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North Carolina Newspapers

Charlotte messenger. volume (Charlotte, Mecklenburg Co., N.C.) 188?-18??, January 14, 1888, Image 4

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PRESIDENTIAL POVERTV ■frSHwR'ii Granil-iianehlpr IMra tn Po»*«y—Tyler'* «'liUdmi—Kall- inalea of l're«ilrntlal Wealth. Alluilinj: 10 Ihe f.«-t tliat a niece of Andrew 4nrk»on'« rii-riillv lia't lo bee for » aiphi'^ JiHlpin-; in * Wa»hii*{j^(>n bWel, ft New York Wurll correxiwn'icnt aaya; .Thoma* .Ie(Trr*ou'. Rrind dnufjlilrr,- Reptimft .Meiklrhem. die.l li.-rt- rn .-ntlT. Icarji;; ftrrrral graml tUi'ilren lo bailie with tlw - - ' ' '' - ‘-•' .i(kn( t nil e •.mjj menlftlK. One of her (iiiiu'ilvr" well enough lo w*ik, iiinl the oilier i» empl«^(l-in one of llin Covernnvnl le- pftilmcno. Anolbcr i;reai-j:runil *laiij:li- ler of JclTer«)n liii« harse cd n »«;li'-ol in Ballimore, aod Maiticc-llo lm» long «’nro fiftued out of the liaml« of liic family. Ju't liefiire .lolTrnwm il'cil lie 'van (.o in'ich ill dcht that u lo'iny s'liiTne wat f otten up to ult h:a pnijicriy and leliere is Be.’.-«itir.t. lie !•» iirarlically DOlhing lo ill* chticin'ii. nml Ihev le- reived emne two toma of f^lO.lJiHl arh from the J.caiala’.urt'a of l«o of llie Souibcrn States. ' .loUn Tjlcf Icfl some inoperlv, but it ail went to his second wife, t'lie of hi' MOt. OcniTal .loliii 'I'yler, who ilmvo i four-in-hand while his falln-r wn* in thi While House, anil who wa-- lluni lalled Iheliandsnincst iim'i in \ on a posilioD in Iho Treasurr dej'iirl nxent, and one of Tjler's most iieconi piUbeildaughters, a lady who iiresideil over Ihe Kxcintive Man-'ion iilli'r hei . mother's dcatband until lier father msr ried Julia (l.-•^llner, ir. a gin-st nl I'nr corne'# Old I.Bilies’Home here. Amur who claimi to be one of llic Wnshinglon famiiv. and who. by the way. lias a fn i ■Irikinglr like thal of th" I residcnl. peddles tiiiikets in a bltle I in Ihi Pension biiihlin'', flolly M.nbson, tin PreaUlrnfa wife, whs during a p.irl of her Iasi days, funii>h' d food ly a colored man who Imd b eii iu I re'-idenl hlftdison't Rcrvite. t'lie koI. hov.excr, ii Urge sum of money fn m I'ongrcvi foi Msdiion't na]K!M, and ii was ibis the’ eased hcroeclinin^ ye os. Most of the Presidc-n!s lni>- dii c! I'os,. ^d few of them iiiad'- mm it out d offiee-h-5lding. Moiiioe w:n m [w.-r ilinl hUlst'.'rdaye tycre-p' lH v.iili his son- in-law, K.iinuel 1,. Oouveiiicur, ill New York, aed there In-dicl. left nothing to swak of. I’olk hit nhoiil $1-10,0011, inHiiding I’olk flare nl .Niisb- Tille. where his widow imw lisus. It is a valuable blc k of onnind in the rriiler of the town, nliiih has r'.s-.-ii l.iroly in Milue since the I'reddentV >h nth. .^Marlin Van Ibiren ineie tnoriey outof politics. He ^Ial;cd life I'ooraiid died well-ln l». (inv e-tiuiale piiih liis esiB'.e nl $y.''l,CIl.'>. nr.d lie innde moii.-y in real estate ns well ns in the l.iw. Holli of the Adamses werr' mom y i.s\e;.s. if not money makers. The h '.i.