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North Carolina Newspapers

Charlotte messenger. volume (Charlotte, Mecklenburg Co., N.C.) 188?-18??, July 09, 1887, Image 1

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VOT.. III. NO. 19. 'dEMELO’j®:,'Nv:(i, 62VTURDAY. JULY 9, iSSt Tin $iil Iff Aim mk Off Sah Charlotte» Messengfer livery Saturday, AT CHARLOTTE, N. C. I ' lir IntcreffU of tbe Colored People Country. M.i,. :iiil wll.ktioeii wrttcn will cuntrlb- • ii- . ■■Iiimmi from iliffment parts of Um ttM latat Oen- .1 S...V ,.f tbeilay. !>' MKrisKKUKBis afInt-rlMs IMws{ll^er ' ' .'ill mil allow )irn>Diial abuse lu Its col- it isiKit iwtarian or partisan, but I. l.•llll-lll -d'-ulin* fairly by all. It re- . .; Ik' lislit to criUtdae tbe ilartcocnlnKi ill isibtli- ofllrUfaH-oooiuwndliig the ..iili«. nml miimuivDillnit for election web M .L-III imiinnionnre li^fuited to serve l■ll•.|•■sblo^ll« puopie. ii I iciliwbalW) the Ions M( need to ailviirwte tlie riehU and ii'iiil ilw Inttr.ntii nf the Netfrn-AnMcican, (•'.'Hill' in llie Plodniont swUon of the !■> 'InuiiH BVBBCBIFTIOXS: (Atn-opsin Adranoe.) . liSSItlls • • • 0 Atldrew, c. SMITH, Charlotte NC. mill- How TheraoMetfra Are Made. iliiTniemetmi were all of uniform K-r »i»l {'mded accurately there III. of rimiBR, . bo DO iUffrrence ' rn'i 'irila. Hut thi^ fact is that tumuy im|H'rfcrr1y made ud carcIcMly Iml. nnii llxwr, of course, will girt I tr ililTcrinj; nuiKs. Tbo first poiot i>f (-iiiistiui'tionul the mercurial tber- ji'ltr i, lu ecu Ibal the tube is of ir.ili'n-r throuKimut its whole >r. Toosrrrtaio Ibis 0 shortcolumo iii rniry is jhii into the tube and •'•I ii| ami il'iwo, to sec if its length sill. the Kami- tlimiigh all parts of the If a tula-whnsecalHier isnot THE G()I.1),.FETEE. fixm is iii«J slight ililTrrrni'cs ans made in its gniduatiun tonlluw for it. A scale of iiiuhI ]>arla is ctiTird upon ibe tube, nnil from »lis«rvatii>iitof iDC(|uaIitice ol tliccohitno u( m'-rrury luovwl ijil a lalilc giriug the temperatures rorro- .s[»oiling to Ihisc divi.iions is formed. A bulb is Duw Mown on the tulie, and while the ojieii end of the lallrr Is dipped Into mercury beat is ap|)lii 'l to the bulb to cx|>.iii.l tbu air in it. The beat is then wiilulra'iu, and, Hu- uir within contract- ine. a p'Uiion of the mercury riws in ■ be tula' and |>artly fillsihc bulb. To the openeii1nfi1ioinbt> ii fiimiel containing nii-rcury is lilted, the bulb placed over il liniiic until it Imils. Ihus KtialliDg al| nir ami tuoi'.turc frtioi the insiriimeiit, nn'l, on oM>1iitg. the Uiiw iostiinll; fills with mercury. The bulb is now placod in ■•'■nu hnl fluid lausing the merrury williin it to |.\|>ind and flow over the top «>I the tube. Slid when this overflow has ca Hsl tliv o|K'n end of the tube Is heated w -III a blow piiir flitine. To graduate the. in -triiini :il, tlic bulb ii plaiml in melting I.,-. ami. wlM.