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North Carolina Newspapers

Charlotte messenger. volume (Charlotte, Mecklenburg Co., N.C.) 188?-18??, February 11, 1888, Image 3

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SATI-Xa _ FKB 11, OIB CHn» H>»* I rliiircli. UInt iiii)l j) ri. m. Siiadar- I‘. r. ALHTO», ]wtor, :iii Street. ScrricM it Ill'll^ mHiooI at 10 a. ne^^ E. M I*""''.’'- . Soiilli aiurcli St. >. III. and Oft. m. Sun- Itov. A. A. Powell, 8en1« arhool at t J[ ni. I**'’ M. E-tillin'!!, tirali Firal napli-i Bmiccs al II II day-acliool at I rr lisfli' 'Imreh. Eaat Seeonil ■r Sevenlli and Sunday-'lio'-l at 10 a. m. Kev. K. P. Wyelie. ' cnnioiiniaiH'l.lA-M.E.?.,) Mint SI. Sor- 11 n. in.. 1 P- J!’"! ^ P- "t, Sundry-- •wlifiol .•« 1 p. ill Ki-v M- Slade. i«i.*lnr. Little Itock. (A. M-E. Z. )E8t. ServJfia at 11 a. Ill-Ip. 111. mid « p. in- J. AV. Tlioiiian. instor, nracrrliiirtli. (A. M.E. Z.) South U. bi' twei'ii Id and 4(li. Serricca at II A.M.ond g o’clix'k P. M. Huiiday-scliool otSP. >1. Rev, «. It..Stilt. Parlor. going on in tbnt eitj. The colored lie iinTe • department and apecial days. He apeak* of Biabop Jones’ lit to the churches there. Is C. H. J. Taylor a married man If not who la the woman he registered at Goode’s Hotel u his wife a few week’s ago ? Sneh charac ters cannot be allowed to lead oar race, if they are considered hy the whites ns proper persons and rcectTC the appointment of the leading demo crats. The members of Gmec Church Sab bath school were made to smile by the appcaraocc of a beautiful library case, purchased by gome of the gentlemen uiembcrs. Also p number of Bibles, TestamonLs, Psalms, and tracts, from some goof Northern friends, handsome case, and the books show off well. The school is now ready to receive books from friends. to sUl I» ' light cir;>;i •ould lire If your paper has a blue cross mark, it will be stopped till yon pay up. Wc cannot eontinuc to send it to yon without some money. 'Please pay up and let us continue it to yon. EiOC-AX!. Mr. John Holloway was in the city on Wednesday and left for Concord and Greensboro. The Charlotte Bight Infantry hav received the ^SOO from the Stale, and are relieved of embarrassments. The bonds issued by the city last fall have all been sold at par. They were niecly engraved at an esponse of JTiOO. Cards arc oat annoancing the marriage of Mrs. Mary E. Harris to Mr. Q. B. Neal in Hempstead, Tex on (he Ibtb. Superior Coart js in session at Mon roe this week. They arc^ow in their new court bouse, which is the Guest the State. It was talked on the streeu a few weeks ago that if the magistrate got hold of Mr. Black he would graduate him oil the rock pile. Grace Church hai received a new pulpit stand. It is a very pretty piece of work and was presented by Mr. Josiali Asbnry. Mrs. G. W. Clinton, of I'nion, S. C., is now in South Florida with Bishop Jones, endeavoring to improve her health. Mr. Walter Hendenon spent last Sunday in our city on hU return from Cnioii county. Tie re-enters Living stone to graduate in May. Miss Alice Capcile was married to Mr. S. T. Canady ou the 29th uh.. at Hamlet. Rev. P. B. Simpkins offi- / Rot. H. W. Richardson has begun improve bis cliureh at Matthews, Ho is putting on new wcalhor-board- ing and will ciel and plaster it. Elder Rivea will hold iiuarterly meeting at Little Rock to-day It is thought that church is about all right now and things seems to be in condi tion to move off right. The three year old child of Mr. Henry McKoy fell from a 2d story window of his house in Rockingham one night lost week. According the information sent ns, it was scrio ly hurt. Why does the colored man want to go West 