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North Carolina Newspapers

Charlotte messenger. volume (Charlotte, Mecklenburg Co., N.C.) 188?-18??, September 03, 1887, Image 2

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CHAKLOrrE ifESSENGER. THl fiE?. BB. TAUIKl eTMT By aWdB7 ' r. C. Smttli. BibaerfrUal mtes.—Alnys i I THE BROOKLTN DIVINE’S SDNDAt ‘ wItuicc. I SEBMON. i«D or iMvotYTtinf cmM^ok l•MxIlr:lr m tM fofara, we rmU NO.-ft liy pn 'ii:-innta. soil ^oriiiM, sad __jur.pu>«G and collidhw tail tnlBS, sad runaway hursn. snd h^nig bridfis. and fuar»I iirnmrdoBS Are yM v certain 700 Etre iniliix 10 live ten or twea^ yesi a, yoa crn waimniyoarbcawlioldanToatiiAMtilMryG'i > CO away trots thrait that, tte rntt > Dtajoritr ot men die poor) Two only ont at a buo'Ired raocted in bosSam An yoo T«ry certeia yoq an cdiv to br one ot the twot Rldi one dsT.nxirthe n'xt. A mania ItswToric Notify 0* at OBM of all failures of thU ' wTw Sraln^ijrdlrt fa ^taSSo’ei^S? ^ • wachyoaontune. his property wnt left with thf hSiaem Orm, _ - 1.. .... u . of tawti .a ^ wren pfcntrovi vson. „nd they swamped It; aad tbea the tamily of ^ V the insane man wrr* left wltboutadolilJ-. In TlMe wen the words of Jose|n, the PresI- eighteen months the fao^ierl^, the imiurity, He.thouebt.baft^on t^ eolrent, who are solyent before tb-y nt luSrmi^ under tbe Rround, or before thelr One Trar. ..1w.$l 50 I 3 months 8 months ...I- 1 00 I 3 monttu; 0 jnontbs 5 | Single C^y. paper to reachyoa on tune. All money must be sent by regittenxi ■ letterjDOney order, or postal note-to ^W. C. SMITH, CharioUe, N. C. ^ ^ , Short oorrespondriicc ot subjects of in*, ihsworld terrst to the public is solicited but, persons . distracted must not be disappointed if they fail to see their artieles in onr colnmns. We are not nqwaidble forthoriewsof correspondents. Anonymous communications go to the waM baelut. toyoar own nbowfaT •■ {'i*' /•*•> wffl*t1sUiley«>,-8n.a fi. i|»wwa tri K prepare! for th. i v.MuJ-usorr^.ioy; BWtoondmiaai ma; fa Ui’i Jod^maet day win be tba aatrauarod Ufa fannume lUMifertoa ainypta MBsyo ftat iilB whole t 1 —..-a out of the rivor; Mryr Nile, and fat. sleek, eWyoSwi iWBS in the tiilek grass. .J? out that. But *aftcT soon the ancUaoeer’e manet WILl TOD SUSTAIN TS J Last week the Mbsscsoeii undertook to oootradict an assertion, that tbe white msn is natarally superior to the black man. We did so, bclicring we bad sufficient proof to sustain ns in tbe denial. Wo would L'c content to rest tbe case alone with these declaru* tioDs. Neither do wo think it neces sary to make quotations from others, but we ask every reader of this paper to present himself a standing and liv ing witness as proof of onr position Every colored man has a right, and it is his duty to be honest; and if a man is honest to himself, his fellow- man and his God, he is a righteous man. Honesty includes much. A lasj man is not honest, for be fails to meet his obligations. Everyman should get all the inforroniion possible so he may know his obligalious. He may be called upon to instruct, and if he has failed sufficiently to inform him self, he fails to perform n duty to his fellowman on account of bis own neg ligence. Every man should acquire sufficient property to protect himself and family, against want. If this is done, and the individual possesses the fore- named