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North Carolina Newspapers

Charlotte messenger. volume (Charlotte, Mecklenburg Co., N.C.) 188?-18??, February 25, 1888, Image 1

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THE CHARLOTTE MESSENGER VOL. IV. NO. 31. Charlotte Messenger IH CUBLiSHKU Every Saturday, CHARI>OTTE, N. C., SATURDAY. FEB. 25, 1888 Tim ft Ann.Oninb TELEGRAPHIC TICKS- THX80VTBSRH BTAIES. IlT«d k ihort while after the accMrat sod rcteioed roDiriouwen oearly to the left, ile died in aboat fonr hours after the accidcat. CHARLOTTE, N. C. Xn the Intereat* of the Colorad Peopto Ahle and wsH-koown writers will rantrlb me to Its roliimnn from dilfereat rnrta nf tbs rnunlry, and H will contain tb^tsst Osn «-al News nf the day, Trs UcsHaanui is a &ist rian newspaper and wOi not allow peraocal abuse In Its ed- umns. Itis not seotariao or parttean. but i nJeprndrnt—dealing fairly by alL It re- serTN the right to crlUdse tbe sbortcomiiigs of all pnMir offlrials-~nimmendiiig ttao worthy, and rrmnimendlng forelertion such meu as In iU opinluD are best suited to aerre tbe Intenwls of the people. It K inteodod to supply tbe long felt need of s newspapor to advocate the H.liis .rwl defend tbe Inter.sto of tbe ... eepei-lallv in the Fiediuont section Caruhnas. . maramioiia: lAlteops in .ddramw.) W.C. SMITH Charlotte NC. 6nw a Beard After Oeatk. About thirteen years af;o Ral Clayton, one of tbe I'mt known coast, died Mrc of n fax cr. Ho was rich, and his remsint wt-ry plated in a costly metaUic casket willi a gla^a rato and conalgned to a handsome tomb. Hia wife, who was frantic with erief, placed her diamonds on his shirt-front. The stones were raiiinl nt Fearful lest the sems would lie iskrn from (be miU she placcit a waii-h at the tomb, and it was msintainol for m.iny weeks. Clay ton was a t'oiiiliemrr, and tbe body '* dispo'ed of aboro p^uund. A few daysapo Ccnrpo Dobbs, who hts the care of the ccinelcry. was pos sessed with a riiriosily lo visit Hal Clay- ten's tomb, nnil si-c urinp the keys of the vault took a look at tbe miiaius. llewai astonishcti lo liud that Clayton’s beard and intisUelic had Rrown under the plans case to such an estent that they reached below bis knees. Tbe beard wst brown color, cxlcndintf in wavy over Ihu laidy and bavins a |>«rreidly healthy appesmnee, as it mipht nave had on a iivins man. T1id Inuinl had l>cca growinp in ibis way 1- r tioricen yenra. Clayton had a rtimaniic life. Me was rnsased to a hanilsonio youns pirl in the hoiilb and left Her lo seek h« fortune. 6he became tirwl of his absence, and, teltins out lo And him, diifted boraelcst and friendless from one mininp camp to annlhir. After yean of this lifcshemet her fmmer lover* but s«chanced hy her wendcrins life that he relusrd to marry her. After hia repndtation of hts old sweetheart he Iwcame sick, and when lying at dralh's door she ramelo his Ixerlside and mined him Wk to health Filled with pratilndc at her de votion, he rencweil the alTociion of hii youlh and marrh-xl her, She proved a devoted wife, and when hr died she built at largo ev|Mms- ilie xaiilt where his r«- mains now lie. and in which his besrrl has been s"’"'"'-’ y**'"' Whether the dinmomls arc on h s shirt front is not known, as the benrtl hides tbe body from the knees up.