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Charlotte messenger. volume (Charlotte, Mecklenburg Co., N.C.) 188?-18??, July 30, 1887, Image 1

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THE ‘Charlotte Meeeenger R) PtrBIJSBBD Every Satur>day, AT CHARLOTTI, H. C. In the Interecta of Um Colond Poople of the Country. Able end well-kaowB wrlteie will eontrlb- iii# til iu rotwnnB frem tflSerent parte of the l•l■lntT7, end it trill nmtahi the latntpen oral Se*” Iheilaj. Tnt MreKtRnra fai a ttMleia uewiyeii^' anil rrill nntallon' pammal ebtne In Ita col- riinnt- U la •> HKtariBB or jartiaan, hot ac lepeiKlnit—rirnltnc falrir by all It M-rvni III* right tn rriUrin tba etrttoenlmp nf nil (nihlic offlrlals—coiniiMiidinjt the «>rihv. nml rmRimoBdinK for elecUot aocb mi-n tn in iUintilninn are hart-nitad te mto ilio Inlererin of the peo|dr. H it iiitcfHM l» the )oii|; felt need . r * i.empope' to adrcKate the and Hrlewl tbe Inlrr.'ete of the Regro-AjaarlcaB, (xpit-lril; in the PtednioDt nettoa of tbe I'nroliniit. BVBKntZPTlOIll lAfwapttn ^deanee.) I rear • • «1 U . h mnnlhe • 1 00 ii m'lntht ... 7B 4 mdnllia * tO :i inmillu - • - - to Addiw, W.C. SMITH. OhsrIottoNO, ]t it stnicd thet the habit of drioUng Bl«inilic it more comBon to.daj in tUe roiintrj than it ever was befoR Cff Ita ceil drect* ono writer say»: The poor wri'trhce tpvon up to aheinthe drinking i-ulfrr from n peculiar treln of nerroua R.rm]il«ms the mott pmitiinent of which l^qiikp^iiof nremarkabli severe char. Birr. The last momenta of the abainthe drinker arc trul; horrible. Abeintho, I. -Mrs ak-nhol. contains ecTcral ethereal of wliidi ihn m'lsl important i* the > il i.f » ormnwl. It has oflen been ob> >.ririd that the use of thh beverage re sults in (lisordera widely differing from tlio e laiiscd by alcohol alone, and the oil of n ormwooil has prodaced in ani- nnl« iriaoic conviilaion* similar to the -pilp|iiie form of convulaiona which af- fert absinthe drinkers. THE SUMMER DAYS. The anramar days are loK Mdei^ Ob, awaataodici^f - Wa rit and Kat at RaweY (eM ' Onto-her aDii(. Wa dream aad dream tbroogb days m ran, Oh, Itteiaawsetl tntb bir* and IIowmi and tmte- alh Andsamhim deep ndryeathW lovego hand in band. In lifeb bright aprfiic; Lore nsH wen bit raagle wand Sweet spoilt to brleg. Toong bearta, be bsppy wbfle ye may, FVTyeeUi it fleet; Tba path Uta aot again tbb way Fbr Iby twin feet Then dream asd Eng tby happy tnig Throngta saBeaartlda; ILrlh, innocence aad joy belong Aad with tfaae bida —Sorgli P. Jletwtm a tke CBrrtnl K SONO OP THE SUHSBT tJtND. ta tbe far-oS hitli of tba anamt land; In tbe land where Uw long grem bends and qnlvart. Where tbe gbosta of night aad morning Maad ghams aad dieanu of Ibeknely *s, Where the twown sedge waving, stoops and shivers At tbs weterh edge in tbe sonset tsad. Thiengb tlw tracUem paths of the sottset Und; Where tb« liicnee lu^iods in a drram os- broken, And the days slip by like grains of sand, Wbsre tba mng onsong aad tbe word on- tpekan. Beetn like a part of a nemlees token Of tbe wtid gray wutm of tbewnaet land. On tba enowolad peaks of the tnnaet land; As they riss is tbe doude to near to heaven In shadowy vastneas, stans and grand, Wbare gaaat aid jdam bytha ligUnlag riven. Moan In tbe wind, thnngb their branches ilrlven, On the crag* nnd cliffs of ihe sunrH land ■UM Ihe roHIng plains of tbesunart land, Where tbe ecboes drift on tbe tatted heather In tb* wake of breen* swari and bland; \niem the shadows go in a troop togetbei Acron the base of tbs fair Jnm weatbar In tbe grassy dUls of tbe innet land. Chins will shortly have a stamped roinnfn forthe first lime in berhiatory, the M' S'-rv. Heston of Birmingham hav •nc roti' liidcd a contract after protracted npjrotiiili'in*, for fumisbiag coin pressee en'l ell Ihe Rpparsttri of a mint, which will ei-t ip in China within a year. Hith erto the oina in circulaliOB have been •uinll bra« token*, ronghly cast In sand il-out ihe ri^e of a lialf-peany aad per- frirai‘'l with a square hole by which th^ ircirung together. They are of infln- i(*ima1 valae, being equal to one thou* ao'lth of a dollar or fire sUUinga Eng lish. The euiTcney of higher value ia of •iirrr in tbe form of balls and bars, the value of which Is calculated hy weight- Tlicre i« also somo paper currency, and ttciican lollBr. heve circuUted freely. Th'- new machinea will turn out the dol- Isr and three lesser cninsin silver, equal to MOM |«rlof a d'dlnr. The prevses mlliiininit 2.'