qualities, wc need not fear ostracisms from persons who imagine something is going on wrong with the races, hut when honor, wealth and in telligence become general with us, wc will take onr proper placo among i^’n os mes. Now will every person that roads this, make w new resolution improve his time? Get knowlodgi get money ; be honest. While tbe colored man started u twenty-two years ago with n practical' knowledge of labor, he had to offset this, greater opposition, coming frcmi caste prejudice thsii any race that over oiistcd. He has made greater pro gress than any race on earth. Onr progress is pbcnominal. The last court of Wake county adjourned with out sending a colored man (0 the peni tentiary, and ih is is not the 6rst lime. The man gent up from the county was a white mao. Anyelose observer has sotieed tbe continued deereasi' in crinte by the colored man snd the rapid increase by the whin; man.— -Every day’s paper tells nf some white man murdering, stealing nr enmmit- ting some other horrible crime in the South. Here in this county wc hare had, in the last ten days, burglary, robhiog and stealiog by white men. How can you sustain us? Simply do right by alt men at all times. Live above suspicion and learn to protect yourself when accused wroog- fnliy, by intelligeuily exouoratiug yourself snd letting others do the same. Wc know it to be a fact that some of our lawyers prey upon the ignoranoe of colored men nnd thereby ooBviet many innocent men. Onr judges do not st all timet protect colored men as sn ignorant man should be, srhen under cxciicuunt. Avoid the appearanee of evil is a very good motto “No drunkard shall inherit the Kingdom of hca/cn”— ■cither shall a drunken Negro be re- ■peeled by decent peoplb nor be oon- ■idered tba equal of any white man Then let strong drink alone. The hoMSt man is truthful and deceives ■o one and his word is always taken Will the young men and o]d men jonqg women nnd old women who ler and hoar of this thing, think about it ■nd sustain the reputation made for yomraaivea a>d declared by your frees? Hare we spoken truthfolly uoneeraiag you ? Then you will not let aa down. IM the guilty be famiahad always, hut let ua not be giUtj. Give the Nogre an equal start lifcwkb a^aal adraat^aa with the ' «Ute aaa. aad wa aay to thafe^— «Tha 4erP lake tba kbidaoat man?'* -- ... - - of tbsaame river, bo Sevan cowi tEat were iruant and storvod, tbs wont loobiDx cows that bad ve^emac^tod thinks tbe nronvrtv la worUi ClACDO; under B forced MIe It brines $7,000. ihs boslnsit —— .„.r ..... ..... ...... mnn takes S'Jvnntaos of tto crisli and he price, or lore all. The stotk was sop-' nos'd (o be very raluable, bn It has lewR an '‘watend” tliat when the sxeenler tries tnsell It hf IslsngbedontofWallsUset, nr tlio -vrlmlnlAraCor is ordered by tbe sorro- tbey deveursd their sevsn (at predcccwiurs. Phara^. the Klnc. sent (otyJosepli to de cipher these mldnlsht hlsroriypDjos. Joseph male short work of it, and failmatMl tbo rs thai with plenty >0 »ws that foUowsu ■ with oothfag to tbs „ .loleaSalr. T^eesivts *iipoos»:l.nt th" imn's death to bs worth aoi-TJOitiuiaflTtlielndebtediiaM had been Sftto of the rorti crop nf the nren- met, aiid tbe bills of the doctor and the tm- prtepsrotu ymni oiul keep it as a provixloa •! tiM tnmhstooe mi^hare been for the seven ycarx in u hicli tbore xluitl be