—fursoft (A’#r.) App^L Chleeae Table Etiquette. As soon as the stesta are seated oo the Bate, twn, and soni'-linies three, small, low tables are bnnishi tn each. On tbe one immediately in fiont of him tbe snest flnds seten Utile coveted bowls. On the secntid latle will be five other bowls. The third, a very small table, should hidd three bowls. Take up the dtop-aticks with ibe right hand, re move the cover of the rice bowl with the aeme band, transfer it lo the left, end plKC it lo the left of the table. Then iwnnve the rover nf the bean aoup and idare it on the r'tce rover. Next take up the rke bowl with the right baad. pasa it to the left, and eat twr> mouthfuls with tlie rimp aticks. and then drink once from Ibe arrop lowl. And ao on. with the rdber dlsbea— sever owltinp to eat some rice brtwens mrh mouthful of meat, fish and eeg*' tabica. unleis yrm forget which la yo mewth and which is your right heed, kOKTil CABei.lRA. Four hnodnsl and one farmers’ allian- have be^ orgauixed An incendiary bnrnerl the re^dcnca of Mra. ttsundeia, in Beaufort county. A ward ta offered and effurta to capture m are Itcing mailc. Rev. II. O. PearaoD, the famnus revi valist, will hold meetings in Ncwlscrne for the next fortnight. He goes to Wil- ibgtoa March Itith, le remain a month. Calvin Stockton, colored, baa been ar rested at Winston charged with having causerl the death of (leorge Harris by striking him ii]ud the head with a slick. Adeline Allrn, a negro woman tried at Winston, N. C’-, for murdering her in fant by drowning it in a mill-jrond, has lieen convicted of murder, mcndalioD (or merry. Mike C'nok and William Ix-nding. the negroes charged wllh burning the of Oifori, will !« tried at the ncxi of Durham Superior Court, tlic eas ing been moved there from >ranvilic county. Joseph Doricb and Elealiury Sasser, O' crocs, hsvu been orreeted at Goldalmi fur robbing John G. Coze, a iiruminei farmer, on the ridgeway near that idsc' They "held up” Coze and got aft hia money. Within the next two years the North Carolina State board of etlucation con- tcmnlstcs doing a good deal in the of uraiuagu aud opening of the WUfs of lands it holds, aggregntiug very nearly 800,000 acres. The North Curolins Colored Teachers' osaoeislion meets in RaK-igb Juue I'Jtli, at Shaw uoiversily. The proitranime b very complete. The meeting coniiniies six days. Rev. Joseph C. Price is pr»i- dent of the assneUtion. Miss Josephine Williams wm liiinied to death at her mother's residence neat Raleigh. 8be eaucbl tire in the bouM and rushetl out. Atln-n Hie family raught her, all her clothing, save her sli beeo burnetl off. A gold mine in Lineolo county has just been sold to English CApitalisls, and other imrly of Englishtuen. who not long ago bought the noteil Christian mine in Montgomery, are preparing lo s|H'iid three hundred tliuiiaand dollars in its ' vclopment. fjgit week three men were arrcstwl Iredell county on the ebnl]|t^ of having nssossiiintetl Alirahnm Barker in hisinoth- er's house. Another man, iianieil Wil liam Ilepler, has lieen arrcsusl i-liargiil with coniplicity in the aime ulTciise, is in jail at ritatesville. A coloitil man, while etignged in ting down trees near t'biirlotte eaiight under a falling tree, mid insi lykillel. -V similar acciileot iktii dI not the same lime, another mlond i man being cm.gbl iioder n falling ] :>" “>■ tree and pnibalily fatnlly woimdeil. I At Halisliiiry, N. C., Jolmson »k Item , i say's telmreo factory was bunierl, with' all its maehinery nnd stock Neivs haa reebed Raleigh of a murder io Tatam's township, Columbus county. A venerable negro, named Bquire Geor^ was to bis bouse seated in a chair in front of the (ire, when he wm approached