-is of .tolin Adams, ifiesi-cond freshleii!. lolfsvifo ail.repealedly urged h the ti lehobV ml I Illy economy. lie binrhml liiimnlf cake and Irmonnde. and lie wal oftcocr thifli he roiie. John Qiiiney Adams ri-.eivcl a half million dollars from lln- ■•ov.rii. msnt in sahiriesduring los lifeliine, and he possc.'M'd the Viiuit'c iluift. Thu Adams fiimily nt pre-enl is om- of the richest in New Knginiul, aii.l I was lold •I K» Cily tint t li.:rl>s l i-un is Adams inoic titan a iiii’loi iL'Ilii" invcstcfl in icnl esi.ito Ilin . He Ins railroad siiH'ks mill liundi in n-l lition, •od he m.skes his money bicel iiku .tiis- tralian ralibils, Andrew .Ini'kson S|>cnl more than his salary while Iu was in the U hile llon.e, and hr had lo liorniw nioiiei i.l'e|> up with bis eT[cC'i-s. ’Ihomrs .leihrson borrowed Ike money tlial > air ed out of Washington when he I'-lt ihe l o'-i- dency. and Andy .lolinsini, thoii.:h I. ' en tertained eoDriderahly, have ted ai White lloij worth about ifli good estate for was at the law- 'c|..|. I.u ng hi eatalc of Wlicailand two ago. President l'illin >r woobcanier. liiiiu I her I and Efii .hie h Y.. and where he Im-I begun to law. During ihu hist >eir of lie risge his wife dd the lioii-iw taught school, nod si.It In- di'-d the richest of ih- I'lesd'-giH greater part of ]ii- forlniip. Ii came from hi* sc-coiid imnniigi' t o :i rich [ woman of liulfato, whom liesunrted after ^ his tint wife d rsl. President t'.evelund i> kii|>|>oM'I to !« worth about$l>l.)e«, and he own-, f sin told, re.-il e-taie in ](ii.ah> wlinh i rapidly advaneiog in xn'nie. I’li'-i-h nt Arthur left muih less than he was sup powd to lie wu:lh. Carliehl, ‘liorlivlre- fore bis death owed $:(i>,ni;u l» Ceneial Bwain, and (imut did not nhl to his fortune by his While Ifoii-ai -OTr. Hammade money out of the fic-i'ic -icy. and is rich Ihroiigh inhcriiam nnd eeOBomy. TYic Prcsnlrnts, a* ii rule, have not saved money ibiriiig tln-T I’res'- dency; but the same abilitii-s whiih made them PrwiiHuntswuuh). if ili-y had been need in the Held of nuno'y iii.'iking and noaey saving, have given iheui fur- Tall Enongh. "Too mutt rcmamlier, mv'.dilcr, yon are only alilUe girl. I'cau't think of letting you wear long dresses yet.” mamma, I ain as tail ai yoo ■la." "le that poaBibleP* They measure. "Boreenoagb, my child, you are. !lnw /ottnaate! Now yun raa hmg out the washiag jaet at well aa 1 ran." Vatlm near Adieville^ North Carolina, gtt 11.79 a polled for ginseng ro-it, «Mm ^ tb«,«ood| fur axpon- riSillON NOTES FOE miHEN. Pnr-lined ggnaeBte an la atriped or figured etnfs thteeeaeoa. Fur triamtog k not heed on stylish Itreet coctoiaca this eeason. Amnre silks an soft and pliable, makiag beautiful drtpcriei. Velvet edged ribbons ere ve.T stylish, and eleo Ihoee with metal thrends. Iho velvet toque ie not aloai- in blark, but for young glrle may be in any eull- able color. The trimming of halt from th- I'uck ol the crown is a very stylish if not a be coming fashion. The folded velvet torpre* nre reu Mylish and are sometimes trimnust with fur very prettily. The ulsters with eaj>e-like ' r udett J are very stylish made in Bcotcli :wccds. These are for girls. The deml belt. In jets or emt- -oitlery. majere a dressy Hniah for sum- of tbt pretty new bas[ues. House dresses of a dreesv . hararte. have a demi belt and ejiauleltp. of juU oNmetal passementrie. The eoachman coat is a fare itegur- meat for young girls and the Ik-* -ya|>ci ere pinked oa the