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North Carolina Newspapers

Charlotte messenger. volume (Charlotte, Mecklenburg Co., N.C.) 188?-18??, March 03, 1888, Image 1

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>fHE CHARLOTTE MESSENGER VOL. IV. NO, .S2. CHARLOTTE, N. C., SATURDAY, MARCH 3, 1888. Charlotte Meiaenger IS PUBUBHKD Everv Saturday, AT CHARLOTTB, N. C. Is th« Zntoncte of tho Ootorod PoopU of Uie 0ouiitr7. Able and well-laiowB writer* wHl eootrlb ut* to It* coiomaa frnn diAmt par*, of Uw roantiT. and It will eontain tbcClataat Ora oral New* of the daf. Tn HHBBaan la a Bnt-claM newepaper and *01 ncd aOew pataonal abu* in Ita cc4 nmna. lUa not aaetarlao or partiwui. bat Independent—danUiis falrif \/j i ■rrt* (he Hgbt to otUdw the lAortooinlnga of all tpabiic oOclai*—oomroendJng the worthj, and TTrominwiilliig for elecUan mcb men aa In Ihi opinion are beat aniUd to aerre the intenota of the peofde. It la Intended to mmj the tom; felt neo) of a newepaper to adVocato the richta and defend the Inter .eta of the McRro-Amwican, MOKTII L'AKCr.lRA. ang^cnU bare boon romplcteil for the imiDKiJiatt- erection of a cotton will at Htliahury. The capital Hlock U $150,000. Davie Brinkley and Charles Lawrence, young white men of Catawlia county, who arc charged with burglary, have liccn taken to C'liarluito jail fnriuifo keep ing, rumors ireing in drculatinn at New ton of ■. threatened lynching and also •cuu b; tbeir frienda. L. L. Polk, State Secretary of the Parmcra' Alliamv, reports that there are four hundred and thirty-six alliances in North Carolina, with sixleeD thotuand Qve hnndted inemben. The Auditor's report will show that there arc forty-nine railways in North iCarolina. Two of these an: exempt from wation. Near Baltlelxi . I. House was Rtniek by the while he was silting on tbe track np- percnlly asleep. His injurii-s are very aerioua. learned that arvcrsl suits for ilnm- agea in large amounts are to lie inslitiltrd against the Cheajer and Lenoir Kurrow- (laUgC Itnilv.v Tlii.«j, frmtv dll lif .11 rmoupTioai; (Alwam m Adaonee.) A montha 6 montha ffingle Copy Charlotte N C, Probably one of thy oldest meeting houses in the world la the Bangnod Cfauivb In Norway, the age of which is MO years. The pagoda-like structure is covered with shingles and an inch oi two of tar. Runic luscriptions, iuterest- iDg to achoiMn, are on tbe building. Out of flfty-Ihree palatial retidencca In Paris inspected by a government sani tary engineer, forty-aeveo were found to have auch defective plumbing that the beslth of the occupeota was constantly threatened. It h agreed by those who' have made the matter a study that the United BUtee is ten years ahead of any ether country on aenitary mattcra. It Is the custom of people who Uvi tbe Northwest to declare that altbougl tha cold of that region ia cxtremel] severe when meimred by tbe tlier motneter, it really causet leas lufTering than the variable temperature of lowci letitodca. This U ell very well as a mat ter of humorons convertation on a nunmer day, Imt ita force as an argu meat ia ntalerlelly injured by the nimbh blisserd whkh dMtroys hundred* livee. In every country there ia em..e apecfel dmwbeck to the sheep industry. Hen «a have dogs and wolves. In Australie nbbito eat nearly all the grata, and leavt tbepoaturea a* bare as Oil Mother Hub bard's cnpbosrd. In New Zealand Uu grasteBCiny of sheep I* a large greee parrot. It lights on n aheep and devoun Itn Hving fleah. After Itbatealen itsfill it iica away. But, as a mle,tha woundi it mekee aever heel. TELEGRAl'HIC TICKS- THE SOUTHS&H STATES. _icOugln and Taylor Camp, both colored, (luarreled about a bridle. MctJngin got t>is pistol and shot Camp through the heart. Camp died in stantly. McOugin has skipped tlie country. A little negro girl on Dr. Bteve Jack son's place, in Oconee county, was burned to death by her clothing taking fire while in the house. 