from the rear and knocked on the head axe or some other liesvy inalni- It hat liccii discovered that a North Caro- young negro woman. Alice Brown, com- mitl^ the crime. Hhc lias licen aircsled and is in jail at Wblteville. No rniise fur tills murder can be discovered. A meeting of the sloekholdcra of the South Atlantic and Northeastern rsilway at Southport^. C , lias renewed tbe con- ffdence of the yieoplc of that section at the ultimate Imilding of the road. Offi- evre aay all that reinaina In make it a success is fur the (leoplc along the line to aid it by pruiivr subscriptions. It is claimed that this road will open tbe enal fields of North C’lrolina. Virginia and Tennessee, and as a consequence it is a leading part of the scheme that Bnutli- [wrt is to become a coaliog stalion. lUTU rARULINA. Charles Randolph, of Greenville, has for four weeks. Mr. John Pnipxt, who lives three miles from Halsellville. had bis barn dcstroved by fire. It confaired his corn, foddi fiiur flue mutes, nod one home. Theborse as saved. Itis supposed to have Itcen .'t on fire. Then; was no insurance. Justice Davis has issued a warrant for mail named Neal, a United Stales court ritness from Edgefield. Neal sold bis |>ay ccrtitieiile to one (lerty and his nsrole ' another, and departed from bis Dome, le warrant was handed to tbe aherifl, ir> will make the arrest. A eom)ian.v. eonsisting of John D. Mar- shall, FrofessorC. II. JtidsonandGeorgt Wi-stmori'land have bought the Green ville H. C. ice mills. The sale "f the luill wa.s made to satisfy n morlgngc held l>v Mra. SiiHoii ilall. of Charleslun. S. C. The properly sold for gu.tlikl. xvhich ii only (tiuh nbove tin- amount of the morl Jim Brooks, who wa* reernt'y lodged in jail at Greenville charged with for gery. had a hearing before I'niterl Slates ('ommissioiier lleywooii. Bowks pre sented II false claim against the govern ment for mileage as a wilness iu the Uni- oiirt. He wns placed Uind of |Ap for his nppeamneo nt the August t^ro of court In this city. .Icasic Belrhor was nrreste«| nt tlreen vilic with breneli of Iriial. T. U. Marlin claimed that he listi given Belchor a watch to have fiscri for him. but lhc_ de fendant Mwap(K-d the watch for an infe rior one. While iN-fore JiiMiee Davis. Belrlior was nsked »lint lie liad In say lo tlia charge, nnd in reply, K«il ibnl be had diiiii- ns slnlitl and di-scrvial punish incut. He was given twenty ilnys in jail. .\n ex|>eriiiienlal f.aetory, for the man. iifneliirc of plain and che.apnien n palits. Sheriff Bellamy, who ia one of the most vjgiUat offlecra, oavi he heard of the at tempted wreck by accident and did not obtain the facta from the railroad antbor- itie^ although an emytloya of the road os approached upon the aubject. There * six negro prisoners confined io the uaael county jail, charged with attempt- g to wrack tmina on this rood. In Mitchell andDougberty enun iea,the acreage io melons hfi^lnerenaed from two te throe hundred per cent, If this liicfeasc is general througnmit tho melon growing aectioDS, tbe growers may expert a glut in tbe markets, and in that event the melon crop will prove as unsatisfactory at the cotton crop. Bethune Junes, of MrlledgcviUe, wai hillen by a mad dog last September, and has aufferrd none scarcely until a few days ago when he liegan W complain, and soon afterwards was thrown into viu. ipasms and fila. It is now asceiiained ns has livdropholiis and is not e pected to live. nOl’TlIBBMTEns. Fire at Gcals, FIs., biirnetl almut dozen