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Charlotte messenger. volume (Charlotte, Mecklenburg Co., N.C.) 188?-18??, July 30, 1887, Image 3

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CHARlOTTt MESSENGER, St. MichMl’* (P. EO'Chonh, Mint St. Srnicf* ft! lOa. ra. BckNp. IB. Sandaj* At 4 p. m. Bat. l^P. Aurron, pa*. . K. Chnivb, Ornbam Street. 8er- .. H at 8 p. m. and 6 p. m. Snnday- whoolat lOa. m. Ror. E. M. Collett. pastor. First ^ptUt ChCEoh, Sooth Chorch St. Serricea at 11 a. in., 3 p. ili. and 8 p. m. Sanitaj-Kcbool at 1 p. ra, Bor. A. A. f’owELl.. pastor. Klirnrser Bapliti Cbunh, Bast Sccoixl •ll. Svrrtcrs at It a. n., 8 p. m. and 8p. , Siindaf-scbool at 1 p. m. Rot. l’rr.>liTtrriaii Chnreh, comer S«Tenth Aiiitl'olfofreSts. Services at 3 p. in. anil 'I p. m. Saiiday>eehool at 10 a. in. Rot. t. r WTrn*. pastor, riiiitini Chapel, (A. M. £. Z.) Mint St. .lonn-o'at.ll a. m., 8 p. m. and 8 p. in. Siiiolif-'O'Rool at 1 p. m. Rev. M. Slahe, ,aster. Liltir Itock, (A. M. B. •/..) K St. Ser- Ticos at 11 a. m., 3 p. m. aixl 8 p. m. Rr>'. ll'M. JonNSOK. pastor. “^1^“ If JBB'' !>*■ * bine cross mark, it wiillie slopped till Toil pay up. We cannot contfouc In send it to yon witboutsomo money, i'loaso pay up and let us continue it XidOAx" ANNOUNCEMENT. After the Dili of Jnly wo will re ceipt for only 3, 6, and 12 months EiihscriptioDS at the following rates : : moults, •‘ill cents; fi months, 75 cents; one year, $1,50. fiTK yonr paper has a blue mark >n it this week, it will simply mean re BTC compelled to discontmuc send- ng it to you until you settle up. Wc regret to stop it, but cunot send it after the blue mark appears. Kcv. 1*. J. Holmes, P. O. boi 7U, R'lekiiigham, N. C-, is tbo Supreme 'ivernor of the, UniTcrsal Brother- Mid of North Carolina. Nrw Aoexts.—Miss S. F. Young, iiiKTon ; ,1. E.- Stnitli, FaycUcrille ; li. 11. Hill, TV’ilmington *, R. K. Crier. .Matthews; I. I. Walker, Salis bury ; (5. If. Henderson, Washing ton, I*, r, f IVaUTnicIloDs arc plentiful and ehcip. The Kirccts were* crowded with country people last Saturday. Street osrs will he ruuning on Fait Trade street in a few days. Ahwnco from the city this week accounle for the scarcity of news and locals. The MBSSBNGEa is only a dollar and a balfa year, and the only Nogi faper in Charlotte Mr. A. IV. CalTio has begun the en-rtion of a half dotsn bouses Mint street opposite the jail. The Sunday School Convention of lin' K.iycttcrille District will convene n'xi Thursday, the 4th of .Vugiisl. The grand rally at Grace ('hurch ii f'liiMirr'iw week. Let sH fricndri to /iiifi iitid Christianity hcipiboiii. The last issue of the North Carolina (i'l.iiir, was brim full of letters. M illi.iniKon promises a suceessful fair this year. Shall we help him? The Oriole literary aoeiety gave, a s K'lal cntertaicmeni last nighi at Mr. II'iumt's, for the benefit of the mt-iu- b'TF and a few special friends. The Raleigh base hall hoys will f Isy I'ur best nine on lb" 4lh and a fiiiM game ia expected. .\fter the big time next TbanxlBy, ('■■RIPS the Sunday School eonTcntino at Rulberfordton on the 10, 11 and 12 of Anguat. Crops an good all along the line h^uth Carolina and eterybodj in hope ful of the good time coming when the harvest will be gathered. ^ The OrecDsbora District conference »f the A. M. R Chnreh will convene at Graham on the Otli of Aignst The Knnday School eearentioa will be held at the name time and place. ■hie prohibition eleetioa cornea tf ia Texas on the 4th of Augnst The graaad b being hotly eonteated by each aide aaeh side b hopafnt af pucecM. One watertnelloa train nn feba another, abonl two rniiar Ntd*’ CheMer laat .Wodneadnf and ed several caw, an enghig and six anr laada af ' ICr.'Jamaa Jonaa, an, Old wtiaan, died last Thatidiy evaniog after a and 1m bnried yaaterday from {niaton Chapel by the Brotherly Aid Aasoeiation. All persons who