no pAid, there Is noUiins left Thfb meaiM the com crop." Tbe Kine took tha co;insi‘l diiiilrsa are to come liomo from school and snd appouitad Jwpb. bsnuue of hh int-f;- C»townrk. TlutC means llw mmpMsbard- rltyandpubiicspirjtvdiwss, as tbe IVesli'-* I the undertokinj. Ttio farmOT pajd I of t illoto flsbt the umtt battle nf the wnrIA In ' T-nrdown the bunlirsTnina. dnse Ute piano, -ipno the Azminvter. soil ont the wanlrolvi. iti I ic't the mother take n cbIM In each hand 10 1 truil;re nnt Into the desert of tlie worhL t life hitur.inre would bave hindered all branch hotwa. This Brent Ifeyptian life ImuraDce company had tnlllions of dol- fanas OMto Alt-r awhile the dark days snd the whole nation would have Starred It it had not lieen (or tbo provision But. sa>as-jme n«. “I am aaan of small they had made for tlie future. Hut now m «"“• Jjnd I can t nTnr.l to per the preml- theseaufferiOB famtliei Imd nothinB to do um. That iKiinmcti'ncsalawfnland agmia' but fo up and collect the amount of their inn excase, and there li no answer to it: but lifopoliduL The Bible put* It ill one fUiort In nineoanonout of ton when a inan*a>i that phrase: "In oll^ie lani of Egypt there wus be imoka up in ciEon, and dtioks down in faesd." liavftiiwsBtLollr).tlifoiiuaran(o wine, and expends fa ItixariDa ninii'h money company ft uns divinely nrKonizeiL It . to hare paid tbe premium iwt a life insiiranco bedin itall the aiivontaecs of tlie "whale pnlicywhichwonhlbaVokeptblsfamllyfrom life plan." ot the "tontine plnu," nf the "rv- beggary when boiideod. Aman ougbtto served endowniont plan. 'and nll^tli - utlirr puthlmsclf down on tbe strictoit eennomy S od plans. Wc are told (hat Itcv. Dr. An- . until bo can me-: this Clirlrtian necessity, te, of Lfacolnshire. EnKlunil. orlgiicitcd . You iiavo no rlglit to tbe luxuries of life ua- ' ■ '■ ' til you have mud" such provision. I^mlM what was sahl by liov, l>r. Quthric. the great fteotttsh preacher. A few yoare bofor- Ood hiinscU was the author ami onipnatoi U that wore not so I would nut lalio you time and mfao in Hahbnth discusaion of tbu sohiect 1 feel it Is atbeme, vital; roIigi-ni end of indnite Import, tbo morals of life and loath he stood in a public mseUng and de- -lareil; "When I come to Edinburgh tbepee- ile sOBietiniin liiughcd at my black stockings About ten or twelvo years ago there was a gmt panic fa life insurancu wiilcb did :;ioil. Under tbe storm tbo untrustworthy nu'! b.>- gns fastltutlons were scaUereJ, wliiit- tlie genulDe were testod and firmly cetobit.’;.'!. and where dors tbe life insunmeo lDstit:i'!o;i stondto-dayl Wliotamount of combci. of edacatioa, erf moral and spiritual oilvsnMgo Is represented In the simple statiKt.c tl:,tin .... .— ijfolnsnrencoeoinp.iii.i'i in • ■ • ' llrsofihe iloath ch • lorloknl" ridc-l ii: I pnlil . - bouse for wbli-h ywir rent, and oftenUniP-; 1 w.iuMliavo been very glnd to . .1. );cntlcmen, I ditl nil that b> I wante-l to pay the premiur insurance that 'IS., fortablo ....'yoff^dR oiiii.oiu to tiiu famiil brivft; and in flvo years they paid C:aiU. •xprr krc|> my family ci 10." That I tokotr of ail honest, intr OOU to tbo families ot tlie l>cn.'rt: und are promising to. pay—and hold lliom-clvra in readiaem to pay—♦'J.OOd.b'W.b.Af totbefarai- Ue* of tbo bereft! They bave actuallv paid out more by divi dends and dentil claims tlian they have over received in mxiiniums. 