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North Carolina Newspapers

Charlotte messenger. volume (Charlotte, Mecklenburg Co., N.C.) 188?-18??, July 02, 1887, Image 1

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III. NO. 48. MESSENGER »TaB Charlotte Meseengfer n PtTRt-IITOwn Ivvery Saturday, AT CHARLOTTE, N. C. In the Intereste of the Colored People of the Cooativ. AiJennd tTell.faMtrB wrlten wfl] contifiK fiw to li« relomoe from different pert* of tbs «nntrjr, luvJItwOl eonteln the leteit On «ra1 Ns*r» of thedajr. Tltt ilESsnfOiale *flnt.el«M newipepn . and will not allow poreonol abwe In It* «d- Binns. Ills not eeefari*n or pertitu. b«tt UKlrprndm—(ImliiiR f*Iriy by *a It re- fJTTM Uio right to criUciM the abortoomlng* if all pnbUe aflMal*-oo«mendli« the wnrUir. nml Teoomtnendlt^ for dsctloa «jch mm iwlnletfopiolon orobettmtited to eerre .... —, of the people. SUBBCBIPTIOffB: Idimvt n Adeoan.) I Tfor . II JO •inontte . - 1 OO f- mopHM . . . 7', 4 niontbe . ' . JO o moniln - ■ . >40 Addren, W.C. SMITH, CharlettoNC, An Atncricnn who happciied fo mo a man i7iur.ler«I in Unr«nn w»* dclalncd irn months in jail m * wtinCM, and the uilse then decided that it snu * caw of telf-defeirie. Cub*, observei the Detroit ' "# fV««, it o-'e of the placet where a d man getaalooK the best. FARM AND HOUSEHOLD. 8o»7iBR Gp*aa Wlthont Ontin. On good, mout, rich land I hare had ctwilotft eueceu in reeding gma in tprin^, upon greensward turned over the pree'jit, fall. »ad the surface thoroughly pulverized before winter and n^in made flno ainl mellow before epriog. By fhit method grata land mey be kept produc ing full gropi of grau everv year without planting. Bat it will nSed reweding oftener than if an occaaional hoed crop ia grown, Timothy iaonp of the pooteat kin^ of grm.s tor spring toedlng without erain, but if town in Augstst It will pro- duee ft full crop tho next rammer Orchard grata {s * good variety for ipringsecding A great amount of grata teed it annuftllv lost by towing it in eon- oration with spring or winter grain. •The grain crept being harretted in the hottest part of the year, leave the tender nodprBTlouslrthadedgrattplanttto be burned up, leaf and root, by the leorch- Ing lun.—ifoi*jAiua£» /hrmar. timber that wilt ipUt into plow beamt, barrow frames, wagon tonguei, ”®** P^**“ * bay rigging, a log for ft Toner, or any other material needed. The broken implement sriU terre at a pattern to hew or otherwUe work by. When found, prepare roughly and pile la ft loft, where the wood may become tlioroughly teasoned agalntt a time of, want. Jinny e job mey be nicely done m the workshop in inclement weather cipociftlly in winter. Provide a few necessary tools and a ttbve to keep the shop wftrm. At odd times mske dupli. Mtc* of snides or pans to implements break. Many minor implements more cheaply bought repaired or made on the far*. Handles eny oftheimplemects, rakes, etc., are among ihe number, and when they may he bought ready shaped, theyerecheaper tban to bow the* down from timber It takes little labor to fit these properir to their pieces. In tho wurkshep broken harness may be mended by means of rivets or atitch- Ing. Many implements of i Qyb wuvd here used beinj oommonlv in tlw I yemey would teva beaif m ’fiw ^ *1 In rm t. wbere U inaena ‘tha yood tbafti wtien they naetaad Ih* vffl. Bast," wbereaa bervltbintbssinmilv. It *(■ or beuse aa it had r~— v-a-iT janMlmptubaMthettUavlswof^minv W .tt . . - Is