hsve been receiv ing this paper since last Jnly will be called upon Uie first of next week for their money please be ready for m. Mrs. Elisa Bpsrklin, has the sympathy of onr citisens in her troubles. >Sbc had just sold out to go to her husband in Alabama when imformed by letter of bis sudden death, which occurred lost Monday. The f'hmniclr often makes mis- Likes and one is thakit often gets t^c names of our white physicians where it should have Dr. William'' is per forming operations. It was Dr. Wniiaras.thc efikient colored surgeon, who was cxtfticling the ball from Plummcr'a side when the officer arrived fur the prisoner. Ncxl Thursday is the firemen’s day this city. They anticipate a gcand lime. Wc expect to see many visitors the city, yet wc know they will be well cared for and iljs expected that the gopd rcpnlaliou of the race will be kept up, Everybody is going to be' good natnred that day Ad no one is going to offer an insult or injury. A serious difficulty occurred in llrcenville last, Sunday, in which William Plummer was shot by, Kinimon. He received a flcsli. wound in tbe left side that is not necessarily fatal. The ball was ex tracted by Dr. ,T. T. Williams. The parties were all bound over to criminal conrt. Foolish, ambitious boya, give themselves and their parents much unnecessary trouble. All differences ould be settled without r(«ortiDg to violence. Personals. Bishop Lomax arrived home last Saturday from California. Rev. C. C. Petty has returned from CalifoAib and will spend the aummor in North Carolina. He is much im proved in’hcallh. Rev G. L. Blackwell passed through the city lost Wednesday for Chester, 8. C.. to visit the conveniion and friends. Kcv. E. M Collctspcntlast .''ahbiilli ill Concord. His pulpit was filled hy Rev. Kduiuod Davidson. > Rev. R. P. IVycbc has been ({uite sick. IVc arc glad to know he is improving. Rev. P. P. Alston spent la.“l Sabbath in Lincolnton. There was no preaching at bis Church- Prof. 8. G. Atkins returned from Lincolnton last week, spent Sunday in Concord and visited this city the eonvcntii'ii at t.’hcstor this wn Aliee Tnoker, Bln. G, W. Clinton, Revs. E. Hinton, O. L. Blsekwell, R. 8. RItm, J. B. Colbert. The CoDTontion was called to ordor at 10 o’clock Thursday by Rev. ITlinton. This was a hneiness mtet- iog, and much for the good of the Chorob and Sabbath .School work was done. The oouventtou adjourned for dinner at two o'clock, and reassembled at four to hear the essays read by tbe young ladies of tho District. First on tbe programme came Misa Mary . Walker who read an essay The influence of the Sunday School 1 the Home." Other essays were read by Blisses A. F. Tuokor, M. G. Benson I^anra IliatOD, Sissy Crockett, A. E. Walker Mrs. E. J. Clinton- Some of these papers were as good beard before our best institutions and literary societies. They were all good. Speeches wore made by Dr. Clinton, Elder Walker Rev. Black- well and otbera. The final 'sessio^ was held Friday morning. Rot G. W. Clinton was reclcotcd president, UcT. J. B. Colbert secretary. Miss Annie E. Walker corresponding se cretary. The convention adjourned to meet in Columbia (be 4th 'Wedues- day in 'Tuly 38. Miss Lottie Beckham Miss Sophia Wimbush and Rev, R. C. Collins were also among the visitore. Send ns orders fbr »ny and all kinds of Book and Job PRINTING State Knnday School Cunirntion. | The Slate Siiii-lay S('bi«)l ('"livcti- j .n of tU A. -M. K. Zi-ti t'hiircli South Carolina l onvcnml in (,'bPMU r, ; C.. on Wednesday, the 27lh inM . Me. Zion Church—Rev, G. W CliiiUm. preridciit. in the chair. The address of welcome was dclivrro'l by Mr.,J). 