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Charlotte messenger. volume (Charlotte, Mecklenburg Co., N.C.) 188?-18??, January 07, 1888, Image 2

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I ■CHARLOrrE MESSENGER. r«bU«Md ev«r7 tatnrdsr M.CbwIoue, K. & By C. Smith. ivrnyajaadmiMl." '| ...$1 SO I 0 motsths 50 ... 1 00 1 8 month* 05 loc^ 75 I Single Copy. 0 N^lfy Q9 At onee of nil fnilurc* of this pnp«.to reach yon on time. AlltaioQpy must be, *cnt by regirtcrnJ letter,Tnoney order, or |>nstal note to W^C. SMITH, Charlotte. N. C. Short corrcspondcnie of subject* of in* terest totbepablic is solicited but Mr«ons must not In dinppoinled it they fan to see 4beirarticlc* in oorcolumn's. Wearcnot reaponsilde for the TieVBd correspondents. Anonymous communications go to the waste basket. THE VAT WE CELEBRATE. The 2r>th anniversary of the Kman-, cipatioD Proclamation was celebrated on last Monday by the colored citi* sens as never before. It wo* the largest and best celebration wc have over seen here by our people, ond it speaks volumes for fhoni, showing that they have not forgottcu and stiU .ppri»l.U, the p.tri.,i.,n, l.etoi.m and y SpjVeYyJJCHEI), liealion of all, a poem—“The Yankee Girl.” It wu then we were alt car* ried away in mng—The anthem. Praise ,^ye the Lord.” was sung to perfeotioD. Rev. E. M. Collett was then intro duced and spoke about one hour and twenty minutea. In 4*** time he said many wise and g^ood things. Every body seemed delighted with the epoeeb, and Rev. Collett did credit to the oc^ioD and to himself and made many strong friends. At the close of the exercises the soldiers and firemen marched back to their balls, and at 8 o’clock the fire- joined the military in a levee at which the ball was packed and good order prevailed. Too much cannot be said In praise of the managers of the celebration: J. M. Goode. C. R. Moore. R. T. Weddington, J. D. Gosprey aD' others. A new perms- ncDt committee wss appointed for next January, with Lieut. C. S. L. A. Taylor chairman. ohristlanity of the noble abolitionists and martyrs in the great struggle that made us freemeu. All civilised nations have their days to celebrate, and almost all of them arc iu coiiiuiemoration of days on wliVh they were to some extent relieved of burdcus and made better and freer men. Then why should wo not celebrate this our emancipation' day ? The day on which wo were freed from the most inhuman slavery ever known on earth. Days yet fresh in tho memory of thousands of free men who were once slaves. Tho first of January is an appro priate day for several reasons : It is tho beginning of the calendar year, and it was on that day that tho slaves were generally sold, hired and forcibly separated from c.ich other often for tbo Inst time. It was on that day that tbonsands of Rritish slaves were set free, etc. Other days might give ns pleasanter weather, but the first of January is the day for ns to celebrate abovo all others. Every town nod village and hamlet in the United States should a.sscmblc every military and civil erganization, every^bnreh congregation and every individual of color, and appropriately celebrate this onr day of freedom. Let us offer up prayer and thauks to Him who brought os out of the wilderness and if wc continue to trust Him. will make us whut wc ongbt to be. Let us be merry in song, and good will to all men. We shoald make this a day of praise and rejoic ing. Let us praise Him with the psalter and the harp and the in.itrn- ment with ten Htrings. Let us sing psalms and anthem* and the merry songs of Zion. Last Monday broke upon us beau tifully bright and clear and pleasant. Wo could not have had a nicer day of onr own ordering. It had been an- ndunced that the day would be appro priately celebrated by the ciliicus, assisted by the l.ight Infantry and tbo Neptune fircuieii. Soon after two o’clock uniin* were heard streets and glittering guns and bright blue uniforms were seen moving to- waril the firemen's hall, and then line of marvh was formed by four marshals on horseback. The iiroces- siun was ltd by the Steel f’ret-k bra.