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North Carolina Newspapers

Charlotte messenger. volume (Charlotte, Mecklenburg Co., N.C.) 188?-18??, February 25, 1888, Image 3

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■i . CHAKLOHE ' MESSENGER. Gt. Mlchiel'i{R E.) Chtncb, Mint 6L GcrviMi atlO«.a. andGo-iu. Biioday- Khnolatlp.Ri. bIt. P. P. AIOT3S, potor. M. E-Cbareli, Orahun^traet. 8«nriCM at 31). m. aud 8 p. m- Sondjraebotd'at 10 a. jn. Kct. B. M. ColUtt, pai^. KintDaptht Cburcb, BoaibChnrcb 8L Scmccaal iTa. in., 3 p. m.and Sp. m. Sqn- Jay-Bchool at 1 p. m.’ Rer. A. A. Powell, pastor. Kbenner BapUitCbiircb, Eaat Second St. .>irrvkcsat 11 a. ni., Sp. is. aud 8p. m. Soa- Jayj^iiool at I p.! in. Rev. Z. Hanghton, (‘nnliytc^an Chiueh, comer Bcrcolli and CollcBeSla. Scrvleoa at 8p. in. aud 8 p.m. Giimlay-aciioolat 10a. m. ^v. R. P. Wycbe. jostor. rlinlon niapel, (A.H.E.Z.) Mint St. Ser ving at 11 a. in., 8 p. m. and 8 p. m. Sunday- x'linul at 1 p. in. Rn M. Slade, poitor.- Ultlc Rock. A. M. B. Z. )E8t. Serrlos ni II n. in..3p. ni.and 8p. m. Rer. J. W. Tlionia-, paitor. Crace (.'burcb, (A. M. E. Z.)8outh B, b» (wren 3il and 4th. Serrices at 11 A. M. and a o'clock r. M. Sunday-achool ai3P. M. ItuT. R. H. Stilt. Pastor. If yoof paper has a bine crooa mark, it will be stopped lilt you pay up. We cannot continne to send it to yon without sonic money. Please pay .up and let ns continne it SJOC-AJL,. Forty of the bands in the Carolina ^eatral shops at Laurinburg, will be ‘li'chargcd the last of this month. Wc bear it whispered ftat Sheriff ■I. M. Smith of Richmond county will allow the republicans of this district, to send him to Chicago as a delegate. UcT. II. W. Richardson of the .Matthews Circuit, has been at home ill Wadcsboro, sick, n week or more. He is improTing. Rev. J. P. Crawford of Cheraw. 8. r.. orrired in tbc city yesterday, with his family. He will take a new work in South Georgia in a few weeks. The Fairfield Presbytery wMI meet at Rock Hill. 8. C.. the Snd Wednes-* day in March. Mr. Foster writes ns from Claflin I'oiversity, that they have six hun dred students enrolled there, and that a great revival is doing wonder ful work among the students. Prof. Simpson of tho State normal at Salisbury, writes us that they now have over 180 students, and are get ting along nicely. Our Stale nor- tuals arc improviog much. Mr. Scott writes from Lincoln University of the needs of our people. Wc need more money, more schools and wore teachers down here. The average time of onr schools is six to eight weeks in a year. The Blair bill would be to all the people of the South a second emancipation—eman cipation from ignorance. Mr. Sandy Ingram of Wadesboro, Kays the Negro is not anslural rogue, and that if colored men got $60 to $75 per mouth and white men $7 to $10 per month, white men would do most of the petty stealing. Bro. Ingram may bo right; wc know con dition has much to do with the acts of "Tar Heel," writing from Lnmber- ton, gives some idea of the pay of onr school teaebers. Be might have added the expense of traveling to be examined, to find tbc schools, the cotn- mitteODicn, and to get tbc money after it is made. Onr teaebers are too poor ly paid. Tbc people should sec that their teaebers are well prepared and Well paid Rlehmond Connly Court. Court has been in sossiuh at Rock ingham ibo last two weeks. Throe ]>cr*ODS were on trial for their lives. Cbas. Sima, implioatod in the slabbing of Wealey Leak, last Angnst, while gambling in a box car at the depot, was tried for perjury. The verdict