so beyond queattoo. for tl L^a Ten. ••Xh* T.f,,, Han. II.. ,14,, I- at-Cemeeserr br TiaeihvOwlabi. ca.ter.sis-'aijssssi.i “““""I**"* theannouiK-enient which uSTT “t® A* Immediately m- "uu^lf**" '***^ ^ Matthew'*^ p^>a HiaU^ ai wemay say, from tS* fstberssdB,^ freratbonnlot of view of gra«iUo3lcaldetrOLt;lh*tetljiklaapro*cbrt —moUwr’s side, m*l frbmthed^ —j—lwUh It* beginning. It “•oared fnafa. tnnrnits anrl »o find the detftUs I«ar^ *bem a^wcially, so far SLs *52^ '? f-okes acoount, parfasaos of Herod. In affirmed that ,ui ■,.« ainrular of tunoon is aoraetlma used to denote East.” Tbo wort ‘'worship" lioro mer o to ■'do homage" or “show rorcrrac*;' but it "dorouan. There Would srem to have been In the of tbs Magi a dralre end b«y> for liriit Hns of th* roeMlanie Uen, pc least in ssM ra dagrae. i—Aftrf uAn Herod the ff'ino Arartf 1.7 ”* ?£* I'^vaWeth and aU Jenuaiem uilf fttm; Tbeform of expmsion seemsseindl- CM that Bared did not know of tha arrival of the Vagi and thaobiectoftiwIrvUit until Wndtfaw after tbev hsd reaebed the city. ''‘“•toiwlTed the inforaiaii-n, be was t^onnlsA Tho verb io this ctfce ci-nvoys the IteMbalog offitatod by renaon offwor orMastotbepawlMe Qjn»oqu»u;-ca tohlm- ■*f- Thf “UnA «« tl» psrt of P*?fpa_of Jarusaloui, cntbeoUwrhand, nsnivrefTO* more preMhIyto the conw- rewilt for thenselvm. Whether Hero I eboutd finally l«,j hj. throne bacaiMt of this new Kino or ur the would be likely to sufforW)"': th, v^t . ^ch he might ad^t tor tho » *■' power and the overthrow "The l-toplr, %roni away Alford earity of his —„ of ht* advmary. ,,c. by asdilinns aui sJaaghters, Ho. venienco in the family may easily k Ho. to feed HoKs. made. Bern the children will make pier hotri"M«‘?i.^f" I Itondy with twls of Ken- The hired men will alto take kindly to “PP«>- »•■>« it U wre to keep them printo more than ft foot to himself. Have out of the stonn. .. .geueraJ allosIoD Uw WTftUve of kUtthew,^^ Both blind n Primmer* prartiee a scheme to cir cumvent ihnt clause of the lotcr-SUte law relfttlng to churgcs for cxcesi of bag. t-ttge. When the drummer'* baggage cx- r c-cds I.IO pounds he buy* sevenit tickets in his pinna of (Icslioatinn. On these he 'hreks hi« baggage. Then he Mils the 'icket* he- dorsn't want, and of course be ■a .til right. Dr. Osoar I/fnr. the eminent scientist, bae lately returned to Europe, after tray- vliogoD foot acros* the African conti nent, through regions literally rcekiog- with marsh fever*, pgues and amoilpox. During the entire journey he enjoyed perfaet ud robust lieelth, and on not i eipgle ©ceesion fell the need of medicine, wmcdisl or preventive. This immunity ho attribute* alme« entirely to hit cor rect diet and habits. Rsw fruit he rbewed. All water used was first boiled. Not e drop of alcoholic liquor passed his •ip*. Rico, chicken and tea formed his ample fere. He avoided bathing in ccld water, exposed himself as little e* pwsjble to the dews end mists of night, tod dressed entirely in fienoei. There is going to be snether total vdi|*c ou Anguit 18, and s-’ir.ynmrerilifts been organized to J-tiian an-d observe if. The exped'ilion w;i] be under the auspices of the Kation- *1 Acft'icmy of Science', which body also JiifTip-ijci tbe required foods. It will be u ■I-r the chirgo of rrufessar David P. fc -lu, Birocior of the Observatory at Am- k'r.‘. Theinstrjmcnt* to be used will I' cV-.-fiy pintographie, ud will be for- c. h'-cl psrtlvby the Government, partly Observatory, and partly by The potty will onabcrtwelva fi. 