*! band; ibt-ii the Charlotte l.ight In fantry. enniiiiuiided by (!apl. G. J. Toole. Nejitune Hand Fire Engine Company, Capt M. C. Taylor; citi- sens on foot, carriage drawn by four blacks, with tho orator and essayist. Promptly at three o’clock all bad reached tho First Baptist church. There waiting, was s grand choir, mode up of members from the different ebnreh choirs in tbo city, under the direction of Prof. 3. E. Knltloy. Mr. Jamea Smith, of Clinton Chapel, pre- ■ided at the organ,, while Mr. Phil. Claiborne, of Clintoi and Mrs. Millie Johnson,'of the First Ba]>tiat, led the soprano voice*. Mr. liee Wilsoo'i Utar was exc^lent and specially no ticed by all present. The music was well selected and well rendered. l)r. J. T. Willtamt a* master of eeremonics. uatled the bouse to order and prayer was offered by Rev. J. A. Tylar. ARer miuic by the choir, the Bmaocipatiun ProcUumlion oa imed by Prewident Abrabam Lincoln, woa md by Mr. Napoleon B. Ilooser. Then tbo choir rendered anolber fine piMc and Miss Minnie K. Hnmnor Smith of Goldsboro. Rev. J. M. Hill oSetating. After tb«.ocremony the happy bridal eonpio wended their way to the depot, followed by c host of fKends there to bid .a dUu to home nod friends for a while. Miss Williams is quite su es^mable yonng Indy and by her winning ways bos won many friends. They spent awhile is Wilson and from there they go to Goldsboro, tho grooms home. May happiness at tend them through life. Several sudden deaths during the holidays. One young man froso to death Cbrislmaa eve night. We do not know bis name. Another wss drowned tbo same week. On the 28d ult. tho Stewardesses of Evan's Chapel gathered and gave the pastor what wu eallod a Christ- mu surprise. We dfhoot remember when there have not been a festival during the' holidays before until this Christmas. It scorned u if eve^ body bad pre pared their own cakes aud other edi bles and would have their own enjoy ment. We certainly appreciated that step and wish another would bo made. The Christmas tree at the Episcopal Church was largely attanded also, and usual wu full of both ornamental things. The s handsomely decorated. Mr J. H. Hannan of Tarboro wu in tbe city a few days ago. Wstcb-mccting wu held at Zii Church Saturday nigbt. Little Maud Hood is confined to her bed again, and seems to suffer ninch from pains. The A. M. K. Church was filled with a largo audience on Monday night to witncM the Christinu Mr. G. C. Seurlock haring pur chased a very valuable bouse oud lot iu the north western part of the city on Chatham St. will move on the 4lb inst. The members of tho Cape Fear Lodge,Independent Order of Good Templars, gave a New Years Feut at their Lodge room on the night of the 1st iost. Quite a number of visiting friends were present, they were bigh- lyentcrtaincd by addressu from sever al of its roctubcrs^Space will not permit us to speakers but the attention of the house the tree i ful and Chnrcb v And still tbo brntish work of Judge Lynch goes on. But this time a white is lynched by colored men, for an outrage upon a colored woman Wo have always contended that lynching is wrong and should be stopped. Heretofore such outrages hsvc been almost ^exclusively against colored We condemn white men for lynching and wc condemn colored for the same Bnt what can tbe white press of the South say about it? The Chronicle starts out by sayiug it a weak minded man. Don’t the Chronicle know that • any ''negro bruto" who attenipU