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North Carolina Newspapers

Charlotte messenger. volume (Charlotte, Mecklenburg Co., N.C.) 188?-18??, October 01, 1887, Image 4

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1H1 BIV. Di TlLUei. “iKTV.'' That jouaf w« toUiar by bar rid* walilu I u araMd polio* M tfcS l^St: Vn«pa or BolMDoob iipag- tL. , Ba Sotomln, by a MfSlaJ cbanurtcT of or* (fcrw-aesr* yaMM.'- —» ftiiA*, forth HfBtaJcbanirtcTor* trnsChrittinii arui: 3h* It net a dardt Dot a hlryliiiK, sot a Mdkurta, but a queen; ami in my tret f ■MB M* dxty m ttarae belplne tn make fea royal pacraot c( >>r9(tit l£afi>niKT aea 1 ibotren yoo that crown aad courtly •Hefidant* and imiwriat wardrobe were not weamary tonaknaqueeu; IniCthat unir'e •I the heart asd life will i;lr* cx>nmatio:i tn asy wuman.. 1 abowed you at apnm keistli tbat wQoiaabpantlan weahigberlntbewnrld thad BaD'a, aM that alChaueD hto had olloii b*aa denied tberisht of tunrace, itio alanra did rote ind alwajK would vole by bar infi'u- UDea; and that ber chief desire ought to bt Ibatriietbonlil have etare riclitly in rule in thdtdamlnloo which abe baa almdy woo. 1 bean ao enoraeration of eoaf* of her rlgbta, *Jtbl._—I—T—Ul..^ ^ ^ bmominKl mumetbe subject. teAntpIw, woman luu Che special .•Bdlbe superlative Ilffht~nqt asoio going backto what I have alremjy Mud—woman has tbesiiKiai and superlative right of bkw' iagi^comforting Uirsirk. What land, what street wA felt the amiUngx of thoncaods ofairk bede! Wbntiliatl n-e do arltb tbeoF fthall man, with bleroagh hanil •DdcIoiDsy foot, go stumbling around (he aickructa, tiring to soothe the distnu-tol asTvea and alleviate tb patiantF The young aoeffatlheideaiif beiDK eevi'-i maw.iu.i SttSBoea, but at the drat blast of the tyidmid Csrer on bis check bo says; ••Where is Dtotberl" Walter 8coU wrote itarlly in MtlreandparcJyincotnplimentwhrotis said: WbvD pamsaS aoso A lalalstcrtos aegel I think the moat (latholic d 10 _ , --e in all the Blbleisthadeacriptinuiif llm IvT who went anttotbo harvest Ib-ld nf Sbuorm and got •UBStcurk—throwing his lutikUon lii-lemiili'S aad ro'ing out: - Uh. iiiy lioad : niv bco-l : *' .and tbeysakl: ••Carry liiin to bio niollirr.’’ And tbw tbe rwvirvl is: •' Ua sat on her konw tOI noon, ami tb-n dial.'' It it an awriil thing to be ill away from hoiuc in a htraiigo botal, once in a wbilu men coining In to look atyoichokUngtlielrluind over itiiirmouth (or fear tboy will Caleb the cnnlagioii. How (Uughly they turn you in bnl. flow lomlly thn talk. IIow you long for the inlnivtri'e otbonsc. I knew oiin suoli wlio M-ses nwoy Crum ODB of the brigbteet of bouics for atverm] weeks'businen ahevuce at lb* Wi-tl. A tnlegram cama at ifUdnight that lie was OB bin death bed, far nway trora homo, lly axpiemtraio the wife and daughters >-0111 trettward; but they went luo late. Hefennd Mt to dIck but be WAD in agony to live until bit family got there. He tned to bnlw the doctor to make hiui live a little whllelonger. Qeaaid: ••! am willing bi die but Dot alone.'' But the pubsw lluttvred. the •jra oloeud. aad tbe heart stopiieJ. Tlio rx- BWtrainsmet in the midnight, wifu and daaghlengoiiig westward-bfekwi remains of husbaml and father cuiuiag castwarl. ■>, K was a loul, pitiful, overwlielmiog ■pactaclel tV’hcn we are sick want to be beck at buma tVbcn tl>e time comes for us to dia, we want to ^e at borne. Tbe room may be very humble, and the facua that look iiiui »n may be very plain; but wliocarew fivr tball tovlng han^to bathe the teniplm. Loving voices to ifieak good cb(«r. Loving lips to read thecomforliugpruniiwa of Jesua la our last dreadful war men cost tbq can- Don; mea