.00,000 |ier day of the valueof |12i>,SW. Tbo bran coins will retain the square hole, which has pre- satlrd from limcimmeraorial. this being s point which Chinese conaervativea could nnl forego. Astd Boat away to an uaknown strand; And tbe »*»*» amt tb* tualight alow da- teendlng Pall wbare the voire of tbe waters blend* ALL BUT HANGED. think (hat you can stand there and lie to me. What rebel command do yon bo* long tol” “None, sir. ! am a Union scout, and wa* detailed—” ‘■Stop!” he shouted, while his face grew crimson. “While the truth may not help you, I hate to see yoa stand in Uio presence of death with a He upon yourlipe. Guard, remove him.” I was taken away and confined in fl guard bouse, but not for long. In shout an hour I waa taken to another teat' tbe same encarapraent, and I entered It to find four or five general officers pres to be a drum-bead court msrtial. As I afterward learned, a re port of my capture had been Mnt to headquarters, sod UcCMIauhad replied: “ Try him hy dnuD-head court martial, flod If found guilty baoR him at sunrise.” A drum-brad court martial is a dignified faicc. It is convened to convict. The Ideals that tbe victim is gUilty, but must be disposed of according to the regula- Uone of the War Department. The fact that I openly and boldly approached the Union picket, and that I was coming from the Confederate lines, carried no weight tn my favor. The officer of the picket said Iwascertainlj a spy, and that settled it When they finally conde- •cended to bear my explanation, I gave name, and stated that the General whom I made my reports would Identify me. I stood in neither fear, knowing how easily I could he identified. Borne of the members of the court wen opposed to giving me this chance for my life, but it was finally de cided to despatch an orderly and adjourn the court for an hoor. ducted back to the giuird house to wait and when again taken before the officers I expected to bo' discharged without de lay. Ton can therefore imagine my feelings when I was infonned that Gen. —utterly repudiated me. My regiment and-company wore a doren'milea away, and I felt that it would bo usoleu to ask further delay. In ten miuntea I waa found guilty, and sentenced toexcciitioD at sunrise, and before midnight a scaffold had been prepared. Why had Qen. denied my identity! The only sxcuacJMpuld offer for him was that he waa drff! when the Messenger retched him, aod such proved to be the lloua^ from hia stupid sleep, ho had winked and blinked at the com munication and made out a portion of it, and then flung it down with the assertion that he knew no one of my name. The galluwa was ererted within a few rods of where I was contincil. Some beams boards were taken from an alia bouse, and the strurlurc was a vr affair. I could plainlv hear eeei struck, snd the fellows engaged ting it up seemed to want me to c their unfeeling remark*. Alwut before daylight a (urious change took place In me. ! I>egan to woodcr if 1 was really the man I claimed tr be. - d ‘t wasn’t fifteen minutes before i h*’' ' 'ne to the concluaion that I was some one confederate spy, as they This idea took such firm erhen I begta to count three, and so on, and had got up to nine, when I heard a sfaoutiag oot far 'away, and miaglad with it the eouud of boiM coming at a gallop. ‘h)oa't cut that ropoT ernmnsadad, tba officer in charge, and 1 sflld to my self : “Bomethlnghssgone wrong, mdthsre will be * further daisy. pwtoBliinW be shot. That would bs •Heasisr way todle.” . There