8ho ran out, but l)cf«re the flames could be extin guished she wsB so badly burned that she died in a shuK time. goMiera Briefk. Two copies of the Cleveland issue of the Sanford Flo. JeumnI will be printed on satin, and presented to Prerident and Mrs. Cleveland as s souvenir of their vis it to the Gate City of Boiilh Florida. An attempt was made to rob tbe Bt. Ixiuis, Arkansas and Texas express train at KingsUnd, Ark. It is said that the messenger locked the doom but the rub- ben smashed them in and roWicd the car of two thousand dollars. WASHINGTON OOBSIP 7BOX UNOLS 8AJIB’ CAP ITOL hBleerBv>T Law Maher* are Delat. CMsreMleml a^l^iher New*. . Orden have been Issueil for the dis continuance cf a number of signal 'ser- viccatotions. Pensacola, Fla., iatheonjy the Boulh. The remainder A special to the Oalvcslon. Tex. News I from Tenoba atys: ‘'Tom Forayth, tbe B few nights ago, W. murderer of Treasurer Hill, wo* taken ■ ■ ■' nil trnio from the Panola eonnty jsilly a mob of two hundred men and hanged. Mr.Davcoport teacher of a public school ni Kumc. Miss., expelled one or two pu pils rcr^ntly. Friends of the teneher on the one hand and those of the expelled parties oo thu other met at the schoolliousp, sod, after mMlera were thought to be satisfactorily armng-«l, some difficnlty occurred. .lames Kiiih-v. .Ir.. fired six charges from his pistol, instanlly killing K. A. Rutledge .-J Railway. Thi-sc grew out of at near Hiekriry a few weeks aince, wbereio the train fell through the Irestlv and all was burned. William Ellis, a young white man, ts made a confession that be roblied tbe poatofliee at Floral rflllege, Rotrertson county. He stated tlinl he had hidden the stolen iirojicrty, money, stamp* and jpistcred letters, in the church near by. His statement was true, and the projierty ■s nearly ull been recovered. An attem])! was mode some days ago I wreck ilie (miu on the Beutlaml Neck Branch Railway, near Fillery. The switch lending to the gravel jiit waa ourneil by fon-c, the train ran into the pit, wrecking six flat ears and two box The jiossenger cars did not leave the rails, hut several pas.-wngem were se- crcly shaken up. and fatally wounding h KOKTII. EAST AND WEMT Tlie sheet mill of the Beading Pa. i work." hiiH siijf|ieuded, throwing 27,5 i of employment. D the Cl of tbe Bute Tba N-rt\ CkiM Utra'i of recent data says that persons who doubt the barbarity of some of the Chineae ranish- aaoto “ ha-e only to walk into tbe city of ebangbsi thii noreiog, a few minuted task. Bod they will ftod one of tbe most ravolllog oi tbroo pnniabmeots in full epareUoB. aad Hi Inflictloa applauded by ail tbdChioerewbo know of iL" Tba otaiaal, one Koh, is a hardened ruffian, wbo ^ paared tha greater part of tha paM ten yean i* .ialL 'Hia apecifie In Winnstioro rrsuB Charles Veal, cbargerl witli as sault with oulrageous intent, the jury, after a half hour's delilH ration, tt iurned verdict of guilty, and the .Judge sen- iencerl him to ten years ut hard labor in the jianitentiary. ere ate to lie many interesting feo- lures at Hie Craven comity flsli, oyster il game fair, which conics og on the i:itli. I-tih, iind |.