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Charlotte messenger. volume (Charlotte, Mecklenburg Co., N.C.) 188?-18??, January 07, 1888, Image 3

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cHAKJ.orrr. mksshkc.e^ SATrilO.W. - 01 II ('1I^«'H»>- St. Mii-luu-''*''’-''"’ ’’ Srn^.■••^ a! 10 ». ni-S"'' " I- ■"• ^“"d»y -It 4 t‘. M. I'4- '■- ^ .M. K. (nnii-l. V’* ?*'■* .•lioolutlOa. tn' i0>. K.-.M. C-'t-l-STT. -iiilh Cliurcli St. , m.atMlflj.. ni. n. Itc'v. A. A. I'ir.l (' Vrrir.’, »l 11 n. ■(tintUy-^-lu'^l »l fli'iirh. Ka'it .Soi-ond . III..n. in. and ii V 1 1. •• '' joritjrofthe tnombcn could not fet and the colleetinn vtll be oontin- wLes all the friend* arc loritod to help make ont the bnndrcd dnllar.-i. Among the man; Tiailora in oar cit; during the holidays were Mr. and Mrs. r. It. Harris, of Salisbury; •sea llosa E. and Delia 1) Biebard- , of Wadc*boro. .Miss Delia Toole ' home from school. Mr Joe Smith Cuiu Thomas Tlios. tVeddingtuD, .Albert Torrence, Itufiis Hyatt and OlliiTs came in from the South. Itcv. f*ri-'li«’li'ri.'Vi Chtireli. curiMT Seventh c.-lfese Sts, Services nt ^ p. ih. ntiil sii. in. .Smi.lav.jeh»)lnt 10 n. m. Itev. i;; !• WvmiE. CliiiliMi ChaiK'l, (.\. M. K. Z.l Mint St. S.Tviui-»ot 11 B. 111.. :t !■. m. mill t> p. m. ^mday-^hool nl t p. in. Itev. M. Suaok. isisUir. Lillie lUick. (A. M. K. Z.) K St. Scr- rices nl 11 a. m.. :i p. m. mid 8 p. m. Ilav. Wm. .loiu'iio.s. instor. If your paper has a bine — cross mark, it will be stopped till you pay u]>. >Vc cannot continue til send it to you willioutsomc money. I’lrmse pay up and lot u* continue it LiOOJLTj. AXNOfXCKMENT. 'Inppy N’ow Yenr to all. 'Hiis week has given us delightful i.'i^llior. Our eiiiancipation uclcbration was ilie best ever had here. Idvliigsiniio College has nearly 180 ttitdcnls. They have room for .300 or Tlicrt! seems to he more vacant busi- iie-H lioitse.' in this city now than ever hvforo. is the Irouhlc. Ih' -uro to rend all of our letters. Til.y are nil. good, tine from Fay* etievilic. Now Eiigl.ind. and I.umber- Inn. 'I'lie .New Year lirlngs many changes, bill 1C. .^I. Andrews remains nt the .same old stand and sells fiimilnre t-lu-ajitT than over. Miiitsler Taylor spoke at the (hiurt lloiijc on Timr.sdny night He talk ed principally nhoiit Africa. He ii making ii lour of ilie .South, If yon would keep up with the' limes yon miml read this paper and 111 do so. you iiiiiit |iay for it in ad* v.inec Send in vour muiicy. .'tiss Lizxic Kelsey of Chestnut lirove S. C. passrd ihrougli the city for Liviiigstoiii: College Thursday eve ning, also her cousin Miss Walker. It i« reported that a while man was lynched hr colored men and a few white men at Cciitrnl, Ga. the other day for an outrage on a colored wO' For a real good bargain in dry goods, ladic.s or geofs furnishings you should not fail to go to Hargrav es k .-Alexanders wliile llicy arc elos* -Mr. Tiilmaii Scnlt died last Tuca- dav from the effects of a fall off a freight ir-iiii on the .Air Line road. Me b.aves two nr three small children without a moi'mr llev. C. n. Harris of IsnlUbury preaeiicd for llev. II. 11. Stilt last Sunday night. Rev's Rives, McNeill and Holmes wi re present also. The bad weallicr prevented a large gather-. Elder I’ivos held !