such an outrage weak minded?” The Cfinmide and its brothers of the quill will learn some day bow to treat these eases. Men who commit outrages upon wo men must be punished, but not by lynch law. Lynchers must be pun ished and the press must condemn them—white as well as black. If white men are* justifiable in lynching a negro for a certain crime, then black men arc Jnstifiable in lyncbing a white man for tbe same. Colored men have borne these great wrongs very patiently many years. A spirit of retaliation is growing—and who can blame tbo colored man T Don’t wc love our women as dearly as the white men love theirs? And should wc not give life aud take life for them if necessary? If it is righr Sarah McLaurin : she addressed ! roc names of the e of tbe speakers which for white men to kill and die for their women, it is right for the black man to kill and dio for his own. Let 08 seo that wc respect our and all other women and that women respect themselves and deserve the respect of men, then let us do our duty by them as white men do by tbcirs—let us rcB|)ect them. All rapers should be bung. Our intelli gence is worth nothing to us if we bars not manhood to protect our females.. Wc do not advise nor cuconrago lynching, because it is a crime, but wc advise and urge upon colored men everywhere to sec that our women are protected against the vile of our own and low “weak minded” white men. When one of oor iBdies is insulted, see that the brute is punished, whether he be black or white. We have in our towns some colored brutish pimps who deserve a rope about their necks —they should be watched, spurned and driven ont of the community. ULEAXIMGSTBOH FATETTETILLE, During the Holidays, The weather was quite favorable during tbe holidays. Drw Hood preached an cxeoBent ter- Evan's Chapel, (Zion) or Christmas morning. In the afternoon Rev. A. Mclver, filled tbe pnlpit sod ■t nigbt Rev. F. B. House alto preach ed apowcaful sermon. Tbe Christmas tree at Evan's Chap el wu largely attended and the trM wu ladened with present* for the Hule ones as well an tbe grown folks. Mis* Katie Conneil ia apending iho hoUdays with relative* and friend* in Wilmington. Mr. L. H. Galloway and Mias Lis- tie KeUey i* atu in Wifmmgtnn. On tbe moroinf of tbe ^Ui, nit. ^nite a neat bnt qniet marriage cere mony wM performed in Kvan'sCbapwl igbt e’eloek Miu Mary J. Wil* read with unrb foroe and t* tbegnU* liam* af Fayetteville to Mr. A. B. tbe house with u much bravery es did some of our modern heroes. Supper WM served at 11:80. Music enliven ed tho occasion. Tbo New Year Ball was largely at tended and all who participate In such amusements injoyed the affair. It conducted by some of onr best young men of the city. Messrs. M. Cain and W. C. Waddell. Quite a startling sensation wi '. cri ated in the (own on Monday evening, the stabbing of a man, by one of our citizens Mr. Cornelius Waddell, both colored. Wo have not learuoil par- ticulsVs as yet. Emancipation Day was duly ob« rved here. Quite a number of citizens from the country came to town in honor of tho day. The cz- excises were held si Masonic hall, 'bich wu fillod with patriots of the race. After the bouse was called to order by the Chairman. Mr F. P. WiHiston, Rev. J. M. Hill couduoted the devotional exercises. Tbe Euian- eipation ProoUmation wu then read by Prof. G. H. Williams; a short ad dress was then delivered by Mr. R. McN. William*- The orator of tbe day, Prof. P. H. Brown, was then iotrbdnoed by Mr. H. M. Cain. Spoct and time will not even permit a synop sis of tbe address, bnt suffice it to say it wu a grand treat, and euu- mined iaatruetions to all who beard it. It *u not one of thou>^apread eagle flights, but it abounded solid matter. To show tbe addn was highly appreciated can only be judged