*>ili of Man'll. \ tour- •nt. a street iKinulc of one of the most elHcieni fire deimrtmenlsinThe south and H glass Inll audelay iiigeoii shisiiiiig, Special low raUw over railroad nnrl steam lioat lines in the slate, mid exe from jminlK north have lieen ed. >e Berrv. a noted negro desp _ killeil by the sii[M rintemlont sUte penitentiary farm, miir Coli " las evidently intent on rolibt m murvler. Mr. Davi*, the si temlcnt. on hi* apiiroai h ordereil halt. Imt the worning w'u.* mih Alter he was shot. Itorry mn »oir e. He was a terror to the nei hootl and hi* death by vloleiieeoc'c little «urpriH*' or n-gn-t. rgq^in- . Atlanta oTlii'eni far lana-ny, ho* lieen rested at Greenville bv Detective Behlap- liock. About si* miles from .Ablieville a ntgrii alHiiit fwenty-one years old, named .ta*. Wharton, shot a small negro boy 12 years old, namni Nathan Mrtlin- iou. TTin Imll went in At the right shoul der, but il has not iieen found yet by Hu' attending physician. The doctor eonsid- en the wound mortal. There was no ap parent eanae for the shouting. A war rant has been iHsiicd, and it is thought that Wharton will lie arresled. mMay last CaBBibal Itlmad OmMy. Mr. Walter Coote has deaerib^ eome curious moneys of tba New Hebrides and tha Solomoo Islanda. On one of the lal- and* be noticed a neatly-kept hottae, which be was told wat the money houae. Entering It, he found a number of hanging from the roof, beneaUi which afire was roDSlaotly kept op. under the effect of which they become covered with a black, gtiitcning coating and adoraed with fcatooui of soot. It waa a man's busineea to keep the fire always borobg, ' ' -‘toscorch the maps. * one in me rvouin. i uc .uu-v _-wv ■ the North and Northwest. The scarcity , well-colored map is worth aboutM^wA of money ia the cause. I •* • well-grown. vj^roM W This. •• The bill to oppropriate an luhlitional from the dreaded disease Iwt and .lanuary, IMS. It is rumonal at Washington that Gen eral .lohn Newton, superintendent of public works, is to lie appointed super intendent of the coast suivey. Work on the new gunboat Yorkton id s dvii^jbe erusier, at Cramp's ship- j#nl. PhilBPiphia. has prtign^sscd so rapidly that they will be launehetl with-_ ''ll a month. Eighteen men were injurfsl by the c-x- E losion of dynaniile i 'ourth si $75,00(1 for ir Chattanooga public Iniilding has pasacti the eommittc of the whole. This gives Chattanot^ an ap propriation In all or|37.'.,000, There ^ now only five public buildings on the calendar ahead of Mr. Grirow’. and “is ill lie voted on in the house alioul Tues day or Wednesday. Jlr. Grime* has many friends in the house and, this t«v gether with the true merit in the hill makes iu passage doubly assured. The elvcl service eomraissioner gives notice that It will hold examinations for ippticnnta for iioeilimui in cle]inrtinental ervicc ot Washington, w ho. in addition M oriUnary clerical aUainmeiits, linve a knowicelge of stt-nography and type writing III the following lime* iind pla ces in the south: Birmingham. Ala., Thursday, Mareh B; ChattaniK^ii, Teon.. Saturday, March 10; Knoxville, Tenn., TucsilaT. Mrreh HI; Nashville, ^mid.. Tuesday, March Ft; Memphis, remi,. Thursday, March 15. The rnsident hs* signed an ^ir^cr placing emidoyetH of Ihc livil •ft''™ eommusUm in iheeiiissifleil deisirliwntal serrier. This i* the first set of HutI'its- idcol