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North Carolina Newspapers

Charlotte messenger. volume (Charlotte, Mecklenburg Co., N.C.) 188?-18??, July 30, 1887, Image 2

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‘.'CHARLOTTE MESSENGER. BrtWi—Al*»3r» in adTMwe. ...11 SO I 8 mcotba SO B 1 OOlSmonthf 85 ?8|Knflt Copy. 6 IMHt Oi Bt OBM oi *11 Ikilorw ct tUi yipf (o iMob yon on Uim. AD BoeejM mnft b« wnt by regictared lltUr, aoMy o*d«r. er'poeUl note to W. C. SMITH. Cberlotte, N. C. &at oom^oadenoe of enbitoteaf io- Unit (oUwpnblic is eoIioitedlHit penoni . aiM net be oiappointed U they fefl to see . tMrerUeleeia ooroolninns. We ere not ' iwyonifMe for the rteirsof coneepondents. r Anenyinogi oearaiinkeUoni go to tbe THE lOST CALL. Some of onr reedere seem to forget tlml we Imre to psy for Uie peper we Bead them; Uiet tbe times ere hard with as u well as tbenuelyes; that they iboald pay for tbetr paper in ad> Taaoe, and that promisee nnkept do BO good. We, therefore, give this ’last warning. It matters ndt how good yoor intentiofts are, and bow ccrUtn yon are to pay, nnless yon pay up yon need not look for the Mssseifosa till die times get better. Friends, we ean’tTnn a pt^ier withont money, and why do yon ask for itt Please Bead ns what yon owe os at once, if it if.only 25 cents. Don't wait for to eome for it. If yon haven’t got it, borrow it and pay ns. Wo do not tbraatea to pnt aeoonnts in the hands of offieers. We hope all onr delin* qventa will pay np withont that. Wo will mark this week, and hope every penon getting a marked paper will Bepd OB the money by the next mail. Wt heed money, and most hare M. THE ED0CAT0B8* CORCLATE. SiBtu Bf the Kegn ^Typa” in Sooth Carellna. CoidmiA, 8. C., Jnly 27, ’87. T^a Summer Normal, nndor the i epices of Uie Sonth Carolina State Tpaehers’ Assoeiation has closed, proved a grand sneoess. The faculty wan as follows: Messrs. P. P. Oliver, Principal, T. J. Gregory, J. S. Wal laoe, 8. J. Gregory, and Mfi. F, 8. Oliver. Lessons were presented F. A. Peten, of Aiken, and P. 6. Dray* (on, of Georgetown, and Mrs. MeCsnts Stewart, of Colombia. I^f. Joyner and Davis, of Sonth Carolina College, presented snbjects to the teachers. Gov. Riehardson Mayor Rhett, Dr. Rrawley, and i number of diatingnished colored men apoke to the Institute. Tbe LegisU' tore made no provuiona for an Inati- tdte thia year. Only enough money oonld be obtained from the Poibody fnnd to pay incidental expensee. The bolding of thia Inalitnlo aoorea a trinmph for the Negro teachen ' Sonth Carolina. It la an objeet lea* adn to the world that the colored man in deeply eoooemed abont bis welfare, and is capable of walking alone. Tbeee teachers have manifested a dis- poeition to do their doty. Nay tbe State and Nation perform tbeir'e. At the Amooiation meeting several important reeoInDoos were adopted. Ue Legislatare was asked to Sx Ihd -walariea of teaobera by law to prevent trastees from fixing it by ooliv; longer aohool term aaked for; that ognal aehool advantagee be given ii •yery reepeet to all elasees of citixens that thd State Legislature urge Con* grcBB to pasi the “Blair Bill,” and that a petition aigned by oitUens rep* every oomnty in the Stale ^ ■p to tend Congrem, asking ' aid to odaeation. ’ There were 4|nito a number of new ■BNB added to tbe roll this eemion, •BOBg whom were Bev. 0. W. Clin- 