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Charlotte messenger. volume (Charlotte, Mecklenburg Co., N.C.) 188?-18??, January 28, 1888, Image 2

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^ppppupfiDjiiI ii||., I jV -L. CHARLOHE MESSENGER. PBMltbed tUflrU7 at Charlotie. N. i By \r. C. Smith. ^X^i^ln^ad^nce. OmYrar. S^golhi. ntonUi!'. Kotify tuBtoncfof nil raflnrei oriliin {lepR .tl W j n ninntlii . 1 (Ml 3 RKintlu 36 “A 1 Winkle I'opv. AH monpy niunt t>c wnl liy repetend liUtr, mollPTu^k■^. or tx^tol note (o •W. C’.SMITII- a.nrlotlc. .V. C. ■PlioriTom'siMiiiilcDa' of sulijccu of iiiiorwi to tlic public In.vilicilctlitut |ienoiu mu' be di!>a|i|X)liitci if they full to m tiic nriicics in *ur columns. We aVc not responsih tbe views of eorT«!>|ioiulcnt». Aiioiiy SaiidoTit and Helton. .Some of our Presbyterian brethren arc laboring to swullotr a gnat. They have succceJcd in-making a mounloin of a mole hill, and the last iaa^c of the A/rico Pfenbi/teriuii is dcrolod largely to the MessENOEn and Twiddle University, iJrotlicr Sanders. starts by saying “It would have been more munly, and would have furnished, ground for the continued cimjiilewf and rrs^wrt of the public and Presby terians" iu us, bad we “followed the noble ciuniplc of the mistaken stud ents" and acknowledged the error ol our way. Holy Moses ! Sanders, do you be lieve a word of that bosh you write ? “Students themselves declare that they wore in error!’’ “.Vo just cause for their action !" Why did it take them from Tuesday of one week till Tuesday of the next week to see “there wa.s no just oausc for their action?" Why did seventy of the young men settle their bills and pack their trunks ready for leaving before seeing “there for their action?" These were cot foolish boys, either. Many of them were men in the classi cal department who hare spent six, eight and leu years in Hiddlc. Wo dtf>likc to discuss this matter and paid no attention to Pro. Sanders’ slaps last week : hut they come at us this week by fours. They force us to it ond we will giva tben an inkling of what we hare in reserve |br them if they want to tarry the war into .'Vfricn. Now why did those young lucn pre pare to leave Piddle I'nircrsity and why did they not go ? The “faels” piveii in the .\frieo in subslanee about th we might name, and have been doing •0 Mveral years. Mind the thing yow do, general. He mys wo never speak of Biddle or Scotia on their merits. Mr. Helton has not memory suficient to teach sohool or be has no regard for the troth. Wo have never been ao- cosed of speaking' disparagingly of eith er, till now. We have often compli mented Scotia under Dr. Dorland and Prof. Satterdold, ond to the extent that our own people hove complained ueb and accused ns of being partial to Scotia. It is hoped that Mr. Mel ton wilt njt prove himself some of the dropped, decayed fruit from Biddle. Some that has lost its savor. Brother Sanders must have yelpers, it is true, bat let them show a desire to tell the truth, at least. Why, Bro. fianders. we had dropped the matter. Why do you continue to rage aud imagine vain things? Do yon have bad dreams? You style ut “the organctic of a sister. denomina tion." You are mislakcn. Ours is not a cburch paper. Then you say, 'surely Presbyterians can’t uphold and support anch characters." My dear sir. has your travels last fall shown you that the Messenobr has made such inroads on you that yon have to resort to such oa this? Who would have thought it ? We are mak ing no special bids for Presbyterian suVacribers, but many of them say they like the iMessENOKa better than the /Vestytrrt'on. We tell them they should take their church paper, but never refuse their money. Don’t get mad at us for that Bro. Daniel. W( arc sorry you forced us into this fight, but we intend to give you a little fun before we give you up. you would keep up with the times, you should lake this paper, read it, write for it, and help make good history for your race. n tiii.o hlini I givei vs tiia .