under the new rules niid reft'"" lions, and it i* understood to la' prreiini nary to nn order pliieing under eivfl wr- vice niles the Inter-State eommcri'e 'eotn- luiiaion, the Imliiin seha>l wrviee told nil other coiiimtwions and bureaus w hich were organited Indepeudenl of the exee- utive departments ;it WiiOiington. a* contemplated by the new ndes. The will of the lute W. \V. Core, rnti has been filed an.l t. ,iroln..e. The milv public Iwonesls lire fHW.iHIU to the Corcoran art gallery, to whic h Mr. Corcoran had already given $l,jtHt.0llO; $.■>0,000 to the I,oiiisr ncmii-. to which Mr. Coreomngavr in hi« life half a mil lion dollars; $.->.000 each lo the three orphan asylums of the dislrii't, and $G.- 000 to the Little Bisters of the I’cmo. He makes many l>ec|ii'sls, ranging friini$liHl to $l-*i,000. to rHiilives. is-rxinal friends and servants. The reliinlnih r ' ■> -- late is left in trust for hi* Ih children. ^est of all kind* of money, for it must never bo taken from lha_ money bouse, even when tbe title of it ietrana- ferrod from one ownrr to another. Tha lohabitaate of Bants Crux Island uae for money, rope-ends, about so ineh thick, and oroamentod with scarlet feathers, which are worn about the waist. Tba traveler could not obtain new caisi of this kind, but found.them current every where. The specimens he bought were ilrrady old, and tbe feathen grown dingy. The money of the Bolomon Isl and* consisted of ncaliy-workcd piecei of shell of about the sire of our shirt- button*. They are strung on ■irlng* about four yw* long, atul are distio- guishcd under the name* of red and white money. Dog-tocth are of higher value, and compirable to our gold coins. They areutualiy worn on a string around the neck. Mr. Coote saw a necklace of Ihi* kiml that waa valued at about $100. Marble rings ore also worn for incnta, and a.* valuable money. et, Duluth, Minn. (wndiiig in I.exington coun ty, in H. C. Dixon Addy waa con victed of man*laught-r ip killing Joseph Bwygrrt at a puliticwl hariierue in IHBU. He appealed to the supreme court and got a new trial. When tbe case was called uji at l^exington. it waa discoverol that the indictment and other papers were lost. The case eaunot be tried without the indictment, nor i-an a new indictllK'Dl he written uut until a nolle proaeqal Im entered and written on (be old )«per itself. It IraikK uow aa if Addy can never he tried again, oud there iartfMisiderahle talk almut it. Noboily undertake* to gnesa who alsilrecta! the papers, but the suapicion i* that oo' friend of Addy did it to help tiim nut hi* very bod caae. Hi* lawyer* are n of high rbamcteni, and there is nu a pieion whatever of them. a for which ha was being punished (be old )«per itself. It looks «« bia habit of bUckratillng tbe new * ^toonore who were pot in jail with him. Be wii awapanded in a cage oboai five IWt Ugh. with bia bead through the (op to a woodea collar, m that ha coold Mt rooA H wMk hki haada. Bia fool, wUeb «Mt looded with ehaina, were ao far fM tha bnltote that ha could oUy jwt *.1^*^ it whao ataodiBg oo liptoo. H«t hi wo* uredteiead lo wMboto • food or woitr, just Inajda thh ootar goto of lha mogJatrata'a yMMO, the »p«« ot ksndreda. Ntll deoth pot m ood to Ut Mferlaga. Tha wrilw a^H* • atoitogreidiof thaeogaoodltoaooipaif to a toDlH ftotoiiptow to ito Ttet^-i rM totMo - “Awkftig ot CUiH.” The Bsoaomcfit to them menioty of the lato ffith-r PWrne will he (rerted In PpMtm no the lit of next (ir{)tember. Tbe rilinoi of Sugar Vailey orRoted Heorj KInoebrew, aaegroboaa^becakar, and broii^H hbo to Calhoun with a etodn iinitot Ua ng^ loot week. Ttoir iiiiwrlTr with n (Hier nriooMr ioaght ihiK tto toann that it would m$ do to into • ptkiaMTt aod heuee (he hUa rif of a nearly eumpleled hotel at Kansas city. Mo,. eollapHeil nnci cr*i>-hiil llinmgh eight »toii'» to the groiiml. One workman \vil* killed and hIniuI a do/.en injured. At Snlimanea. N, Y.. the sc.