edge. A wide stripe of satin and nii alter nating one of moire arc seen id some ol the beautiful evening shsdci. Gray astrakhan is used as st.i-''>h trim ming this season, both as a gnn>iture foi hraa gear aod outer garments. Dainty lace morning cap* arc very generally worn by young mnrH'--l ladit-i ID America, as well asm Englnnii. The shirred turbans with a boi-i of fiii are nmong the pretty lhing>> in hese gear which a young girl can wi-*' Camera hair underwear, kh-I to bt unshrinkable, is worn by those n hn neeti wiirmtli and slight friction of th-'-khi. The long pointed sitniilder mp'-s, an a fluuian styla, and very gra';i'l':l if nol so warm as those which cover th-- shoul ttohlin blue for children is a very fa vorite color and may be found in soft woolens suitable for young thddren'i Hanging pendants of jet form a very pretty trimming and one very ri t lish foi this season, particularly on sny black Hurnt orange is a stylish shnd'- of yel low. as its name would indicate, and otii wliieli U quite becoming to u brunciit com plexion. Puke bonnets in black velvet me very stylish, and have a rich clusli-r of Ihiwi of satin edged with moire ribb >ii iis then ornamentation. Wliitc ribboni with gilt edge, ms very stylish, and some very slylidi velvet bonnets are decorated with rii ii i>ows ul this pretty ribbon. Piece felt is n*etl for making the soft toques so stylish for young girls this scHsoii. It ispinkerl loform an - dge and is sometimes braided. White ribbon bow* on binrk velvel bonnets make a very cftcctivc nimming and one which is stylish this luu-un ol black and white comhinalinn. A cord in Kuiviin fasbion >« nboiii the crown of some liigb-crowni-d luita fni' young ladic', and otirlclhtipso u plume IS the trimming fur such a hat. A chair bark or a hassock in soft leather embroidered in metal braidt which will nol lamii-h are boili .sp]iro> priate gifts for almqsf'any oerns "u. Soft raiills of pluvh. lined wi'li sroloi which ia visible at the fulled t-r-ls. art very alyliah, and take the pln-e of tlx band muffs called drums mi long ooi The ribbon work so effective and ly done is a form of li.induroik which will prove very popular with ibosc nol exceedingly well akilled in needle work. Double aklrle aie likely to be generally worn again, tjxio some iQiKh-li biib skirts are of nearly the aame h-ugih, ihr iipi>cr oce being draped kligliily ;it each Turkish era broidery in gold ia Mill used on anme atylbh bonneit, and ia i-lfcctive if aniiiowhat tawdry. Spangle- a-e used with this embroidery oooinociauf black or while. It is now roniideml much hriiertasti lo put rlahorate needle work on :i bark- ground of linen or workable siiiif. Mne then ihclaliorof noalhsinay be pr.-erred indrRaitely. The plan de sole wiib a wide ii Ipe ol tnoire down lb.-middle of rarb b-r is one of the most lovely fatTu-s siuiiiblo for petticoats of the cuuii traiix HI d.nncr drcaacs, fluid, cresm aod delh-ale gn- the colors which are now mo > all sorts of fancy work, and the lovely lombinaiion at all time-.