1 Becanae $2 va. 80 centa per day for men, and va. per month for women ia thought to be an inducement. Ubor ia not paid for here, and that is why ‘key are ad- viaod-to go west. Prof. Alexander Graham, of Fay etteville. has been elected anperioten- dcnl oG^oor city graded achoola. Hu Mlary ii fixed at $1,400 and a honae free. We think ibU U a wiac aehe- lion. Mr. Oraham has been aoperin- tendent of the graded achool of Pay- etleville aeveral years, and ia a elever gentleman. A Utter from Mr. B. P. Bearden, in Jaekaonville, Fla., thia week, brought oa $2.00, and aay» the M»- seanu mnat be read down there- He speaka very highly of that eonetry, and speaka of Am asblbitieR MW Star Chamber Courts. The first Star chamber court of our knowledge held in thia city, was the hold by Jualice D. 0- Maxwell last Thursday moming in the trial of Mr. K. A Black, for aasaulting Prof. Lawrence, of Biddle University. The writer sought and was refused admittance to the trial- T ruling of Justice Maxwell is another 'idcDco of the little regard these lat ter day magistrates have for the people. Justice Maxwell refused admit reporters or any one except (lie witnesses. What law be has for such actions wc do not question, for he is honorable justice of the peace. The matter will certainly be published the Jasticc well knew when he had his door shut against the public. His action will cause the more said about it. Lawrence vs. Black. bnaj shc^ipen. rnshing toPMdfro, in a different way lo what one sees in oor own town. One can see the pub lic spirit of the place in the general nnprovenenta—in the streets, the care taken of them, the way they ore lighted, and the way the town is gnarded every night, by hired watch men. Some say the thrift of this place is due to it being a irel toiem. It is true that Ui/it of the erit/er leave this place for our own and other towns, yet wc do not admit that its prosperity is due mainly to that. A made what it is by its eitizens. and wherever you find the nyAt kind of citizens in ony town, that is a pri pcTOus town. Tlir character of towns auci comuiuniticB ia the character of its citizens. We left Prof. .Incoba down at Moss Neck, .miong our Croalon /ritiuU, among whom be will tcaeli for the ro of the waiter, and ho has also an offer to tcsch their normal school, which was given them during the session of iho last Legislslure, because they are so iinir/i niorr ir- Jiaeil (?) and belter than we niygen— they cannot go with us to school—so the Legislature gave them this school But there arc Dmiocrutic r-rfr* in this thing. “Hold llohcson, and save the State! ” We went np to M on par (tickler) business, but our lawyer friend hit>i business, but alas for slow (rains I , for she was “itl »/ aud our friend had to leave without, fcusliiig his eyes that time. But he has had nmnj/ a loiik 'afore, and only A*' cau tell wliat the result will be. Oh, we forgot— 1 tell too. called on our esteemed friends. Mr. and Mrs. Jones, who entertained us highly till a late hour. Also Hon. O. 53. Hayes, who docs business hcre. Hc is a clever gcnllcinan. and has good trade. With Hayes a uiati’s a man. Ho ia a Repuhliran in ilmi. From here wc called on the Bov. Blalock, the M. E. preacher, who. with his good lady, entertained ns very kindly. But as the train i-s not due here, from the west, till three A. M., we ehaltcd until one after ao- olhcr took his journey into the laud Nod,” uj^c wc stayed till time for the train. * We arrived at our home by five M., and our bachelor friend sneaked off to find some place to stop till day, while wr, who have a betlcr-half and babes by the room-full, reached our homo in due tinic. where everything was warm