-ond larg est fire* fhut ever oeeurrcil in the town broke out at 12 :«) o el.«:k yesterday mornieg. The buildings liiirned were the 0|Kra Hmisc block, |>o*t oliiee. Nirx s liliH'k and oilier building*. Ixioh, $75,000; itisiiratiee. $».•),(KKt. Five Kliare* of the New York Hun I’ub- lishing Company. |sir value $1 *>o iwh, were sold at the New ork .. IxUate Exelmng.- for $:i.:W0 each. The WisconHin Supreme Court has dr- riarmi inoiwretive the law cnaelcd liy the Usl lrgi»tsliire, which |>ermilted habit ual dninknnl* to I>c confined in an asy lum not to cxeede two year*. ■ A alight shock of carlli.|Uoke was fell at Han Francisco, Cal,, the other day. Tlie shock i* also reported from several |>oinU north of that citv, where it wo* more severr anl caused |>er*oDS to rush from their houses in alarm. _nr Green, of New Jersey, ha* vetoed the local option high license hill vhich the Republicans had pawed aa a -auciw rorHsure. HONORING A VOOD MAN. Kaaeral •iMr. rerrer«*-Mr*. Cle«eta*e AiieaU* (he Mervtee*. Tlic funeral of Mr. W. W. Corcoran took place late from his rreidrnce in Washington. I). C. In accor- damv with the wish of the de- x-asel tl>c ceremonies were simple and vkvoid of all oalenUtlon. Ainocg tbe floral Iribulr* was n large pillow sent by Mr*. (Ifvcisnd. The ocrviiiai ww ron- Ho^ to the form laid down in tbe EpU- -opal ritual. There was no aiiilrcM. Rev. Dr. Ixvmanl, pastor of Ht. John’r (rhureb, cxmducted the services with the oxsiitance of Bishop Parel and Rev. Dr. Htuart, ijfChrUl ebunb, (leoi^fown. Mr*. Cleveland was iweitriit diinng the service* and her corttage wn» in long dra- iiery, which followeil the remains to the grave, Hho wa* eacurti'd by liecrctary Endinitl and iitool during the serrkrs in the house very near the bead of the casket. Cfltief Jnstlcv Waite, Beaatoi* Bai^ur, Eustis and many other pereons of note, were assemble*! in tbe psriotaof thejnswinn during the service. There wa* a large repKoentation iweaent of va rious organixaUoiM with which the de- ceased wa* cpanected, and which ha had aided, /tffoo the arrival of the funeral cortege at Hill Ometary, tbe casket wo* placed in the chapel, ood It will be plaeed in the vault, |aext to ODaeontoinlng tbe rvnaiiwof Mn. Cor coran. A lourhisg iocidedt waa tbe fuosenco at the grare aod tbe aiaglng of tbe ddldren of tbe City orphan asylum. The Frond and l The nature of tlir i proilucrs m of 1 coll.) d (b-v , Tl.e yiul. I are ift-n WHhin my mmeiata wing I alt. ’ Andwateh tte world ga round and it Hy iak is dry, my pwi is RJIt, Hy f*o aod si'hmi eont be found. Ahl joy forme, my wreh is dropped, For who can work wStbouthis laotsl Tres, as you my. my pay i* stoftoto. But mooey I* not (o lo fool tahbere^ tit and dream Within my so (ouch DO pan to Uiousht nr thane. But srateh tbe world go rouml and With BwaU and struggle, toil end pain. From dawn of day to ret of sun, With hilt of power and grewl of gain. With batUesloat and vlrtorin won. With bate and fear and bluer strife, With treacherou* bk>w and angry wound. While