'la, (woof them being photograph- 'r 'rfm San Franci'co. end therewaibe *1.: » j hoiftgrapbcrs from Japan. The liniion will be at Kikko, ninety milet •r,.a Tokio. division* by means of small fenced yard* so arranged tljat at I«st three aizes of pigs can slip under and be divided into three grades and eacli have a trough to ost from. Now, by pouring the swill •mo (he trough* forlhe small pig* they will crowd into their pens first end be out of the way of the older ones, eafe, eating. Then take the second grade end they will .11 be on an equality and out of the way of the still larger ones. In Ihi* manner a feeder ran regulate the feed and gradehi* hog* in eating, and man.age a large number and have eaeh ft prnp-r share of food, and not get hurt. Do not undertake to raise your bog.s on grar* alone. They n«d at leiut one ear of t orn per day to give them heart and (oneutraliM the acid arising from rating (he gras*, a full supply of : ashes and salt should be kept in reach all thatime. Charcoal is a great neutralizer of acid*. Burnt cob* are good. Re member that clover i* full of acid, ud a soumtoraach soon lead* to diseaia. "An ounce of prevenUon is worth a pound of cure’’ in tbi*ca«. Deetrojlng Anonal Weeda. Annual weeds may be most easily killed when they first show themselves above ground in siariiog from the seed, end to the seed, or part* of the seed, it clings nourishment end rapport until it it C'tablished. Many of tbe worst weeds are io this stage very small, and if ; spring time, plowed land With s good atockdf timber poles may be prepered for maldig ^s; lumber *ey be flrtod for pig*^*; poet* may prepared by boring or hewtogi nilsm.. be *hftii>cDcd| mangeiu may b* fitted, feod-boxae prepared, etancUos* made wndy for fitting together, end tools implomeriia may be «iinrpcv i. Thwfl nre a.few of iho'u.O's to uli.,ch ilie workshop may he put on-1 the ijrtren'iiiy of the master nod ni»n exercised. U they prevent a visit to the rillago groecry for drink and eiir«l-plnj5ng whru time drag* heavily, the email ecoftomin*. * ill carry joy to the household, li -nor to f.e head of the fnmilv. and money into tlw purse agniiitl a rainy day, — CAiroyo Reeliren. BpoisokCaru.—Real theyolksnf three egttt well,, and the whites until they pile up in a snowy mass; put these with o.u henpiog cup of fine sugar; beat fi minute* at least “hiorou^y mix o heaping tcaspoonfol of bak^ powde.- one. cup of sifted flour and leu minutes, add one half cup of cold water, bent in evenly, add one cup more flour, bcarligniD, and bake in a deep pan in a quick oven. AspASAors Porr —Boil twenty-five Leads of ssparagiis in a quart of eoup stock until they arc quits done; ihi;n pound fhc ftsparagu* in a mortsraod puM it through ft seivn. Mix a tabi'',poonfiii of flour and tin ounce of butler in a** lee- tho fire, add peiiper, sugar sauce. bis kiin quiet for a few days, the surface ' tbc esparagu*. and last of nil tbi may on dose inspection bo seen to he ! Lot tbi* mixture boil; add hnlf a gill ot minute plants, freqnostly ' eresm before taking it from th>- fire, and ' axjtllilfini-- I 1 ..1.. ... . ^ ' howevar, agree , the detaUs of tbe nSr by I-ukeand Uatto^ is. In view of what baa bsen »>-*H not a TOtwrwh)^ Should oemdoD difficulty w . “araover, when *re nntsldsr the • i' ll? of the narratlvsi, amd tb* ^^tUiemam fntamt of tbe antbonof' ^connacteil *nlh what followed tbe b> “duistry, ilcannol .