>I Crst ijuartcrly meeting at Moore’s Sanctuary last Sun day and r^l>ort» a pleasant and eessful meeting. Rev. 1’. J. Holmes is ill i hargc of th» work and getting nlon^ nicely. Thooe who expect to read i|)c Mns- SKxe.KR efuir today must eall at this offii-e or send in a'lid settle for ihi per. The paper must be run by your rooucy nntt can only Wc done ao by your |)ayiog in advance or at least yon owe. Mr. Albert Hrnwington son of Mi W. K, Rrewinzton of Fsywttevillc, “left « few weeks ogo for Californi going by the way of Raleigh, and Hampton A'a. He goes to Uke a personal view of the long talked of gold cowatry. Grace Church uadu a very lae ef fort the firtt Rua'lay en the year. In- spite of the bad weather they rsisrd $ri.h.8{ on the hnildiiig fud. Our ('hrlslmoH. portion of our holidays were spent on the railroad. In W’ilming- »e spent two days very pleasantly, always pleasant, for a youn^ man .sit Wilmington, and meet such amiable yonug ladles as Misses Su rah Taylor^ Maggie Whiteman. Lula Smith, aud Emma Hooper. At Clarktoii wc were entertained by Hon. John Newell. His two daugli- tem, Miss Lucy and Savana arc intel ligent young ladies. .At Elirabclhtown wc had picnic of 1 day and night Misses Mary Shaw, .Anna and Lizzie Russell, .Anna .Mur- diison and the Siicridans made it pleasant for ns till leaving time. • We spent only n few hnnr.s in Fay etteville, and at M^xlon met the ever plcasaiil Miss Carrie Miller and the B Champlin, and Blaylock who iinong the good friends of the Mksskmirr. Wo LiiJ u huge lime. Errinz Prfoehm. month from now, eoine dowp to we It boa been published that a CatUo- ua._ We’ll show you a hoUisi-fuIl. lie priest, and rcccutly a professor in i School Las had a recess to let fhc the college at Ihliuont, Gaston children gef nUristmas out of Iheir nty, was arrested end 8iied a few bonon and to have their good limo days agi). in .Atlanta, fur being drunk over what Hid .‘lanta Cinus brought and boisterous. Wo dislike to heat i them. We shall call thi-m from lledr of the full of any man, and wish wc. merriiiieDl this morning. I>ld *l!d -uld see llio wliilc press of this j f^andy send you atiYlhiiig? He .sent country treat nil men with fairness. | mo “what the hoy shot at." Had this been b etdorf-d man. we; Kxeuso this random I'lier. and I Dubl liuve scon fiiii head liU'a-.; "‘ill do better next lime. Nigger preach'-r dnink,” or somej Truly your.'. T.vii Ii such ridiculous allusion torcfloel ujion - entire race. Tl.e sins of while R'‘l'"l'»cnu t'onveiili. people eaiiMut be hid by their .-(Torts ' Tin-iiiidor.signed Hxccutivelh o espo-se ours, and wi- know a.« many teeiiiou eall a State Cjnvciition •f them go wront; in tin- great and Republican party of North Carolina, ovi,... ,.r T„i. ^ lo 1,,. J well .. .,U,or wI,.1l- 1j.i,..,,.. „„i id black preiieiier.-i here in Charlotte; f,,,,, alternates to the National Ri-piih- who hnve been caught up with in liean Convention, to be held at Titty the fallen and weak, i I-'*’* ’*«.'• — ■■ I. ! 18S8, and for the purpose of iiomina- I ting a candidate for Governor and ■ other State officers mid three candi- I dates for Supreme Court Judges, to • select u Slate Comniilli-e and for the j Iratisaetion of sue'n other luisitiess ns I may he deenied proper in the ju-lg- Barbert Moving. John Henderson has moved in with .Ainzi Rudisill, next door to his old stand, The firm name is now Hen derson and Rudisill. Moore & Kuin- havc moved their shop to the south side of Trade street, oppn.dle tlicir old stand. Charlotte Light Infantry. The aiijutaiil-GoDcral of the Stale IS in the city to inspect the colored litary company. They turned out - men in arms and uniform and popsed a creditable inspection. They aft now a part of the regular .