- rnoai any mitcrial. Tlie braided court co-tumea f-1 which are Imported ready forth maker, hare a vest of Icwtbrr e bivuit ahade, while the costun two (ontrasiiag colors. VHiet as a background fur I- in niclal. I* very stylish and make more effeetive than when braid'il • on Iho fabric, home of the mi's Jaekeia are so trimmed. The variety of fabriit n-ed n* grouml are very easily oblainalib- sm.all eitlaa, for the idea is to I. fouadatioDuf the simplest postihi riot, but strong aod durable. The double Alsatian bow on i of the velvet bonnets makes a i cnmlog Irinaibg. This same tr. ia used OB colored felt only the always ofJiUek watered ribbon. Faery yokes itre now reea •• quite dressy coalumea, and lor >1 urea, offer a pretty change from j corsage. Belts alwavi finish ih waist, which ia usually worn uu waat line, if of ribbon. gffAIXOWBP A BPIPEB. A Kavel bat • ■■rrntM Cara Car ‘■Maloriar . "No, air. I am no more afraid of malaria than I am of you."and as Uw speaksewai at Ifost ten inelin taller thaa tb* rscosiv. and pmpnrUanataly Iwoader, hla faw of that ilreail malady waa probably ncA escasalva "I'vehad nuuaria, mid I've oamcaie^" “YVs, bnt a nnn can bara malaria mora than onca" -- Not if be is eared Dm way I waa About ten yaart ago I waa livlnz In Indiana, In \ igu (smaty. naar Terre tlaaca la tbees days a lunn was regarded ns a stranger tmlit he hail drank aboutagaHon of whloky and •leinmc, and shaken liown hb bedstead three or foor limes with I be ague. I had a rather rrticent nature, amt I suppose it took the rlimsls longer to get aniuainled with me than it did Iba ordinary run of mso. For 1 liad lo drink alimt a i«rrpl of whisky and iakewh»1s|>nundsof qnlnine before I onald get strong enough to even shake myself, 1st aliOK- a liM " •‘How was I cnieil.'" "Well it wa* a novri cure. 1 boanled with a Mrs. DennK who told me she roukl cura imi if I would take her nierlicfne. Finally 1 agreeil. She brnuglit a towel and bWTHl it aroun-l my bra-l mt Fcould not see; Uwu she brought a glam of water, and tokl me to lake mv dose, and immediately swallowed In niy throat, os If It Karl Oven scratched. "Ine nvzl miiriihig Ura DeuiiU brought ' ami b1iow-i| me hsrmedldiM. '* , I plan >■ yoht Jer tlu Hew U Pleue Ehafienu Tou^g JowrtMlIst (lo old editor)— ‘‘ Kuceewfal writing, I akould think, b quite a ■ebaeo.* Editor—"Ns I don't thiak so. Quit# easy, iislrikeaM. All yon have to de b lo Had out what the tmwle want, and then wrlulb" Jriqraalbk—“ Ton encearaga nr. But •ay, Imw b a mm lad out wbu the people wul P - - > ' .... medicine this gentlemari took for malaria, may have liem elfertlve. but tow would cars to trv the romedy. Nor Is tbrra ooy uccTHity for'ik ilelarla ie a poisnnrd condition of the bliml, pmlucert by Iwl air and water, wbkh enter Ihe lilood-chaniirls through tb* etomacb ami lungs, and other ways, ami p-oducotn- jurlouseirecUon the liver aul kxtneya It ■srur-sl liy iiuUing the liver and kklneys In iwrfert. heallhy working order. The cinigs •■nlinarily iiswl for such piirprom frvquentTy -In i|uite os much harm as goxl. and leavethe system tn an enfeeh’wt condition. ' Tile rerwlii and hariulsm remedy for m» laria is WnniiT’ssafc cure, wliirh puls the liver aii'l kl Inrj's in brollhy action, when the |K>iH>i> is cviTieil out of (he svstnn, and the M'rhms i-lfn-ts it engenderu uosi away. J. M. Ihmth. Niwinsrlcld. Uam., under date of March Ii-*. IcKT. writes; "One year ago I ha-ltlie malaria—tial hail It nioruor lem fof