business bouses and residences, and caused a lou nf alinut 960,HHI; in surance is about $30,000. Tbe enusc of the tire is unknown. F. D. Poiirport, confidential clerk of Alnlph ricbriclicr, Ireasurer of tbtx New Orleans Cotton Exchange, is a defaiiltci for $23,000. Two brothers named Bciith were killed in BD attempt to arrest an Irdian at Ben- tonvillv, Ark. ROBTH. BAST ARD D. R. Locke, lictter known lUfTei lenm V. Nasby. edtlor of the i Toledo Blade, is dead. ^ The United States Senate Ma firmed the nomination of Alex MfiC' be Asaistant Treasurer at New Yofk. Near New Orleans si-veu out at eight cnliirexl jicruins crossing the Mississippi in a skill were drowned. Thirteen prisoners esc3|Ktl from the jail at Newark. Ohio, by digging through the floor. Two bad la-en wntetina' the jirnileiilinry. A lamily consisting of father, mi and daughter, at Camden, N. J.. iirei of tiichinocis. The \)oisonel |«ork The City of Pekin, arrived nt Francisco from Chinn sud .lapan. is the fifth steniuer of that line in « ilb small|Hjx on iKiarxi. In Cliic.igo Ralph I,cc wns convicinl nt the attem|ilc«l ssHBasinnlion of his Bicp-falhcr, the ImnkiT Itewsoo, teiieetl to eighteen months in the county Ninety |kt cent of the insurance com- lumics in New York have sigiicil a dm-u- luent looking to the rr-cstnlilislimciil of the old iiisimincc tariff in that city.w liicli WASHINGTON oosBiP raoM vnclb baxb’ oap- ITOIi. ■■rBaarLaw Halters arc Deist, CcoarMsIacal asA Oabar Rews. A hill appropriating l-IO.OOO for a piilv lie building at Roanoke, Va., waa paased A petition was presented to the Senate .ly Sir. Blair. It eontained 1.5,000 names and bad Itccn ctrculatcil by the W. C. T. U., and the Knifritlsof Ijaltor. It is in fsvor of legislation for the Itelter iwtec- tion of women and girla. Mr. Blairaaid that the traffic in young girls in the great cities had become so noiorioiii and in famous as to secure signers from sll |•rf8 of the country to this (vetton. Tho bill te exempt American roas^ iso uiling vessels, pilolcti by their licensed misters or by United Slates pilots, from the obligstinn to luty Slate pilots for aervices whieb are not aclimlly rendered, was defeated by tbe House Committee on McrcUanl Slarioe. Tho committee haa given considerable alien- te the matter, aod heard many |)er- who were inleresteii. aod the di- D waa ao close that an aye anti no waa noceasary lo determine the com- mittec'a feeling. Persistent efforts liave lM!on made for twenty-three years past to Bcctire the passage of such a bill, and last year ihev had ao far succeeded as to se cure the favorable report of the rocasi from the committee. Mr. Hatch will p nt the reiiurt to the House. The End of the Strike. Tbeminciaof ShcDBodoah. Pa, r In Itebbin'a Opera-House to act on ' order for resumption of work. Tlic lo could not Bccommoilal*' them, although almost two thniiund persons gaiae'l ail- mission. Two voles wen- taken, the first ix-ing almost tmanimoi-sly against going to work. After addreaaes by ,lames Brennan, of the joint rummillec. James Maakcll and others, who siniMl thill the strike was lost ns fought so for. Hist mnnv fatnilien were starving, witn no lioiw of si«-cdy relief, and that llic offer nunii' wns fair and rc-iisonulxlc. a second vole wns taken rd to. It is dcrat'Kxl that the I.vhigh Valley fomps- ny has agre«l lo the same terms as the Heading t.'onitmny. nnd that work will also Im' resumed at their lOllieries there this week UtRRItf roi.l.w Sl'IT. At a meeting of the Kniglita of Ijilmr held at Ashland. Pa . it was ilecidcil to otwy the insinictioiis lo return lo xvork. The Earth fracketl. A reinarkulilc |ihrnomen')i Us-lf near Akron. Ohio, mirniug. P.s.