faibiooed the mniju'try: lacnfciiiri tothehoktsi"' mniTiuihsl th^ baUalions oo tbo thaip edgm of the eomny. eryiag; ‘'Cbarg»!oharge;’‘bul woman aentped m lint; woman administered the CCPMris; woman wah-bed by the dying hom drcle; woman wept at tho solitary bolal aUended by berwlf and four men with BWade. Wa greeted the general borne wnh hram banas, ami tritimiifaBl an-lm. •Dd sriid huzzas: but tbe sb^- Istoo good to ha wriUen anywliere. save in the cbronit l-s Of heaven, or Mrs. Brady, niiu niin~ down amoog tbe sick In the swaiope of the Cliicha- haDlDy;of Annie Row. m Ihi- •‘ixHierehop bo^Htal: of Uargaret UreckmH>lce wlinrame to men who had bren for wn-ks witlitbeir iSvgunils undremed—some of them frozen to the ground, and when she (umerl them over those that bad an arm Mi wavtsl it ami lilKI theairwtth their "liiirrab;''ot Mrs. Hisl;^, wbocamefrom Chicago w ith btaukcu and _ •fdl my wife not about nM, but to meAme In heaven: b'll Iut to tiain up tbe litres wbom we havelosi'leo wall; tell her we shall meet again In the gia>l laod: tbll bar toliear my low like (lieChriH. tiaa wife of a Chrietian snldirr:" ami id Mrs. Btaeltoo, into wbnae face the >v»i...i...— soldier looked and ukl; and cologne cured ma' their work with that nad Miell. aiin ranune, sad howitzer: women did their work with aQcki,aadslir>pers.BndhanilBgi~, ami wnnn drinka aail Hcrlpturelexbi, airl gifitlii ntrok- inpof the hot lemptes, and slurire of that lasd where they never have anvisiiii. Men kaelt dosm over the wounded and twid; "fin which side did yiai IlghtC Women knell down over the wnumhsl ami said: -IVU-re SI* you hurt! Wtiat sion thing can I make forvontoeatl Wtektoakiw vvii •■rv ' Tu- nigiit. while we men are niuiid eidis p in our bm Um will )« u Uglit In yiuslcr loft; tbsre will l» groaainir d.>wn tliat lark albre' there will be cries of diitreat in cellar. Ken will lisepaml women will watch. Again, woman has a rapTlatlie right to (the cure of the poor. Tbere are liuiHln«U and thouaandi of tbem all over the bnd- Tbere is a kind of w>irk lhal uwm cannot do fertile poor. Herocone-s acmupofliulc Imre- foet chlhlnm to Uie dmir of the IVircas Socie ty. They uend to be clothed and provhlud for •Vhieh of Iheae r(ire*-rm mC l^nLs w.Mild koow__ that IltUe girla culloa baode eouU t girl's head I nrhhh of the WDUH know bow to tie 00 a tttml Man sumetioMa givai la a mgh way. aad it fall. I u( a tme in tb east, wlm :! down so heavily that it Iwial aftbe man who u trviog l> gn in glidee so softly into Ui • I titution, and m from Sle|a a ........ „„ from under her shawl sn-i vrtli Uinitt ou* tsro wings aad go right up towonl bcavcii. I nun wbesr* idw seems to .liavn ivmie dunii. Oh, ChnAian young woman; if you wonld make yaune-rf happy and win the bietsdags -of Cbiitt, go out among tbaduMtute. A loaf of bread ora liotelleuf >a>y makeabacn>-ly kind to carry, Init » angel* nf fJM will rmne esU to watrh, md the 1/wd Almigbty will give bl* mw- atwprboMsa chsrgik Hyliig: ''Ivnnb after that woaan, CaiKi|iy her witb your wings and dirlter ber frvm all barm:*'aad whUa yoo are sualed in thebooeiof drAMiition ami aq7enBg.tliatMU* ouas arouad tbs room •iU.lljlMw; ‘•WhobihsI Ain't dm )«w WidranJifynr AllUstearigMsharplyyon wfflbeardr:^g down thrsugb theUsky roof, and roUlug over the ruttau stain. Uia aofM cImMthat ebook UathlabaBi. "tihry to Uod In the bigbast. sad os mrtn »^.,tood w mrti.