8eB,'af Caiee, aad Prof. P. G. Him- htett. of SpartaabBT^. Rev. Clinton aspaaiatly diatiagmiahod hinmelf by tbt, Rvaly intoBMi ha tort in every- thipf preaelive ef the odaoational io- toa^ af tha pei^ile. He ia one of Now Edaeatson,'* Jfr. N. 8- Shelton. Debate—“BeaolTod, That ee*ednea* tion b oppoeed to the beet intweala ef helh aexea*’—AHmatln, Hr- John A. Wilsoh; negative, Him H.'L*. Campbell. The following oHoera were nnani* monsly eleeted for the ensning year: President, Mr. Peter Flynn Oliver. Colnrabia, S. 0.; 1st Vioe-Prestdent, Mr. N. 8. Shelton, Colombis, S. C.; 2d Vice-President, Nise Engeoia Thompeoo, Winnsboro, 8. C.; 8d Viee*Preeidcnt, Mr. F. A. Petere, Aiken, 8. C.; 4th Vice-President, Mr. George W, Clinton, Union, 8. C.; Recording Secretary, Mr. J. £. Wal lace, Colnn^bia, 8. 0.; Corresponding Secretary, Mr. John R. Wilson, Co* lumbia, 8. C.; Treasnrer, Mr. T. J. Gregory, Colombia,tS. C. The Asso ciation adjonmed tomeet io Colombia the second Tuesday in Jnly next. It seems that a colored man is em ployed at the case on one of. the “white" papers of the Slate and H ha| brought np quite a disonssion among tbe papers. Some of tbe pi^iors condemn tbe practice saying it is lowering tbe trade and bnoging abont social equality. This is too absolntely abstird; but it is gratifying to see a majority of these “whito” papers showing np the absurdity. They refer to other trades and tbe professians filled by colored men, and where whito men work and serve side by side with their “brother in black” withont being injnred themselves or their oooupstions lowered. How can tbe “art preservative" be claimed as the absolute art of the whito, when it was invented by the yellow man while tbe whito man was still a bar barian? Colored men, yourselves for all tho walks of life and you will find your place, even in this South land. In Texas the liquor question is so powerful and absorbiDg/ that United States Bcnttors, represenUtives, pro fessors of colleges, public school lesob- I, and, io Botno instanoes, ministors are divided over tho subject of liquor as never known before. Feeling hss so high that brothers and whole fomilies, including fathers and sons, sistm and mothers have entered into crimination and reerimioalion. Bnt prohibition is sura to win.—Ex. DsUyex. BoBOsy. 0ABQLINA OEHTKAL E. E. qUMOB or BOHlPtfliiE. Wilmii^p».N. 0.; Her 15. IMT. WEsnomn) TKAm. Kol 1. He. A MsylAlMT. I^ax. O^sx. Sandsv. Snndav. leavsMj^fllAA). TOOKM WflmhMjton, T 35 A.M. 8 00 Maxion. 1110 Hji^ Umr.M. 3S8A.M. Wadesfeora, 315 CbarioUe, 4 13 6 OSanlve Unertiton, 817 Shelby, 7 40 Arrive Bathaftardlon, 0 10 EASTBOUKD TRAINS. No. 3. No. 4. MsyW, 15*8. Dsflvei. - SntMiy. Leave Rntherfototoo, 7 Bbelby. 8 48 liDcotnton, 10 07 ^artolta. 13 os P.M. 8 45 P.M. Wadeeboro. 3 80 Hamlet. 8 88 1 65 A.M. Mazton, 6 30 Arrive WUmloRlon, 0 05 8 00 Raldah.(ftiA) 8 85 Trsini Noe.!. end 3 make rioee connection et Msitw ip and from PiyeHevlUe, Qreana- boto imd other pctnti oo C P. a Y. V. By. At Wsdetooro with traios tp and fmn Cbtni^Plofwicaand ChartMton. At Uncoinloa to and from HiekorT, laDotr andante on C. a L. Namw Oe^By. T^ni Noe. 3. and 4 make eloae eonneetloa et J^let vitii tralee to and from RaMgh. Thronrt tlemlaa can^etwaen WUmnu- ton a^ ^arlotto end CtXriotte and Bald^. Take train No. 1 frirBCatmrilleaodetaMens on the W. N. C. R. R. andante Take tnin