•words to each o^ snould luvnlvo somowlkftt af rMlM-SnM. ^ wxneJn. XauLr ex^iSura. m some degree of nneertalnty. We must re- two Coraols claims to be a full biography of Jesus, and that If' ^ifeiw, HiB eraianation, whkh We ibay now swnred tnecees. might “^'^bavB been given u*. Among the p^i* rimefC* may Sr*Sj.Vw with U* trim PMnt* before (be time of bis birth. tii li folUleheinof JudS. or B^.hfch»;^Ephratab iSlKuh v., a. the pee rage from wliicS verso 6 of this chanter is It was siUuted at a dlslaoc*^ of wSS'i *■’1^ Bslbletoof Jo.'tc* wostb* exhibiting some bright color, ied o'r brown or green. At this lime htrrowi •An iron lighibouae for the Govent* w'.jt. wLir.i IS to be placed on AneJote Ke.’i s i'trr'>w land atrip lying between Cr.)u-*ndTimp*Key*,on th* west coast "f rinrids. i* a riccldton Ught-boae, 108 ■ i-i'th from tho beieto.lbo'tcqiof tha -a ’.hamber. It coaslits of a BoHow shxfs six feet in’diaflMter, *e- rurrd by heavy posts fastened with radial sod sti.Tened by wreugM-iron ’lis.'a.i lie bulls. When to potottoe it * 'lh*-.( I concrete foBodntioD fonrfeet d‘ ;• 'od thirty-eight feel aquen. Ube '•rfm (UnmUr is toached hy * fpliel •wa Maire*** lasLle the cratnl S^t ■Hie dy*rwaTs a'sd wtortow* m i^idly •torm-prK.f. ju,s below tbe tontara vh.njir-u the watdt-foom, whpmp tbe ofl I- ,v.m{>ed to tbe tonten. Vuffroea •' kgLted |>y peitbolea in tbe floor, Mriiill.v gbt/ed. TbeUntera (^•■brait' Mlf M 0 n-.'-vel'of tbe iron woeWi •^ ■•rraj'i. Ji is ocUgenal in eb^wd about U-C fet hivS. Tbe Mi iV tide* of the r.haiabcreK faetog wed* u Pranev. It took five MMIwMM*- *ton't the iighti.ome, but tim srorioM to be sept 111 Florida can erect (be straet- ^ m weak*. The llgbt-boaw »»*t eoiW the domneol tll.lM, awfl wtf-t* only soveoly-five lone. Ilii n knit tMzMher that il lbe*M«» top. .way u. h CM be snltod to aaotbtr miiag-pUa. with fried bra-td dice. Homirr CnoQCETTXs.—To onn quart of boiling water add a tenspooDfifl Oi salt; stir in gradunlly a heaping lielf- pint of tbe liiie.l lioiriny; boil three quarter* of an hour, nnd put it on (he I back of the range where it will rcainiii ' hot *0 hour longer; then put in * Urge I bowl and add the’ henten yolk* of two eggs mix it thoroughly and when cold ■ rbapo into cones; dip tbe mensinbeaten • egg. roil in crumbs and fry in Itoiling “»''«Iliir«r«nt repivsenu- •eenllonrt in tbo Gospels .nd the U.JifJIL'”?iFra«r*Jlvoaiio.l Harod elviwhffll" ' I "• eEiiH?r Jr rtSsSf™ twelfth dMth^ told the aenonnt of wbou sSSf!^'^™**''*"'*“U*todAgrippa.tto w" a grandem^ Matthew may bsi a nephew oTHmoiI Ibf lilffwrtit Hertow they V what they be^reaacntoappnb^ (rtra him.' S>f“;«»«»I were bla psrtisiin*, on tbe toe pawibi0dsslra^ U« of tbetr leader and tbenwelves. O^peopU. he 4ag»ff^ 0/ rAnrt toArve the ChriU ehoiM be wnevrtftln wlictlier the wortiso" “formal meeting of tbj *wiib Sanhedrin, of «hich th* *oriuma;i' chitf-prlrets wero membari, or not. .u..c protooly, Uerod sumtuocad a lai^e comioui to mit- ^,.B»d submiurt (he question to them learned menjdUwr than in IbejrcanocitVM iS2?^15i^toenaeioiL Tbo fre.|uc^v^ih twonty-foBr clju.«t of priests mcniio'ioJm ' prominent persoiu, wellas-tho serlbea wbo*c huwucwi jt«a, to fludy the OWl'estanienl. would bo brat ^aufloil to Answer the question tiri>i>cw(.-l T'V'T’ ^to'^woribiiiru hu-rnlly -lied, Is, Where it tAr Cbrid turuf tiiat to. ;Vfc»fJ. nceonllne to fbu Uhl Teeiemeiit Mclaralions, etc., doe* the birtj lake plaef 'nibionii of the e,oc.