- Can you teU *• • CkrtiBso weoaa gomz duwa smong the hausts of Wnuity ea a c£rlsClaa •m A Dtvw aiMlB With aay indlgnttyt I Mood is the dsi^ of IMai Chalman. the dasgMarof the (■iabratad Dr. Cbabaan. la lbs sM alaodntied part of the rlty of Ediaborgh, and f aaU to bw as 1 loahwJ out ura th* fearfnl arrosni- Isgi ( (bAt plaort ‘-Do you ooma bam •igSti to hold a mrrloar "O. , r ooroer, la net to didwidsri arubat CbrMiaa wocnin who —] goeslorthongaqM work Into thehnnntaof ' * tnk]uUy, carrying tbe BiUas aad bread. God, wltn (M red ngbt arm td hie wrath omnipm tost, would tear to pleoeBanr ooe wbosbould eSor indi^ty. He would isnlte him with ligliiulngs, and drown Um with flood^jtnd him witb eternal Indlgnatiant. Boms one Bud: "I dislike very macb to see that ChnsUan woman teaching thoae bad boys lu the ralanon eebooL I am afraid to have her instruct tham." “So," mid Bnotbermaa.--'i am afAkl, too." Baid the Brut; "1 am afraid they will use vile language before they Imve tbe place." “Ah," sard tn* Other man, “1 am not afraid of that. What { am afraid of Is that If any of those boyt should use a had word in that prenooe tbs iilber boys would tear him to ptecre and ktU bimoouiespot." Tliat woman is best sbel- tered wbo is sheltered by the Lord Uod Al- inighty, and you newl never tear going any- wbero where Uod telli you to go. It seeins es if Che l^nl liod orlained woman for an capocial work in the solkiCatlon of cbariUes. Backed up by barrels in which there is no flour, and by stoves In which there isnoQ^ and by wardrobusin wbicta tbcrA are no vloUiee, a woman la irradstible: pmwipg on heremud, Uodapystober; “You go igto that bisok, or store, or shop, and get tneWMoey." Bbegomin and gets IL The niao IS bard tisl' but sbe gnti it. She could net help but get it. It Is decrood from eMiiity she should get ib No need of your turning your bock and pretending you don't noar: you do hear. Tnere Is no need of your iCyiog you an- begifed to dealli. Tbm'is uu uee-1 of vour wasting your lima, and you might as well submit llrst av lad. You bid belter right away taka down your i-beck book, inark tbe uuinlier of Um •■Im-k, llll up the blank, sign yisir llama and liand itlober. There is no newl Ilf Kiv-tiiig tuna Thias poor ohiklren uu the back street have been hungry long enouglL Tlutsick man must have some fanuA. That ••onsumptive must have some thing toesse hisMitigh. I miot this delegate of a ri'lief snciely I'miiog out nf tlie store of ■uvli B bard flsivd man. aiul I say; “Did you p-ttlieiiimieyr "Of rour«o."sbe says. “I got the money: that's what I went for. The Lnrii told me In go in smlgA it, and he DSver Again, l^vn to tell you that it if a 'Tr right to comfort bndor the disuilcr. Hba is calle^t^ ^“or^ilii ic-.k-r vieecl. Imt oil profane as wcU s icrvl history nliests that when tho crlsl umiw she fci Ix-tler prejiarwl than man t iiisjI lit© I'lie-rgcncy. Hnwuften von bav .-0 a woiuun who nocui-- 1 U) ho a dliriph- c nil > never tell tivir biiaintw trouliltn totbelr u-ivin! There C1-1U.S1 N>me greet loss to their stnri-, nr Mime of their is>in|ianlons In busl- nosi piny tiicni a sail Cm-k. ntnl they carry I'l' l-unicn n’i niniic. Hr isaskrrl in the hoiise- hiic fa'" lullev-s ft a sort nf l.'hrMlan duty u> kis-ji all that trouiile wllbm Ins own siiil. Oh. your Unit .Inly was to tell your wif.. all nNiUt it, Kbe perhaps might not hvvriltscutansled your lliian've or ez- yaup ••isslit blit she would liavo i-ip«T y.ri to Ivar ml .fnrtiirw. Y..u hive no iglil III ...vy'm rme Kli«iiMer that which tn iilcihl"-l for two. Tbrresre men wire who know wliat f mean, Thera cania i rnsis In your aireira Von MrugilTd bi'Avo V and famg. hut after a white ihern >-aiiN' u d.iy when vou said: “Hern 1 shall liavr I" ’•I'd’'' and yuu III ^’uur ^rt- ''.Nirsml 1 hnniiy makeup your uiinil to pass Ymi MtVv.w)di»lv'wndd’'bBlookui^^^ vou and Maniliig vou and dcnoimcmg you. You liasU-ii"d home. Y.aitoMyourwlfnallabout thi-ntV.vir. What di.l slie sayf Ih.l sheplav tho butterfly; Did abut ilk about tbe silks and tho rlUmn* aivi tho lasliions? No. She came up to tlie emergm-y. K1h> nuailed not unifa-r iliestrekc. IShr hclpu.1 you to Iwgin to plan right nw-.iy. Sboolirred to go out of the u lookwl mn who uiwli-n-tno.l ; linnghl was n thin, wn iig you up. but while y herr .