by the frequent a^lsnse during its delivery and tbe close. Long may onr people approoiate tbe day. A now managing yeommittee, with Mr. O. 0. Senrl^pk^ ebairmao fm- tbe next your, wu aelected, after wbieb tbe exireuM of tbe day eluted. Apin we are spared to see tbe birth of snotbar ne* year. Tbow figaru vhieb bava been ao fsmillar to ih daring Ike laat tvelv* montbs fapm opr. calendar* and latter heads) gives place to a new one; tbe year 1887 beeome* a thing of tbe paat. and 1688 taket its place in tbe living present. Let ns look biok for a moment and see what we have aecomplisbed. Of thing we are eeriain, while an other year has been added to tbe sge of this old world of ours, it bu sdded another year to tbe brief span of onr earthly czistoncc, and that wo one year nearer tbe end of o«r earthly existence, one'yesr nearer end of onr earthly life, and that have ono year less to develop tbe powers and faculties which a wise and beneficieut Creator bu given us. One year loss in which to fit onraclvcs for that purer, higher and uobler life which we hope to During this new year let ui turn over a new leaf in tho book of our every-day life ! let us cherish friendly feelings for onr fellow-uan. And that this year may bring each one of us hoppi- neiB and joy. Makv New England Letter. Ell. Mestx.suKR—True as promised, we employ a part of onr holiday pleasure in furnishing you a items, which wc trust will prov tcrcsting. It is needless to say that our trip to Bridgeport was delightful. The hospitolities of friends in Wash ington, D. C., attested in no equivo cal manner their obility to entertain visitors and make them comfortable; in no less degree, however, can refer to friends in Salisbury, to whom we feel very grateful We arrived and made our initial bow on the IRth of December, up to this writing indications are that everything will he tranquil. Bridgeport is a city of no mean eonsidcratiou. It numhers in popu- lation between forty-five and fifty thousand, and its buildings sre of modern improvement. The colored popnlalion numbers about 800. and among them there arc three church organizations—Zion. Bethel, and Bap tist—of which Zion is in tho lend. The Seaside Park, with which P- T. Barnum, the greot cirens exhibitor, has had much to do, add* wonderfully to the beauty of the city. Being on the main line from New York to Bos ton. and at the Icrotinns of three other imporlonl Hoes, besiden the steamboat line Bridgeport affords splendid accommodations fur travel. Prejudice between the races can be scarcely observed, save in one nr two eating saloons and two or three bar bershops, Public carriers arc open to all respectable people alike. One- third of our congregation, generally, is of respectable whites, notwith standing it is to hear our "brother in black" The New Englander* are enjoying the Xmas holidays bngclj. Unfor- 'unately for us, wc either arrived too .-le for an introduction to "rocle Nick," or ho hasn't had lime to call .8, is why we arc not the recipient portion of the burden with which I ao "heavily ladou.’’ Neverthe less. wu'll prefer no chorges against him, as he may take a nolion to come me day. There has boon n greater outlay for public pleasure in the city than before in its history, as sonic of tbe oldest citizens testify. Tho illui nation of the strocts this week c stitntc the chief attraolion, Thou sands of aigbiscors colled evening after evening to enjoy the scene. The manner af tbe illnmination is pleasing if not unique. Garlands of ever green are festooned across the princi pal streets at an appropriate distance and gas jets covered with different colored globe* are ignited from above the arches, while Chinese lanterns ar Inniinous below. His EzccHency, Governor Louns- burg, bis honor, Mayor Foncs. Hou. D. M. Reed, and Col. Anderson were tbe especial party that graced lb( arehers; they were drawn in a fine equipage by four handtoiue gray hortes. A platoon of police formed (be vanguard, followed by tbe city orchestra. The Governor was kept busy bowing fail aoknowledgemcnta to the cheers wbieb greeted bin. We were invited and spent' Monday evaning laat in a muMeal at tbe mi- denea of Mr. J B. Rtevens, a mem ber and tmatce of Zion Cbaarb, and Ibe wealtbieat naa of color In Bridge port. The masie vh, iadeod, *yeel- Irat. Mie* Ofivn Hwaley. 