and cheery. Ohscrviiig the contrast, who wouldn't go up the road, if be be a bachelor'' k1 for Shill. One ^ed people wlm con alToiU itliava two gUiBs eyes—-one for day. tlic othe* for evening use. The reason for this b tliat the puidl of the eye b gmallcr in the daytime than at night, and hence the two glass eyes ore of different sizes, so to correspond with llw natnml I've. Toe price of glass cyis is becomiiiK etipaper m account of comperith same tirno the quality b b... mon glass eye may bo bad for ell', but they are not good deceptions -n-l 'P> not last long. A first class eye coiia ». even more. The best will not imt over two yenrs, bccaasc the sccietiann in tho IkiIIow of tho eye roushen the glnns by chemical actioa, and this rooglitn-ii irri tates tlio (leeli. A e'xss eye. bke fnl- mid III.; I;- s.^^e to il in It ... ind '.••t frll {1 If a per. ’llliuy glaw* oywi nt wholesale. Iiy ih i. bc could get tb«'m for iibout i.I; •. 5!ut hr would have to loo!: over r.tuany before finding one to lit and t ■ i • 'i Inn j other eye in sity. rtih-r ct.i! i •; •• :"n. I 01.1SS eye-.! iu« nil omde a’ ' : , pinci-. jially in Oermany 'id no factory ImviiiK beei- . Iiero, nlthough tl«-n' b n - rr.nd for them In thb eountry. eyo b not miUle nfter the hL.‘ ural eye, bccaasc xvlien the !.. -tea from the cavity the ti«tio i; f it preates forward and I'-av-- hitle space. The false eye> ..ij^ tical in bliafjc. Tlio ml! i -. 'les tho natural form, but lii;- is near flat with rouiuhil e.' • it b stightly brger than tho • ro that when inserted in the eavi:.. i; iiuiy not sliy out. .At first it irriu.i'-. I'le eye lids and tlio tix-suo lock of tiii- but tlie wearer grows nccustonud to it and finds it a n-st and a proieetioii. -A skillful ' oculist can put a gluss eye iiilollie cavity BO tliat very I'lose obstTvalioii i.i iiecv.-^ary to delect iL Not only i color of the natural eyo couiiterfiitrd, but even the general esini-t.-ion. The oeulLst has yrt toiliscover lueniisof giving that synqKlthetic movetnenl vvliieh di>- tinguisiies a pair of eyes. There is )uiw u large nutniicr of people xviili gkuw eyr^ say one in 4b0. You would not know s ]>T cmTial oliwervatioii, for tin- wearer « a'gliuw eye is BO sensitive on thi- eul'ii;c* that lie is careful of lib aclioTui in pul!lii-,' il he Ix-eouies no nceiisloiued to llri glass orb that he can pn-vent all but iio timate frii-ncl.s from li'«o feet. Seienoo lias doiu Uian by Uic man with the wooden liai —Oculist in (ilobe-Di'iuocr XAaratli Tbo Germans ore npidiy developu^ * system ^ evening continuatiaa clamee which carry on educatioa for ■two ec three ycon longer. In Saxony the bcTS who leave the primary odwoL if they do not go to tlio higlier Kbo^. must attaul tat throe yearn longer—«y until they arc 17 .continuation claascs for at least five boun per weefc But teaddng ta pro vided for them, and they are encouraged to attend twelve houre per week, comjdcto b Vhii system that evci waiters at Uie hotels up to the age of 1« attend afternoon cla-^sos, and arc taught ono or two foreign languages. I take Saxony as one of Iho most advanc^ states.’ but tlic law is much tho same to i AVurtemberg nnd Baden, and tho system , b found to work so well that it b in con- [ tcmplation to extend it to all 0» states in j tbo German ctnpiro, and Austria will b taken P«kably follow — Thb b confidently ... happen in the course of 1838. 