1 know of what I speak. Tbo lifu tiisuran.x' comjioniia of thi country paid more" " • • tbe govcnuiunt In .. .. Uiaecomiiaaini being iiiU-bii-l UielandU indrh—’ “•••• against lifoinsur oneoHitpony hni UtlT il , ... m b of 1.1 -r.»i.' nii'i 'i!'- i,aup'nMn ot Die day, VV.o art-til's 'oii l'lien swo-ping tbo i-rnas- ijswitU In-nkni liriiotn and ho^rvg of you jtonnv a«-jMii go.^ I^Vho are f - ’ gaslight. .jnid-Atlaniic for tho pari>oso Uio boniT- as on tho l■oU"Illol But what do« tbe lliblo u; lis subject? If Uio Iliblo fnvora tuo ni'inu- Uon. 1 mil favor it: if tboltililudc-iioniicutit, ' Uldsnounco It. In ndilitlon to ihi.'foru- t of Jcoimh in tbo text. I call your atton- a to IfauTs comiarisoiL Hen' i' ono man who, through neglect, tails t>i Mipiturl liis family while ha lives, or after be ai-.'S. lloro Is another man. who nbbors Uio ld;'riptur>s andreJoMQod. Whichot Ukmo iir'Ii i" Uio TVorsel Well, you '.ly, tin- Istv-r. Knil UiB former. I'nul ^ ; n' a i.:.iu t.lw iieg- iouslhananuin wh i reject* llu .S-ripUiri*: "He thatproTid' th not fur bis own.and es;ie- rially thun of hi* own household, is wor-.j than an infldcl." I.ife insurnneo bcipmostof US to provid" for onr fam;; i'4 after we are Bonn; but, if we Iiavo Uic ino . •)' to pay tha premiums nnd do not •' wc have no right Wexpoci mercy of (Jod fa tlvo judBinent. \to — Ilian Tom I’aioc, wor-o Iban Voltaire, and wortD than Slin/tcsbiii-v. Hi'' I’-iblo ilo- idana it—w** ore wonw linn *iii Infld.-l After tho certbh-uto of dentil liuiis-ou 'ludo out, and thirty or sixty days tbo ofllcer of tlu- iifu insui cMDCs into tlie uoreft li'i-js* down tho lianl ca>li ■an invuranco i»iiic jierfomiag positively rcliBiotai 1 ‘ Apostle James, who > and ondolUnl befort- (• this: TovMlttu'faUiurlei* uiil the wi-! "i fa their aOictiiin.’' and so 011. Tbe rvligioi of tli-lst pMi-w-11*'lake _cari'of the • ind I in,l piys ■Iniuiui hii.i" i.miKiclor’sbttkd, and thoo^ ■.■viiiiei*. 11 mere uu anything mi-'ro pitiable t.mnn woman delicately brought up, and on li-r iiuirringe nay oy on iniiiilgout fatbor g.von to a ninn to whom she is the chief Joy A I Iprtdi'Of lifauiitilthnmnnwDtof hisdoath, and then tiiat *.'iiiie woman euIde out with I'jlptiws chil'lreii iit h-r • a -k to itrugglo for — -vrirld wli-I' ■r.iwiiy nmsele and noi" ..-M-j -l MU'. If there be p.-.'a >ls tha i 'luit. I do not 11 And yet llior'' are good ii:.- i-i lilferent in reganl b* tlr ' It r in Ibis rcspoct: and th-rc - - velv hostile, as though a Ufi i-abjctod a man to some liora is In llro"klyii to-dav a woman keeping u i-niidv xhup. lOitly opp** ‘ hrcail fa n ruggol '* tlioso l.r. latalit.v'. ■’Trno I r-lifv, 00*1 will'll sti]i1iixiti.)n i:i:idi'for e policy of Sln.iNU >dio L il. Hhu would ticror have a iloc- Ibt-lioiiS] tlut iinpliMl It was (ms- 114 well oi i* dying t "Bet uiy ’ i^uno- , '‘?T 'si maybeelo:!-. make iliiog* plata: doit di'- .i"' your hciis srith roil* of wortldcw ii;fa eg stock: don’t Ucevive them with ■J.sds for western Jaad* that will never TU'l.l any crop but cdilUi and (ever; don’t 1 avs (or t-'wm iinUs that have bom out- fawnl. nii-l serai) I mortgagvs on property Umt will i.otnav the flrsL" thy Ismse monln’.” Toot is. Ax np tilings, so your cuing out of tlie world may row as Uttls 1 misumstloo as pomiblp. Bon the lean eslUe ds'o-jrtnBtte (atcBtUc, and in (hstlmno( plentT prepare (or tbe time of want. Tlie itlflicully Is, whoameu think ■>( their death, (bey sue afraid to think of it only fa connec tion with their spiritual welfare, and not of tlM devastattoo in tlie bo-usebold which w^ co.