was some load talk around me, two or three people came op the ladder to the platform, and directly a hand pulled the cap off my head and a votes said: -‘Captain, there Usome terrible mistake here. Thiaia Roberts, one of my scouta" ‘But yon did Brt know him last “I know b»w> now, and yon will release him st once.” It was Gen. . As ho awoke from his drunken sleep at an early hour a dim temembtanco of the message crept into his inlnd, and be rolled oot of .bed and found the inquiry eeat by the court martial. Ho could not remember what word ho had eent In reply, but he jumped into his clothes and then into the saddle, end ho came just In time to prevent » military murder. What wa* ths effect of this close call! Well, I went to the hospital for two week* with a fever, and it we* a full month before I was posi tively certain of my identity.—Jfins Tort Sun. Boat Time to Bathe. It is bat to bathe just before going to bed, mys the London Zo»fof, •• any dan ger of eatebing cold U thus avoided, end the eomplesion h improved by keeping warm for aevefa! hour* after leaving tho bath. A couple of pound* of bran put Into a thin beg and then in thmbath tub b excellent for softening Ihe ekin. It thottid be left to soakin a small quantity of water eeveiml hour* ifefote being need. SamaMha'a HMioal Advbsr. thl The story of s man who is reprieved while standing oa the scaffnl'I with tbe noose about bis neck, must always thrill. Tbe fact of any one atandlng In the pres ence of death for a moment ha* a strange fencination about it, and hi* fellow met are ooilous to know what his thought) and feeling* were as he expected to be nebered Into eternity. It has beco my ill luck to look mjnarely into tbe eyoe of grim death on several occasions, and my ) in fact, good luck to preserve my Hfe against the | declared, fate which seemed to hunger for it; and ),,igment In my mind that I would have some *f the incidents msy prove interest-1 ijouatly denied my reel identity. ^ ing to the general reader. Dnriag the siege of Torktown by Mo- amusingbook. ‘'Samantha at Bsratogs," by Josiak Allen’s wife: The idee would keep a layin’te me: “Saratoga 1* one of tho most beautiful placw in our native land. The weters will help yon, the In spirin’ music, and clegaace sad gay en joyment you will find there, will sort e uplift you. You had better go there on atowcr;”tad agin Uses; “Mebbyltwill help Josioh's corns.” And old Dr. Gale a happenin’ in at about that lime, I asked him abont it. (he doctored me when I wut a baby, and 1 have helped ’em for years. Good old creelur, he don't get along as well Oft to. l/jontown b a healthy place). I told him about my stroog desire to to Ssratoga, and I asked him plain il be thought the water woold help my partlner's enras. And be looked dretful wise and he tiz np and walked acrota the floor 3 and fro several tima, probably 8 lima to, and the same number af fro, with hi* snn* crossed back under the skirt af his coat and his eye- I brows knit in deep thought, before he rloned I nie. Finely he said that mod em science had not fully demonstrated yet the direct bearing of water on com. In some eases it might and probably did stimulate 'em to greater luxuriance, and then again a great flow of water might rclaiA their growth. » Bex I, noxiously: '‘Then you'd advise mo to go there with hlmf “Yes,” sex he: ‘ on the hull, I advise you to go.” Them words I reported to Josiab, snd onxiotw azeats: “Dr. Qale sd- Salt * CwM fbr fUItlnc Bair. 1 am very glad of the opportunity given me by tho query to thnii “Note* tud Queries' for tbe recommendation of dry salt os a core for filUng hair. My list* itad come oot frightfully for eeveial^ months, so that 1 dreaded touching H with a brush. Thinking that alt could do no harm, anyway, and rememhertng the benefit always derived from sen dr tad bathing, I tried it, and was sorprised St the result, for after three application* _puttiog il OB at night and brushing and tbakins it out In tho morning—not one hair came out