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Charlotte messenger. volume (Charlotte, Mecklenburg Co., N.C.) 188?-18??, September 17, 1887, Image 2

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} r CHARtOTfE MESSENGER. :Im Ratos.—Aiwaj9 in biItiuim. One Year $1 SO j 8 mootbs SO ^8 moathe I 00 Sraonthe SS 1 noiith* ^ I Single Copj. RoUfj UB at once of all failiireB of tbii paper torcaclryoa on time. . All .moncj must be lent hr registernl loiter, moner onler, or Tmtal note to W. C, SMITH, Charlotto, K. C. . .Short corrcspotiJei^ce of lubjecU of in- Ureit tothcpublic ii solicited but i>ersoiii molt not Im (liioppn|iited if tite; fail to sec tbeirarticios in our columns, Wen ntponsible for the vieiriof comspondents. AnoDTnioui couimunicationi go U '' waste basket. OCR TRIP EAST. Three weeks og> we took a trip cut and stopped nt screral points, but it has been too Irnig to give n uiiauto accoaot of wlm^nc mw. At \l'a(Ics- boro we fouiul Hcv. (loik-n in the ■ midst of a sncccisful revival. He has closed and rcporli a goud nunibc cuDverts and .locc-'iiuiii both at tbc - Wadcsboro and i^iiuvdsboro chureb. Mr. Sandj- Ingram is Kueccoding with his new store. Miss i^allic Ilali’s canary died and left her a mourner. Tbc brown stone tjuarry is producing nbnndoncc of fine stone and extra trains oro running almost daily linuling it North. f AtClarkton wc met lion .John New ell, Mr. Wm. Jones and other well-to- do colored men who readily subscrib ed to the MjcssEXtiim. At Elisabethtown we met nearly two thousand people, who were here to witness, the laying of the corner stone and dedication of Mt Zion A. M. E. Z. church, built by llcv. J. W. Bavis. Tbc county teachers institute was in session at the same time. There were acvcrnl teachers from Brunswick and Sampson eannlics, about fifty in «11. The institute was conducted by Prof. J. W. .Tiicobs, who taught a spring and summer normal here. Hon. J. C. Dancy delivered the address at the ehnrcb- We were the guest of Jliss Mary E. Shaw and were well cared for. . This is tbc eonnly s^t of Bladen county, but scemito be on arapid de cline. Wc mot many strangers, many handsome ynnng ladie.H und intelligent young men and .sccorcd a long list of subscribers. In Wilmington wc fonml (lie »nc- cbanics as busy as bees. The city seems to be on a building boom. The cotton trade is fairly opened. Wc visited St. I.ukos and St Slcpliens church. St Stephens i» the church in the .Stale, It i* simply grand. Wc would not attempt a des cription. Uov. .A. J. Cliainbcrs is ii.s ■pastor. Wo made a number of pleas ant calif, but must omit all pursnnals in these notes. MEX SHOT II0W5 LIKE IKKIS. A few weeks ago nc had occasion to refer to Dr. Wilder and Mr. Mc- W'-irler cliasiiig and .'liootiiig among eolnrml wen promiscuously. These men (Wihlcr and McWiiirlcr) were not even jirnscculi’d by the .