This country IS famoQ* for malaria, and I know IVnriier's mfe riiro will cure it," |-eo|>le wIk) live In iiinlariou* loca'ltiee will Unit III WnriK'r's Mfe cure a sfieclOc against i-ontraclmg this itlMun-. The malarial poi s-in can liii 1 no entreiicn to the system, If the liver aiel ki-lacv* aie k'-fit in lieilthy action The gcntleiiiaii who swallowed Ine spider, concluih's his narrative In the New York Jfnil and E^i-os by saying: "I wns eflectually ruml. but I wouldn't take another dose of that medictne to save "IVtiodrork i’llola.'' TTio piblcrcst is the aniallcvt ninnog Prili-h liirils, .a liny ihiiij; that the pres- burc of a tiii;'i'r would cnish, anil yet it is onu of the lUi'SI iiiimcroiisnncl persist ent am'iiii; Miii'innK. The mouse like "ehecpiii'**" nl llinii-nnil* of these birds break the i-i'cncu of tbc Norwegian solilinlci ns they wait lo cro-.s to the liritisli roasts, anil every bougli and crevice i* eoM-rnl with them. Tlicn, when ilarknc-'K ha fallen, when wind* -arc high nml cnntrnrv. uiid the fjords are Ia.-hed into (oam -liii'ii it is Ihut these Irail things launch themselves on Ihr storm and into the night. From ii land cf SHOW niit slci-l llicv seek a ilouihcrn 1m| It i* a rciiurkiiblr (net that the gwiciciil tnigmiion iiivariiildy prccoilcs that of Ihc woodcocks, nml on this ac- i-oiiim'Oily rnllcil --ivoo-lco'k The sjiortsinaij na'ches (or Ih" gohlcreil on the Hiiinl i-r Imnk. ami. he sees them, knows ihalthu wnolcocks nru on their way. A Fwlss alarm clock protiucet at the hour for which it ia set a rooster who crows loud and Khrill enough to quickly awaken even the man who retired very Mn. knyaml Fair arc said to be wnrlt Mild, —dhliig. Ill hr.-Ule^ I* Pr. Nags'* W. C. T. 1 show, a paid-up it over l.'.ox. of whom l.HII w :fU,lt) I (de-ig^ children tn Its nisd dlwwas. Hy its tiinsly uw thouioinds Imprlww cOMSi have Iswn |isr>i>anently ■ ;Ktoanyor sourivail«r» wh-' on If III T. A. BUJCUU. m] I .S'.onifoKM Mid-tm-s; IKhing and -lingiiig: w-rrsr by s-rnt-long Irallowst b> nmllniw tmii-irsrorui. wlii-holt-n l>lnvila»d uksTBl--. l»»s)ouiig v.-ry wirv. Hwatub's OiirruKST l•t'pa th- iiclilng a> d biMsling, heal- iilc-iralJ m, arsl In many coas, rsmorvs ths turn in. Kqnslly • l&>aciou* in coring all Kkin INsm-ss. IIK.HWAY.SK AliON.Fbll- oiieluhla. l*ent by niall for tsicta Alaoaold by druggists. The newMt fallow la todkabata wOldoakt' among tba fa ceptiwete 1 chnem of a fashion pUle: startling tfaa vbqMrlarre. the more eoroaM Um gumlp over Um new mode I>r. rkree's Favor ta Plescrii'tkai ia a poal- tiv- ruro for tbs 111* which aftlrt femalrs and make Uw r livm miambb. This snveretga panacea sou be ralkdoa In caata ofdtiqiUtv- nenisand all (usciional dereogeiuanta. It builds up the pcor, haggard and dragged-mil vteCim and glvrabfwrciipwrdbnpr anxa •mb learsofflfr. ItlstbeoiUv medicine fur wo wan's pseullar weakoeews and aiimeota. srdd hy itinggMa^niidei a puatUvegaarantsefrura iTieniaiiiifaclami, that It will give mlkifac- tlon In every esse, or iiinney refntsird. Read printed guarmnUw on bottle wrapper. favor of UwChtcago, Kock (slaixi and Padfle lUllroad in a salt broogbt against It by tbe tbe Udwaukee Halt Ezirart Compaav for refneing to tranuport now beer in that Bute. 