-n the top of the mercury c iiiniii liaefallcn as low as it will, note IS lah'-n of iu position referred to the ■sale >u the lulie. lliia is the freezing |s>iiil; It is marked as r.eTO on the ther- ln••llleIers of Kclsius and Iteaumur, and as tpjv on the Fahrenheit aysiem. To • Irii-nniiie the Itoillng point, the inslm- tm-'ii is placed in a mciallic eessel Mth double walk Wlwcrn which circulates liic tc.iio front iioiliii" waler. B«'tween ih" frvtrhiuami laiiling point of water I0i» eijiml tiegrees arc mtrkol b the iriitigrnde grmluutioii of Celsius, IbO di-uKS's on the Fahrenheit plan, aod M degrewi on the Iteaumur. On many tlier- monteirrs all throe of these graduathma arc indbaied on the frame to which tlie tulie ta atlached, Home weeh« after a ibi rmoHKlvr lias liecn mailv and gralei It m.ay a»ti-el that when the bnlh is ■mrueo'd in |v>uulel ice the mercery liM-K not ({iiite desrend to the freezing |s«iii. Tills is owing to a gradual u- i! of the mprrury which uautfly for nearly two years, when It U i.Miii.l that the sero has rtaeo aeariy a SI. dren-o. It is Ukd aeceasrry'(d - .' -Iowa the scale to which the tube is i. i., so ibst it wHf read aecurstely 'lir movemeata nfi the mercury. After * tills • luiigr. the areursey of the thenno- nu t'-r is aswimi, as there is ao further ez* (wnslun of the ihcrvniy eduau.—/«ler* • 0r.4it. I'tne-i la |ieojwted to lie bored andet ■ bruy's I’eaJi. b the Ilbeky Xouatain- ii aitllic jitaiTd 4,000 feet below the 'uDlmil of the meentaie. will he about !.'p>on ifut long, and will dlieet ren aiuak-atvw Intwcru Ihn vaUeya !a the illaiilM sk'jir awl Iheae af the Pacifir •de. aiib a shertraiagaf-eo^ fiOOarfias The Pleat Piece of Gold Found Now Kepi at the National Mu- aenm—Early fleenee In the Gold KIclita ^ The original rauM of the ^at Cali fornia gold ferer—the Brat ferer germ— is at the NatinnnI tfuseums. It is secure ly sealod io a litilo glass boltle.and there is no longer any li-oger of contagion. It is a little flattened piece of gold about the'size of a gold dollar. It is the piece found by .Marshall, while digging a mill- race the year before the (eror set in. It wBsunt direct X'lfgHisI, 1#4S:' ThT of the letter that accompanies it: Rah FnAHntwxt. AugnrtSI, IMS. This paper rantains the firat place Of gold ever dlwovered In the nnrtbern pert of Up- piTCaKrornin. It was fonnd in February, I MS. by Jamta W. liariliat], in the race of Captain A. Rotter's sawmill, aboot forty- flve miles from Rutter’s Fork, on the noth hranrh of the /Unerican Fork. It wasbeatan out with a hammer hv Mr. ManbaJl to test lUmnlleabilllv. It Is presenUd to tha Na tional luMtute, Washington. D. C. J. U FOLSOH. J, Jj. Folsom wu a captain in the United States service. There are many ficri-s of gold in California claimed to be the first found, but none nf them have the facts in favor of their claim. The discovery of this piece of gold by Marshall led to the search of more, and it found. It was Iho seeil that tfp to 1880 had produced fl,200,000.000 in goldi Prior to tliis discovery. Indiana and a few missionary priests had been collecting some gold in other parts of the Btatc.but this was the very first piece fbuoA ' gold belt, and ii led to the great rush to Californi Dr. n. M. Dawes, Ihc dentist of West Washington, was one of the forty-nlneri who starlivl out from .Wnshiogton. talking over the matter with a 5roe re)H)rtcr for a little while last evening. 