‘»l:ile, but sueveeded in having their victims piiii- ishuJ. But now we have a more serious case: Uobl. ilrii-r. a colored man, is shot down in the road like a deer, by two white men. each of them firing a double-harrcUod shot-gun. (irit-r wa.s filled willi >-1101 and instant ly killfil. Now are these men to he trt'Uled as the ulhersV If so. as (heir victim is dead, they may get his near est relatives, have them put in jail, or banish th^u from tbc ooiinty. Is (here DO redress for crime committed hy a white man against a Hack man? Wc have ever opposed the colored mao's leaving the South, hut if this intolerable state of affairs is not changed, something must be done to gat the oulired mao away. This thing ihoold not and cannot be stond much longer. We are fur peace oil (|ic time, but if we cannot have sumc- tfaiag nearer justice, let as have a peaceable migrating expedition 4o Kansaa, California, 31cxioo. .Africa, «r any place else where «mr lives will be epared. The laws of onr State may be Justly CMiatritetcd, but if they are to be ad- ttinistored in the intorcat of one race, againat the other, then let ns go where tba laws arc justly adiDinistcn.-l, if it Hlly to remain 'in a country where onl lives arc considered of no value, and mch take up their guns and shoot ub down and go on as thoogh nothing had happened. Our daily press speak erf some of them lightly and some they don't menttbn. White men arc able to take care of themselves: A majority of the white men arc (located ; a majority of tbc colored men ore ex-slaves. If a coTor- ed man meets a white man on e}ual terms and gets the best of him. he is mobbed like a liigliwaytuan', tliougli the white inao is wholly in fault, and tbc colored man simply defends him self. Colored men, as a general thing, will not stond up to and pro tect encli other against mob law, and flien they dn, they have the judge, ^ury, lawyer and public sentiment them—public sentiment hav ing been carefully ./ixi-J by llie while press. igritlioii scheme is lieiiig agitated in this State, .-mil nurl leading men hare no political offices to fight each oUicr over, we ask them to take these bnlchcrics in roniidcralioii and see in wliat way it ran be reme died, If laws arc made in North Cariilina to piiniili colored men only, then wc want to know it. While wc licHcvc in a manly indc- ^ndciiee. and a proper exhibition >f{ discretion and manhood, wc arc the : last to iiiiinunte nr eiicourngc relalia-. wc Can't gctprolectimi here, j whers wc can got it. Wc | cannot afford to do evil for evil. God ’ will not be pleased with it. He gave' tbc colored man'a better soul tiinn | that. Even our slave fathers, when | left in charge of "old inissns, tlic | children, and the farm”—while the; master was fighting to keep us in | bondage—prayed to God fi>r freedom , and (oiled to feed the family, the sol- | dier and himself. Hut his kinJiicssI forgotten. G, base iitgrali-| Fortune's league has never been | mentioned in these columns, b we did not understand it, ncitln wc favor nuv kind of organization that eutild m.nkc the colored man any mure a political slave ihnii he has been. In -“hni t, wc feared the league ; iiut il is claimed it will protcel the cidored man. Is that so ? Then let «. c.m- siil-T (he league. Since we learn from lln- iiulilislied pliin th.i( it is not eonfini-(l tu any race, sex or pdfty. wi> are willing to consider it. i.el Mr. Fortune send thousands of copies of the form to leading meu and women in the South. Our people don't yel know of it and the plan. Sometliing must be done or (he eojored people will leave tbis .''Otithlatid. Wc can trace our ancestry back 140 3'ears, yet beyond the ti FOE, c o R s E T S H. BARUCH. gAVB MONEY RDAeRBBlBLE COHTBOTXRSIES I Mnoadt you to saud off to Hsw YcA to have than d. Too can bmol " ot