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North Carolina Newspapers

Charlotte messenger. volume (Charlotte, Mecklenburg Co., N.C.) 188?-18??, July 23, 1887, Image 1

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THE CHARLOTTE MESSENGER ^ ^L. IV. NO. 2. Charlotte MoMongei Kvery SAtnrda.y, AT GHAKUOTTI, R. C. Xq tb* latanatB of tka Oolor«d Peopl* of tk« Oamtoy. Abto «M1 •fHMDWB ■Htwi will cootifb- nwtotti rvfiBUM tram dlflcmt |»rte of tte nmtiT, andH-wlB coatata Ika Miat Q«i «(al Newa «( U» daf. Tin Wiaamuo li a Bnt-claM oawifiafiar and wtO not alhiw panoml kboM in Ito e«l- lUDin. It b not MCtarian or partbao, bat ioJ«Tiandaat liwllnf falrlj by 4L ~ KTTM tbe riflit to crtUcbe o( all pabile oflhtalw-OMnmMwMin the worthy, and taeoaoMadlBg tor elacMap neh man at laitto|dataa arabM mSM to terra the launtia of tba pto^ Ubiattoded to lamiytfaa long felt need of anowipaptr to amoata the rigfab and dafnd the tntarrbi rt the Nagto-AflMrtcaii, rtpedallyla the Pbdinont acttoa of the Carolinaa. IVBMVrTXOat; tdiwovam Admitm.) 4 ideotha - • to 5 Doslha - 40 Addran, mr. c. Oh«rtott» n c. Tbo coal bedi of China are fire Umea m large at tboae of Butope, while gold, allm^ lead, Ua,copper, iron, ntarh^and petroleum an all found in the greateM. abuodance. Oaring to the prejudice of (be people the mioee hare nerer been worked to any eitent, it being the pops* Ur belief in CUaath^ if theae mlneaare opened thoaaaadt of demons and cpiritt ioprisooed in the earth wonldcomeforth and fill the coontry with war and tnBer* ing. It will not be long before preparallou for taking the elereoth centut will be in order, and yet there tre font roinmet of the tenth centua that bare not been pub* llthed yet. Ihia la duejn part to the ftUnn of Congnnt to make neeepary ap* propriation, but the reaton why Con* great hat refotcd to do thit it becaute of the great delay of the itatUtican in pre paring the rcHumea for the proM, which, it te held, hat dettroyed their utefulnett and made it not worth while (e publiih The mortality of the globe hat recent ly been completed tt followi: Per min ute, tixty-aeren; per day, 97,790; per year, 8A,689,689. The number of Urtht peryear U about 88,792,000; and per day about 100,000. Thit maket about three birtht more per nimite than deatbt. If the population of the globe goct on in- creaalng at (hit rate of about a mitlioe and a quarter per year, mankind will be obliged to toon hang out the tign of “Standing Room Only!” It b • eurloua fnet that pemesa far from nbuat often ontllre thoce of extra ordinary atnngth md hardihood. Upon thii aubject tfaa Ca»a4m UmiUt Jbumal aayi that the vital perta of the ^tem muit be wall belaoced in order to att^ long life, and that axemaive atrengUt in out part la a aeuree of danger. Hence au om-dareloped muaealar ayetem tn- vitea diaaolntioe, becauae It ia a eoatiau- out bndn an the teaa powerful otgant, and Snally weara them out. Tbara are aoma facta connected widi the world'a wheat piodoetiou, aa aet fwth by tbaDepertmentofhfTkaitaru, whidi are equaSy inter«tiag end ladnetive. ThetobOptodactie 8,081,•n.SMbuab- eU; the aoppiy ia for a population ofa * milliowi, or tw* buabeU per capita. But.India, with bar two btm- drd aainioe of iubabiUBta, ia a |womi- neut wheat aiptating eouitfry, while raWng only 988,000,000 buaheU. The United Stataa an the Urgef gfowen of wheat of any country. iBiSNwermlaed 487,000,000 btubelt. The alrange yield pm am IMO wM. ay tweira btfikela. Ia Otunt CHABLOTTE, N. C., SATURDAY. JULY 23, 1887 nnu ttilie luB.Ink Omit buahab. Thb b a wmmM ■ flea. Oa furwen a^Bl gww « graWproflt. Faae t—iatt: te a to paudiefloa. Baria nba ryu IMhe atopla hipU tood a iMr what flaUaef «hb eaBflJrhauM' iBvad the ‘ hiuflktog upf air RT flOT la- WHO CAK TBUM Who can ton whcB the wiatar U ceoilnicl Who ton toS when U» ammer fe gettfl We go to aUa wba the aiton are hlecmllg. We wake, asl we Bnd It