in this caee wee not guilty. In last court James Leak wae tned for (be murder of Weelej Leak and acquitted. On Monday of tiiis week Pewiine Wallaee was tried for the killing of Chris. Leak, on the 8lb of December. Sbo wu acquitted. On Tuesday Han nibal Leak was tried for tho came offense and aequitted. On tho night of the 8th of Doeem- her. Chris. liSak, Hsnaibal Look sod nihm, wore at Paarliuo’s house. Chris. Leah was shot through the | ss shown that Hannibal i 'ud Psarline both shot pistols, and! witnesses swore that each did the kill-1 ing. These parties are alt colored ' On Mondey of last week a white ^ man was tried for mnrder aad acquit-; tod. A young man was sent to tbo! penitentiary for three yeaee for steal-' ing bacon, and another two years for' stealing a pair of shoes. Other par ties were sent to jail for terms ou ac- connt of drinking and rowdyism. Judge Phillips presided, and Solici tor McNeill prosoented. A large crowd of witnesses were at this court from Moore county week. Hon. O. H. Dockery was at court this week. Lawyer 11. (juick is endcavoriog to close out his practice iu this court, -^nd contemplates moving gast. Dr. J. C. Price to Liberia, Tbo President has appointed Dr. J. C. Prioe, President of Livingstone College, Minister to Liberia, Africa. It is not supposed Dr. Price will ac cept, but tbc President bos shown good judgment, and a desire to im* prove on his Isst appointment to Liberia. Dr. Price is the ablest colored man in America, yet wc can’t spare him to go A> Liberia. A Tonug Thief. From the Wadcsboro ItiifUi'^eucfr wc learn of a little white boy eight years old who continued stealing anil iiii.-eipproprialiiig the money j'aiJ liim for telegrams. Gu seeing he was about ornfCed, he goe.H into a geiillentan's bouse and stcaL a dollar, and goer ns far as that would take him uu the traiu. Republican County £x. Com. Thu executive coimiiiUec of Meek* Icnbnrg county arc hereby requested to meet iu the city of Charlotte on Thursday, the first day of March, 1888, to make arrangements for the holding of a county convention select delegates to represent the coi ty in the State convention to be held Raleigh on the tith of May; also tho distriet convention to be called, and to attend to any other business that may come before the convention. By order of the Cbairmau. J. W. Brows, Scc’y. Charlotte. N. C , Feb. 16. 1888- ATTENTION TEACIIEUS I 111’ WIU lOOL, Lunilierton, N. C., will begin its thirteenth session for six months on Monday, April 0.18Sfi. Having been educated in a New Esoiasn Nonuai. School, and haviug had sixteen years experience in the scbool-room.^fbc Principal is prepared to do much for those who arc seeking a school where they may be aided during tho summer Thorough drills given daily in all the branches ri quired to be taught in the Publi i^bools, and written cinminations o practical questions given weekly. For narticulors, send foMcircnlars to D. P. ALLEN, Lumberton, N. C. VIRG-INIA HOUSE, CHARLOTTE. N. C. Aeceinmodalioiui ftimlsbcd travelrn reasonable rates. ComfoilaMc beds and rooms. House lorated in the central aud businospart of tbc dlv. Table fumlsboi withlhebotoftbcnuirket. Mcalsalallli J. M. GOODE, - rUOi'RlETDR. CUARLOTTK. S. C. ENDLESS RESOURCE. UI bcTo (el: Uiai la tills rainbow wesM The VCTT Int vas bat a pmAus stven To tell o( kiGnltr Rreater Una tnbeaTSD, And.lKoor no, lieaTaajet wooldbeanTurled, I dM belkr the imil wtdo JoT* of earth, Aail f evUORii divv as Usbu that dwell ta seaa. Can braroc Itix'U nuUovo cucb depths ta thesel Um on; UXo hoUi moro