hmiw mud batte JiHt M ctMi^ notwIUiBlMdiiis tlie tolae; Ilona tboe oganta make to yon, by calling at H. BAUMGARTEN’S Photograph: Gallery, Charlotte, K. C. COR ETS! of North Garoliiia, strong a Stale pride a my while man Wc do not want to loavi but sometliing must be done. If our white friends will accept tin situation in good faith, there will Ii no trouble. Let the white mini 1111 ilcrstaiiil that the elrvalion of (In .Vetfrii will not injure ibe whit,' man dial his elevation is a foregone eon cliuiou and^s rapidly showing itself that if we enniint be me:i on ei|iia leriiia with '|iial protection here. wi must HCparair. The sentiiuetii ill spired an liiindrej years ago, and lias made the white people of .Viiierien a great iiiitioii, is animating the .Viiieri- can Negro, and his cry isVid wiH be, •‘tJivc me liberty or give me death.” FresliUng Elder’s .Ipiminfmeuts. niARLorTR nisTRK-r. Torreiiue Chapel—Sept. IK. Clarkavillc (camp-niecting) .*-ept. tl.’i. Trinitv—October lid. King's Monotain (aupplifd)—Get. 'J. G'ConnorviUc (supplied)—Oct. *2. Moore’a Sanotnary—October !) Simficid—October 1(1. Hudson—October 23. Grace—October 3(1. Centre Grove (supplied)—Oct. 30. Joneiville (aapplied)--(lelnher 30. ChinasGrovo—Getobur 30. MoqdI Holly—November 6. District Confcrenec. ('Union Chapel, October 12. 1887. Bishop Hood will mert iheappoint- ments at Moore’a ,SancloBry and China Orovo. n 8. KtvBa, F. E. PRINTING! Btl-L-HFADS, LKTTKR-HKADS, NOTE-HEAD.S. STATEMENTS, EN- VKLOI'KS, C.VKD.^s, FO.STKllS, CIBCULAHS, AND ALL KINDS OF MERCANTILE FIIINTING, 1 ihi* ln'sl ni.Tnijor a»l at Iowo.mI ratthM. HELLO! WHO’S THERE? ■STEJS? Como up Wade, and see the Impreveneirts BLRCTftIC LIGHTS.; TELBPHONB, ELEVATOR, And variona othorsttraelions. Jnst think of it. 425x78 feet ot flooring to be filled with Crockery, China, Glass, Silverware, Tinware, etc. GRAND OPENING OF JANUARY 25, 1887. ioch visitor will receive a Sonveni R. B. HARSFIELD. CHINA PALACE. C APt FH&R AND YADKIX VALLEY SAIL WAT COST AST. 1!Kkliig«, Monday, Sept A in? 'Tosen Movrae Hooni. 10:10a_. lldD 11:80 1:30 pm Dr. J. T. Williams .. CALLS ANSWERED DAY and NIGHT. OrriCB—Fourth street, between Tiyon ^ Charcb, rear of Kxprese Office, Cliar- j\rl(lrc.-;K :ill (inlufrt S nenh College R. E. BLAKEY, GHAULOTTE, N. C- THE BEST RESTORATIVE ,hr tlir liair. U Aycr'a Hair Vigor. It restores the original color to Faded and Oray liair, pronictc.i lu growth, prevents the occumulatkiii of Dandruff, cum alt Scalp Diseases, is always sale and beneficial to me, and is, at the some time, a Snperlor Dressing for the liair. I liarc used Ayer’s Hair Vigor for •limber cl yean, and am more than an isQcil with tho results obtained. 1. keeps the liair in fine condition, renders it soft and pliant, luid gives it tone and strength. As a bair nrcparatlon it It nn- lafcd.- * •' ... -Dr. J. Hog equolc I hare (unnd Ayer's H»ir Vigor In- rolnablc for increasing the growth of hair wben It bad become weak mid thin, also for restoring the natural color u gray balr. This preporatioa U sIm on excellent dressing, and msy be used wltbont danger of soiling the clothing. It renders the bair eoft and pliant, and j^Ys.toL'MSSrSf.v; 1 have nev^ found onytUng which Rives mo sneh perfect sautacUon os I nave received from Ayer's Hole Vigor. It restores Cbe original color to gray bslr. Imparts a glou and softness, and removes all dandruS.