'A piirlyuf MS, " he said, “tookasail- vesael at Hallimore in March, and w« V seven months and fourteen days makingthe IripJo Ran Francisco. There my brolbcrand rz-8enalor Sargent, then a Ineal reporter in WaAhington. ■a other Waitiiiigton boys and my self, and there were quite a number of from lialtimore to make up the party. That wiis the way Sargent the Rinle he afterward repre sented in the .'v-nate. We had a pretty hnni voyage. The Captain of thevesael lindly that when we got to- Rio do .tanciro we complained to the Cnosutaod had him removed. This caused H delay of fuuHccn days. Then ot Valparaiso we had to iiolciad a steam engine and other cargo, which caused a delay of fwi niy days more. It wu a weary voyage before we got to Ban Francisco. Kargcnl did not go all the | way with us. lie got of! at Valparaiao, and from there aai1e1 to Han Prenciaco in 'thee vessel. 1 remember that he studied Rponish all the wny from, Balti- •e |> Rio de .laneiro. ‘When we arrived at Ban Francisco several of our party who were carpenters ilopjietl there. Tlic.v got $18 a day for working at their tnulr there, and thought better than taking the cbancet in the mines. There were sis in my party who proapec-ting. Every thing was fever and eacilcmentathcre then. AH irts of sensational reports of big finds were circulated, but there was not as much outlawry as many people suppose. In Han Francisco there was cnnaiderable gambling. It was not much of a city then. All the Imildingiwerefnunc. and the gambling-houses were like the frame barracks they put up for soldiers. The gsmiug-roonia were in front and the bar in the rear. Gamblers would pay $90 a nightforeaehtable. Tbeynevercooated tbe mmey. but juot staekad U up on.tlM table, and mcaonred it Jd lliat way. The gamblers were the only men who wore white ahirta. “There were no courta. If a man caqi- mstted a* oflense in the diggings ha was tried by twelve men selerted tor the pe- cnaion, and their decisions were prompt and jtwl. For that reason there wore few crimes committed. Our gold was left hi camp without any one to giuird I* and It vrn« never stolen. I would aometimea iNve a day's diggings b a m out In tbe miatodry. Kq one erar^dlifcnrtiM U- For aenoas crUbes the ^ry of twalve would hang a man; for petty larceay they would horse-wWphlm and givahhi twenty-four hours to get oat of camp. If amuauaka pit and threwa^or diorel in it fan conld go on prospecting, Msd tflhs satwreed any tfoac within M diggings, well atodted with prevlsiona. We went Ant to South Fork, then,to North Fork or Frether River, ^ere was so iqndianod that we had to abandon onr. cattle end whgon-aod^ car:^ our packs on ; backs. We did pretty well, but I was sick and bad to keep out of the trenches and give upmlnlngfera while. When we dissolved partamhip at North Fork a sack of flour fell to my share and laold it for.$300. .1 then bought a boat and gun and shot quail and }aek rabUta and sold (hem in ten Francisco. Quail brought $7 and $8 per dozen dead, and IlSaliTe; and jack rabbita $7 and $8 each. The aecond time I went back to San Fnneisco the cholem was raging there. Hen were dropping dead like shrep. T went to tha digging ffgalo, and big rock near Middle standing high out of the water, which whirled in a swift eddy around it. We knew if there was any gold in that locality it would be right in this eddy. So we fllledhegewith sand and made a dam to turn the water aside so that we could get at it Tbe very first dip of my pan brought up $218 worth of gold. After working then a week we divided up, and each got $000 as his sbare There were six of os.”