tbaa we dieaia ol worJx. —Row' I!.Ts-ihora» Lathrop In The CvatuiT. AN EXCllAN'GE. i Evcryiioily in New York wlio b any- . body knowri ilie wealthy, generoua, hos- , pitalilo niid eli'ver Mr. Obed Corhort and hia cliaimiiis ramily. Tlicy liad lived many > i-iirs in Lexington avenue, and 1 am K'a*' to know that they nrtl living; there to tills d.ty. Tlio Carhart tnansioa • is as well known, os handsome In orchi-. lecture and ns grandly furniAed as is tlio I best Iioiise iu Fiftli avenue, Mrs. Carhart is known tliroughoiit tlie city for her i liberal li'cpitnlity and her un.itinted char-' iQ’. They Iiavo luid but one chUd, a daugiiter. n most accouiplishol girl, a cultivated musician, uiid a yonne Indy of tmexrc|>tional>le innnners Rjilb(»Kng. If 31iK8 Ilviirictta had u fault (if fault it can be cflUod), it was a fondness for Itonulcss mischief. Tlie Corharts frequently give very de lightful partioR, chiefly of the musical sort, Miss Corhort being, os I have said, n competent musician. And it hail hap pened (liat Mm. Cariiart b.m! issued cards, on ifond.vy Ituit for n musical soiree on the following Thursday. And among the Invitations were one for my friend, Charles Crackles, oiidoncforme. Crackles had liien rather more intiniato with the family thou I was, and it is possible that my being favored with occasional Invita- thms from tho Corhnrts was by reason of my lieing a very perfect performer on tho triangle, and therefore, in some sort, n dedmblc addition to tbc ordinary mu-sical onterl.'umcnL Ttie Carharts, notwithrtandihg that did not inucb i-an- to lie very inti mate with the fVigey fiiinily, would not iJight Uicir iieiglilior, iitid when the cards were sent out for !li- T!iur-i lay .a card 'f invitation wn.« sc-nt to Mr. Ik'gey. And thus it was that I ecimi' to narrate tho mischievous work of our vnlueil friend, Miss Henri-tta. who Uiought it would bo n matter of some aniusi’nient if slio ehangisl tlie invitations, M'liding to Mr, flr-gey the one intended for 3fr. Crackle« and Uic otw for inysolf (uhlcli was donu tiy Sending holh invitations to the wrong nnmlwrs), and also Konding one to Pro fessor Tat. who had been iin iteil by Mr. Bogey to hold fortli on the tein]>cranco quesiion on the some evening of the Cor- liarl ]virly. so that Craeklcf and I, when we went to No. II.IO. would be going to the Carimrt soiree, wheicns wo >Jioulil bo going to the lomjicrancc and total nhsti- nenci" meeting. On the other hand. Pro fessor Tod KUPI>o°el tliat by going to the opiKWite hou-so. at No, Jin.!, he would lie going to addrewH a large nuinlM'r of dis- cii'lvH on tlie aieiirbing subjict of leui- peraiipe. which wks Ihe hobli^pually of Mr. liogey and ProfessorTodJ^ AecorUingly, and »» iniiisvnt us two '■Iniube of ihe Hrst year," we wont together in full dres-s to (he Bogey resi- dcnceipsteail of to that of the- L'arharls. A^>o alighted from the carriage 1 ob- serveil that carri.iges were every uioincnt dashing uji to tlie door in quick sucxios- sion, while tliero 'viu* Kcari-.-ly any light about the premises nt No. 1IS3. Ktmngol Still worse, however, and more dis couraging. was tlic gkinee 1 got (as I eiilerei! tlie narrow hull) of tho jiersons who were linnging uliout the t.tairca»r unil tlio parlor doors. Wiiy. sumo of the guests overcoats on. many of tliem not Ixx-n sliuved for agesand not one that I saw liad patronized the luiirdreseer. Very reiuarkable this! But we wore there, and we went into (lx- liail. and scarcely liad fraeklw and I entered be fore wc were vioh-nlly seizi-d by four eoleinii, and I may