—Mn. T. B. 8. Havens, Eaton Bapidi, Mich. I hsvr foand Ayer’e Hair Vigor u c^Wi^able as s dreuln^ lor the bair. liiia reparation ij a injurioai _ . hair, invigorates 1.. on excellent remedy fur humors of tbs scalp.-J. C. Daytem. Alleiulak. 111. An attack of brain fever caused my bair to fall ont. I saplied Ayer’s HoTr Vigor which stlmulmd s new growth of hair in a few weeks. 1 have used eight bottles of tbs Vigor In two yrais, mnch more than was Deeatsary os a restorative, bat I liked the onlcle as a dressing and have since continued to use it for that pnrpose.—Vincent Junes, Biehmoad, Inu. I bare ossd Ayer's Hair Vigor lor tbs last ten yenn, sad inks plaasnre to pro- DooneltigthlsprananttonaU Itisreooai- raeadsd to bs. 1 am now 80 yestta of - - sad my hair is to at beoltbr a ooa- —jn at when I was 28.—Bar. H. P. Willltnw, Davidson College, N. C. Ayer’s Hair Vigor, rnpond by Dr. J. C. Aytr n Co., LewtII, Ums. BsM by Dnotos u Assist Nature whenever she appeals for old. Itoss of appetite, V?os|cness, fttt,gg«i,- neu, and Depresaton, are often Indies (ions that the blood is impore, andnaeds alterative treatment. Ayer's tuvapa. rllla Is a bigbly concentrated txtraet itf the best alteratives and blood parlflatB.J For months I was afflicted with serv- 0ns prostration. Weakness, Lsiwqot, General DebfUty, and Mental D^sSton. By Purifying'' ny blood wHb iyer't Saraapmflln,' i y— oonpIsgll'^cBred—Mra. May rnsreas, ltt4l3oIk eu, LoweO, Mm. ^Utti|wW I saSetad tm OmmoI DoblUtr oadiM « A]—^ Nature Demands that tbs Uood ahoU bs ks|8 pore. Ibe Sutnoeh, liver, Kldnsya, and Bowels, cannot inalatain n healthy action if the Ills enireatls slagglih and diseased.* ^ pnrUytog and vllaliatag tbstblood, BO otbyr medictoe eon he comporsd with Ayer's BarsapatUla. ■X’lwvaTnSsrsd greatly, te yean, firom Loss of AppstiSt ond Osnerol Ds- btUty.'aMasd by m tapm eeaditloB o( 'Vr.h*'Blood. A to* tottiss e Ayer's OaraMStolUa M. ^ “iry GiidttTBa, 4 Hardware Dealers, CHARLOTTE. N. C. The largesd stock of Hardware, CCTLKUY. OL’N.S, WOODEN - WARE, Rf)l*l-y, Agricultural Implements, m,A(’K.>iMITMS’ AND HEATER-S’ AND OTHER TOOUS, n the .State. A call is solicited. Brown, Weddi.vgton & Co. BOARDING house! CONCORD. N. C. Tlie traveling pnblic will be sccommth dated with coiofiirtsblc ruouis and Inard. llouw .dtUBinl on Depot street. In front of the .Setninary, near depot, and oonvement to all visitors. Terms rvasonsblo. J. K. JOHX.STtlN. VIRGINIA HOUSE, dlAHLOTTB. X. V. Accoinmodstiims fiirnUhed travelors at rvasouable' rates. Cofufortsblc bals and rooms. House IocbUxI in the central arwl liuainen jiart of the city. Tuble fimfflihed ■ ' ■ inrket. Meals at all .1. M. fiOODE, - I’llOI'RICTOB. CllAlihOri'K. X. V. BEiyiiruL raiifiE, LvOetineUiTllle. ArMoxton, l-v Itoxton, Ar Ibyetteville, Lv PhyetterUle, Ar BanftnL onio ix.ii) ni Lv Banfhrd. 4:18 1:06 Ar OresDsboro.7:38 6-JO Lv UreenMioto. ifklOam ArDolton 2;lApm Paaenger and Mail—dinnorrat Itoiettevillr. TasDn Monm Soern. Lt Dalton, 8:45 p m Ar Gtsaosooro, 7:t5 Lv Onensboro, 9-JO a m OKIO a m ArBontord, UASpm ItiOOm Lt Sanford, 1:18 lAOnn Ar Fayetteville, sjfiO eni liT FayetteeiUe. SJO llKMara ArHsJcton, 3:18 S.-08pni Lv Msxton, 5:28 Ato ArBennettsv^ 8:48 6:20_,..,. Pssmger Ad Msil^-^nner at fisnfoiff*. FACTORY BRANCH—FREIGHT AND ACCOMMODATION. Tnsin Movrao Noam. Leave Millboro. R^ea.m. 5;4Si>n Arrive Greensboro, 0:35 7:2S TiAin Mortno Sotmi. losre Greensboro. 