-nme into tlu- fn-hlr Snfrrtling, No telling vou litul liouw of b - lire without 1 whst you 'k arm b.4d- .-les of it the No chiding. .. in whi.'h you r thirty i-pfaiy tlieirCh irand and glori' they'-oiild .III if tlM-y only hi litv My i-istiT. you n.s«l not wait lur •litiinc. A crids will ivnne in your Tlwre will Is- a Th-wm'.pvls' in wn h’HlM'hohl. wlK-n-tiwI wiiriell voti ■I. Tbere arc Mv.nwand hundnsi, of okHtoslay w hi-refiKimic-li bravery and I bv llru.'O Itarimg. or Mario Aiitob II I remark, it is woman's right to man. IVliv! Yui In- hciirt i» iiior>»n-.i»m-bcli>lli” ploa'Jings f diviiu' M-vi;. Mil" Is iu viuct majority. The irl that slm vaiim'wecaxilr )>e.-iiiie a Clir'* Inn. I (irdve by the s^te'ment timt Iht -urtlnof the mrmbcr-.uf thechurcbisi in 'hi i-hrmlom are women. Ho (lod appoi lii'in to Im tlic rhief agencies for hrlnging :iiv worlil tiack to lioil. I may stand en- anil say the soul is liiiniortal. Tbere Isa laiinbo will refute IL 1 may stand here n I say we arc lw«t and unions without 'hrist. There Isa man who will refute it I >y there will lie a Judg- le. Yonder Is some oae Dt a Chrlrtian woman 'hold, living in the of Chrlsf that Tb prvoeliMj may stood here ai mmt Dayart.Ta who will refute it in a Christian faith aieJ the con-dstency ti.-^iel—tmlsaly — gnvateat semi'iii* w.. , -.. - iiratnl pfatlforms; they are preached with nii'liciicc of two or Ibm. and In private home Hh. A emdstent, .musvralw t'hrisUan wrvic Is an iinanswrrsble dMOonsMtlmi of Iksl's trulb. A saifair rams slipping down the mtlinns one night, as tboogti something bivl liapt>ss>.'l,and tbe sailor* crieil: “What's UiemsKor;" lUsabl: wUy moclier's prwyere biniit me Ilkeartott." Home Inflnencca, c>mvwratet, Cbridtan bonis iiifluen'm, are the mightiest of all Inflwn'ire up-m tbe soul. Th-n- are men b«r> towUy who have nialn- taineiiaiatrintegnty. not bwuiiiiie Ifasy were anv beC(«- naturally than sone otlier people, butbecansi. there were home loflamraB prey ing for them all lbs tima They gnln good start Tlicy wree launched on the world with tbe lioni'dl'dlonsuf a I'hristiaD mother. They mav tns'-k Kiberian snows, tbev may idunge m African jangle*, they may fly to the cirth's end—(h^ cannot g-i *0 far aiii so last tsic the |«ayrr( will heap up with Cbreo. I stand tsTore women to-day wbo have th* etrrenal aalvaUagor tbeir hiiidMutda in their righthsnd. On the marriage day youtook an ostb before mea ami anzsis that yos would ba falUifol ani kiad nnlil d«atb did ro^ part, and I believe yiMi an going lo keep that oath; bnt ajtcr that parting at tbs doer parting rtrraai ia Umis asr nicb (k'uig os aa ImanirCal mar- Haga, making tbs Oowars that grew os tba top of tb* aepuk-bur brigbWw than tbe gar- laade wturk at tka marriage baanuat flooiod the air with aroouK Ya.. I stand bmaas a e nMi of the OHiet hiefa OoiL to prostalm the an* of au imawwtai unloa for oU those who join bands to the gra>w of CbrM. Owoman. hfamr hsstaol, roar fatliar, ytatr aen. away fr^mnodf Th*IgirddamoM(bairrsdits^ ikm at year bonda Tb*m era Hsym for yos to offer, there e©© ^ —m lot AIM SMSyiBg: ssdkt HMtokkwOi "Rebecim, you wouldn't let ma ham f*al]| prejsn: aod you lani^l about oil that, as* you got me awsy into wortdUiMai: ondsaw I am goinz to diA aad my (ate i* sea led; aaf yon arettkcsawof myrotar O