\fle .« j-aper- berause the Profi-vstir luld the stud ent he might go. the sliulcnl blacked the I’rofcssor’s «• nigger” to juii, without cause o preparing to leave, tlie _voung nion were in eoiiimunicnticjii with the Po.aril, and were iiifuriued by them ihni the matter must be settled on ih-grounds. As to the terms of tlie setlleinctil the studeiils make diHereiit ht.'itemcnls. Some say it was uneomUiiiniel—prime in at a eertain time or stand suspend ed, while others say tln ir eommittoe was assured by th'’ far-ully that Mr. Black’s rase should he ri-opencl. and that Dr. ■loliii'mii admitiel there was a uisuiider.staiiding and afterwards, heard tlie young nun's r ommittee The young men say ihr y will ask I Rev, MORE ABOUT THE PACTS OP “THE CASE.” Mb. Kpitor ;—Please give space in your columns for a word. Vow many a one hna had his say in this matter, and if the friends of the A. A. P. will lend us their cars, we will give them the benefit of ours. We have been silent in this matter from il.s birth till now for prudential reasons, We wanted to be able, when we gave publicity to the matter, to do justice to the Faculty, enter a defence for the I'nivcrsity, and put ourself^ on proper grounds for our act. Bit we must say that, in this writing, we dare uol speak for the Faculty, nor yet enter a defenec for the I'nivcrsity, unless these, perchance, fall in with what we have lo say as touching action. Hr n>iliin:e the furl that the proM.iiH ■■ HV” here meant not le limn trrinlii oj lU'Idle't .S'rns WHAT I.EO TO THE TUOIBLE. As was stated, there wa.' a difficulty elwcen a l’rofe.«sor and a Btudeot, 'oin which the Professor came forth ■ilh bruised faee ; and the Student Iso claims a serious invisible injury. I iiforiuiiatcly ihcBc two were alone the room. Since this is true, who mid not say. let us hear both sii the voice of civil law, we answer lo ibis question, it is a rule ei„ged th„.„ nglii before ibe -orU. Tbel; , erfo.e I. i, p,o,ed olber- wise. In what doe.s this proof consist hearing before civil authority. Daniel" that ^ /„ ,l,r roire of the moral loK. every Hilo a lion s „„„/p of the Juttire rf ry of saicnri/,,, rnuiUmnalmH anleettlenl to admitted the) they liav set of fools This imagining by be was being let dnw deit. and this general wepe,i.l,,„e„„ece„.rv. We ere, „,.pon .bi. pri.eiple „ pel go.og to 1 e pul .le... .n eDe,e, I „leJ. Ilene. we don, ibm ..,he to rol.gtou, itf titulion. of looming .„ m.,|e, .„o|d b.,o elided " b.d it not nn, ebn.ti.n elntel,. We ore onl- been for .b.t ... .timed np b, i|,e iide ot Ibo I’re.bjierinn eliureli. nnd Student olTending, n Tboro n glor, in the ib.l .e .re.Melbod- ,„eeling of ibe .Stn.lenl.. b Tbern 1.1. the elntel, of „or p.rcnt. Wo, ... . eonttnlttoe oppoinicd, eon.i.tinn refnied inJnceotont. to Ireomo j „( ,i,, ^ niddenl, n bnueSoi.r, .nd, j „f Ufo eo.ooiitlee ... ,i„p|, .l’re.b,,erfo.. We ,ere„„l.edon,..|, tb, b.k.,, in nnrjontb nnd Biddle ... pointed , Sindenl., for .ueh . re.di.po.iUnn of nut lo n. n do.eo jnnr. .go, bnt-.c; ,be otua of Mr. Bl«k, u ,nuld nn- . , ' nWn tlom to defend the UnirenitT Kiddie I. nn in.titotton of learning .gninit it. enomie.. d. To thi. end open to jnnng men of .11 ebnrebe., the ... nmpnted • ,n. «, i then it i, li.hle to be enter- ,gg, nd nnd erttiei.ed by onl.idrr., .nd On behalf of the eommittee onn- napeei.ll, the Ma..n«ui, .i.linj of Meeara. R. W Willi.n.