ndd uedy. [.erenus, licailod by a man with a while cravat, wlio infoluied iin- that lie was Mr. Bogey (I liad never Moiv laid eyes on .Vlr. 15.:gey) and that this was tlie eommiltee ■mil that vve were rutber lute. XVliat thi.i iiieniit I ix>ulI iicrt iXKkibly diviiii-. frackles and I wyre liurriwl up >-lair8 into n dingy room witb one gas bumor in it. wlicre we wetv dmired to Jeove our eoaU and lints. Another singular foctl The parlors below were evidently full of pirsls. but lliero wi-re not luiy other coats or liats about llic darkened room. We, however, laid itsido our overcoats and lints, and it soeiinsl very much to eaiiiarrais tliose worliiy |s>rsoiis wiien tliey saw us in dress coats, emliroidered sliirt fronts aii'l wliilc silk tics, uid lie- held tw dni'viiig Hii wl-iU' kid gloves. I give you iiiywi ril llml some of them One of the committee here inquired of me how were uR tlie folks at Mudham. I could not any [i.-irticubr fun or wit in llmt quiTtinn; Ini! tl.e geiitleinnn. np- pan nlly iiMnning it os ii jo’se. I sniilnl grimly and mid: •■Tlml ts gi.-i -very p. id, iii.h.vil—gb.d Jo know you. sir.” Whereat the inquiring mind of tiist rocmlcrof UicroiiiliJlU'O weiix.slpui'.zled and even dlMurl«'il, and niiher to hlirink back inb) liinm If os a thing sulalueil. Another nil iiiljcr lis-ii u-ski.i if I was leaiiy. to which I rci-li' d lliot I wiis. In lliis lu.mnrr bad I done ao when everyhody in aoee, be thnugfat that now tbs cry to the usseutdy rose and took a distant sur- wlUch ho was to wM accustomed at Hnd- vpy of the triangle. I tbco was required ^ ham would imtnediitriy mound, and to mount the step ct tho little pl^orm ' that the pccmle would with one roim de- to get into a chair, when the whole meet- mond, ' 'Toil! Tod I’’ And still wonder ing teoke out iu a fit of tbc most enthusl- ing where bo was to stand and speak, ha asUc applause. I trembled. Always began olearing his throat and seUling bis innocent mid confiding, I hod taSaid crevaL ns some puUic speaken have the myself led, in white kids and fine Iiotnt of dmng. clotliing, and with my hair carefully! Instead of calling forTod, they, on the dreesod, into the midst of a society ci , oontrsry, fell into groups with their decidedly deranged peraoiu. I rose to , hacks turned to Tod, and dispined them- take a handkerchief from my pocket. ; selves to Ibien to a quartet, which Tod Tlie crowd again applauded, and I liostily thougiit was by long odds tho greotoit sot down ngniw . private riot be liad ever Usteued to. "Our friends are giving you on enlhu- Aad amid thcdiii of themusicTod beard sinstio welcome, sir," soJd Mr. Bogey. Mbs Henrietta say: "Oh, why is not "Yes." said 1, “thank you." And, de- Ur. Cordova here? Tho music only voted ns I am to arL the heroic idea wantahis triangle to boperfecL” seized me to sive my triangle. I re-' "Porfectr’said Tod to himself. “How moved it from the table, frvsh applause canal! this nonsense advance the sacred following that movemeiiL and I imme- cause of temperanoel" But imagitin the diatriy dropped tho instrument, upon feeUngs of Professor Tod when that piece wliieh I heard adroU little man, leaning of music bad been finished* Fancy, if over to sp^ to «- voung lady in spe^ you can, the horror of tliot good man tacles. wliisper to "her friend. “He w^ when servants entered liio room in a uw tliat thing as an illustration; I havo serf of (irocessioD. bearing Ice cret^ heard of bis denng so. It is very inter- cake baskets, etc., ladon with delicactea. Citing." ' wliilo another bqro a waiter upon which