—Woskinptea Star. The ServyMnder. Use history of tbe word gerrymaodet Is interesting. In 1811 the anti-Fivler. alista, or Republicans, as they were then called, after a bitter contest, siicceednl in electing their candidate for Uovcrooi of Maasaeimsett/, Elbiidge Gerry, and a majority in both houses of the I.egisla tiire. To order to maintain this majority in the future, they proceeded to re-ar- nDga the Sentorial diatriefi of Ihc State, which had hitherto been fomod without any division of oountlas, by di viding counties so os to secure an snti- Fcderaliat majority, even though tbe counties were, in reality, stroogly Fed eral in seatiment. The Federalists pro tested, but in vain; the divisions were made without even a considcratioa of the propriety of the net; tho work sanctioned by the Oovernor, and became a law by his Bigoature; wherefore bis political opponents soundly castigated him through the Dewipaperaand tit pub lic meetings. Id Emcx County the ar- mngoment of the distri^^n relation to the towna was nngil^F and absurd. Rusaell, the veteran ^itor of the Boetoo Smiinel, who bad atreniiously apposed t)|e scheme, took a map of that coonty and coloring ttw selected towns, bung it 00 the wall of his editorial roe day Gilbert Stuart, the eminent painter, was in the room, and looking at the j map remarked that tbe colored town-1 ships resembled some monstrous animal. I He took a pencil, and with a few touches drew a bead, wings, clawa and tail. “There,” aaid Stuart, “lUal will do for a talamander.'' Reyolds looking at the hideoai figure exclaimed: “Sulamanderl Call . Ik gerryma&der.'' An engrave'] copy of this map waa widely cirrulaied by Ruascll, and the word was imuK-'ll- alely adopted Into the national poll al vocabulary as a term of reproach for those wbn change bouodariet of districts for a partisan pariMMe. —/nter Orean. tiMirrflraaaed CliiMrta. Nearly M.ObO children under five years of age die annually in the United BtaUu of pulmonary affections, and there is no doubt that a large proportion of these dcatba are due to ncc-dleas expusure to cold and wet, and to the ignorance ot neglect which so generally prevails with respect to the matter of clothing. The absurd delusion which suggests that to harden children it is essentisl lo rxpoae their legs and chesta to the piercing blasts of winter, their bare feet to the wet, cold earth, their uBcevend beads to the sum- mcr sun, leads to many an illness which tffrmiafftetfatBlIyf MTemightrewnoably .expeefthat exampleaof that lielici would be fufniihed from among the ignonul poor; but Dotao,'weeam sceenourstreets anyday in the winter months the children of ourmostfaitelUgent classes clad in penim drew, with nack, arms and Icai p«facUy bare. The average tMlh>u exercises little more discretion in draaing bar eUldm than as American wage —rAstea/A POraUR SdCNCC. . Italian aatronomhf say tbe world ia eight million yeari old, and has been peopled about fifty milUons. The “canals” on the surface of Mm extend from sm to tea acrow tha ptonet’s continent, and are about fifteen miles wide. Tbe reptiles of Brnail are now reported by Prof. E. D. Cope to number dxty-two species (twelve being newly dlseomied), of which eighteen are batrschlsns, dteen, lizards and twenty-nine anakea. - The height of a propoeed exhibition tower in Paris is so great as to render a hydraulic lift impoarible,and ahnge screw and nut, pressing a cage up and down, have been eubatituted,. insuring