wernsa, wbot ksowest thou but then otatt imroj tfavtawtsodi Are there not eocoa bv# wbi ha'vb kindly influence* at botoal Are than oot mom bre wbo have waadmd far awuj from Ood. wbo cmi rstoember tbe CbrMiai tatftoMieti Id tbe atriy hostel Do oot de ipto thoea influesc^o, my brother. If yos die without Christ, wbat will vuu di with your mother's prayeti, with yom wifeb Importunitko. witb your iMerl «atreattaf Whst wili you do will the letten they used to write U you. with Uie memory nf tbaaedayt when they atteuM you to kindly In Urns* of slokoeml Ob, I ihore be just one strand bolding you from floating off on that dark eea. I would jsff like morning to take hold of that etrais and pun yoo to tbe bench I Fortbesakatf your wife* Onl.for tbe sake of yourmotbesb Ood, for Um sake of your daughterb Qod . flff tbe sake of your sister’s Ood, com* this day aodbemvod. Lastly, 1 wish to eay that one of tbe epeclflc rights of woman it, through the grace of Christ. ftoaRy to reach Heaves; Mary, Christb mother, in Hraveo: DizabAh Fry la Heat'en; Charlotte EUnbeth lo Heaven; tb RMtberof AagatiminHenvrai the Countem of Huntingdon—wbo said her splendid Jewell to build cfaaDelt—In Heaven: while a greet nttny others wbo have never bean heard ol on earth or known but little, have gone Into tlie rc*t end peace of beeven. Wbat a resit; hat a change it was fram tbe small room, with no fire aodooe window, tho gloss broke* out, and tbe aching side, ana worn outeyeo, to the ''hoose Of many "■ '■ more stitchug nnUl I'J r' dug of the thumb Ibrougb the work to show it S iiU right. Plenty of bread eavsn foracblog beui Heaven for broken bauds. Heaven for angniih bitten f No more sitting up until midnight coming of the stagpring steps. No more rough Mows ocraw the tempU* No n sharp, kuen. bitter curses Nome of yon have DO rmt In thb world. It will be toil and struggle nuii lUlTerlng all the w» up. willTiave toatanJ at your (low flgbtli the wolf with vour ow nags. But frod has ,1.;. M. fl^btlng back „ that crown; wbenover TOO have n pang of body or fonl. la puts another gesn in tbs* crown, until, after a while, in oil thi tiara tbere will be no room for as other splendor, and Uod will sav tobl* angdi “'niecrnwn isitnns: let her up that abema) wear it" And os the Lord of rigfateousnem puCa the crown upon your brow angel wig crytoangel; “Ivbo ia Maf and Christ wifl say: “I will toll you wbo ahe la. KbeittlH one that cam* up out of great trlbulatloi^ and lia J her robe washed and made white il Uie blond of tbe lAmh." And then Uod wit sprnaii a lioniiuet. and He will invito all tb principalitiruor bcaven to ait at the (easti and tlie tobies will blnUi witb the beA clustora from (he rineyarda of Ood, and crimson with the twelve manna of fruit* from the Tree of Life : and waMi’ from tbe fountains of tbe rock wlU flash fro* ttw golden lankarrl'i: and the oM harpers of heaven will sic Ihrro, making music wiUi their harpa ; and Christ will point you out. amid the colebritie* of heaven, saying : ''Kbe suf fered wilh me on rerth, now we ore going to be glorified together. And Un bnoTOetors. DO longer able to hold ibeir pcuoe, will break forth witb congratulation: “Haiir' haill" And there will be handwrilinge on the wall— not such as struck the Persian nobleman with borror—but flre-tipped Angers, writing in blazing capitals of light, and love, and vietorF; '''Ood hath wiped away aD tears Irmn all taccal" A Flaoet Tsken with ConTnlsIons. A correspondent nf tlio IHonter Fret, of India, give* the foMnwing account of “facts u vitnestod by mytoif, wifo and two Mahommedan servants, all four see ing tho pbennmcDon au^llaDcnusly, and oot for a minotc or mJ^uI