with the most vigor ous bnishlng. Ihave used it three orfoor tima a week since the middle of Novem- ba, and notice a perceptible thickening of my hair aod no disagreeable resulU whatever. The treatment might not he so beneficial to every one, of course, but Ihave written this fully, feeling that I ' coqji hardly Mf too much in praise of *' hat bcea so suscessful with my- / Bolton Trarueript. I.oroon* tn the 9lck Room. The lemon is e fruit much used in the sick room, snd, many tima, unwisely. Lemonade being a very refrahing aod agreable drink, is easily taken in excess by persons suffering from fevers, which should not be forgotten. In ty phoid fever, for'instaoce, its immoderate use would bo attended with danger, In ducing, OS itmight, additional derange ment in on already inflamed intestinal mucous membrane. In all inflammatory diseosa of the itomoch and bow els lemonade sbonld only be given after the attendlog physician ha* saDctioned its use. During tho past few year* lemon juice ha* become quite pop ular in the management of diphtheriaf rom the supposed action on the membranon* deposit in the throat. Thera have also been attributed to the juice marked vir tues in the functionni derangement of the liver, commonly called “bilious dia- ordera.” Some persons so affected have found benefft from itt peraisteot The symptom* of others, however, have been aggravated by it.—Narien ifrroW. 'What Ota lusa to otofia flwptosf Oso yov btobaad.—DotvAfv Awt It WM the thoa^ •ha am* |otag to swooo who hidfl fthst SMpitoaB. Otaega moba an doi^auw aad to w* orange weda. And ao mt oraoga Moa- loBt, too, lomstiins*.—£jfa. Thereisnochmigttnttte^ii edlsh- tng tackle this year, exo^ that tos jwg oaa DOM body and^mot quite so ^ w neck.—Myram. Cob* with the nsgfe date IMff an ia ' Ugh demand to Londoa. w^t . any eoto* witoanr dtoeanaqpMfy lig ovw hen.—Atom. AraU. IitaeiniUa,whew baMDwUaMby coQsto, gBze& on the tiny thtog . meottoawed siieaceaodtheqwU^aBd; “Mamma, is he a berP—WU* Jwato. Tonag Student Fhydelsfl (to thmHj petienl)—“I—I thank yoomuithave*^ icinifi kind «( a—a fever, bot-^ clam bse only gone w far le coiiMritoaES. I’ll come to again In a week.”—Aryw'i ‘Old Mother Peter she went to the metre to tee how much gae iha had burned; she daaiwd a eotilKon when sha • rwd eeven mlUioii, md her oted was • lonver o’er-tornod.*'—Oiasfwntof Thera Is an old retainer of a tenOy to the Western Addition who IsalweyscoES bUining. “Well, Tim, how era yon to- dayP asked the ledy of toe be«A. ‘ Sore, m**«n, an’ Pm not wall at all, at all.” “Whsrt’sthomatterl” “Sonyas • me knows, ma’am, but I wa* thinkto’, ms’sm, if you had any old pnedklnB abont tbe house a* you didn't want, Pd be mighty obloe^ to ynx for thim. —San PVonetsm pAroasefa. CIrllan 1 was ^^llcd from my company to do scout wnrk. While my reports no doubt went to Ihe commander hlmaelf, 1 reported directly to a division com mander, whom 1 never met without being forced to notice tbe fact that he was tbe worse for liquor. Later oa in the warthera wMO diief of ecouts, but at thta time then wen half a doxea of ns taking orders direct from tbit General amt reporting boek to him In person. On my third trip I was very neariy captured by toe Confederate*, aod te the squeeze I got rid of all my |iepara, iactudiog the p.m which 'gave me entruioe end exit An )Blernetional exhibition t* to be "peovi in Mrlboumr oa August 1, IflM, tn«ivlirBte Ibr ccoteaary of the founding ■if New South Wales, the first Australian • I'lony. Aside from tho growth of Amrri-a, there ie nothing esore temark- tlile tIuM tlm growth of Av^’O In all thsl rrlotea to the populatioa, prodactioo oml Ihe grnoral dlalributlon of wealth. From a peui otlony—inlutoited at first liy those true petrioli who left their roiidtry for toehr eouBtry'*.good-lt hu , , . , ■IcveloiEd itoo a grrat ntotoa, to which ! to toe Federal lioee. Thmefore. when I the m2, commerce and edneattoa are ta I fiwUy r^hed ‘be Maral pfckto p«t I hr. pefol proccD of devetepmeiit. borne