«.n trben thing, go .m,ng. A, J., A. U. Krieann T » grnnral jol.n»n mellnn ..ilm, .|| )g|„h,. B, F. Murray and P L the .ay from IV.dr.bnrn lo fo Brndie, and the SlndenU of Biddle Brn. Sander., .Mr l.m, Brn riut’l. Unirermt,. I deaire to pre„nt U. yon “nntnden, don’t .opporl Biddin." nor grioTanen eoneeming the naan of Wo tell htio bo u miataken ; oolaidern Mr. K. A Blank and I>r C Lav. don’t only anpport Biddle, but not- rnnne, Ite. W. dnair. In min nni ■idera anpport hhn aud Mmehody dae ^ pnnition on the matter. 3d Wa are desirous of ao explanation of the dis- ponl of the cate (of the above named parties,) and (aloe) antnnpnrtfal trial of 31r. Black. 3d. Wo deOire this boesnse we have Biddle’s prosperity at heart; and, 4th. Beeaose this pre cedent will war against Biddle and its interest; and .'itb. Because this is a strike at the life of the manhood of Biddle. 6lh. We bslisvs detsstabls characters shoold be ont, whether found in teacher or pnpil, When the usual announeemente were called for by the President, the chairman of the committee modestly said to the Dr. be had a statemeut to make. ..But before he got oat in front of the Faculty and the Students, this question w asked, ■ ‘Is it in writing f” "No Sir, was answered Then, without reflec tion, this demand was made: “Prttenl it IB vrritiny.” The question, “Is it to the Faculty ?" was not asked that morning from the rostrum, nor was it (hen said “Come before the Faculty at the proper tkic and place.” But Foii are cfitniisfed," was pronounced Bccoad time. Wberenpon more than a hundred Students held their scats—without pre-meditation—in the face of the wrong done them by the President, in refusing to hear their iple request as above given. Are then justly charged with a “falie sense of honor" in the face of these facts? In the light of all that is rea sonable—Did not this young man's place in the school for the last seven years, entitle him to a fair trial at the hands of the same? Further—Is it jnstioc to the school—justice to (bo Church—justice to our people—justice to the individual, or justice to bis benefaetors—to rccommCDd on unwor thy young man from year to year for support, with charge after charge unsettled, banging over his bead ? Bui if ho wus so worthy us to be favored under these more grievous charges, be certainly deserved better treatment in this case. Let it be borne in mind, however, that we neither condoning any wrong of the young man's, nor acliog out path)- with biro, nor out of ill-will toward the Faculty or any member of it; our did we seek to resist •Cod- stitulcd Authority;" but Wc are eon. tending mainly fur the simple princi’ pie involved.^We were calm and deliberate in allour acts. Order 0.* good during those days u we have known it to be hero. We gave the Faculty every opportunity to show whether it had the least regard for any wish of ours. You can see from the "Facts of The Case" that they equally careful not (o avail themselves of this opportunity. .Vow we wish to be frank. Many things have been said that wo nuulil ai-ccpT, but for that we are so badly niis-rvp- resented. Wn wish it distinctly understood that we arc not “ri'bcls." not “strikers," neither ' ivc » acknowledged any wrong, or c' ,’n thought oi doing it. Wo have not even asked to make any confeuion, and we would not have done so had we been. We did submit the matter to the Board, and, in accordance with iu decision, decided to return to our places in the classroom, provided we could do so without any sacrifice of the prinoiplo for which we were con- tcudiDg, any retraction, or confesaion of wrong doing on our part. There fore, he who says wo have seen and confessed our wrong, docs us an in justice. And, if