for upwnnl of an hour;” “At about 8:30 o'clock the evening, while sitting at dinner, 01 of my kbitmutgarsramc in from tlieoul- ^de and laid; 'Bir, just step see wbat a (amAxha is taking pli Book'—the native n \'eDU*. there was Ve strange to sn four feet at a right (0 left: right and then igh, 1, targe and bright, but, falling two, three and le. then osciliaiing from iinelimc* dashing to llii; .. . o (he left severe! fret at Thev movements continiird in rapid auccession, and were |i!aioly ap parent to all at once; but this wa* not all. Venus, when we first saw her, wa«, sav, apparently some four hundred ynni* alrove horizon. While watrhing her, we olMcrvod a star laomc two yards, to look ■I) above suddenly fall into Venus and there remain. We were amared. The native* exclaimed: ‘Tlie Iasi da; al hand.'and so on. We wnulicd Venut rapidly descending until she dipped the horizon. At times she appeared tier u*iial lizc and quite bright, then again iuinily visible. Perhajia the phenumeuon de- scribed can be explained by some one versed in astronomy. 1 again repeat that whalhat been deseribeil wa* seen by myself, wife and two native servant^ and emild by no means have been im- aginalioo.” The Origin of tho Fairy ClnderellA It liaa been said that nut one sweet girl in 80,000 knuws the origin of the frivud )S her babyhood, t-'inderella. A curre- tpoudent acails me tbe following: “Cin- d'Tclla's real name waaKhodope, and she was a bcauliful Egyptian maiden, who bved OTtI years bcloic Ihe common era indduringihereigoof I'aammeiii’iu, one sf the twelve King* of Egypt. One day Rhodope ventured to Lathe in a clear itrconi near her home, and meanwhile left her aboes, which must have bees unusually small, lying on tbe bank. An iagln passing'above chanced to rateh tight of (be little umdais, and mistaking :bciD for a toothsome tidbiL pountud down and carried one off in his beak. The bird UDwitlingly played tho part of !airy godmother, for, flying directly over licmjibi*, wbeni King Paammeticus waa diipensiog justice, it let tbo shoe fall right into the King's l,ip. It* size, >>eau(y snJ daintiness immediately ntlrertnltho royal eye. and tbe King, lietrrmioM upon knowing the wearer ot ao cunning aahne, irat thrungh all bla kingdom in searcb of Ihe foot that would fit It. Themeasen- ;er finally dlscovcit*l Rhodope, fitted on tbe tbo* and carried her in triumph to Meispbi*, where sbe became the Quets nf tb* King Psammetlcus.”— Fiasrt. ' New KesMTSM. Tbem who to tb* endisc saewbor* wwt, bath* in tb*clear watars: Or,totbe moasCalo*. footatop* bcDt, Witb marrlagsnbl* dazvbtorw. Mar eesns back to tbeIr boens. enraged. When oonating up tbe eeal; And an tbsse dauzblers unengaged. Tba BMBsr good a* kst. DOW be prudeot, tbey'II allow, Seek oot some now reonurcea: Tb;y conld'c busbaiid girls, sn new TberTI basbood tbeir rtmoarem. —Ooodairs An. is presible, for a short time tobo robust, ... tbe reaiorltv of rsflned nrrsoos would prefer Immediate death to ezistanco in Uisir reeking amMWph'n'. Herw niaeh more revultiiia; to be in ossb self a IMng artrer. But tbu k actuallv tbs ous’.with those In whom tbe Inactivity of tbe liver drives thsrefuae mat ter ol the bnlr to nirepe tbroiigh the Innga, breath, the porta, kklneys and bltdiler. It la aatonlAInz that life rerhffns In aneb a dwell ing. Dr. Pierce's “Ooliien Medical Diacuv- err" reetora normal ptuity to tbe system and ’ -enewa the whole beiug. of breath, cu llngeri ‘ ‘ uSin More than 1,000,1)00 pounds of tinfoil ire uvd annutlly to edver the smoking ind chewing tobacco manufactured in h* United Btatee alone. "Her foes ao fair, aa fl sh it sreiued not. But bcarenly pnsiralt of