wnwlng. Who (UB btfl wton the wintar Uguiogl Who fan tell wha the wnnawr U eoaingl We go to ileep Wha the terapwte nrehiowtagi We welcB, and the beta are btmunlng. —Ertml Whjtney. in rAe Qrntnrf. BY TELEf HONE. raa (he happicit man in the city w 1 folded and laid away in ray pockrt-book a letter from the dareat girl in- the world, and jumped on the hora-car, cn routefor my office! Borne month* had peaaed since I nw my Agnes, for the Orst time, at a dinner tbePeytoDi'. I had frequently met UUa Oeorgic Peyton in society, and had ban Rreral timni inrited to her rere{K lions, to I was not surprised to receive one day an invitation to dine with her 'infoTTnally,” to mat a young lady from Aikea, 8. C. Of coura I preanted my- alf at tl^ toformal dinner in full even ing dreta, where I met ameothergeitle- men in aimilar attire—Clarkson was one of them—and a few young India, and wu introduced to my Agna If I could only make you sa her m the sppeared to that night—M fresh and blooming: the blue of her clear, pcaafiil eya; tbo delicious curve of her Aelicstelip*! But enough that then and there I yiclded,and became her ardent adorer. From the fint she distinguithed me with her favor. I wu her etc^ to con cert and opera. I wu allowed to claim the beet dances; they were always my floweia the carried, and, finally, before she returned to Aiken, I wuheracceptod low I The year had down swiftly, and now a brilliant prospect seemed to open before My firm wu abont to establish a branch department in another pnrt of the city, and proposed to make one of their clerks a junior partner and manager of ' e new concern. I bad been the longest their employ, and bad reason to think I wu regarded with favor by “Old Gruff”—u Mr. Ornffland, the senior partaer, wu called—and be would be the one to make ths promotion and settle the question ofaalary. Indeed, for some week* I had aeen that be wu working the management into my . bands, so I felt jnstified In Writing m Agnw, urging our Immediate union. The dear girl conunted, and in the letter re ceived that morolog she told me the wat coming again to moke a long visit at tba Peytons’ to “do tome shopping.” En trancing words I What did they not im- plyl And that “If all went weH”—If I Mt the position, of coun^“we might Mifiarfled beforevery loogl” I wu the happiest man in the world, u I folded (bo dear little letter away, resolving. If it' in the power of man to earn promo tion, I woold make myaelf ladiapensable to my employers. Well, she came. There wu a demure but delightful meeting at the station and an enchanting twenty minutes nntfl 1 de livered her to Miss Goorns’f' anna at the Peytons’ door. ' Then followed days of devoUon to work, followed br evenincra of udbIIot/h) Isay ''UDalloyed,''but there wu one drawback. ThJ Peyton family were vary considentc, Mna Oeorgie especially SO, bnt my darling Agnu wu haunted with the fear that they would think bw ' ' to them wu only to enjoy my so ciety, and wu constantly suggesting thatwediould "join the family in the thting-room.” Old Mrs. Peyton wu a bore, but a mild one—paterfamUlu an nmnitigated one; Mias Georgia wu be nignant, bnt sli^Uy tiresome. There only one other member of the family, a pretty little fellow named Kalp^.bnt tba glrla had taken to call- tog kfan "Rspfasal,” from acme fancied rcaemblaBce to oac of the Sistinc ehemba. He aaemed a qniet little chap, with a sweet tosocenoe of expreealon and de ar, ppaed a good dul of the ttosewithMactuk ea hie head, after Ihemaanerof thedierub.aforesaid. He WM devoted to Agaea, and bong rovad •wetbaa wm pliiauat, te vbieh I nnraiathailly aaabbad Urn laRar ae- voMy, bat aha always interceded te “Hea^acJiaUMie Mlov—aad theahawBiSetofafyl was ha not oae^ Uaaiof atwyT" Agam had basa to tim a faw wsdka vhso, oa« Moratof, the telaphede.bdl to avaflea nag sharply. Thlavriaafte- waatalhmad aaartoaaaavaflmi to aa- awattoftbaaaffi. Thenatof w acvealy