[ile in the vicinity mnnifi-slnl the ollic NEWff ANITMOTEB POBWOIBX. wlon (« ^ A very new bracelet U • mei« thrMfi of gold aet wilh a rough emerald. Diamond hairpins, jeweled both at point and head, are now fashionable. Pale and deep tan plush skirts are wora with dreiaeaof variousroloraoud fabrieo. gowns of pale suede have while eatA^nd a trimming of goldl beavor. * Young ladies trim their black MIk iwns very effectively wilh silverand cut' jet girojis. The I’rincFst nf Wales is forty-thlM, but she makes up so well aa lo paaa (ot tweet lixieen. Dainty home toilets are almott inw riably made with a belted cersiga irf ■mo description. Bannois of dark-groen velvet m ipangleil with jet and trimmed with black moire ribbon. Cashmere lionneta, with pinked edra and cajH sewn inside, nro in vogue 7m babies and little girls. In a recent publiealloo a womas aa- nonm cs that she is the only woman int- del Icciuicr iu the world. Very new dinperies are straight hreidihs, showin'r ili'-ir selvagei, which sre lurtlicr a-cenled by a liiiiiig of pint ribbon. The oltlext old maid in the country is Miss Betsy S.xrgvnt,' of Cvalurbury. New Hniiipt-hiie. clie was one huudrM years old lost July. Oxydirvd silver Iece-p=ns in the form of a turkey's claw are jopular. Another new design repicsents a silver log with a tiny gold fri>g upon II. The wife nf Don. M. DickimoD, the new I Htmavier-Gcoeral. ii a iumdsuine wuma-i, tall, wilh auburn hair, deer Lomplcviiin, nnd large dark eyes, White ribb’jD, folded, or birely show ing the edge and ending in a liny bow uuisixle ii btill the fashion fur the neck sod s eeies nf dark woolen gowns. Tbe Print css of Wales, it bM been re ported, liM a velvet basijnc tr.mraed wilh [iln k -ong lia'rcil fur. Bnsc|urs. it need l,ardly In.- luld, arc now in foshioti. The ciintuiir of tbe bead is best dia- playeii by a low coil of hair. If ooe haa a Greeion profile, the small, high Psyche knot is hucomiog, as well as fashionable. Skirts nf ctois barreil Bengalioe and watered silklrc fashionably worn wtth p'llonaiws nr basques and draperies of l-a^l■mere of barmoiiiotis or coutraating shatles. The SI. Ixiuis Jt'p-iNi.-tn, having dta- covered that llic belles of that town ora growing ihiMiicr, expreaset a fear that the n-ninen will ultimately disappear al- togo:hcr. With eoslumei of light tan camel’s n.f"N,! vilb- :'cnlly I of T. W- Itevi There was m iiildlngs, the tolHicci J. I-. llcrricl;. A was in danger of dv lie lalK insurante on Ih Ixing At Eli/J«l>rtlt City, N. C., iiiiknowii ■mons entcnnl the dental tiflicc of .1. II. White ami rolrlafll him of all his instruments and appaiiHus, and trieti te set fire to the btiibling by turning over , after putting krrusi-nc and iiai>er the fltxir. But sirangt! lu say it ,>nly [uiriially burned, ironr Scales has cotnmulcd Ibe death sentenre of Adeline Allen, a eolor- ctl wnninii, to imprisonmnit for life in tbe iwnilnotiary. Bbe murdeml her in fant rhibllsst autumn by Ihrowin/ it intnamill j«ond near Winalou. The ap- plicntlon for rommulation of m-ntem-e was signed by Ibe judge, sadieitor nod jury. Revenue officem. finding some irregu larities going on at the Ironded distillery of J. H. England A (*o., oearMorganton, seized the distillery wilh all the fixtiiren and I T-'i gallons of whiskey. ril»rekee(>rr I). F Denton and all