0. Baiiiu, and respon^ied In by Rev. .1. B. Colbert, of Pimrville. N. C. The president then read his an nual addree*. !l was an able j.ap' r. eutertaining. aiii full of iufonuniioii. U jHiinled oat the errors and short- (Himings of the schools, ami showed how all coul'l ho sunwasful and d>^ great good to themselves and huiuani- ly generally. It was a well written and instruetivc paper. igbl tho annual sermon wjs preached by Rev. J. B. Colbert. He look for a text: ••Search the Scrip- tnre*. for in theai ya think ye have etcrnallifc.”—John v : 2S». Hcniadc a fine effort, and all were well pleoMed with iha sermon. He referred to the millions of aonla in the uneiyilited paria of the world, who have sot (he Seriptwrea. and (o tbe phiioaopber» and wise men of "Id who had not a ■sritig knowledge of Cbrivt; he dwell upon tbe rtawns why the Beripturea ■honld be searched, and the dsugen of rejeetiag^ the* Tho audienro waa esrried swny with h>aclM|ueiKf, logie, Mid ao»d reaaoning A ooDv^iM *3m nietd for the bene- ft of the CoovsstMi. Awong the ehdtore we met M. j~i. Umi, mt ■ Grand Rally. « Rev. R. H. Stitt requests ns to au- nonnee that Grace Church will make special efforts on tho first Sundsy in August to raise money to make a payment on their lot. They have bought nn H street between fid and 4th. and ask tbe public to turn out to-morrow week and give their auist- Credit will be given to all per sons for what they give, and it is hoped the contributions will bo many and liberal. Remember the day, August 7tb. Convention Incidents, The Convention at Monroe was visilcil by two presiding elders, two editors and about two dozen school teachers. r. R. H. Blunt played, Miss Mag gie Wright sang soprano, and Miss Minnie Sumner sang alto for the C^- vention. Presiding Elder Simmons objected to being called ••father." because be said it was a rcflj^on on himself, as he is not n married man, and not necessarily very old. The good people of Monroe know iiuw to care for strangers. Some of our folks wanted to move down right away. Miss Georgic M'ilHs; Mrs. Maggie Smith were about the last to leave. Miss Annie lines and Miss Maria Ga-'ton were aihong the visitors to the convention, and added much to the pleasure of the young men waiting town to lake np their schools. Mi lii’gie t’hrcsfield is in Monroe ah .itid it was a pleasure t> meet her. AND SHOES. Onr fton O now filed with Ksw Ooeda, (nth (nn the mnnntaotnnis. Ws oany a fuR stMk ot ^ gmdes, and of tba Very Best Q-oaiity,, and guarantee that yon aWI have ths • worth ct yonr money In every instanne. Our Prices will be made low. to knit tbe Umee. Call A.E.RANKIN&BR0. TRTOR STREET. BOARDING HOUSE, , % CONCORD. N. G. The tAveliog public will be aeaommo- dated wHb comfortable rooms and board. Room siluatad on Depot street, in (root ot the Seminary, near depot, and coovenieQk to all visitors. Terms irowihibie. J.E. JOHNSTON. VIRGINIA HOUSE, CHARLOTTE, H. C. AcMmmodatioiu (arniafaed traveleTs ok reawiiable rates. Comfortable beds and rooms. Bense ioeated^theoentmlaiid' businesB part of tbe .city. Table fornkbed with the beet of the market. Heals at oU hours. J. M. GOODE, - PSOPBIETOB. CRASLOTTS. Jf. C. _ ^ ^ ijtuufuviia, Jf. L. By-Laws and Rules of Order • Printed in good style at low figures. BILL-HEADS, LETTER-BEADS. NOTE-HBADS, STATEMENTS, EN VELOPES. CARDS, POSTERS, CIRCULARB. AND ALL KINDS OF MERCANTILE PRINTING, Done in the best manner and at lowest rates. Address all orders R. E. BLAKEY, WHO’S THERE? TTES? Come up Wade, and see tbe Improvenenta. ELECTRIC LIGHTS, TELEPHONE, ’ ELEVATOR, And varions otherattiactions. Jnst think of It, 425x78 feet of flooring to be Oiled with Crockery, China, f G-lass, Silverware, Tinware, etc. Ach deportment ia to be sroemte, and under tbe management of ponte aaa at tentive elerkx. . - GRAND OPENING OF JANUARY 26. 1887. Each viaitor will receive a Souvenir. R. B. HARSFIMJ). CHINA PALACE. ^ Dr. J. T. WILLIAMS Offers his professhmal serviees to tbe gm- ernl public. CALIB ANSWERED DAT ood NIGHT. OmcB—Fourth street, between T^yma id Cfaunib. roar of Expnas Ofltoe, Char- II )} KENNEDY, C’(mf«‘cli()ncrlcx, Stniilo (in Vi-j riii-kens. Butter, 111.