brightaugel'shue, Clear OH lira sky. ntlKiiit a blame or Idol, Tlirougli gcmlly mixture of crtnplrxlans And In h«r cheekathr vermeil ml dldibow" Thbt 1* the poet's drecripUor uf a woman .fliow phVKireil syatoni was in a i>erfrctly auund ami lieallby stnto. with er‘f7 funclpai acting pro|>erly, nnd is the pnrialils ■01111111011 c4il*Cair|*itroiis produced by Dr. Ptrree's '■ravorito I’rwcripllonAny -Iruggist. Any member of the Prench rescive who can ride a bicycle will be thankfully — * —V m'wenger. Tired All Over • to waadssfBSr edagad tm wrek ■M portiT wd vs^ ta tM tieeC sa Hood's Sarsaparilla .-APrandrasstota fl;aUforSa. Piaiarmoalr to C. I. BOOD a CO, apothscartt*. LoweB. Sam I OO Po»e» On* DollMF - KIDDER’S A SURE CORK FOR [NDIGESDIONand DT8PEP8IA. Dess Odnepawtotaai have seat as toetrapprevto of WliiailUW, —Tlr- ••■" — pATEtiTa^^kfrgtg ICtSt»l*FIFTSWSEB.!aMB Is (IT 1. HjRjIRAKD OffWFMwCR rtliEtegaSfiSaiiSi SOLDIERSl£fS|Hf lUasiT UF, rartaa tliBt It to 11 ir tadlfsiUM thtllhrr faavt er FOR CMLERA IRFAITIM. R mu, ctnts rnit smar AOOsaVATKBOAns. n wnx imp vnMiTtFo if pswifahct. R wiu, nauKVB cOHknraTiOF. ItoSuuuwr Complalo- —■ —— ~—•■— wktobaFsthadlreci sves DItnSTTIJFmil ever* 1 ( Taas DVOkSTVLlN for — a— tSeaSomacSi: toer all enm rra jevdie^M toiM^MTYUF ^ ^^®^-^*iS2l!itiSiS”wSre%? WM. F. KIDOKI ■r to^^oot anstaa. received ai Chemically eoDaidered,„/maii ii cem- posed of tiurton el^tfenla—fire being ffSBc* and right soIidL In a man welgU- uig IM pounds, Iho osTgen, according to FfMch Aatbority, webha 97 noantU, sod flooriiM ouMM. fie is therefore mad* up cUefiy of gases, which In a free ^ ^ state would occupy about 4,000 ed^ tbrreora ezbortsstas* fee yoa ' feet of apace. Csmuand cslcicom rap- to Vive aaAl at III every community there ore a numlicr of ittim whoso n bole time fas not occupied, such as toachers. mlnisl'n, farmer*' xmii. and olh- rrs. To thew clnwrecsiFcially we would say if Vuu wMi to mal(|*e\ vRil bumlml dollar* during the next fvw iiiunllM, ntilu t > B. F. J'lhnMiii ft C o.. of Itlchmnnil, Ye , nnd tliey will sliuw you bow tojdi'll. Lana Treablee aad Wasllas Disease* can I>e cured. If properiy treaUd In lime. M ebown by the followinic slatemeat from D. C. Krzbfaf. Svdney: “Havlnalraon a great sufferer from pulmonary attacks, and vradualtywaAiliig away for thapavt two yeara. II affordsmei'lessure to tollfy that Stores Eauiaiua of t'od Liver Oil ullh Lime and fully recommsod It to all •ulTi lilt U V nywlf. In a ry plcau Ion, I • uuld ai r. J, L, .'tarrbi.i. ri«'-o,N.V WM. F. KIDOKR A CO., tasfbetarlae Chemists, AgjAam.,N CATARRH 1 i/mmS ir a ppeeifleJOr Mas V (rtVrt/evjyrrrr/Vma AtgoM till /n-V. /!*• Crrqw Z Art'lyBo-'m lotoMcb uMrll :tlLB.'nAN Hailai ikIusiA. Nsiumsli • II. COl.BMAK. •TASIPMIo IcSifllKOF ... l^KiUom toi pstroBaa*'. Wrtta RubberFteu^-kUiisev PATENTS W taeiee. D. C. Braaferauf bee* etTafa*—a SinnO i.'ft CAT4/'!/Jt£Bj. ROUGMPJUS offertioBS. foul bnalb. offetmive oders **k ter "Bough as Oatatib.'' aoe. DtwRMi HniifiHsn-DnTHiCHEBgifa. LIVER, BLOOD AND LUNG DISEASES. THE BLOOD IS THE UFE.’ llBISEiTIM Bihls, Blotnies. (iuH-1 began lo The ‘ Pleasant 1 fee liv.r when sh" Now eb" .an w Hip-Jgiar V •Jl« Disok. •"0 lids, and Kaliog rfa-vm. lirv. F. AsBCHT H0WU.1, r.iMiurof Ult a. e. Churrt, •’ .s'Ui'rrt.'ii. .V. J.. m>«; -‘l wot Sf- "ivled nlih -niurrh and lii'l>*rstlon. Bolla and "H hca la-ran 10 an*i' on tbe aurfme of ibn ■ -d tvling and •r Dr. I^vro'a iltfa. by u tor will be catahllsbfyL an pimple, blotch, or erupMon, to tbe wi jum or Tettar. Feverraorvo. Klp-jalnt Di tom's UoUea Medical DWeerrry, and good BcToful;,or Mood- r. Serofutous Sons iiT 111**1. >ly wKe -. nrb»,r*li. fad, writes: •uhkMi wiTli hlp^oini , an? could iftfao tune. and can walk with tbe pain, and ran eat and ghput three mmttba si,., — — irenDot And wurds with wtateb lo ezpres* my gntiwde fi benellt be bos reoeired tbrougb you." Shin Dlaesoe—Tbe*'Dnaocnt*Dd Htwi,*' of Cambridge, ManHaod. says- "Mrs. Suoa AFP PIKLB. wife of Leooaiff Po^ of TFit- Itnntoiirp. UnreMer Ou Jtd, baa been curvd of a bod rear of Bcaema by uaiiig.Dr. itorre'* UoMrq Medical DtMorevy. Tbr dlimne as- prored flrst in bsr feet. eitoDiM to the knees, .