safety apd celerity; Tho red stars above the ninth Biagiit« tude have been catalogued by Mr 'G. F. Chambers after sixteen years of labor. The list gives 711 stare as dtitinctiy teddiih or orange, of whidi not more than a dozen are really ruby ot carmine. Among the many masses of meteoric on which have been described, only nine, according to Prof. W. E. Hidden, have Iroen seen to fall, the places and dates bciug: Agram, Croatia, May M, 1751; Charlotte, Tcnn., Aug. 1, 1885( Brauoau, Bohemia,Jaly 14,1847;TabBn, texony, Oct. 18, 1854; Vtcloris West, Africa, in 1882; Nejed, Atnbia, Spring of 1885; Nedagolia, India, Jan. 28. 1870; Rowton, Shropshire, England, April 20, 187S; Kozapli, Mexico, Nov. 27, 1885. The incrcaalng difficulty of adding to the world’s slock of knowledge of the .\rctic regions istumlngthe intention of explorer* tothe moredistant butfresher fields for research lying about the Booth Pole. An Antarctic expedition Is now being fitted out by Baron Nordenskjold, and is expected to leave Sweden in the Autumn for an absence of eighteen months; while it is probable thiddaring the next few yean several other expedi tions lAll be attrseted to the unknown ice scAsof tbe Bouthero Hemisphere. The demand for cheap alnmlniinD has stimulated researches in every possible direction. Mr. James MacClear io a paper before tbe Society of Cbemical Industry describes a new method for maniifacturiDK sodium and potaarium cheaply. As now made according to tbe Devillemethod aluminium depends upon sodium. With cau-vtic soda at $55 s ton the netallio sodium costs about 25 cents; pound, allowing 17 cents for fuel sm materials. With sodium at this priM aluminium esn prohabty be put on tbe market at $4 a pound, or about one-fourth of its present value. It is a facl worth notiag that no far as is known,'bos ever come in con- rt with the earth, or miogled its sub stance with tile earth's atmosphere. approach ever observed Lexeli's comet of 1770, which approached within 1,400,000 mries of the earth, d auhirnded an angle of 8 r' 28 minutei, tbe largest apparent ■tneter yet observed in any cemeL It has not not been seen 1770, though an orbit waa com pleted for it of only five and a.half yean, and tslronnmer* are of the opinion that perturlmtion by Jupiter may hava changed its oibh to one of long period. ManadluNwOld TmsaaHI.Mr nMlla|M ffisja^Z.—IbM ■ amS ilHMallF Imo^ ptsioiaf stall word. Tbedred taaU^laaaaM. impaorlultae Old Trmareant 'the haaldr pueatkaprobity ii Itaat Matfhsw doia ast - _ . • I iBlMidloreCartoaBycsi* prsTbaa. aahss IiaaeoB Texts “Tha Pll*b« Into I fnniiidttascBaaralkBgnMe.ofWptovMi E)bT*.* 18 fta Ooldaa faswgttdloClijyaathe mpp- , -- - dally resurdiac Us dentsedeeadMaDMeag mm. nncoodH4imIii«5lirtfarSli^4S batna ttas TTaierrui All tet tha pn^M* had mid iccerdmg Cha^aVs IimIA . Kj would find fta IDoalraUaa dewriaed tarin. ““ Idas: -Pa, XTtlln tM7 by the B«v. ■AoArthwr. t>. nrraoDOonov. MeWhew aka* records Itala part of oiw Lcrdb Hfa This tas doaa in barmooy with • Ckrlstb Hie and wok propbaqy. Its a plan of hla Goapit. re M beart of CM T« , Naxaretsa. '^day U is a werd.K hoasr. Tbs fhidmd town la bald iTpavifftailliig m- ' msmbraoce. Jnoa gava tt aossathlac at hh — glory and exaltatloiL orm Wo aaa tat today's . Ood.oanwatab orme tab CHrarch s ttansi «f greaMBl dnagtff. mUBoirMBMOflBattarm, and