MudofMlba iaitolte •%dtof* maa ' la^erRaiUBtodlig: »Allfl^l IJHahllr. njliil «aod-hgr BM aHahliV^teMMtflfMlfagMVlthi [‘'THitalirjwfl.AflMr 1ii[iflijlj ilahniit 'HArafll to itoRAbtoit “la that you, Mr. Dtxoaf AgBes to here, and wants to try to apeak toyou.” Thto I beakd het flvtog directions. "Stand a little neaRr; pteas this clow to foorear—ao." Oood-Boraing,* 1 called. Ia retora I bc^ a giggle and my Agaea's voice exclaiming: Oh, oh I It tiekleamy cart” Then-more directions from Mbs Peyton, and at tost the sweMtet voice to the worid began in u nearly u might be a etentorlan roar: *' Ii that really yon, Harryt Isn’t this perfectly aweetf Are yon tnre they can’t hear in the ofitoe, Oeor^t” “Well,” from Gcorgie, “I should ■ay they certainly coo^ if you shoot like that." “Harry,” lo a half whisper, “If yon are sure it's really yon, tad that no om else can hear, I want to tell yon some thing. Do you remember that queer Mtoa Blake to Aiken! Do you bear me, Harry!” “Yet,” 1 replied. Then another Uttie giggle. ‘Tan’t it too fonny! Do yoa know, Harry, now that 1 tee bow to nw it, I’m going to talk to you over to ofton. Won't it be fnnt Bntwherewwlt Dear me, bow •tnpidl I know, Miss Blake. Well, she hujuat seat me the loreliwl—” Here Otorkwn muttered, “Old GrolT ecmiog,” and knowing that he woold uk aa explanation of my receiving the telephone nuaitgw, I ww obliged to abruptly interrupt: “Imnstgonow”— I had almost said “my darling." “Tell ■e the Test this evealng.” “Bnt, Harryt” I heard to a nrieved little voice; hut Mr. Oruffiand't footatopa were too near, and I hung np Um ceiver uptido down, nod hurried back to my desk. Ail day I worked to nervoas daapem- tioD. Would the try to resnme the con- verution! Every time the bell rang I glanced at Clarkson. The thonght that it might be her voice whispering in hit great red ear cevertd me with cold perapiratioa. The fear that in Mr. Orafflaod's hoaring I might be called upon to answer some of her chatter still worac. I made np my mind that I muat malw Agnea un^rstand that very night that the could^^ amuac berwlf to that way, and 1 did st^ gently but resolutely. I described Clarkaon’i ear, and I took tome liberties with it. It would be just like the wretch to receive all her little confldencea, and retail them for the amuwment of the darks. Old Grtiff was an ogre, capable of dia- missing me without warning, if I did not attend every minute to my busineas. Our bopet of happineu depended upon hit good pleasure. Wm Peyton ww cool and dignified. 1 snppow the knew I wweaaggeratiog. Agnes looked hurt. Her aweet lips trembled a little, and her eyes were auspiciously dim. 1 longed to have her alone fora little while to eotnfort hw, u I knew I oouH; bo' i there wu no dunce, for, thoogn MUs | Georgie relented sufficiently to go up- atairs to wiHe aa "important letter,” Raphael ww there, rearing hia elbow on the table, and looking np at Agnes with sn expreaaioD of deep pity in his besnti- ful but sleepy dark eyu. And yet the next day the tame thing occurred. Hr. Ornffland wu there, and looked up from bis papers with a glance of diupprovalw 1 took Clarkson's place at the telephone. My “Hullo” wu rather uvage. “OhHarryl Doforglremel Indeed, todeed I felt so sorry tost night, and wanted to t«U yon to; bnt, you, yon see, Ralph wu there. Pm all alMe now. Oh Barry, won't you forgive mef” “Of coiiiaa,"Iret(iTOod, feeling OrnlTa eyw bamtog onpiastantiy on tba naps of my neck. “Oh Harry dear, dost talk like that to tna. Do-uy yon tore me I” Wan there ever sneh a child! I felt like a cold-bloodad arretch, u I hurriedly fitted: “Allright IVcomo apat aooawl can: Taryboaynow. Oo^by. I fdlt, rather rimn heard, a little wb al the other end of the wire. Graff wid Botttof, bat I wta dooaud la 'aaotbar ■IttaaMa day. I maasfad to atk Clark- eon. If I was called agato, to tay 1 conld Dol altaod, and. five tlwaa I terd Um gtoa Ikia