our being worthy of the support and confidence of the Church, is based upon our having i confessed, wo arc not worthy of it. | It was distinctly understood before- I hand, tba6, if there was the least in-; dication of sabmission or confeHsion ' we be Ignored because we dared to assert a right, etpocialiy Wnee aegeir- CrP ft« abOity (o maintain rifhl, neees- duted our kting here? Let Ood and the world judge. A. J. Tatx, A. U. Fbixsob, R. W. WlLlIAXSOX. B. F. Mraur, T. M. OoLSSBY, P. L. Baooix. Committee. THEY ARE COMING! RICH, BARE AND RACY I Grand Star Concerts! Mtss Adxlaidb G. SxiTii of Ho.'ton, the prima donna and sung bird »f .\mcrica. and .Miss Kdnobaii Xaiiar ats" of Kustox. t|]c foroiiirKt KIN-utinti^ Repabliean SUte Convention. rand Star Cm and Header, will lead named cities and dates. The nodenigned Executive Commit-1 The Rev. J, C. Frick, tin- pecrleH orator, teemen call a State Convention of the I and deliver an address. Republican party of North Carolina, I _ , lo be held in Raleigh on Wednesday, D*"'!!!.:. \ a . Monday, .Ian. ".5. ■' --rep. te .. Greensboro, .V. C., Tuesday. .Ian. J4. Fayetteville, •• Wednesday, .liin. lia. Durbaiii, N. C., Friday, Jan. liT. Raleigh, N. C., .Monday, .fjji. Jd. New Berne, “ Wednesda;.. Fi-b. 1. Wilmington. N. C.. Friday. Felt. J. ■ Daitini' ^^Thc patronage of tliv public at targ' rill aecotnpany these ladirt the 28d day of May. 1888, for (he purpose of electing four delegates and four alternates to the National Repub lican Convention, ^ be held at Chicago, on the 10th da^ of June, 1888, and for the purpose of Domina ting a candidate for Governor and other State officers and three candi- dates for Supreme Court Judges, to select a State Committee and for the traosaclioD of such other busiucss may bo deemed proper in the judg ment of the eonventioD. Each eooDty is entitled as delegates said convention to twice the number of Representatives in the lower House of the General Assembly. All persons without regard to past political affiliation, who arc is sym' pathy with (he principles of the Re. publican party of this State, are in- vited and requested to unite with the Republicans under Ibis call in selection of delegates. J. C. L. Habris, V. S. Lm, J. H. Williamson. Obo. C. Scl-rlock, R. E. Youko, H. E. Davis, J. H. Harris, A. V. DoCKr.Rv. W. C. Coleman, J. J. Mott, J. B. Smith, 0. W. Cannon, J. n. Montgomery E. A. White, T. M. Anoo. FARM FOB RENT. The Coiiser Place (One--IIorsu) 3 miles west of Charlotte. An e.xcellcnt tract of land. R. BAHKINGKR. Jan. 17, '88. ROOMS AM) DWIILLINGS It. B.Mtm.VGER Cbarlesion, H. C , .Mfin'iay, Fil). ('ffluiiibia, S. Wfdiii’ml.’iy. F..},,R. (^hesU-r, S. C.. Tbnrmlay. Fvli. !t. ClisrluiU’. N', C.. Friday, hVl, 10. C'lilii’ord, N. C . -Mfttiday. Fell. Salisbury, N ’ .W.-.ini’Bfiav, F I. 15 ‘ , Friday. Fb IT, .ally a cited. General admission, 1 ll.’s No one can tlTord lo lose ibe plca-urc and profit of ibcso I’litfrlaiiiment* given by the best artists of the race ami which will be an e.tbibiiii.n of the highest development on these lines. What the Leading Vewspapen imy of Hltn Smith and Him Valiar: Tbc Musical World has been siarllt d liy u vi-ry brilliant light i iiiilh camu iiiitl cfinqueri-d.— Ml‘! Arblaide G. Smith of Bo.stnu. lorjb Globe. Miss Smith is possessed of n boritchingly sweet soprano voice Shr la. tranced her hearers through tbc very subtlety of (he cLarii. of her singine — York Gazette. Miss Nahab is a reader of talent. Her gi slures are casv, grareful anij to the point, while her -Hagc presence wouM do creilil to many a proft->i,.i,al BCtross.—/Won Daily Ailiniitrr. Especially fine was the “Inist Hymn” by Miss N.iiuii, while her rf’nfliiic- ^ “Aunt .Jcmiiiia'.B Courtship" and “Kentucky Philosophy” wore iniiiiita- ,/ blc.