rsfer- to be to tte^l'Gabriel, who (Lotas L,3I| i|aieiffM:te1teryto anarHtnoi tha faiitb of tta Lord. Tha word ongal ■DMBs Amply a iiiamiagir, Be used, It it sK.'ssaiSKSssSKr.ts uecoapliabeaGod-tiiflL Bnt tat this ^iplkn- Uon ttla limited to a rareefbaUga oCaiK oerMr MdUgmea bad bidimm who did uod'iwlU by mlatatariag to Cbebeln of ml- VBtim. This m imngdf apwared BOW to Jo- s^taadreasB. Ihecam M paenUarly «rg- sDt; thcraBmst bano ImmerfiaUI^ mt ltiasufere,beareaeaBd «ttaa yaang^ild e nmal aortptunl 1,,^--^ _ r -gwl llrvl—and his Botbar. Egyplwa at thfa ttaae mbjeettotba flemaDi,butttwaaDot umkr tbaeoatrol^ Herod. It had bem for oarturles familiar to the Hatrewa tba way waa may. The Jews wons Oiwa, oM bad synogORBm sJtaatrmiriaUoa of ibeCH^reata- ^be Gtdek was made; here toe ewtotaUr raraarfcablB toat L God stall woidiM ovfTtbe Cburab-aMl foardt OT«B his yeungem and BBSAmtdto dptsa trem too wltmof their teas.- A BoMy la found only in tanpikltabadta. sea to tba dlrioB ewBmawd, A Tbe anemia of Ood are ehoansmlmat tm asotom asul wlO haoM toair awnda- 1 tool makm tba wrath ef mm A Btahvanmtutba Menttlltd wRk GhrM .tahh lowly Ufa at Naowatb, that thay mtr bt prepared to toara Uagiovy In thaMiw Jaruadun,—Aiiufdir-aetaoarlFerfd. rtolnly res peopM of mmt into^Ba Gti phUaarpifirt of the Into etiita» It la e Intodlaaf ' rwedMIw DurlSto retnriL bat his death uejurfed probublr toon after mdr (ligfat The taopheey here dtad is '*Ba£.,l, ItBprUniryapaUratlOSiis in Egnrt, but m tbe cfalld J to hnet in Sfxvi, _ Jeans irieto'fnlfllinatit. Iwadwm called GadhaoB, OotTs flret-bom. There are many ' nf stmilarity brtweon Christ and Israel -pi In him all typa and pvupbeda jir compMSOB. Near tba me of ttas bypstontam^ it tba tradlUonal plaoa d Cnrbt's temporary raideoea in EgTiA. Va 18-18. Tht ■taasacre of tkt faHotoaia —To Hattoaw we ora indebM for this evt- dsBca of Eerod's cruelty and Ood'a prov- tdenea. Tbe wbe men did not return to Bfwod. It aooo dswnad upon him that he was meekrd, i, treated with dlscoartay; hi a wo^ toat he bad becD 'kntwitaBd, made a foot of." as Lange ezpnmta it TWa waa not Uw daalgn of toe whs cae^ but ft on- doiibta(Hrwas tbacoBchBleate wUeta Hared camei Two moUvea sow InflusBoed hh OOB- dimt: tint be would graUfy hli wroth aninW Uw who man: ana secoBd. ha would faaanre of ilealKiiliii tlM ehlkt Jeana. All She cUldrvB—all Itotora. This la tha tnia failing of the word. M^ ehlldmi okaw he dalred to thy—nW oolythoae in BetoMMm, butobo In toe vieinity, the adjacentdMricto. Tieo ]/ear* old and Mtuier.—It b dlfBcuIt to decide on tbe exact hogtb of tame bme tn- dkaaed. It iBoy meua ail under two yean, or all who were rnteriog tbe asrnod year, If Matthew adciptarf tte niu Jewish mhhod Of reckoning, as it b llkalT be did. be would rtekoo a child wbo bad jm paimrl tbe •eroind year as two years old. Herod would Jud^ of toeagaof(%riSt from the time the star appeared But the number of cblkirni •lain conld taot have beea great. BhbWwoi wot a small town. Its vtciaiCy wis not popukXB. Dr. Haekett, os quoted by Dr. O. W. dark, suppoars the whole Dumber was not more than twelve or fifteen. Enaesias of tbe ffo^ have Mind npoo tbb Incfclent os If It were an ut- tarly Improbabts record Many qoeatlaas also have been etsrtad^K- It bos bewi mp- posad by soma that 1* of chfldran were alola. Tbb act of cruelty was