My listening was, however, interrupted were docantere containing wines and all by a qucBtiou from Mr. Bogey. “Have such sinful beverages, vou your notes with you? or perliai» you ' Thunderstricken by a sight so melon- ilo not use notes?" I answered tliat I: clioly, tho professor bore it all in silenco could not very well perform music, and : until the servants sto|>ped before him—• especially tho triangle, without notes, nn , him! the great apostle of total abstinence answer which seemed terribly to puzzle | —with the water of liquid damnation, Ur. B^v; but tlint gentleman went on > and a lady inquiring of liim, in a s^t, to say, ciHtBulUiig his watch, that it was ; insidious voice, if ho preferred claret, late and was 1 ready to begin? or would ’ ehamiagtio or liquor. Had he, thc^ I desire totako something beforolbegon, | been invited to New^^Ywk only and he pointed rignificwtly to the pitclH?r , ridiculed and insulted? Ho rose, and, on the table. I thrulting his Imnds into his waistcoat— I, tliinking to gain time, if nothing; his favorite attitude in his public nd- else, said; "Thank you, I would liko to ! dresses—ho shouted ratlier than said: have a gla« of sherry." i "Look not upon the cup when it Isred." A shudder rnn through overy member “Dear me!" said the lady, while overy- of tho committee. “A what, sir?" in- body begantogather round theprofessor, quired Mr. Bogey. !‘you n^ not have rod wine if yon don’t “A glam of sheTTy,” I replied inno- liko it. Try Chahlts or champagne." ccntly, "or claret, or brandy and water, ■ "Avount!” said Tod. “1 touch not tho whiclicvcr Is nearest your hand.” Great accursed thing. Ladies, why waa I consternation appoorcU to arise among brought hither to pft-furm my little part tlic crowd at my very ordinary remark, in Uie great movement now going for- wlilch, 1 could peivcive. was being re- wanl, if I were not wanted." IK-ateil fromiKCCh to iicncli. “Oh!" cried a I«dy, “this must bo Mr. “BinixlyTrir ” cxcl.vim-il Mr. Bngev. Cordova nil the while, nn l nobody has t “An- vou moebinr usi" "tVelJ." talil I'i™ to^y." Upon which one 1, “finjllimg; I nm not itrli-tilar. You gentl.-man lo^od up into Tod’s f^ and , asked mo to talto Kcmctiiing to drink, and projiounUowthi? timely and sensiWo in- 1 s-iid wine or brandy, or a ilnp or tvo q'liry: I . of old Bourlxia—anything of that kind ‘dlnvcnl you brought your Inangle, I will do.” Whereupon tbc lun-ntic.! lieran ' to hiss me, and one gentlemen among tho "p ! crowd cnllcl out that the man (i PralAing Bier’s Appetart—ti. CsaxuiTra Dunin.—1st Bound. Little Book—Deeember l-4i Bockwell and Jonesrillo—Dee. 9-11. Torrenoe Chapel—December 1^18. Biddle—December 28-25. Moore's Sauctuay—Dee. 80-Jan. 1. Clinton Cbspel—Josnarj 5-9. China Grove—Js&otry lS-6. Pinevillc—January 20-23. Grace Church—January 26-29.-W Henry villa—February 3-8. Trinity—February 10-18. Kings Mountain—February 17-20. Mouroe—February 24-26. Redding Spring—March 2-5. Rock Hill—March 9-11. Matthews—March 1^19. Mowing Glade—March 24-27. B. S. Rims, P. E. FarETuniii Distbict.—Ist^Rouud. Fayetteville—December 8-11. Manchester—December 17-18. Jonesboro—December 31-Jenuary-l. Lillington—January 7-8. Oak Grove—January 14-15. Haywood—January 21-22. Jobnstonvillo—January 21-22. Glover’s Grove—January 28-29. Gee’s Grove—February 4-6. Egypt—February 11-12. . CortbsgL—Fehmary 18-19. Now Zion—Fcbroatj,25-26. A. M. Birxxtt, P. E. Raleigh N. C. Wadesboro District—1st Round. Flat Rock—January 7-8. Lethce—January 14—15. Jordan’s C. Manly—January 21-22. Green Lake—January 28-29. ChesnuU—February 4-5. llallic's Grove—February 11-12. Itoper's Grove—February 18—10. Bennette's—February 26-26. :Ktville—Morch 3—4. Rovky Mojmt—March 10-11. RubcKou's X Roads—March 17-18. t m?, !.ili(?9. Shame ymi! Ib it!a Christen oct to bring me) wa-B a fool hnppy Miiilliam homo. Till-p(y.ple mw from their Kcata Thj mvcolt usettvs and-ontenino.!?” r.. ^ :i_,i »M.