-ue heeaiMe of llMtr onilgrntlon from it. It is meanly iriBsb for you tu bo so ataorbed In (IM haaven to which you are going that you (cTMt what is to beeueue of your wife and chihlwaftorycai are dead. Vou can get oat of this warkl urUbcotluavfag adollar aad ret^hapey U you could not provide (or then; yoa can imstilxsa m thehaiulsof tlie Uod woe owns ail tlw liarvsatr. and fiiclierJa, the Ao:^: 1 ut if V'-u eocid pay tha arenthunSOO a poller *na nesletgtbemlt h a tuan tfalnc (or you to go up to heaven while Iteygufatothapoorhuuse. Yoo, at dratb, move into a naaaloii, river (root, and they move into tsvo rooms oa tbs fanrth story of a teesmart boom fa shack rtm-t. Wbralhey areoutsttbeeniowa and knees, the thought of your ^ibodld robes fa heaven srUInotkcsip then warm. Tbs mfaistsr mav praaeb a bImbIU Mrmoa over yoor mnaine, and the SmST amr aog Uke foer angeta fa ths ergaa Mt, but ynurdsslh wlU be a swl ** Ydu bad w naans to provide fur Ifas fort of your hnimlul^ when you left It and "II her In onl T that they -Chiiolul, and her life Is lal^lp. i3 man, hcfai Oe Id Dta^ wordistoall iTi Uaad, go thruush oU tbs poorhoosn gaged aha eguan, aad 1 win show jm bow fsrtbt aaOMBVUriMfor thoBagleMdeisOdrea- aagMM pai^^ .TbfaV ba provl^ suran l u "puii's, have tha ... the ji’i' '• •. i.i pal to ymr buart ami lungi, and I*/ I il'' 04! of Millie boucet ooiiiponv di- crie tiiai vrnircbildrra shall n'lt |iem:,j-i't«d to the humiliation ot Hnucial struggle b the day of TOUT demies. But I most ask the mvn engaged in lif> fa tarancs bmosw whether Ihuy feel tue Im portance of Ibeir tnut, an t esarge thm I must that they nsed diving grace to b*lp thsm in their work. In this ilay. whan there are so many rivairica fa yoir line of boil- neoi, you will bi templed to nvorstato tii> amount of amets aad the ugisat of tbe sorplos. and yon will be tomplod to abuse tilt fron'^iu of tbe aaraptny, aa*i make np (he defiolts of ona yicir by odilfagsoinaeftbereo'Jyts of amit'iir year; andyoawUlbetonptol to tj3d-oat nino, anonymous dreufars dermtor/ to other oonipaiiis, fwopitfiil of ths fart (b at anoay mouBcommuiuatloo mtansooly twu thfaj —thueuwonliceof lbs authorani Uu lne]I lowing'a.ih a U)ln;_ ive liwl 1*9 of a prmi^ , .3 will follow thaui if yon bavs too much togUJaim in yuAself, and do not nppaoi to the I/ord for podlive help. Bntif any of you btfong to that mls- ertant elan of proi'fa who.withooC any Anan- dal ability, organUa tbcmstlver into what they coll a Ufo fasuranci conpony. srith a pratsaded oapltd of (y»,uJJor fUO.iXn, then roto yuonetf into the logrativv poaiumo, and thw taka all ibt premiuiai (or younslf, and tbea, at ai (tf the Stole Sopirlatoadent, drop hwnA* of than life taittraniw ' whose buttons ft is to gatbar of dsfunct arganisatio timlrowB fanW—thm. get eat of tbe bosin widow's beasn^m have swaAowwL :ni7v. leyiUiDatoly a oftni OMjmlM for myntt, 1 noald wihnWaUn InrdjaMlda .for ray tsHfly fa*prlvEtohsitr,a3dtoraat;h If* «il i^Mn nw^ St Yon 01MI to ba bj^ I, not oaly Cwnnasef pe t nito npea yusu ytnr stay oa sortb b aanrtala, aad ysir M atoaltornta fawdayarynv D»nto>a iP(dcedg5[MrBtU ir— — O.AVr, MONEY o lEU— DlSAflREEABI.E CO.NTBOTtoWlES ? srilli agents artu MSBiade yew to sniJ off yow little PW ares to Row York to have Uiot : cnlwiwdonflftaiaed- Von can havaallthfa, — 1 scat (if work iloiio atbranemneh IxMer am. thfag. bratto.get fasnrol to.