quite in harmony with HtociTs charaeur, and tt took {dM pitibubly sborllr Lefaa* tab death. Wa need not be turprbed that Jomphus pomea it over In eltaoos. Tb* chief Intereat to os b hi its coBneettoa with Itaa rUUbood and uutr vatfoB of Jeans. . In toe sorrow which ro- ' nuTtajii'f *V Tirir rt'"-* —•* are tUrkly strewn wfth “[^iplsuae);’' “Peagbserj;” “(gresrt laughter bikI oji- plaiiM]," ctt.; te the reader of the text often has difficulty Intdiacew the real atcsitaoB for the wthuiaa hllailty of the reMbet^^fM speechaa, Mwansta, cOHtaOifti^ the wit stale darsIwwoliMflwihisolalsa to the dig-j or poteOeas, (he jokes dhtaMdly stopid. 4lngi irepretpa. iif htlnwl witdoos Mt diflorfroia '•Wbesowr party loadad," be eoaUs- thntof thaaMt,the otresAortho aa- v«7 Bttia of H wfll ■entv Valae af a Wlfii. t a man hi'rume a widower and he learns wb.-ti the financial worth of a wife wa* to him. When he is compelled hire the food cooked, tbe garments •de or mended, the washing end iron ing done, he finds that about on«-b^f of hi* income is required to meet these oot- goe*. Wto-aaved this cKpauM before) lyt the cold fiogen and the silent Upe la the graveyard bear teatimony. The famll) puree should be ea acecisible Io a faithful wife a* to the boaband. What mau would consent to liecorae a partner in a curapany in wliicb hit brother partner should alone hare conlrol of tbp paoy'* fund*? There li no one thing more degrading and depreoaing to a hard working wife, than to feet that she beg like a trump forevery cent she spends beyond her food, which a* truly lielongi to her a* though she eartted it as a domestic or ahop girl-—Not* Sitglaad | A Wfitery Caw. ,m a milk-adulteistioB 0*0 at Chettaw* ham, Englaad, the other day, a eemple of "fa^Mcs' milk” toldhy tbe defestdanf waa proved to contain tan per cent n4 added water. At tha raquaat of the d» fendsat, how«-ver; the cow, naponalbh for the sample wu miMiod In tM praariHW of the iiiapeHor, and the hoik, hi legal jdwaaeolugy, proved to tpoMi exactly with the tMpla The In- apaUoraaMQwesnsMhiy): “Bow aliiO 'wa dent a vraloy eowl Tba law Mkre noXnrnahhta fM |—Ithigg grilty Si wataetef tar owsuUk.* .—A city about six mlhs north of iiw; not Rarnnh to the lajtd of EphiiaoL^wbara Bamatl was bore sad burbAThb betoff tolnn to BohylotL ItartaL'toemelbaS of Joaspband Barjamtu, tadremaUealtyfe- MMotwl as rhftig from ber tewb tteor Betohbsm, - ^ • Kitod w rwfng from ber tewb tteor lilt—I. and wCmlng for ber ebildrea, bar vutaa h brera ia Roam Uarod'a (hadflUa Ditkiitwm wiibalalbr outoriasaf grist Ta lN-88. n* hclg fam9w refunu from gk^.—Agafai Matt haw h aMoa In tkarao- ora bm givutz Bet^ h aow drad. Hh dooth occur rad at JcrldM to toa savMtaatfc yaarof tahiMaad tbs IbhMwavaBttaaf bh lulgii. ■■ too rmnlt of a hMsesB* dlamto Tbs limah fiz^ by an odM af tba soaaB, which accwi ad fit ttao arrMbaodredaod flf- thtbywof Roma, or four yaan haftia tba bagiaatBg of Dto-ara. AgM tba aatataop- paoii bi a dream to Jaaph, atto utma taiai tovtocn to tba had at biuL tSU oN dsotf.