-lion u ihat which theautbor mar have suppe*»l If, rol !S,Z *“.y unto /rim. In BHhUhttn of Jiyilea : for Ihta if it icriiten to {Asprop**/. .4ml fAou BelhUhem, land of fu^h, art in no irise leoif nmono //., orlaerse/Jurin* : foreul oCfAcs thall cmne 'erth n gorentor, ti-hieh xhall hr Mhepherd of nif people Vs.-n*/.- Tb* OH TodanieBtiMw wehero quoted is taken from Micah v •’ rnwkarswvsralchanzetlo tbe word* riven by Matthaw a* eOntparad wtth tbiMB found vital bnportanoa as rdatad to iho Ihongfal Tbe principal »a is this: Matthew nys. "Thou art in no wfae Inet omonj tho prlncee of Judah: for out of tho*," etc.; JHcanravi: "Tliou. small lor “too amali ’J lo bo nmiwia tb* thouasmto of Judah, not of thee will com* Cnrlh " Air 'Thl* rliWrranm hr,,, ik rm« : forth,'’etc Tblsilifferenco. of DO iperlaJ agitilieaneeio far is the mnin Idea of Iba paiuagv U enD.-vrned. Alct- thowspMksaa if fromthe Uloucbt of what COBS* fortli from Bathiebcm—In vivw of this, uioa art no niatih lb" teert. The E hstiqieAksasirfrdraUM offliohia start silnt: "Though too ruail, . . . vetihe rulAr of Israel will oome from tliee^ ‘I'hf ebann from "thoasaad*" to "princes" may possiblj be eoenected with a teadeary tc ■vartaAcnef personification in Matthew' use of tha pasrage, . mbatituiloo of ‘‘princes for the larger divtalpu or *'famUi*a''of thi tribee wbira might baVsSndi a bead or chief "1. tho wort In ate.l from the ttorr 1* _ _ nily aecordinsto the lanfuage ami,iba indlcsKoiii point stroogly toward tt* etm- chuiea that the star was a eomenon, whsrti was aaosedto snaaer' fare tp^ porpose, and, havtexaowplMiad fto ' mtosfoa, finally dlsappearsd. How far thr lingnoge ai sppaarvtce^ cr ed a aert of paaO-' cel picturing, may te poMUeta thto vwie. tl Is difficult tosay. TbestardJd ant ratoaUv' inova,itonIytesDed tomove,a7tfiBaewhw would held this vlsw. It mnstu ffitawn, be said, however, that tb* rdbalndra et Ihw story is told in the proralc, not tha peitlr, way; U istold M If afi that is oraltaiS actoaHyoccufied. It mast also be edaMtoff that Stan in tha upper bsavede, whiA apparently go before tbe travMr, do aekava mm to stop over a village or a hoosa ‘ whan tbe travrlor raacbea the have er villaga. Id tUsbrisfiute, tbsdiaMlIMIa Iba way of the view that tim pbMmraew wns a cot^oetion of ttart eraaol be K ented. Tha raodar nay he rdittiid t» articio in Bmlth'i Bible DMtonarr. in. titled "The Star of tlw Win Men.” ^M* landlfflenlUnin cooiMcttOBWtth - — ^ -of tho nMeet which baa baaa proSMssd. That which hobb that the star wa* an extraordinary lomlnoni bedy whldi appearad for n timq aed than dlnnpemL and which In its mevemonl^ etc., «»— to tbe Btatrmonte of Uis namtlrs ♦«!«*■ Uierolly, Is tho one which la. p«^pi,ezpoMd ' lotbefoweet an luui ohjoctiona, atwI cbeom which may bast snUafy tiw AiY,*odf of tin ea^ VersPlL—And lAsy »sm« into fAs hoiuv ond asio tAe youno ehUd tnU, Jfarv Me nmfAsr ,• and tlie'i fill denm and uiorafifcinf Ato,- and cyieniRg fArtr (reonn-n Otoe offered unto Aim gtfle, gold tnd /rnaJda-' rente and mjnr* .