-et-r- ) just a* cheap, iiolwlthstandta* tbe«?t- faty.. In oeqaidaratton of wbtt C,i "it hai 'tiotu thm aamts make to you. by ruUIngat j H. BAUMCJAKTEX’S | 'photograph : Gallery,' ' Cborloitc. N. C. 1 ; HELLO! WHO'S THERE? ' Curau u[i Wnilc. anil seethe iinpnivcinciits ICMCCTUIC UOIITS.; ■ TEHEPilONE. i KLKV.VTOR. ■ ' And vivrions otlieraltnwslio!:*. Jnrt think j I'f it. 43">x73 fret of flirtringtnhe flllnl with ^oUdiuB day seal of tbe .... Bntl have orordt of moaoroB amt dtI eoofort for tbeas of my bearers wbo a-s^n- gaged fa tbe Are fasannea Uodnoti. You ore ordained by God to stand b-tw*ca n-i aa 1 tbemoet raglngeletneet ot notara. '■> srs indebted to yoD tor what tbe aa'Joaal b-iaril of trodenriitere and tbs conventi.m ef i;b!»(s ■ of the Are department hare eff.n-t:! tunioxb yoursi;g«st£jiis aud tirongh yiir '•aconr- aRtmcnL We arelnde'*'-''! to ve ((or what -ou hare effected in tv ' "'i of 'in tbeehaigoia ;li, lia’'.iioC that hr «'i"aVT' -ir orrfsrlr rompaDletevtinri''''*’ ' •'* the old time riots whii-n iio.-!! * ' -i 11. : > ecitiamt. Awl wear;inl>ii:oI (1-/ >1. ' - v..e rocmafaldamanda yoa have mats Xt tbs repeal ot nnjost taws—for tbs 'la'^Byo 1 IiBve waged against in-sn'liari*n an I m * > 1, —for the fatal Wow you linre irivni tor'ai theory that oorporaHons have in s'iT liv the rbeerfufaen and promptlttuli with w li '.1 Ten hare met leesea from which »oa m bare, w-aped through lecimi ulit ■ 1 ' i law. I ilo not know iinr class " •• 1 1 midst more iilsh ton" 1 iiiv'»r'— -r dunes Iha'i th^ iiMJu. mi l jv. i ii' - t mes (enrellliat w.iilo your -lu.-f ..1 • * b to caicniste about lostn ea eartlil; pre^rtv.' ro I might e.-It m it run! • on thought go :n ■ t'.Lat 'o-;ii;U. in r-gir.l I S ir soul, ill jour ovii la-fa'i-o mlgh called "batarda,’’ ‘‘extra liaoirli." ‘ s;): sialhaaanU" Anunfo'C di in llw sum Is more fa'IammaUsatKl i xn’o'ivo tfiaa oi-n phene or nltiihBlyeerlne. flowurcr the rates mav he—yea. though th> wbolo earth were pawl 1’'wn toyou fa one solid premium—you, enniHiC afford to liBO your sonl. Do not toko thaciisk IntlCbe a^ beresofter that while in thb ororld yon bad keen boslDaD faculty, when yon went ont of the world you went out everlastingly insdvsit. Tin* wienliAc HItehcocks and Rl'i -"'is •■nl MilcboIIs of tho worid have unit-1'ri-11'l' i r'-lwrltors to make as bellevi- • r'l-v i. eoiiilng a oonAigratlontoiw* Hi* oarth. com- poird witli which t'm- .i( ChifiiBO ln4'(3!.ani that of Boston in lSi3. nnd that of New York fa ISBTy. were mere notbiiig, Bro3klyuo:i Tirg! New York on Aral Cli-irloston n;i Hr •• Sin Fraticiseo on (ir*! Canton o'l dr'I Hi •’ n.-v I'irg on Ara! Uftrison Aral fximlon m !lrii! tho Andtoon fP "'the Ap;>eainos n.i ■ • I'u Himalaya on lir-! What will b' i> -iMnr about &o day will b* toot t'l" w-i‘ w.ih wbleh wa put out great Are* wUi p . '' t tkn Blsme; and tbeMiw'wiippI, and the 1 *■ nnl the St. lAwrenoe. niid Iiako Eric, and III.' Atlantic and I’acIQc oc*-ans, anil tumbling Niagara, shall with rol tonguos lie't tli- beavens. Tho geologi 'al heats of the esat ir of tbe world will burn nut towani th" "ir- cnmfcrenco. and tbe heat* of tfagontsM- vrlll burndown from tho cirrumferon-o to t'l" center, and toio world wi!t Ixjjoni ■ 11 't •> i!'