„ “Mv mv tlrnr eir. fiml confuBion provniloil. liocamo threatoning. Mr. Dogry got up !uid. in a very severe tone and with a torrililo frown, addros-sMl ino [iprsonally, Baying: “Your cundurt deiuamls ex- plaimtion, .Mr. Tod.” “Tod yourself,” s.iid I, now positively angry. “Who is Todr Hero! CrackiMl Where are you? Wliat is nil this about Tod?" “'t say." answered Cracklra, anil, guiilcd by iiis voice. I saw liim at the other end of the iv* elarv that they did nut to have se iiuch us n “Wd" In the whole ostnhlish- My my J'-ar sir.'’ BOiil cnotlier. ‘‘w(' nil want to hear you if you will Iiavo tlie klndnins to begin.” “I am quite ready, iiir," said Mr. Tod, to whicli another exclaimed: “All right, sir. wo dediro no better; where is your triangle?” “Shame on you," cried Professor Tod, addressing Mr. Carhart. “Arc you tbo mailer of this house?” i sa.. ,.im .IS ...V , u and hcsird him do- atnaz-ment. and evidently re^- .— a* ! was by Mr. Tod. outr.ngeous maniac. “Why, of iiient. “Whv. can't vou s.'e. Do Cor- .. , . ^, dora. tlmt this U a temperance m.H-ling? ,. exclaimed Tod, drawing . We hasr evidently got into the wrong hmiscif up, “then let mo tcU you, Mr. I liouse." "Certainly," exclaimed Mr. , j „ v . • »r u ^ Bogey, "you were. or. at leaKt, Professor : ‘ "n “ : Hirani Tod, of Mudham, Conn,, was to D»gry lives over the way. We do : addresK lliis moeUng licro tcxmglit on tlio I ‘‘J ' glorious subject of teraper-ance and total Aro you Mr. Cordova, ^e great , . ,r ^ tini'ileiir i». I iiLetinence. ] "A temperance meeting!" cried 1. I '‘Certainly, sir," replied Mr. Bogey. i “Never mind who i am," I retorted, “I j ainnot Toil." "No! llo!"exolaimeil a tall, ! thin and Bulemn man who had just coino into Uie room and strode straight U|) lo ; the iil.itforin with thi ' ' i.iteur (lerfnriiier on (ho triangle, wlio the devil oro you?" "Triangle again?" cried Tod. “'Sir, I am Professor Toil, of Mudham. of whom you liave no doubt read (if you take The Mudham Hi-gister or Tlie (Thickenborough I'oliadiumi as a temperance lecturer of some little fame, I believe, and I received an invitation from you. or rather. C APE FEAR AND YADKIN VALLEY RAIL WAV COMPANY. Taking cITi'ct .■'.O', Mon.lay, Dec. 10,1887. TnAiss MoTixa Noirrii. raseeiiKcr Freight and Lv RcnnellsviUc, Ar Maiton. Lv Maxtnii. Ar Kayeticvillc. Lv Kayciii'ville, Ar Saiifonl, Lv Sanford. ArUri'CDfburD, Lv (irfcn*l>oro. then 1:3U p lOiloam / ilot Moiuitain 3:U0pm | Pflssengor amt Mail No. 1—dinner ttSanford. l'a». ami Moil. No. II—dinner at Qcnuanlon TxAixB MoTi.10 Soern. Lv Pilot Mountain 4:00 p m ArCiretnsboro, 8;.30 Lv (ireensboro, lOiOn a m ■ ■ ■ ■ :30 p m ::45aro J:I5 p m 3:16 p m 7« 5:30 a 9:00 9:45 ISKIOin of!:. Tlel •egtilar ■OA-i MrwMt bcueli'-B uii.l cliaiis orcui'lctl bv persons in tl>e l.meit eomlk lion (ifKoiiucM. The LtIi -b wore bon nets und high dmwea. and the g. nileaicn j w-ote overCLSiU. Mubt retiuukabl..' imuil- ' call soiree this! Tlio ruoius wens dimly I lighted, and tho wholeolfair wore amoBt dreary apfseotunce. I Bolomoly up tlio ccintor aisle I waa I marcli^ at tho bead of a proccatoo of the ccmmlttn) (CracklcH, Icing alamcd, I hod remained at tbo jiarlor .loor), im to a i UUle ptatfe^m at the uJ'Ixt eni^f the I room, un which jilAtfonn wnturlahlo. bo- ! bind which wen- sovend eliAn inn semi- ‘ circular forr.i. and on Ui.