- nio word* "the bonev palurelly point baclcwnrd to the pbran tvlirn, the young child wai.” tn vam J> They woiiH ncvro lo IniUcato, 1? sre taka thnw In cnnnoctlon with tho stoiw of the birth of* Ji*u* as given by Luke, that tb* pareota oM Jiwtt* had left tbe ion before this time ew^ wcr.' now in a houn. If we MaUhawW narrative alone, we might nii«an» to be on* in which ^ eepu And Mbit had barn previously Urine asresuloQladDrthlebem. OutLnkatells us that they had com* from Nazareth, and that they were onl.r In CeUilsbeto for* time. Tho fart Uiat Jowpli 1* not mention^ hmscartw- Iv nert* explanation, a* tbe child *m th* ob xetof lb« r*earcli and inquiry. aDdtIwehild -roiild natornlly bo with Ills fnoCbar. Tlw ’trvaaarc*'' bora lasntlonnl were tbe tme- nro-bcxco or ehcsU which they carried with them. Tbo gifta which they offered weresnest lepreperalory to tbo presenUtlOB. gifU, c Ibey did ohouence In Vc*aj li—And hetnp ytamtd of Qod In a dream that (Ary thould not rrturn to Hmd. Ibey departed into their own eotaUry another toau: Tbe Magi wore In s dnem directed net to return to Jmselikn, wbio* would have bi-en their n-ntural eotrae as they wont homeward. Tbe Diviue I Jii iwidtleu In this con was, os ire may beUlva, partf r. nt Iraitt, In order that the accooiptlshawut of Horert's plan of nitting Jesus to death lairai be hindered. 'What other puMviaa ir the warning nmy have bad, w green. At thi* time a light or any thorough disturbance of the surface on a nann, bright day, ill detfroy myrisds io an boor. A week later the piece niigSl need plowing again to kill them, and then ten limes aa many might escape. Tillage intplemenli cannot be expected to stir the whole soil whore a crop is growing, but while the row* or drills are well distnrbed a good poirion of fine earth is fhroirn upon o.-icb ride, end so the whole Aurfaeo 1* renewed. It is very ; Bco SbAW.-Chop finely some lende, fortunate that of IhcraliiUe weeds many , while cabbage. Let it iav in water half “re Mother^ by being covered by e ,n hour before utiag. Drain all the SJMII quantity of earth, *o that those • water from it. To about three cupful* which eo^tveand eresubsequeotlyfoun.l of cebhego add a toblcspoonful of sugar, ^wtng ln tho rows are comparatively , one teaapooaful of salt, one of French tow. and usually such u were prolrated ' muMsrd or of mixed mustard. Afiii bystanding close to valuable plants. : mixingwrlltogethor.add tivowcllliciien rad* in the ssrrf leaf an therefore ' rgga in e cup of hoiiicg vinegar, a little killed by being uproated, dUturbed, cut . cayenne aed s Ublrspooaful of l.iiftcr up, «■ sntofhered. H allowed t« live Pour this over the cabbage; to** well to. tb^ gain strength daily, and must or- ' getber and nerve, dinerily be cut up belo*^ the ground, or "wws^"! i liwbil i up-rooted, operaiion* involving ranch BhrmiJi'e PerNt of Teak Ubra-plo^ng. Ulling b, the cultivator ; u obtaining the vast and rich domain or toe or hand pulling. ThU • of Burmah the English Government b*i elera of weed* is evpeeielly ennoying In [ come into posteedon, among other natu- f^und under plew and summer tillage; | nd treasure*, of immense foresu of teak, these of V more penneneDt character oe- \ irhich, oerer very plentiful in IndU wet -«• ehfcfly in graft* I*nl-Ai»*rtora4p. | bocoming coramerrially rjnite rare and • naiBce- Ai^ ■ yirttftwfif Tbe P*e^ WoricMop. Rave yog • werkdic^ on fte farml get, why not I Many job* can be doM conaequeally of increased cost for isdos- trial purpoee*. Of ol! the wood* grown in the East this has been pronounced as, ' 1 some respects, tbe meet valnabk. Tbir tetrerch.' TtwcrtiAltv Herod s wlon. an' folly iq character.—fMo/d. u« Jerumlem: TTn “in ’5:. V^. Of'tiw wort to« miglit well have WflOrt l^lf to the Ravlatre Tbsoe _ ^ "’hJeh nartol with H oonlaiice « "w»/rom I of tbe ReTiiod VaalOT n and rvfen (s- — Daniel il. •n.. Jli, vspivi* II. I- ally a dtstuiguiibad urisstlv devotwl L:,.n—1..