the distillery firm were held in s bond of three bundled dallan each for appearance Iwfore the The roaring noise io the wells ricluity of Olmwood, Johnston - N. C.. eontinuea. The same phi non la now reported io Duplin county. At nearly regular intervals, one well there on tb^remwesof C. Bynl. is tbits affcrl- ed. The sound is that of Imiling and trctnbling, aod is audible at a distance of nearly s hundred yards from tbe mouth of tbe well. Tbe body of a negro man was found in (he suhnrhs of Raleigh, lying in a pool of blood. The l>ody was that of Anarrw Feuner, who had a atore nmrliy. Two negroea, with whom hr bud recently ' hmvo become ao giddy that yen can not i.jgrbt were aneated. While Fenner' tell your left hand fr- m a chnn-stlck or I i^idy wm laid not in his atere awaiting yoBT rice bowl froBtyow thiro table.— | ibesrrlvni of the coroner, a negro nsmnl CkirtM Tribu**. [ Alfred Petare broke late tbe placa -and — I stele a pockrthook ami other artfclea De Btnua, tbe Africu cipierer. my* rrom tbe dead maa's pocket. Pearce wm tbenpper Congo reglMterpM with itovv. | catBurnd and tailed. n. hmi q—U.ta Oi uw- Iq> i», .ui«J Tuner Don, fell back n# (tatad large qaaaUiiM •ome of the village*, and tbey offered to bite lor sauil! qnaatltlee^ favda. irKHe be STM doatliw down IM rlrw ba taw ta eight dagt olepbHti tlMe the beak. onncilliicmlncl in ■ninrgiil si-ulc. .\Im mil i liildrcn lire cni| mil u huiiilriHl luiiriil Iteinuim JiMii-s anil liis wife, of I-nni-ss- or ciiniity, S. went III a mill, a few nili-s away, leaving ul Imnir Ihcir fmir liibln-n, il blest ngeil nine years nnd be Youngi-sl eigliiccn inimllis. Sliunly ifler llii-ir ilcivirture the older children liH-kcil the vimngi-st in the Itousi- iinil buill a fin' near mie corner of the biiild- ignUeii, the .bill hni>.si- a ml b It'll they foiinil their lonitcti the eliiUirrn. rt BIOA. Blarlling staliiilies gard to the Western rnilriivl rule wi\r. Over the wlinle tern- involved Hie comiMmii-s uffeelid have lost in two weeks in the nciglilHir- h.uKi nf $2,(M)0,I)0I). The jury in the casi' of August llelzke. nt Cliieiigo, HI-, chnigiul wilh lu'uling to death with a strap his litlb- stepson. Max Oilman, relurncil a venliel this iniing tiiiilingihe priiutner guilty, and fixing the jicniilty al death. Eight firemen were caught iiniler the falling wall of a burning building, at ■New limnswick. N. ,1.. and were seri- msly injured, and snolhcr of the same ciimimny was run over by an engine. 1 wo of Ibe llnnicn will ilie. Tltc fire wns of small imjiurliiiice. At St, .Milan's, Vermont, lire broke I hImiuI midnight in the St. Allmn's hospital. The hospital wa inplctely gutted, nnd two out of eight patients • Kiiflocaled. There was no male help i-ni, and no sjiei'inl provisions bad I mailc against lire. if tlie if lusl. 'ilingH rnimlileil, while Hie enrth roi'kiil. the ciinviilsiom liring nrci'eileil by lerriflc reji plosion. A great fixsure r the oaly sign of the strange ii Piiiple tbil from Ihcir hoiisei '■ ' prevailed n the earth ami till The anli-probiliilionisls of Bsblwi lUDty have nitlnlrawn Ihcir |»eiiiion fi Ml*. Tmlil. a sisler-in-lHW of Mrs. Ali- rsham Lincoln, is stepping at the Central ifel in Valdosta. Mr. Riite'rt Momly of fllynn counlv, Bs kilbsi by tbe lever of a liml>er ran. , he lever came down on him while sit- ,jog on the longue, and split lus head o|H'n. killnghim iniUmly. Tho Allwov Oa. street railroad ia an aa sureil fart. Atemt $15,000 of the $25,000 reiiuireil has been sutwciibeil. The