^late militia, and entitled to the gttOl) al lowed each company by the Slate. Ii known os Company H.. N. (L State Guard. / Minister C. II. J. Taylor. This di.sttugnishcd gentlemau s Thursday in our eity nt the Virginia House. He has resigned his mi.-o-inn Liberiu, but we suppose be will bi well cared for by the present adiuinis iralion. Mr. Taylor, like many other cotorel men, is a great talker. He ha.s been made prominent by tbc col ored press ill their elTurts to heliltle That only tenda to strengthen Ih his friends. He gives tcrniico to some good ideas as to the deliverance of .-Africa. This is the Last, failed to get our now subscrip tion bonk ready for this week, and many will get this paper, whose tiiiio out. We give them a blue i again and beg them to .send in what (hey owe us, Wo cannot nlFord In il till- paper to them wiAioiit ley. and if we could, we should not, for each should bear an e|ual burden. \Ve know you mean to pny us, but good intcDtions will not pay our bills Send us tbc money for the time yon havo had tbo paper and then renew for the year. IN THE FRENCH CEMETERIES. Vjollj. Satertojl. U» iraj ] „„ „„„„ dav** cf rtarhmgton. though the great i «___ -.,-1,.. i, ,1 - —.1.. jiuliwlriaii jiarade alwaya takes place , v ^n.ho- »rten.wn.» “ovening.” na they T^CTerlaoUng flower, jrhich w caU'il Iwn- nml in Uw south) on Cmmco- t be the favnt® emUejn d moqrning in ticut arenin-. at from 8 to 5 o’clock. ' the French crtnetenra, has now been Then tlH- world of lashion appears ; “!'«'« wperseded by t^ ^ head. At on that Iw-autiful avrauc. Oorriagea, 1 tJ*® recent festival of the dead, to evoy trooui-e gliuerinc liarntM. Uverics. i person who auried a wreath ol immor- elaiiLing diver d-alns, vUIag" carts, telle* to the cemetery a hundred comod coupc*..-«iil'voiilii-aiidtricyl«ar.-ahan- , wreath* erf beado. Those wlio alMg Uoni-d, and itic great Mvelt, ofilciaL dipio- , ohorw of Umi MeUt.-rraneon gattk.T the nituic. honii- mi.l fon-ign. bloode.1 and [ oreriarting flower oForii { iiui poih-i, ■ gpwtings. sorely tried by this cliaage of custom. TlK-ro is a UtUe town cdBed Olliuulu*. near Toulon, whose inhaUtonts, about 8,r>U0 in number, hare for many years corned their living by crdlectingtbe everlasting flowers on tbo sun scorched ..... hill* and preparing them for cmnmerce. 1 '"KLikpt'WdghtonSundaynfternoon. - Caro must betaken topicklhemin the niiiii- I vvluii tlic .Um-riciin aristocracy and llm - bud. for if tiie inllorcscenco isadvanced I'l old fiimiiy and lusivoau tx-i-ui-m and old tiineis. Iduo i I. • lihxidiil. beau Qioude and valk up Olid down Connccti- • and i-xi-liango bows and t,M slalt-8, or •-Iiowdico," as hly!.- nsliUngElder’K A)i|>olnlini-it{|. vui.DTTK DisTiinT.—1st lloun Little Rock—Deectubt-r 1-1. Rockwell and .Jiiiu’svillo.-Doc. ('-II. Torrence Chapel—Docciiih -r IH-!^. Biddle—Di-ci-mhor -j:!-::.-.. i.aiilsof t'liii'f .Tu-dice John Oiii-of ilicm, I •^jjl^uriat's owns a j •it tlir.iiiglialwv.-t!iee!bo«v. lo skin. KiiLinghw j„„uedlv a\ui ir,', , ; ■( ■ to.!