2:0Dp.iii, Leave Factory June. SiW T;15nni Arrive UMIboro. 8:48 MO Freight end Accommodation train rnns bet. BenneUsvilleond FayelterlUe on Moiuhm. Wednesdays and Fndayi, and bet. Fame. Tills and BenncttsvIUe on Tuesdays. Thnrv- days an't Sslnnlays. Freight snd Aooommodation train rens bei. PayiltcTille and Greensboro Ta(adsys.Thiiis- dsyi and Balnnlays, and between Greensboro mid h’iyeticville lloiidaya. Wednasthiyi aii.i Fridavs. Passenger Slid mail train runs dally exccni Snudsys. ' Tbs north bound posaenin and mail train makes close connection st HaxUm with Csr- ollns Central to (RiarioUeand Wilmington. IMnson Factory Oranchnin dai^ except General PsitBgei Agent Sunday. J. W, FRY, Gen’l Sq^?' May 18,1887. Dtln't Fail u> Examine. UnssB rny hsalB nrrTTiiSriBHw n Onr Burs sni CowtxD T.k.Ml.*(K I llie nierat ('oods made fiffr tumuiei wiwr. Price 7•^ cents per jranl for the cnlurs. BLACK SILKS. COLORED SILKS, SUMMKB SILKS. SURAH SILKS, fur evening wear. New otoi-k of Ladies' Muslin i ■ Underwear 1 , nad at prsen lover iIih ever. P«|l UMofWervcr'iCeneii, Bc^y. r QIovm. Wu. Ac. ^AROLINA CENTRAL R. R. CHANGE OF SCHEDULE. Wilmington, N. C., May 15. 1887. WESTBOUND TIOLINS. >.1. No.i- lyex. Oallyex. T ...... josy. Sonday. LcareRalelAfRAA), 7 00 1*M WUmlngtoD. 7 2SA.M. 8 OO Haxton, 11 80 12 SO P.M. 2 33 A.M. Wodesboro. 2 IS Clrari^e. 4 32 U Sfiarrivr Lincolnion, 0 17 Shelby. 7 40 Arrive Rntbrrfordton, 9 10 EASTDOCND TRAI.N8. ■ No. 2. No. 4, Mny 16. 1880. Dellyex. Doilyex. . Snnasy. Sanitsv. Leave Rntherfordton, 7 18 A.M. Shelby. 8 48 Lincointon, 10 07 Calotte, y 12 02 P.M. 8 45 P.M. Wadesbotra 3 30 Hamlet. ■ 3 38 I S3 A.M. Maxton. 5 20 Arrive Wilmington, 0 05 8 00 Rajoigh.(K^V) 8 85 Trains Nos. I. and Stiiako cIoM oonnectioii st Marion to and ftooi FayeUevnic. Greens boro anil other ptints on C' P. a Y V Bv At Wadaboro wHh trains to and Doni (3ienw, Florence and Choriotoo At Lincolnion to and from Hickory. Loioir “’’rs pnluisoo C. a L. Narrow Oauee Ry. . « “*}' ^ ommertion ul Hamlet with (rains to and ftron B^oh rhroimhsIeeniBg cam between Wiinm.g. ton and Charlotte and Cliorlotle and Raleteh. on the V,. N, (. It. R. and p^nta west. FTorenre. ill Doints .— .... ... Oiarlott Sparianbnrg. NaS^nectsal Wllmtogton with W. « W. R. U. No. 23. ^ato No. 4 coQnacta at H llmlngton with W. a W. No. TSTl^ fJS**,'* i*"- _? W-weekly between Wilmington and Laarinbarg. Freight Nos. 2 and 8 tri-weeklv between Uurinbnra and ChorloUe. Local Freight Noe. 9 and 10 tri-weeklv Iwtween Cliariolte and Rnlherfoidton. Noa.. 5 0, 7. H. 9 and 10 wiU not take pasMgen. HENDERSON’S BARBER SHOP ! THE OLDEST AND BBiT. Experienced and polite workmen always rendy to wail on cnstoinera. Here you will f'tTaml fi/.lfAX JOHN R HENDERSON'. East Trade .Street. Charlotte. N. C. WATCHE,S ! Clocks, - Spectacles, Eye-Glassses, mid all Unh>.ir Fine Jewelry can be IsMighi ilieep at tho Jrwelcy Bture of HALES & BOYNE, West Trade Street, CliBrlntto. S. C. jsi fuani„ yon to the editor ipf Ihfi (Wpee. Photographs, in all the laleag atylea ami Moh. —HHOTWJRAFHS KNLABCKD- 11 pietana. Kb omiI Just a * In T taelMBpa WOBX GUARANTEED! CbUnadtoun. H. BAUMGABTEN, raUnontne.

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