flrat tramway will extend from the imion de- [lot up Washington and Broad streets to the mineral artesian well. At the sawmill ot W. C. Gentry. Mr- rtoffnTd hiul his arm cm nil at the elbow. He wax bandliug temlier and tell again* ('«aae «r Celtew FIrea. A New York letter snys: The tbe « w hile il negro Ton iMition Mnrali, who forged on some of the leading men bants of Cbipley. has been raptumi and bandied by tm>per authoritks. Thir ty dollars rewanl will Iw paid aa anon as itecided by a conviction in Iho tu|i«rior ccHirt. ) Tbe ncgr.t^om Manih, Ihe . . white Mp^frarrieil lo Ibe nwinty jail by Cofiatdfiie Hardy, at f'hipley, leaped from the train while In full apml. hand cuffed. Ilcmaile gixal hb raeape. Tbe laat heard id him be wm liq^ng soma of hb nrgru friendi te luo«i ab haoda. 'liicy irfuMnl to do tp. ' Ab addUtenal drwiar MB Whlteit WM nuBiaB and I "“J** WM Boariy c«t ta two ptaoea. The mw Tucker. atTBCk Wm acroM the taltock aad fiut' WMBrtaklcy bMbMa antitadtaRua- Ixuinl I'f fire and marine underwrite have investigatnl the recent cotton lire*, jnil have decided lliat the fault must lie lai-l to the plaotcrs. The underwriter* contend that the sewing of Iwle* is so faully that Urge Rjiores are left which « the rntlon lo (Isngi'r from fin-s. underwriters invilnl a cominitlc- Hereditary Trie's*. A case is on reconi a man wlin pos sessed Hie hsb"t of sln-]iing on Ins Gai'k with the right leg rrosM-d over the left. His (laughter, «li le still nn in the cradle, exhilillril Ibe same puculiarilv. nie poss.bility of imitation, conscious or imrnnsifious. il here obviouslv excliideil, A ense has Ivceii ici>orted totlic writer of smnn whuhad thu habit of altcrnsluly . ... flexing and extend ng Id* great toe while , ifie lying in tied. lib (son developed tnexame ha'Ht. though quite ignor.inl nf his granilfatliei's [K'lUliarily, Rilmt reroids a curious instance nf a domestic vrvsnt who exbibileil nn incifable vice of loqusc ly. rihe talkeil inccx«nlly to any on* who would listc-’. to*. te inanimate obiects, and even to herself. When upbraid d wilh her folly. «he a.vid il wa* not her fiudt, n* her father luul possessed jut the ssme habit, and bad almost driven her mniber distracted by iu —UAdMiAec's Aiuroaf. Iiir. sud a''onmpanied by a cloth boaiws of like hue. Tho Chiengo AVics, without mincing matii^x. ndmit-thai "the genuine Chicago eomplesiun b undeniably grimy,” a»d ilini "few I hleago Women ever hafo really clean face-.” Miss I oiiisa Corbin, a niece of Anitta Corbin, now at Nice, has become en gaged te Mr. Ilornce M'alpole, nenlMW nnd heir of Lord Orford. Tbe wedding will lie ia London in May. ollars, frills, iabiita, fichus, plastrona, vest-s—cti-ry shiipc, form and color of DCi, lace, ribbon, nr muslin, is now ad- inisaible fur neckwear, but care must be usiui lo lit ibem te Ibeir uccaaion. All lhes|>olsuftlie leopard may now be had u|M>n a walking hat direct from I undon. an'l n good part of tlivm upon Ibc bands and Iik>|-*. now the accerted :lo[ieil I gnrnilurc for brown felt hats and dob- A Tonthful ITealher Frnpket, The six-year o'i) aon of a Kentneky Btao is sc tiilrlD" noiorirty as a weother _ propbrt. Tiie ch’ld is small for hi* ago. miniiice 1 ‘“d cunool y« talk plainly, but has ilt- E.ctaq,. .1.™ a£"“iS;'ir rday evening. 