--: I«« Ih' / llc-OBl, l,„ ,=,r, «v,., _ l„. , Trouble at Biddle Unlvenillj-. ^ Wc arc informed that the siudenti at Biddle University arc having no reeitatioDB this week. Thoy foul that they hare beca mistreated by the fne- nlty. In short, all, but a few of the boys seem to be on a strike. It seems that tbc troablc arose in this way ; A difficulty ocenrred between one of the stndontB and a profeoMr, in the Isttcrs room ; the stndent seems to have got ten tbo be.vt of tho Professor. The faeulty held a tneeling and expelled tbc atndent without a trid. The boys think tbc ynang man should have a bearing and asked ibe faculty to re open tbo ease, tbc faculty refuned to hear any statement from them, and tame say. Dr. Johnson says he will ‘resign before be trill yield to n'lg- gers.” It is hoped that matters will be settled aatufaatory to all eoncemed. yon would heap np with tbo linscf, yon should take tbia paper, read It, writs for it, and help make a good bislorT for your raiN*. ^ liniii that b-j'liii-' i* mit large vnuugli, and ihi-v go .iii --jug ur k-" liusiiii-'.'," yrt. I vi'ii til. 11. tlii-n- is not line founh of the erif - r ns. d us was hi-f.ire wc bvi-unn- dry. Tiiero was viry Rltlt- ilghiiiig or enronsiiig ; and mi far only one ease of rutting is n-port'-d. that not bring serious. .'-'unduy was the best ob. served day for (diristmas day rvci seen in this pincr. Wr have about iwi-nly M-hooln in i.piTJtion so far, in the vomity, and w« may add six mon- yi-i. for the winter. Our standard Is murli biglirr than furmerly; nnd mr.iiy bari- failed secure carliflrslio this fall. Our young pc iplr f.iil to srr tlie import^i. of attending soum gon.l school^ntil they beromu thuriinoiily ri|yip^d fur the work. Thus rwry timr tbc board more* up. there is a ream ainoug the touchers. Our owu schnni hem in Lumbrrton began ita winter term Deoeuiber There an now eighty-one onrollod. Ipid Mill ibey enmr. In about oie Th- Masouir CO the utility. I.. of riin.'i"n legatiomi and the Bic seeiU will ripen afterwards, and ..Biiroixvin^hvbHds get* out in , «> “11«1 flower, whkli botanists describe I tiuim.-eticut arrnur for tlio ' diflorentlT, will fall to pieces. There Mi:iiiliitnfternooi’islr*.lI. It txxils is still a cert.-un demand for immortellee ^’ii; V d"!! l.indi-ii" l.v a largi* inajoriiy. : “ I’nHs, for thw oro workshops do the TiicMi—-.. V.'ost. dauglitera of tin-Eng- Roqueite nuarter. where women are con- lidi mi-d ‘-r, upin-ar with u siiutll ••but- Maiitly eniployed in making them into loas” nt ibi- k-ash of ncouph-of ' wreaths, crossee, etc. Tliis is usuoUy l«-irh‘linTml.i i-liaiiird together; ami liaW done by fastening tholu-adsof Iheflower* aikva-iidudciiuliob-irojuitgottlirough “Pon n foundation of tightly packed with their demi-lu.x- of-cafo nolr and [straw. their Charirt-uso at (liambprlain'a. and ! But. as I tiavo already stated, it b the larkl".! their cigart-ltei-i. an? dragged bead wreath tliat is now a la mode. The IV their ononiiou:! St. Ik-nmrd change is not ono for the better. The .1 .silxrinn hounds, while the ir- : immortelle, although it is one of nature’s 1 i.mark, --Wlurp fa the dog sham flowers, fa, like the amaranth, a nth iIio dude?" i ponBc crohlcm of eternity. Hiat it de ni;- la-iv fa-ill Scott cirrli-, who ' ••«)•». ‘1««® wlio went to Uic ccraeteriee limvlf. nlti-rcts attviitiini ' on All Saints' or All Soofa' had ample rihU,;i • ovidonoc. but it will 1^ a few yean ..liieli fa nliout without looking very sliabby. It, there- :r(«rh’. with k-gs like fof'- no great tax ra- expense and tailtike n Limerick upon iimurners to putafrcaliwrcalJi over ;.i 1 - -re ovpfl, A tall young ^ B'® “id om-as the latter wears out The i' •’•ii-'biir ofneabinot olhci-r'! ' bead wrvath fa without beauty and with- .