mwa^, and a^ time ha taraad away with a migMy gria. What not Agaaa have lald to him! Of aoaiaa, I Iniriad tetha Poytoa'a, datmaUaed to sea her Ubm She aama ntoitogtota thtItoU aaa, hriclfi ■•d toriag, tori Uflmnoyaaoaa of tha ^ toto made ma araaa, aad 1 aaU •flOy: “Itoally, Agaak B la vy atanga yen daaH aadmaiaad ttel a maa omtaol Uka Ui bflilflM Bawa to talk idtii hie ktoalm Aftor iB I «R M »Rh^ 1 Agnea alopped abraptly, and mid, wirit dignity: “Idonot ondentaiid yont” “Why, my dear Utda girl,'’ 1 arid, sobered by the dmags to her manner, 'I do not mesa to be poaa, bat how conld I talk to yoa abont my affccrion or forglvenesB thrangh the telephone, with all toow fellows Uatening, to wy nothing of old Gruff!” ^ 'Bnt I have not tonebod the tele- phono to-dqr, Barry I" ' ‘What I” I exclaimed. “GeOTgief called Anges, atepplng back to the rittiog-room, and I followad to tell the story. “It ia vary atiaoga,” aaidlOw Payton, but, of comae, it it some mistake. The Uneearaontof order or croited to torn* way. But mamma and Agnea and I have been ont shopping all day, nd we lunched down town, to we can jirove an aUW." It certainly ww vary strange, bnt we all concluded tbattt might be u Mist Oeorgie snggeated, and the pater at once began to spin long yarns about qnoermeaMgea, tUlatlutl coaxed Anget into the oonaarvatory alone, and the cloM of the oventog wu all the brighter for the shadow with which it began. The dear girl ajmpatbixed with me, and forgave my impatience, and ww to awsetl that before I knew 1 fonnd myaelf telling her the one event of my lifo I bad detemioed to keep secret —tba entanglement I once had with Ln- creria Chase. Of course ahe had been the moat to blame, and Agnea thought her very horrid and forward, so I had to admit that Cretia had miaunderatood some things I had aeid to her when mere boy, and then Agnea uked me If I really, really loved her best Ah mel what a happy evening thatwwl And (he next day the telephone an- Doytnees began, but I felt lure of my ground, and told Ctorkson he could re- fote to liiton. Imagine my surprise when be tnrued to me with a clever imi tation of Agnu's voice, uying: “She is quite tare Harry will come when he knows ahe wants to talk to him about ‘Croria."’ I ww tbundeiatruck I Lucretia Chato lived to Vermont; I wu morally aura no one in the city knew of her existaDcc— no one but Agnea! I rushed to the in- itrument. It wu the clear girl'i voice. How could any one have known that Cretia poaseaaed acme Idiotic linoi I had once written her—any one bnt Agnes! Yet now 1 beard them repeated: ' " - “Oh, Crattol fairatt valentloal WUt ibra accept tliia hand of mtost A amaUw cUt my soul f oeblda; Bnt ten's tbanarabar of my Udt!* I jerked away to anger and surprise, only to meet old Gruff’s grim glance. “if this thing goes on, Mr. Dixon, it might be well for you and Hr. Ctorkaon to change deriuP . I knew what that implied, and my heart sank te my boots. 'Tdo not nndeiatand tt myaelf,” I re plied. 'T atauro you, sir. that I am ex ceedingly annoyed. I will not answer it again.” “I will raytalf, air,” he growled, and I went back to my desk to upset mj ink- bottla, te make miatakee in my accouata, and torture myeelf wkb the coaricrian that since DO one bnt Agnra could have sent the meawge, she ww teasing me, without rraUxtog the fatal coosequenccs te our bapplnrw. And all day Mr. Ornffland would answer that confounded telephone. That some of the message* were meant for me 1 conld tell, and that they must be utter nonsense I could con jecture from hit occuional comments: “ ‘By jtoiminy J^umuI’ it t remarkable expreerion for a young lady, Mr. Dixon." it would be too long to tell the story ef these days In detaiL Sometime* (here would be reepita, and then the nonsense VTould begin agato. It wu larks for Clarkson and the rest,bnt to me it teemed M if the bell of tb* triophono wu ringing the knell of all my bright hopes. Agnea