4ho oewuw E. M. Andrews; Has the largest and Moot Complete Stock of In North Carolina. COFFINS & METALLIC CASES. pIANOS AND QrGANS Of the Best Makes wi the Instollraont Plan. Iajw l»rit-ci and Easy T'-ni;-, Send for Prices. Chickering Pianos, Arion Pianos, Bent Pianos, Mathnshek Pianos, Mason & Hamlin Pianos. Mason & Hamlin Organs, Day- State Organs, Packard Organs. E. M.'AXDKEWii, : : ; X. C. THE Messenge:r is published every Saturday at CHARLOTTE, - - N. C., in the interests of the O L O R E D PEOPLE t{ “E P U B L I C A N PART V. It is the only Republican paper iu the Western end of the six-pi Congressional Distreit. Subscription, $1.50 per year. W. C. Smith, I'NHtor and Propi-ietor, Cliarlnttc, X. C. pani.l. and Mr. Clio | VIRGINIA HOUSE, crnalial. WL porfom.rf cl,,n, part. ; rilAm.OTTK. X. C, ipcrbly. The snigiug by Mr*. Hurt ] M grand. The chief cliaraclerislic i Accinimolnli..h.* furaislie.1 Irandvr. nt y ... reAwniihU- rate*. Condurlablc U-d.* nii.l the social gatherings IS voeal and room*. Ilniiso liH-ntnl in the central aivl struuicntal music. T" ‘I’*" f"”"'*’"';* with the l*'*l of the market. Mcni.* at nil At a recent concert at the Zion bnnr*. Church. Miss .\delina Snundt-rs, Haven, one of the loading t cntiotiists of New England, played a very conspicuous part, .‘^lic received quite a number of ciieorcs. We will close for the prcseul for want of space. Hope the .Mrj'seMiBit a merry Xinns and many happy new years. S. L. Blackuku.. No. 8 Gregory street. Bridgeport, Conn. l.I. M. GOODE. - pRoi'BiF.Tiii; rUMlMTTK. X. r. ItRANCll IIOrsK. .'*1 Slatkel Sirvel. iie.Vt 10 Aiadeinyor Mu-ii rnARt.ESTllN. S, First Season will be opened -July 1,' A. W. Calvin, — IX— Family- Groceries TKIl and all kind* of VEGET.\nLl->! nnd FRUITS. .X^FrecdeliverTto all parts of theritr. H- B KENNEDY, Coiifcetioiiorlra, Fnney uiiil Htnpic* flraioerli**. Chickens, Eggs, Butter, Vegeta bles. andallkindsof Country Produce. Everything kept in a well regulated Grocery Hlore. Pine Fruit* a speci alty. No. -SOS South Graham street, Charlotte. N. C. BOARDING llOUSE. C O N 0 O R I) . N . C . Tbe traveling public will !• ocounrai^ dat«d with eomfiirtable rooms and buaid. il'Ulsr i4tualedon Uriut stirel. lu front of th* Seminary, near ibpot, and cuovcideot bo all visitor*. Terras reasonable. J. B. JOHNSTON. -T3 UBBER HTAMP. with your name in Fancy Type, 25 viaiting carda, and India Ink to mark Linen. 26 for oenta (stamp*.) Book of 20V0 sljlaa free with aaeb order AgMta wantnd. Big Pay. Tkoilms. M”f’« V., BaMwAve, Hd. FinU-'Ii>* Boiiril o I .\ei'>>min«lnliii.- .-it I’. M. THORNE. Proprietor. DISAGREK.VllLE CONTROL KKStES f with ocehl- who |cr',iade vuil lo .*-iul otT your Iltlle ph-lun-* to New York lo have tKiu enlanted and rramed. Yon ran have mII llii* smt of work done at luime maeli >«ll-'r .iml just 0* cheap. nnlwtlhl3ndlnK ibefltlHiii-*'! lions these aaonl* make liiyim, hy railing at 11. BAl'MfJAUTEN’H Photograph :^Gallery, Dr. J. T. Williams HENDERSON'S BARBER SHOl.* ! THE OLDEHT AED BEKT. Kxperieneed and polite workmen always ready to wait on cui4o(iirra. Here yon vtll set a XKA7 NAIB PUT and CLSA.V JlirA VK. . JOHN 8. HBNDkBSON. last Tnde Htnet. f'hnrWtr. X.

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