— 1£S worW. Thii nimno^ sroat .v«bu m ti m reodsred urobaUe bv tbo „ narrative bvrerlvni. as w*0 as by what wi l^w of tb* Maxi rlao* frnin ntbvr sourera T)w rsgtra which Mattbsw dedimetos “> ■the cast,' raonot be detrrrolnrt with car taiDty; but Uwre can be lltile doubt that It war aitbar Arabia or Xenia, and looro probahlv, aa it wrniM s*«m, it was Perris. IIm worth "frotn tteea«,'’lo the grammatical conneo tioaoftboArtieocc.— ' ■■ • Acts ... Nndersd “carefully'' by the P-evlirt \'e taay prrhap* bo better tronv'alol l,v "Oi- carotoly.'' Th" ei*-t meenlnv of the (>hra»> rrrvlerail "wlut time tbo star opjvtai-ai'’ ("literally, "the time of tb* ai-pearlnl; st^*) li nnoerUIn—wlrellier tbo words tuosa "» ben ^ star first sp|>wimt," or "bow tang e time bed p-tsenc] idnro It Am apnMr-*L'' In olther case. Heroi, in oodeavoring to gain all the knowledge which the wise mm rould give, nutdc It a jioint to drtm-mlnc the tlioe or (he first rielnc ot (he star, as leariag upon the birth of iho new king, or upon the actioo wbirb he tbmld cak* in consc-ioenee of rimt event. Tlisve may be a connertloo, pooiblv, in this regal d, between this \-etns oM vrsas Ifi of rat* chapter. Vena A—zfiid he aent them to BrtAteVm, •dsoid, Oo sad srairA oufcarqfu/lp ear TRioo (As young ebild; and tcAcn ur Aoi found Min, Oring me tsotri, that I alto ma ■ iroriAtp Afm; Thn exjirre-i.) 'IsthereDdcrinxc^awonl >vhie_ occurs m only two other nlar-a io Iho N^w Tcsumoit (Matt x., 11; Jobn zxt, Iti. In OcxiDection with tbe adverb wiiicb ie aiidMl to it. tteoncrstsancxonilnasion into the matter vritbacrnbnyanil emiraoy. Herod laid ' ->-*• thus rarcfiilly, In order ' II that > ' be learned rtet«rtlne to tbv UKgl a faW rra- 0 get the InfurniatioR: ' ‘ cUiiA He ---ftrltiederire this tosnied to hlr.. hisplou. Tbs wort “ironffiip,''to this terse, prcfahly nmas "doi ™. a. On, l.ln. lii, Ounll j "Pf”"" UIU b«., Tb-,*,. to. » onkr ita. rf »n» ‘"'P -”1 m p-,b.r> oto -rtV, >»»,, ;™p— Un, E-n, .othmd, wtthi 'P' «•.. biK b, ...7 ««i b«»». „ bjl ™ P^U.^ »«»l Ibri, l«dllgc. ■■ Inul tn «Kb . d-nZ I ■«“>■* "«W ,« .rf, . u, in-rnnn Job. -«nb»,l, tXo "*;T “ cn-F.. lb. «I. "fi'"' . . • , .. .. * , ficaof 'olov find ffniii, lod takes a wood shaped mi ugly —edtig trtfng. Ifyoo g-«*.««•««** e gora im diMggt fm wbcM mgA thiggi gray I tebg^ wtai iadto wadBliM Ml! Jftwfrau wamta the two t-tto-wi —n far«ggkatlMtwfiiagkesplowhMfl^^VntaM»nt7W. MtlMgln*. • viKB •. 10.—AHcKArp, Anriagi heard tha Ungual their my; «ad to. the stor, uAich the]/ saw tft the eittt. lasid before them, MH it earn and dond uiw iritsvs tA« voaocr e*£W ISOS. And irAcn they eow the ilar, they re- feiaeau-ahraToedlnggreatJey: Tbenolnnl ImpnsBiOBdorlTwi froo thw vorra would to he that the‘ tioaoftboAmicocr. areirmtonobablvto U ioiaad *rtth “Magi,* rotW with thi Tberolirai wendoQbU* li tndkatsd by ibsir qoeitien. wbieh tnarki theJmaeadbriiRct body from tbenaeirw 1 their count/TaMS). p'ehak—Supig, tyjteraii Helhatiaboru . V fa* JtuaT Thie nunrihia was, nc dooo*, nreranted to each laadlnx inen ot . - -- . .k --o—.• . —r“ ■ittberl&sin Jnsolrtuasttey warealiUto ••““to he that the Mart haJ not teen the meek TWdeeS^wtero^Sebstore «»«• «Hy« ^7 •'^t tbrirfatne to the snsa. It Hrrod at ftrat, but abro nroboUv tlwy eu* to PO^Wr^however. that verae 10 refers only *i^«»^ttoeeirttb*i!?