maiiiiiil me of her iaaocenoe, ai»d Him Peyton wu ready with expUnatioiM; they had been abop^ng. or calling, or praetletog dnata. But I could see that a eootoaw had coma between Agnw and me. She feared that I doubted her, and I—what tooldl think! Agato and agato the meaeagM lefetred to what I had said mhnr whan qnito atone. Conld trite bavt repeated my ooafidaaem! At tha office pteperatiaaa te Ihaaa* haalams wtes b^ barritd on, sad no4 on* maari had baaa «M 1p ma of pnaa- tioa. To erakh all, Agaaa lafetmad me SM ovaalat Rat ahowaa going MRorteM her vteffi: dm hod hand of Maaia fotog »acdl»toAlkaa,a»dtkiddiHtbtalla •Mntbdrmewt Ip«Hda«nli‘ ‘ •vaaliV, hM Mk, dteMmdflai Waal dmgaeala affisd to «ter tha layalaiy. AftoWtoHmaffitodMytoaaato b04tol*9 km ritawlhttir«C » peranadlog the eervant that 1 wanted to rett, end would let myuU ont when I ww ready, I managed to conceal myeelf in adoeet to the ball, where I waited four mortal hoora. AliastI wurewvded. A light step came throngh the hall, achairwu drawn to the telephone, and a clear voice, e derfolly like Agnee'scalled: “Pleue connect with Gruffland A Co. I” Wdriog only long enough to let him actually begin cenverestion In hia naoal style, I rushed out, and estebing the culprit by the arm, bestowed a reaonnd; lug box upon (be car of the astoniahed Mr. RapbaeL The little imp I Thiawu bis revenge for bis well-deserved snubs. I have DO doubt he had heard every word of my coDversations with Agnes. Ofconnetbe Peytons were distressed and apologetic, and Agnes wu pemaded not 'to burry away, and old Graff re lented, and 1 got the promotion in due rime; hot I never conld Mdure the sight of that cherubic boy. 1 verily believe that the box I bestowed upon him wu hit only punishment, and I rejoice think that it wusneh a stinger t If this etory hu n moral it is a abort ooe. The more Innocent and guUeleu a boy looks, the lew is be to be tnuted.- Q. Xtnten, fa jDom«$tU XmtNf. AjMSf Ika “Tkauaiiri Islaada.’’ Affiong the tolanda one lives upon the mer. By a certain tacit underetanding l^tween the islanders, every resident hw ri recogized right to explore every other reaident's petty domain. No obtrusive noHcc-boar^ flaunt before the innocent tee of bcaven the antl-eocisl and wholly ancalled-for iofonnation that trcapsascra will be prosecuted with the utmost rigor of the law. On the contrary, the usual formula painted on tbe neat little placard beside the tiny landing-stages assumes the optative rather than the imperetive mood; “Parties landing on this island requuted to kindly abstain from damaging the ferns and flowers." The fact is, all the islanders are there u mer vintoTS only; each poatestea bnt tiny realm of bis own, often beturifully varied, but always readily exbautted of its native totoeet; and the whole charm of the spot would evaporate entirely if proprietora insisted with ingrained British churlithneia upon their legal right to shot tbemsclves to from landleu humanity with the effectu al protest of a high brick wall Accord- togly, every body always lands freely, no man hindering, upon everybody elte'i private istand; and the day ia mostly patted to wandering (afloat) in a deli cious, aimless, listless fubion down tiny channels betwMn an islet, stopping here to pick a rare wild flower from a cliff on tbo side, and hairing there to explore and climb tome jetting rock wboee peak promises a wider view over all thesur- roundiog little archipolagoea.