No. 3 tot Cnemw, ivteuDv, CAarleMoo Benmneh end Ptorlda, atoo for PavetteviUe and C. P. a Y. V. stattom. Train No. 3 connects at Wilminiixton W. a W. No. 14 and W. C. a A. No:37. Take trahi No. 8 for Spartanbnrt. Green ville, Athene, AUeate and all points ao^- west; cbo for AebevUle via Ct^otte and 8par(aabiu(. No. 3 oonneeta at Wilmli W. R. R. No. 33. T^n No. 4 eonnecta at Wllminrion with W. « W. No. 78: Local Prrigbt Noa. 5 and A tri-we^ly betwasn Wllminrtonaiid lenrhibnrx. Local Fri^t Not. 3 tod 8 tri-weekly between Lanrinbnrs and Chariotia. Local Piuht Noa. 8 and 10 tri-weekly between CharioUt and Rotharfonlton. Noe., 5 6, 7. A 0 and IO will not taka coqi-fl:E3 bbiej. iidn 0:30 a m 1:40 pm It Is a Faet, that Dr. Harter's Iron Tanio is cool- ing to the blood, controls excessive perspiration, and will safely tide you. over that period charaotorisod by hcadaohe. fainting spells, oxbsnstivo spasmodic affections, and will give strength and new life to the entire system. NEW RE.STAURANT Mr. Cnrtis Garrett has opened Restaurant for the accommodation of the pnblio in Greensboro. It is oon- niently sitnatod, at tbe depot. Board and lodging famished. AYER’S PILLS. ArBB't OsraAarto PiLts set ursn>r ■{«• tows oraaas, aad ars ■imlally •*—t--* «• ears lbs dlssssm asastd by (baU dws^ aad a bast ef etbsr j etbsr MUbsms. («c all W WOMB laty am a ma, sore, ysnapt, tad pUstsat rswady. ths snsastvs am ct tbtta Piua by sadstM parsWaat la rsaalar |sa» tiss, ibowt naaMakaMaibt stMaattea la wUA tbsy arsbtu by Ua lasdUal ptafta- ennattsriUs on Tueadays, T “AtWaJi^ ara lavataitoto^M^^ '■sssrtj; . -Aa tbarity exemiaea of tha Asao- ■Hliwi wva Tcry eswdUabta. Tha fWyai wa aa follewi; “Welcomo Mr. W. D. Obappelle; Hr. M. IfeDofie; An- “State and Srteol- arttar.” PraaMeat Peter PlyaiL (Hi- nPilpk eadSebeel.” Hr. G. yf,. (Sirtaa; .“The Tmpartsaui ef m i '^iMriel PaetoN m ear CtmmiiB 'Mr. P. A. Patera 1 “D». ■tyl^aiit Nakaa' tha Xn.” Mr. Jp| *'Tha Nparieri^ cf rta * —- Wa wnaallyksae fo •a-Ta jdam edyasm gbi.1 rnmtn* hiam^ gaLtraaii.iaa hern am«y SBpapmt ay aMMl to5k.~ Br.f.C.AyM'SO>.,Lana,M imtbytelBamffM. U]rOT*M tMWIMrllllL Hardware Dealers, CHARLOTTE. N. C. The brgaat stock of Hardware, OUTLEBY, OUire, WOODEN - WARS, ROPES. Agricultural Implements, BLACKSMITHS’ AND HEATERS' AND OTHER TOOLS. tbeStete! A«»Uismlioitod. Brown, Wkdowcton ft Ck>. Big lednatieu In priess ef laUm ^tos and Na ^itos. AbaoidBadtsof Ready Made CLOTHma At a Big Bedaetiou. Christmas Goods In Gloves, Kerehiefi, MnBas, Astnehan Mnfii, Re. Gent's Kids, Foster Books, at 11.00. SPECIAL PRICES In Ladies'. GenU' and Cbltdren's Underwear this week. Embroidered Oartmere Scarfs, eWshmere Sbawle—all shade*. Nice line of Gents Neoktiee and Cravats. HARGRAVES & ALEXANDER, SBfrra BUIliDINO. Photographs, in aU iia ken sty^b anlRniili. r &rbsts. 4fi «««•-« _PHOT90itAPBSjpni^EI>- C APE PEAR AND YADKIN TALLEY RAILWAY COMPAHr. Taking, Monday, May 30,1887. Taauis Movmo Noam. ramenger Preigbt and 1 url n-S 1:80 pn LvBfnnetlsville, ArMaxton, Lv Mazton, Ar PaysUinrllle, Lv Payetleville, Ar Banfold. *:ud Lv Sanford. 4:16 Ar Qrcantboro, 7:35 Lv Ureeniboro, 10:16 am Ar Walnut Cove, l:00piu Pamsnger and Mall—dinner at EayettevUle. Taaun Ifovtso Boim. Lv Wainnt Cove, 3:10 p m Ar Orceoaboro, SHX) Lv Oraentboto, 0:50 a m 7:00 a m ArSaaford, 13:6Spm l:17pm LvSanfoid, 1:15 1:55 Ar PayettevlUa, 3:30 Oto Lv P^ettoville. 