I. tbe fool, in beppkrr Hfe, Just watch the world go round androtaaL —JtnI-rrt J. BurdaUt. At than sixty-fold, Hiircly natiire has* propitiously ii|>nn ihU loo'l "f I-' square mile*, with sonic Hiirty-eiglil million* Ilf jicoplc. The sea, land iiiul sky conspire to render it romnnlicaiid sublime, lint s* Ihc sojourner ■-oiiU'S in contact with the |ii-r>|ih'. Iienriiig their myth* and fablesai tothcir |)i-dign-',BO(l learning from history wIicni'C they are bclieveti to have sjiriing. In-i* soon ci|ii. vincc'l Ihnt they arc a ra c of romance it chivalry. They ileliglit to itwcll upon the pa*t, rccomitiiig their licroes. Wonderful stories tlmy wdl ti-ll you of their Mikadiii, Nearly every eily of any airo will point you to its written hiilory. and cveiy province to it.* 'n«'ycloiH-dinof the trcosurcil post. Neither will they fail lo inform you of their first written Bible, pro liieeil in the sixth ernliiry. consisting of three inrge volume*, the first tresliog of the creation, the evcnls and cenlurie* of tho holy age; the sec ond and third of the history of the Mi- hadoi from iKiO lo I'Jkh of the I'hrislian era. Then with enthusiasm they will recount the victories sml aebiovements of lylyasu from ihe sixteenth century and on to the pre«ciit time, They v refer you to .leminii Teiino, their first i pcrial ruler or Mikado, who uas tlic fifth in descent from lliu Hun goddes*, and Iherefnro divine,** all the other Mikaiio* have b«n, from tho fart that they have descended from him, making tho pres ent ono tho 125d in direct lineage. “ Ion Jiurna!. A Whistling Langaaga I meeting of tho Berlin Anthro|^ logical Society, Lieutenant Quedcnfeldt Itctureil on the whistle language used a the Gomcro Island. During tom* lontiis’ slay in the Canary Archipelago tho lecturer wo* able In learn the nature of this language, which is a sort of pen dant lo the drum language of Camaroon. ire on fixcil whUtlcs or signals. The liomcrn ran rarry on any conversa tion hy means of wliwllii^. and be un- dersliMid by the person with whom he i* conversing n miJe off. The wbiatliog is •iuite arlii-ulotc, and is a kind of (rant- l.ilion of eommoD sjH-ech into whistling, ciu'b syllabic having il* |i«;u!iur lone, so that even foreign sords can be whistled. The vowel*and ware more loudly whistled Ilian it, o and ti; and if a coo- sonant ia at the end of a word, for ex* ample,’" luan, " the a is wb'sUrd in i rising tone. The linmero either use* his lingerH nr his lip* when whistling. The practice is only common on the Oo- oiero Island, and is not found in lh other SIX island* of Ihe Archipelago. The reason may lie the peculiar geological coDsIrtietinn of the island, which is tra versed I'V many drr'ii ravine* and gullies, whirl) riin nut in all directions from thu cenirnl plateau. They are not bridgetl, and can urieii only be crossed with great diihciilly; «o Hint |>eople who live very near lo i-nch other in n straight line, have to make a eirciiit of hours when they wish to ne et, Whistliig ha* therefore l»-'oiue un cveelhint mi-nn* of communi- mid gradually assumed the jiro- (lorlioa of a true substitute for speech. Sbe Bronght the Road to Terais. The second railway built in this coun- y. >vc iH-ticve. wasBsliorllincnf twenty iil'r* from Niagara Full* lo l.oekj>ort, lu tiru'k inadc ot wooden t'-aniling or rill!.' niece* witb strap irou laid on top By the way, ilicseotlcn turned id and, caiching above the w'lK-cl, Mine piering up through tho liottom of tho