1 may state as an uniloubtid /net licit | Gcriaany and Switzerland, ti d I be- i ticve in tome oilier continental coantriea. i i!k! cpbiion b riiiening into a conviction | tlial ilie educaiioo, even of the jioorx-st , clam, stiinild iwcontlnued in some form | or nnoiher to the age of iC or 17. They fliul by e.Tierienco Oiat wherever ihb U ndoirtcJ it gives an enormous r.dvan- tago to the jeoi'.le in the cwupelilion of hfe. nnd. above nil, trains them to haWts of iwlur.try nnd mental application. I be lieve itia owing totlibi-ystem of tlmmugh education lliat Germany has aliuobt ex- tinguitdiecl tlio pauper and neml-pauper class wiiieb b the bane nnd Oisgiace of country.—London Times. laum^ ny.iilh'.'lrn.^laTBpprt^ h-.iuliwbos, Wuned eyeatzht. ao^g^«» asrasvSHsKH tcct. firowilarM after meal*, wakelulnt* w fUuiirliO'l sa'l unTVlmihinz sict-p, vrmstaxA 1' .i.-wrihatiW fcvllnB of arud. or of liopcad- !.i‘tfi"»*sj'mpUrm '"tV. iiiDvt e-iinmo! ■I' UsTt psb'' any cnnbflembie nunbOF r ToTi'id hive Tho n -id. 1 ■ •minh'T and dtvrwl'y of sypn- « " I'uiK.T wliat MBon H has nwe-nva, -iMtioiaeu Pledlenl »l»eo»ory u ii. If la'si-ii arvunlln* Ui dtrvvt n'lwon^b’'! ii'iHthof f nw. If ■'lir-aU*'; Mr. K. A. Black was on lost Thurs- day morning before Esquire D. 0. Maxwell charged with assaaltiog Prof. Lawrence, a professor in Biddle Uni versity. The merits of this case have been published, but neither party has been presented till now. Wo were not allowed to bear the trial, but learn afterwards, there were new do- veloptnenls. Dr. Lawrence swore that Black hit him first and Black swore that Lowrenco kicked him first^ Dr. Lawrence knew nothing of the prosecution and did not desire to con tend, hence the matter was dropped Mr. Black jniyiuo ten ilollnre. Il seems that as Dr. Lawrence failed to prosecute Mr. Black the great Stoic of North Carolina moved forward am’ did so. An effort was made to break dowi Black's character, but for some it failed. How in the name of com- could a faculty afford to' take the adv prove a man of bad character wliom : from day to they had five or six successive years j learn that the way of the traiuf^.cssi endorsed and rccointucnded for nid I three limes a year ? As soon as a while man begins prosecution ogainst colored man he tries to break down his character. There wag no corroborating or con tradicting cvideucc. Each swore pos itively against the other. The white word weighed down the colored man's so much that it took ten dol lars to balance them. Commonly when colored persons go before a magistrate here, each pay: lincovcring lib .1^ iiie Ix-lti r by bihi One article of sittobtenco fometimos cmploycfl by the Imlians is only resorted to wbin Ibey ore driven to great siraiu by litmger. Arouml many of ilie water ing jilaces in tlio pine forests of Oregon and California the trees of Pinuv i>on- ilcrosn may lie ws-n Biripiwl of tlieir tairk , for a siKicc of thnv !r four feet near Uie j bii«- i.r llir- trunk. Tbis lias lr--eii ac- | eomididieil by eiitiiiig wiib a batclict a j line iiromid tlic tree as bigli up as one | cMil-l cimveiiientlv rcaeli. and finirtlier , lower ilown. m> that the lark, severed alwo anfi u-low. eoiil!l lie reiiiovcvl in gl^M. Abe: rlaia K"asonB of tbe year a mucibgiii'sis film tthe liburmmu ales 111.- Ivwk fnioi lim wood of UiO trunk. ITivi of iliis Him ndla-r.-s to each surface iin-l nmy Is- K.'rq>cd olf. Tln! re- sulling iiiixtiin- of mileila;;.- cell* and tiaif formcHl v;oo!l i* tni'-iitious end not utialabd-U-. «> Hmt. a.- a lait resort, it may lie used iv* a ib-fi-nse against hian'a- tion. Till- frvqncncy with wliicli signs of its having Ijeeii u-sorlcsl 1.. lire met wilh. bii strkiiig iinlirraioii of the un- Cfrtaiiilioannd irrcgularili'* i-f lln-supply dcisirlnviit among havagt-.s.-l’x-l'ular , Science Moullily. kriifc'v Ulseaw or otbi- 'Taro .‘.i.-.iaill'r* iin-uuue IbMe U.H-t in »nd.iuoni* "'’^ri’^liicrcT's «l>ldcS‘’'rS«-dlc«l Ols- .••■very iKts i-.wcrfmiy up«>u ^Uvcr.ona I.. 