■uiwiug tbe whole of tbe knrer Itnha fram fret to koera. tbra attacked (hr elbows and hseamr wi *e»ri* oa to prtmralr hw. Alter being Irratol by •rrrral phyttetans for a year or two *h* rommefMsd (be usr of tb* sradlrtne nainrd above. Rbe •*« lagan to mend and to now writ and brsny. Mrs. Foole tliiaka ^ -trad her life and prokmgrd ber day*." of JEM New Maiiet, DorcAcsCzr Ibtontg. tbe Dnbclor hi CONSUMPTION, WEAK LUNGS, SPITTING OF BLOOD. Oouis.* UeuiCAl. Dist'ovssv cures ronaiimptlon iwbleh to Scrofula of tbs Lunge), by ila wcodevhil btood-purirytK, tovlgeia. ‘Iny ipwl oiiiritii'- prup-Tli' s. For M rek Lunn. timtUng of Rlood. Bbonorea of Bivutta, BroncblUo, Bevrie Cnugbs, aAbml ,nd klndn-d ^ff.'etioi^ K to a aovereign tvin-dy. While tt promptly cuna (ha mvmt Unigta It sDettgtbeM tb* syMra and piirlflo* lire Ploon. It rapidly tiulM.'i up tbe syncm. and Increase* tbe Arab and weight of tbeae reduced below tbe lanal RaaAwd of bsKh b* “wasUug dl*.'**i*i." ^ Yonsaaepiton.—Mrm. Rdward Nswro*. of MarmtnmUh. . - —. — fiut.wnba: -• Vuu will ev. r br praa**l >•) me for Uie rvniarka- ontbeltek Anrvtryhm almtatrvrryttamgwitbciatiuezptotwi bn cure in my vuw-. I was *u that my frirnito Iwd all Worured thiw ImUke of ynir ' Dtocovery/ wblcfe bcMedtt m given me up. and I had also brvi giien op b> two dortora. 1 tkea ' went to Um) brwt -locbir 111 (li«.' porta He ("Id hh- that mvll ' was xily a punMuDciit in inycnw-, and would not uiub-rtsk treat me. He ssid 1 might Iry liver nil IlkreL as that woa tho only UiUig that rould n Wv tMve any curative power over nKtourarale far adraiio'd. I Utod tbe t'ud Hn-i GkeiUp nllE. 1. My faustain'i. 1 u^^rd. though he rverytbliigbnaaw odvrettawl for ray eonnl lily of your'Ool-Irn Hedl^ Dtocovrey.' I amL to tbo surprtso of ererybody. — —A »_ e.o^ that trv k:i:. uaStS procured a quon- ,. cnlyfour bottlta, .. to-day cfaitn* my own work, tnrlbie eougb wUob hammed am ——..i.... — foranumbsr ' wuaoim- am entirely fna (rma ntobtandday. Ihavubeat. oTyaore. and now fael an macb bst^ that t bMeve. UDuattoa of your'OoUm MadiealDtouurrij.' 1 will L,. ... to pmftet haakb. I would aay to tboa* wbo are Calling a p that (arrlbie dtoeata encMumponn. do oat do is I didTadw thing etoe flrsa: but taka tbe'Gotdmi Medleal Dtowneii' early stagia u( ton dtonm*. and tharsby oava a gnato dtej fertug aad bn reetorsd to bcaltb at ono*. Aay pstena who to sun in dootM, aaort b«l writs ma. tnrinsSng a Romped. M- aditiiims* anreion for reply, wfeoa th* forefoing aMRaM wtB be tBUyaubataiiUatod by am." VIeer CBrw«,-IsAac ■- Dow**, Mg- nf PPW. HaeUandOn-jr.r.tP.aBaaNLtovfiNi '‘nrn'OeSk iaSC taevery- r' la Iba cal Dtotovrey' bae cured my — tbelbigh. After tryhmal ....oeured three ImUlra of yc prefrolly." Mr. Uowi Conaatotpilaa anff ftrars Maanac-'**! aton whi thank you fur (be remarkotoa eurevnu bare effretod ta my 1 ‘ bad suffered rma tbia t Winan ISsuns. I conanlUng you 1 thsB coswultod you. aad you toM me tom bod iSTR^'aM'Sto'^ OMm KffAloia Wtmrvj to SoU kr •ngffliU. Mn $tM IMtk, ar tfx BM«m hr |Mh ■MILDV DliPgaMIIY amMI. MMOMTIMI* hiniilHiiit . . lit mvrwAiMt m v.

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