car. Tlie engine* cf those dsvs were of I oiir>« very weak in power. Oii this railroad was a light grmle fni' • few hiimircd feet. Near this lived a widow woman who lutd a large fat hog which onu day got upon tho track and was killed. The railway people refined to pay her for it. on the ground that the ho-' liod nu biiiincss on the road. She had the ianl tried nut, and after failing to get anything from the railway, she spread this lard liberally upon the rails for a considerable distance along tbe as cending grade. Tlie engine haring then no "sanding" arrangenent, it wosunable Inclimh the grade; aod as often as they sprinkloi sand on the track hy bandand bail passed by, she swept it off and s)v plied more lard. The result was, tha railway eompaoy paid her all abe for the hng.~Prairie Formtr. HBEOR OF THE DAT. nisiogi art t Russia that ever duty. When a physician lose* hU‘skill it naturally follow* that he is out of prse- tice. — MeirhaiU Tninlrr. How would it work for tho wiiraen suf fragists to colonir.o and guvern the tetri. ' ry of No Mao's l.oodl l^boolsof herring ore striking In t^ want the American shore. They obeyed the order* ol the swimming delegate. • After all. it is perha|« ai>|)r>priatc that phyaicinns’ prescriiition* shiiuld bo wnl* ten in Latin, a dead language.—J’iUsfiwfj; Chrcairfe. In view of hi* preference for a ‘‘shining mark," it is a lilllv strange that death duCan't capture more bootblack*.—Dona- riUe Brr€:e. When a washerwoman changes her place of rcsidcnco onu may ask her "where she linngs out now" without using slang. An Illinois mao who went fishing with Lincoln fifty yenni ngii threatens to sue the Venluni Mugitiinc lui not priiitiog his picture.—LteV. Now does each sirto in Omerwo nectar* ta hot feniieiit. Tliat tUe mirr eyai ttin surplns With bmnbrioiu intent ^ -m-Brla A burglarin Harlem took, among other things, a cornet lielonging lo an amateur, and the ncigUlior* are trying to raiao a fund of $.'.011,0011 to bril>e thu thief to return some night nnd carry off the amateur.—Af*» York Time'. Oh. md Is the toneb of a vonUbed iuunl. And the sound nr a voice that is still; And sail Is the winter wiiboul any tea Tl>® ire ilealer'N bouse to fill. But sadiirsd of All tl>e Iblnip I know Is tbe MbOKitan siwle without on^ Chicago Lady to husband) -"My dear, did you think to older a ton of coal to- .layr'#Hu*lian.i-"VM. ’ Chicago l.i^y • "And my shoc-^i" Husli-iiid--‘‘Yea, md” ('peering out of thu wimhiwj “there * struck liockiDg up to tlie .lisir now, }ut it's too dark lo sec whether it ha* the coal or the shoe*."—ffir/rr’s Jkuar. Why wouldn't it be u gmsl idea if somebody should gel up a code of signals showing how pioplo feel, thus saving wifirl In nsklOf' "liow The Wind Lifl* ■ Train. Mr. C. W. WocMiward. a traveling] man hailing frtim New York, related an ; intermtiog story yeslenlayof a trip from BuOalo to this city in Ihc storm Tluf*- day night. Me U a guest at the Forest City house, and nsmieil hia experience to a small circle of friend*. "After lesviog Dunkirk,” he said, "the wind wo* ao sarere that we proceMcdnlong at a snail's pare. At time* tho force of the hurricane lifted one side of tho train several iorhes from the track, and then it would descend to the rail* again with atarilinc thump Wc were asked by IM coBaiMtor to sit on ono side of the -Art to balance them. A numlirr of (.'levriaed passengers left the train at Erie, preferring to remain In that city over night rather than to risk riding auy farther. It was the first time in saven- teon yeaxa' traveling that I wa* aver atarmed la a railway IraiiL"—Ofresfead much wind in asking “How a and kinilrcd ijurelions? Tlu'ro a white lapel liulloii for red one for "Ho-sc," mu ‘I feel like the deuce.