'Htey not flisl the | wb . are resiairtablc and tignlion, aod staled tint they woubl ihortly i*»ue rule* and regulations which must itc aillteri'd to in lisling cotton if pliotrn aod shippers wsoteii insiiranm. The eolten men agreed fully with Ihe underwrilcni, and at the next meeting of the Exchange they will recommend cotton not Iwled Hcconliogte the forth- eiimiog rules shall not be dealt in upon Ibe exchange. He Unt n Nwell. The amistant [wwlmaaler at El Paso Del Norte, Texas, ha* lieen arrested for mill ndtbery. He ahalmrted. at various timn. valuaMe artlelea frum Irtiera [loss- ing through tbe office, nraoug them some diamonds intimded for i'rrsnlent Profino Diaz, in tbe city of Mexico. Nioeleen dtamuuda, valuH at $10,000. bare been recvivercd by the offirer* making (he ar rest, and a elua haa Iwen found lo others that were imwned or given away. The name of the enlprit i* Flowry, mhI ho hiu iiHurmi In the nwell virclca ot aociety until DOW. It waa known to the post- office ButbDriticn for Susie moaths psrt (hst (ben wm oumetblug wtom in Ibe K1 Faso gffice, but do tnngRde proof Mmld be obAiil mlU Um ^y oi hA lliiidrtle-rmitts and other philan hropists, of I-ondou. am perfccling plans for furnishing work- abojW and tewing machine* where poor am'lrcascs ran go and use Ibe macbinin r small cost. ^ Fashion insists nn Ihe abeolute abwa- doonivnt of Mack xtoekiogs and patent Icatherslipjvr* with eventngdraw. Only one kind; and that the rotor of the tan iiieilr glove, can be worn, and stocklnga aud siippcrt must tnaleh. It is an interesting fact that allbougk (he appointment cl l'o>i maiter-QsBtrsI Vila* to the i-ecreiarrahipof tho Interior \ Has to move ibmu one iitsee in the llae nfeibim'l ladiei al Ibe White HooM in- ceiitiOD*. Tbe "high art” craze in London and raria has about donn asay with the tight sli-eve, iu which the arm had quite Ibe effect tu a ■nusai.e rnll, though it in iiuc'iliuied if s-imenf Ibediapeil. itsshad Bil l piitled affn'rt Hut rep'm-e it are not wen more of montirtviius. While and go d is tliroiighout a favoe- ile Mtniliina'iun. Young tnalroM par- tcularlya.vit evening gown* of white brosd lolli. flannel or chuddar doth, heavily enl iheil with guhl -silver. lOO. sometimes—and Ih'- biO'y liirtbev np- [vars in Kith hit*aud boonel*. Aa .Xoli-t'clibwey Tnsuraoee Com- pany” ba» been i atsbl isbe I in DeaiDark,' in which yuiing women l-e-ianiagnt the age of U can insure Ibemseire* (ora iri ling sun. II they mairy they forfeit oil claims. Iiut R they remain spintten untd to tbey aie entitied lo a amalt an nuity. Twn startling, net to sty lomnatle, eveols have truospired at Vaasar UoBegn ‘hIK ifi rnry aimple.'’aaul the ladr. smee-tbo opening ..ftbe •‘Vtm ju« turn a buinmand tho light | -KS?® a lime. Another fair dantsol fill bite the rollegr Uko asd WM rascDod by peopli. i| every rain.hail storm or snowspi 1 even the light shower* aud -priokle* p'entifui in tho spuing ofllmyear. c day tcreollv, while the »im wasbla-- ; down witU'inIrtise heal, ilm child n- Into Ihe ho-i-ofrom the yanl.wlier* bad Itren inlen ly gazing nt tho Imiven*. and pTwilclcil a hmvy rain- iterm. to Iw fo'liiW'-d hr * |>e» u-e fall of hail. In the afterniHiu bi* prophrey w.vs rifieil by a bravy storm.—C'/ncsy* Jaat Htw It it Itann. Speaking wilh a young lady a gentle man racniinimd ihM bo had fad'd te keep abreast of the tcienlillc ndvanre of the age. ’’-or iuatanre,” he anhl, "I don't know at'all Itew the inc.imlesreat electric lighi,which is now usod in eoms butidinga nnd iwilway ctrs, is pro cured.” frofk. t hTtau look itRi.O'iy iwrod-.ihr bulk | TmTHiTr Vltrtfte- to •••■* Il bdo^ uaed by (bo Urd icfinant * **

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