'list KTTUI bJim-l-mirltriiw orsaii. (•■i ,ai£l! w«j sjfusn or all Woo.l-ialnU awriB^ ;.';,'',!3y''rjS!*TiS“^n*icunff ■ iH-vs. u:-:! oiluT i.ivmory oranna. elesMin*. tm iiinlvnlntf. lUid livaUoK Uu-lr diseasca. As nr. n..i«tlztiis. rcstt-nUJvii tonic. It pretTHWfS sSs'i ssssi"- S'asfiS • ,\,r mii'i'r A«ii". an-l fc'ndrisldlwssvs.. l>r. Z'Icrce'B UolUoit nXedlcal “gURES fiLl. BU*IOhS,~l iro.n a fummon lllol^'h. r-r Ereptlon, n.u£.l'Tw't>aif'’lil«Kl"'nm Slnnut^ •*thb l-,»..Vr, r iiutirviiiz. niul ImiKiratlwr meat- ' 111., i.n'-ii ijiilna l'U*'TS rspWly heal oinWy ,i lull 'niiin-ais'.'-cislir has It maal- r.. 1 .1 .!» I. I..'ICV III ■•urlns TetO-r. tkoefna. and le of the II likely to I comino'i Gcii- Iliilier. 11* ideal man t" iiiiei ing to talk. 1 lia.-i both emU ..f Ihe can .-Arehitect o-socrLH that V Imilcling m.aleriaU wlii.-li l«- foiinil ns-'fiil in many wnvrj wilt. Among the variieiilcrB hiUt is now found to !«• ascful miiin aid to the beating of glne. Where, as ii ttsiial in joiners' and cabinet maker,' shops, tlio qni-lioifc. glue is UK U. I in n jacket kettle. »iir- | known, v rounded by water, il U Kiid ti. lx- nilvi»- j "'as iiot able to pul sidt m the waU.-!' in Oie outer j pr>' ale w kettle. Tile addition of salt niiscs Iho [ natc mni boiling iK'ilit. nnd, tiu'n'fore. allows ilio j I’car liHh cine in the kotlle to 1« ki-pi at a biglu-r , TU"*'’'': !' than could is- uiainlaim-d I The " nl v.n 1 s til. wili- Ile liohlsup thm. dictating 1 he lia-s Iwvn i-ii lio found llcil liis vUilor -liortlinml m.aii, to call in Ids i-larv- and make that mifortu- ilo tho reixirler's work. AVo about Gen. ISuller ix-ing mis- iho wav. —W. E. Brigliaui in vlth csikirea oi'i*in.'.’!in fUtiii iliiSwi, or Ihi- sainy smouBt (or a Trvutlso on Serofulous AUcctloos. •■FOB THE BLOOD IS THE LIFE.” Til i-Kiinv It tiv luln-r Dr. PicrceAS “SSW™!. is Jlr-iiylli iuid Is.iUIy ni-.iith will I*' cunbllshcU. CONSUMPTION, ''rit-"u4ren" ms liver, Blood, and Lungs. v,,f \v,-at I.UDOB. aslUlni! of Iliood. SborU Urroih. (Tir^o Niwl fAimirh, Hroi>- .‘laii*. AsOor i. CnuohA iin>l klndrea I HoUk* I ■"r/-’;!r,ri ten cents In stomps for Dr. Pierce'* I iliL iiiD'onsiinilAUin. Addtvta. World's DispBiisary Medical tssocIatieB, GC3 naiu SU. BUFFALO, H.Tf. Four were sent to thi- penitentiary from Hobesoii Court—all colored, aud all young men in tho jirimc of lif'- AVheo will our young men learn to kindly eiveii i-u-iu Wli. , w. ■ and the cost, but in this case Lawrence goes free while Block pays ten dollars. Should we contend for a recognition of manhood in the students out there and say anything to condemn such un fair and partial trials, some one might charge us with being on outside med dler Such acU as this will bring forth their fruit at the proper season. hard Just for the lack of want of iliougbt. hoi pride, there four men must slay in i prison, deprived of iheir liberty, for have years, in tho aggregate-long j enough to earn, at seventy-five vents day. two ihntiviHil jirc hutuli uienty-fniif (hilnrt. But this is for; eonnly. Now lake the nearly hundred eouiitic.*, at this rate, and you liav g'jriT.dlK), worse than thrown away TkU and That. LtMBaaTOW, N. C-, Feb. 1 S«r.'