- limy comu roaily tw made quite a* trustworlhv aa the weather aigmils. oud would till a tong felt want.—Nus/eii I'ra«*rW/>t. a blue one for U nay be Of aetetMe totewA !• kl*w that A wife with a eoid CM BdH it wy OMtaat va. Dlaeoitaat. a bahv k Big Enropean Armies. "The bloated armament* of the gre^ military power* of Kuro(H:” display their proportions in a veiy striking manner in Colonel Vogt's woik on “ The Kuropean Armies of the l*re.-wni." Tho mobilixod strength of France ii set down at ".OM,- jriH troops, exclusive of the tomtoriaj army, which i* equally large; that ol RiKslaat I,li32,4l»'i; (li-rroony, l,4-ja,B9(l, and Auitro-lUingnry, I,ikI.5,9S5. Tbi militaiy strength of Italy hi* now aL lalned proportions that would have been deemed incicdihle leu years ago. In- eluding militia. It I* all ged to amount to 2,2X7,3!t3 men. If, bowerur, a similar. iacliuioD bo mode in the case of Russia, the military lUengih of that power will probably be fouuil to excee-l « vrn t^ of the French Itepuhlic. fomimred with these figure*, tbe numerical propoitlon* of tho British army i» «mall. IneludiM . —--- the militia and voliinierrs, ss wa.’. as the canary ha* four note* lo hi* •o_ag> i army, that nation can just muster .1 HU- In lb/. Ik-tiwt hrae. ^gj 579 troops; and these have to serve thedefcDsc of territory dislribotad over a very much wider are* thaa thal ruled by any ol the other powett. AboEt Canary Bird*. How many of onr readers that s canary ha* four notns l _ _ Indei-il, aceurdioK to the Vclr^il Free, 'W A. dealers, after livteoiog lo the slog* ing fur a iiinnient. are ^lo totell whether the singer is Gorman or American. These four note* ore the water not*, which i* a rippling, attractive bit ot warbling like the inormur of a rill; a flute note, clear and ringing; tbe whistling note, of Ihe same claaa, but very much finer, *nl the rolling note, which is a continuous melody, rising and falling only to rise again. It U in the laHt-namcl note that the Americaa birds foil. They cannot hold it Another diflerence between the two t* tliat tha German canarie* are oif^^ aiBg* or* -t^y will sing until tbe lint i* aa- tinguhbed. But American biid* pat ibcir bo^ under their wing* with dark. Tba Bat«r« Caartenu. ■Com and din* '*lib ma ttMlay, I Orlndetone,” a^ Kiljordan. " tbabUl ot teectaB*. fare will JoetaaltyoiL Cairo*'bnlaa ie Um priiwipol di^” |wl(h*0h.had._ \ "TU eom^ EUJorAn," Mid Oflnd. Bov*dteoo»1rf*ploo*io»)»haworlr.«Bod rtooo, "toortkf tfit joa maybavooM whasAUhIo.,Hi — “ - s-t-g 'liMn a$ tba tabla wba cm oak ealeea^ loitMaBAiihB* giri hcalM wUbool aaklM a oaanlbal of —The Omtarif. • UaeMf,*—OtiHiyp tHhaa T** Uteroaiiof Prleo LUIa All reanufaclurcsl nrtick*, my* tha Currvaf, have fallen greatly ia priet sine* the dawn of the industrial era, and the puifhasing |>oBiir of money lias coo. aonnrntlj been greatly Inereswd. Tbo fwowing table alTonls a fair idua of ibo reduction which took pbtee In tho prio* of slew noomiiry article in daily naa batwMB tba yean ib2U aod tMV: Boots par pair Show •• 8iaek>«ci per pair OaheoiMrrBid (MMmCMkpar^TMd.. LS WtaamMlparbothi issra^::, ••p/F-J—*.... iT a , .'.A -t -iWdfea yb£iilMiil&

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