.' aceording to tha Dlblo, but necnnl"i - t > s-i ence, a living coil, the llring coal n -.-wir.l whitooing into aabes, the asbos scatt:.'i.'J by tbe breath of tba last liurii'an •. nnl a'l that Q.v:iOLi.VA oentual a. b. . aiANBE or BCMKpri.K WlimingtOB, N. C-. Mnv 16. lHh7.‘ WiSTHur.NH TOAIVS. 5n. 1: No. 3.; Uayia. 1BS7. l>al!.vij >imooy. Buu'tar LeuvelUlripI'i^AA), 4 7 Qi> E.jil. i ^‘ilmkiMuii, 7 ;9A.M. a dll ' Maxlon. li Alt Hamlcf. ISSOI’.M. aat.v.ij . W'mifliborn. 2 IS Cbariotze. •! 33 0 S'erriTw^ I.incolnimi, ' 6.17 _ ' .Sbcili)', 7 to ^ Arrive Bntiwrtordton, 0 10 E.\RTBOUND TRAINH. Hay Kl, liiMl. lumrr RutlicrfonlltMi, 7 IS A^il. Hhelliy, K to fjncnuitoii, 10 U7 ('haeJutte. I'JfUr.M. Wadrelmro. 3 30 Hdtulet. 3 3H Daily CI " W V.M. I 55A,U. ; Crockery, China. , ; ’ Glass, Silverware,; j Tinware, etc. j I tiieh di'iiarimciit i* ti* I>c wm-rotf. nnd ’ under Uio mntUHfomi'iil nf loiitu aiul at- . Icntivei-lcrks. 1 GR.4N1) ()1>1-:\!\G OH; j.\.\r.\nv 2:>, iss?. Kill'll visitor will receive a Souvenir. ] K. ILVILSPIKIjI). CiilNA I'AEAfK. Dr. J. T. 'WILLIAMS >vurld ■ will Ik Aakc* nf nshas falU- tbatdav will you k a total lo*i! Cfill yoa lie i-. . 1' I. or w imnivl’ Whoitlii* i:--it o.ita" the w ■I'l. with il liUlai puiRacIcs o.’ mnnntoina. gpl'lMi mino. on-’ cI'ipU, un 1 .u bs; bloxo. will you a th* Lvial's di'Ii for which nil u It Ixi fmind that 1 >' I>r"i 1 ^ ri ^ (’Ai,l,H A^rtVr'liRSli DAY nod NIOUT. (irrrf^—Fourth street, t-ctween Tryon niid (.'mircli. renr of Kxpresa (HUcc. Clonr- ' iii' wtiiiiGiy);«to., Hardware Dealers, (■|IAiU,(nTK. N. I'. Hard-ware, Agricnitural Implements, I’.i.Ai K-i.MiTii.s' AND hi';.'iTe;i:s' an'd llUoH'X. W'KlllH.NUniN ('(I. liu.MiniM; iiorsE, C I’aweiiBiT and Mall. liulOam -tr S.ihljnl, l.v Sanfonl. ArUna'iislK'r.', Ar ll.'iioHl..vil!e l‘a'.w>ig''rnn.l‘ l-'A'TOKYHR.' Arrivi- MillfaVi,. I••^•il:fa:,l,,l.tlav r--:iln'lte,illc ;n.d ti'dini-Mlav- 1111,1 vilicniiil l!'M'i..l;. hayi-!t.vill.' ntid iinvii-l-ire TuisWayv.-i'lun l.t.v- ami .'■uliinlay*. and liclwa'ii an'rii,l.. ‘.■••‘jFa.vri'cvill.' Stumlay*. WoiliK*itor..w i’a-.M-iigi r ami ii,,.il irafa rim* dallv rs,. •iimlayj. lliL' luirlli Uxmil iiaiM'iiger niul mnil ir. iuuke«tli»m'.iii,c:li..nftt Maxion win, 1. .Una I'l Him! lo n.arl.itli'aiid \Vlliiiiiii;'..i, tv. 1.1'aBoA lire." Er.Mikiiii .M., llleliiHuii.t,V*...!'aiich, l-J-4. lujWiiCT'S os r»"inini-ii'l.'-.l by you, niu. niu UVSI'KraiAUi«ynnlnvsliuililg. .I.T.IUVM," Meals, Texas, June 17, ItKt Tj* Asv. Fbsxcis B. llaiKiOWE. w:ltfa| post I listu twui' subject to eotuiliuiilan, lioir wbkli. fa salM of lb* use of niwii- eliiss al varuiu klmls, t auffareil liicrsasliig ■ucoiir.-al.'ue*', ni,all sum* months ago 1 began (akiug AvcB's Pills. They have ci.oivJy c-jrrMl»l tbe emtlvo habit, and have Tusdr improved niy gsLeral bealfa," Aviw'e CanisitTic TiLU cotrret Irragc- •ariUra o( ih* bowels, sUaiulaie (he appw Ule and JigaUau, and by Lhtlr prompt and thnninjli aeUoQ |Irr ton* and vigor to th* ubole pliysiml *0000(07. vau'saxo ar Dr.J.C.Ayer&Co.,Lowall,Mast. ttoU tr; all Drugfitu. !0UN6 1 'oxperleoe* iba woodarfal boacflelal .dmua of u,nVr Ayer's Sarsaparilla. ‘t"rn I -hll-lrei; wttli Itor* Xyts, Bolt AutU. I Ifan. "■ any acrofaloav or typh ;UM toiM, May Im luado healthy aaj otroM vyluua*. ae.dfa slll>nq|ifiaj fi, alx boRlattorfB |.:i!,|i.