- labW htood o pitcher of water and a tumbler. What in tbenomcof conmwin sonso could be tho twnhi- of IblsT There was not oven a piano in the room. Qnsermuxicalparty, ceitalnlyl Mr. Bogey rontiimediartosit down. 'AlwayvdcairousofavddiugdBD- pg to my triangle. I drew it from my pocket and laid It on the table. Greot^ pionK fallowed this Innocent ootkm, ~ n Iriangie on e table, bat mtmlf 1 liad a right to that plac‘-and look it. “I t'^'Vi .i urn." said the man. “Profeosor TM, of j . Mu.iluim, Conn., and wlmt 1 have gone i Carh^^d he ' through tltis night nobodv would scarcvlvi'liJ Toil slept at Mr. Bogey’s l>"Ue^ ” ' nighl. vowing tliat never again : "well. I need not say that neither tempted to visit whni ho I Crackle nor I waited for any furtiu-r ' ipL-- 1, hut made our way to the ntrwr !.>or with tlio utmost oU-rity, ' whrns 1 saw the Cariiart miiosimi in a i bluzi- of ligliL and, understamling now ; liuw luatlers btood, and Uiat I had liocii I undergoing torture through my having I got into the wrong house, I crossol over tiu- wax', und Crackles and I speiit tliu renuiiiider of the evening with iJie intel lectual Carliarta. It app’-nrsthat the trials through which (rnicklis Hiid 1 luid ptiK.^il were ns iiotli- ing in comparison with tho martyrdom wlik-li that [Kior creature had undergone ill the n-rnu'd lux iety of the Carliarts, through luH having mistaken the house liy reason of Miss llenrietta's huiuoruiis joke. Because nobody in lluil company knew him. everybody hud nwimied tho ]irivilcge of Ktaring at him. The serv ants. when they uslii.-rol him into tho ''rawing rmmi. sni-cn-d at him Ijccausc he 'VOS not well ilmbod and hod no white kid glovw on. Never liiiring liecn in Now Y'ork lie- fore, and liviug ilk he did in (he liudnulil ckasiic iilia»i«iof Mudham, in fonnicli- i-ut, he n-giiTileil much of wliat ho saw, wiili n-liici.ance, os pttsif of the icceniric (muiiii-m of II Mtmngc {a.'ople. whoso do- ■■eni-racy Ih: iluphmil. Ho Muslnd when li'- l».-lii ll young l.ndM'i who wore very low iln-Bwv and did not Idusii. Uis color iiei! wImii he wiw elderly lodii-s, v.-ls)si- eluv'ks. -.vhich wsn'jvile by laitur--. luuiUM. deeply ':>lored liyart: and he tr ::ihlk-! for liisn-asonab he wiv.- Icngiil'l young men dnviA-i to dislrni lion, wilii tliL-ir hair iiarted in the middle, lisp tho mOBt Miipid and inoou »oii.-a-nsi- to young women, who not only Hoemed mtiafied to ilure iL but even apix-an-d rather to I like it [ And tliis poor houtboi, who had lived I all his life in Uudliam, wishod himself > bock there with all his hcorL aa bo ro- I membenvl how plainly and simply tcni- ' |iernnce mottings were couductod in lus ' muivo vllLago, with cups of tea, a hymn ' or twu and an addrrwi by Prufnaor Tod. And ho wondered what on earth all th«e musioat preiuiratiaas had to do with on carnrat and soul stining ajgMal not to drink wimi or whio^. So there bo rot in a coracr. while IQm Henrietta per- . farmed a fantasia on tbo ^ano, and ha ' yehdcredi wliat all that meielkm hinging of tbo key* was alioat and why tbo young lady oxF^l licnelf to that terribln ox- Ust. and when tlw tune wu to fan bognn. till his brain wu bewildered. So when : Mki Henrietta had flnbbed and every- body had oiqikadad tho |uao pexinaa- man sends me a suggestion from tho District Telegrapli c/imi'any. lie wants 'c oim[Kiny to keep iiooplo who send ys out ndvised of ilicir progress. For •tance, tliey