—A}>«te BeUnet MenMi/. Eooalyptot aari A|a«. What bu been the effort of planting tbe eucalyptui! Professor Tommari- Crudeli bu never attributed to theea reel the Icut influence upon fever. On (he contrary ha uys that in the aonthern hemisphere, where vegetation ll more richly developed than in Euro^ there are numbericse foreata of eucalyptus where, u Profeetor Liversidge, of tba tJoWereity of Bjdney, hu doctored, malaria obtain* to a very great extent He also mentions tbe futile efforts to pro mote health made at tbe inetigaUon of tbe French Trappiste at the Tfaie* Fountetoa, where among vast planiatiowi of enealyptni, all the tomstes of aa agri- enltoral peaitenttory Instituted in the neighborhood of the Abbey wera anbject to fevers, more or lew severe. Not an In habitant of (be Three Fountatos eacaped Ihemstorto to 1808, daring which, to all the rest of tbe Rmoan eampogns (he health wu excellant, sad the petedatage of faven very amalL—&u*ttorpRm ^ WOUW SCIillCE. A leaf of the giant water lily (Vfctoria regia) baa been known'to mcaMre 84 tet^ 9t inchw to dremaferaaea, its watght > being nearly 14 pouad*. Oaa of* the flower* wu 4 feet 8 inchee ia chcri■fer^ enoe, with petels 9 Inches to length, aari , weighad 84 poonda. A German aMtbemttieian haa eaten- toted that the snowfall of Central Oap- *. many from Decnmjar 19 to 88 weighed no less than 10,00f,000 toon to tbe arefi between 80 degreu and 8.88 Aagnaa ' north toritode, as^ between 7 dapwh and 10 degreu eut lengituda • Aa appantna of Iroa and' ^asA , whiahapeesaureot l,000atmoaphasaacte * be dereloped for the purpose of toadyiaff ' ■' the inflnence of great preaeuK on animal life, hu been axtaibHed to biologieta ta ^ “ France. With it deep aea antomto aw bo obwrved under theb natnaal ama- . preuion. Boride* its nnnsnal temperatnte ratofall obaervatioK tb* New Engted . Metoorologteal Soflety has «a band for ■ this seuon two apeoial invesUgdloant tbe thonder atorms in Now England, and the tea breezo on the Mamafhnaetta coast Tbe former inqi^ to in Ha Mrird year, tbe last to now n^ertakn te thA flret time. The main tetor to tbe prodnotion ari consumption is believed by Prof- HirnR to be overcrowding and bnd hygtoofc Damp when conjoined with freqneat oa- cillationa of temperatnre prodisposw to (he disease ; bnt hnmldity of the sb ia leu important than dampneea of aoB. Occupation ia extremely important, but mainly Indirectly, u tending to good or bad hygienic conditioos. The alkaloid tolanine, from the fraitof, the potato plant, i* being employed to relieve acute pain and u a narootle, to the ptoce ef morphina It ia said tbnt it* administration la large doaea dou sot occuioD (be nausea and vomittlBg wliicb occurs frequently from the nae of this totter. The theuentlo dou la from three-fourtha ofra grMn to foor grains, and even 74 gratoa bava haan given without any nnpleamnt effects. A RniMan phyaictoa, Dr. B. Hi. BtMa, leporte aucb remarkable axperteest*^ to whiehhehaaiadBeedeatuactinthaeytn of young porpoisu by snbjecting ttiem to the continuoua vibratiooa ef a toatog- fork for twelve to twenty-foor honn, or for a much leas time when tbe aBiaiaia were deprived of the power of hmriag. Tbe cataract aoon dtoappeared on remov- iog the cxcitiaa cause, and coold be Dewed. Tim pmenomenon haa not bam satiatetorily explMnod. From atatiatic* coltoetad ia puts of the German Empire, G. Bellman finds that tbe danger from lightning, tbon^ geserally increasing, ia dianiaiAlr^ in certain diatricta, the risk becoming kam the more cioeely honae* are clnatared. Tbe character o( tbe toll hm great to- flnesce. Letting one reptemat tba da»-' ger from ligfatatog on cakanons gnmad, two will give it upon marly, atoe npoa aandy, and twea^-two upon clayey aoil. It U a eurioui fact, yet not axfriained,. that oak ia straek ranch more fraquastly than other traes, ao that if the danger for booehm be on^ that te ptom ■' fifteen Proferaor Chariea E. Beaaty, ef Ndwmka, write*: “Man and woman of tha conntry, I want to make aa ^^oal to yoninbehalfofthscountrybey. Qlvahira the opportunity to become aeqnatoted with tbe thing* around Mm. Pot the ■tody of eolto, pUata, anhnaK etc., into year pabtie adbook. Aak yoar edrael taachm to give toatraettoa of tUa ktod. Damaad that fltoy knew aaongh to give saek laakfiffittea to'thari^ wag." 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