•«, Slid all kinclf *f Country Produce KviTythiiip kept in a well regulated Groecry Store. .Mcloiia, anil Fine I'ruilH a speeialty. No. oWfi jonth Graham street, Charlotte. N. C. llKItrCTION IN GROCERIES ! To-cfatja Jane 2ikh. I will aell Flour, Meal. Karon aiul Siiear. a( priro* Iwlow .omp^ • ---— — Mmverurlm KRANCH HOUSE, I.WHatkrt Street, nest to Academy of lludc. CHABLEBTOS. K. First f^son will benpened July 1. ’87 FlrW-CbM Hoard and Acroramoitatifiiie a Kuon able ratal*. P- H. TH ORNE, ProptMor. WAinXD. 8 north College and 207 west Trade St.. CHARLOTTE. N. C. Many! Precious' Lives Are aanoally aaiwtieed by negteeaig to nee e safe end reBable remedy for Thro* and Luqr troublea. U yon weanferh^wlth a Cold, Congh. Sore Throat. BremeWUe^ have a teadaney to Consnaptlim. moember ibat Ayer's Cherry Peetorot soothee and bmk the Irritated tlanea, and -***-*■ natare la restoring besUb. Ths expsrieace of ycoti fnreiAss tbs most eottTtnefag ertdcaee thst iboosoads of ttvss ■ Are Saved by the inasniwtilr nae of this modtelne. *•! tboronghly betteve hi tbe enritlve vlitaeo of Ayei'i Cherry Peetonl. and reeenasend H to ell who experieoa Uenw wttb the tbroet or longs. It Is Just tbe retaedy we need here tn eoM, bktk Mm- Besots.—WIIUmi Celtlro, Agent “A?ortAieef(«ni CAroafe/e," St. rsal.KInn. A nnmber of yesn ago I wi 111. Tbedoeton sold I wis In . Uee. and beyond heoe of wcovery. They adrised tbs naaet Ayer's Cherry reetoral. ss s means of temporary relief. This ll net onty aferdod me, bnt,wfl«r tahing H for two or three moMba, I wsa a well man.—Jamea Birchard, Darten, Conn. My brother bad an sieeUea of the low, wUeh ws fesred would tormtnste inCemmmptlBn. AftertiTt>iBsa7«*^ rcMdlea. wHbeot avail, bsbsgaB takte Ayer's Chatry Peeieral. three bottles of Which hsve eeanilelety eared hln.- Stmeea Allen, East ChsXbsm, S. T. A t»w monlbs age I contracted a ^ lent eeU. whieh was sccomesijed with high few, sad difieally la bnatUng. ko By Pro*nptly • Cbanr lbs oltfm- N qni^ My mother was fkk for three years with Bronehltb. sod eookl gel nothiott to rcHere ber. unlit she rommeaeed iisliig Ayer's Cherry Peetorel. Thto wjimro- lien afforded prompt and weodevfni le- Usf, and. hi dne time, effected a Jiatwumem CDre.-Themae H. D. CtiamfiiirMa. 48 Oxford street, Baltimore, Md. I have never fewnd a medklBe eqoal to Ayer's Cherry Pectoral, for the prompt roHef of Throat and Im dtoemee peea- HartocHIdreD. I eomiSr thia madIdBe an abmhito euro tor alt foch affectkmSi end am nover wHbout It In tba bonta.— J^n M. Stoddard, PeUrtbatK, Ta. eomtb. night swanta, was greatly rodneod In M*. rod had btaa firon np by my pbyilelroa. Ibegw Taking Ayer's Cherry sfUr two beUles ot this iataw msdlelM, I am ewmtanlly miwf Ajm's.Cbofvy Pcetor* in mr pnelke, imd pretor R to any ether medleMe ter palm mi ry tom- ® A Uily graduate of uan of tke lend- tig noraul nohoota of tba State, wanto a aebool. Peruana waatitg a seod fomilo teanher will do vntl to •ddiffha "ScROaL TiaCMUt," I m Caro ObarUtie MenMBgnr. “ ■ I.B. 0. ¥'Vro*‘iN5reIy''nceroted^ly beoKh. J. H. Omltb, Vhr^agton. Iowa. I eerolder Ayer's Cherry Peetorsl me* trope*** nrosdy fro heom w. bars tasisd tbs earatlro poereie of tL.. . DMdklnelsroyfMmltyroaayttnmadnimc tbs pa* IbbrW years, rod bore never - -wHtelMl. 'r wfe r*tovs tbe me* a sflMttsM ef the thro* end hac. 1* la eblldroa or adnlts.-Hn.X. O. BdfRiy. OaoBefl Blaft, Iowa. .iViasrRiiaigtrg ilysttsSaEiSsMa; Slrasa'rsMs^ aCane MR roa..imd roy lbro*_aad ssrorACStA^- .Ayer's Oherry Pectoral^ >iynifflrBfcAC.Affro*j0byfa8i**t ffMdbpMil^ I^S^htadnUal COBBff DYIKMIA, INDMEtTMN. HrEAKNEM, CHILU AN9 FEVOMl MALARIA, LIVER eOMPLAMT. - RIDREY TROUBLER, «. NCUIIALRIA ANR RNCUMATNM. TT la herigi ^ lag aai iiehrM* Mb Bo aoenpib— — II _ _ - mr. " ULUi ■ Sf ** ro^^oa m^^^m ^ , ,£^jgS2SC=.wsRB»';

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