«Srf^pri2*,^ that the itor, whole cemnoar ot whom ri ——^ifif? ia I •“*• theai to Jrritsahaa. now Tsvto 4. Ta MayraiwiewkSr^ ‘Ttoi a? gps^^n to gmto them to Bethlaham. fcfatfag of the Jewo. that iMr MtoM w« ^ wonT to rule over the woril. wlgbtat thnl perM have bara raOMratlv diiMglnaM thro^ ecriMriae^ th* Host to Itod Mstotoh, and to Jeraara . »to» iwmtMMvto nt aftohs; ^ tb be iraosdi toe rtn^forib* MTOM of Mttog baton Me mtet £• WMH^s^n hHoneM the woMhIM totSseo?. - ' n* **»!•'• eneda "to lbs mnt~ mar a term 3. "at it* rhliMf. * 'Hw at th* Neoad port of vsm •. wbsn taken to eocuuettoa with the orwotw worts of vaneio. todfcnttantoevsnent^ theste gntU tt come totfasbaatowinrt tbeetaSd wn, ^aratthto er stogptag above thatbousr. U tUi la tha mtenhir, or, M tbe viaage raibrathM Ibl'boiaah ntorrrt to totbaitofMa ‘•wtonUmyoav rbfld waa," •^***"—"toanbaan on ortiiaiT stor totbanHW-tonvana; sratbaMv. ftwmamefcfssfasr °°™ r. oarissr* ewns tn amedilpMtm: h22tf5llS?S^SifZ^2?*^J ... cotAlD ant definite « _ iDode Botltbdifflcalc for os, to viswef tbe simpie story, not to belike u»«t ttuy ^ fortcri to thairown ceuntiTBs trneauajsas of the zwwnbom King.and that they (mini (n tbelr own experience the meantor of the words of tbe angel who bad anpeand to Joeeph in a dream, and bad said: ’*Tbeg ahsltcall his name J«ns; (or It is be *»«-> s'.uiU isive hi* people from thrir stoe"—8hv- Joi/'f'cAool TYmca f Makigg Soap. To describe with any miontegeti **«» process of making soap ie impoeetbU. It la formed bytha uuionof alk«iLit *rlth vegetable and animal cdla tad fstr The requisite quantity of tallow having been placed in the boiling vet, » wrak lyo is added, as the boiling continue* more and more lye, stronger and strogger, is Added. As the tempature iaemse* end the elksli mingles with tho oil a milky emulsion is formed, Tbe boiling it continued, until tho glycerine, or sweet prtnciple of the fat sepente*. Finnlly by the addition of salt the emulsion of the oil end alkali U deeen- posed, the salt tbking tbe water end c-iusing a preeipiietion of the newly formed.soap in eoeworgranulsted atote. It now goes through* second oporttiea like the flnt, ud tbo whide is boiled some time until tbe fate ere completely saponiAod. After allowing time for the suLsidarc of tbe drege tbe aoap it tnoS' ferred to frames wbm it cools ud bo- comes solid preparatory to being cut To import tho marbled eppeezMOo to sosp, when it is nearly finished, aeaiaU quantity of very dense lye i* sprinkled on it. Tilts percolate* slowly throu^ the whale, giving it tbe red motled ap pearance. ToiU-t soep* are ">«••* from very pure ui sweet metcriels which go through supplementary proceeaes of pv- fScation ud perfuming. Tb* -modica) ingredient* in muy toilet aoap* erg add ed durioglheboiling.—Gsgrtosw Obtervttitn* et the Horen. An old raTalryTnu eevs that * botm will never step on e mu intentionally. It is A standing order with cavalry thrt should a mu become dkoMut^ he must lie down ud be perfectly st]^ 11 he dors eo thr enlin compuy trill pras over him. and b* will not te injured. A horse DOtfres where be i* going, ud it on the look out for • firm foundattoti to put his foot on. It h u iutfeet with Um. tbereforr, to step over • pteetrnto The Injgriee eanUd by e ruuwq boiee are nceriy aiirayt laflktied by Oe uiresl knocldag peopte down, ud aot Lj uepptog on them. Althot^ 17.7M people die d^ w tbe giohe, yet there art hen, ae (bet* seen* Uttla hum to fw thgt e egpptF of ««to(y Rg Utotto^ UntoAeM, ^

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