'Tate'’! h» erhneil. ‘-Well, I don't know astheailjncllvo woukl have lavsirrol tu me n just that xsmnectien. Dut if you iiwan tbntthcy .>io tbeir wewk thoroughly, yet make no rnEslioul it: caiiwiKiiwIuorwenk new; and. In stior^ are everything tiint a pill ought to tie, aiMl nothing ih-t ouqtit not, tarn I agree that Flem-’« Pleantnt I'orgntivs Prl- lels are Btamt th- entest little thing* gniuE- tain* the Onler of ths 8talo Draod Uuter calling upon lodge* untler his jnrisdicUoa to expel all member* wIm -seru In any way connected with tbe lumor-traffle. KIDDER'S ST. JACOBS OHi. WHAT IT HAS DONE. Eefief.—In any climate at any oesai* onr or two uiplICBtion* of St. JarobsOil irilevas-, aftaneuKapemanenity. Tbbitthasvenga experieDCe fu ten yean. Carat.—Tbe oen tents a bottle have cured (bouisindsofextrnnecbroniecaaes. Dsedoo- directions then ia a enre in Tka Taaltaaay.—Tbonsandi of tmtimo- nial* substantiate Ihe above statements iu the cura of all kinds of palr.ful oUmenta. Tka Praaf.—Tn make sure of this show ing, answers to inqniriai concemiog tbe per- niatwncv of^e cutea resulted as-fbllows; Thai/nim doit nf A*albi|f to dau of mpoom terry cars As* rttsalosJ pvrmaamt wltAout rw IU SaaraBteyv—The twenty million bot tles sold ran be justly rated as so many cures; in alnioot every ease a permanent cure. Its price is tlie surety of every bottle helng Uie same, evr^y bottle being a cura and the poor BEAD SnOTOXS aad CON^TlS TUt Sesely will Selim a:& Qua, —-v—*——• wHh, or already e, or Crtnary irnauf' ar like bnekd— .WW-. . miinuisj. «S disUDsi or premura In tbe parts, ff Vnit have lame Nark. Rbeaoatkvn. IT IQU Ing.Ax-faiagramaluaxleurhiia,^ HToilSEfSSStS'-”™-"""'*- If Ton M nr[¥everEnIl*Aguef^7!3j^ H Tou If Tou U Vn,, haveFinnriaKidney.iwr.raxMtnIBA IT IHU acr-ticooeetmof urfaeof Ijnisji.y If You Builds if,r;SiUE5»sSrES“*'“ Kixav froaaduti BMoe^vai Kmr 1 >l]imilne hare ]>r. Kilmer'* Uktuem ea nil oulsldt; on 1 tnskSo wniiper*. Sold iha'Sl'i.'SOT^.'^ *■““ * rl.OO>—Six BoUlcff !$23or^ pATE^NTS A RUKR CITRK FOR INDI0E8TI0N$ad DYNPEPSIA. ovaraaowimetse* bsv* wni u ta-lr spiiros*! at MOa^TU^isXs^lW^ th* t«^pvap*raaae attamtSTm '**** FM CHOLERA INFARTUM. nr viu ccritg nni moot suoRAVA-raocaBM ITSTOP vonmNo in purayaNCT. "• ’ aXUBVB CONUTIPATIOV. MARVELOUS MEMailY DISCOVERY. ASTHMA RRONOHITVI, HAY FKTSR. and all Die- ; which la lew neeunlwd br tb* medical world os tb« eoly ana IBM will pmtuvely and fwaninelly ear* Aothma, lie Klodrod offhetleB* aad oU blood i lo |lTtog^ek rtllat, I Piix*. FlJee, ll-s-lles. M'l'li-.. Aals, Mo«|iu|.«. Ih-IlKir*, Hen 11-*-, Iiim.s*. I'iSoi- bum, Kiarros*. Ktuuk*. tVra-cl. ^l•^ll»'•r••. Vii|e iiiucka. Mok*. Musk llabt. J.vk lUblsta, H^rrela iJr.auduk:. HnisxiMa AI.I. HiaN HUMORS CURED RY EXHAUSTED VITALITY I RQUGHl^lTCH A Gnat MiAIcal Work for Toniis and Middffi-Aged Mnn. IVnisb on Iteb" iccw. Ptraptro. Flenh Wore •r.