- Will 1.' ni-r,nimm ":;;t':l.|l>:.' i.a'M* ni.d l.nid. I'laol on -iivvl, ill front of I .1. E. .lullX.-lTu.';. ; VIRGINIA HOUSE, ^ CUMiLOTTh:. .V, . A'-';im'o.,:atloii>. fiinii"!ii-! travclrrs ut r'lL-uiiabli- rat*'!'. i'oniforlaMi- ImU anil riK'imi. lloiiM' Im-nl -d in nml ‘.i:,in"*- icirt of Ihr .-ffv. V..1.1.' ftir,;i»U'-d w:tii 111'.- U-,( I!u- tinrliel. Mi-.iN .it nil l.'-i.r*. .J, \I. i'.»Ol>K. - i’i:;>n;iET,iH, j .v. r. BOGiiFiiL mm, I»..:i’l V.:\ t . K , ham;s '•wr!f> .■' )YNE. 1 Tra.l" .'tr.fl. ('Sarlott.', N ' Ilia.!'' Tiir V-ji.iii .-'•pi* |i.'f VuV* ynn to llwnlituriiflliCa t«*|uw. X ItRlTAtt STV.ih i.vt ,'.. hit fwwbl•'Vise l■•eI Al.. ' . . . Wirtrikm* ..f •«..,( .,.11, £p fi* at-- ii*n. lu f'liMr.. i>h,, «>l aaU'f»«iii«UaifDM>d 1ll..\.''i; .'.'MvS, CIllriiilKl) NlLKb’. .siv!.‘.!:-:i; sgua!: sh.k;*.^ r- •nli'.f wm. X-W ei.e'k in’ ‘ Ladies' Muslin Underwear! Hi't et |irioB lower ihnu ever, Full' Eui'tif iVia.-rwrUOraoto. IWirr)-. I GiwTra. Mif*. te. , U.\UU«A\i: ALllXAXnKIl,* O Kan^e'Biaat. i Arrive Wilmington, BUi h o> Kii1ciBli,(RiL\l ^ 8 3.. Trains Nsl 1. and ‘I make done conn»t*,ii ' 3t Mart'in toaiid from Fayetteville, (Ini:,- iioro ainl oilier jioinla un ('. P. a X. V. By At Wodeelion) niili Iraini* to ami tri.iu Clierntr, Florence and I'liarievitoD. At Ijiiiculnton lo and fnuu H{ekr>ry, t and poiiils on (’. a L, Narrow laaugp'Hy Trains Non..% and 4 make eJoec rvumi" , n at Hiinilct willi RaiiiK toniid from Rah-:,'). Tlimiigii aleopfag ear* betwevu Wilniiri;*. ton and Cliarlotte und Cbarlutte and Uni- iv),. Take Imiu No. I for Kinlesvillc and on the W. N. t'. R. R. and ]>oinfa vi>i. Take train No. J fur foeraw.,*. v, f'liarleeloii Huvaiuinli and Florida. nl>i> f,ir F^cttL-villi- nnd O. F. a Y. V. etatk.i:,. Train No. 'jeonnevt* at Wiliiilmigiun W. a W. So. 1-1 null W. C. a A. Sii. 27. Take train .So. S fur HiartaBliiir,;. villc. .Ytlieii'i, Allailla Bill] nil luiitit* •ouui,. west: aiao fur A.slieville via iTiarlotli' und Sportaiiburc. No. dconnceUat WilmiuKtuii willi \V , W, II. n. No. 23. Train No. 4 emmed- ..i I Wilmington vrilli W. a. IV, No. 7v. I>. .1 Freight Nim. •> and Q Iri-wrvkiy leiu-,-T, Wilmiiiglno ami IxnirinhiiRr. Ixieal Freight .Vos. 2 and 8 Iri-x.-kli iK'tween laiuriidiura and f'iiarfattc. Isical Kmglit No*. !l nnd 10 tri-n'-i-ki-, In-twn'U (.Imriiiticand Kutlicrfir'lnni. Noe. , II. 7. d, 0 and 10 will ni,i Iia"'ngcn>, I,. C. JONF.-'i, SuiK-rinU'iui.tii. E. \V. l.'I,.dltK.«i-ncr4l I’n.wnigvr Agt. lAI'K FE.\U AND YADKIN VAI.M'V liA/LWAV VOMPAXy. J. W. I-'RY. (:,'ii'lHii]rf. ■' '■ HENDERSON'S li.MiHEU .'SHOi' ! TIIK OLULST .1X1, IlLST. ' Kxj*'r!eii,-'r,l auil jadite wortnu'i. .iiuui-- ; ready to wait on uii.-tmiK-n*. Ilert- vmi will get II >7;.l7 }lA/n fVTnr.d rAA'.I.V .V//.117.’. .J0,iIX 8. HK.N'DKllSO.V. j Kairt Trade Strv.-i, (’Imrlikje, N. f, WATCHES! Clocks, - Spectacles. Eye-Glaasses. anda'iliuiil,.* Fine Je'wolry can befaiiig!; ! e J.-wriry .‘*lnv "• ii)« ntleiilKUi pohl to imh re hv iTfa^ -nlerel, W" refet >a t«e|u Photograplis, in nil tho latert myleg ara| ffni*!;. -rHOTOr.R.M’IIS KNL.MIGED - .Io*t a« rfiaal wk dtto" riglit here al i.'UBuaadailefawiiaeinNtw York. ivnllK GliABAXTEElt! Call aad me m. H. BAUMGARTEN,.

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