bed nothtog by which to identify myself, •light We* of il* msrvaloe* growth msy be gaiae-l when it is known that during the year 16«'Austmlto. with a pop^ Ution of A9M.000. Importod from Gnat Oriuto alono gn^ to too amont of «1«S,OM,000; toM to* tngto‘ of nOlfowle opiEod for tertt mnoaati to 7.90* to>«k ^ that when ths Itom M ^ D«iw of coBstrwetlM toaO rampleMd they wO totoA length ktt.000 mile*. riliEiH*" The odfeer to picket poet was a mart Aleck, who tooBg^t to add to U* toiporUnce by re- fatiag to believ* my story and seoding ms to tbe headquarter* iri toe brigade. Tbore 1 wm regarded •• a reritaUe Coudederate Mpy, aad theGeneml to com ae extrmely pompooe to Id* toward me. 1 a I vIvUly M if It took ptoee yaeterd^. Ry thetiieelnneh«l hktantmyflmHbed baea Med bdtiad H a to itsefatof oitlaitMllML> etoibMhm wU flettototoki vMrtage of by torem ae afortof i mktog tte pMpto r eeqaatoM^ V tost it .A rises US to go. And Josish sez: “1 guess I sba'n’t mind what that old fool sex.” A Saa-Dtors Mstle. Some year* since in the “Temple” was a vcrticsl suo-dial with the motto: “Be- goBc about you busincaa.” It is stated that this very appropriate motto wa* the result of the tullowiag bluoder: When the dial was erected tbe bcncbeti were applied to for a motto. They desired tbe builder's man to cell at the library at a certaio hour » a certain day, whan he should receive Instruction*. But they forgot the whole matlrr. The appointed day and hour the builder's man called at the library and found only a lawyer to cloec study over a Uw bemk. The man stated tbe cause of bis intrusion, which suited so badly the towyeris time and leisure that be bW tbe man, sharply “Be gone about your bntineae.” Thetowyer’i teaty reply was duly painted to big let- ten upon Ibe dial, and wosconridered so apposit that it wa* allowed not only to 'romria, but was considered to be** ap propriate a motto a* could bo eboeea.— Cticaoo TWtooM. ^ A^rtoUfl hi PMM- A “wrinkle” jmt now istohflvwyow [hotogta|to takes os a dark background. Where the feDuiea an mdtsd to tbt baud. It WM a mtoter of soeoads bow, 1 atnmg coatraat a highly etoirical lookiag I felt that I had been fairly tried and honestly convicted, and that I ought to suffer acath. Thera was no particular terror In the idea. The only thought about hong. which made me cringe wa* the fall through the trap. It seemed to me os I reflected on it that the pain woold be something awful, but I was confoled time with the reflection that would toon be over. Half an hour before aunrise brought out and eacortod to the foot of too gallows. If I remember right there was about half a company of infantry the ground. Only a few of the soldisr* to camp were oot to witnem the pro- They bad graciously provided me with spiritual coaaolatioB in tbe pres ence of a cbaplato, but, tiiougb the good man talked to me for ten minutes, I did not hear one word to twenty be uttered. I WM all Ihe time wondcriag bow hmg bafon it woold be over, and every mtouto of delay made me impatient. Wbm toe tlmecame for me to mount the I WM really glad of it. Thera WM to tbe sight of the dangltog rape to '•hill me. 1 took my (deee on the tnp, ths chspUto uttered a prayer, and tw a soldier qtrickly tied my elbows ■od sbUm snd pulled a cap over my ’•■•you MU the ttore at the ptokutrsbooted tbe OeMial IstoudbMMhlB. aad I Mid to myselff. “It is oaMto|^^^—good-by to afl—A will SOM be ffm.” Thiy had to out a rc^ ttadeneath to •pstogtetrep. MyssBMofbMwtogwM m aeato that 1 toeated tea ptetnre is the result uver, this oeutnst A toe trying. Fortht avMsgu ptoto m» m wumm thMu mu totnudtotu ihadss, wfalA Muquitauf- fuctlve. but A A ustpdMwiA to gutthi ri^ OButo To Allay Vomitlag. At this seuon of the year diseases of which peraistent vomiting is one of the important symptom* are exceedingly common. In summer complaint especial ly, the itotoKb is often so excessively irritable that everything taken excite* immediate vomiting. In such case* prompt measure* of relief ore