—Sf. John (A’’./I.) Daily Telnjeufih. As a dramatic reader, .Miss .Vahah has few equals Of Miss N.miaii's readings we can say nothing hut words if pr.iisc.—A?. John (X. H ) Gif-. Miss Kd.soraii Naiiar in her dramatic reading of the “Siriux Chicri Daughter" made a strong hit. and in her two encore pieces showed a ver.-a- tility rarely seen.—Ilalifix (.V. .S'.) .Mortiing DernlJ. Her art is no art. but iiauire it»clf. She is both elocutionist and actre-j. XocfiorUJl.J.) D>iily Xei'i. Miss Smith has a powerful, well cutlivaicfl voice, and san" with fx.-tl- lent taste.— Woreetirr Daily Spy. Miss .Smith's singing was exeelleni nnd a suprise to tiiose who had utvrr heard her. — Ihiii/urJ l)nily Thnet. of fine quality, rich and powerful and cxliil.iud fine cultivation.—Saratoga Spriiujn Jhiili/ Juiirnal. I Jan. iOth ’KS, (CAROLINA CK-NTRAL R II CHASriF. OF S( irKDVLF. imiogtoo, N. C.. Jan 1. Ink WEsTItOl’Mt TKAIXK. No. 1, 8TATHIX.H. Daily. •.ftu}’, ivlaiurii.ij'rc 11:3,1 a a. Iv Hanilct, ■rClurlotle 7:00 Ivl'barlolte IvUncuiiit II Iv Nbelbr, tberf EA8TBOI SI) TKAISS. No, t. STATIONS. Dtilypj. Nitnilsy. It Iti.tlicrr'ii Iv Sliclliy W Uiiwlnn. arC'lmrloHe E. M. ANDREWS, Has flu- li.ftei-l ainl .\|(.>f tWil-lcteStock of ZF’TJK.nsrZTTJI^E In North Carolina. COFFINS & METALLIC CASES. PlAAOS AXD QrgAXS OfllH’ lkr.1 .Mllko c li.Miillnient llaii. V I’rii'cs and Easy Term*. Chiokering Pianos, Arion Pianos, Bent Pianos, Mathushek Pianos, ~ Mason & Hamlin Pianos. Mason & Hamlin Organs, 13ay' State Organs, Packard Organs, K. if. .ViXDKKa s. : : TkaHK STitKET, C1IAIII.0TTK, X. f’. BrWilm'i S-3S |i. Traiiii Nos. 1. and 3 i.iake close cunneetiuii at Hon.lei u.and from Ilalelxb. Tl.ruugli Bleeiiing nn between WiIlIlm|^ ton and Charlotte and riiarloHe and ItalHeb. Take train No. 1 for Slaloivillc and vUUocis on the W. N. C. R. R. anil poluts west Aleo for SparUuibiim. Creenville. Atliei», Atlanta and all {Kiints Sontbwnt. Lccal Preigl.t Noe. S and 0 tri-weekly Uitween I.aunaburi: anil WilmiiiKlon. No. ■ - uv-mceu iteturiuiAiq; ntin ifiiniiKUin. ;to, m tbe terms of reeoneiliatiou. tbc a Icovn Wlliniiunon Tueulsvs. Thundsys itudenU would not accept. In view of thi. fact the Faculty simply re-! qnired the students to codscdI to re- I^orioburc on Mmidaya. WolnoMlBya a. . , ,1. • 1 I .. I Fridays. No. 8 Iobtcs Cha lotleonTuends] turn lo Ibeir cJasios by sUndiug. ! ThDrsdsyaandaeinnUn. Nor U it tre, tk., .11 but re fo. ,™. i cutiif iS’SSSjiSr'' in on Monday. ThV only condition : was that tbe ease in quostion would ! be aatiafaetorily aetlled. But (ho act of the Faeulty, making its first decis-; A. W. Oalvin, ion final, ia very ineonatetant with the, FAMILY OfiOCERlES previoaw statements of.sereral of ita ihen, who have been aayiog all along that they werp-enlling to grant' *‘'*’‘** of VCOIfrABLBS and FRCTW. Mr Block a he^g. The injared -r.u. Dr. hiataelf aignifted bli willingness in ujing that in bis opinion “tbe . . . t> I. . • LI ■■ te/ UAn his iwofawSonsI serrwn Foenlty acted rubljr." New we bare p„bHe. defined oarpocitioDi wchaveaUted oflkebomrhaanto 1«a.m. Sto8p.n. the ciM of the troahie ; are have, fivea the fiMta ia the CBM, snd ,^^11 j KteWe^f^ mMsaca No- BC8 Booth delivery to ell pern of thedty. Dr. J. T. "WILLIAMS tbegetMcal IJL etraet. ChariaM*. H. C. — THE Messenger is published every Saturday at CHARLOTTE, - - N. C., in the interests of the COLORED PEOPLE REPUBLICAN PARTY. It is the only Republican paper in the Western end of the sixth Congressional District. Subscription, $1.60 per year. W. O. Smith, Editor and jE*roprietor, Charlotte, K. C. J

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