. N. C. Acoommodations furnished travelcn al rMsonable iwios. Comfortable beds and rooms. House locaiHl in_Us central and iHiiiness with tb* hour*. B tart of tbe^ity. Table tomished le Wri of ibe tsarkot. Meals at all GOODE, - Proprietor. CHARLOTTE, N. C. DISIOREEABLE COffTBOTERSIEK I wftli innts who persuade you to send off voor little pldum to New York to bavs.tbem enisnnrf and ffuied. You can hav* all tbla M work done at home moeb better aad a cheap. notwiUutaadlng tb* false cmer- tbcM aaeots make to you, by calUng at H. BACTMOABTEN’S Photograph: Gallery, justaa oona tt By^taws and Rides of Order Printed in good etjle at low figures. BILL-HEADS, LETTER-HEADB. NOTF^-HEADS. STATEMENTS, EN VELOPES, CARDS, PO.STERS. CIRCULARS, AND ALL KINDS OF MERCANTILE PRINTING. Done io the beet manner snd at lowest rates. ff Address all orders ;# 1 R. E. BEAEEY, 8 north College and 20j west Trade St., |CHARLOTTE, N. C. Eczema Or Salt-BlmiB, b an craptive dbtase, eoverlBg the tIdB wUk nlnnta pimple* wbbh an ADed with a liclorlm* Auid. Tb* erapUen ta irtewded with pain, heat, vlolesl IteUai;, and tnleiue laaittng. When tb* plnpba break, their watery eontent* pdtaStl and taflsm* tbe iklo, and aemaUmea form a thick trast, WUboot ^HffoprUte tramwoit tbit dlaaas* fc Mabla to last for iiioatba aad yeara. Best can be eared By Purifying bloea with Ayer** 8armp*rflla. **) * WM troabM wfib Eeaem* . ■ ttdfbe, and other porta « the '• N^palBfal aatojgOT^ tbabhM TU* Eewafi hoBB* N. Cook, For twmCy yaar* 1 araa aflieted \ gak aiiaw, aweh appmiod m tbe faea of my badyaad llmba. In raw ... ranmi^iwaa. Thawiirt^fromj^ to rrtira ma,an>U 1 icimnunriil ortag Ayii'B tompmUa. Wt maiHitoa baa enUraly enxod ma.—Oeorga Asdrewa, Victory Certain 1 bed, fm yawB. a drymly hnmi ramwnU 1 mMcad urriblv. Ai i nttwrad rirtmwetortmllartrtflieit 1 psinpl (to im^ WM beredtW. wBer, Dr. Itnn, of Fanmndlna, nBnmMtame: "1^ Ayer'* B*n^ rih, and eenIMaa It for a yaar.” , For tv* manllM mm my ee lHma,l« laMiwim Cured Of Eesama by tbS nm ef AyarH Bataap*^ rflU. ••Afewyeareatoealwaatioablaff with Eesem*. whichabewedkaelf tratat tbe inkle*. Tba enption apreat alowty evar my Hmb* and body, tmlll B wa^ ^)ad tbe whdtr frame. A watery The Blood. I js^J^SsaS!^^ compMaly asad—my akM ttmmhK need oa my reeaeamMdrtbm. awd rawttb perfectmttofarthm. Tbowla »od parliereqaaltoAyat^lanBpa' rllk. It ■ tb* nataral mimyaf branri- tlaa et tb* blaod.-0*erg* G. Bintmi, -naBWowa. Va. For mcMdM 1 wm irwaMed wtt Ma> ■ken- At (ttma my haadi wimld era* BOB, Mead, aad lira taniblv. eraiMw Jam aolMlM. I triad ■ Timady 1 Kwadvtrtlaed.b« . braeif. nmn 1 taeh Ayar'e R Fear bettlaa ef IM* — Ml*. T. r. CaMIng, n 8MMk fl Mkaa.Mam Positive Proof. ' rad. fm men. a div aealT burner. Two yaar* Mae* I wae axsartnad at M* Aimy LoaglSd HlaaidN.fotMreng.jgdT tnSiwMd drtmwetadmlhirtrtdUcieJ eaa* waa daattnd ta ta dJbTWT 1 psaram* tb* MiedT wu berediury. Larf* aeala* eavaaad lay lT» —8 win Ayers Sar saparilla. I — ~~ Wfcy. Mff Ckambwi ^ Oraww. « ^ STHOTTaMtOV-

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