—Not Bored wooU Msk ^ dmcructtoB of ajv^ brtr. Itis mU that flve day* bafore MiMtrela and tent Ceriu Tha popular idqa is that we put some sort of greasy preparation on our faces to make the- burnt cork eonte off caiUy, mya a famous negro minauel to a Phila- delydua Nm reporter; but if a man wants to become permanently black, all be need do ia to grease his face before ha blacka up. It would keep bin screbUng all night, and he would bare to taka the akin off before be could get it mat Tbe preparation of tbe cork ia timjAe. The iwoperty man put his corks in a pan, ^ poun a little elMboI over them, ii^da tba alcohol, and the heat doea the reft A Uttle rubbing between the' hands imoothes out the lumps and tbe grit There's another way to take oot the grit, which U to drop the burnt cork into a tub of water, and the grit goes to the bottom. Ail ho has to do ia to skim off the floating substance, and he baa tha fine particles. A little water makes this into a paste ready (or use. Unftalllar with the Clualn. It was on a wcat-bound train. A Boston young gentleman kAd struck up a conversational acquaioEoco with a Detroit young lady. “Do you like Smollettr’ “I—I guen Fre never aeea him. 'WhlFthe wilhr* Tbo Boelon young gentleman started, but, feering that be bad been mbrander- stood, he heeded not tbe query. “Too are surely fond of Fielding?” be continued. “Ob, yet. It will do.” replied tbe Detroitgirl, “but slugging is what Hike, and you just wait till our big four get after your bean eareni—they'll make 'em think its raining base balls out in tha wta end of your park.’~C*ia»fs yWuse. A Naval Firk.. A rich New Zealand Prince, full of taovf zeal and so forth on the subject of pnbUc parks, ha* presented to bia governments large district of wild country which ha owns, for park purpoaee. One of thamoat interesting features oMbe park that ia to be, ia B gennina volcano that it alive and kicking, besides an extinct volcano that might be ins'la to enipt on the Fourth af July and other holidays, by artlflefial meaas, and a lake of boiling hot watee. nenie po^.wili find tbe latter vary convenient for tbe productloa of hard- boiled ^gs ateamlng hot. No mnUar bowatrisgeut a ptvhibilioolawMew Zea land oiay adopt, with two ToiesaoHita tha park viaiton will be able to flad plenty of the “crater.”--resat flffHapi. teifl OtaflMtal'hi Fwa Ftawn. It b aaU ffisti tbe omoimt of “tetafl* CBplUd Invaated'iB fam fisiscaa te the United Stotoa alone reaches tha iamaiM aggregate of $5.000,000,0(M. and (M the construction of new fences aad ft* renewnl of old ones invnires an oOUmj 'of no laasttma $W$,000,000 auMlly. ft ^ dilScnlt to flx •• approztmate Man.^ . ho bad Ms bt. who daalh of Us two aUvr bretbora, put to IbuTto rattre Nom HcTpa wna tbas staorh Ar stasis as taealvsd.; ^ on ths dMto of Hreod. Bis MUswaa alb- MRh. The ostare boK at lbs hlB|di filviiMbmweM raitoandABtlpas. ealviac tbo tatas of sdrarrh. ar govs - ^ - -- ' lysMtos lArebsUtoi but sooM eooceptioa of this soena rettaieU may he formed tqwta tl JwSjffyUajfiM iimt it BMriy equals the eepftat alock^ ‘ aO the laDroads In tiie country, v * “ tha oMiuri eiprwa aln (■tin revenue of the Natinaal OosMta* gout—Cterepa Tmssa. Rata is a story of chHdiah preeaulty from the Boaton Nodptf, iDatintitafftm way ttaaaa i of Us ita-yare^ hy nawtiuc ffiuklhi (act of a dock ww net a tea, haoMHlk did aot hava eyas; but the aiphshaf «p teih in tha atUd'a maiuiwy, audaha^ ■adteaty upaet bar panate aftetaU $9 poiatiig trhmsphMtly to tha ffiatoM ter astea napM teadiahVtfli *8 Mt- wtaaiag. “(ft, yaa, lhag hast; *teB fwobl” 1.4 riistii'aiiBh''ii'ai

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