-i!■ with la r siiicwcy h-tt Imiid ' "tB Biai association of poetic and liiipii'i li-c i-niver rivet etiKklnl col- re!igioii.i idc-a wltich gives on emblematic I N- «-f.iiuil!aud do -, while in ™lao. It is simply nn econ?micnl expe- -' -hl ^h■' rarr:-s a laevd ntwhkie dieiit: ginsi lioaifa do not wear out, and iili .0 s:!-.vr leindle. for. finein- ' when lliey arc strung uponw-ire that does 'iiiiiiii'-rcial Ga.;- itv. | Biey remain where they are J - placed yi.*ar .-ifler year, quite unchanged ..f .lolm Mui'linll's Iic-M-i-iiilanU. "'Ind and wo.xther. Tho Kreiieli nro pr.-ctical jieopie. and tlii-y ap]x-ar to have eumo to Uio conclu sion that the liest emblem of immortality imiu, owns a | njwn a tomb fa made of glnse and the biiM ww 1 'y*'';- “ir to Jix n louse wirew. .,0,111-1.111010 unviiuuii u,»u imi «im Bie metnllic llowor widch fa to be grave in the ieries. Tlio French are un- nation of litgidy cultivated their decorative sense lias an udicrciit tendency to break out into vul- gni ily and tawdrineas. Wc sco this in Till-rococo buildings, Hko the Grand tTi I' M Oijcra house, where unity of design and !,* ” \\ i'ii. ii!n nobleness of proportion have been utterly '■ ’ ' mrritice*! to tho fla-xliy ndornment that till- i-pAvd mislaki-A for art. ,And yet thin- fa no coimiry in thn world that contains so many Kuperb examples of pur- mx-hilertiiral tasto os Frai^— l’arl«('nr. !«oston Tr.aiiscript. ■ Wo live to learn. Every householder im liecn worrying liimself about tlic iri^TidlVifawmmdT '1''“"''’'"^ >>• bis rusidcnce, c-xpemling ' money to [ the liest traps that can bo pn-ciinxl under his sinks and Insins, making exiB-riincnts with nil sorts of in ventions to ronsiimo the foul gases, poll ing lii^ wall to pieces to build air shafts from the eell.-ir up to the roof and six feet Iwyond, nnd ncverthcIcsB living in 0 nioi* lo'kill' Mo’is eonsLxnt dread of diphtheria, ty^us ' fever nnd other diseases BUpposeil to bo engrndiTcti by tlio escape trf tho deadly wwer ga.s. And now wu a4 told by doc- tora and learncl profeasor* that wo have been frightening onrsolves with gboet ttorics: tliat sewer air fa comparatively free from noxious gam and contains pn^ '/* *'m portionatolv fewer micro organisms than the outer air of the rame locaUty. Of course, unscieiitiflc people will be* apt to dbcmlit these conclusions and to pronounce them "humbng.” But what ' ln wlum liioee by whom these u are rcacbcil otiv proofs of 1 -. 11. f 'beir eorrectnc*? How can we reply to . . . the mailer of fart statenienta tlmt “scaT- Vi'"". 1'* : rngoni wlio work in soweni are generally liu‘« liaw mvn ■ i,palihy and long livcil:" that “pluinbora m-x-hi-» ralli.-r 1 ^e|i|r>m die of xyiootk-diwiise.’’nnd lh*t ‘•sewer ram groi miienn |ii:irtcrs?" Snell ]>ruufs of tin- nourishing qualities of sewer gas arc nnauswernble. A’ec it is qiiestionnlili* wliellH-r they will remore the js-pular jirejudic.- against the inhola- -. . lion Ilf the rkwtiC fluids >f lltc house drain*, or iiidiieo ivnijiIo to nlmlnli train, i'eTililat.>r!i .ami air eliafl.. ni.twUliiitaiid- ing tin- king livel wawngerH, the liealtby {•liimlkT.i nml die venenibk) sidAerraiieaii rat.!.