required. The vomiting is then almost tlwsys at tended with great tbint, and, as s rule, water or other drinks ore freely given by tboM who have the patients ia charge. Where much A token Into the ttomseh. If It bs limply wotor, the vomittog is sure to peralst. Therefore, tho moat importont thing to do is to give that organ opportunity to rest, for a time at least. Nourishment should be entirely ' dispeased with, if noceeaary, even for twenty-font honr*. Experience hM showd that such a privation I* borne ... by lafanto even lew than s year oM, and it A eertalnly better than to cm- ttoue togive them food that A thrown up again M often M it A taken. To re duce tbe irritability of tbe ltoBMd^ and to olAy the thlrataa well, ice pelleto ar advAed. If ice water is allowed at all, H must be reotrictod to teMpooafuI doseA When it A proper to give noorAhment, milk sad limewater to equsl parts A tbe flftttobcglvea That, alao, ahouldba Usiitsd to leispooaful dose* On# tea- ■poofnl maybegivea every fifteen « twen^ minot*. If It A retAaed, the interval betweea the dooM may bs gredoany ihorteued until ouch AmH quMtltiM cu bu safely allowed enry two or tkiue mtontos. Ttua the doM mar be ieertaaed to a deMsrtopeoafnl to insigtoteruak. and, after a time, to * tatdMpoMtoi, tbeBteawtoegUatoul, Md ao on. Ry thA otobod neariy all cbm* of voBittog da* to irrttobill^ of tb* to seuMt odgto CM ha aUsyud to bfWBtflwatrteuTto furty-togbt horn. UndM an citcnMStoacuB, avM RgMfbod AfocM4datoMeh cmm tar to Atot thrUl'4|^ EMHis toMtoliiV hM uSMUi, ■ad eTUBthMtoabaflMhauslactadwito uemmU^)^ m3 ^ ff»3atoly Wuufiarflii. If Trut. GDes Busby, a Toledo flihmonger, wm cleaning a wtaiteflah' tort Monday, snd to tbe larger inteatteM he found a dtomoud ring. Th# ring hud engreved npM inner inrface A. B., Chicago, ” Busby forwsided the ring to the Chief of PoUce in fhA City. TMterdiy Mrs. Julto A Lennox of 13 Lennox ptoea, identified and reeorered the ring. Sw . tellsantoterMttogstoTyefUsleaa InlMfi she, u MAS Bennett, beesau uugngud to Mr. Lennox, sad be gave h« tkA dia mond ring for whioh he paid $456.. UpM tbeu bridal trip to lS7lMra Lennox Into thA ring; while she wu wnshtog hM hand* in the toffet-room of the PuH- man cat the ring slipped from her fin ger snd dipped throngh the wasto-pfpu. As tile tnil Imppened to be cresriag thu bridge over tbe St. Lawrence River, near Montreal, just at tbe time, the berearad bride hod no hope ofrecovertogtheriaf. Then are ao wbltefish to the St. Law rence; the theory A thto a mmB fiA seized upon the ring, aad to bobm future time thA small fish, whOe enriring about tbe lokM, fell a prey to tha whitoflah la which the lopg-lost rtog wm dAcorexud. OilM Busby, the Toledo fiahaongv, re ceived from Mr. LonnoxatbacktellOfi for hA boaesty.—CUMps-IAw. In the Squaw Peak Range, ArixM^.h a cave wM^ no prospector hM tbe b«t« to attempt to explore on ocumat of H l)etog guarded by a ghoto. In tbs M tnzice sit* a thing thto loufca Uu Ai corpM of an Indian wcmhi. la ISM i party of whites found ^ care filled AM - Tonto Indkaa, whom tiiey attackod flAC murdered. Stoee tbes no OM hM M the eonrege to try to eatv too earn bu . CMM of the thtog tbtoslM to Ito deeu. LMt week Oeerge MrtthuffU swd hb puttaer, McQood, htoag ill lbs nnge, conclnded to have • look to tto Squaw Cave, not hnvtog nay faith li tbestoriMtoldof ft- Thu care AritMtec nader the Ugheto bntto of thu flq|uuu Peak Range. They found A fm took one lo(A to the thtog iMtog M to owuth. Thu Hratf auyu; "Mstfbiwi dMlanstben A not ewM^ toowp A . Mericopu Couty to p^ hbntognttMs agton, and hA partner, MeCkmd, hflff ■tow»ed ruBBtog rinou—to Aito huhM EA buesi eeea riBM tlto ttoa-Thgtoh (Jto.) JbMwHw. „ .apoMtoniiWEfitotbadtob » etm pMtolMMttothi m Mtou. Tba ‘ApEd” ■ half a pound wbe« I^Mkl^lMfEfi R ItooUs pneket, ^nt R A ■totouM m t sow. and Mr Uto an tahMoo. It bus beM wHb An AtoMfln • MMU^wAhtbUOtoAUfMtoMff^ , Me. RiriM ■iiiMiT" ftol iA*^i ton RnflMbiM^

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