-«Illlho«ro.Frt»UJstl''v. . ffPidson. Barter'* lu-h.Bcat'l lira' ROUGHiPILES KNOW THYSELF, I'D-* nr IletnoiTholdis Itehlr-r. I'oSnM tnz, llk-nliag. luIrnialaBd exlermu reeiedy ineoi'h peckoce. tbire cure. COe. I'nigikaa or mod. E. U. Waua, Jeney t'liy. W. J. I CURE FITS! CATARRH IN THE HEAD. Fl-BFTOnS or TTtr IHFEAllIk-DulL heavy beodaebe, o)«il rmN Ion •>( th" naani |um«u(iw, lUscluirgra falling from the head Inin lint llirtmt. snincOnHW profuse, watery, end acrid, at othcro, thick, tenacious, mui-niis, purulent, htomly and putrid! tho eyes am wenk; ih'-re M ringing In tlio ears, di-arix'sa. hacking or coughing In rh-or tbir IhroaL eipcclnratlon i.f otTenelve mat ter, logctlKT with sraha from ulrem; Ilk- voice is ehangi-d and haaft''na«l twong": the breoth 1* otrciwlvej smell and Inian Impaired; theiw l* a aenantlon of dizzlneni, with m okm. a hacking cough and m-neral ilclilluy. Only ahove-named aymidnms are llkclv lo he pnwnt In any inie c*«-. of raaie nnnmlly, without manifealina bait of tho R oymptnma, rvsuK In ronaiini|>tlon, and end 1n the grave. Jlacoae la an rnmmon. more dcccixivo and dangifoua. km underatoud, PC more unonco-mtully trewtod by pbjaiclaaa. If yiHi wnukt retnnve an evil, atrtt* at (I* fvint. Aa the predirpnsing nr reel cause of eatarrh ia. In the uajoilty of raaiw, annin Impurity, nr otherwlan faulty of the ayatem. In — *- ■*' — ehU/ '.•in a BUcmptlng U directed tn fh* rcianmf of t/lnt . ndkHia dIaaBBk and we treat aneeratfully Unuoanda of - "-at tin Invtelds' Hotel and Rurgiml - iblnFng w Dually at •R of cimiblnuig with the u l/iorouph a ' o medicine the R « do bronchial, and lung dlataata. weak Motnach. _ tarvbal deafneea, weak nr tnOaioed net. Impuro .... .—• —-ic talntg. the woodev- „J and other Blr-|iawHat«.pn>tnnllng tbi' iwtnnil w-retb>nnf th'ir fnlllckaaix] glsod*. llH-reby a'dtening the ■Jlff-asi-il bihI thh-kx-iH-d OK-ml'nine, ami irotiiring It In It* iinliiRil. thin, dellrnte, inniac. hetillhyt*in- dlllnn. Aa a blood-purllk-r. It 1* uimurpaascd. As - ' which cnmplIcnU.' eatarrh nrr- dhu-nw-s of the lining *- -'I the bknsl. It will nwdll) be ee ■ unwell nik-nlali'd ta iSx this DxdK-UM ,1 eondt- I nail Asa lorajappllivillen for healing Ihcrilseai LOCAL *" Dh' IxTol, I >r. Hsge'a 1'atarrh Ki-m»-d>-■-1« j oi"! , all ('■.ninorlson tlu- taut pr>-|*iralkin oxer Invi-tited. laCIIT ■■ t* "ill'l and |>h-:dant to uw-. pmIuHng nn smarting or ■■siln.aml omlalnlng no strong. Irrllatlor. or ceusA Ur ilmg.«ir other tmlsiui. Hils itenwdy la a posiv- antlaepfle^ and sper^llv destroys all boil aoiHI whteh aroun- iks IMI niaov cowo of ratarrti. thus aSonUng great euwfort to oc who suffer from this dlocaae. CUKS. "dlcal rtlacnvery is the natural Dr, Nan-'a Cnlsrrti Hemedy. Il -s, iHirifbw, ix-gulatta,and njlkki lo a healtby araiwlaid. and cxin- IK la throat, broachlal. and lung eoaipllcatlcmi. _ ..'beu any such exM. but. from Ka stweibr eM*«s upon the lining membrane nf the nasal paaaigra. K akta materially In mUorlnglhe dln-oia-d, lYUckcned, or uleerab*! ai healthy o*—' ' ' •- iSrctHl the dlw Wbeu a cure Is ctfreted Ir Both Pr. Flcm-'a Dolden Mi*llral Diauurijr and Dr. Page's ratarrfa ttexm-dy are sold by druggiou tbe world over. Dlocmery ~ ... ..'tr.Jt^io a 's t^tarrU Iteintdy to imts: fixn. stz boMW for tun. b^f-dcaen bouirs tUO. A oomplrte ’neogloe on Catarrh, ginigt vahubie b..— ctotbtna. dirt, and other mottera nf InpnttabciN will be s IwoHMld to any addrxoa ««» nrripi of a S-emt pr— ■- Addrrm, WorltPs M^riiaRfy IRedlrwl A ‘trart. BurtAUi, S. r. *1 'im i - Aiiii T r if^vl'^riyifiiiiMiAtf'Trr'Vn^wWiiti-*

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