—Allow me apace in yonr paper for a few thoughta from this section of tht Stale. I.ait Saturday afternoon, in compa- r with onr esteemed frienda. Prof, j'. W. Jacob#, who is a gradnate of the Whitin Normal, and oar distm- go’iahed yonng lawyer, J. B. Lew'ia. Eaq., we visitad the growing town sf Maxton. Though only a few milet from oa. H baa been quite a while since we viuUd tbia thrifty town. We can tmly that we know of nc town of its iise wbieb hu made man impTfrementa witbip^hs last decade. StaadiH >*■ ****** than tliruwi far worse, for it’s the uicasurr ot the labor of four hundred men. all from one race; and far worse still, four hundred men. with all that is dcat to man—liis honor, his character, and perhaps his snul. lost-—lost for nothing. There is one thing we never could understand, and that is, why il re quires so much to convict a while man and fo very little to convict a UdcL-onc? It hringnto our mind the song, which you ,may have heard while here, which runs : It‘a hank it'* hard- 9'* lianl, it's liard. It's hard to lie a mmccr. Ac. But this is all fWi. More anon. Yours truly, . Tax Hxxl. .iiK-vi-r, it chaiK'cs l ; in my i-olicction any “‘iis "f illuslmting this KiUo t-f -Afghan mamuT hullic-icnlly clarai-l* r- 1,-m-nc i)notatioii. Suftice it to i nuv that v.-ii.h-tta is with the Afglniu-i wiiat il U with tlw-Corsicans, thi-.Alim- nians. oil primitive mi-uiitmiietn.; il ii hereditary and not l- U- im-scrilssl. on n-rrilorv ih'- law is i .vvi-r!(sy • • ;.dal; il is one of lliv crim -' f.,r which no wilia-sH will lx- to i-ix-al: lx-ton-th- jmlgi-in karlu-liM. Thi-ro is hardly an Afghan inthi-nuHinlain who has not a foe will) nims at lib) hi-jd and at wlnw Iliad he aims. Il Iispix-lis not H-ldom that an Afghan tt-poy from Yu-g- liistan— Alglians from over the ixirdiT enlist in the native coiilingeiit— aoka for leave h’r prii aK- liiisini-M; Itiat means that there is up tliere sniiip wolfs ta-ad which he has to take. There it a Story of an AfRlmn sepoy, wlio. having not joiiMsl hill |i^ian in due time, coin- pbdnml bilUrlv of titc Iniquity of hij ofiicL-r. wlio liail disiuisecd him from -tr- i luul a duty of Ixidal to jx-rfi'nii: I lutd a foo to kUl. Tbo xcamp nlftcond'vl for weeks; what could I do? " —Cimicm- jxiTiiry Beriew. coxtaecs Also omxB rzeta. A PERFECT CRCYCLOP^DIA. Prlo*. so Cants br ^ -m wiSTfim wofiu>" Ana • aaioe, »».» will begin its tiiibikuxtii xcs-sion I siv monihs ou Monday. April 9. IS8S. Having been eilueatol in a Nb' E.sci.ixn Noumal .^raooi.. and having tb« VIR&pS. HOXT8E, cilAltLOTTE, N. C. Atcemmodallons rurnbbed uavder* at* tcaionable ntoi- Comfortable beds and icoms. Uoiue loroied in the cCntnl and bwinMe put of the city. Table fiirnUbad vitbtbe beat oftbe market. Meals at all boon. J. M. GOODE, - PoonuKTOB. cnAaieOTTK, ir. c. lAWly Dnusey's Dealli. AVe aro rwpiwtod to stole tlat« senw- tional story now rouir tlw roumis of tbo tirovincial press, to tbo cllivt that tlx' lata Lady Braascy, In a tit of lclirium arixing from fever, leaped overhoanl from tlic Sunl>eani. U totnby untrue and with out tlni amnlkst founduiMHi. Loily BrtMwy ilinl of malarial fever. —Lkinlou Times. Jam Wltl|oui Uerrl«& Vi Doaton man. wbo ia a manufartiircr of raapljprry Jam. aays that no resp^- ria at all are used in mokinR it. AA’hot if lued, it aiipcnn. nrr banotCK-i. qlnco« and liarsccu, and a little im-iiared msp* berry Qavor.—Chk»eu Hetakl. leriencc in the I ripal is prepared vlio are scckinir may be aidol Thorough drills all ihi- branches rc- tought in the Public ■ritten examinations on practical qucstioiis given weekly. For particular,*-, senil for cirenlors to n. P ALLEN. Lunibcrton. N. P. had sixteen 3 achoiil-room. to do iiiuch f. a school wU •luring the xuuime giveli daily |uircd to I Jkhotdf l^CinaCordial C U B r K DYSPEPSIA, INOIQESTION, WEAKNESS, CHILLS AND FEVERS, MALARI.A, LIVER COMPLAINT, KIDNEY TROUBLES, neuralgia and RHEUMATISM. TT aixae KSm ^ UPS le tfea Tlicrv is no (dace where the ups and downs of Uie occur nwro reiddly tlaui la WnxhiitgUat. !o**i as a rtacft Utc {awr brakera of tte cag^al ore all wcatibr.

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