8:80 11-15 ArMaxton, AtS 3:45 Lv Uaxton, 6:35 4:15 Ar BenneUsville 6 jh 8.15 ramenger and Haim^ner at Sanford. PACTOBY BRANCH—FREIGHT AND ACCOMMODATION. Taxias Mnviso Nnim. Lv Mlllboro, 7:45 t.m | ArOieen'befo.ftSOaiD Tmisb MnriRoSoimi. LvarKn'bero,6;30pm | ArHillboro. 7:S5pm Prelchtand Aooommodatton tnin ran* bet. ennetteviUe and Fayetteville cteMondayi, — and Friday*, and ^ Fsyette- . —,— ■fhura- — Tii E — Messenger is published every Saturday at CHARLOTTE, - - N. C., in the interests of the COLORED PEOPLE AND THE REPUBLICAN PARTY. Jnst as food work done rMt ben at ome and asbbaap a* fat New York. WORK GUARANTEED I OaUsndaeena. H. BATTMGABTEN, , CHA&LOITB. N. 0. HENDERSON’S BARBER SHOP ! THE OLDEST AHV BEST. ' Expfrieneed and polite workmen always rmdy io wait on enstomer*. Hera yon will get a REAT HAJR CUT txA CLEAR SEAYB. JOHN 8. HENDERSON. East Trade Strret, Charlotte, N. C. WATCHES! Clocks, - Spectacles, Eye-Olassses, and all kinds of Fine Jewelry can be bongbt cheep at the Jewelry Store of HALES & BOYNE, West Trade Street, Charlotte. N. C. up'Prompt BtimCion paid to orders by malTaiKl aatislaction guaranteed, We rrfe* you to the editor of this paper. Don’t Fail to Examine. Onr Black and Colorkd TAMISE is the nicest goods made for summer Price 75 cents per yard for tho colors. , C^R day* and Saturdays. Preightand Aceommodetion train rt........... Psyettoville aad Oreentfaoro ToeedayaThan- day* and Beturdeya and between Gyeensborn an^ayetteville Mondaya Wednesdays and FSasenger and mail train rant daily except Snndsys. Tbe north bound twraengsr and mall train .jakndoneonneeoenatlilazion wlthCar- olina Central to Charlotteand WilmlnirtOD -iwi....... Factory Branebran exe^ General Faaragei Ann’. J. W, PRY. Oen-1 Bnpt. BLACK SILKS, CCLORKD SILKS. SUMMER SILKS. SURAH SILKS, for evening wear. New stock of Ladies’ Muslin Underwear! and at prioes lower than ever. Fnll line of Wanier’a Corsets, Hosiery, Gloves, Mils, &«. HARGRAVjP Si ALJSXANDER. 33 East Trade Street. It is the only Republican paper in the Western end of the sixth Congressional District. Subscription, $1.60 per year. A. W. Calvin, —DKiua la— FAivrn.T Ghocebies of all kinds. Ctr ways on hand. CHIC a] w. c. Editor and Proprietor, Smith, Charlotte, N. C. —ALSO, DXALZa O Lumber, and Boikiing Material. P’Pieedellvery toaUi»rtsof tbecitr. E. M. ANDREWS, Hal the largest and Noto Complete Stock «d ZFTJRJSriTTJRE In North Carolina. COFFINS & METALLIC CASES. Pianos and Qhgans Of tha Beat Makes en the luttelliBaBt Plan. Low Prieaa and bsv TWm. Send frif Pitesa. ■ Ohiokering Pianos, Arion Pianos, Bent Pianos, Mathnshek Pianoa, Mason A Hamlin Pimios. Mason fo HAboin Organs, Bat ^tk _____________ Organs, Packard Organs, v.y w r~ rtivliilM * g- R ASPMWa, ; : j 'OumatmntOummK.O. gAVE MONEY DIBAGBRUXLR GOim«] rtsschsug^naSwUbi ■ateaaMtemaka tepoii, by aNlii«at H. BAVMUUmnPS Photograph: Gallery, pROFF-SSORS E. MOORE art 8. G. ATKI58, NORMAL SCHOOL WORKERS k INSTITUTE CONDUCTORS, WMI be pranaml to acrept calls to aoy work lojhis Mae aaring tbe summer. Bnperiolendetiti or otbrr vhool ofllriab who wooki avail tbemsdvss of pmfr*- •tsMlOTyknorUNeeiBMiUatiMa an Invited to addrsM eitber one or Mb of them. HON WESLEY COLLEGE. Ssliibuiy. N. C. FOR RENT. Ons Cottage, each, on Graham and Church Streeto.

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