—Neiv A'ork World. ,tn Imperial Laxary- 10 iricksof lIiellusKtaiimilrixidaliave ilth dtflering from llui** of tlie Pnis- i-naiLi. TIm enra vi ITuvtan lines lot, iheiefore.nm through to Russian , nnd vice versa. That fa why every Irav. i.-r ainstuhniigi.- v.-irn nt tl>e frontier. Whi-ih-.'er iltr iatiH-rial family Kuasla tiial |>r>int in winter a vkuliict .is built h-adiiig from the Trusskin carriage tntlie iin|«-ri.xl waiting rooms at Wh- (vtllen, tl>e Rumiiui frontier depot. Such a viadiict fa now eonstrurling. It fa made uj.lll |||| >1 Having in their p sesHiuii an .\iinual Ma-unir Uirwli that will give tlio iiaiiie uf every lira Lodge, Chapter. Ciunmaiidi-ry ur inv hera of tli«- Cetiristury, Town. City State in wliieli they a', eoiiv.-in Am’ the iianu- and rvridi-iu-i' and every individual meiul.-r. Sui-l a book pubtislK'd aiinually. will In invaluable to i-ve.-ry lueiiibvr of lli- Frali-rnily. The pnhlfah-r •carte;-lly rcriue-t that the Grand Scerelary “f eaeli niii every Lodge, Chapter, ((ommand.-r' and Consi«ti,ry will jdeti»e forward t . me. ou u T.x-ul Curd Ufa tmni'- aii-l stead of living to bear uno cron of Uu-k, nddrc.-B, uslwfabto.forwardenehot# Btwv ykdtl ihclr baiV yeBrl?.-IVKton of them a priott’d letter: dexiring uf Transcript. them to accept th'e agittiey, nnd guar anteeing thouj a royally on each book, BonetliiDg (0 their aod {K-rsou- . nl Tatorrat. Address Hbhkv H. Gairwin. “Boston Advocate," Roumk 11 aad 4, W Haiiorer B‘*toa, Ms**- unjustly lilamMl, l-v.iU«l fru-'Hl the ™„„. . ii 1. bis nature to ttont wtxxl. eoveretl all ovtw with thick la. trnng-ni. It : under copious fokiaof rich II n |*ni.on whiw ■ jnd euritdna, lest the senaltiTe v.,1. jiad i«iiii-h«i far giiijj of their in.'ijcstire and tlieir off- wied «i;«,t 1.;.fault. IxlhiJolinvejuH- ju»i risen from ibe iDcaats. lift-. If heisomyi. -log. Thdinlelpliui - ^,uui,, „ j^juglit an.1 catch 0 wild on Tune.' ^ ; their rtui from the iViissian totheRus- ' aian ndooii ear.—Chicago Kcw*. A SlsthodlnU Aotkam*. In lier daily life Mr*. Din-oh Hulock- Craik traa rtmarkaUy methni^caL Tliough many of her works app>'-..rad In periotk-afa. ste would never under any circuiiutancee conaest to a heginning oi pnldicalioa before tho work was entirely out of her Iiand, ami, what is very sigu- lar. she is said daring the whole coon* ot her forty yean' labors never to bare begun writing anything which she did nut carry straight tltrough, and it fa h^ Ueved that slie lia* tiot left twhiad a tin gle tine of uoflnfalwd work intended for publication. Imlecd. everythiiv ah* ever wroto with the view to nublinlicn boa been publMied.—Umdou News. Tlioijni -if .luinine lia* been reduci-d from ^.'i an ".'.'lUT to lem than $1. nnd a dral.-r say.. it will remain cheap licrraft.-r. The wxwon to tlint tin-ehin- clnnn tms nro du^tn.yod in uking off ll-a-1;crl:. Formerir the larkwiisstrimcd ek-an and tlie tns* were k-fi iiak-i to hiivsl t> death. Now wlxui tbc lurk U ' rcm'iVvd the tne* ore swathed with t-Q- Ixirk forma on thorn, and. in- Dlauwndx by (hu Ten. Rix smi 0 half tozui uf dianKimlt ■un It iwt-n Sinlad tb* sailor nerer vvtw turoi to coiiipute lifa diamonds by the ton—vaiocsl at aljout ^'R’.oob.bOO, hove, wo an- iiif.wmed, 1a-ii extracted frsn four Afiwau tuinea alenu in the euwwBpfi the ia*t tew yean.—6t Jamn' CteMtts. ■poo the faftwtlMca.

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