niigiit havo blanks ready rdl up and send ilu-m to the expectant cuhtonier. say, every lificea iDinute*. ty ti'legrapliic advices from corner of Kearney mid Market the boy is buy ing a story iiapcr. and will at unco pro- ccul on bis way with yuur message." Fifteen minutes later: "Comer Du- ]iont and Geary. Ycnir incsnenger has rcuchwl hero s-ifely, and is wairiug for a opass." fUi-D minutes later: “Union square, r iiiesseiigtT lia.s already reached fif teenth clin]iter of liis ftnry. Ho bos only twenty-two more to finisli." “Yuur inewtnger has reached Mason and Geary, and will priiCeed os soon ax he luia smokcil his cigarette.” "Your m(-s“''ngcr lias rcacho»lhisdc*li- nation. Will be back it>moiTOw.’’—Son Fnuiciaco Chruiiicle. ... .“ianfoni, l.v tiiuifonJ. Ar Ksyettevlile. 4:15 Lv Kayotteville. 4:30 Ar Msxtun. 0:27 Lv Maxton, G:40 Ar Itcnnetbiville S:00 ros.sengerfuid Mail No. 2—dinner at Sanford. FACTORY BR.LNCH-FREIOHT AND ACCOMMODA'nON. TaAiss Poani. Ixxivc kfillhoro, 8:05a. m. 4:2Spm Arrive Utecusboro, 0:40 6KI0 Trai.vs Movixu Soirrn. L-avcGreensboro, l:30p, m. are Factory June. 2-JD 5:95 pm rrivc .Mlllboro. 3:15 6:15 Passenger onil Mail Trains run daily :cep( Sunday. Froiglit and Aceommoilatiint Train runs from Fayetteville to DcnnetUvUle mod retain on Monilays, Wednesdays and Fridays Dom ?'ByciU.-Til1c to Grccniiboro on Tuesdays, Tliiindayii and Batutdays. ami Rom Oiceni- boro tu Fayetteville un Mondays, Wednes- days and Fridays. Trains on Factory Branch run dally uxce|it Sundays. Tbi-ro Is lunoni; tin- musical instru ments inth(-Natirin.'.l iiiusctim one wliich thi' visitor invariably j'ronuuncre a horn, and Fit it ia never bbiwn. It is tbo iiyu-s taninga of IndkL T?w email i-nd Is placed igtoiiut llie threat of the per former so Hint it rests u|«n the vocal curdK. Then os the {H-rfurmer draw* a hri-ath he pruluo-s ujion tlio nyu toranga a clear nv-d bke note. This curi'Mu instrument ran bo jihicrd against tbo rJireks or tlie nostrils and air* can bo nsidered. Tbo Hindoo muokiana arc proficient in the uso tbo u)xmga, u it was calk'd in ancient times, but ao- where in the world is it played.— Washington Cor. GIobo-Demoerat. The nettle is among tbo snhstanou which scioDco lias put to uso during tbs ]iut tew years. This weed is even being cnltivatwl In Germany, its film' having K rren valuable (or a variety of textile ricx. In Dnwlen u timed is produced from it to flno that a length of sixty mik-J widglu only two and a half poundo. —Arfcaumw Traveler. How cunnuigly nature hides e wnnklc of licr Iccuoceivablo ontiqui^ under nun and vioiets uad morning d»tw!—nmrzwxi. 11 B KENNEDY, DSAIBB IX C'oDfcctloncrles, Fancy and Staple OroccriCM. ChickjinB, Eggs, Butter, Vegota* bles, and all kinds of Country Produce. Evcrjlbiug kept in a well regulated Grocery Store. Fine Fruits a speci alty. No. 803 South Orabaio street, Charlotte, N. C. DRANCIl HOUSE, l.'iO Markets ted, next to Academy of Musle, CHARLESTOX, B. C. Fir^ Season will bo opened July 1, ’87. Fin(-'la» Ikiarit anil ArcunimoilaUonsat rcoKoiiabU' rates. 1'. M- THORNE, rropriewr. BOARDING HOUSE, CONCORD. N. C. The traveUng papiie will be accommodated with cvimfortable ruonui and boonl. Houm situated un Depot street. In tront of the Mm- Inory, near depot, ami convenient to oU vW* ton. Terms Trasonabte. J. B. JOHNSON. A. W. Calvin, —BBALBB a— Family Groceries , of all kinds, Cbuntry Prodnee alway* on hood. CHICKENS, BOGS. BUTTSBaad all kinds orVEOBTABLIB and FBUm. tiF*Piv«ddivery loall parts «f the dty.

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